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Rune Factory Frontier (Wii)

Rune Factory Frontier FAQ/Walkthrough Final

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Rune Factory Frontier FAQ/Walkthrough

by InfernoCrossing Updated to vFinal on Apr 10, 2013
| _`\
( _`\
( )_
| (_) ) _
| (_(_)_ _
___ | ,_)
_ __ _
| , / ( ) ( )/' _ `\ /'__`\
| _)/'_` ) /'___)| |
/'_`\ ( '__)( ) ( )
| |\ \ | (_) || ( ) |( ___/
| | ( (_| |( (___ | |_ ( (_) )| |
| (_) |
(_) (_)`\___/'(_) (_)`\____)
(_) `\__,_)`\____)`\__)`\___/'(_)
`\__, |
( )_| |
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
( _`\
( )_ _
| (_(_)_ __
___ | ,_)(_)
_ __
| _) ( '__)/'_`\ /' _ `\| | | | /'__`\( '__)
| |
| | ( (_) )| ( ) || |_ | |( ___/| |
(_) `\___/'(_) (_)`\__)(_)`\____)(_)
+V. Final
+FAQ Began: 4/17/09
+Game Released: 3/24/09 (AMERICA)+
COPYRIGHT 2009-2013 InfernoCrossing
-----------Spin-offs. One of the ugliest things in the world to many gamers around the
world. Most hate them, some don't. Who would've known, though, that a spin-off
would eventually turn into a series of it's own? From it's beginning as a
Harvest Moon spin-off, the Rune Factory series already showed promise,
although it still retained a good portion of it's Harvest Moon roots.
Rune Factory: Frontier is the first game in the Rune Factory series to not be
an official spin-off of Harvest Moon. With good reviews about this game being
thrown around, I couldn't help but buy it. So, Wiimote and Nunchuk in hand,
I experienced the fun that was Rune Factory: Frontier. The fact that you're
here means you need help with it. Don't worry, I'm on the case!
1. Version History ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[VH1Y]
2. Controls ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [CTRL]
3. The 12 Maidens
3.1 Mist ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [MIST]
3.1 Marriage to Mist
3.2 Rosetta ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[ROSE]
3.2.1 Rosetta Events
3.2.2 Marriage to Rosetta
3.3 Eunice ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [EUNI]
3.3.1 Eunice Events
3.3.2 Marriage to Eunice
3.4 Melody ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [MELY]
3.4.1 Melody Events
3.4.2 Marriage to Melody
3.5 Anette ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [ANNE]
3.5.1 Marriage to Anette
3.6 Lara ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [LARA]
3.6.1 Marriage to Lara
3.7 Selphy ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [SEPH]
3.7.1 Marriage to Selphy
3.8. Cinnamon ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[CINN]

3.8.1 Marriage to Cinnamon

3.9 Uzuki ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[UZUK]
3.9.1 Uzuki Events
3.9.2 Marriage to Uzuki
3.10 Bianca ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[BIAN]
3.10.1 Biance Events
3.10.2 Marriage to Biance
3.11 Tabatha ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [TABA]
3.11.1 Marriage to Tabatha
3.12 Iris Blanche + Iris Noire ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [IRIS]
3.12.1 Iris + Iris Events
3.12.2 Marriage to Blanche or Noire
4. Other Characters
4.1 Stella ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [STEL]
4.1.1 Stella Events
4.2 Danny ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[DANN]
4.2.1 Danny Events
4.3 Erik ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [ERIK]
4.3.1 Erik Events
4.4 Turner ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [TURN]
4.5 Rita ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [RITA]
4.6 Ganesha ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[GASH]
4.7 Marco ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[MARK]
4.7.1 Marco Events
4.8 Kross ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[KRSS]
4.8.1 Kross Events
4.9 Kanno ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[KANO]
4.10 Candy ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [CAND]
4.11 Nolan ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [NOLN]
4.12 Brodik ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[BROK]
4.12.1 Brodik Events
4.13 Minerva ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [MINE]
4.14 Lute ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[LUTE]
5. The Story
5.1 Walkthrough Part 1: In the Beginning ->->->->->->->->->->-> [WLK1]
5.2 Walkthrough Part 2: You're Getting Hotter ->->->->->->->->->[WLK2]
5.3 Walkthrough Part 3: The Cool Ending ->->->->->->->->->->->->[WLK3]
6. The Dungeons
6.1 The Green Ruins ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[GEN1]
6.1.1 Floor-by-Floor Walkthrough
6.2 The Lava Ruins ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [GEN2]
6.2.1 Floor-by-Floor Walkthrough
6.3 The Snow Ruins ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [GEN4]
6.3.1 Floor-by-Floor Walkthrough
6.4 Whale Island ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [GEN5]
6.4.1 Level-by-Level Walkthrough
7. Bestiary ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [BEAS]
8. Runey Control ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[RUNE]
9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [FAQS]

10. Credits ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [CRED]

11. Contact Information ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> [MAIL]
12. Copyrights and Legal Stuff ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->[MKIP]
V. 1.0: April 14-15, 2009
I decided to put up a FAQ on this game, after seeing some missing portions
on other FAQS. Mind you, though, that I won't completely cover everything,
since another beautiful FAQ has covered them. gorypaldin2, you did a great
In this update:
-Green + Lava Ruins Walkthroughs are completed
-Snow Ruins Walkthrough Completed up to B3F
-Character Bios for all 12 Maidens are finished
-Information on all Other Characters finished
-Legal Stuff is finished
-FAQ is started and ready to accept any questions
V. 1.1: April 15-16, 2009
Well, after submitting the guide, I decided to play some more Frontier. I made
it through Snow Ruins B4F, and decided I'd try to at least finish all the
floors in the Snow Ruins. That, I did. I also decided to try out the Boss. So,
without further delay, here's the fruit of my finger labor.
In this update:
-Snow Ruins Walkthrough is completed
-Added a bit more to the FAQ
-Story Section has been started and finished
Yes, the Story Walkthrough is pretty undetailed, but I have all the basics
that people need down. I'm thinking about doing a detailed Walkthrough for the
Story, but the one I have now is pretty much all that's needed. Also, the
Walkthrough is now "Complete". All that's really missing is a section I've
asked permission to place here by a fellow user, but I haven't received a
reply yet. For now, expect to see minor updates.
v. 1.2: April 25, 2009
The Bestiary is finally within my pages. I hope you enjoy it's Bestiaryness.
Also, I made a few grammatical corrections.
In this update:
-MasterPingu1's Bestiary is put up
-Noire/Blanche usage is corrected
-Fixed 20 grammatical errors
Before you ask, yes, I counted them all...
V. 1.3: November 10-11, 2009
So my friend finally gave me back my game. Dear fudge, man. He beat it twice
over. Of course, he did need a little help... Anyways, since I have my game
back, I'll start giving Whale Island Dungeon help. Unfortunately, I have a few
more things to work on as well. Let's go go go!
In this update:
-Whale Island Dungeon Walkthrough is started
-Search Function added
Check back sometime later for un update. I'm planning on adding a "Cooking"
section, as well as a better Runey Prosperity Guide. For now, it's good to
be back!
V. 1.4: August 28, 2010
I know I know... It's been a while, but don't hurt me. For now, I'll just add
a few minor updates I've been meaning to do. I played through the game again
a while ago, so I found a few mistake I made.
In this update:
-Added the correct names to some of the foods
-Updates Lara's Marriage part (Added one more step)
-Completely revamped Minerva's description
-Corrected the names for around two of the constellations
-Added Constellation Events for Mist and Rosetta's constellation
Alright. I'll see what I can do i nthe near future, but for now, these minor
changes will have to do. Thanks for the ~100 people who still use this FAQ/
Walkthrough everyday. Love ya~.

V. 1.5: August 29-30, 2010

Alright. Time for a new section that I've been thinking about adding for a
very long time; Runeys! That question in the FAQ will not be taken down, as I
really don't think full-blown Prosperity is something I should be bothered
enough to do.
In this update:
-Added a full Runeys section and added 2 methods
-Updated the Whale Island walkthrough
-Added 2 new questions in the FAQ
-Changed Lara, Tabatha, and Uzuki's nickname
-Completely revamped Tabatha and Uzuki's description
-Upgraded the Search Function
That cooking section idea still hasn't gone out the window. However, it'll
most likely just be the necessaties. I might also add the schedules for the
maidens. I might also add a "Checklist" of what to do every day for them,
although it'll most likely be extremely vauge. For now, enjoy. And thank you
~150 people per day as well.
V. Final: 2013
I have no more plans to update this FAQ. While I still love Rune Factory
Frontier, I have done all I could do for it with this document. If you find
any typos or mistakes, report them to me if you want. I can correct them and
upload a fix every now and then. Other than that, my time providing
assistance to those in need with this FAQ... is at an end. Thank you to
everyone that has helped me with my FAQ/Walkthrough. However, if you're a
fan of this great series, I'm sure we'll meet again.
InfernoCrossing, out.
In this update:
-Several Blanche/Noire switches
-Whale Island walkthrough finished
-1 question added in the FAQ
-Minor layout revisions
+Wiimote and Nunchuk+
-Menu ScreenDirectional Pad:
Control Stick--:
A or C Button--:
B or Z Button--:
Plus Button----:
Minus Button---:
1 Button-------:
2 Button-------:

Move Cursor
Move Cursor
Cancel, Close
Switch Menu Forward
Switch Menu Backward
View Additional Information

-Game ScreenDirectional Pad:

Control Stick--:
A or C Button--:
B Button-------:
Plus Button----:
Minus Button---:
1 Button-------:
2 Button-------:
Z Button-------:
Shake Wiimote--:
Shake Nunchuk--:

Shortcut for Eating

Move Raguna
Activate Displayed Action
Pick Up, Harvest, Put Item Away
Bring Up Menu
Bring Up Ring Menu
Look Up
Hold to Move Side to Side
Use Equipped Tool/Weapon
Knock on Closed Door

+Classic Controller+
-Menu ScreenDirectional Pad:
L Stick--------:
A or R Button--:
B or L Button--:
Plus Button----:
Minus Button---:
X Button-------:
Y Button-------:

Move Cursor
Move Cursor
Cancel, Close
Switch Menu Forward
Switch Menu Backward
View Additional Information

-Game ScreenDirectional Pad: Shortcut for Eating

L Stick--------: Move Character
A or R Button--: Activate Displayed Action

B Button-------:
Plus Button----:
Minus Button---:
X Button-------:
Y Button-------:
L Button-------:

Pick Up, Harvest, Put Item Away

Bring Up Menu
Bring Up Ring Menu
Look Up
Hold to Move Side to Side

Rune Factory started out as a spin-off of Harvest Moon. In both games, you're
able to marry a set amount of maidens. Rune Factory: Frontier is no different.
You have the ability to marry one of twelve females. Here are their bios:
+MIST+ <-> +[MIST]+
"The Leading Lady"
Mist is the default girl in Frontier. She lives to the right of your house.
She's one of spaciest characters in the game, and is highly-loved because or
that. That being said, she's a very nice young lady and one of the best
default characters I've seen by far.
To Get Her: You meet her in the beginning
Birthday: Fall 1
Best Gift (+9 LP): Emery Flower
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Four-Leaf Clover
Baked Apple
Seafood Gratin
Steamed Bun
Sweet Potato
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Pickled Turnip
Bath Event Time: 9 PM Every Day with Rosetta
7-8 PM on Holidays with Anette
Constellation: The Turnip
Spring Evenings at 7 PM
Constellation Event: After viewing the scene and watching something
your fields, go inside your house and fear the
evil turnip overlords. Mist will briefly break
house and comment. Afterwards, the turnips are

crash near
army of
into your
all yours.

NOTE: You can get bonus LP for Mist by tilling your fields.
Prequisites: Have Mist at 10 LP
Beat the Main Storyline


Talk to Mist when she's in the Church District near the Rune Archives
Talk to Kanno
Go talk to Mist again
Give her two gift items (Any two will suffice)
Go to the floor before the dungeon boss and grab the shiny item on
the ground
6: Plant the item (It grows in 18 Days without any negative effects)
7: Give the resulting item to Mist
8: Go to the Clock Tower to place her gift and letter
9: Wait 3 days
10: Give the reply to Mist

+ROSETTA+ <-> +[ROSE]+
"The Delivery Diva"
Rosetta is Mist's best friend and she's also my personal favorite maiden.
She's a bit of a tomboy, and she also admits that she was a tomboy when she
was young, as well. She can be pretty harsh, but she's still very nice when
it gets down to it.
To Get Her: You can meet Rosetta from the first day is you stay near your
fields at 5 PM
Birthday: Fall 21
Best Gift (+9 LP): Cherry Pie
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Strawberry
Baked Yam
Hot Milk
Hot Chocolate
Veggie Stir Fry
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Milk

Bath Event Time: 9 PM Every Day with Mist

Constellation: The Serpent
Spring Evenings at 9 PM
Constellation Event: After seeing the constellation, go to Rosetta the next
day and talk to her until she talks about a mysterious
package she received. Volunteer to consume it and your
Intelligence will go up by 1.
NOTE: You can get bonus LP for Rosetta by sending out a large amount of items
in the shipping box and getting her pick-up scene.
-Rosetta vs. DannyPrequisites: Have 2 FP and LP with Rosetta
Materia should be opened
Step 1: Talk to Danny while he's inside his shop
Step 2: Talk to Rosetta
Step 3: Enter Rosetta's shop
NOTE: Step 3 might take some time to activate.
-Danny's House RenovationPrequisites: Danny vs. Rosetta Event should've been activated
Have 8 FP with Danny


Talk to Rosetta
Give her all the materials she needs
Stall Danny
Obtain your Fried Egg reward

Prequisites: Have 8 LP with Rosetta
Materia should be opened


Go near the shop to trigger a scene where Rosetta leaves the village
Talk to her every time she comes back
After 3-4 weeks, talk to Lara to learn a recipe for Energy Drink X
Create the Energy Drink
Give the item to Rosetta
Wait for about a week
Enter Rosetta's shop

NOTE: Rosetta comes back on Holidays and Festivals

+EUNICE+ <-> +[EUNI]+
"Lovely Lady Lump"
Don't judge my titles, 'kay? Anyways, Eunice is the daughter of the inn
owners, but she suffers from her father's genes. Regardless, she has a great
personality and acts like a full-grown woman.
To Get Her: Enter the Inn while doing Stella's Bamboo Shoot delivery
Birthday: Fall 17
Best Gift (+9 LP): Mont Blanc
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Flowers
Chocolate Cake
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Fishes
Bath Event Time: Holidays at 3 PM
Constellation: The Broom
Fall at around 11:30 PM
NOTE: You can get bonus LP for Eunice by cooking at least once every day.
-Eunice Total FitnessPrequisites: Have 4 LP with Eunice


Talk to Eunice
If you want her to get thinner, choose the "Slim Girl" option
Keep raising her LP while continuing to talk to her
Keep encouraging her

Step 5: After two seasons and getting her to 8 LP, head to the inn
NOTE: She won't accept any cakes while she's on a diet
Prequisites: Have 10 LP with Eunice


Talk to Eunice to learn that she wants to ive her parents a present
Buy something at Rosetta's shop and participate in the lottery
Talk to Eunice, Turner, and Rita
Wait a week
Go to the inn
Talk to whoever gave her the winning ticket
Talk to Eunice
Exit the inn

+MELODY+ <-> +[MELY]+
"The Bathing Beauty"
Melody is the owner of the local bath house...after she builds it of course.
She's pretty much obsessed with good health and baths. Still, it doesn't get
the best of her.
To Get Her: Enter the Cave Depths on Whale Island and help her out
Birthday: Spring 11
Best Gift (+9 LP): Relax Tea
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Red/Yellow/Orange Grass
Charm Blue
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Mayonnaise
Bath Event Time: Every Day from 0-2 AM
Constellation: The Hat
Fall Evening at around 8 PM
NOTE: You can get bonus LP for Melody by taking a bath once a day in her bath
-Bath House 2.0Prequisites: Have Melody at 3 FP and 2 LP (at least)
Be able to make an ice cream
Step 1: Talk to Melody and she should say something about the flow to the bath
house getting weaker
Step 2: Go to the area where you met her
Step 3: Give the monster an ice cream
Step 4: Return to the bath house
Prequisites: Have 10 LP with Melody
Have at least 1 FP with Nolan
The Bath house must be upgraded
Step 1: Enter the bath house when Melody and Nolan are there
Step 2: Go to the locked door just before the Whale Island Fin
Step 3: Just watch
+ANETTE+ <-> +[ANNE]+
"The Mail Maiden"
Sweet and innocent Anette makes a comeback to the Rune Factory series. She'll
deliver mail every morning, except holidays and festivals. Woolies aren't the
only thing that like her...
To Get Her: She appears automatically on Spring 3
Birthday: Winter 4
Best Gift (+9 LP): Pumpkin Tart
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Milk
Chocolate Pudding

Boiled Egg
Curry Udon
Fried Ginbuna
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Eggplant
Bath Event Time: Holidays from 7-8 PM with Mist
Constellation: Summer Midnights
NOTE: You can get bonus LP for her by getting your mail straight from her.
NOTE 2: She doesn't live in Trampoli.
Prequisites: Have 7 LP with Anette
Step 1: Exit outside your house in the morning as normal
Step 2: Continually talk to her and raise her LP to between 8 and 9
Step 3: Go to Mist's house in the morning to trigger an event between Anette,
Candy, and Marco
Step 4: Enter Mist's house
NOTE: After Anette faints, she'll live at Mist's place
+LARA+ <-> +[LARA]+
"The Naughty/Sexy Nurse/Sister"
Remember, don't judge. Lara is a medic to came to Trampoli to learn to be a
nun. You can marry her, which begs to ask what the religion is. She's the only
available redhead in the game. Lovely and caring, she's a great addition to
Raguna's house, if you want.
To Get Her: She appears the day after you learn the Mist is sick
Birthday: Winter 1
Best Gift (+9 LP): Chocolate Cake
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Strawberry
French Toast
Hot Cake
Any Jam
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Veggie Juice
Bath Event Time: Holidays at 6 PM
Constellation: The Cross
Winter Evenings at around 8 PM
NOTE: You can lose LP for Lara by dying or fainting
Prequisites: Have 7 FP and 6 LP with Lara


Talk to Stella
Talk to Lara
Raise her FP and LP
Follow the clues in her dream
When Lara gets sleep difficulty, talk to Melody to learn the recipe
for Sleep Grass
Step 6: Synthesize the items and give it to Lara
Step 7: Watch the scene in your dreams
Step 8: Talk to Lara the next day
+SELPHY+ <-> +[SEPH]+
"The Lovely Librarian"
It's Mist 2.0. Selphy's books are the equivalent of Mist's turnips, except you
can't read a turnip, and you can't cook a book. She may be similar to Mist,
but she still has her own unique personality. Also, she's not your typical shy
librarian. Yay!
To Get Her: Selphy arrives in the morning that day after Lara arrives
Birthday: Fall 3
Best Gift (+9 LP): Sandwich
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Rice Ball
Baked Rice Ball
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Jewels
Bath Event Time: Fridays at 4 PM
Every Day at 11 PM
Constellation: Corona Borealis
Spring Midnight

NOTE: You can get bonus LP for Selphy by reading new books in the Rune Archive
Prequisites: Have 10 FP and 8 LP with Selphy
Be at level 30+
Step 1: Enter the Rune Archives
Step 2: Follow Selphy
Step 3: Win in the battle
"The Quiet Riot"
Instead of it being a librarian, this game's silent type goes to a mage.
Don't worry, though, she'll gradually open up to you the more you talk to her.
She's Kanno's granddaughter, so expect some lip from him if you hurt her
To Get Her: Cinnamon arrives after you've talked to Kanno about his
granddaughters in the Clock Tower
Birthday: Spring 26
Best Gift (+9 LP): Magic Crystal
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Fish
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Cucumber
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 6 PM
Constellation: The Pisces
Winter Mornings at 2 AM
NOTE: You can get bonus LP for Cinnamon by looking at a constellation and
reporting it back to her
NOTE2: It's commonly believed that giving Magic Crystals to Cinnamon as a gift
is a waste, since they're EXTREMELY hard to come across
NOTE3: You don't wake up to see the constellation for Cinnamon, you have to
stay awake. Unfortunately, that means losing some HP and RP, as well as
waking up late and getting the chance of catching a cold
Prequisites: Lara and Melody must be studying magic with Cinnamon
You must have 10 FP and LP with Cinnamon
Step 1: Talk to Cinnamon on a sunny day while she's still in the Clock Tower
Step 2: Go to the Clock Tower Terrace at 7 PM
NOTE: To get to the Terrace, just take one of the doors leading to the balcony
under the clock and climb one of the ladders
+UZUKI+ <-> +[UZUK]+
"The Foreign Fighter"
Uzuki comes from a far-off country. She's pretty loopy from the moment you
meet her, since her intro soon has her crashing into Raguna as soon as he
opens the door. Chicks just keep falling for him, huh? Anyways, she's come to
Trampoli due to a clue about her brother being near the area. Whether you want
to help her or not, however, is entirely your decision.
To Get Her: Enter the inn on the 11th or 12th of Spring
Birthday: Summer 15
Best Gift (+9 LP): Golden Hairpin
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Fishes
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Vegetables
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 8 PM
Constellation: Hairpin
Winter Evenings at around 6 PM
-Finding TsubutePrequisites: Have 6 FP and 2 LP with Uzuki
Step 1: Talk to Uzuki
Step 2: Wait around 3 days when Uzuki gets worried about Tsubute
Step 3: Go to the front of Ganesha's house

Step 4: Follow the path to your left

Step 5: Watch the scene to finish
Prequisites: Have at least 7 LP with Uzuki
Step 1: Talk to Kanno or Eunice
Step 2: When they say that Uzuki has been going to the mountains a lot, go to
the observatory on a regular night to see an event
Step 3: Go the the Lava Ruins B4F
Step 4: Go the locked door and examine it
Step 5: Talk to Uzuki to obtain the "Key"
Step 6: Collect the letter from Uzuki's brother
Step 7: Give the letter to Uzuki
Step 8: Go to the Rune Archives and read the book tells you how to collect
Star Pieces
Step 9: Go to the Plaza on every regular morning for 7 days to collect the
Step 10: Once all the pieces are in your possession, talk to Uzuki
NOTE: If you marry Uzuki, Tsubute joins you as well. Just a little something
for you to keep in mind...
+BIANCA+ <-> +[BIAN]+
"The Forbidden Fruit"
I'll let you wonder why I named her that. Anyways, Bianca is the daughter of a
rich family, so she's naturally stingy at times. But, just like Rosetta, she
will gradually turn into a kind person before your very eyes. Just don't be
turned off by her insults and annoyingly good voice-acting.
To Get Her: Bianca arrives in a new mansion just above Erik's house and to
the right of Kross' house on the second of Summer
Birthday: Summer 8
Best Gift (+9 LP): N/A
Great Gifts (+3 LP): N/A
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Rice Ball
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 10 PM while Minerva is around
Constellation: The Elephant
Summer Evenings at around 7 PM
NOTE: Bianca will leave once fall arrives, unless you activate her event
NOTE2: You can gain bonus LP for Bianca by talking to her at least once per
day. Coincidentally, this is the only LP you can get for her, so get
talking, mister/miss
Prequisites: You must have a Barn
You have to answer "Yes" to Tabatha's letter asking to see your
You should arrive at the mansion in the morning on the following
dates of Summer: 10, 11, 14, 26, 27
Step 1: Head inside Whale Island
Step 2: A small bit after you pass by the area where you met Melody, you
should receive a small scene where a baby elephant circles around
you for a bit, and then exits
Step 3: Once you know that the elephant is in your barn
Step 4: Enter Bianca's mansion of the shown dates, and allow her to keep the
Prequisites: The Francoise event must've been activated
You must have at least 8 LP with Bianca
Step 1: Enter the Mansion
NOTE: Complicated, isn't it?
+TABATHA+ <-> +[TABA]+
"The Caring Cleaner"

I doubt she'll clean Raguna of al of the dirt and blood he's probably covered
with, but she'll care. Tabatha is Bianca's personal maid and one of her
closest friends. She differs from Bianca due to her polite attitude from the
get-go. To get Bianca to care about you dying. you'll have to raise her LP...
To Get Her: Tabatha arrives alongside Bianca in the second of Summer
Birthday: Fall 12
Best Gift (+9 LP): Oatmeal
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Apple
Mixed Juice
Four Leaf Clover
Mixed Ole
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Sashimi (Any kind)
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 10 PM while Minerva is around
Constellation: The Wooly
Summer Evenings at around 9 PM
Prequisites: You must have 9 FP and LP with Tabatha
Minerva must be in Trampoli


Enter the Mansion to trigger an event between Tabatha and Minerva

Come back the next day at 9 AM
Find the 5 jewels
After you've collected the fourth one, you can try to look for the
fifth one, but it will be gone, so head back to Tabatha and report
the problem the next day
Step 5: Talk to Tabatha
NOTE: The 4 findable jewels are at: Mist's House
Erik's House
The Snowstyle Tavern
The Clock Tower
NOTE2: Minerva will disappear directly after, so be careful
"The Female Yin-Yang Twins"
As un-imaginative as that is, it describes them somewhat perfectly. The White
Iris is Iris Noire, while the Black Iris is Iris Blanche. They're both
vampires, so Twilight fans have their bait. Anyways, I'll call them by their
last names via Blanche and Noire
To Get Her: [Blanche] You can meet Blanche somewhat early in the game, but
you'll have to have Materia opened first. Plant Moondrop
Flowers in the field in front of the Tower on the Whale
Island Fin. Water them every day, and when they've
bloomed, you'll meet Blanche.
[Noire] You meet Noire within the Snow Ruins. You see her
through storyline, but you'll have to actually meet her
in the Tower of Rest.
Birthday: Winter 23
Best Gift (+9 LP): Tomato Juice
Great Gifts (+3 LP): Flowers
Horrible Gift (-3 LP): Garlic
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 5 PM once they move into Trampoli
Constellation: [Noire] The Cetus
Every Season on the 15th and 16th at Midnight
[Blanche] The Scorpio
Every Season on the 1st and 30th at Midnight
NOTE: You HAVE to befriend Blanche to 1 or more FP in order to progress
through the storyline
NOTE2: If you befriend Blanche to 4 LP, you won't have to fight the first Boss
in the Snow Ruins
NOTE3: Blanche sleeps from 9 AM to 6 PM
-A Bed of IrisesPrequisites: Beat the storyline


Talk to Rita
Talk to both Irises
Talk to Rita again
Talk to both Irises again
Celebrate, since you don't have to go the Whale Island to see both
Irises now


Prequisites: Have 10 LP with both Irises



Talk to Eunice
Talk to Lara at the Church the next day
Visit Iris again and talk to Lara the next day
Talk to Kanno, Turner, and Stella
Talk to Selphy every day until she gives you a book that'll help you
with the identity of Iris
6: Read the book
7: Talk to Kanno and listen to him
8: Talk to both Irises to get their rings
9: Show the rings to every villager to get their blessing (this doesn't
include Brodik
and Minerva)
10: Talk to Kanno once you get all the blessings
11: Return to Iris after 6 PM
12: Go to the Plaza
13: Choose which memory you treasure the most

Of course, this game would be nearly nothing if there were just people that
you had to marry. There are always the other people for you to socialize with
as well. Just...don't take it too far. You only have those twelve to choose
from. Trust me. I've tried to marry Ganesha and Candy several times.
+STELLA+ <-> +[STEL]+
She's called the mother of Trampoli since she built the place from the bottom
-up. She's a very kind and wise woman. Also, she gives you the recipe for the
Wedding Bouquet so you can go rabbit.
How to Meet: You meet her in the beginning
Birthday: Summer 27
Best Gift (+9 FP): Four Leaf Clover
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Toy Flower
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Warrior Symbol
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 8 PM
-Trampoli's HistoryPrequisites: Have 3 FP with Stella
Meet Gelwein
Step 1: Meet the young girl in front of Mist's house
Step 2: Talk to Stella
Step 3: Talk to the young girl every time you see her, then talk to Stella
Step 4: Keep repeating step 3 until she gives you a Four Leaf Clover
Step 5: When a rainy day arrives, find her taking shelter beside Mist's house
Step 6: Talk to her
Step 7: Meet a talk to her for about seven more days until her dream is
Step 8: Choose any option
NOTE: Once this event is finished, you won't see the young girl again. At
least, not the young version...
-Missing BiblePrequisites: Have Stella at 4 FP


Talk to Stella
Talk to Selphy
Talk to Melody
Talk to Melody during a rainy holiday while the bath house is still
Step 5: Bring the bible back to Stella
+DANNY+ <-> +[DANN]+
Danny is the town's...lazy general store guy. Early in the game, his items
are pretty good. Later, though, they'll be almost completely worthless. Also,
he doesn't like Rosetta, contrary to popular belief.
How to Meet: You meet him very early in the game while doing the chain of

Birthday: Summer 6
Best Gift (+9 FP): Silver
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Fine Cloth
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Tomato
Green Pepper
-Goodbye, Cruel Business WorldPrequisites: The Rosetta vs. Danny Event must have been activated
Step 1: Talk to Danny after the event
Step 2: Wait for the letter that states that he's closing up shop and working
for Rosetta now
+ERIK+ <-> +[ERIK]+
He's the hilarious farmer that lives next door to you. Why is he hilarious?
1...2...3..."Hey, young man!"
How to Meet: You run into him while you're doing your chore chain early in the
game. You should also note that he doesn't have a girlfriend...
Birthday: Summer 23
Best Gift (+9 FP): Garlic
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Strawberry
Dried Fish
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Turnip
-To Catch a Dried Fish PredatorPrequisites: It must be Winter
Step 1: Talk to Erik while he's tending to his Dried Fish at the Beach
Step 2: Talk to him a few days later and he'll ask you to guard his Dried
Fish and capture the thief
Step 3: Go to the Beach on the same day at 10 PM and assist Erik
NOTE: Don't be too fast or too slow. Just come out when he says "Now!"
+TURNER+ <-> +[TURN]+
Turner is the town drunk, the owner of the inn, the father of Eunice, and the
only thing standing between you and Rita. Well, there's that, and the
probably 10+ age difference...
How to Meet: You can find him in the inn after meeting Eunice
Birthday: Spring 22
Best Gift (+9 FP): Amazing Swimsuit
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Normal Ores
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Junk Ore
NOTE: You can give him Wine, and talk to him the next day for some fun
+RITA+ <-> +[RITA]+
Rita is the legendary thirteenth mai-...nevermind. She's the wife of Turner,
the owner of the inn, and the mother of Eunice.
How to Meet: You can meet her after meeting Eunice in the inn
Birthday: Winter 22
Best Gift (+9 FP): Wine
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Cheap Bracelet
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Fish
Bath Event Time: Holidays at 3 PM

+GANESHA+ <-> +[GASH]+
With Rita being the thirteenth maiden, Ganesha would be the fourteenth. She's
the owner of the local smithy and the mother of Marco. Did you know that they
share the same bed?
How to Meet: You run into her while doing your chore chain, like 75% of the
people in this game
Birthday: Winter 8
Best Gift (+9 FP): Demon Blood
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Any Ores
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Wool
Bath Event Time: Monday through Friday at 7 PM
+MARCO+ <-> +[MARK]+
Marco is your rival swordsman. I wish I could say that, but he needs to grow
up a few more years. He has a fiery personality, but his hormones gets the
most of him. He's the son of Ganesha and he likes Candy. Unfortunately for
him, Candy likes you. This is like some bad Soviet Russia joke, or something.
How to Meet: You can meet him alongside Ganesha
Birthday: Winter 29
Best Gift (+9 FP): Curry-Flavored Foods
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Curry Powder
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Green Pepper
Bath Even Time: Monday through Friday at 7 PM
-The Somewhat Great Treasure HuntPrequisite: Have Marco at 8 FP with him on by his birthday
Step 1: Talk to Marco
Step 2: Follow the clues
NOTE: This event is almost as epic as Bianca's Marriage Event
+KROSS+ <-> +[KRSS]+
My personal favorite male of the game, besides Raguna of course. He's your
standard goth, except without the hardcore makeup. I just love his hair and
his music. Also, he's not depressed because he hates the world, he's depressed
due to something from his past. Judge him and I'll roll out the rac-goons.
How to Meet: You can meet him on day one (well, technically two...) since he
stands right next to his mailbox
Birthday: Spring 2
Best Gift (+9 FP): Cats Tail
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Warrior Symbol
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Curry Powder
-Let's Push a Rock!Prequisites: Kross must have at least 4 FP
Step 1: Enter the South District
NOTE: This is the first of two parts of boulder-pushing fun
-Let's Push a Rock! Part 2Prequisites: Kross must have at least 4 FP
Step 1: Exit your house
NOTE: This is the final part. I hope you enjoyed.

+KANNO+ <-> +[KANO]+
Kanno is the grandfather of Candy and Cinnamon. He's also the only one who I
have no jokes for. Well...he does remind me a bit of Toadsworth, with his old
age and the big hat.
How to Meet: Kanno moves into the Clock Tower on the 7th of Spring
Birthday: Fall 8
Best Gift (+9 FP): Magic Powder
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Mont Blanc
Chocolate Cake
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Scrap Ore
+CANDY+ <-> +[CAND]+
If Rita is the thirteenth maiden, and Ganesha is the fourteenth maiden, then
Candy is the second loli maiden, with the first one being Uzuki. She hangs out
with Marco a lot, but she sees him solely as a good friend. Bad news for
Marco, good news for loli-lovers. Unfortunately, you can't marry her. Despite
her young age, she's quite used to normal household chores, since Kanno and
Cinnamon apparently don't do any.
How to Meet: You meet her along with Cinnamon
Birthday: Spring 27
Best Gift (+9 FP): Apple Pie
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Juices
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Insect Hide
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 6 PM
+NOLAN+ <-> +[NOLN]+
Nolan is a frequenter to the bath house. He stays there from opening to
closing time, as far as I know. He's a slight drunk, but he's mostly sober.
Odd thing, but instead of Nolan doing the action, the cat on his shoulder
blushes and sends out hearts instead of him. Perhaps Nolan is actually just
a puppet of the cat?
How to Meet: As soon as the bath house opens, he'll be in the men's room
Birthday: Spring 8
Best Gift (+9 FP): Wine
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Strawberry
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Squid
+BRODIK+ <-> +[BROK]+
Probably one of the most annoying people in the game. But, he's somewhat
valuable. You can use him as a fighting rival, since he's pretty adept with a
sword. Besides, that, he's able to make you laugh.
How to Meet: He moves in on the First of Fall
Birthday: Spring 17
Best Gift (+9 FP): Apple Pie
Great Gifts (+3 FP): N/A
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Pumpkin
NOTE: He'll buy weeds for 1 gold each, but it's pretty useless
-To Torture a FarmingbirdPrequisites: You must have met Brodik


Answer the knock at your door

See the events where Kross pushes a rock
Battle the Golem
Battle Brodik

NOTE: This makes Brodik go away

+MINERVA+ <-> +[MINE]+
Alright, I admit it. Minerva is...better than Tabatha. I mean...geez. Anyways,
Minerva is Tabatha's sister who didn't come to Trampoli for you (although if
you raise her FP to the top, you'll get a cute scene). She has a secret
mission she's out to complete.
How to Meet: Minervca appears after Tabatha has 6 LP
Birthday: Winter 15
Best Gift (+9 FP): Flop
Great Gifts (+3 FP): N/A
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Accessories
Bath Event Time: Every Day at 10 Pm
NOTE: She leaves immediately after Tabatha's Marriage Event is done for
+LUTE+ <-> +[LUTE]+
Probably one of the most confusing characters in the game. I kept thinking
whether he was a guy or a girl. Eventually, I chose that he was a guy. He
sells items and rooms for your house, and he's also a phenomenal painter.
How to Meet: You can meet him at Lake Poli on a regular Thursday, or at the
Public Square on Holidays
Birthday: Summer 13
Best Gift (+9 FP): Chocolate
Great Gifts (+3 FP): Milk
Horrible Gift (-3 FP): Fish
NOTE: If you want to see him REALLY early, you can catch him in front of the
Sainte-Coquille Manor in the morning when Bianca and Tabatha are around

This is a game. Of course it has a storyline to it. Most games have one. This
game is no different. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough for this game. It's
a bit harder than I'm making it, so be a little cautious.
Step 1: When you're ready, water the sprout in front of the Clock Tower
Step 2: Climb up the Vine and enter Whale Island
Step 3: Head all the way East and enter the caves, making your way through
until you reach the Cave Depths
Step 4: Meet Melody and obtain the Hammer
Step 5: Go back to Trampoli and talk to Mist until she asks you to cut down
the weeds on her lawn
Step 6: Cut down the weeds on her lawn, revealing the entrance to the
Green Ruins
Step 7: Go all the way back to the Cave Depths
Step 8: Make your way through the Cave until you make it outside into the
Step 9: Make your way South to the edge of the fin and get the small scene
where you see a mysterious young lady watering some flowers
Step 10: Go to the Materia shop and purchase Moondrop flowers
Step 11: Talk to Rosetta until she tells you the rumor about Moondrop flowers
Step 12: Return to where you saw the young lady and plant the flowers
Step 13: Take care of the flowers every day
Step 14: When they bloom, you'll meet Iris Blanche
Step 15: Befriend her like a normal maiden for the meantime, raising her LP up
as well, if you want
Step 16: Head to the Green Ruins and conquer it
[For more information on the Green Ruins, visit it's section]
Step 17: Meet
Step 18: Talk
Step 19: Talk
Step 20: Head
Step 21: Keep

Kanno and talk to him several times over the course of a few
to obtain a Fire Rod and to meet his granddaughters
to Candy to obtain the Harvester
to Cinnamon a few times to obtain the Fishing Rod
to the Mountain Trail and look at the sapling near the ruins
an eye on the tree after you defeat the Green Ruins







Obtain the Pet Brush from Kross

Get yourself a Silver Wolf from the Whale Island Fin to use
Get the Axe from Stella
Get a Sickle from Erik
When the sapling near the ruins turns into a tree with a hole in it,
grab 10 Tree Runeys and turn them into a Tree Runey Stone
Step 6: Put the stone into the tree to open up the Lava Ruins
Step 7: Meet Gelwein by getting near the Tower of Rest when Iris Blanche has
at least 1 FP
Step 8: Take down the Lava Ruins
[For more information on the Lava Ruins, visit it's section]
Step 9: Grow the sapling on the small island in Lake Poli to give you an
access point to Whale Island during the Holidays
Step 10: Go to the suspicious stone to the right of the Rune Archives and use
the tablet you obtained from the Morphing Fireslime to open up the
Snow Ruins
Step 11: Head to B3F of the Snow Ruins and get to the large door that I had
you ignore
Step 12: Head to Whale Island and then move to the Tower of Rest
Step 13: Head North of the Tower of Rest and through the gate
Step 14: Head through the next area, while watching out for the poison areas
on the ground
Step 15: Watch the scene where you examine the large rune collection
Step 16: Head back to the Whale in a few days to learn about his position with
his Rune ball
Step 17: Head back to the area where you saw the once giant Rune ball
Step 18: Go back to the Snow Ruins B3F huge door and watch the scene
Step 19: Beat Iris Noire or watch the scene, depending on your current FP
with Iris Blanche
Step 20: Go to the Tower of Rest to actually "meet" Iris Noire, and talk to
Blanche too
Step 1: Wait three days and then talk to Kanno
Step 2: The next day, head to the graveyard near noon to get a scene with
Candy asking for your help
Step 3: Climb down inside the hole
Step 4: Break the Ice Wall to the West and watch the scene
Step 5: Head West again and watch the scene
Step 6: Pick up the book on the ground and give it to Kanno
Step 7: Wait five days and talk to him
Step 8: Get the Crystal Seeds and give one seed to each maiden
Step 9: Wait three days, and then get each flower
Step 10: Place all the flowers you have on the slots in the Clock Tower
Step 11: When you realize you're missing a flower, head to Mist's house and
get the flower she was growing on the front of her house
Step 12: Place the new flower on the pedestal
Step 13: Prepare for a harsh battle, and then head through the rift
Step 14: Defeat the Beast
Step 15: Attack Gelwein until you get a scene
Step 16: After the scene is over, take care of Gelwein
Step 17: Watch the scene and enjoy, since it's over for the storyline
If marriage is the butter of this game, then the dungeons are the saturated
fats. There are three main dungeons that represent three seasons. There's
also Whale Island, but I'll cover that after the three Ruins.
+GREEN RUINS+ <-> +[GEN1]+
Representing Season: Spring
How to Open: Talk to Mist at around 1 FP, and she'll ask you to mow her lawn.
After cutting down all the weeds, you'll find the entrance to the
Ruins waiting for you
Monsters: B1F-Ant

B2F-Big Muck
Little Mage
Boss: Chickenhawk
-B1FStep 1: Head up the stairs to the Vine Wall
Step 2: Cut down the Vine Wall with a sharp weapon and head to the left to
meet another Vine Wall
Step 3: Cut down this Vine Wall and head through the room it concealed
Step 4: Keep heading North, until you reach a room with several monsters and
three separate fields
Step 5: Head to the East until you see a path to the South that is blocked
with your Vine Wall buddy
Step 6: Cut down the Vine Wall and follow the curved path while watching out
for your last B1F Vine Wall on the side
Step 7: Once you find that Vine Wall, cut it down and enter the room inside
Step 8: Head down the Stairs to B2F
-B2FStep 1: Head left and cut down the Vine Wall
Step 2: Run along the curved path staying near the wall. This is so that when
you get near the shortcut door, it'll automatically open for you.


Keep running along the shortcut path until you reach a Vine Wall
Cut it down and head to the west side of the room and follow the path
Once you reach the Vine Wall, cut it down and follow the path
When you see another Vine Wall protected by a Spring, head through it
Head South between the two doors
Follow the room to the end
Head down the stairs to B3F

-B3FStep 1: Wrap around the stairs and keep heading North until you're stopped by
some boulders
Step 2: Head to the East and slash through the Vine Wall
Step 3: Follow the curved path North until you reach the VERY end
Step 4: Burst on through the Vine Wall, which should be on your right
Step 5: Head through the moderately hostile room and down South
Step 6: Run on through this room until you reach a Vine Wall to the Northwest
Step 7: Burst through the Vine Wall and hug the sides to open up the shortcut
stairs with little hastle
Step 8: Head along the path to the West until you see a Vine Wall to the South
Step 9: Follow this room to it's last corridor
Step 10: Climb down the stairs to B4F
All you have to do now is head to the East and prepare youself for a Boss
Batle. Let's hope your first will be fun. When you're ready, examine the large
door to the North.
**BOSS: Chickenhawk**
Dash Attack: The Chickenhawk roars and then rushes forward. You can send it
rushing into a wall to confuse it for a few seconds, but it's
difficult to pull off
Stomp: The Chickenhawk rears up on it's hind legs and slams down on it's front
ones. You have to run from it. The Chickenhawk also does this by
turning, so watch out if you're close to it.
Peck: The Chickenhawk uses it's beak to peck you twice. It only uses this if
you're too close and you've been there for a while.
Egg Lay: The Chickenhawk flies into the air and drops several eggs. After a

few seconds, the eggs will hatch into a Clucky. If you attack the
eggs before they hatch, the egg will instantly be destroyed. This
attack is usually followed up by an Aerial Rush.
Aerial Rush: The Chickenhawk flaps it's wings faster, and then rushes
forwards, like a torpedo. If you see this coming, run as fast as
you can around the stadium. Hopefully, the Chickenhawk will hit
a wall, giving you a few seconds to unleash.
This battle shouldn't be too hard on you. You might die a few times, but just
keep on trying. The attack patterns are easy to read, so just keep dodging
and unleashing. When Chickenhawk goes into Rage mode (aka it turns red), it'll
be stronger and tougher. Don't be intimidated, though, since it's still able
to be beaten. Once Chickenhawk is slain, you'll have the Green Ruins under
+LAVA RUINS+ <-> +[GEN2]+
Representing Season: Summer
How to Open: Check the tree right under the Observatory. It starts out as a
sapling, but it will gradually grow into a tree. When it's a
small tree, there will be a hole in it. Insert a Tree Runey Stone
into the hole. Check back the next day, and the Lava Ruins will
be opened.
Monsters: B1F-Ant
Killer Ant
Monster Box
Mini Golem
B3F-Hammer Troll
Little Emperor
Mini Golem
Hammer Troll
Monster Box
B5F-Dark Slime
Monster Box
Boss: Morphing Fireslime


Head North and activate the bomb by attacking it

Get the heck away from the bomb while avoiding fire from the ants
Go through the gap in the wall and keep heading North
Head East until you see a gap in the wall
Head through the gap and dash West
Head to the North door
Climb down the stairs to B2F



Wrap around the stairs and keep heading West

Go South until you see some fields
Head through the door in the Southwest
Go South and keep a look out for a path to your right
Take the path and go down the road leading to a door
Open the door, but don't enter it


Step 7: Head East until you meet some slight resistance
Step 8: Head North into the next room
Step 9: Drop down the stairs into B3F



Head North, but don't go all the way to the top

Take the long stairs leading to the West
Once you're at the bottom, head South, East, and then South again
Start the bomb and get away
Once the bomb has exploded, head through the gap it made and head
Step 6: Climb up the stairs leading to the East
Step 7: Head all the way South until you see two pairs of stairs

7: Dash North and attack the bomb that's slightly to your left
8: Hike down the stairs it covered
9: Go through the door on the left and keep heading West
10: Once you make it into a room with a door, two fields, and a bomb,
set us up the bomb
11: Head through the gap and make a turn into another large staircase
12: Head North until you see a bridge leading to the East
13: Take the bridge and head down the stairs
14: Head North until you see some stairs
15: Go down the stairs leading to B4F



Head to the bomb platform and launch a bomb with your Hammer
Head South into the 4-way intersection
Head to the West and keep going until you see a path to the South
Take the path and keep heading West until you see another path to
the South
Step 5: Break down the rocks that are blocking your way, and keep heading
Step 6: Keep heading to the East until you see a door to the South
Step 7: Don't do anything, just remember the location of this door for Uzuki's
Marriage Event
Step 8: Keep heading East until you're stopped by a pile of rubble
Step 9: Walk around the rubble by heading through the gap in the North
Step 10: Keep heading East, and then turn South and open the door
Step 11: Head up and activate the bomb platform
Step 12: Head back to the West and around the rubble
Step 13: Head up the stairs to your immediate North and activate the bomb,
being sure to stay away a bit
Step 14: Head to the rotating bomb platform a little to your Northeast, and
make it face East
Step 15: Activate the bomb platform and keep heading East
Step 16: Take the second path to the North that you see and keep moving
Step 17: Take out the Summers that are literally blocking your path
Step 18: When those are taken out, head North onto the large platform
Optional Step 1: Head North and then a bit East and take out the rubble pile
in front of the boulder. This will kill all the enemies in
it's path, but you might accidentally get hit yourself, which
is a 1-Hit-KO
Step 19: Head South into a room with some monsters and a pair of stairs
Step 20: Go down the stairs into B5F


Head North and take out the sand pile in front of the boulder
Head down the stairs and look out for a bomb platform
Make the platform head South, and then activate it
Head down the stairs and then take the left path
Run South until you can't go South anymore
Head to the East and take out the rubble in front of the boulder, but
be sure to run away to the West and out of it's path
Step 7: Keep running to the East into a room with two Northern paths
Step 8: Head South a bit and activate the shortcut door
Step 9: Head North and go into the path that leads to the West
Step 10: Take out the rubble, again, and follow the boulder into a room
Step 11: Take the stairs leading into B6F
Well, here we are again, about to face another Boss. Let's hope you're
prepared, since this battle will probably take a toll on you. This battle is
more about Defense than Attack, so prepare yourself accordingly

Bee Swarm: You'll be meet by a large swarm of Bees, so keep moving until you
see one that's open for attack. Take all of the bees out, and
prepare for the next attack
Hound Pack: The second stage consists of four Fire Hounds. If you're far from
one, it will launch Fireballs at you. If you're close, it'll
either try to slash at you, or it will launch more fireballs.
This battle is close to being the most annoying battle in this
showdown, but try to predict their movements and attack
Ogre Onslaught: Next up, you'll be met by two HUGE Ogres. They're giant
targets, yes, but they're annoyingly strong. They'll either
try to punch and smash you, or they will try to body slam
right into you. Run around them and attack if they try to slam
or punch you. If they try to body slam you, run away and wait
until they're on the ground. Afterwards, rush in and attack.
Slime Smash: Next up, the Boss will turn into several small slimes. This
battle will really take a chunk out of you if you're not careful.
When they go underground, run away a bit, then run over them. If
this was done correctly, they'll pop up, but they won't hurt you.
That's when you go in for the kill. This is the most annoying
part of the battle, since one slip-up and you can be dead in
Final Formation: Finally, the Morphing Fireslime will no longer Morph, and
just be slime...with fire. The final attacks are very
predictable, so you probably won't need much healing done
here. If you see some light coming out of the ground, run and
count them. Once the fourth one comes up, rush in and attack,
since that's the last one. If you stay too close, the
Fireslime will jump up and try to hit you. It'll move in the
air a bit too, so watch out.
The Boss itself isn't too hard. The hard part is actually the battles before
the Boss. Just try to hang in there while reading the attack patterns. Doing
so may just make this a lot easier for you. Once the Morphing Fireslime has
been singed, you'll have two dungeons under your belt now. You're red hot!
(Please don't kill me...)
+SNOW RUINS+ <-> +[GEN3]+
Representing Season: Autumn
How to Open: The Morphing Fireslime will drop a tablet-like item. Use this
item on the statue to the right of the Rune Archives, and the
Snow Ruins shall be released.
Monsters: B1F-Autumn
Death Stalker
Hornet Queen
Shadow Panther
Death Stalker
Shadow Panther
Minotaur King
B4F-Blood Panther
Hunter Wolf
Mini Dragon
Minotaur King
B5F-Hunter Wolf
Little Wizard
Minotaur King
B6F-Arch Daemon
Gobble Box
Micro Dragon
Mini Dragon
Tricky Muck
Boss: Ice Snake

-B1FStep 1: Head North into the room with two Hornet Queens
Step 2: Head to the West and destroy the Ice Wall with a Fire Ball from a
Fire Rod
Step 3: Head West and destroy the next Ice Wall
Step 4: Head West, and then go into the Northern room
Step 5: Head North one more room, and then East
Step 6: Destroy the item that looks like a lever switch
Step 7: Head West, and then North through the door into a room with stairs
and a jar
Step 8: Take the stairs down into B2F
-B2FStep 1: Head South and destroy two of the lever-like items
Step 2: Run into the South corridor and follow it to a crop room, taking the
Eastern Ice Ramp down
Step 3: Open up the Southern exit of the crop room to open up the shortcut


Head West and up the ramps

Destroy the lever just North of the portal
Enter the now accessible room with stairs
Take the stairs leading down to B3F



Take out the Ice Wall blocking your path

Head North and up the ramp to the East
Destroy the generators
Head back down the ramp, and enter the hard-to-see door on the East
side of the room
Step 5: Head through the second door into a cannon room
Step 6: Head straight down into the shortcut room
Step 7: Head back into the cannon room and take the door to the East
Step 8: Keep running East and ignore the path leading to the North
Step 9: Run up the ramp and take the stairs at the Southeast
Step 10: Head North into a familiar room
Step 11: Take the stairs down into B4F
-B4FStep 1: Head down the stairs
Step 2: Find the path South of the stairs that leads to two Hunter Wolves
Step 3: Follow the stairs up and take out the Ice Generator as well as the
Step 4: Follow the path the leads South and take the stairs facing West
Step 5: Keep heading West and open the shortcut door

6: Head East and take the path facing North

7: Follow the corridor into an icy room
8: Take out the Ice Generator to your left
9: Follow the path and head through the door
10: Just follow the relatively straightforward path until you run into
two jars and some fields
Step 11: Take the path South and ignore the ramp until you see some stairs
Step 12: Venture down the stairs into the darkness of B5F
-B5FStep 1: Head up the ramp to the East
Step 2: Follow the ramp all the way to an Ice Generator, which you should
Step 3: Head down the ramp to the East and keep heading East until you see
another ramp
Step 4: Head up the ramp and follow it into a room with some monsters
Step 5: Destroy the Ice Wall and move on through
Step 6: Go through the gap in the wall and head up the ramp headed West, and
climb down the ramp on the other side as well
Step 7: Head North and destroy the Ice Wall and avoid the boulder
Step 8: Head into the crop room and take the first path South, which should
open the shortcut door
Step 9: Head North back into the crop room and veer left
Step 10: Enter the room with the stairs
Step 11: Climb down said stairs to B6F



Head East until two monsters spawn in your face

Head North and then shift your position to the left a little
Keep heading North until you spot a ramp to your right
Follow the path the ramp takes you, until you see another ramp leading
to the right
5: Go down the ramp and then head North, while either avoiding the Mini
Dragons or taking them out and taking the treasure
6: Go through the narrow path going East at the Northeast and stop when
you reach a crevasse
7: Go up the ramp leading to the West
8: Follow the path and when you head back down another ramp, head South
and turn onto a bridge
9: Follow the path until you go down another ramp
10: Go through the narrow path at the Northwest that leads into a small
room with several monsters and the stairs
11: Rush by the monsters and go down the stairs leading to B7F

Here it is. BF7. The final floor of the final seasonal ruins. Get ready for a
Boss fight you won't forget. It's without a doubt the hardest battle in the
game since there are dozens of cannons firing at you, dozens of dragons
trying to kill you, and a huge ice snake that's trying to freeze you down. Are
you ready for this?
NOTE: I was just kidding about most of that stuff, but there is the Ice Snake.
Ice Breath: The Ice Snake will launch a large cloud of Ice at you. This attack
will push you back and damage you. It was the only attack I ever
saw from the Ice Snake, due to a method from a board member. Even
if it DOES hit you, which it most likely will, it only does 1
damage per hit. Just bring some Energy Potion X.'s, and you'll be
===Cheap and Easy, Yet Long Strategy===
Step 1: Just stay behind the walls that you use to shield yourself from the
Ice Breath attack
Step 2: Take out your Fire Rod and throw Fireballs like there's no tomorrow
This works since the only attack the Ice Snake can use on you at that range
is the Ice Breath, and the Fireball is able to reach the Ice Snake. The only
downside is that this process is excruciatingly long and takes up a lot of
your RP, so pack some food and get ready for a slugout.
~Strategy provided by stoney556
Now that the Ice Snake has been defeated, it's time to move on to the...err...
We actually completed all the seasonal ruins. Congratulations! With all three
ruins under your command, all that's left for you to do is...well...a lot!
With the ruins out of your hair, enjoy the spare time to do some more farming,
organize your Runeys, or just stare at Raguna. I hope you enjoyed!
Representing Season: Spring/Summer
How to Open: You have to water the mysterious plant in front of the clock
tower and climb the resulting beanstalk.
Monsters: Cave Surface-Ant
Cave Depths-Orc
Orc Archer
Silver Wolf
Mini Golem
Sky Fish
Tail Tree-Beetle

Tower of Birth-Faust
Floating Chamber-Blackbird
Gobble Box
Minotaur King
Tower of Life-Gigantes
Tower of Glory-Blood Panther
Hunter Wolf
Mini Dragon
-Cave SurfaceStep 1: Run across the bridge to the east
Step 2: Keep moving east
Step 3: When you reach a fork that has one path leading north-east and the
other leading south-east, take the north-eastern route
Step 4: Keep moving east again until you enter another cave
Step 1: Head east
Step 2: Make a u-turn around the bend so you're moving west now
Step 3: Keep moving west and ignore any splits, while also watching out for
the poison pools
Step 4: When you reach another bend, take it so you're moving east again
Step 5: Head north into the exit
Step 6: Head north and around the small lake
Step 7: Head straight south into the exit
-FinStep 1: Head STRAIGHT south, not taking the stairs. If you did this correctly,
you should exit out of a small gap near a spawn portal
Step 2: Now take the stairs leading south-west from here
Step 3: Move to the south-east, taking the series of stairs
Step 4: Ignore the stairs leading south to the Tower of Rest, and keep
moving east
Step 5: Move north until you pass through the gate
Step 6: Move a small distance east into the Flank
-FlankStep 1: Travel east along the path until you see a few poison pools. Enter the
small "valley" they are located in
Step 2: Navigate your way around the poison pools and head to the upper path
Optional Step 1: If you have the Golden Hammer or The Hammer, head west and
smash the rock, allowing access to this area from the
Cave Surface
Step 3: Head east along the upper path until you see another poison pool
Step 4: Move cautiously once again and make your way back to the bottom path
Step 5: Head east until you see another poison pool valley
Step 6: Quickly run across the pool towards the upper path
Step 7: Run quickly to the exit on the eastern end, making sure to avoid the
numerous Sky Fish that seem to try to wall you out
-Tail TreeStep 1: Head east and climb up the path that the tree's branch offers
Step 2: Continually climb up the path while watching out for the giant
Step 3: When you see a bridge that leads to the west, take it
-DrainStep 1: Head continually west until you see stairs that descend into the
water below
Step 2: Head north a bit, and then dash east
Step 3: Run east and swerve to the south when you need to. Watch out for those
beam cannons, by the way

Step 4: Head north into the two stairs, and

Step 5: Head west and ignore the first path
Step 6: Take the second path south and take
Step 7: Follow the path around to the south
connected to the large tower

then climb them

leading south that you see
the path that branches out to the
and enter the huge doors that are

-Tower of BirthStep 1: Head north and walk up the stairs

Step 2: Make a u-turn around the edge of the stairs and head up the next
flight of stairs you see
Step 3: Run up the stairs leading to the top of the tower
-Floating ChamberOptional Step 1: Head north into the Tower of Life
Step 1: Head head south until you hit the southernmost tower
Step 2: Head west to the next tower
Step 3: Head north until you see stairs leading down in between two Minotaur
Step 4: Take the stairs down and enter the Tower of Glory
-Tower of Life (Opt)Step


Head down the two flights of stairs leading west

Head to the west of the room to the broken staircase
Interact with the rope to trigger a shorcut from the Cave Surface
Backtrack all the way back to the Floating Chamber

-Tower of GloryStep 1: Walk down the flight of stairs leading west

Step 2: Go right and break all of the junk near the top of the second flight
of stairs
Step 3: Activate the switch
Step 4: Backtrack all the way back to the Floating Chamber
-Floating Chamber (2)Step 1: Head south to the tower below
Step 2: Take the stairs northeast to the central tower
Step 3: Get ready for a boss battle. If you're not ready, then escape and live
to fight and farm another day. Proceed through the door when ready.
Note: As I couldn't make a name up for this boss myself, I used the name a
fellow fan (gunarm_dyne) used.
Flooring Shock: The Octojellysquid sends off a few sparks near it before
surrounding itself with a field of electricity.
The easiest way to beat the Octojellysquid is to keep your distance. Look at
the ground for a bit and you'll notice it's divided into 4 somewhat distinct
paths. The center is where the body of the Octojellysquid is, so stay clear of
it.The second path is near the base of the tentacles. It's an indicator of
where Flooring Shock's range ends. The third path is near the tip of the
tentacles. The final path is the one closest to the sides of the arena.
For starters, stay on the third path and stick close to the wall, but run
towards the Octojellysquid every now and then to bait a Flooring Shock out of
it to occupy it. To damage the beast, attack the red-tipped tentacles. These
are the main weak point. Stay away from the tentacles with the leafy ends,
though. If you get too close, you'll take damage.
After you attack one tentacle enough, it'll shrivel and retreat to the body.
Do the same to the rest of the tentacles and the Octojellysquid will be
stunned for a brief period of time. Take this time to deal as much damage as
Repeat this tactic until the Octojellysquid starts to light up parts of its
body. At this point, most of the arena will get dark. What you want to do is
stay close to the edge of the arena where the tips of the tentacles are lit.
They'll be conveniently shining a bright red so you'll know where to hit.
Other than that, nothing else changes significantly about the boss bottle, so
proceed as normal until you've beaten the Octojellysquid back to the absurd
waters it belongs in!

You know all those monsters I posted above? Here's a list of all of them.
I do not claim this Bestiary list at all, I am merely using it with
permission. You must ask the original creator of this list to use it.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Monster Name (What it does for you)
# of times to hit with Brush for Friendship / HP / Atk / Def / Mag
Level gained after befriending / HP / Atk / Def / Mag (after taming)
Locations found
Drop List (Level of item, Drop Rate)
-----Ant (Crop Harvest)
4 / 41 / 10 / 11 / 6
2 / 120 / 21 / 11 / 11
Whale Island - Cave Surface, Green Cave B1F, Lava Ruins B1F
Insect Jaw (1, 20%), Insect Hide (1, 20%)
-----Arch Daemon (Nothing)
9 / 737 / 238 / 263 / 284
89 / 1425 / 303 / 360 / 299
Snow Ruins B6F
Solid Point (10, 20%), Hard Horn (10, 10%), Demon Blood (10, 10%)
-----Autumn (collect seeds)
6 / 393 / 126 / 124 / 161
46 / 780 / 160 / 164 / 167
Snow Ruins B1F
Root (10, 20%), Magic Powder (10, 20%)
-----Beetle (Rock Clearing)
5 / 321 / 103 / 123 / 106
37 / 645 / 132 / 162 / 111
Whale Island - Tail Tree
Hard Horn (6, 20%), Insect Jaw (5, 10%), Insect Hide (10, 10%)
-----Big Muck (collect Grass/Jewel)
4 / 106 / 27 / 31 / 28
9 / 247 / 41 / 38 / 33
Green Ruins B2F
Mushroom (1, 20%), Root (2, 10%), Magic Powder (2, 10%)
-----Blackbird (Woodcutting)
7 / 555 / 219 / 219 / 236
74 / 1080 / 272 / 291 / 241
Whale Island - Floating Chamber
Bird Feather (10, 25%), Sharp Talon (10, 10%), Wind Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Blood Panther (Crop Harvest)
7 / 461 / 205 / 205 / 242
69 / 900 / 255 / 272 / 248
Whale Island - Tower of Glory, Snow Ruins B4F
Magic Talon (3, 10%), Fair Hide (7, 10%), Sharp Fang (10, 10%),
Sharp Talon (10, 10%)
-----Buffaloo (Mount)
5 / 366 / 107 / 117 / 67
35 / 738 / 132 / 146 / 63
Lava Ruins B4F
Monster Hide (10, 25%), Hard Horn (6, 15%)
-----Buffamoo (collect Milk)
4 / 174 / 46 / 53 / 33
15 / 378 / 64 / 67 / 37
Whale Island - Fin, Green Ruins B3F
Monster Hide (1, 25%), Hard Horn (2, 15%)
-----Buffazoo (collect Milk)
6 / 702 / 189 / 228 / 156
70 / 1368 / 235 / 303 / 160
Whale Island - Floating Chamber, Snow Ruins B4F
Quality Fur (7, 25%), Hard Horn (10, 15%)
-----Chitter (Plant Harvest)
4 / 29 / 9 / 8 / 3
1 / 94 / 21 / 7 / 8
Green Ruins B1F
Sharp Fang (1, 15%), Monster Hide (1, 15%), Sharp Talon (1, 10%)
-----Clucky (collect Egg)
4 / 116 / 40 / 42 / 45
13 / 256 / 58 / 53 / 51
Green Ruins B3F
Sharp Talon (1, 20%), Bird Feather (3, 20%)
-----Cone (Mount)
10 / 753 / 194 / 268 / 349
91 / 1455 / 218 / 335 / 333
Whale Island - Tower of Glory Garden
Fair Hide (10, 10%), Teardrop (10, 10%), Bird Feather (10, 10%),
Hard Horn (10, 10%)
-----Daemon (Nothing)
8 / 481 / 155 / 170 / 182
57 / 945 / 206 / 237 / 199
Snow ruins B2F and B3F
Solid Point (6, 20%), Demon Blood (5, 10%), Hard Horn (10, 10%)

-----Dark Slime (Rock Clearing)

5 / 344 / 100 / 98 / 115
36 / 693 / 129 / 129 / 120
Lava Ruins B5F
Teardrop (6, 18%), Toxin (2, 10%), Scrap Iron (1, 6%), White Grass (1, 1%),
Black Grass (1, 1%), Fire Crystal (1, 1%), Water Crystal (1, 1%),
Wind Crystal (1, 1%), Earth Crystal (1, 1%)
*** Don't get your hopes up from seeing that drop list! The chance of any
of the grass or crystals dropping is a mere 1%! ***
-----Death Stalker (Mowing)
6 / 320 / 129 / 169 / 150
47 / 636 / 163 / 223 / 155
Snow Ruins B1F and B2F
Fair Hide (2, 10%), Magic Talon (3, 10%), Solid Point (6, 10%),
Toxin (10, 10%)
-----Duck (collect Egg)
4 / 233 / 74 / 80 / 83
26 / 480 / 98 / 104 / 88
Lava Ruins B2F
Bird Feather (7, 20%), Sharp Talon (4, 10%), Teardrop (6, 10%)
-----Elefun (Watering, Mount)
5 / 313 / 66 / 71 / 36
23 / 652 / 88 / 91 / 38
Lava Ruins B1F
Teardrop (6, 10%), Sharp Fang (6, 10%), Monster Hide (6, 15%)
-----Fairy (Plant Harvest)
6 / 288 / 116 / 126 / 161
42 / 576 / 148 / 166 / 167
Whale Island - Tail Tree, Drain
Magic Powder (6, 15%), Cheap Cloth (10, 15%), Fairy Dust (1, 10%)
*** This one has 10 points in each elemental resistance right off the bat. ***
-----Faust (Mowing)
7 / 404 / 163 / 179 / 230
60 / 792 / 204 / 237 / 236
Whale Island - Tower of Birth, Floating Chamber
Quality Cloth (5, 10%), Cheap Cloth (10, 10%), Thick Stick (5, 10%),
Glittering Edge (5, 10%)
-----Fluffy (collect Wool)
4 / 289 / 83 / 110 / 105
33 / 585 / 108 / 144 / 110
Lava Ruins B4F
Monster Hide (10, 20%), Teardrop (6, 10%), Hard Horn (6, 10%)
-----Furpy (Plant Harvest)
5 / 202 / 72 / 85 / 80
25 / 418 / 95 / 110 / 85
Lava Ruins B2F
Sharp Fang (6, 15%), Monster Hide (6, 15%), Sharp Talon (4, 10%)
-----Ghost (Mowing)
6 / 154 / 61 / 65 / 80
21 / 324 / 83 / 84 / 86
Lava Ruins B1F
Quality Cloth (1, 10%), Cheap Cloth (6, 10%), Thin Stick (7, 10%),
Knife Piece (8, 10%)
-----Gigantes (Rock Clearing)
7 / 770 / 229 / 231 / 90
71 / 1501 / 285 / 307 / 92
Whale Island - Tower of Life, Tower of Life Garden
Quality Cloth (10, 10%), Warrior Medal (10, 10%), Bird Feather (10, 10%),
Hard Horn (10, 10%)
-----Glace (Watering)
7 / 425 / 137 / 135 / 176
50 / 840 / 173 / 178 / 181
Snow Ruins B1F and B2F
Water Crystal (1, 5%), Magic Crystal (3, 5%), Magic Powder (10, 30%)
-----Gobble Box (collect Ore/Jewelry)
8 / 562 / 202 / 267 / 216
75 / 1093 / 250 / 354 / 220
Whale Island - Floating Chamber, Tower of Plenty, Snow Ruins B6F
Sharp Fang (1, 45%), Ruby (1, 10%), Emerald (1, 10%), Sapphire (1, 10%),
Amethyst (1, 10%), Aquamarine (1, 10%), Diamond (1, 5%)
*** All the items on the drop list add up to a 100% drop rate, so you WILL
get one of those items. ***
-----Goblin (Crop Harvest)
4 / 33 / 9 / 7 / 3
1 / 105 / 21 / 6 / 8
Whale Island - Cave Surface
Cheap Cloth (1, 15%), Knife Piece (1, 15%), Warrior Medal (1, 10%)
-----Hammer Troll (Rock Clearing)
5 / 365 / 108 / 107 / 40
32 / 741 / 140 / 140 / 42
Lava Ruins B3F and B4F
Quality Cloth (1, 10%), Hard Horn (2, 10%), Warrior Medal (5, 10%),
Bird Feather (7, 10%)

Hardes (Plant Harvest)

7 / 512 / 207 / 228 / 295
77 / 996 / 256 / 303 / 301
Whale Island - Tower of Glory, Tower of Rebirth Garden
Magic Powder (10, 15%), Cheap Cloth (10, 15%), Fairy Dust (10, 10%)
-----Heracles (Rock Clearing)
7 / 737 / 238 / 289 / 256
89 / 1425 / 293 / 385 / 260
Whale Island - Tower of Plenty Garden
Hard Horn (10, 20%), Insect Jaw (10, 10%), Insect Hide (10, 5%),
Fair Hide (10, 5%)
-----High Orc (Crop Harvest)
6 / 553 / 178 / 196 / 211
66 / 1080 / 222 / 260 / 216
Whale Island - Tower of Rebirth
Warrior Medal (10, 15%), Thick Stick (10, 15%), Cheap Cloth (10, 10%)
-----High Orc Archer (???)
Don't have data for this guy!
Will put this in once I catch one!
Whale Island - Not sure on the area
Glue (10, ??%), ??? (More drops than this, but not that I know!)
-----Hobgoblin (Crop Harvest)
5 / 241 / 77 / 83 / 86
27 / 495 / 101 / 108 / 91
Whale Island - Flank
Cheap Cloth (6, 15%), Knife Piece (8, 15%), Warrior Medal (5, 10%)
-----Hornet (Honey)
5 / 96 / 38 / 47 / 38
12 / 216 / 55 / 59 / 43
Green Ruins B3F
Toxin (2, 20%), Insect Jaw (5, 10%), Insect Hide (1, 10%)
-----Hornet Queen (Honey)
6 / 308 / 136 / 149 / 144
45 / 612 / 173 / 196 / 149
Snow Ruins B1F
Toxin (10, 20%), Fair Hide (2, 10%), Insect Jaw (5, 10%)
-----Hunter Wolf (Mount)
7 / 555 / 219 / 219 / 236
74 / 1080 / 254 / 273 / 223
Whale Island - Tower of Glory, Snow Ruins B4F and B5F
Monster Hide (3, 15%), Sharp Fang (10, 15%), Sharp Talon (7, 10%)
-----Ignis (Woodcutting)
6 / 249 / 79 / 77 / 98
28 / 510 / 104 / 100 / 104
Lava Ruins B2F and B3F
Fire Crystal (2, 5%), Magic Crystal (3, 5%), Magic Powder (6, 30%)
-----Killer Ant (Crop Harvest)
5 / 161 / 46 / 59 / 54
17 / 345 / 63 / 76 / 59
Lava Ruins B1F
Insect Jaw (5, 20%), Insect Hide (8, 20%)
-----Little Emperor (Watering)
5 / 231 / 82 / 80 / 111
29 / 472 / 107 / 104 / 117
Whale Island - Tower of Rebirth, Tower of Life Garden, Lava Ruins B3F
Quality Cloth (10, 15%), Hard Horn (2, 10%), Thick Stick (10, 10%),
Earth Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Little Mage (Woodcutting)
5 / 101 / 35 / 33 / 42
11 / 229 / 52 / 41 / 48
Whale Island - Tower of Rebirth Garden, Green Ruins B3F
Cheap Cloth (6, 15%), Hard Horn (2, 10%), Thin Stick (7, 10%),
Fire Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Little Wizard (Watering)
7 / 605 / 217 / 215 / 311
81 / 1174 / 269 / 287 / 317
Whale Island - Tower of Rebirth, Tower of Life Garden, Snow Ruins B5F
Quality Cloth (10, 15%), Hard Horn (10, 10%), Thick Stick (10, 10%),
Wind Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Mammoo (Watering, Mount)
6 / 733 / 157 / 173 / 92
58 / 1440 / 194 / 226 / 92
Snow Ruins B2F and B3F
Quality Fur (4, 15%), Sharp Fang (10, 15%), Teardrop (6, 10%)
-----Mantict (Mowing)
5 / 297 / 104 / 93 / 108
34 / 600 / 135 / 122 / 113
Whale Island - Tail Tree
Insect Jaw (5, 15%), Insect Hide (10, 15%), Glittering Edge (1, 10%)
-----Micro Dragon (collect Ore/Jewelry)
7 / 437 / 235 / 312 / 337
88 / 846 / 288 / 413 / 341
Snow Ruins B6F

Sharp Fang (10, 20%), Sharp Talon (10, 10%), Magic Talon (10, 10%),
Monster Hide (10, 10%), Wet Scale (10, 10%)
*** This monster has 18 for all base elemental resistances! ***
-----Mini Dragon (collect Ore/Jewelry)
8 / 761 / 246 / 271 / 294
92 / 1470 / 303 / 361 / 299
Whale Island - Tower of Glory, Snow Ruins B4F and B6F
Sharp Fang (10, 20%), Sharp Talon (10, 10%), Magic Talon (10, 10%),
Monster Hide (10, 10%), Wet Scale (10, 10%)
*** This bad boy has 15 for all elemental resistances. ***
-----Mini Golem (Rock Clearing)
5 / 397 / 85 / 92 / 48
30 / 810 / 111 / 120 / 50
Whale Island - Flank, Lava Ruins B2F and B3F
Iron (1, 15%), Copper (1, 15%), Scrap Iron (10, 15%), Silver (1, 10%),
Earth Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Minotaur (Woodcutting)
5 / 385 / 134 / 112 / 59
37 / 774 / 172 / 147 / 61
Lava Ruins B4F and B5F
Glittering Edge (1, 10%), Thick Stick (1, 10%), Warrior Medal (5, 10%),
Hard Horn (6, 10%)
-----Minotaur King (Woodcutting)
7 / 769 / 269 / 228 / 123
77 / 1494 / 333 / 303 / 125
Whale Island - Floating Chamber, Tower of Life Garden, Snow Ruins B3F,
B4F and B5F
Hard Horn (10, 10%), Warrior Medal (10, 10%), Glittering Edge (10, 10%),
Thick Stick (10, 10%)
-----Monster Box (collect Ore/Jewelry)
6 / 260 / 92 / 120 / 95
33 / 526 / 120 / 158 / 99
Lava Ruins B1F, B4F and B5F
Sharp Fang (1, 67%), Ruby (1, 6%), Emerald (1, 6%), Sapphire (1, 6%),
Amethyst (1, 6%), Aquamarine (1, 6%), Diamond (1, 3%)
*** Guess what? Another drop list that equals 100%. See a pattern with the
mimic enemies? ***
-----Necro (Mowing)
7 / 365 / 147 / 161 / 207
54 / 720 / 185 / 213 / 213
Whale Island - Tower of Birth
Quality Cloth (5, 10%), Cheap Cloth (10, 10%), Thick Stick (5, 10%),
Knife Piece (10, 10%)
-----Orc (Crop Harvest)
4 / 73 / 22 / 22 / 19
6 / 180 / 36 / 26 / 24
Whale Island - Cave Depths
Warrior Medal (1, 15%), Thin Stick (1, 15%), Cheap Cloth (1, 10%)
-----Orc Archer (Crop Harvest)
4 / 97 / 30 / 31 / 28
9 / 225 / 45 / 38 / 33
Whale Island - Cave Depths
Glue (1, 15%), Solid Point (2, 15%), Thin Stick (1, 10%)
-----Peck (collect Egg)
5 / 497 / 160 / 176 / 188
59 / 975 / 200 / 233 / 193
Snow Ruins B3F
*** What?!? No drop list?! Preposterous! If anyone obtains a drop from
this bad boy, feel free to post what it is... ***
-----Samurai (Mowing)
7 / 745 / 265 / 239 / 288
90 / 1440 / 326 / 318 / 293
Whale Island - Tower of Plenty Garden
Insect Jaw (10, 15%), Fair Hide (10, 15%), Glittering Edge (10, 10%)
-----Scorpion (Mowing)
5 / 186 / 74 / 96 / 83
26 / 386 / 98 / 125 / 88
Whale Island - Flank, Lava Ruins B3F
Toxin (2, 10%), Solid Point (2, 10%), Insect Hide (8, 10%),
Sharp Talon (4, 10%)
-----Sealy (Watering)
6 / 393 / 126 / 138 / 147
46 / 780 / 160 / 182 / 152
Whale Island - Drain
Wet Scale (7, 15%), Sharp Fang (6, 10%), Fish Fossil (10, 10%),
Water Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Shadow Panther (Crop Harvest)
6 / 333 / 147 / 147 / 172
49 / 660 / 186 / 194 / 177
Snow Ruins B1F and B2F
Fair Hide (1, 10%), Magic Talon (3, 10%), Sharp Fang (6, 10%),
Sharp Talon (10, 10%)
-----Silver Wolf (Mount)
5 / 152 / 59 / 57 / 57

18 / 324 / 66 / 58 / 47
Whale Island - Fin
Monster Hide (1, 10%), Sharp Fang (1, 15%), Sharp Talon (4, 15%)
-----Sky Fish (Watering)
5 / 249 / 79 / 86 / 89
28 / 510 / 104 / 112 / 94
Whale Island - Flank
Wet Scale (4, 15%), Fish Fossil (1, 10%), Sharp Fang (1, 10%),
Water Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Slime (Rock Clearing)
4 / 62 / 17 / 14 / 12
4 / 165 / 30 / 16 / 17
Whale Island - Cave Depths
Teardrop (2, 18%), Toxin (2, 10%), Scrap Iron (1, 6%), White Grass (1, 1%),
Black Grass (1, 1%), Fire Crystal (1, 1%), Water Crystal (1, 1%),
Wind Crystal (1, 1%), Earth Crystal (1, 1%)
*** Another long list that has a mere 40% chance to get any one of the
listed items. ***
-----Soul (Woodcutting)
8 / 713 / 230 / 228 / 302
86 / 1380 / 284 / 304 / 308
Snow Ruins B5F and B6F
Wind Crystal (1, 5%), Magic Crystal (3, 5%), Magic Powder (10, 30%)
-----Spring (collect Seeds)
4 / 49 / 14 / 12 / 10
3 / 135 / 27 / 13 / 16
Green Ruins B1F and B2F
Root (2, 20%), Magic Powder (2, 20%)
-----Summer (collect Seeds)
5 / 297 / 95 / 93 / 119
34 / 600 / 123 / 122 / 125
Lava Ruins B3F and B4F
Root (6, 20%), Magic Powder (6, 20%)
-----Tortas (Watering)
6 / 442 / 83 / 194 / 82
43 / 882 / 105 / 256 / 85
Whale Island - Drain
Teardrop (6, 15%), Sharp Fang (6, 10%), Turtle Shell (10, 10%),
Water Crystal (1, 5%)
*** This is the only enemy that drops the Turtle Shell! It is a 10% drop,
so farm a few! ***
-----Tricky Muck (collect Grass/Jewel)
7 / 793 / 209 / 257 / 278
87 / 1534 / 258 / 342 / 283
Whale Island - Tower of Rebirth Garden, Snow Ruins B6F
Mushroom (1, 20%), Root (10, 10%), Magic Powder (10, 10%)
-----Unico (Mount)
9 / 441 / 113 / 155 / 199
52 / 870 / 123 / 185 / 185
Whale Island Drain, Snow Ruins B3F
Fair Hide (4, 10%), Teardrop (6, 10%), Bird Feather (7, 10%),
Hard Horn (10, 10%)
-----Weagle (Woodcutting)
5 / 296 / 116 / 115 / 121
38 / 594 / 149 / 151 / 126
Lava Ruins B5F
Bird Feather (7, 25%), Sharp Talon (4, 10%), Wind Crystal (1, 5%)
-----Wooly (collect Wool)
4 / 129 / 36 / 46 / 41
13 / 285 / 52 / 59 / 46
Whale Island - Fin, Green Ruins B2F
Monster Hide (1, 20%), Teardrop (2, 10%), Hard Horn (2, 10%)
Xx~~Bestiary list provided and made by MasterPingu1~~xX
If you're at this section, you're most likely in need of help with your Runey
population (or whatever is still alive...). Never fear, however, as flip of
the coin has allowed me to type up a Runey Control section for the FAQ. I'll
post each method separately in a form that's as organized as I can make it.
I'll also be giving credit to the people on the game board that they're from,
as I have a big OCD about that kind of thing.
<~-[Boldrin's "Forget the Runeys" Method]-~>
Description: In essence, this method lets you simply relax and not care too
much about Runeys for most of the days in a Season. Ever since
I've tried and tested this method, I can safely say that it is
simple and extremely effective.
Directions (Steps):

Step 1: Plant Fodder on your farm. Boldrin recommends around 12 patches, but
having more than that is perfectly fine. Just not too much...
Step 2: Let those grass patches stay there up until Fall 30. That way, each
patch can produce one Runey per day. This gives you a decent stock of
Runeys that you can use at your whim.
Step 3: Drop 1-4 Runeys of each area's "type" of Runey (checkable on the
Runey map) in each area on the first of each season.
Step 4: On the 11th, 16th, 20th, and 25th, drop 8-10 of each area's "type"
again into every area that isn't the Homestead.
Step 5: One the 20th, gather up all of the extra Runeys that spawn, as those
can screw up your Runey count
Step 6: On the 30th, check if there's at least 1-4 Runeys left in each area.
If not, return to Step 3. If they are, return to Step 4.
Directions (Write-Up):
"The first portion of this guide is the easiest, most low maintenance part of
the guide. In your homestead plant LOTS AND LOTS of Fodder, and leave it
there. Grow it out until it is full grass, and don't cut it. It'll stay there
for all 3 seasons of the year that you can grow stuff in your field, and
each patch will generate 1 runey a day. (12 Patches will average 3 runeys
of each type a day). It is also the second cheapest seed you can purchase,
making it not a hassle of affordability as well.
So how much do I recommend? I actually recommend a whopping 12 patches of
Fodder, since that should actually generate all the runeys you should
deteriorate in a year even excluding the other bonuses. How much could you
get by on? Probably 6 or 7, but why make it hard on yourself?
With the exclusion of the homestead, write down every area's "affinity"
(i.e. Beach is Water, Public Square is Rock). You find this on the Runey Map.
The desired distribution is simply 8-10 of that area's specific runey
matching affinity. Meaning release 8-10 water at Beach, release 8-10 at the
Mountains, etc. Since the area is aligned with the single Runey Type you are
leaving there, they should deteriorate at an incredibly slow rate.
Through-out the month, replenish every area to 8-10 of its aligned runey
type. I advise days 11, 16, 20, 25. On Day 30 of a Season simply make sure
you have between 1-4 runeys of the respective Runy Type in the area, as they
will generate 7 free Runeys by the 7th.
In addition, on the 20th of each month, go to the clock tower and find the 40
(2 areas will get a boost of 20 Runeys) "generated runeys". Go suck them up
and store them away as back-up. Leaving them where they generate can
sometimes be a mess, so I wouldn't advise it"
~Boldrin's posts on the board
Note: This isn't everything that Boldrin posted. This is only the essentials
that you'll most likely need. Everything else is optional or data that
isn't completely necessary.
<~-[Kantanoso's 100% Hassle-Free method!]-~>
Description: This method makes things even more simpler than Boldrin's method.
In fact, it makes things disturbingly simple... I haven't
personally tried this method as it seems a bit dry, but I still
can't prove that it won't work either.
Directions (Steps):
Step 1: "On the last day of the month, take a few runeys from your homestead,
which should be prosperous. So in this case, on the 30th of Winter,
dump excess Homestead runeys (Don't drop below 50/50/50/50, that's a
good number to stay above) and distribute 1/1/1/1 into each area."
Step 2: "Keep in mind that for the next 7 days, these runeys will only grow,
until you have 8/8/8/8 in each area. Do NOT touch them. Leave them
as is. During the first two weeks, farm your little heart out! You'll
get a (albeit minor) one area prosperity bonus withoiut any work.
When your crops begin to grow more slowly, it means you have dead
areas. You can certainly continue farming, or you can dedicate the
rest of your month to crafting and dungeon crawling. "
Step 3: "On the 20th, 20 of two random runey types will spawn in 2 random
areas. Don't touch them. That will keep that area alive until the end
of the month, with 0/0/0/4, or 0/4/0/0, or whatnot. This will also
help that area stay alive a little bit longer, come Summer.
Step 4: "On Spring 30th, repeat the 1/1/1/1 into each area. If an area still
has 4 left from the 20th, put 1 into that runey anyways (For example,
a 0/0/4/0 area should look like 1/1/5/1 when you're done) and repeat"
~Kantanoso's posts on the board

1: Q) How do I get my town into prosperity?
A) There are several ways to do this. My personal favorite is to just
grow fodder everywhere one your field and leave it alone when it's
fully grown. Use the generated Runeys to bring other areas into
prosperity, other than Road to the Beach and Southern District. Turn
both of those or one of those areas (preferable Road to the Beach) into
a grass Runey farm.
2: Q) What is this "Grass Runey Farm"?
A) It's an area that produces 20 Grass Runeys every day. Set the area up
with this set up:
Take out 20 Grass Runeys every day, and plug in Water and Rock Runeys as
3: Q) Where do I obtain *insert tool name here*?
A) Here's a complete list of all the tools and who gives you them:
Watering Can->Mist
Pet Glove---->Kross
Fishing Pole->Cinnamon
4: Q) The Green Ruins is beating me down!
A) Be sure you're wearing equipment. My fatal mistake in my first few runs
in that dungeon was only wearing a weapon and no armor. Even the basic
armor will help you out here.
5: Q) The Lava Ruins is burning me up!
A) Most of the monsters there are weak to ice. Most of them also have fire
attacks backing them up. Target their weakness and cover up your fire
weakness. If you're REALYL having trouble, synthesize a Steel Sickle.
It's special attack will cut through most of the enemies in the dungeon
with ease.
6: Q) The Snow Ruins is stopping me cold in my tracks!
A) The monsters there are pretty susceptible to fire-based attacks. There's
also a pretty popular set going around that has the ability to reduce
all damage done to you by most of the monsters, if not all, by 1. This
is the layout:
Icifier + Shine Blade
Fluffy Hat
Dew Pendant
Wind Cape
The Icifier and Shine Blade combo will take out most of the harder
enemies. Have the Icifier paralyze an enemy, and then use the Shine
Blade to cut them down to bits.
7: Q) Your puns suck.
A) That's not a question... But I know. :(
8: Q) Why does Raguna's voice sound familiar?
A) Raguna's VA is Johnny Yong Bosh. You might know him from such things as:
-Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Ratatosk Emil)
-Tales of the Abyss (Guy)
-Bleach (Ichigo)
9: Q) May I put this FAQ on my site?
A) Unfortunately, due to personal issues, my Walkthrough is staying only on
GameFaqs. CNET affiliates also have permission, such as GameSpot, but
only if credit is also given to me. If you DO put this on your site
without my prior consent, I'll take every legal action available to take
it down. Don't try me.
10: Q) Your FAQ is missing *insert something here*.
A) Well don't just sit there. Send it to me via email. Just check the
Contact Information section.
11: Q) I found your FAQ on an unpermitted site!
A) Send a link to me if you find out. Once you've done that, just sit back
and watch the fun. Well, fun for me that is.
12: Q) Your shortcut for "Copyright Information". Is that referencing...?
A) I herd I leik them.

13: Q) Are you still updating this FAQ/Walkthrough?

A) In short, yes. However, nothing major will come to it other than typos
and other mistakes you (the reader) bring to light.
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XSeed-For importing Rune Factory: Frontier to America
stoney556-For creating the strategy to defeat the Ice Snake
MasterPingu1-For giving me permission to use his Bestiary list
gunarm_dyne-For having such a great name for the Whale Island boss
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