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E-Mail:- ~ Mobile: - 7829824857

Seeking an opportunity as a valued member in a organization where I can utilize my achievements, skill
Energy, talent & education to contribute to employers objective, profitability and success with an organization.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) from Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute Of Technology (Rajasthan
Technical University) in Electronics & Communication Engineering with 70% (2012).
Diploma in Electronics Engineering from Government Polytechnic Nainital (UBTE) with 67%
Class 12th (Science with Mathematics) from Uttarakhand Board with 60%
Class 10th (Science) from Uttarakhand Board with 63.33%

Projects Undertaken
Project1- Industrial cum house automation using internet
The basic idea behind the project is to control industrial as well as house equipment like speed control of
motor, Switch control, valve control and providing command to site by message transmission using
microcontroller(AtmelsAT89C51 microcontroller).we used internet as media of communication in order
to overcome the problem of wired and wireless communication.
Designed and construct a circuit using MAX232 IC to provide the interfacing between the computer and
Designed a display with the help of 16*1 LCD display to display the message sent by client and added 5
application i.e. two bulb, message transmission, motor control and PWM signal output to control any
large device.
Project-2 Electricity Drainage System
This project is designed to stop the drainage of electricity. If someone try to put wire on the high tension
line then it indicate to the zonal office with the information containing the number of the pole on which
Wires put.
Designed and construct a printed circuit board and mounted following components IR Sensor, crystal
oscillator with Microcontroller PIC16F73 used for analog to digital conversion.


One month training from DOORDARSHAN at Pithoragarh ,Uttrakhand in 2007

Understood the concept of broadcasting ,telecasting, and different types of Antennas for transmission,
Thorough understanding of OSI and TCP/IP model and its protocols.
Learn and understood the concepts IP address classes in IPv4, VLSM and IP.

Seminars/Extra Curricular Activities

Attended a National Conference Microcontroller & its Application (MICA-10) Organized by
Department of Electronics & Communication in Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology.
Presented Papers in National Conference Six Decade of Electronics Devices (SDED-11) Organized
by Department of Electronics & Communication in Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology.
Runner up in the Talent hunts competition Organized by Danik Bhasker Group.

Computer Proficiency /Technical Skill

Platform: - Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Application Software: - Microsoft Office 03-07.
Languages: - Certificate Course in C. Microprocessor programming languages(8085 and 8086).
Good knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and
software, basic knowledge of JAVA.
Strong mathematical skills.
Strong knowledge of electronics component like transistor, diode, operational amplifier, Transducers.

Personal Profile
Date of Birth:- July 25,1987
Fathers Name: Mr. T. D. Pandeya

Zeal to learn, perform and grow.

Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Committed team player with flexible approach to work.
Hard working, Enthusiastic, Punctual and Honest.

I hereby declare that the above information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility
For the correctness of the above -mentioned particulars.


(Sunil Kumar Pandeya)