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Activity 2 (page 84)
Cecilio Kwok Pedro and Alfredo Yao:
The Toothpaste and Fruit Drink Moguls

What do you think are the philosophy in life of Cecilio Kwok Pedro and Alfredo
Cecilio Kwok Pedro, the founder of the Hapee toothpaste, has one of the unique
from-rags-to-riches stories in the Philippine business arena. His Aluminum Container
Inc., which was manufacturing aluminum tubes for two multinational toothpaste
manufacturers, Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever and which he nurtured from 1977, was
on a stable state not until an unexpected shift from aluminum to plastic tubes of his
customers. He was then forced to close down the said company, leaving the many
years of his hard work into nothing. But, he did knew that opportunities would always
open up no matter what and said, Giving up was not an option. And then he proved
that God helps those who help themselves. He thereupon found Hapee and the rest is
history. He exhibits a number of values that he himself had learned and developed from
his family and experiences. He has a strong focus on things that would aid him towards
his goals. He has a lot of that determination power and humility. And his mindful of his
responsibilities for those less fortunate ones and for God. These virtues he possessed
made him face the world with the positive way of thinking that with determination, with
change, with sacrifice, with hope and with the hand of God, everything will pay off and
be rewarded.
Alfredo Yao, on the other hand, is another business magnate who was quoted to
say that Hard work, perseverance and foresight, plus having the right people working
with me to develop and sustain the business are key elements to my success. He
started struggling at the age of 12, doing odd jobs. But, he had already an eye for good
investments and possessed great potentials to be one of the major players in the
business industry. He firmly stand on his idea of starting a juice manufacturing business
when no one believed and had interest on it, and again the rest is history. Both the
famous Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs display that sense of integrity towards the ideals
that they think would help them achieve one common goal, success. Both are wellformed risk takers and opportunity grabbers. The ideals of hard work, determination,
prudence, humility, innovation, optimism and social responsibility are the roots of the

philosophy in life that make these two man one of Philippines top business leaders and
How did they apply their philosophy in business?
Application of those philosophies were evident on both Lamoiyan Corporation
and Zest-O Company. From the naming of the brand Hapee itself, was a way of
spreading optimism and happiness. The choice of Hapee as brand name was deemed
by marketing observers as a stroke of genius due to its easy and positive brand recall
in the Philippines and eventually in several foreign markets as well (The Philippine Star,
2013). Lamoiyan Corporations corporate philosophy which is to make a difference for
the glory of God fuels the whole organization to continue surviving and competing with
the best of the best in the world. And Lamoiyan Corp., core values stem from the ideals
of S-P-I-R-I-T, social responsibility, pursuit of excellence, integrity, respect for individuals
and teamwork. Zest-O Company, moreover, states in their Mission that ..for us is the
means by which we can effectively participate in the social and economic development
of the communities we serve, promote professional growth and well-being of our
employees, maintain mutually profitable relationship with our trade partners and achieve
growth level equal to or better than the norms of the food industry.
Corporate social responsibility projects best shows the values that two leaders do
have. Lamoiyan Corporation was honored for having the Most Outstanding Program for
Equal Employment Opportunity by providing work opportunities to the countrys
hearing-impaired community members. Dr. Pedro founded and chaired D.E.A.F. which
stands for Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation, where about 180 deaf-mute students
have received a free college education. He also supports an NGO Kaisa Para sa
Kaunlaran which helps produce a television show for children. Alfredo Yao had also
created various scholarship foundations for deserving young people and had supported
social and civic institutions such as Mother Earth, Maraming Bayani (Many Heroes)
Foundation, Gawad Kalinga (Gift of Care), Operations Smile, among many others. Both,
Pedro and Yao, were keen to choose talented and productive people that could practice
the sense of hard work and perseverance into their jobs in order for them to produce
quality work and then satisfy their network of customers. While, they, themselves,
practice the spirit of humility that their employees and the society expect and need.