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End of Q2 Reflections

End of quimester reflections may take many forms, as outlined below.

Regardless of which type of reflection you have chosen, the reflections
must be submitted to the CAS coordinator by the deadline detailed on the
year 12 instruction sheet. Whichever form of reflection you choose, you
should try to address the questions outlined on this form.
I have chosen to reflect on my CAS experience for quimester 2 by:
Completing this form
Making a scrapbook
Photo essay
Video/ DVD
Recorded group discussion
Notes from group discussion
What did you plan to do this quimester?
Outside of school I planned to do dog walk, football, gym and drum classes
in order to complete every aspect of CAS. While in school I was in charge
of the germinator. Here I planned to plant more plant and take out the
once which are already grown ready to sell.
What did you do?
I did everything I planned for my quimestre 2 activities. In the germinator I
did great progress with my group as we were very efficient with the
gardening of the growing plants.
What do you think about the activities you completed this quimester?
The activities I completed this quimestre were fun and I rally enjoyed doing
them. I got to do different things and meat new people.
What feelings arose during the activities completed this quimester?


What were the outcomes of the activities you completed, for yourself?
The outcomes of the activities completed were new friends, learnt how to
manage young students and how to interact with them. Be more confident
with unknown dogs, and how to build trust between the dog and me. Also I
advance my drum skills.
What were the outcomes of the activities you completed, for others?
Others were proud of being part of the germinator as it was a success
when plant were taken out. Also people felt happy around me. My drum
teacher felt proud as I improved my skills.
How will you proceed next quimester? Which activities will you continue
with? Why? Which will you not continue with? Why? Are there any areas
of growth you wish to focus on next quimester?
I will of course continue with my football training. Maybe I will leave gym
as my training is increasing in intensity, as I am one of the important
players of the team in the championship. Drums is something I will enjoy
to continue but I have a lack of time plus I need a new drum set as in my
new house there is no space for my old one. Dog walk I will leave as in the
weekends I am doing homework or having a football match, this will
complicate the continuance of this.
I have no areas of growth that I will like to focus on but maybe try and
keep doing the activities that I enjoy.