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In the 2014 - 2015 academic year, all international students will be admitted to the
undergraduate programs on full or partial scholarships (25%, 50% tuition waiver)
based on the relative strength of the students application file.

Academic Achievement Scholarship

If students achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or above at the end of their first
faculty year, they will be automatically entitled to an increase in their scholarship level.
They may qualify for reductions varying between 45% and 100% in their tuition fee.
Shorten your duration of study:
At stanbul ehir University, as common practice in Turkey, all undergraduate
programs are 4 years. However, students may shorten this time by taking courses in
summer school. EHR summer school courses are very popular among our current
international students as unlike many other universities, the scholarships awarded
also cover the summer term.
EHR English proficiency requirement:
All students with insufficient level of English will go through one year of English
Preparatory Program and will need to obtain satisfactory grades in IELTS exam
administered by EHR. Students who submit official test score of IELTS 6 or TOEFL
iBT 79 at the time of enrolment will be able to directly start in their faculties.
Take advantage of common core curriculum:
All undergraduate programs will follow a common core curriculum in the first year
of study which aims to equip the students with interdisciplinary critical thinking in
both social and natural sciences.
Drive your curiosity by doing a Double Major and possibly a Minor:
Upon successful completion of the first year, students will be given the chance
to change their departments if they wish. Double Major and Minor Programs are
also two other options students may benefit from. In the Double Major Program
successful students will be able to follow two undergraduate programs and
receive two diplomas. The objective of this program is to provide students with
the opportunity to graduate with an additional major in another discipline within
the duration of their 4-year program. The Minor Program is offered to successful
undergraduate students who desire to gain knowledge in another field of interest
while pursuing their major studies.
Accommodation opportunity at EHR housing:
All international students may apply for University housing for the 2014 - 2015
academic year. Interested students are recommended to apply early as rooms will
be provided on a first-come first-serve basis. Dormitories are composed of double,
three-persons and quad rooms which are equipped with 24-hour wireless internet
access and phones. Study halls, TV lounges, sport halls, laundries and many other
facilities offer a comfortable atmosphere and living environment for the students.

KADRIYE SLOCUM (United States of America)

Hi! I heard about stanbul ehir University in 2012, when I was
searching universities in Istanbul that provided education in the
field of psychology. At the time, everyone around me was talking
about stanbul ehir University; its highly qualified academic staff
and high scholarship opportunities. Living nearby, I immediately hit
the road to see it for myself. The staff was amazingly welcoming
and helpful. My search had reached its fruition: I wanted to be a student at EHR! I was
thrilled to hear when I was accepted into my field of choice with a partial scholarship. I
am now in my second year at EHR, and I must say that each day at EHR is incredibly
special for me, involving classes with open minded and hardworking teachers, who are
meticulous about teaching in English, one-on-one time with them whenever I am in need
and the ability to study in very well-equipped libraries and study halls Truly, there is no
excuse not to succeed, and as you succeed EHR will always come behind you, too. I can
say this for a fact, for through hard-work I eventually qualified for the Academic Achievement Scholarship and my scholarship increased to 100%. All in all, just as I express to
my siblings who are joining EHR in their fields of choice, I can also say to you: If you
are a yes to learning, a yes to growing, and a yes to aiming to be productive person in
society, then without doubt you also have to be a Yes! to stanbul ehir University!


First of all the international atmosphere of stanbul ehir University has affected me in a positive way. I have the opportunity
to meet people all across the world. Due to stanbul being in
both the European and Asian peninsula it has various cultures
and ways of thinking, I bet coming to this university was one of
the best choices I made. This school motivates me, has a warm
atmosphere, and a fun environment to study. EHR has become like my second family!

LUCAS ULOR (Nigeria)

I am a student from the department of History. I heard about
stanbul ehir University from my friend Samuel Agba. I decided
to study in Turkey and stanbul ehir University was my choice.
EHR has a warm environment for studies and learning, great
and dedicated professors and lecturers from different parts of
the world which includes the USA, UK, Spain, Turkey etc. The
classrooms are wonderfully constructed. I recommend to even my brother, absolutely
anyone to come and study in stanbul ehir University, because i have seen what will
make me a better person in my future career and life.


In my childhood, I dreamed of an institution where I can shine
without any boundaries. Years later when I stepped on the soil of
Istanbul, I sensed that my dream has turned into reality. I found
myself at a place where freedom of choice and satisfaction
were guaranteed. I ran into EHR by accident, but I admit that it
was the best thing happened to me. It had given me skills that I
lacked before, blessed me with self confidence and showed me a path to a bright future.
Life here is something else than eat, sleep and read. It is the home of several social,
cultural and recreational activities. It is a place where I am one of International Family
and part of Students Union. Here, I live with a Turk, taught by an Indian, sit with an
American, eat with a Chinese, argue with a Bosnian, joke with a Yemeni, work with a
Syrian, play with a Nigerian and shop with a Somalian. I am with the people who never
turn their backs and have potential to be leaders of tomorrow. I am not only benefiting
from my books and teachers but also earning the knowledge coming from all corners of
the world via these friends. I love EHR because it satisfies my thirst of knowledge and
makes my dreams come true. I recommend it because conventionalism is rejected while
innovation is encouraged here. I invite you to come here as life here is marvellous, and
vast experience in terms of culture, communication and understanding, is waiting for you.


Here I meet with extraordinary people who always encouraged
me to move forward, so I really feel the positive atmosphere at
the University. Since childhood, I have always dreamed of being
in an international environment, to make friends with other
nationalities and be able to exchange knowledge about culture
of respective country. Now I get it at stanbul ehir University!
Students have an opportunity to meet with professional lecturers, not only from Turkey,
but also lecturers from the best universities over the world. Having the opportunity to
study with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds has given me
the opportunity to learn from a global point of view.


Coming to stanbul was definitely one of the best decisions of

my life its mixture of cultures, religions and personalities would
captivate anybody. stanbul ehir University is a young but a
very fast-growing university, with many opportunities starting
from studying in a very international atmosphere to taking part
in different conferences. One of the best things here is the faculty all of the professors have gained their experience at the well-known universitites
abroad. The atmosphere here is very welcoming and everybody is extremely helpful. In
the city where everybody can find something for them stanbul ehir University is definitely a best choice to make towards your future.


Among all the cities of the world, only Istanbul lies on the
borders of the two great continents. Thats where it continues to
play its historical role as a meeting point and stanbul ehir University, a miniature of the big old city of Istanbul, where people
and ideas from every origin interact. Current EHR is a nucleus
of a very big project, one that gets bigger and more effective by
time, until it became clear what an important role it will play in reforming the current
intellectual and political map of the region, and its quite rare for a person to feel that
he is a part of such great project just by doing his daily routine of studying, reading
and researching. Thats why I chose EHR.

in English

Over 400
International Students
from more than
60 Different Countries

English as medium of instruction
(English Preparatory Program with 50%
international instructors)

stanbul ehir University (EHR) is a non-profit, state-recognized

higher education institution established by the Foundation for
Sciences and Arts (Bilim ve Sanat Vakf / BSV) in 2008. Its founder
BSV is a renowned NGO functioning for more than 25 years in the
field of social sciences, organizing many international and national
academic activities and free seminars in related areas.
The University with its 6 faculties, 3 graduate schools and research
centers has already acquired 2120 undergraduate and 484
graduate students in Altunizade campuses.

Common interdisciplinary core curriculum for all

undergraduate first year students
A dynamic and hip campus environment where there is
an active, socially conscious and academically
savvy student body
Smart classrooms and high-tech campuses where all
students are given free laptops
One on one student interactions with faculty
and academic advisors
Departmental change option upon successful
completion of the first year

Over 400 international students from more than 60 different

countries comprising 20% of total student numbers

Enrollment possibilities in double major and

minor programs

EHR ranks among the top three universities in Turkey in

social science programs preferred by scholarship students
according to Turkish national exam results

Encouragement for student participation

in research projects of faculty members

Highly qualified and internationally experienced teaching

staff active in research
EHR has been one of the two foundation universities in
Turkey which have won the 10 Year TBTAK (Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey) support
Full or partial scholarships for all international students

Student exchange programs in partner universities and

placement (internship) opportunities abroad
International student support services
provided by EHR
Free health insurance for all international
undergraduate students

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science and International Relations
Turkish Language and Literature
School of Management and Administrative Sciences
International Trade and Management
College of Communications
Cinema and Television
College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
School of Law


International Undergraduate Student
Rolling Admission Dates: March 1 - August 8, 2014

Prospective international undergraduate students are recommended to apply early
in order to benefit most from EHRs limited program quotas. EHR operates on
the basis of Rolling Admissions. Applications are evaluated by EHR Admissions
Committee regularly and results are sent via e-mail to the applicants.

For Undergraduate International Student

Online Application Form, please visit:
All applications are received electronically. Application fee is automatically waived for
international students.

School of Islamic Studies

Correspondence address:


stanbul ehir University, South Campus, International Relations Office

Kubak Caddesi No: 2 34662 Altunizade skdar stanbul Turkey

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

MA in Cultural Studies
MA in History
MA in Sociology
MA in Political Science and International Relations
MA in Modern Turkish Studies
MA in Public Law (in Turkish)
MA in Private Law (in Turkish)
PHD in History

We are at your service to answer your questions and walk you through the application process.

Graduate School of Business

Executive MBA Program (in Turkish)
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
MSc in Industrial and Systems Engineering
MSc in Electronics and Computer Engineering
MSc in Information Security Engineering (in Turkish)

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stanbul ehir University does not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals
on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, language and religion.