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Title and the name of the location

The title of our group assignment is the Observation on Human Behaviour in LFS
Cinema Summer Mall. The name of the location where we conduct our observation is The
Summer Shopping Mall which is located at Kota Samarahan. The purpose on why we choose
LFS Cinema Summer Mall as the setting of our observation is because firstly, the factor of
geography. The LFS Cinema Summer Mall is the nearest cinema from Universiti Malaysia
Sarawak (UNIMAS) compare to the other cinemas which make it easy for us to conduct our
Furthermore, LFS Cinema Summer Mall is one of the cinemas in Kuching that is
visited by the public. There are many people who go to the cinema to watch movies
especially during the weekends and holidays. Most of the people who go there are young
teenagers, adults, parents and also their children. In addition, we want to conduct this
research to study on the behaviour of the people before, during and after they watch movies
in the cinema. Therefore, LFS Cinema Summer Mall is a perfect place for us to conduct our
research on the behaviour of the people.

Figure 1: Summer Mall Map. Retrieved from

Figure 2: The Summer Shopping Mall

Figure 3: Lotus Five Star (LFS) Cinema


Explain the observation

Before the movie:
As the researchers, we went to LFS Cinema Summer Mall for four different days which
were on school holiday, 20th March 2015, Friday, on weekday, 24 th and 25th March 2015,
Tuesday and Wednesday and last but not least on weekend, 28 th March 2015, Saturday. We
went there during noon time which was about 12.30 p.m. When we arrived at the cinema,
there were not many people at that time. However, as the time pass by, there were more
people coming to the cinema to watch movie.
Mostly, the people who came to watch movies were the teenagers and adults. The teenagers
who came to the cinema were the university students. Most of them were from nearby
universities and colleges especially Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) and UNIMAS. As
for the adults, there were parents who brought along their children together to the cinema. At
the same time, it was a school holiday. Therefore, the parents took this opportunity to bring
their children for a movie as there were few cartoon movies were showing in the cinema.
At the ticket counter, everyone was lining up straight to wait for their turn to buy the movie
ticket. While waiting in the line, some of them were quiet and some of them were chitchatting as they were deciding on what kind of movie that they want to watch. Some of the
people came in group, couple, family and even alone. Besides, they were from different
ethnics like the Chinese, Malay, Iban, India and Bidayuh. There were some groups of people
who not only mix with their own race, but they also mix with their friends who are from
different ethnics.
After they had bought the movie tickets, most of them went to the food and drink counter
to order popcorn, junk food, sweet corn, soft drinks, juices and mineral water. While waiting
for they turn to order their food and drink, some of them playing with their mobile phone,
taking selfies with their mobile phone, talking with their friends and some just remain quiet.
Once they bought their food, most of them just eat their food straight away while waiting for
their turn to enter the cinema hall but few people who kept their food until they got into the
cinema hall then they eat it.
Usually, people would buy the movie tickets few hours earlier before the show time.
Hence, while they were waiting for their movie at a particular show time, quite a number of
them sat on the sofa while watching the trailers of the movies on the television. Besides that,

some of the people especially the teenagers and adults preferred to have a massage on the
massage chair. Then, few teenagers sat on the floor as there was not enough place for them to
sit on the sofa.
As for the workers at the ticket counter of LFS Cinema Summer Mall, they were busy
serving the customers who want to buy the movie tickets. Same goes to the workers at the
food and drink counter whereby they had to prepare the foods and beverages according to the
order of the customers. Furthermore, the cleaner would sweep and mop the floor as the floor
is dirty because there was spilled food or drink on it. Moreover, there were securities who
talked through the walkie talkie and at the same time, they were the people who checked the
movie tickets before the public could enter the cinema hall.
During the movie:
Generally, there were many people in the cinema hall but then it was not a full house. We
had chosen to sit separately at different places so that we could observe different people at the
different perspectives. As the movie started, there were few people who came late which
disrupted the concentration of the people towards the movie. We also saw that there were
people who ate the popcorn for non-stop while they were watching the movie.
Some of them talked loud with their friends or partners even when the movie is still
showing. The audiences showed different kind of emotions when they were watching the
movie. Some may shed tears during the sad scene and laugh out loud during the funny
moment in the movie. Moreover, there were one or two people who put their legs on the front
row of the seat but the workers came to the people and told them not to do so. Not to forget,
there were few people who answer their phone calls and even messaging in the middle of the
movie. Last but not less, some people even fell asleep during the movie.
After the movie:
Right after the movie ended, everyone left the cinema hall. There was rubbish all around
the seats and there were two cleaners came into the cinema hall to clean up the rubbish that
had been littered by the people. On their way out, the people kept on talking about the movie
that they just watched. They even commented on the movie and rated it.

Analyse the observation

Based on our observation, we know that people are really unique because they have
shown different kind of behaviour during the three stages of observation that we have made.
The behaviour that the audience shows before, during and after the movie can be categorizes
into two social norm which are mores and folkways. Mores are significant to everyone in
their lives. It is something that one practice in their lives and it must be obeyed. On the other
hand, folkways are the characteristics of how one usual way to behave in their everyday
simple customs life.
Culture is the complex system of meaning and behaviour that defines the way of life
for a given group or society. It includes beliefs, values, knowledge, art, morals, laws,
customs, habits, language, and dress, among other things. Culture includes ways of thinking
as well as patterns of behaviour. Observing culture involves studying what people think, how
they interact, and the objects they use. (Kottak, 2011). The example of behaviour that is
related to culture theory is that when the people were lining up to buy their movie tickets. It is
a culture because we were thought to queue up since childhood.
Next, the behaviour of sociology are chit-chatting with each other, taking selfies and
wefies, going out with family, partner and friends. According to Emile Durkheim, 1858 to
1917, he believed the societies have solidarity. When the societies share common belief and
values, it hold the societies together.
Moreover, psychology also one of the factors which influence how people behave. In
this research, there are some people who were enchanted while watching movie trailers on
the television before they enter the cinema hall. This is because the person thought that what
he or she saw on the television was interesting and attracted his or her attention to watch it.
The other factor is social psychology. B. F. Skinner (1902-1990) argues that social
psychology is the study of others behaviour that affected an individuals behaviour. The
behaviour that we had observed are group of people talking to each other, people checking
their phone and people did not throw their rubbish after the movie ends.

Groups conclusion
From this research, we get to observe the behaviour of the people and try to
understand the reason behind their actions according to the theory that we had learnt from the
Introduction of Social Science. We also can see that people could adapt to the surrounding
environment by following the rules and norms of the setting. As an example, in the different
setting, people behave and act in a way that they should be. The factors which influence the
behaviour of the people based on our research analysis are culture, sociology, psychology and
social psychology. Hence, by conducting this research, we can enhance our knowledge about
this subject through observing the behaviour of the people.

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