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The secret of the Electron-Positron pair

Ioannis Xydous, born in 1975, is from a small island of Greece. He is an Electronic Engineer (studied at T.E.I LAMIAS, who worked for Symmetron ( and currently works as a Software
Support Engineer in the Service Department of Steris GmbH ( ) company in Switzerland. He
immigrated in 2005 with the aim to have more professional opportunities and has been interested in cutting edge
Physics since childhood. Today after 11 years of intense private work and experimenting in unconventional areas of
Physics on a very limited budget, he has developed, "The secret of the Electron-Positron pair" - A paper in which he
reveals the mechanism of the pair creation, the discovery of the Complete Coulomb Force, Complete Casimir Force,
Strong Nuclear Force, Aether, Unified Field Force and ultimately, the topology of the Universe (Expanding Stellated
Octahedron). A part of this work is inspired by Rhythmodynamics of Dr. Y.N.Ivanov, in particular what is written about
the Aether and its properties (which made possible this work to be completed). Concerning the work of Dr. Y.N.Ivanov,
simply great respect.
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Ioannis Xydous
Electronic Engineer, Greece
Copyright 2011-2012 by Ioannis Xydous. All Rights Reserved

"Our first endeavors are purely instinctive prompting of an imagination vivid and undisciplined. As we grow older
reason asserts itself and we become more and more systematic and designing. But those early impulses, though not
immediately productive, are of the greatest moment and may shape our very destinies. Indeed, I feel now that had I
understood and cultivated instead of suppressing them, I would have added substantial value to my bequest to the
world. But not until I had attained manhood did I realize that I was an inventor."- Nikola Tesla
Download the Paper (v2.0)
"There is only one Force in nature and this is the Electric Force"

Ioannis Xydous

, October 2011

Stationary Aether
Aether Linear Velocity
Quantum Length
Quantum Graininess (Science Daily Link)


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Enjoy the colours of the new Physics!

New acceleration formula

According to Rhythmodynamics, the acceleration is given by the above formula. Ioannis Xydous carried out the
analysis and came to the conclusion that, in the framework of the theory of Rhythmodynamics, this formula is true.
This is a direct proof that Yuri.N.Ivanov's theory is valid, by supporting his own calculations. From this, it follows that
the force of gravity can be defined through the mismatch of frequencies in the material body.

Ioannis Xydous conducted successful experiments, which indicate the possibility of motion in space due to the
influence on the processes inside a material body. He strongly believes that is a promising research area and requires
serious study and funding.
Further information can be found on the Web Site of Yuri.N.Ivanov, where the nature of motion is described in detail as
also the technological implications (Gravity Control) of this discovery.
Expanding Stellated Octahedron

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