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The Maple Lake

Volume 120, Number 39 Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Maple Lake, MN 55358

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Charitable riding is own reward

Legion Riders comes to Maple Lake

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Legion Rider members - Front: Casey Huro, Chris Johnson, Richie Johnson, Mike Huro,
Carla Huro, Measgan Boe and Sarah Curts. Back: Greg Broker, Rick Johnson, Daryl Rossberg, Bob Wold, Kevin Gist, Angela Stuhr, Marty Juhl and Andy Curts. (Photo submitted)

* Maple Lake Boat

Parade is July 4
* Christopher Schneider
Annual Bass Tourney
is July 18

Blair Stewig to
compete for
Queen of the
Lakes crown

The winning photo

Front: Legion Rider Board members - Champlin, Meagan Boe; Assistant Director, Daryl
Rossberg; Secretary, Casey Huro; Treasurer, Carla Huro; Road Captain, Bob Wold; Director, Mike Huro; Sergeant of Arms, Richie Johnson; and Historian, Chris Johnson.
Back: Legion Board members - Color Guard, Mike Hankee; Treasurer, Tom Mooney; Com(Photo submitted)
mander, Curt Maxson; and Vice Commander, Gary Jude.
By Brenda Erdahl

Next month Miss Maple Lake

Ambassador Blair Stewig will
travel to Minneapolis to participate in the Minneapolis Aquatennial Candidate Program and
pageant. Stewig will spend some
busy days capped by the 76th Anniversary Queen of the Lakes
coronation at 4 p.m. on Saturday,
July 25th, at the Ted Mann Concert Hall on the University of
Minnesota campus.
During her stay in Minneapolis some of the activities that she
will experience include private
parties, a ride in the Aquatennial
Torchlight Parade, boat rides, private viewing of the legendary
Target fireworks and Meet the
Candidates scheduled from
noon until 2 p.m. on Wednesday,
July 22, at City Center. Candidates will also participate in several judged interviews. The
judging panel bases their ambassador selection in several areas,
including poise, communication
skills, accomplishments and personality. She looks forward to
representing Maple Lake and
meeting new people during her
stay in Minneapolis.
Stewig attends Augsburg College and plans to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Her
volunteer activities include mission trips and helping out at the
Health Commons and the campus kitchen at Augsburg. She enjoys running, paddle boarding,
and snowmobiling. She plays a
DIII sport, writes for the school
newspaper, and is an honor student.
It's been a fun-filled year for
the daughter of Mike and Marj
Stewig. Her favorite part of her
experience as Miss Maple Lake
Ambassador has been the opportunity to make new friends while
traveling to other communities
and all of the new learning experiences. She was selected as a
2015 Miss Maple Lake Ambassador in 2014. Her year as Miss
Maple Lake Ambassador will
come to a close as she participates in the Minneapolis
Aquatennial celebration and
competes for the title and crown.

A lot of people want to make

money, but not a lot of people
want to give it away.
For Maple Lakes newest
charity, The Legion Riders,
thats exactly what they want to
Our philosophies are to
make money, have fun and give
it away, said Daryl Rossberg,
vice director of the group of motorcycle enthusiasts who ride to
raise money for causes.
We help people with benefits or if they are struggling with
a sudden tragedy. They come to
our meeting looking for help,
and we do what we can. A lot of
good things will be going on

here, Rossberg said.

The Legion Riders is made
up of a core group of people, all
of whom have either served their
country in the military or have
had close relatives in the military. Members must be a member of the American Legion,
whether that is with the Legion
Auxiliary, the Sons of the American Legion, or as a Legionnaire.
So far the new group has 15
riders, including six or seven
who newly joined one of the Legion groups to be eligible, director Mike Huro said.
Although the core group has
to be involved with the American Legion, anyone can show up
on ride day and ride.
All they need is a motorcycle

and a willingness to support

whatever cause they are riding
for that day, Rossberg said.
According to Huro and Rossberg, there are Legion Rider
groups all over the world. The
nearest is based out of the Clearwater American Legion where
Rossberg and Huro got their
The Maple Lake American
Legion had expressed an interest
in acquiring a rider group a couple years ago, but nobody
stepped forward to take charge
and get it going, Rossberg said.
Thats where he and Huro come

Legion Riders
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Wright County Fair announces

2015 entertainment lineup

Todd Armstrong Midway will bring a completely new and exciting carnival to the 2015
Wright County Fair.
(Photo from the Messenger 2014 archives)
The Wright County Fair has a
lot of new entertainment options
available this year to go with the
many traditional events that
make the Wright County Fair the
highlight of the summer for
many people. Make plans now
to attend the fair which runs
from Wednesday, July 29, to
Sunday, August 2, at the Wright
County Fairgrounds located in
Howard Lake.
Thursday night, July 30, will
feature bull riding for the first
time at the Wright County Fair.
You do not want to miss the action as top bull riders in the U.S.

come to compete for prize

money in this sanctioned event.
This is a professional presentation from Rice Bull Riding, featuring
professional riders, a seasoned
announcer, music, rodeo clowns
and new equipment. Rice Bull
Riding also will present a special
event for kids in attendance who
would like to participate.
Following the bull riding,
there will be a free concert in the
Grandstand infield area featuring Lost Highway. Lost Highway is one of the top country
bands in the Midwest. They

have opened for Hank Williams

Jr., Clay Walker and Josh
Thompson. Lost Highway is
also enjoying air-play of some of
their original songs on country
radio stations all across the region. All ages are welcome to
this free concert. There will be
beer served for those who are 21
or over at this concert.
Thursday night at the Wright
County Fair is going to be the
place to be for some great country fun.

Wright County Fair

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Mackenzie Miller has won the annual Maple Lake Area

Community Guide photo contest with the above photo of a
flower in her yard. She will receive her choice of either $100
in Business Bucks or four Renaissance Festival tickets for
submitting the winning photo. See page 12 for the secondand third-place photos. These photos will appear in the
2015-16 Maple Lake Area Community Guide, which is due
out at the end of July. All other entries will be featured in
the Schoolseum display at Maple Lake High School.

City considers solar

By Katie Friedman

Information on a money-saving solar rewards program has

piqued the interest of Maple
Lake City Council members,
who gave a green light Tuesday,
June 16, to the generation of a
custom proposal by energy developer SunShare.
Council members heard a
presentation by Justin Margolies
on Xcel Energys Solar Rewards
Community Program, which allows any customer to subscribe
to centralized solar projects
known as gardens whose
output is sold at above-market
rates to Xcel, in the interest of
offsetting all or part of that customers monthly bills.
State legislation passed in
2013 allows electricity consumers to benefit from off-site
solar energy, regardless of their
roofs suitability, or even of
home ownership. Xcels Solar
Rewards Community Program
allows customers to earn rebates
on their electricity bills and to
shelter against rate increases by
subscribing to panels in nearby
solar gardens.
Unlike traditional solar models, Margolies said, a SunShare
subscribers savings begin immediately. Customers pay a subscription fee to SunShare that is
designed to be lower than the
rate formerly paid on electric
bills. Any Xcel customer in Minnesota including residents,
businesses, organizations and institutions can subscribe to community solar and offset up to 120
percent of their energy costs.
While several other cooperative
utilities also offer solar gardens,
Margolies said only Xcels program allows independent energy
developers like SunShare to develop solar projects, market them
to Xcel customers and sell the
power to Xcel at rates exceeding
the retail price of electricity.
Ostensibly, a citys share of a
solar garden will generate more
power than the city needs for its
municipal uses. That extra solar
power goes onto the grid, offsetting electricity drawn at other
times from Xcel energy, which

remains the citys power supplier. Businesses and residents of

the city wont receive any of the
solar power or the savings directly, but have the option of
signing up for solar garden subscriptions themselves, and as
taxpayers, will share the collected benefits from any savings
the program generates for the
This program is designed to
help Xcel meet its requirement of
1.5 percent solar by 2020 and
goal of 10 percent solar by 2030.
SunShare, the third-largest
solar engineering, procurement
and construction company in the
country, developed the nations
first competitive community
solar program in Colorado, and
won 100 percent of Xcels 2013
requests for proposals in that
state. The company has an office
with locally-hired staff in Minneapolis, and has partnered with
Mortensen Construction for engineering, procurement and construction in Minnesota.
City staff members were directed to compile a summary of
the total kilowatt usage from all
of the citys buildings over the
past year, from which SunShare
will generate a custom proposal
that will project the citys savings over a 25-year lock-in period. Once the proposal is
received, should the council vote
to proceed with the subscription,
SunShare would request a nonbinding letter of intent to reserve
a spot for Maple Lake in a customer queue, and allow SunShares legal resources to begin
a contract process.
In other business, the council:
Received a report on a potential future industrial parks
feasibility study by City Engineer Phil Gravel. Last year the
city identified a specific property, consisting of two parcels, as
having the potential for industrial
development. The property, approximately 57 acres in size, is
located north of an existing industrial park, between County
Roads 7 and 8.

City Council
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 2

June 24, 2015

by Harold Brutlag
Monday mornings rain means another workout for the lawn
mowers by midweek if not sooner. This is the time of year when the
countryside blossoms out in various shades of green presenting an
appetizing view for those who enjoy Minnesotas highways and biways. On Friday our first stop was in Sauk Centre at a truck stop
just south of the freeway where we, George Palmer, Vanna and I,
loaded up on their breakfast specials. I had pancakes which I shared
with my English Setter. They were huge and tasty. Then George
Palmer and I headed for Ottertail County to try our hands at fly fishing for panfish. We stayed on the freeway until the Brandon exit and
then headed north toward Millerville. We noticed a lot of road-kill
deer along the freeway and suspect the does, for the most part, have
dropped their fawns, and are moving to find food. Most of the potholes had ducks and geese in them as we made our way through the
Leaf Mountain hills and on to the valley that leads to Inspiration
Peak, Minnesotas second highest spot. We gave Devils Lake a look,
but decided the wind would be too tough on our favorite shoreline
and headed toward Clitherall and around the east end of West Battle
Lake, ending up at Molly Stark Lake next to Glendalough State Park.
The shore line along County Road 16 was sheltered from the wind
and we found the sunfish hungry. I had one huge male fish that broke
the water nail my black and yellow Timberwolf. By 1 p.m. the bite
had tapered off and we decided wed better count noses. We had to
do some sorting and between the two of us we were seven short of
our 20-fish limits. We took a break to fillet them and enjoy a sandwich, a beer, and some cookies our wives had sent with us. While
we were filleting another family of anglers showed up with sunnies
they had caught fishing from canoes in Anne Battle Lake. That lake
has a five-fish limit, but we couldnt reach the pencil reeds in our
waders and elected to head back to Molly Stark to see if we could

by Jerry Hoem
St. Lucia, June 2015
Settled by Arawaks between
1000 and 500 BC; conquered by
Caribs in 810 AD; missed by
Columbus in 1492 but found by
other explorers in the 1500s; St.
Lucia's first Europeans showed
up in 1605, only to be eaten.
Viking longboats likely
found the island earlier than
that, of course, but unfortunately, Caribs had no written
language, and the Norsemen
couldn't read anyhow, so the
groups separated in confusion
and misunderstanding. Caribs
probably thought anyone who
had rowed 5,000 miles, and
smelled like it, wouldn't taste

very good.
Sir Bentley Worthingless introduced the island to concrete
in the 1700s. He also furnished
the island with its first yardstick
to measure the concrete steps he
invented. Caribs used the yardstick to stir the pot to cook Sir
Bentley, and the yardstick was
never replaced. Consequently, to
this day, no two steps on the island are the same height.
The Dutch at one time were
attempting to settle the island,
but thought it undesirable because with their wooden shoes
they were unable to negotiate
any of the concrete steps.
British and French forces ex-

by Rep. Marion ONeill
Dear Neighbor,
On Friday, June 12, Governor
Dayton called a special legislative session, allowing the legislature to come back and pass
negotiated omnibus bills relating
to education, jobs and energy,
agriculture and environment,
capital investment and legacy.
While I am disappointed that the
governor chose to veto a number
of bipartisan bills late last month
and force a special legislative
session, I am pleased we were
able to negotiate an agreement
and complete our work. Overall,
our new budget will result in a

The Maple Lake

Maple Lake, MN 55358
Michele Pawlenty, Publisher
Harold Brutlag, Master Printer,
Columnist, Publisher 1968-2000
Kayla Erickson, Projects Manager
Vicki Grimmer, Ad Sales/Marketing
Sam Zuehl, Newspaper Ad Design/Sales
Linda Ordorff, Office/News
Ashley Becker, Student Intern

5.3 percent increase in general

fund spendingthe third lowest
increase in over 50 years.
First, the legislation that
probably received the most attention was the education budget
bill, which was vetoed over the
governor's insistence to fund
universal pre-kindergarten, a
plan that was never vetted in either the House or Senate. In the
end, he dropped that demand
and state leaders agreed to a bill
that increases education funding
by $525 million (it was a $400
million increase in the vetoed
bill), and raises the per pupil

changed control of the island

fourteen times over the years.
One would relinquish the island
in hurricane season. The other
would give it up when they
found the drive-in volcano. New
forces would repeat those
episodes until 1979, when the island became independent, sort
of, from England.
Our trip to the island was for
Grandson's confirmation, and to
prove we could still take all the
abuse airlines and the TSA
could give us. St. Lucia is one of
only a few places where chicken
roti, LLB, and the Pitons are all
available. There is no McDonald's, no Target, no Walmart, and
in our case, no TV. But there is
an absolutely glorious view of
Rodney Bay, including Martinique when the weather is
Daughter and Son-in-law live
in a house rented from friends
who inherited it. It's been vacant

for a couple years and the jungle

is trying to reclaim it. It's for
sale, but buyers have a lot of
trouble finding it, as did we.
The kids have been on island as they say, long enough
to know nearly everyone including Maynard and Riegelberg. At
a recent trip to Spinnaker's we
met a Swede from Trinidad who
married a Venezuelan and
whose daughter married a Bolivian from Mexico; naturally
Daughter knew them. Her
Japanese and Canadian friends
have moved, but the Lucians
who moved to New Zealand
came back and got another sailboat. Those things happen.
You should take a vacation
there. Go to the Pink Plantation
for dinner. Go to one of the allinclusive resorts. Go to the Coal
Pot for lunch if you can find it.
They all cost a fortune, but it's
your money, not mine, so what
do I care?

funding formula by 2 percent in

both 2016 and 2017. This will
give our school districts the flexibility to spend money where
they choose, whether it's hiring
more teachers, reducing class
sizes or funding afterschool programs.
Additionally, this legislation
expands school choice and will
help close the achievement gap
with a significant investment in
early learning initiatives including targeted early learning scholarships, Head Start and school
readiness aid.
In all, our bipartisan education bill increases funding by
$359 per pupil for the Monticello and Maple Lake School
Districts, and $392 for the Buffalo School District.
Next, the legislature repassed the agriculture and environment budget bill, which was

also vetoed by the governor last

month. Important provisions in
that bill include $23 million to
help combat avian flu, reforms
to the Wetland Conservation Act
and significant reforms to the
Minnesota Pollution Control
Agency and DNR.
The jobs and energy bill also
re-passed this session, with very
few changes from the original
bipartisan bill the governor recently vetoed. This legislation
not only saves taxpayers money,
spending $24 million less than
last biennium, but it also includes funding for broadband
grants, workforce housing and
job training grants. It also requires additional legislative review of President Obama's
Clean Power Plan.

Legislative update
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fill out our limits. It again took some sorting with both of us catching rock bass and large mouth bass, but we got the job done and
came home pleased with the outing. . . We convinced Daryl
Hennen to head back there on Sunday (he wasnt hard to convince)
and he and I decided earlier might be better and left at 5:30 a.m. The
breakfasts in Sauk Centre were great again and this time we took a
route from Evansville along Lake Christine which the DNR is bringing back as a canvasback and redhead duck breeding grounds. It
was another attractive drive that took us more directly to Battle Lake
and Molly Stark. We each headed off in different directions along
the shore, Hennen to the spot which had been the best two days earlier. When fly-fishing its surprising what a difference a day can
make and what was hot on Friday wasnt so hot on Sunday. We both
caught a lot of sunnies, but we were more interested in size than limits. I found a deep spot under the branch of a cottonwood tree that
yielded five quality sunfish and one other one that slipped out of my
hand before I could get it in the basket. We tried a couple of other
spots on the lake that had been good in previous years, but that
wasnt the case Sunday. We took a trip to Stalker Lake where the
shoreline alongside the public access was growing wide rice. Our
next stop was at Long Lakes access where the wind was not in our
favor, but two anglers coming off the lake said it was a good lake to
fish. Before heading back to Molly Stark Hennen showed me where
the Tim Risbrudts have a place on Long Lake as well as the Risbrudt
farm out of Ashby which Tim farms . We picked up three more
keepers on Molly Stark ending up with a dismal nine fish for the
day. Hennen was optimistic and commented about catching a lot of
fish, just not many large ones. We each made a mental note that flyfishing there may only be good up to June 15th. Like this area, we
didnt see evidence of a normal spawn, something that has been bugging us since before Memorial Day. . .
Hennen told us the
six of them, Jim and David Goelz, Tim Risbrudt, Rick Benson and
a newcomer, Denny Delzer, Dalton, had great walleye and northern
fishing on their Canada fly-in trip two weeks ago. They had to fight
the wind and rain during part of the six-day run, but the fishing made
up for it. Risbrudt was the envy of the group when he caught a lake
trout. If there was a down-side to the trip, Hennen said it was the
mosquitoes which pestered them even while they were out on the
lake. It took a lot of OFF when the wind wasnt blowing he said.

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To the Editor,
In recent days, the news
media has characterized the special session called by the governor as somewhat ordinary. Its a
fair claim and noteworthy that
we have had 29 special sessions
during the past 40 years, 14 special sessions for the 40 year period prior to 1975 and only
seven special sessions in more
than 75 years since statehood in
Article IV, Sec. 12 of our
state constitution states that A
special session of the legislature
may be called by the governor
on extraordinary occasions.
Merriam-Webster defines extraordinary as 1a: going beyond
what is usual, regular, or customary b: exceptional to a very
marked extent c: of a financial
transaction: nonrecurring. It
would appear that extraordinary
is the operative word in this circumstance and by definition our
special sessions are no longer
Past custom and usage
demonstrates that special sessions were called primarily to
deal with emergencies or situations beyond the control of the
legislature. The year 1862 is
cited for dealing with war, the
1930s with relief caused by the
Great Depression, 1944 with
suffrage for our military during
World War II. Notable during the
last 40 years and 29 special sessions we have dealt with: floods
six times, budget and finance issues 18 times notably, including
education issues, twice about
iron range unemployment benefits, once to finance a baseball
stadium, and once at the request
of Dayton-Hudson Corporation
in an apparent move to have
government protect it from private hostile shareholder action.
Whether Democrat or Repub-

lican, it is clear that the executive branch of state government

is increasingly more willing to
abuse its executive power in a
manner which should be suspect. The governors office has
often been called the bully pulpit. Threatening government
shutdowns, by making demands
from the executive, is acting in a
manner which appears increasingly to be a strategy to legislate
from the executive branch which
is a separation of power reserved
to the legislature.
The governor has failed to
deliver his State of the State addresses during the past two years
until well into the legislative session (April 9 and April 30), after
committee deadlines for bill introductions and only weeks before the end of the regular
session. Building consensus and
laying out his visions, goals or
priorities early are essential to
the legislative process. Casting a
veto to bipartisan legislation because the executive wants did
not survive the legislative
process or legislators sent by the
people to represent them is being
abusive to the process. Try again
next session, like every other
failed initiative. It is wrong for
the executive to threaten shutdown of government for personal initiatives.
In all my years here, this
was, I think, the most bipartisan
session Ive ever seen.
-DFL Sen. Majority Leader
Tom Bakk
Special sessions should be reserved for circumstances of dire
emergency, presumably by situations that become extraordinary and not because a
legislative priority did not survive a bipartisan legislative
Rep. Jerry Hertaus 33A
Greenfield, Minnesota

Ask a
by Sgt. Jesse Grabow
Question: I read your last article on rear license plate lamps
and the display of license plates
and this got me wondering as I
went to renew my registration
the other day. They gave me new
license plates and said they do
this every seven years. Why is
Answer: Good question.
Under Minnesota State Statute
168.12 states, Plates issued for
passenger automobiles must be
issued for a seven-year period.
All plates issued under this paragraph must be replaced if they
are seven years old or older at the
time of registration renewal or
will become so during the registration period.
The replacement is in part due
to the safety reflectorization required for the plate. Its required
that Minnesota license plates be
readable from 110 feet and be
visible from a vehicle equipped

with normal headlights at 1,500

feet. The reflective materials in
the plate sheeting degrade over
time and are warranted for five
years, but seven-year replacements are less interruptive. Minnesotas
environment stresses the plates
sheeting and reflectorization, and
those in rural areas are subjected
to additional strains. The replacement also helps reduce registration tax avoidance.
A portion of state statutes was
used with permission from the
Office of the Revisor of Statutes.
If you have any questions concerning traffic related laws or issues in Minnesota, send your
questions to Trp. Jesse Grabow
Minnesota State Patrol at 1000
Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes,
MN 56501-2205. (You can follow him on Twitter @MSPPIO_NW or reach him at,

Maple Lake Messenger Page 3

June 24, 2015

June 22 Wright County County law enforcement weighs in on lab debate

At the June 16 meeting, Sheriff $377,000 to help fund the Tri- have both been very happy with
Sheriffs report
Joe Hagerty presented a letter to County facility, whereas going the work done in the Tri-County
by John Holler

On June 15, Aaron Charles

Stevens, 55, of Monticello, was
arrested in Monticello on a
Wright County warrant for terroristic threats and a Clay
County warrant for fleeing police in a motor vehicle.
On June 15, Jacob Stephen
Lapage, 34, of Maple Lake, was
arrested in Buffalo on Wright
County warrants for terroristic
threats and 2nd degree burglary.
On June 16, Jerry Duane
Winters, 29, of Monticello, was
arrested in Monticello on Wright
County warrants for 5th degree
controlled substance and 1st degree burglary and a Sherburne
County warrant for 2nd degree
DWI test refusal.
On June 17, Juston Lee
Weeda, 22, of Waverly, was arrested in Buffalo on a Ramsey
County warrant for receiving
stolen property and Hennepin
County warrants for theft and
driving after cancellation inimical to public safety.
On June 17, Daniel Lee
Banyai, 35, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for 5th degree
controlled substance violations.
On June 19, Brian Kenneth
Warn, 50, of Rockford, was arrested in Rockford on the charge
of domestic assault.
On June 19, Nicholas John
Gudmundson, 28, of Winsted,
was arrested in Cokato on the
charges of fugitive from justice,
2nd degree assault and domestic
On June 19, Leon Harold
Gilder, 50, of Delano, was arrested in Delano on a Wright
County warrant for dissemination of pornographic work.
On June 19, Mark Timothy
Curboy, 26, of Buffalo, was arrested in Monticello on a Stearns
County apprehension and detention order for terroristic threats.
On June 19, Dillon Scott
Hagedorn, 21, of Buffalo, was
arrested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for 3rd degree
controlled substance violation.
On June 20, Jesse Lee

Lundquist, 19, of Buffalo, was

arrested in Buffalo on the charge
of terroristic threats.
On June 20, Dustin Hunter
Brown, 19, of Annandale, was
arrested in Annandale on the
charge of theft, criminal damage
to property and trespassing.
On June 20, Douglas Roger
Johnson, 47, of Cokato, was arrested in Cokato on a Wright
County apprehension and detention order for violation of a domestic abuse no contact order.
On June 20, Riley Eugene
McCoy, 21, of Rockford, was arrested in Monticello Township
on a Wright County warrant for
3rd degree criminal damage to
On June 20, Bailee Jean
Shivers, 19, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on the charge
of domestic assault.
On June 21, Jennifer Lynn
Wagner, 30, of Buffalo, was arrested in Rockford on a Wright
County warrant for theft.
On June 21, Cassandra Faye
Janisch, 45, of Annandale, was
arrested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for disorderly
conduct and a Stearns County
warrant for domestic assault.
On June 21, Kathryn
Michelle Lundstrom, 33, of
Rockford, was arrested in Rockford on a Wright County warrant
for domestic assault.
On June 21, Stephanie Larae
Gilberg, 32, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on the charge
of domestic assault.
On June 22, Lucas Allen Zitzloff, 21, of Montrose, was arrested in Buffalo on Wright
County warrant for liquor consumption under 21.
There were 17 property damage accidents, 2 personal injury
accidents, 2 hit and run accidents and 4 car-deer accidents.
There were 2 arrests for
DWI, no underage consumption
arrests, no school bus stop arm
violations and 29 tickets for miscellaneous traffic violations reported this week.

June 15 Wright County

Attorneys report
Lindquist, Kyle Evan, age 29,
of Buffalo, sentenced on
06/17/15 for Probation Violations for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree
to 120 days jail. Sentenced by
Judge Mottl.
Lyrek, Sheree Lee, age 57, of
Delano, sentenced on 06/12/15
for Probation Violations for
Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to 365 days jail. Sentenced by Judge McPherson.
Roberts, Phillip James, age
38, of Montrose, sentenced on
06/12/15 for Misdemeanor Assault in the Fifth Degree to 90
days jail, $100 fine; 75 days
stayed for one year on conditions
of probation, serve 15 days jail,
pay $100 fine plus surcharges,
complete an anger management
program and follow all recommendations, pay restitution, have
no same or similar violations.
Sentenced by Judge McPherson.
Sartain, Clayton Travis, age
30, of Maple Lake, sentenced on
06/17/15 for Probation Violations for Gross Misdemeanor
Second Degree DWI to 90 days
jail. Sentenced by Judge Tenney.
Sperandio, Joni Gale, age 57,
of Buffalo, sentenced on
06/15/15 for Felony Violation of
No Contact Order to a stay of
imposition for five years on conditions of probation, serve 34
days jail, pay $100 fine plus surcharges, provide DNA sample,
have no use or possession of
firearms or dangerous weapons,
complete the Wright County Domestic Abuse Batterers Intervention Program and follow all
recommendations, have no use
or possession of alcohol or nonprescription drugs, submit to
random testing, undergo a chemical dependency evaluation and
follow all recommendations, undergo counseling and follow all
recommendations, remain medically compliant, obtain permis-

sion before leaving the state,

abide by any outstanding order
order/no contact order, have no
same or similar violations. Sentenced for Probation Violations
for Gross Misdemeanor Violation of No Contact Order to 45
days jail. Sentenced by Judge
Westerlund, Bryan Charles,
age 27, of Rockford, sentenced
on 06/17/15 for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the
Third Degree to 60 months
prison, pay $50 fine plus surcharges. Sentenced by Judge
Whipple, Diana Marie, age
40, of Monticello, sentenced on
06/11/15 for Gross Misdemeanor No Insurance to 180
days jail, $50 fine; 140 days
stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 40 days
jail, pay $50 fine plus surcharges, obtain drivers license,
have no same or similar violations. Sentenced for Gross Misdemeanor No Insurance to 180
days jail, $50 fine; 140 days
stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 40 days
jail, concurrent, pay $50 fine
plus surcharges, follow above
conditions. Sentenced by Judge
Zitzloff, Jesse David, age
53, of Montrose, sentenced on
06/15/15 for Felony Theft to a
stay of imposition for five years
on conditions of probation, serve
30 days jail, pay $100 fine plus
surcharges, pay $75 public defender co-payment, pay restitution, provide DNA sample, have
no use or possession of firearms
or dangerous weapons, obtain
permission before leaving the
state, have no use or possession
of alcohol or non-prescription
drugs, submit to random testing,
have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge

For the last month, a Wright

County Board of Commissioners
meeting hasnt taken place where
the topic of discussion hasnt
centered around the debate about
whether Wright County should
remain in the Tri-County Forensics Laboratory or return to having crime scene evidence
processed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. At the June 16
meeting of the board, several
county officials weighed in with
their opinions, asking the board
to remain with the Tri-County
The county board has set the
date of June 23 to get the funding
formula changed or the county
will exercise its 180-day outclause in the joint powers agreement that would allow the county
to leave the cooperative with
Anoka and Sherburne counties.

the board asking that Wright

County remain in the Tri-County
lab a letter that was also signed
by County Attorney Tom Kelly,
and the police chiefs of Annandale, Buffalo and Howard Lake.
I understand that the commissioners want to get changes to
the funding formula and I understand why they want it, Hagerty
said. But, weve been in this
program since 2008 and, now
that we have DNA capability at
the lab, we can get evidence
processed quicker. To me, this is
a public safety issue and the
speed with which we can get evidence processed can help solve
crimes and, in the case of identifying suspects, prevent future
crimes from happening.
The cost remains the sticking
point for Wright County. This
year, Wright County will pay

through the BCA, while often

taking longer to process evidence, is free to counties in Minnesota. Wright County is one of
the few counties that doesnt use
the BCA to process evidence.
Husom continued her campaign
to get the county boards of the
three counties to sit down and try
to reach a compromise agreement. She asked County Coordinator Lee Kelly to ask the other
county boards for potential meeting dates, but it was made clear
that wouldnt happen before the
anticipated June 23 vote on
whether to approve a 180-day letter of intent to leave the TriCounty agreement.
Claiming he is stuck in the
middle of this debate, Hagerty
said the sheriffs department and
county attorneys department

lab and hopes that it doesnt

come down to making a dollars and-cents decision on public
Its a gamble, Hagerty said.
The citizens of Wright County
deserve the best law enforcement
possible and being a partner in
the Tri-County lab is a crucial
part of our commitment to the
people we protect and serve. Discontinuing our partnership in the
Tri-County lab would be a disservice to our constituents.
No action was taken on the
letter sent to the board from
Hagerty, Kelly and the police
chiefs. A vote on whether to submit their letter of intent to leave
the joint powers agreement is still
scheduled to take place at the
June 23 board meeting.

County Board
continued on page 10

Sandusky inducted into the International Forest of Friendship

Patti Sandusky, of Maple
Lake, was honored as a 2015 inductee into the International
Forest of Friendship, in Atchison, Kansas, during ceremonies
on June 20, 2015. The Forest is
a living, growing memorial to
the world history of aviation and
aerospace. She was recognized
for her contributions to 99s The
International Organization of
Women Pilots.
Sandusky of Maple Lake,
Minnesota, has been a 99 since
June 1999. She has been an active member of the local chapter, Minnesota 99s, and has

served as Chapter vice chair and

has been Chapter chair since
2008. She volunteers at the annual Tree of Hope toy assembly
and delivers bags of gifts for
children to Minnesota hospitals.
She has also volunteered in
Florida at Sun N Fun at The
Ninety-Nines building, helps
with the annual Minnesota 99s
Girls Aviation Day, is a faithful
worker at airmarkings, and volunteers in the membership booth
at numerous aviation events
around the state. She currently
is the co-chair for the fall 2015
North Central Section meeting

hosted by the Minnesota Chapter. She also is an elected director for the North Central Section
99s. Sandusky participated in
the 2011 historic Air Race Classic, an all-womens transcontinental air race. She is also a
member of the EAA Chapter
878, Maple Lake, and assists in
numerous events, including assisting with Young Eagles
The International Forest of
Friendship was a gift to America
on the Nations 200th birthday
(1976) from the city of Atchison
(Amelia Earharts birthplace)

and the Ninety-Nines, the International Organization of Women

Pilots. It is made up of trees
representing all the 50 states
plus 35 countries around the
world, including a moon tree
grown from a seed taken to the
moon on Apollo 14. Among the
more than 1,450 honorees are
such internationally recognized
flyers as Amelia Earhart,
Charles Lindbergh, the Wright
Brothers, Sally Ride, Eileen
Collins, and Chuck Yeager.
More information about the Forest, and points of contact are at

2015 FSA county committee

election and nominations

Hwy. 25 in Buffalo detour

reinstated in early July

The election of agricultural

producers to the Farm Service
Agency (FSA) county committees is important to all farmers
and ranchers, whether beginning
or long-established, large or
small operation. It is crucial that
every eligible producer participate in these elections because
FSA county committees are a
link between the agricultural
community and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
2015 Election Period:
June 15, 2015 The nomination period begins.
August 3, 2015 This is the
last day to file nomination forms
(FSA-669A) at the local FSA office.
November 9, 2015 Ballots
mailed to eligible voters.
December 7, 2015 Last day
to return completed ballots to the
USDA Service Center.
January 1, 2016 Newlyelected county committee members take office.
To become a nominee, eligible individuals must sign nomination form FSA-669A. The
form includes a statement that the
nominee agrees to serve if
elected. The form and other information about FSA county
committee elections are available
For the FSA-669A Nomination
form, scroll down to the links
under Election Materials and
click 2015 Nomination Form.
Nomination forms for the 2015
election must be postmarked or
received in the local USDA Service Center by close of business on

New Hwy. 25 roundabout open

August 3.
The Wright FSA Committee
will be holding a county committee election for Local Administrative Area (LAA)-1. LAA-1
represents Silver Creek, Monticello, Otsego, Buffalo, Saint
Michael, and Rockford townships. LAA-1 is currently represented by Dennis (Denny)
Gleason of Buffalo. He is finishing his second 3-year term on the
committee and is eligible to serve
one more term.
Producers of legal voting age
who own or operate farmland in
LAA-1, or who participate in
FSA programs, may be nominated to serve on the county committee. Individuals may nominate
themselves or others as candidates. Also, organizations representing targeted under-served
minorities and women farmers
may also nominate candidates.
COC Voting Information:
County committee election ballots will be mailed to all eligible
voters in LAA-1 by Nov. 9. To be
considered valid, ballots must be
postmarked or returned to the
FSA county office by Dec. 7.
Agricultural producers of
legal voting age can vote if they
participate or cooperate in any
FSA program. A person not of
legal voting age but who supervises and conducts the farming
operations on a farm will be considered eligible to vote.
For further information regarding county committee elections, or if you are unsure of your
eligibility, contact a staff member
of the county office.

Motorists on Highway 25 in
Buffalo will experience a twoweek reprieve from a detour that
has been in place since spring.
Highway 25 has been detoured along Wright County
Road 12 between Buffalo and
Montrose since mid-April while
crews constructed a roundabout
at Highway 25 and Settlers
Parkway in Buffalo. That detour
was lifted Friday, June 19. After

the detour was lifted, the new

roundabout on Hwy. 25 at Settlers Parkway also opened to
The detour will be in place
again when a project to reconstruct the Highway 25/Highway
12 intersection, just east of Montrose, begins July 7. More information on that project will be
issued as details become available.

Hwy. 55 lane closure in

Buffalo begins June 24
Inproved intersection part of new
Hwy. 25 to Hwy. 55 connection
Motorists traveling both directions of Highway 55 through
Buffalo should plan for delays as
the road is reduced to a single
lane in each direction at Settlers
Parkway/County Road 34 beginning after 9 a.m. Wednesday,
June 24.
All lanes of Highway 55 at
Settlers Parkway/County Road
34 will reopen by Aug. 1.
The closures are needed
while crews construct new rightturn and left-turn lanes, and improve the signal system, at the
existing Highway 55/Settlers
Parkway/ County Road 34 intersection.

The closures and improvements are part of a multi-project

plan to improve Highway 25,
Highway 55, local utilities and
the local transportation system
in 2015 and 2016.
Several projects that will improve segments of Highway 25,
Highway 55 and local roads in
Buffalo are scheduled in 2015
and 2016. For more information
on those projects, including tentative schedules and maps of this
For real-time travel information anywhere in Minnesota,

Legislative update
continued from page 2

June 22 Maple Lake

Fire Department report
Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire
Department and Ambulance
Service responded to the following emergencies during the
past week:
June 22, 1:25 a.m.: Medical. Patient transported by
Maple Lake Ambulance to the
Buffalo Hospital ER.
June 20, 6:30 a.m.: Medical. Patient transported by
Maple Lake Ambulance to the
Buffalo Hospital ER.
June 19, 7:09 p.m.: Medical. Patient transported by

Maple Lake Ambulance to the

Buffalo Hospital ER.
June 18, 1:52 p.m.: Medical. Patient transported by
Maple Lake Ambulance to the
St. Cloud Hospital ER.
June 18, 7:44 a.m.: Lift assist. No ambulance transportation.
June 18, 1:25 a.m.: Medical. No ambulance transportation.
There were no fire emergencies during the same time period.

Last, this bill will cut

ratepayer-funding handouts to
special solar power interests
with net metering reform. Net
metering is basically the government forcing an energy company to purchase excess green
energy from their customer, but
not at wholesale, at the full retail
rate. Then the costs shift to the
rest of the rate payers, affecting
the poor the most.
Finally, the legislature also
re-passed the legacy omnibus
bill which did not pass the Senate before we adjourned on May
18, as well as a bonding bill that
invests in avian flu emergency
response, transportation needs,
flood prevention, disaster relief

and wastewater infrastructure

I am pleased we have finished our work for the people of
Minnesota this session. I welcome your continued input and
ideas on how we can make our
great state even better.
As always, please feel free to
contact me about any state legislative issue. You can e-mail at
N or call my office at 651-2965063. You can also write a letter
to me. My office address at the
Capitol is 549 State Office
Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr. Blvd, St. Paul,
MN 55155.
Sincerely, Marion


Maple Lake Messenger Page 4

June 24, 2015

June 30: Annandale Lakers
AA & Al-Anon, 8 p.m., United
Methodist Church of Annandale, 250 Oak Ave. N.; 320-2743380.
June 30: Celebrate Recovery (non-denominational Christian-based recovery program), 7
p.m., Monticello Covenant
Church; 763-295-2112.
June 30: Gamblers Anonymous & AA, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo
Evangelical Free Church, 2051
50th St. NE, County Rds. 25 &
July 1: Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce, noon, at
Madigan's Pub & Grill. New
members welcome.

And thats the

way it was . . .
Groundbreaking at the sight
of the new community ballfields off of Highway 55 took
place. ... Mary James retired
after 37 years as a teacher and
principal at Maple Lake High
School. ... The Maple Lake
Lions events raised $2,700.00
which was donated to Camp
Friendship. ... And Thats The
Way It Was Five Years Ago
This Week.
Product Technologies of
Maple Lake became a part of
the Leggett and Platt Aluminum
Group, culminating a process
that began nearly two years
prior. ... At Bruce Cressys
Cokato Motor Sales, a 2000
Chevy Impala was on sale for
$18,995.00. ... And Thats The
Way It Was 15 Years Ago This
Greg L. Thomes of Maple
Lake was elected one of 10 vice

Wellness on Wheels

Wright County Public Health

offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels van. The
WOW Van schedule is available
at and or by calling our
new phone number, 763-6827516 (toll-free 1-800-362-3667
ext 7516). Please use this number for more information or to
make an appointment.
Wellness on Wheels Services
include: Adult and Child Immunizations; Health Screening:
Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol (by appointment), Pregnancy, Health and Wellness;
Child Car Seat Check (by appointment); Information about:
Healthy Lifestyle - Exercise,
Nutrition, Recommendations for
Routine Medical Care, Safety Individual, Home, Car Seat,
Pregnancy, Childbirth, Parenting, Child Health, Growth &
Development, Reproductive
Health & Family Planning, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Illness, Unhealthy Lifestyle

presidents of the United States

Junior Chamber of Commerce
(Jaycees). ... At Manuels Red
Owl, a 12 pack of Coke products could be purchased for
only $3.29 while a 24 pack cost
just $5.99. ... The city of Maple
Lake hired Gene Mayer as the
new dog catcher as Marge
Uecker was no longer in the
dog catching business. ... And
Thats The Way It Was 25
Years Ago This Week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Manuel
announced the Grand Opening
of their new store in Maple
Lake. ... Dave Provo, a former
left-fielder for the Lakers, tried
out for Dick Seiberts College
League where he was assigned
to play outfield for the team at
Wadena. ... The Monticello theater was featuring Elvis Presley
in Girl Happy! in color for six
days. ... And Thats The Way It
Was 50 Years Ago This Week.

Behaviors, such as Smoking,

Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Unsafe Sex; Information and Assistance in Accessing Resources.
For immunizations, bring
past immunization records to the
van, if available. * Van hours
Monday through Thursday are
from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on
Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Upcoming dates:
BankWest, Rockford
Thursday, July 9: Cub
Foods, Monticello
Tuesday, July 14: Coborns,
Thursday, July 23: Marketplace, Cokato
Tuesday, July 28: Marketplace, Annandale
The complete WOW van
schedule is available online at:
Wright County Public Health
offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels (WOW)
Van. The entire test takes about
30 minutes. We have two different test options. A 12 hour fast
is required for a lipid profile including blood sugar screening.
The cost is $35. A non-fasting
test is also available. This test
gives your total cholesterol and
HDL. The cost is $25.

60+ and Healthy Clinics

The 60+ and Healthy Clinics,
provided by Wright County Public Health, provides foot care for
the senior citizens of Wright
County. Toenail trimming is offered to meet the needs of those
seniors who have a health condition such as diabetes or are unable to trim toenails themselves.
The 60+ and Healthy Clinics
will be charging a $15 fee for
foot care services. This fee is
necessary because the clinics are
no longer being funded by grant
money. However, if you are un-

able to pay the fee, you will not

be turned away. The clinics are
hosted from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
If you have any questions,
please ask clinic staff or call WC
Public Health at 1-800-3623667 or 763-682-7456. Upcoming dates:
Tuesday, July 7: Buffalo
Community Center, 206 Central
For the full schedule, visit:

Upcoming Red Cross blood drives

Donors of all types are encouraged to help save lives by giving
blood. Appointments can be made by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or
visiting Upcoming blood donation opportunities
in Wright County: June 27, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., St. John's Lutheran
Church, 625 12th Ave., Howard Lake; July 2, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., Fitness
Evolution, 101 14th St. NE, Buffalo; July 7, 12:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.,
CentraCare Health, 1013 Hart Boulevard, Monticello; July 8, 10 a.m.
- 4 p.m., First Minnesota Bank, 555 Highway 55 E., Buffalo; July 11,
8 a.m. - 1 p.m., Cub Foods, 1008 Highway 55, Buffalo; July 13, 10
a.m. - 4 p.m., Standard Iron & Wire Works, 524 Pine St., Monticello

June 24th Puzzle

June 25: Knights of Columbus, 7 p.m., St. Timothy's

June 25: AA & Al-Anon,
7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical
Free Church, 2051 50th St. NE,
County Rds. 25 & 113.
June 27: AA, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free Church,
2051 50th St. NE, County Rds.
25 & 113.
June 29: S.A.M. quilting
group, 8 a.m., St. Timothy's
Church basement.
June 29: Al-Anon and
Men's 12 Step Group, 7:30
p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free
Church, 2051 50th St. NE,
County Rds. 25 & 113.

Programs & Events

Job seekers seminars with Petra Marquart

Heres How It Works:

Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into
nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must
fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once
in each row, column, and box. You can figure out the order in
which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already
provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier
it gets to solve the puzzle!
Answers on Page 12

Wedding Announcements
Elsenpeter-Stastny to wed

Jeff and Julie Elsenpeter, of

Buffalo, are pleased to announce

the upcoming marriage of their

daughter, Megan Elsenpeter, to
Joshua Stastny, son of Glenn and
Rodine Stastny, of Mandan, ND.
Megan graduated from Buffalo High School in 2011, and
from Moorhead State University
with an A.A.S. in practical nursing.
Josh graduated from Mandan
High School, ND, in 2008, and
from N.D.S.U. with a bachelors
degree in business.
Megan and Josh will be married on July 18, 2015, in Fargo,
ND, and will reside in Fergus
Falls, MN.

Local Roots Food Co-op planting

at the Buffalo Community Center

The economy is recovering and the job market is growing. Are

you ready to step up and join in? No matter how long you have been
unemployed, you need to find the strength to take the steps necessary
to participate in this recovery. Whether your next step is finding the
right job or learning the skills necessary to change careers, now is the
time to take action.
Central Minnesota Jobs & Training Services is offering a seminar
to help job seekers to Re-energize on Tuesday, June 30, at the Monticello WorkForce Center. Author and international speaker Petra
Marquart will share her insights on how to recharge your self-esteem,
find core strength, pick up the pieces of doubt and fear and elevate
your sense of professionalism to be your best self. Limited space
is available so call 800-284-7425 to reserve your spot.

Bethlehem UCCPet Blessing is Sunday

Bethlehem United Church of Christ is planning for the June 28
service to be held outdoors to celebrate the gifts of nature and creation. Worship will be in a large tent behind the church, weather permitting. Chairs available, but feel free to bring your own.
The 9:30 a.m. service will include a blessing of the animals, so
you may bring your pets along, with appropriate thought given to
things like leashes. If your pet is shy or you are worried about bringing
him/her to church, please bring a picture of your pet.
There may also be a grill-out for fellowship afterwards sponsored
by the youth. All are welcomed - invite friends and family.
Church Address: 400 Cty. Road 37, Maple Lake.

Maple Lake Boat Parade is July 4

The annual Maple Lake Property Owners Association Boat Parade
is set to begin at 2 p.m. on July 4. Those who wish to participate are
asked to register their boat before the parade. There will be first-, second- and third-place prizes for the best decorated boats. Registration
for the parade will be from 1:30 to 2 p.m. at Bob and Mary Smith's
dock and sand beach area. The Smith's house is located on the Middle
Lake on the east side off Donnelly Drive; house color is heather tan
with white trim. Organizers are looking forward to many boat parade
participants and seeing participants waving on the shoreline as the
parade proceeds through the entire lake. Please contact Mary Smith
at 320-963-5898 with questions or for more information.

CHF 15th Annual Golf Tourney is July 9

Community Health Foundation of Wright County s (CHFs) 15th
annual Golf Tournament Four-person Scramble is Thursday, July 9,
at Wild Marsh in Buffalo with a 12:30 p.m. start.
This is the 15th annual CHF Golf Tournament, held in support of
Lakeside Oasis, which opened its doors in July 2014. Tournament
chairmen are Darin Zumach and Bret Kjellberg, both of Buffalo. The
tournament is a four-person scramble with a shotgun start, and includes a social hour, live music, dinner, and a silent auction. Registration is open online at, find CHF Golf

Be a Helping Hand... Its the American Way

Do you want to know how to make a difference in the life of kids
right in our community? Come to the "Be a Helping Hand...It's the
American Way" brunch Thursday, July 9, 9:30 a.m. at St. John's
Lutheran Church in Annandale. School nurse Nancy Lepinski and
social worker Julie Bronder-Hall will share the need and the way you
can help. Saxophone music will be provided by Naomi Volden of Annandale and speaker Rachel Snodgrass (a CPA turned actress) of Sheboygan, Wisc. will speak on the theme "In & Out of Control". Make
reservations by calling Dawn at 612-723-3905, Eleanor at 320-2745460 or email at This event is sponsored
by Stonecroft Ministries.

Petals & Palate Garden Tour and Luncheon

The Annandale Arts Committee invites you to attend their summer
fundraiser. There is a variety of beautiful gardens for the event this
year, and homeowners are excited to share them.
Saturday, July 11, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Advance tickets only are now available for purchase at the following locations in downtown Annandale: All Things Good, Millers
Jewelry, In Hot Water Coffeehouse and Caf Jules.
Five area gardens will be featured on this tour, providing spectacular arrays full of beauty, color and inspiration. The tour will conclude
at Fairhaven Farms unique garden setting with lunch provided by Cottage Gourmets. We look forward to seeing you at this very important
fundraiser for the FREE Summer Concerts in the City Park.
Contact Robin Davidson with any questions at 612-799-2711.
Vegetables and herbs were planted for use by Community
Center patrons and the kids helped plant a pollinator garden to help the bees and butterflies. Pictured from left to
right are Aiden Stai (age 9), Calleigh Stai (age 8), Olivia
Stai (age 5), Ingrid Carlson and Connie Carlson.

Senior Dining Menu June 29 - July 3

Offering a nutritious meal in
a warm, caring atmosphere with
friendship and fun. Everyone
welcome. The Senior Dining
Center is located at Maple
Manor West, 555 2nd St. W. For
more information, call 320-9635771.
MONDAY, June 29
Chicken in Cream Sauce,
Parslied Potatoes, Broccoli, Dinner Roll, Applesauce
TUESDAY, June 30
Roast Beef w/Horseradish,
Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy,

Scandinavian Blend Vegetables,

Dinner Roll, Fresh Fruit
Chicken ala King, Baking
Powder Biscuit, Peas and Carrots, Orange Wedges, Cook's
Choice of Pie
Deviled Pork Chop, OvenRoasted Potatoes, Creamed
Corn, Wheat Bread, Angel Food
Cake w/Strawberries
FRIDAY, July 3
Hamburger on a Bun, Baked
Beans, Coleslaw, Peaches

Christopher Schneider Foundation silent auction

The Christopher Schneider Foundation will be having a silent auction on July 17 from 5 to 8 p.m. at The V by HH. Money is being
raised for scholarships for the Maple Lake High School senior class.
Silent auction items are being accepted. If interested in donating items
please call Barb Schneider at 763-478-1076. Thank you for your support over the years.

Christopher Schneider Annual Bass Tourney

The Christopher Schneider 11th Annual Bass Tournament is on
Saturday, July 18, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Maple Lake. Sign in at
6:30 a.m. (no later) and weigh in at 3 p.m. (sharp). Entry fee is $150
per boat, big bass option is $20 per boat (limited to 15 boats and up
to two people per boat). First place prize is $400, second place is
$150, third is $100 and fourth is $75. Proceeds raised will be awarded
to the Maple Lake Senior class as scholarships. Contact Barb Schneider for more information at 763-478-1076 or email Maple Lake will be off limites starting Monday, July 13
thru Saturday, July 18th.

Programs & Events

continued on page 7

Maple Lake Messenger

June 24, 2015

400 County Rd. 37 NE, Maple Lake
Ph.: 320-963-3118
Interim Pastor: Michael Fritz
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service;
10:30 a.m., Fellowship; noon, Bible
8 Oak Ave. N., Maple Lake
Ph.: 320-963-3726
Pastor: Father John Meyer
Interim School Principal: Dawn
SAT.: 3:30-4:15 p.m., Confessions;
4:30 p.m., Mass.
SUN.: 8 & 10 a.m., Mass.
5460 63rd St. NW, Box 462, Maple
Ph.: 763-463-9447
Pastors: Culynn Curtis
Visitors Are Always Welcome!
SUN.: 8:30 a.m., Lutheranism 101
& Refreshments; 9:30 a.m., Summer Service.
MON.: 11 a.m., First of All Prayer;
1 p.m., Quilters; 7 p.m., Bible
TUES.: 6 p.m., Life Around the
WED.: 6 p.m., Worship on Wednesday.
11390 Elliott Ave. N.W., M.L.
Ph.: 763-878-2820, 320-333-8636
Pastor: Rev. George W. Sagissor III
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship Service;
11:15 a.m., Sunday School, Bible
4282 114th St. NW, Maple Lake,
MN 55358
3 miles so. of I-94 on Co. Rd. 143,
just off Hwy. 8; Ph.: 320-963-3957;
Pastor: Luke Baehr
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship; 10:30 a.m.,
Sunday School, Bible Study.
10252 St. Hwy. 55 N.W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-274-8951
Pastor: Dennis L. Johnson
SAT.: 7:30 a.m., Bible Doctrine.
SUN.: 8:15 a.m., Prayer; 8:30 &
10:30 a.m., Worship Service; 9:30
a.m., Care Team Breakfast; 9:45
a.m., Baptism Meeting, Fellowship
MON.: 9 a.m., Grandmas in Prayer;
7 p.m., Men's Bible Study.
TUES.: 7 p.m., Celebrate Recovery.
WED.: 2 p.m., Young at Heart; 4
p.m., Ice Cream Booth at Carnival.
250 Oak Ave. N., Box 329, Annan.
Ph.: 320-274-5127
Pastor: Ruth Hograbe
FRI.: 7:30 p.m., Narcotics Anonymous.
SAT.: 7:30 a.m., Bible Doctrine; 8
a.m., Church Garage Sale.
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service;
10:15 a.m., Coffee Fellowship, Sunday School.
TUES.: 8 p.m., AA/Al-Anon.
7809 Co. Rd. 35 W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-963-3592
Pastor: Lynn Machula
SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service;
10:30 a.m., Sunday School & Bible
PO Box 1020, Annandale
Location: Hwy. 55, next to The
Ph.: 320-248-6024 & Facebook
SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service;
Energized Music and Quality Children's Programs Provided.
1284 Keats Ave. N.W., Annandale
Ph.: 320-963-3284

Pastor: Marianne Zitzewitz

SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship.
331 W. Harrison St., Annandale
Ph.: 320-274-8827
Pastor: Dave E. Nelson and Tom
SUN.: 8:30 Traditional Worship; 10
a.m., Contemporary Worship.
200 2nd Ave. NE, Buffalo
Ph.: 763-682-3582
Pastor: Devin Locati
SAT.: 9:45 a.m., Bible Study; 11
a.m., Church Service.
1705 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo, Mo. Syn.
Pastor: Rob Jarvis
Ph.: 763-682-3278;
SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service;
10:30 a.m., Bible Study and Sunday
TUES.: 8 p.m., Young Adults
WED.: 10 a.m., Bible Study; 7 p.m.,
Confirmation Class.
WED.: Discussion Group Meets the
2nd & 4th Wednesday, Sept. thru
May, 7:30 p.m., at Buffalo Community Center, Across the Street from
the Post Office at 206 Central Ave.
(Hwy. 25). For More Information,
Call Luke at 763-682-4616 or Visit Everyone is welcome.
2051 50th Street NE, Buffalo, MN
(corner of Hwy. 25 N. & County
Rd. 113)
Ph. 763-682-6846;
Senior Pastor: Brian Thorstad
THURS.: 7 p.m., Small Groups;
7:30 a.m., AA & Al-Anon.
FRI.: 6 a.m., Men's Small Group; 7
p.m., Small Groups.
SUN.: 10 a.m., Summer Worship
Service, Coffee Fellowship, Children's Church.
MON.: 7 p.m., Women's Bible
Study; 7:30 p.m., Al-Anon.
TUES.: 7 p.m., Knitting Ministry;
7:30 p.m., Men's Small Group, AA,
WED.: 6:30 p.m., Awana, Choir
1601 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo
Ph.: 763-682-1470
Lead Pastor: Max Frazier
FRI.: Office Closed; AWANA
SUN.: 8 a.m., Traditional Worship;
9:30 & 11 a.m., Contemporary Worship; 11 a.m., 5th Grade Milestone
Celebration; 6 p.m., Welcome to
Chill Out.
MON.: Noon, Prayer Group; 7 p.m.,
Dispensations of the Bible.
TUES.: 8 p.m., Women's Volleyball.
WED.: No Hang Time.
THURS.: 6:30 p.m., Worship Team
12449 Clementa Ave. NW, Monticello
Pastor: Jim Tetlie, 763-878-2092
Secretary's office hours are: 9 a.m.
to 3 p.m., Mon., Wed., Thurs.
Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursday
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship.
WED.: 7 p.m., Worship.
Affiliated with Evangelical Free Ch.
Box 171, Montrose; 763-675-3003
Interim Pastor: Dawson Grover;
SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship at Montrose
Elementary School Gymnasium.
8464 160th St. N.W.
Clearwater, MN; 320-558-2750
Pastor: Dave Fogal
SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service.

Using subsurface drip irrigation to

improve economics and environment
University of Minnesota Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Wright
Soil and Water Conservation
District (Wright SWCD) are presenting a workshop on subsurface drip irrigation on July 22
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Russell
and Sharon Marties Farm,
mile north of Hasty on Elder Avenue, look for signs. If you are an
irrigator or interested in installing a subsurface irrigation
system you will want to attend.
Rising prices for inputs including fertilizer and energy and
growing concerns about water
availability and nutrient movement into ground water have
caused irrigators to explore innovative ways to control costs
while maintaining yields and
lessening environmental impact.

Foster care provider banquet

Wright County Health &
Human Services is pleased to announce that adult and child foster
care providers were thanked this
May during National Foster Care
Month. Wright County Health &
Human Services held its second
annual banquet for all providers
in Wright County who care for
either vulnerable adults or children. The foster providers were
welcomed by a few members of
the Buffalo Orchestra playing
during the social hour. A buffet
dinner was provided. The
evening ended with entertainment full of smiles and comedy
provided by Miss Shannon.
Each provider was able to take
home a bedding plant that was
donated, to share with the adults

Maple Lake

Every Sunday* - 7AM - 2PM

Open: April 12 - October 25

$10 Day of set-up at 7AM
($15 w/ large table)
Fundraiser to help support the Maple Lake Museum!
* New Day! Monticello Market is now closed.

Contact John Haack at 612-819-4225


R i c h a r d Minnesota. He worked at the
R o b e r t Monticello Country Club and reRepke, age cently was employed at Home
53, of Mon- Depot in Monticello.
ticello, died
Richard was an avid golfer,
15, achieving three holes-in-one
at during his career. He especially
North Me- enjoyed playing with his brother,
morial Hospital in Robbinsdale. Jim. He was also an enthusiastic
Visitation was Tuesday, June bow hunter. He especially loved
23, from 4-7:30 p.m. at Faith deer camp at his brother, Ross'.
Suvived by his loving wife,
Clementa Ave. NW, Monticello. Lynn; children, Matthew of
Funeral services were Wednes- Monticello and Krista of Las
day, June 24, at Faith Lutheran Vegas, Nevada; parents, Russell
Church at 11 a.m., with visita- and Sandra Repke; siblings, Jim,
tion beginning at 9:30 a.m.
Roxanne (Richard) Wagner and
Richard Repke was born on Ross (Mary Boler); father-inJuly 25, 1961, at St. Cloud Hos- law, Len Kaseman; sisters- and
pital to Russell and Sandra brothers-in-law, Patty (Tracy),
Repke. He grew up in Silver Kim (Mark), Lisa (Darren),
Creek, graduating from Annan- Cathy
day He
dale High School
in 1979.
nieces, cousins, aunts;
joined the U.S. Air Force in and many friends.
1980 and retired in 2000 as a
Master Sergeant.
On September 14, 1981, he
was united in marriage to Lynn
Kaseman. While in the military,
they were stationed in Korea,
Maple Lake
Japan, Scotland and many U.S.
(320) 963-5731
states. After retiring, Richard
View Guestbooks, Obituaries,
at Maple
in Las 320-963-3813
CALL the
and Videos Online.
or EMAIL ads
and his family moved back to

for a coffee
Grab the Maple Lake Messenger and
get your dose of the areas local news!



Prices Good

June 23-28


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110 Birch Avenue South Maple Lake

(Maple Lake Museum grassy area/parking lot/sidewalk)

and children in their homes.

Many of the foster providers attended and enjoyed a relaxing
evening. We can never say thank
you enough to our providers for
all the dedication, compassion
and hard work that goes into welcoming a vulnerable adult or
child into their homes and families. Wright County Health &
Human Services is looking forward to honoring more foster
providers next year. We are currently recruiting homes for our
foster children and vulnerable
adults. If you are interested in
hearing more about providing
foster care for children, contact
Marisa Ferguson 763-682-7484
or for adults, Joan Olson 763682-7489.


Quantity Rights Reserved

Annandale: Hwy. 55 (320) 274-3828
7 a.m- 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week
Cokato: Hwy. 12 (320) 286-6341
7 a.m. - 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week

5th Season - Free Admission!

Josh Stamper, irrigation specialist, UM Extension, and Scott

Wicklund, MIDC irrigation specialist, will speak on the economics and operation of a
subsurface drip irrigation (SDI)
system. Other speakers will
share information on SDI management and benefits of such a
system. Benefits include: water
application efficiency, energy
savings, potential yield increases
and less nutrient movement in
the soil.
Registration begins at 10 a.m.
and the workshop concludes at 2
pm. There is no admission fee.
Lunch will be provided. Pre-registration requested. For registration or further information please
call the Wright County Extension Office at 763-682-7381, or

Page 5


Wing Dings or
Wing Zings


4 TBSP butter
3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sal
3/4 cup milk
2 cups raspberries
1 TBSP sugar

Heat oven to 250F, rack on upper middle

of oven. Melt butter in 8 in square pan in
oven, then remove. Whisk flour, 3/4 cup
sugar, baking powder and salt in small
bowl. Add milk; whisk to form a smooth
batter. Pour batter into pan, then scatter
fruit over batter. Sprinkle with remaining
sugar. Bake until batter browns and fruit
bubbles, 50-60 min


Maple Lake Messenger Page 6

June 24, 2015

Area students awarded $27,000 in

Wright-Hennepin scholarships

This years scholarship recipients posed for a photo with WHs board of directors. Scholarship recipients pictured
from left to right are, front row: (far left) Linemen-Knickerbocker scholarship contributor, Doris Horswell, Emily
Eberspacher, Amy Gasperlin and Courtney Halonen. Second row, left to right: Noah Haaland, Michael Gusyse, Connor
Blake, Samantha Smieja, Mary Liberko, Jackson Willard, Abbey Weninger and Devin Heider. Third row, from left to
right: Brent Unowsky, Erik Jacobson, Jonathan Immel, Andrew Quirk, Emily McCarthy, Rachel Heussner, Isaac Zipp
and Blake Paumen. Board of Directors who attended the banquet were, back row from, from left to right: Don Lucas,
Chris Lantto, Kenneth Hiebel, Burton Horsch, Dale Jans, Butch Lindenfelser, Erick Heinz and Timothy Young.
Its been 28 years since
Wright-Hennepin (WH) started
its scholarship program for
youth in and around the electric
service territory, and in the 28th
year, WH awarded another
$27,700 to 20 local students.
This brings the total amount WH
has awarded to $638,800 since
the programs inception in 1988.
WH awarded the scholarships during a ceremony at its
headquarters in Rockford, Minn.
on May 28. The scholarships are
funded through donations from
WHs diversified businesses
WH Security, WH Services, WH
WH International Response
Center, WH Solar and WH
Holding Investments under the
umbrella of the WH Holding
Company. In this way, WH continues to make significant investments in the areas youth
without having to fund the
scholarships from the electric
rate that members pay a very
important consideration in helping ensure competitive electric
WH Local Schools
WH awards one scholarship
per school district in its electric
service area to outstanding students pursuing higher education.
The following recipients re-

ceived local school scholarships:

Erik Jacobson, Annandale
Jonathan Immel, Buffalo
Courtney Halonen, DasselCokato
Devin Heider, Delano
Abbey Weninger, Howard
Sophie Samson, Maple
Jackson Willard, Maple
Samantha Smieja, Monticello
Rachel Heussner, Orono
Emily McCarthy, Osseo
Emily Eberspacher, Rockford
Mary Liberko, Rogers
Isaac Zipp, St. Michael-Albertville
Brent Unowsky, Watertown-Mayer
Andrew Quirk, Wayzata
Amy Gasperlin, Maple
Edward R. Slebiska
Memorial Line Worker
Line workers make up a large
percentage of WHs workforce
and require a critical skill that is
in short supply in the electric
utility industry. That is why WH
offers two line worker scholarships. This scholarship is named
in the memory of Ed R. Slebiska

who co-founded WH in 1937

and became its first CEO, holding that position until his retirement in 1977. During that time,
Slebiska helped lead the cooperative in bringing reliable and affordable electricity to rural
Wright County and western
Hennepin County. This years
recipients of the Edward R.
Slebiska Memorial Line Worker
Scholarship are Blake Paumen,
Maple Lake, Minn., and Noah
Haaland, Monticello, Minn.
Elwyn and Hazel Knickerbocker Memorial Line
Worker Scholarship
Long-time WH members
Doris and Ron Horswell of Annandale, Minn., created this
scholarship in 2005 to honor the
memory of Doris parents,
Elwyn and Hazel Knickerbocker, who played crucial roles
in bringing electricity to rural
homes and farms in Wright and
Hennepin counties. Elwyn
served on WHs board of directors, representing District 1
near Annandale, Clearwater and
Maple Lake for 53 years. At
that time, he was the longest
serving electric cooperative director in the nation. Hazel was a
tireless champion of rural electrification, offering a clear voice
of support during efforts to or-

ganize and expand the cooperative. Connor Blake, Big Lake,

Minn., received the Elwyn and
Hazel Knickerbocker Memorial
Line Worker Scholarship for
2015. WH has gone on to hire a
number of the Slebiska and
Knickerbocker scholarship winners after the recipients have
completed line worker training.
Basin Electric Scholarships
Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Basin) one of WHs
wholesale power suppliers
headquartered in Bismarck,
N.D., annually awards a scholarship to its distribution cooperative members. Michael Guyse,
Maple Lake, Minn., received a
2015 scholarship from WH,
courtesy of Basin.
WH is a member-owned nonprofit electric utility that provides electric power to Wright
County and the western part of
Hennepin County. The cooperative has been a corporate citizen
in this area since 1937 and currently serves more than 46,000
electric accounts. The utility
started its security division in
1989 that provides local home
security solutions as well as
monitors alarm systems for almost 60,000 customers in 32
states and three Canadian

School News
Stoltzmann receives
high honors at UWSP

Local student
receives degree
The University of Wiscon- from NDSU

sin-Stevens Point honored more

than 2,600 undergraduate students for attaining high grade
point averages during the spring
semester of the 2014-2015 academic year.
Full-time undergraduates
who earned grade points of 3.90
to 4.0 (4.0 equals straight A) are
given the highest honors designation. High honor citations go
to those with grade point averages from 3.75 to 3.89 and
honor recognition is accorded to
those with grade point averages
from 3.50 to 3.74.
Personalized certificates of
scholastic achievement are
being sent to those who earned
highest honors distinction.
Students who received honors include:
Rachel L. Stoltzmann,
Highest honors.

Local students
graduate from SCSU
St. Cloud State University
graduated more than 1,345 students during spring semester
2015. Commencement ceremonies took place Saturday,
May 9th.
Among them are:
Lindsey Gunnerson, Bachelor of Arts, Women's Studies
Sara Maravelas, Bachelor
of Science, SPED: Academic
and Behavioral Strategist,
Summa Cum Laude
Jennifer Paumen, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Cum
SCSU offers more than
15,000 students more than 200
undergraduate and graduate
programs in business, education, fine arts and humanities,
science and engineering and social sciences. St. Cloud State is
located 70 miles northwest of
the Twin Cities along the banks
of the Mississippi River and has
one of the strongest international programs in the Minnesota State Colleges and
Universities system; has one of
three business colleges in Minnesota nationally accredited at
the undergraduate and graduate
level; and is one of the largest
producers of new educators in
the country.

A Maple Lake student was

among the 1,719 students to
graduate from North Dakota
State University in spring 2015.
Jennifer J. Upcraft, Master
of Architecture.

Local students
named to Itasca
Community College
Deans List
Bart Johnson, dean of academic affairs at Itasca Community College, Grand Rapids,
MN, has named 279 students to
the 2015 spring semester
Deans List. Students qualified
for this honor by completing a
minimum of 12 credits and attaining a grade point average
between 3.25 and 4.0.
The following Maple Lake
area students were placed on the
Deans List.
Bosten Fieldseth
Kelsie Kelm

Local students
named to UMD
Deans List
The University of Minnesota
Duluth (UMD) has announced
its Dean's List for spring semester 2015. Students on the Dean's
List have achieved a grade point
average of 3.5 or higher.
The five colleges within
UMD are:
College of Education and
Human Service Professions
College of Liberal Arts
College of Science and
Engineering (SCSE)
School of Business and
Economics (LSBE)
School of Fine Arts (SFA)
The following students
from Maple Lake that were
named to UMD pring semester
Deans List.
Anna C. Spielmann, sr,
College of Liberal Arts, Sociology B A
Neal R. Wagner, jr, UMDSci & Eng. Swenson Coll of,
Biology B S
Heather L. Wurm, jr,
Labovitz School of Bus &
Econ, Pre-Business

Maple Lake Librarys Summer Storytime with Marie

Maple Lake Library Summer Storytime of Animals got off to
a flying start on Tuesday, June 9, with its focus on birds. Fifteen
children and eight adults enjoyed stories read by Marie Mavencamp, and learned songs and fingerplays about birds and even
tested out their wings by flying like a bird. They made binoculars
to hunt for birds and a birdfeeder covered with birdseed to hang in
a tree as a treat for the birds. After posing for a picture, the children
even got to eat like a bird with a snack of gummy worms!
Top: The children that attended Animals Storytime
were Kenna Hennen, Emma McAlpine, Ella Lidberg,
Hazel Jacobson, Tessa Dahl, Izaak Fieldseth, Oliver
Hawkinson, Clark Hawkinson, Ryder Dettwiler, Colten
Draeger, Aeytyn Draeger, Colton Klatt, Ellie Ogram, Isabelle Melgaard, and Maci Geyen.
The second Maple Lake Library Summer Storytime was a Little
Fishy on Tuesday, June 16, at the McHugh Building. Twenty children and twelve adults enjoyed a morning listening to stories, learning finger plays and singing songs about fish with storyteller, Marie
Mavencamp, Some children even shared their toy fish they brought
along. Then they were given a blue paper lake to make their own
picture of different fish they could find in water. After their group
picture, the children were given a snack of goldfish to enjoy.
Bottom: The children that attended Little Fishy Storytime were Isabelle Melgaard, Gunnar Melgaard, Ryder
Dettwiler, Mason Thomas, Maci Geyen, Kenna Hennen,
Ella Lidberg, Emma McAlpine, Isaak Fieldseth, Tessa
Dahl, Clark Hawkinson, Oliver Hawkinson, Nellie
Standafer, Hazel Jacobson, Taylor Lee, Claire Lee,
Rachel Rasset, Howard Rasset, Elijah Dorse, and Ellie
Library story time is held every Tuesday this summer through
August 18, at the McHugh building (next to the bakery) from 9:3010:30 a.m., for children ages 2-6. There is no registration required,
but children must be accompanied by an adult. Come join us.
(Photos submitted by Marie Mavencamp)

Maple Lake Messenger Page 7

June 24, 2015

Maple Lake marching band places third in Hutchinson parade

The Maple Lake Marching Band placed third in the
Hutchinson Water Carnival parade on Sunday, June 21st.
Maple Lake Band Boosters next parade is Thursday,
June 25th, in Fridley.
(Photos submitted by Brad Neutz)

Wright County Fair

Legion Riders

continued from page 1

continued from page 1

The entertainment tent lineup will feature Red Dot Garage

on Friday night, July 31. The
local party band will rock the
tent from 8 to midnight. The
Red Dot Garage show will be
preceded by special guests The
Strolling Clones, a tribute to the
Rolling Stones, from 6-7:30.
Friday at the Fair will be a rock
and roll party not to be missed.
Saturday night in the entertainment tent will feature another local dance and party
band, Crazy Larry. Crazy Larry
will be cranking out songs from
classic to newer rock with some
country mixed in to keep everyone on the floor. Come out on
Saturday, August 1, from 8 to
midnight to see the band everyone is talking about. The Authorities
performing on Saturday afternoon.
Fans of classic country will
want to be in the entertainment
tent on Wednesday, July 29,
from 7-11 p.m. when the Total
Country Band will be playing.
On Thursday, if you are not en-

joying the free Lost Highway

show in the Grandstand area,
there will be a DJ in the entertainment tent from 7-11 p.m.
Sunday, August 2, will feature a karaoke contest in the entertainment tent, featuring
Jammin with Jules as the host.
The contest features cash prizes
and will take place between 4
and 8 p.m. The Resonators band
will play from 12-3 on Sunday.
The entertainment tent is
open to everyone of all ages and
every show is free every day.
Beer is available for those 21
and over.
The Grandstand line-up has
also been confirmed. Wednesday night will feature the everpopular combine derby at 7
p.m. Thursday will find the
Grandstand loaded with action
with the bull riding at 7 p.m.
and the free Lost Highway
show beginning around 9 p.m.
The demo derby will roar in to
the Grandstand on Friday night
in front of another capacity
crowd. Saturday will again find
the Grandstand filled with

power and noise as the tractor

and truck pull takes place with
shows starting at 2 and 5:30.
(One ticket gets you in to both
In the mud pit arena on the
west end of the grounds the
mud spectacular will be kicking
up mud beginning at 11 a.m.
Saturday. The Grandstand will
close down on Sunday following the popular Sunday demo
derby, which features unique
classes. The demo begins at
Tickets to all Grandstand
shows are available at or look for a
copy of the Guide Book for the
fair in your weekend paper
A brand new midway will
roll into the fairgrounds located
in Howard Lake, on Wednesday, July 29, and will be open
every day through Sunday, August 2. Todd Armstrong Midway will bring a completely
new and exciting carnival to the
fairgrounds. The fair board is
looking forward to welcoming

this NEW carnival to this years

Dont miss the bicycle thrill
show. Returning for another
year, this show is enjoyed by all
ages. New this year will be Dr.
Dustys Medicine show, which
is a recreation of the old-time
medicine show popular in the
days of the pioneers. There will
be free entertainment and
events on the free stage, bingo,
timber jack competition, petting
zoos and many other free entertainment options. All this combined with the exhibits,
livestock and commercial displays make the Wright County
Fair a great family event.
On Friday during the Wright
County Fair, seniors will enjoy
the music of The Fleming Fold
and the Wagon Wheelers on the
free stage.
This is going to be a great
year at the Wright County Fair.
Make plans now to attend from
July 29 through August 2 at the
fairgrounds in Howard Lake.
More details are available on

Huro has seen first-hand the

good the Legion Riders can do,
not only as a member of the
group, but as someone who has
benefited from their services.
Last year, Huro had a bout
with cancer that required a stem
cell transplant. The illness
caused him to have to retire
early which has been a financial
The Clearwater Legion Riders was one of the groups that
stepped forward to help with his
benefit. The money raised continues to aid his family, he said.
Legion Riders across Minnesota raise money for homeless
veterans, childrens hospitals
and much more in addition to
putting on benefits and supporting causes in their own communities.
Motorcyclists probably raise
the most amount of money for
donations. They sometimes get a
bad rap, but they are doing a lot
of good, Rossberg said.
Besides benefiting causes in
the community, Rossberg and
Huro hope their new group will
help keep the Maple Lake American Legion running strong.
Legions are closing their
doors all over the place. Hope-

fully, the Legion Riders will increase membership for other Legion groups as well. We have a
good Legion here and we dont
want to see it go away like the
VFW, Huro said.
The new organization had its
first meeting on, Thursday, June
4, and will continue to meet at
the Legion the first Thursday of
every month at 6:30 p.m. Anyone interested in joining or in
need of their services are welcome to attend, Rossberg said.
The rides themselves usually
consist of a 100-mile loop with
several scheduled stops along
the way for food and refreshments. The Legion Riders group
generally alerts the businesses
they are going to stop at and in
return riders get a discount on
their meals and drinks. Often
those same businesses will also
make a charitable donation to
the cause. Sometimes more than
80 bikers hit the road with the
Legion Riders.
We just want the community
to know what we are about,
Huro said. So when they see a
bunch of motorcycles outside
the Legion they will know were
not a bunch of yahoos, were
here to help.

Summertime Books with Boone

Programs & Events
continued from page 4

Maple Lake Library summer programs

The Maple Lake Library has a summer full of reading fun
planned. Visit the library for more information and registration
forms. Hours are 12pm - 6pm Mon & Fri; 12pm - 8pm Wed; and
10am to 1pm Sat.. Phone contact: 320-963-2009.
June 8 - August 22: The Read & Redeem Program is back by
popular demand! Read books and earn new prizes every week. Prereaders may have books read to them. Grand prizes for each age
group at the end of the program. Takes place at the Library.
9:30 a.m., Tuesdays, June 9 - August 11: Books with Boone encourages children to paws to read during the summer. For students
who have completed 1st through 3rd grade to. Lisa Perovich will
read a story and then review it with a game. Participants will read
aloud to her greyhound Boone and complete a story-related craft,
writing, or activity. Takes place at the Library.
9:30 a.m., Tuesdays, June 9 - August 18: Storytime with Marie
Mavencamp will celebrate a Summer of Animals with preschoolers ages 2 - 6. Each week Marie will read a book and conduct activities including songs, games, craft activities, and snacks. Children
must be accompanied by an adult. Takes place at the McHugh
Building, 33 Birch Avenue.
11:00 a.m., second Thursdays, June 11 - August 13: Maple Lake
Library Book Club for adult readers has fun and lively discussions!
Most books are supplied in book club kits. Registration is requested.
Contact for information. Takes place at
Irish Blessings Coffeehouse,120 Oak Avenue.

Check out, free at ML Library

Lisa Perovich and her greyhound, Boone, have been busy reading books and doing activities with children at the
Maple Lake Library. Summertime Books with Boone is Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. This activity is free and Boone
is always looking for more friends. Pictured sitting in front are Savannah Geyen, Dylan Hennen, Kalli Hennen and
Danica Hageman. Standing are Avery Lee, Audrey Lee, Evan Geyen, Sarah Jensen, Larson Melgaard, Christina Ogram,
(Photo submitted by Terry Mooney)
Lisa and Boone, Ben Ogram, Kenlyn Marsicek and Landon Marsicek.

Patrons of the Maple Lake Library are encouraged to stop in and

check out your family history on for free. If you are
not a patron of the library, you only need to fill out an application.
So come join us at the library, take advantage of this opportunity,
and discover your roots. Library hours are Monday and Friday from
12 to 6 p.m., Wednesday from 12 to 8 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to
1 p.m.

Watch for entertainment specials every week in the Maple Lake Messenger!


Maple Lake Messenger Page 8

June 24, 2015

Lakers extend winning streak

By Matt Brown
Sports Writer

The Maple Lake Lakers extended their win streak to 14

and improved their record to
12-1 in the North Star League
thanks to dominant pitching
and early leads. After the game
Sunday, the Lakers pitching
staff has a combined ERA of
.98, a WHIP of .82, and has
against 84 hits and 36 walks in
147 innings pitched.
Laying down the perfect bunt was Riley Decker which advanced the runners and Decker
was safe at first, loading the bases for the Lakers.

Safe was the call for Brian Redemske by the umpire, and manager, Bobby Fobbe, while
stealing third base.

Maple Lake
Dassel-Cokato 0
The Lakers travelled to
Dassel Wednesday night to
take on a struggling DC Saints
team. The offense started
early, posting two runs in the
second inning thanks to a
handful of walks and opportunistic play. Mitch Wurm defended the lead by throwing a
no-hitter through the first
seven innings. The Lakers
tacked on a run in the eighth
thanks to a sacrifice fly by
Chad Raiche. The Saints then
managed to break the no-hitter
in their half of the eighth but
could not bring in a run.
Maple Lake added four in the
ninth thanks to a pair of lead-

Laker Baseball Schedule

subject to change due to inclement weather

Wed 6/24


vs. St. Augusta

Irish Stadium

Fri 6/26


Hinckley Tourney


Sat 6/27


Hinckley Tourney


Sun 6/28


Hinckley Tourney

Wed 7/1


vs. Buffalo

Wed 7/8


@ Loretto

Fri 7/10


vs. Rockford

Irish Stadium

vs. Coon Rapids

Irish Stadium
Irish Stadium

Irish Stadium

Sun 7/12


Wed 7/15


vs. Dassel-Cokato

Fri 7/17


vs. Hutchinson

Irish Stadium

vs. Delano

Irish Stadium

Sun 7/19


Wed 7/22


vs. Maple Plain

Irish Stadium

Fri 7/24


vs. Loretto

Irish Stadium


vs. Mound

Irish Stadium

Sun 7/26
Fri 7/31


vs. St. Michael

Irish Stadium

Sun 8/2


vs. Moorhead

Irish Stadium

The Catch
by Jeff Plattner
2015 GMs Draft
(Part II)
The NBA Draft is just about
here and while my good
friend, Jay, and I covered the
lottery picks last week, this
week well finish out the first
round in Part II of the 2015
GMs Draft.
(Jay) With the 15th pick in
the 2015 NBA draft, the Atlanta Hawks select Trey Lyles,
PF Kentucky. We have quietly
been hoping and praying that
Lyles would fall to us at 15.
Hes one of the most versatile
players in the draft and you
forget that hes 611 when
hes handling the ball like a
guard. He can shoot from outside and give us options in
case Millsap or Carroll decide
to leave in free agency this
(Jeff) With the 16th pick,
the Boston Celtics select, Sam
Dekker, SF Wisconsin. Sorry
Milwaukee, but we were ecstatic to see such an exceptional athlete still on the board
here. While there are questions
around the consistency of his
outside shot, we're confident

that Sam will work hard to improve in that area. With Young
last year and now Dekker,
we're continuing to build an
athletic team that can get up
and down, pushing tempo.
(Jay) With the 17th pick,
the Milwaukee Bucks select
Bobby Portis, PF Arkansas.
The Bucks would have loved
to fit Mr. Wisconsin into the
mix, but are confident that
Portis gives us the most flexibility. After trading Ersan
Ilyasova, we have plenty of
minutes available for a spark
plug like Bobby. He scores, rebounds and defends well. A
great fit for us.
(Jeff) With the 18th pick,
the Houston Rockets select
Tyus Jones, PG Duke. First
off, Jay I can't believe I drafted
all of your Duke players. As a
UNC fan, that makes me nauseous! Secondly, it's been no
secret that a) we love Tyus and
b) we desperately need PG
help. We even talked Tyus into
faking an injury to shut down
the rest of his workouts, by
promising we'd select him
here...oh, crap, did I just say

Starting on the mound for the Lakers was Jeremy

Schmidt. The Lakers went on to defeat the Howard Lake
Orphans 3-0.
(Photos by Charlene Wurm)

that out loud?

(Jay) With the 19th pick,
the Washington Wizards select
Kevon Looney, PF UCLA. We
needed one of the three young
PFs to fall to us and feel like
we just got the one with the
most up-side. Looney may not
have enough size to be a true
PF in the league, but hes comically long and can rebound
like crazy. He can also fill in at
the SF if we are in a pinch.
Were confident we can mold
him into a young, budding
starter within 3 years.
(Jeff) With the 20th pick,
the Toronto Raptors select Jerian Grant, PG Notre Dame.
What an extremely difficult
decision. We had four guys in
a dead heat for this slot. However, despite his age (22),
Grant was the pick, because
we feel he's the most prepared
to come in and help us win
now. In a weak Eastern Conference, we're close to getting
over the hump and Grant's experience could help us get
there. While hes a very good
defender and great decisionmaker with the ball, hes also
versatile enough to play the 1
or the 2.
(Jay) With the 21st pick, the
Dallas Mavericks select R.J.
Hunter, SG Georgia State. The
likely departure of Monte Ellis
from an already thin back-

court makes us select the

NCAA Tournament feel good
star of last year. RJ can shoot
it from deep, although he
struggled last year, and will
open up the floor for Dirk and
(Jeff) With the 22nd pick,
the Chicago Bulls select
Rashad Vaughn, SG UNLV.
Our defensive-minded squad
could use some help on the offensive end and Vaughn can
flat out score. At just 18 years
old he already has an NBA
body...he's not built like the
freight-train that is Jimmy
Butler, but well enough to hold
his own against other 2s in the
(Jay) With the 23rd pick,
the Portland Trailblazers select
Jarell Martin, PF LSU. A longarmed forward that can consistently hit jumpers from 16-18'
is something every team would
enjoy having. Martin will
Aldridge if he stays and, hopefully, be a part of the replacement should he leave in free
(Jeff) With the 24th pick,
LeBron James selects...I mean
the Cleveland Cavaliers select
Justin Anderson, SF Virginia.
There are several reasons Anderson is the perfect addition
to our team. Here are four: J.R.
Smith, Iman Shumpert, James

off singles, a few walks, and

some passed balls. Wurm completed the game, giving up two
hits and two walks while fanning eight batters. This was
the fourth time this season the
Lakers had more runs than
B. Redemske 4 1
L. Fobbe
3 1
3 1
4 0
2 0
1 0
3 1
D. Decker
3 2
2 0
R. Decker
2 0
27 7

0 0
1 1
1 1
0 0
0 1
0 0
0 0
1 0
1 0
0 1
4 4

Howard Lake 0
Maple Lake 3
Maple Lake had a score to
settle going into the Friday
night game against the
Adding to the long-standing rivalry between the teams, the
Lakers were shut out in
Howard Lake earlier in the
season, their only North Star
League loss. As if that wasnt
enough, former Laker Riley
Gruenhagen jumped ship to
the Orphans, informing the
Lakers the night before that he
would be starting at third base.
The stage was set. Maple
Lake did not mess around. Jeremy Schmidt got the start and
went all nine, giving up four
hits and a walk while notching
eight strikeouts.
The Lakers threatened a
few times before putting up
three in the fifth. Brian Redemske and Mitch Wurm each
hit a double but Maple Lake
could not capitalize on their
B. Redemske 4 0
L. Fobbe
4 0
G. Brown
3 0
3 0
3 0

2 0
1 1
0 1
1 0
0 0

Jones, and Mike Miller. Anderson possesses the ability to

both defend AND make wideopen threes, an ability none of
these other bums can claim to
(Jay) With the 25th pick,
the Memphis Grizzlies select
Delon Wright, PG Utah. Picture a 6'6" point guard that can
defend coming off the bench
this past post-season when
Mike Conley went down with
his facial fracture. We feel the
West might have had a different outcome if we had Wright
this past year.
(Jeff) With the 26th pick,
the San Antonio Spurs select
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, SF
Arizona. We're in a great position to bring Jefferson in and
let him develop his outside
shot, over time. He can contribute in other ways right off
the bat, such as defense, in
transition, and penetrating.
After sliding a few spots, we
think Rondae will be very
pleased with where his slide
ends. Go Spurs, Go!
(Jay) With the 27th pick,
the Los Angeles Lakers select
Louisville. While no one questions his motor, most question
his focus. Aside from KG or
Duncan, theres simply no better player to learn how to act
and play in the NBA from,

D. Decker
R. Decker





Maple Lake 7
Rockford 4
The Lakers were the away
team in Maple Lake Sunday
evening for Fathers Day.
Maple Lake jumped out to an
early lead, scoring a run in the
first and third innings. Brian
Russell got the start and
looked impressive the first
time through the order. Rockford figured things out the second time around, scoring one
in the fourth and two in the
fifth to take the lead. Russell
was pulled after going five and
two-thirds, giving up nine hits
and two walks while striking
out nine. Todd Fuller settled
things down a bit, holding the
River Bandits to three hits, a
walk and an unearned run in
three and a third innings. A
pinch-hitting Chad Dad
Raiche blasted a home run in
the eighth to tie the game before a three-run ninth gave
Maple Lake the runs to win it.
Luke Fobbe had a big day, hitting a double and a triple,
while Brian Redemske and
Graham Brown each had a pair
of steals.
B. Redemske 5 1
L. Fobbe
5 1
G. Brown
3 1
4 0
D. Decker
4 0
3 0
3 1
4 1
R. Decker
3 1
1 1
35 7

2 2
2 1
0 1
1 0
1 0
0 0
0 0
1 0
1 1
1 1
9 6

Maple Lake hosts St. Augusta on Wednesday at 7:30

before heading up to Hinckley
for a weekend tournament.

than Kobe. Matching Harrell

with Russell, Jordan Clarkson,
and Julius Randle gives us a
strong young core that weve
brought in over the past two
(Jeff) With the 28th pick,
the Boston Celtics select Chris
McCollough. Our push to become more athletic continues,
as McCollough is explosive
and versatile. With his knee injury, well have to wait to see
his elite shot-blocking ability
in action, but lets be real; the
Celtics arent ready to win
next year anyway.
(Jay) With the 29th pick,
the Brooklyn Nets select Terry
Rozier, PG Louisville. While
we had hoped that McCullough and his lottery talent
would have fallen to us here,
we feel that Rozier will give us
depth at a position that has declined for us rapidly over the
past few years. Energy and defense are what we're asking for
from Rozier.
(Jeff) With the 30th and
final pick of the first round,
the Golden State Warriors select Joseph Young, SG Oregon.
Shooting, shooting, shooting.
When it's time for Steph Curry
to rest, why not put in a Steph
Curry clone? We could use
more depth at the 1-2 anyway
and Young is a lights out
shooter. The more the merrier!


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Maple Lake Messenger Page 9

June 24, 2015

Maple Lake softball places

first at Bison Showdown

The 2015 Special Olympics

comes to Minnesota
By Ashley Becker

On Thursday, June 18, the

torch for the 2015 Special
Olympics World Summer
Games made its way to Minnesota where a special celebration was held at the Mall of
America to honor not only the
torch's arrival and the Minnesotan athletes attending the
World Summer Games, but also
the first World Summer Games
held in the United States in 16
I had the special honor of participating in the final leg of
Thursday's torch run as Miss
Teen of Minnesota alongside
law enforcement officers from
around the state and Special
Olympics athletes prior to the
celebration ceremony.

The celebration ceremony at

the Rotunda in the Mall of
America featured performances
by ABC's Nashville stars
Lennon and Maisy Stella, a Special Olympics athlete guest
speaker, a speech from the president and CEO of Special
Olympics of Minnesota and
much more.
The 2015 Special Olympics
World Summer Games open on
July 25, 2015, in Los Angeles,
California, and will run through
August 2, 2015. The 2015
Games will feature competitions
in aquatics, gymnastics, track
and field, basketball, football
(soccer) and many other summer
sports involving 7,000 athletes
with intellectual disabilities
from around the world (

Ashley Becker, Miss Teen

of Minnesota, with president and CEO of Special
Olympics of Minnesota.

The Maple Lake Fastpitch Softball team took first place at the Bison Showdown on June
6 and 7. Back Row: Coach Ben Elsenpeter, Emma Jude, Dani Geyen, Lucy Greenhagen,
Olivia Paumen and Coach Joe Paumen. Middle Row: Ellie Jude, Megan Carlson and
Megan Lind. Front Row: Bryn Elsenpeter, Katie Goelz and Lexy Bakeberg. Not pictured:
Coach Adam Geyen.
(Photo submitted by Jessica Elsenpeter)

14U baseball team captures first annual

Maple Lake Pot O Gold Baseball
Tournament Championship
Irish tacked on 6 more runs to
take a 10-0 lead entering the 4th.
The hot bats continued into the
4th when they scored 3 more
runs to take 13-0 lead and
cruised to a 13-9 win over the
Pioneers. The win earned the
14U team a berth in the MSF
State Tournament July 24-26 in
Austin, MN.
The Irish have had a successful season thus far. They won the
consolation championship at the
Brewers/Blue Jay Wood Bat
Tournament in Plato. Maple
Lake lost their first game to past
MBT State Tournament Champions, the Jordan Twisters 5-3.
The boys went on to defeat
Alexandria 10-0 and then beat a
very strong BOLD team 8-5 in
the consolation final. They also
finished 2nd in the Big Lake
Classic Tournament. The local
team went 1-1 in pool play losing to Cold Spring/Rocori 1-0 in

their first game, beating Blaine

5-2 in the second game. The
semifinals matched up the Irish
vs. North Branch. The Irish won
5-3 to earn a rematch with Cold
Spring/Rocori in the championship game, losing 8-7. By
placing 2nd, Maple Lake qualified for the Gopher State Tournament of Champions to be held
in Brooklyn Center, July 17-19.
This is a unique tournament in
that each member of the hampionship team will receive a custom ring made by Jostens. The
rings will be presented to the
winning team at Target Field,
prior to the Twins game on September 19th.
The 14U team competes in
the Gopher State Baseball
League and is currently 6-2 in
the League and 14-5 overall.
The 14U team would like to
thank the Maple Lake Lions and
West Suburban Auto Sales.

The Special Olympics torch as it approaches the Mall of America for the World Summer
(Photos submitted by Ashley Becker)

The Annandale Lions Clubs announces...

Out & About

Maple Lake hosted the 1st

Annual Pot O Gold Baseball
Tournament this past weekend.
The local 14AA team won the
three-day tournament held at the
Diamonds and Dreams Complex
and Bolduan Fields. They
started the tournament Friday
evening with a 12-5 win over the
Little Falls Flyers. On Saturday
they faced Paynesville who beat
Sartell 21-9 Friday evening.
Maple Lake was able to beat the
Bulldogs 14-7. This win placed
the local squad into the championship game vs. the Pierz Pioneers, who earned their way into
the championship by beating a
strong Litchfield Dragons team
12-7. Both teams started out a
little slow offensively, with neither one scoring a run in the 1st
inning. Maple Lakes bats came
to life in the 2nd when they put
up 4 runs. Pierz was again held
scoreless. In the 3rd inning the

Week of June 26 - July 2

Richs at Russells

Every Monday night at 6:30 p.m.

Game 1: 35 #s - Win $200
Game 8: 56 #s - Win $500
Game 9: 42 #s - Win $200
Game 16: 58 #s - Win $500



License #02921


A Maple Lake Community Event

Jointly Partnered by: City of Maple Lake
and Sherburne-Wright Cable Commission
If inclement weather, the movie will be rescheduled.

M O V I E D AT E :

Maple Lake 14AA team - Front Row: Brock Goelz, Justin Fobbe, Jordan Mortenson,
Joseph Stokman and Ben Clapp. Back Row: Coach Brandon Goelz, Mitchell Hoistad,
Matthew Gendreau, Josh Pettit, Trenton Miller, Zach Cargill, Ben Goelz and Coach
Wayne Hoistad. Not Pictured: Noah Zander and Ben Reilley.
(Photo submitted by Brandon Goelz)

Magic Mike XXL (R)

11:20am, 2:00, 4:40, 7:20, 10:00
Terminator Genisys (PG-13)
11:30am, 4:40, 7:10
Terminator Genisys 3D
(PG-13) 2:10, 9:40
Max (PG)
11:45am, 2:20, 4:45, 7:15, 9:45
Ted 2 (R)
11:20am, 12:10, 1:55, 2:45, 4:30,
5:35, 7:05, 8:10, 9:45
Inside Out (PG)
11:35am, 2:05, 2:30,
4:35, 7:10, 9:40
Inside Out in Disney Digital 3D
(PG) 11:30am, 5:05, 7:40
Jurassic World (PG-13)
11:30am, 12:00, 3:40, 6:35, 9:30
Jurassic World 3D (PG-13)
2:45, 6:30, 9:30
Spy (R)
11:25am, 2:05, 4:35, 7:10, 9:40
No Passes Allowed
100 1ST AVE NE (763) 682-3000


Friday, July 17 at Dusk


Movie will be shown outdoors, downtown Maple Lake on Birch Avenue.

This showing is being brought to you
by the generous sponsorship of:


This is a tobacco, alcohol & drug-free event.

Things to bring: bug spray, blankets, chairs, warm clothes, your appetite.

Concessions will be on sale!


no pets

Walleye stocking: By the numbers

Anglers are never far from a
lake where they can catch walleye in Minnesota. Fish stocking
keeps it that way.
Stocking walleyes involves
taking eggs from waters that
have reproducing walleye populations and releasing newly
hatched fry or small walleye fingerlings into lakes that dont
have reproducing populations.
The Minnesota Department
of Natural Resources pays for its
stocking effort with fishing license and walleye stamp dollars.
This year, the process started
April 8 in the Pike River near
Tower, used eight egg-take sites
and ended April 26 in Fergus

Curious about walleye stocking? Heres a snapshot, by the

2015 stocking effort
Eggs taken: 4,655 quarts of
eggs, or 582 million eggs, close
to the 10-year average.

2015 stocking plan: 286 rearing ponds get 115 million fry
and 272 lakes get 296 million
fry. The goal for fingerling
stocking is about 140,000

Walleye stocking
continued on page 11

Community Calendar
Check out whats happening in Maple Lake with the
Extra or on our website at

Maple Lake Messenger Page 10

June 24, 2015

Legal Notices
April 21, 2015 Minutes
A motion was m/s/p, Northenscold/Lauer, to approve the agenda
with the change of moving John
Haack to Item C under New Business, and Pace Industries to Item D.
All present voted in favor.
Lauer/Geyen, to approve the consent
agenda. All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Lauer, to adopt Resolution
R2015-16, to order the improvement
and preparation of plans for the 2015
Sewer Repairs Improvement Project.
All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Geyen, that 1) the north side
must be completely screened so as to
not be visible or items removed with
a time limit of May 31, 2015; 2) front
area be completely cleared except
bench and including pop machine unless its operable by then to be moved
by May 5, 2015; and 3) tables be removed when not in use during the
flea market; tables removed from the
grassy area as of the 26th at close of
Flea Market. All present voted in
Kissock/Jude, adopting Resolution
R2015-17 approving the Conditional
Use Permit for the school with the
conditions that screening shall be required in the future if warranted, combine 2 lots into 1 parcel to meet off
street parking unless a parking agreement is entered into with the church,
and require the church to obtain a
CUP for its use prior to December 31,

2015 per the memo of Planner Dean

Johnson dated April 17, 2015 per the
Planning Commission Report and
Recommendation. All present voted
in favor.
Kissock/Northenscold, to clarify that
the zoning for the Rivers property,
PID#110-010-011121 is B-1, Central
Business District, and that prior maps
are erroneous, per recommendation
of the Planning Commission. All
members voted in favor.
Kissock/Northenscold, to authorizing
preparation of plans and specs for the
Airport Hangar Improvement Project
and instructed the Clerk to notify
MnDOT that we intend to proceed
with the project. All present voted in
Kissock/Geyen, directing the City
Clerk to notify the State that the City
is agreement with the reimbursement
amount of $5,762.92 and does not intend to appeal the reimbursement determination.
Kissock/Geyen, to adopt Resolution
R2015-18 in support of the need for
city transportation funding and asking
the legislature to act.
Kissock/Geyen, to close a portion of
Division Street and Birch Avenue for
the 125th Celebration on June 6,
Kissock/Geyen, to adopt Resolution
R2015-19 approving a one-day liquor
license for the Maple Lake Brewfest
and Beer Garden at the corner of

County Board

Birch Avenue and Division Street contingent upon meeting all State requirements. All members voted in
Kissock/Jude, to hire Cody Decker up
to $9.50 per hour as summer maintenance. All present voted in favor except Geyen who opposed.
Kissock/Jude, to hire Kate Heberling
for the full-time position of Lead Clerk
at a rate of $12.00. All present voted
in favor.
Kissock/Geyen, to approve the purchase of additional security cameras
and equipment from Russells Security in the amount of $4,695.94. All
present voted in favor.
Motion by Kissock/Geyen, to
allow construction for AT&T antennas
to begin within 1 year of lease signing
with a 6 month option at $5,000 with
renew for 6 more months. All present
voted in favor.
A motion was m/s/p, Northenscold/Lauer, to adjourn the meeting at
10:37. All present voted in favor.
City Clerk/Treasurer
May 19, 2015 Minutes
A motion was m/s/p, Northenscold/Lauer, to approve the agenda
with the following additions to Administrative: 1. Future Council Meetings;
2. Eagle Scout Project in Community
Park. All present voted in favor.
Geyen/Lauer, to approve the consent
agenda. All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Lauer, to approve the closing
of Birch Avenue from Star Street to
4th Street W, Division Street from
Maple Avenue to Oak Avenue, and

Maple Avenue from Highway 55 to Division Street as depicted on the map

with the exception of Maple Avenue
to 1st Street, and 1st Street to Birch
Avenue around the Legion Club. All
present voted in favor.
Jude/Northenscold, to approve the
closing of Birch Avenue from Division
Street to 1st Street E with overflow on
the city lot if necessary, on June 13
and July 18. From 8:00 am-2:00 pm.
All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Lauer, to approve the closing
of Birch Avenue from Division Street
to 1st Street E on July 17 and August
14. All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Geyen, to approve the 2014
Audited Financial Statement and the
Report to the Members of Governance for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2014. All present voted in
Kissock/Northenscold, to adopt Resolution #R2015-20 to award the 2015
Seal Coat Project to the low Bidder
Caldwell Asphalt Co. Inc. based on
the Base Bid plus alternate 1 for a
total amount of $58,941.50. All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Geyen, to adopt Resolution
#R-2015-21 approving the plans and
specifications for the 2016 Hangar
Area Pavement Improvement and authorize obtaining quotes. All present
voted in favor.
Geyen/Lauer, to approve the Contract
with Maple Lake Vet Clinic for stray
dog impounding. All present voted in
Kissock/Jude, to adopt Resolution
#R2015-22 approving the $985 dollar
transfer from the Park Fund to the

May 19 Minutes
The regular meeting of the Maple
Lake Township Board was called to

order by Chairman Gerry Giebenhain

at 7 p.m. Supervisors Ronald Wolff
and Tom Neumann, Treasurer Judy
Neumann, and Clerk Dick Hogan
were present.
The minutes of the April 21 meeting were read by Chairman Giebenhain. As no additions or corrections
were noted, a motion was offered by
Neumann, seconded by Wolff, to accept as read. Carried 3-0.
Chairman Giebenhain opened the
hearing for the alteration of Donnelly
Drive. Mike Couri, Town attorney,
gave a brief update on the history of
the alteration and the purpose of this
hearing, which is vacate the first proposal and adopt a new alteration
Paul Otto, Otto Associates, reviewed the construction detail of the
new proposal and answered questions from the board as to total estimated construction cost, soil
sampling, bonding and retainer funds.
A motion was offered by Wolff,
seconded by Giebenhain, to accept
Resolution 2015-04 to vacate the first
realignment and replace it with a new
easement in the same general area.
Carried 3-0.
A motion to approve Resolution
2015-02 approving replacement cost
coverage on Township buildings by
Giebenhain, seconded by Wolff. Carried 3-0.
A motion to accept Resolution
2015-03 approving an increased
property and casualty deductible from
$100 to $1,000 by Giebenhain, seconded by Neumann. Carried 3-0.
All warrants were paid as presented.
As no additional business was
brought before the board, Chairman
Giebenhain adjourned the regular
meeting at 8:45 p.m.
Dick Hogan, Clerk
Maple Lake Township

moval will also need to be taken

into account when discussing a
final cost estimate.
This report will be used as a
concept plan for development of
the site, and its information will be
shared with the planning commission, development group and
other interested parties to gather
input and feedback. As is financially practical, Gravel recommended that the city obtain
additional information about the
site, including geotechnical information, a site survey, title work
and a wetland delineation, and
discuss options regarding property
valuation and acquisition.
A smaller report was also written on a possible industrial site on
County Road 37 north of the airport as a priority site for further investigation. The 77-acre parcel
also contains some areas of hydric
soils and wetlands. For planning
purposes, it is estimated that the
net buildable area would be 50 to
60 percent of the gross area. The

site is at the far reaches of the

citys ultimate sanitary sewer and
water service area, and on a temporary basis could receive sanitary
sewer with a lift station and force
main. These off-site improvements will cost $1 million to $1.2
million. On-site costs to extend an
industrial road, sewer and water
are approximated in the range of
$1.1 million to $1.4 million.
Agreed to fill and grade property at 116 Division St., the site of
a former floral shop and future
home of Tricia Manuels Costume
Shoppe, to amend ongoing
drainage issues that have continued despite previous efforts to alleviate the problem with asphalt
Approved a consent agenda
that included a donation of $4,000
for fireworks from the Maple
Lake Lions.
Adopted a resolution to rename the airport field in recognition of the work that Bill
Mavencamp Sr. put into making

the airport what it is today. The

airport will henceforth be known
as Maple Lake Municipal Airport
Bill Mavencamp Sr. Field.
Heard from city clerk Lee
Ann Yager that rained-out fireworks intended for the 125th anniversary celebration will be shot
off Friday, August 14, at dusk before the Movie on Birch. Anniversary videos, T-shirts and buttons
are still available for sale, with
more information to be found on
the citys website.
Agreed that in the event of
minimal action required in any
month over this summer, the
council will conduct a workshop
on the first Tuesday of the month,
saving action items for the third
Tuesday of the month. Notification of meetings containing action
items will be posted publicly one
week prior to each council meeting.
The councils next meeting is
scheduled for Tuesday, July 7, at
7 p.m.

Beach Fund per the request of the

Lions. All present voted in favor.
Kissock/Lauer, to adopt Resolution
#R2015-23 amending the City Code,
15.20B for Sunday sales beginning at
8:00 am, and remove the 18 year old
employment restriction under 15.21B,
remove 18 year old, and tabled other
items for a future meeting. All present
voted in favor.
A motion was m/s/p, Northenscold/Jude, to approve the installation
of 2 electrical receptacles from S&P
Electric at a cost of $3,700.05. All
present voted in favor.
Jude/Kissock, to authorize Pay Request #3 in the amount of $2,000 to
Gertkin Brothers, and not pay the remaining $2,500 until the work is acceptable, opposed Geyen and
Northenscold. The motion carried.
Lauer/Kissock, to take the 3 month
average of water bills for those residents in the affected property area,
and use that as an average for the
next 3 months, only if their water bill
increases which shows they are watering, and to include this information
on the next notice to the project area.
Kissock/Geyen, to schedule Council
meetings on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
of the month, and to cancel the first
meeting if there is no business. All
present voted in favor.
A motion was m/s/p, Northenscold/Jude, to adjourn the meeting at
9:35 p.m. All present voted in favor.
City Clerk/Treasurer

continued from page 3

In other items on the June 6
agenda, the board:
* Adopted resolutions supporting applications to the Greater
Minnesota Regional Parks and
Trails Commission to have
Collinwood Park and Campground and Otsego Parks as regional parks. The state has begun
recognizing parks as being of regional or statewide significance.
Getting the parks designated as
regional parks would open up
grant funding opportunities for
both state and federal park grant
* Approved filling a maintenance position in the highway department. The opening resulted
from a highway maintenance
worker who transferred to the sign
division, creating the job vacancy.
* Referred to the technology
committee discussion of the committees charter and mission statement and guidelines for
evaluating technology-related
* Approved a plat for the reconstruction of CSAH 35 at the
intersection of Co. Rd. 134 and
Calder Avenue in Buffalo Town-

ship. The construction project is

slated to take place in the summer
of 2016.
* Adopted a resolution authorizing eviction actions against several properties that recently went
into tax forfeiture to the State of
Minnesota. Most of the properties
are vacant, but some of them are
occupied. Those people who are
staying on the properties will be
informed that they have to leave
and the eviction process is viewed
as a last resort to get the properties
sold and back on the tax rolls.
* Approved the conveyance of
an outlet parcel to the members of
the Davis Mississippi Cove
Homeowners Association. The
parcel was originally slated to be
part of the project as an outlot to
be used as a common area and
open space area for the development. But, when the housing bubble burst in 2008, the developer
stopped work on the project and
never turned the parcel over to the
homeowners association. It recently went into tax forfeit,
prompting the homeowners association to ask to purchase the

City Council
continued from page 1
Based on the available information used for the preparation of
this report, the site appears to be
developable, Gravel said. The site
does not appear to be much different than portions of existing developed property to the west of
Spruce Avenue. Some of the positive aspects to the site include the
proximity of Spruce Avenue and
existing municipal utilities. Sewer
and water stubs have been provided to the site. Some of the negative aspects of the site include
soil issues, anticipated wetland
areas and drainage concerns. A
concept plan includes land for
public right-of-way, storm water
ponding, wetlands and developable lots. Based on the concept
plan, the site could yield approximately 38.6 net developable acres.
Estimated construction cost to
build an east-west street and associated support utilities is about
$1.19 million. Additional costs for
items such as land acquisition,
soils correction and building re-

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June 24, 2015

Accident at County Road 8 and Division St.

On Monday, June 22, the
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intersection of County Road 8
and Division Street in Maple
Lake at 6:39 p.m.
Jared Hauer, age 21, of
Clearwater, was traveling

north on County Road 8 in his

Chevy pickup when he entered
the intersection and struck a
Pontiac Grand Prix. The driver
of the Pontiac, Katie Hetzler,
age 28, of Maple Lake, was
traveling east bound on Division when the accident oc-

Hetzler was transported by
the Maple Lake Fire Department Ambulance to Allina
Hospital for precautionary
measures. Hauer was cited
with fail to yield right of way
and released at the scene.

(Photos by Bob Zimmerman)

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