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Society for Promoting Values with Integrity in Buddhist Lifestyle


- Our Essential Companion for Life in 21 st Century

Its more than 2500 years that Buddha enlightened the world and he is still a

shining star on the horizons of human quest for quality existence in this Universe.
For we Indians, it was Dr. Babasahebs strong commitment to the cause of
emancipation of the most underprivileged strata i.e. us, which brought us in

contact with Buddha. But how far have we been successful in making this contact
seamless? Answer is, we are still trying: a few, quiet consciously with integrity and

dynamism, some quiet emotionally, some opportunistically, and some are on the
verge of breaking the fragile contact. Our article will focus on first category, which

is working with integrity and dynamism. If this category successfully makes our
attachment and contact with Buddha seamless, many others are bound to change
for good. Those who wont, as true Buddhist, we will forgive them for their

ignorance but will remain cautious so that history doesnt repeat and we are back
to our primal existence as suffered by forefathers.

Before we embark to decide our essential requirements to face the challenges in

21 Century, lets understand what we mean by seamless. The word means smooth

and continuous. By this we essentially mean, pragmatic, and humane teachings of

Buddha, which Babasaheb brought out from the clutches of the traditional
theologists who had declared him to be incarnation. Babasahebs magnum opus

Buddha and His Dhamma carves out a humane in Buddha whose quest for life
was more logical, rational and scientifically oriented. This was what Buddha was

when he was transforming the society with his discourses and methodology of
ehipassiko come and see. Thus Babasaheb gave the seamless contact design with

What challenges we are facing this century to translate Buddhas essential

teachings to make seamless contact with him? How can we be richer in mental
capacity, thought process, compassionate living, and materially to sustain ourselves

with dignity? We think, essentially we will have to tread our path to build our
younger generation with following considerations:


1. Educating







mathematics, analytical thinking, critical thinking and most

importantly integrated thinking: Whether we learn Arts, Science,

Medicine, Commerce, or Engineering, educating through these skills will orient
our younger generation thinking scientifically and mindfully oriented. Isnt

it on the lines of Buddhas mind training approach?










disruptive beings by focusing on the Good by doing more and

preaching less: This essentially requires love, compassion and empathy to be

active and conscious in our minds all the time but at the same time cautious
about unchanging but hidden enemies. Was it not Buddhas approach

in building relationships with humans around?

3. Strengthening the democratic process by actively pursuing to be a

conscious citizen aware of duties, responsibilities, and rights:

Constitutional democracy will require such strong citizens at this time in this

century as never before otherwise we will have again Manusmirti implemented

fully in democratic garb. Was it not Buddhas respect for democratic

process, which strengthened Buddhas Sangha?

4. Keeping away from vices like liquor and other addictions: As any

intoxicants (liquor, tobacco, etc.) addictions numbs rational thinking and

conscious decision making reducing overall performances. We want fully awake
and consistent performers on socio-politico-economic fronts and that too on
increasing scales. That is why Buddha so vehemently opposed

intoxication, isnt it?

5. Rising above the identities of caste, clan, community, region and

contributing to the well-being of larger masses: No other time in the

history of India it is needed to rise above narrow identities and work to build

up Indian identity, the Bhartiya identity bound in the democratic

constitutional web. Was it not work of Buddha which spread across

the world, eastern world during ancient times and now western

Working actively on these action points, will help us build seamless

transformation on Buddhas path and rise as richer individual and society in 21st
century. Why not ehipassiko come and see?

This article is the work of School of Buddhist Studies, Pradnya
Prabodhini and prepared for Pradnya Prathishthan on Buddhist
Cultural initiatives for Scientific Buddhism as enunciated by Babasaheb.
Occasion: Buddha Jayanti Celebration