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One Day ZeNLP based Stress Management workshop at

ZeNLP =Zen+ Neuro Linguistic Programming
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Investment: Rs. 900/- per participant
(inclusive of ZeNLP vegan lunch and access to our website (for 1 year) to download training material and
music for ZeNLP meditation
What is ZeNLP?
ZeNLP is a combination of Zen+NLP. The word Zen evolved from "zhan" in
Japanese which Chinese monks carried to Japan. "Dhyan" or "Meditation"
which is based on the sixth chapter of "Bhagavad Geeta", was mispronounced
by Chinese monks as "chan" which meant meditation. Thus Zen means
meditation, and ZeNLP is a combination of Meditation with Neurolinguistic
Programming. ZeNLP is a school of psychological thought which believes that
meditation can multiply mind power manifold to reach goals in life.
Who will benefit?
Students, Home-makers, managers,call centre executives, entrepreuners and
trainers will benefit most by attending our one day ZeNLP workshop Shanti
The Contents:
This international level training programme is cutomised to HIT the soft spots
in your Training Calendar. It seeks to give top achievers the EXTRA edge they
need for quick success. This ZeNLP workshop works on hardwiring your
communication skills and generating RESULTS. Vibrant talks will be peppered
with LCD presentations, live action simulation exercises, role playing and
interactive games.

The Objectives:
The objective of this workshop is to upgrade the conceptual skills, analytical
abilities and strategising skills of participants with a focus on multiplying their
mind power manifold to manage stress effectively.
What workshop participants will receive:
Various meditation techniques including binaural beat meditation, tribal
meditation and ZeNLP meditation will be demonstrated at this workshop.
Participants will receive one years access to our website to
download training material, meditation and binaural music.
The Duration:
This ZeNLP workshop will last for a duration of one day. The workshop will
start at 9:00 a.m. sharp and continue till 6:00 p.m.
The Diet:
Participants will be served special herbal infusion and Vegan diet also known
as High Power Diet throughout the duration of the workshop.
About the trainer:
Murli Menon, President, phenoMenon consultants inc, is the bestselling author
of "ZeNLP-the power to succeed" (Sage Publications'2004) and "ZeNLP-the
power to relax" (New Dawn Press'2005)
Murli Menon is a many faceted personality. He is a professional consultant, a
trainer, a biochemist, a linguistic expert, a poet, a story writer and much much
more. What is amazing is that he has excelled in all these fields and has been
recognised nationally and internationally. Murli has had an exceptional
academic career which spans from graduation in biochemistry to MBA in
Marketing to presently pursuing advanced research on the effects on ZeNLP
Meditation on the unconscious mind. Murli is the recepient of several
international awards and is listed in "International Who's Who of Intellectuals"
by International Biographical Institute, Cambridge. Murli is also the only Asian
to become a certified member of "We Care" Coalition of U.S.A.

To register please call Peherneesh on 9909953346 or email