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Psionic Talent

Archetype Type
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Sorcerous Origin (Sorcerer)
Your innate magic comes from deep within, from a level of mental focus and psychic
awareness that few ever achieve. You may be a wild talent whose powers emerged as a
child or during a stressful situation. Or you may have spent years mastering the
discipline required to bend the universe to your will. Your spellcasting is often called
psionics and your spells referred to as powers. Some sages even posit that Psionic
Talent is not magical at all, but a totally separate supernatural ability that merely seems
magical to the uninitiated.
Archetype Feature
Psionic Spellcasting
When you cast a sorcerer spell, you may use Intelligence instead of Charisma as
your spellcasting ability.
Your sorcerer spells dont require any verbal or somatic components.
When casting a sorcerer spell with material components, you must use an arcane
focus in place of the material components. However, if the material component
has a gold piece price listed, you must still provide that component. Psionic
arcane foci tend to be made of crystal, glass, or metal, with spiral patterns or
geometric designs.
Psionic Signature
When you cast a sorcerer spell, it produces a psionic signature: a glowing aura of
light; a distinctive sound like a hum, chime or crackling; and possibly other
sensations, such as a whiff of odor, a chill breeze, or a tingling of electricity.
The psionic signature makes it obvious to anyone who can see or hear you that
you are producing a supernatural effect, and observers familiar with psionics
immediately recognize a psionic signature as such. Each signature has
characteristics that are unique to you and to the spell you are casting, and may
be identified with an Intelligence (Arcana) check.
Archetype Feature
Mental Defense
You are proficient in Wisdom saving throws and are resistant to psychic damage.
Archetype Feature
Mental Contact
You can communicate telepathically with any creature you are aware of within
120 feet of you. You can share words, images, sensations, and emotions with the

creature, who can respond in kind. Or the creature can block out your mental
contact if it wishes.
Archetype Feature
Psionic Talent Spells
Add these spells to your spells known at the sorcerer level specified. Psionic
Talent spells dont count against your number of spells known.
If you gain a Psionic Talent spell that doesnt appear on the sorcerer spell list,
that spell counts as a sorcerer spell for you.
1st level: charm person, mage hand, shield
3rd level: detect thoughts, hold person
5th level: clarivoyance, sending
7th level: Otilukes resilient sphere, phantasmal killer
9th level: dominate person, telekinesis
Archetype Feature
Starting at 3rd level, some of your metamagic options are altered.
If you take the careful spell or empowered spell options, you may use your
Intelligence bonus in place of your Charisma bonus to calculate the options
If you take the subtle spell option, using it when you cast a sorcerer spell
suppresses your psionic signature for that casting of the spell.
Archetype Feature
Mental Attack
Starting at 6th level, when you cast a sorcerer spell and use a metamagic option
on it, add your Intelligence bonus to any damage dealt by the spell.
Archetype Feature
Mental Focus
At 14th level, ignore any material component for your sorcerer spells except
those with a gold piece price listed. When casting a sorcerer spell, you may still
elect to use an arcane focus if you wish.
Archetype Feature

Psionic Awakening
At 18th level, you can use your Flexible Casting feature to convert sorcery points
to a spell slot of 6th level or higher, according to the table below. Once you do so,
you may not do so again until you take a long rest.


9 sorcery points
10 sorcery points
11 sorcery points
13 sorcery points

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