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Jacqueline Mahaboob

Figure 1

Laundry is an easy task to complete if you follow a step by step process. Laundry consists of
sorting clothes, using the washing machine and dryer, ironing clothing if necessary, folding the
clothes, and storing them in designated areas.

Necessary Items:

Washing Machine (Figure 2)

Dryer (Figure 3)
Laundry detergent (Figure 4)
Fabric softener sheets/ dryer sheets (Figure 5)
Iron (Figure 6)
Dirty clothes (Figure 7)

Figure 2

Figure 3 Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

*Brands of washing machine, dryers, detergent, and iron do not matter. Any will do the job


Laundry detergent is extremely toxic. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and cuts.
The dryer reaches very high temperatures, be sure not to put any extremities inside the
Use caution when opening and closing washer and dryer doors to ensure extremities do
not get jammed in the doors.

1. Sort clothing into different groups based on categories such as light colors, dark colors,
whites, and delicates.
2. Check pockets for any items that could have been left inside and fasten clothes zippers
and buttons.

3. Measure out laundry detergent into the laundry cap if using liquid detergent like Figure
7A shows. If using powder detergent use the provided container to measure out the
correct amount of detergent depending on the load size as shown in Figure 7B.
Figure 8

Figure 8B

4. Choose best suited wash cycle depending on size, water temperate, and spin speed by
using dials like the ones showed below in Figure 9.
Figure 9

5. When the wash cycle is complete proceed by removing the clothes from the washing machine
and place them in the dryer.

6. Insert a dryer sheet or fabric softener sheet into the dryer along with the clothing to help soften
the clothing and remove statins.

7. Clean out the lint catcher (Figure 10) after each use by opening it up, removing the lint, and
then replacing the lint catcher.
Figure 10

8. Select which drying cycle fits the needs for your clothing best depending on length of time and
type of material by using the dial on the machine like the one shown in Figure 11.
Figure 11

9. Once the clothes are done drying proceed by removing the clothing from the dryer and
separate out the clothing that can be folded from the clothing that needs to be ironed.
10. Plug in the iron and wait for it to heat up. Once the iron is hot proceed by ironing clothing on
a flat surface like an ironing board as shown in Figure 12.
Figure 12

11. After the clothes are ironed, fold (Figure 13) or hang them up along with clothing that was
not ironed. After you are done folding and hanging the clothing on hangers, place them in your
Figure 13
Figure 14
storing areas as
shown in Figure


To prevent fading, turn clothes inside out before putting them in the washer
Wash delicate items separately
Do not overload the washer or dryer to prevent wrinkles
Add a half cup on lemon juice to the washer when washing whites to brighten them
Iron clothes when they are slightly damp
Read the washing suggestion tag on the inside of most clothing to avoid accidentally
ruining clothes
Soak stains as soon as possible for the best chances of them washing out
Add scent boosters to keep clothes smelling better for longer
Use cold water more often to conserve energy and lessen the chance of colors bleeding

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