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Climate crisis (holes in the sky, the greenhouse effect,

acid rain).
It is generally acknowledged that the degradation of the natural
environment is one of the greatest threats to our planet. Almost all countries
have to struggle with ecological problems.
On all continents, many urban agglomerations cannot cope with the air
pollution caused by the automobile and industrialization. Forests are dying
because of the excessive emissions of sulphur and nitrogen into the atmosphere
and acid rain. At the same time, farmers pollute the soil and render it barren by
their overuse of pesticides and fertilizers. The reckless and uncontrolled clearing
of the rainforests has serious consequences for the climate the greenhouse
effect. It also causes the destruction of the natural habitat for much of the wildlife
and the extinction of numerous species of plants and animals.
The disastrous consequences of deforestation and the contamination of the
air, water and soil are hard to imagine. Nowadays, rapid climate change can be
observed caused by global warming, itself a result of the increased emissions of
heat-trapping gases into the air, especially carbon dioxide. The implications of
climate change are anomalies in the worlds weather systems with rising sea
levels, violent rainstorms, widespread flooding, drought and tropical cyclones.
Another problem is the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere, the so
called ozone hole caused by chloro-fluoro-carbons which are used in
refrigerators and air-conditioners. The thinning of the ozone layer is resulting in
increased ultra-violet radiation which, in turn, is bringing about serious health
problems such as skin cancer and blindness.
If the destruction of natural environment continues, life on earth may be
seriously endangered. Therefore, it is high time that more attention was paid to
ecological issues. Any measure undertaken to counteract the spoiling of the
environment is meaningful. We should remember that failing to protect nature
will ultimately be costlier than preserving it.

What do you think are the greatest wonders of the

Modern Word?

Today people live in the world full of ideas and inventions. I think that some
of these we can call the miracles of modern world.
I think that the biggest invention is the Internet. It allows people to
communicate with each other rapidly. Besides, it gives us a lot of information, fun
and entertainment.
The other magnificent achievement are planes. Thanks to them we can
travel around the world in very fast and comfortable way. Moreover, when we fly
above the clouds we can feel like birds.
I think that monumental buildings are also a kind of miracle. A lot of people
work to build for example a high skyscraper. Thanks to them appear beautiful
buildings which show how incredible things a human being can create.
Mobile phone is the other world wonder. It is a small but very clever device.
Tanks to them we can communicate from any place on the globe. Furthermore,
today mobile phones possess also cameras, mp3 players and other functions
which give us a lot of entertainment.
I think that the biggest human achievement is progress in medicine. In the
past people were dying with different diseases such as flu or tuberculosis which
now we can cure in one hundred percent. Besides, today we know vaccines which
prevent us from dangerous illnesses. Specialized tests help doctors give the true
diagnosis even in a very early phase. Thanks to medicine development people
today live longer and healthier.
On balance, I can say that all these things which Ive mentioned are
remarkable and make our life better. They really deserve to call them marvelous
miracles of the world .









In modern world more and more people forget abort different things. Our
memory is becoming weak. Our lifestyle is mainly responsible for that.
We live in a world where everything is going very fast. We are always in a
hurry. People run after work, money and education so they often forget about
doing even basic things because they focus on more important things.
Another reason for our forgetfulness is stress. Our life now is very stressful. A
lot of people are afraid of losing their job and money. They have too much

problems. This kind of stress has negative influence on our nervous system,
causing also problems with our memory.
What is more, modern nutrition like eating fast foods, crisps and products
with high amount of fats and cholesterol has bed influence on our organism. As a
in result it harms our memory and causes illnesses.
Moreover, we have learnt that our mobile phones can remind us about certain
things. It remembers about our plans and what we are going to do so we dont
have to worry. As a result, our memory is fainter. Besides, we read less books
which develop our imagination and also our memory. Furthermore, we dont have
to remember some information because we can search it in the Internet. We are
used to finding everything there so weve stopped remembering a lot of things.
On balance, I can say that our lifestyle hasnt good influence on our memory.
It causes that we forget about many things. We should use our memory more
often. We must develop and train it. We have to store information in our mind. If
we dont do it , it can have bad results.


The computers then present world are very a important part of our life.
They are designed for work and fun. They are used to control a lot of complicated
devices which make our life easier. Are there none negative sides of computers?
First of all I would like to point that computers make us able to do a lot of
activities without leaving our home or workplace. By connecting to the Internet,
we can do shopping, manage our bank account and chat with our friends, who
are many miles away from us.
On the other hand people often talk via the Internet with people they may
meet in real life. Instead of meeting them in chat rooms, they should grab a beer
with their friends.
The next positive thing about the computer is that we can save a lot of
time which we can lose on traveling. We can do a lot of things without leaving a
room. By saving time we also save our money.
The second negative thing about the computers is that you can become
addicted to it. Some people can waste their time by playing video games for long
long hours. Those people are often obese because they dont have time for any
type of physical exercise.

In my opinion computers are very useful in everyday life but only for
people, who know how to use them. The Internet is a great source of information
and can be helpful for studying, but also it is full of violence and pornography. We
shouldnt relay on computers all the time. We have to remember that sometimes
traditional methods are better than modern ones.

What are stress makers? How to cope with stress in

everyday life?
Stress makers are situations which create a sort of destabilization in
human body. Every human being has different stress makers. Psychologist make
a list of things that make stress. Situations which are on the top of that list are as
follows: divorce then illness, pregnancy, death of a close person, change of work,
exam and more. In psychology we have tree major stress fazes. The alarm faze
when a person tries to fit to a new situation, problem. The bunt-muting faze when
a person tries to fight whit stress makers. Lost faze the exhaust faze when a
person doesnt know what to do and cant find a way out of the situation, this
faze may cause changes in human psyche. Stress is the most dangerous situation
for human life thats why in everyday life we must cope with stress.
The first style is to concentrate on a stress maker, to know every thing
about it and try to solve the stress situation. This style is known as the most
building to human psyche.
The second style is to avoid the stress maker, a person denies that the situation
is stressful. This style is devastating for human psyche.
In salvation of a stressful situation a lot of adrenalin which is called the hormone
of stress concentrates in human body. This makes mussels strain and brain
concentrate thats why people need to get rid of the adrenaline. The best for this
is to practice sports. When a sweating human being is getting rid of adrenalin and
strain, tiredness of the body makes the mind clear. A relaxing massage or
meeting with friends is also a good way to cope with stress.
The most important thing in coping with stress though, is to make your
own style of getting rid of it.

Emails- is it a good form of communication? Pros and


Ten years ago, e-mails were not much accessible to an ordinary man in the
street. Our grandmothers, aunts, even mothers communicated with other people
using letters. Hence, it would be fair to answer the question of whether this new
invention has more pros than cons.
First of all, posting letters electronically is fast. No matter where one is
sending one's message from whether it is from squalid town or from the big city
it takes only seconds or, at most, minutes to send an e-mail.
Secondly, sending messages via the Internet is very simple. The most
difficult thing seems browsing through the offers of thousands of providers both
domestic and foreign trying to outdo one another in accommodating needs of
their clients. Moreover, it is quite easy to store ones e-mails as their size is
relatively small.
Thirdly, electronic mail is cheap. Leaving the Internet connection fee aside,
it basically costs nothing. Unlike telephone calls, the distance does not matter to
e-mail users. Messages sent to London, Tokyo, or to New York are not charged
extra. In addition to this, electronic nature of the messages means that we do not
have to bother buying stamps or envelopes.
On the other hand, using electronic mail deprives one of the pleasure of
opening a drawer and finding the old letter from best friend or family. This is truly
What is more, standard letters are more durable owing to the fact that no
blue screen crash is a threat to the place in which they are kept. Besides this,
they are not liable to any Internet connection cuts.
To conclude, e-mail is definitely more convenient than its traditional
counterpart. Not only sending electronic messages is cheaper but also safer as
each text processor is equipped with spell check tool. However, one has to
remember that traditional letters are still in use and certainly give pleasure to the

What are social effects of addictions?

These days many people are addicted to many kinds of substances. What are
social effects of addictions?
First of all, the social problems arising from alcoholism can be massive and are
caused in part due to the serious pathological changes induced in the brain from
prolonged alcohol misuse /abuse and partly because of the intoxicating effects of

alcohol. Being drunk or hung over during work hours can result in loss of
employment, which can lead to financial problems including the loss of living
quarters. Drinking at inappropriate times, and behavior caused by reduced
judgment, can lead to legal consequences, such as criminal charges for drunk
driving or public disorder, or civil penalties. An alcoholic's behavior and mental
impairment while drunk can profoundly impact surrounding family and friends,
possibly leading to marital conflict and divorce, or contributing to domestic
violence. This can contribute to lasting damage to the emotional development of
the alcoholic's children, even after they reach adulthood. The alcoholic could
suffer from loss of respect from others who may see the problem as self-inflicted
and easily avoided.
Secondly, smoking, primarily of tobacco, is an activity that is practiced by some
1.1 billion people, and up to 1/3 of the adult population. The image of the smoker
can vary considerably, but is very often associated, especially in fiction, with
individuality and aloofness. Even so, smoking of both tobacco and cannabis can
be a social activity which serves as a reinforcement of social structures and is
part of the cultural rituals of many and diverse social and ethnic groups. Many
smokers begin smoking in social settings and the offering and sharing of a
cigarette is often an important rite of initiation or simply a good excuse to start a
conversation with strangers in many settings; in bars, night clubs, at work or on
the street. Lighting a cigarette is often seen as an effective way of avoiding the
appearance of idleness or mere loitering. For adolescents, it can function as a
first step out of childhood or as an act of rebellion against the adult world. Other
than recreational drug use, it can be used to construct identity and a
development of self-image by associating it with personal experiences connected
with smoking. The rise of the modern anti-smoking movement in the late 19th
century did more than create awareness of the hazards of smoking; it provoked
reactions of smokers against what was, and often still is, perceived as an assault
on personal freedom and has created an identity among smokers as rebels or
To sum up, addicts harm themselves and their families.


I think the money is the most important thing at this moment in word.
When we haven't got any money we can't do anything. We can't go to school. We
can't travel. We can't eat. We can't normally life. People saying is the most
important thing is health. Yes, I agree that, but what can I be health, when I
haven't got money for food and pills. Health is important, but we can't be healthy

Today when you have money you may have everything. You can be

everyone who you invent. You can buy your education, your position. When the
money get in to the game the rules isn't important. All things are going down in
next plane. You can be the best person to doing some thing or get some place,
but when you haven't got some cash or contacts you are in second plane.
In my live the most important things are fun, grow up and my hobby. I can't
having that fun what I like because I'm limited for a money. I don't have soo much
cash to doing things what I like. My hobby is very expensive, growing up and
having fun are too. When I would to doing what I want to do I must be working 30








Money ruled the world. That question is right, but we must don't turn off
for that.

Globalization. Pros and cons.

Globalization in literal sense is the process of transformation of local or
regional into global ones. It can be described as a process by which the people of
the world are unified into a single society and function together. This process is a
combination of economic, technological, socio-cultural and political forces.
There are a many pros and cons of globalization. First, I want to say about
pros which are as follows Now there is a worldwide market for the companies
and for the people. There is more access to products of different countries.
Another good point to due to the presence of a worldwide market, there is an
increase in the production sector. Many companies have new possibility. Since we
share financial interests, corporate and governments are trying to sort out
ecological problems for each other. There is a lot of technological development
that we have undergone over the years. But there are as many cons as pros,
which are as follows Europeans are losing their jobs. That is posing a problem
for them since the companies are outsourcing work to the Asian countries. They
do that because the cost of labor is low in countries where is a lot of people.

Some experts think that globalization is leading to the negative effects for
example social degeneration. The richer companies can do everything, because
they have a lot of money and dont afraid defeat. That dont give a chance for
small corporation which start their activity. Changing currency is very important
for countries. This is good idea for tourists. But it could stop economic
development and increase in unemployment like in Germany after receiving euro.
I think there are many pros and cons. Globalization depends on many deciding
factors if it gives more negative things it could mean this country doesnt need
any more integration.

Fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers and

There are many reasons why Fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers
and magazines nowadays.
To begin with, many people look for information in the Internet as it is the fastest
and easiest way to get it. Newspapers are published once a day and there is no
way to update any information. What is more, newspapers are troublesome.
Firstly to get them we need to go to a shop or a news-stand and we have hope
that they still have our desired title and pay for it. After reading our newspaper
we need to get rid of it so it means more rubbish in our household. That is
another reason why the Internet wins again. Last but not least, more and more
newspapers and magazines manage their own web site where you can find the
electronic version of your favorite newspaper or magazine. What is more, there is
usually some additional information that you cannot find in a regular newspaper.
This is a cheaper solution for the publishers to have a greater number of readers.
To sum up, I think that in the future newspapers will be less popular and
published in smaller quantities just to satisfy traditionalist who want to feel slep
of paper during reading the information.

What charities and charitable causes are most and least

Charity is an organization that helps people who are poor sick in difficulties
etc. Charities differ from other activities and goods because the goals of
most charities are practically infinite (i.e. to eliminate poverty) but no
personal appetite or activity is infinite, as diminishing marginal utility sets
in when buying another bookcase or in the third hour of visiting with the
same friend. There are so many starving children to feed even if you feed
one, there are thousands more. No major charity is large enough to help
enough people to the extent that the dollars reach diminishing marginal
utility. Landsburg uses economic principles to argue that we should be
monogamous in our charitable contributions. We can also use economic
principles to consider difficult questions, such as how much we should give
to charity and how to choose the (one) charity to donate to.
Even after deciding how much to give to a charity, what criteria should be
used to decide which is the most deserving? Is it better to give to a charity
that is working to eliminate Alzheimer's disease, or cancer, or feed
starving children in Africa? Should more effort be given to curing disease
that affect children, or those that affect adults or seniors? Senior citizens
have less life left anyway, but have contributed to society the longest;
adults produce the most for society; children "have their whole lives in
front of them". Should we give the same value to the three years of life
from 70 to 73 as we do from 20 to 23?
Perhaps there should be less research on some kinds of diseases and more
on others, but should we choose those that are debilitating, that kill
quickly, or slowly? Maybe instead of medical research, the money should
be completely given to education, which helps people improve their own
lives. But then do we educate in the slums of America? Ireland? India?
What is the right balance between food and education in Africa? Without
food they will starve; without education they will continue to need donated
food. Should warring countries get more or less aid? Of what type? How do
we measure the benefits to society? Perhaps sending food and teachers to

Africa is useless until the governments are established that want to help
citizens. Monies might be better spent on political charities which strive for
stable, non-corrupt governments before food and education.
Its really hard to say which charities are most and least deserving. Each of
us has to decide in his own conscience whom he wants to help.

What are the annoing bag habits and how to fight

them ?
Everyone has a habit and same addiction that they would like to quit for
health or other reasons. The bad habits can be moor such as: drinking
coffeine bererages or other soft drugs.
Peple who use this condiment need professional help from doctors and
therapists. They need support from family and friends.
I think that a really bad habits is smoking cigarettes because they have
destructive influence on health, they destroy lungs and they can cause a
heart attack
One way to quit this addiction is to tell friend and all addicted aquiutauces
what we are trying to do. We must tell them to stop smoking in our
preseuce. If they dont agree we should spend a few weeks alone. This
metod helps to survive tiring days. We have to be careful in order not to be
tempted because this can destroy our palan.
Next method is to talk with a professional doctor. He can give us
preseription for a medicine.
The third way to quit these bah habit is haveing strong will. We cant give
up anh we have to belive in own strengths.
I thin tht ale thes methods are good but we will sucsed if we apply any of
these methods.

Generation gap.
The generation gap is the inability of both the young and the old to









overprotective and conservative, while parents regard the young as

immature and unreasonable. This is why many fantastic ideas meet with
disapproval. This is also why many potential a great works of genius are
given up and wasted. And what about all the broken hearts; deeply hurt,



Teenagers spend most of their time looking for their identity. Their parents,
however, too often hinder this search, making an enormous effort to
impose their own ideas and models on the young. Unfortunately, these
ideas are sometimes controversial, though coming from the bottom of the
heart. Then the target is missed. This often result in playing truant,






How can this problem be solved? What steps should be taken there?
First of all, children and parents should spend more time together in order
to understand one another better. If it is to be game, then there will be no
winners. A nice, friendly chat will help to explain what they feel and
Parents should treat their children as partners; not as disobedient, naughty
kids. They should not neglect their children's needs, interests, plans and
expectations. Parents ought to follow the proverb: Actions speak louder
than words"' then children should have respect for the traditions and
customs their parents have always cherished. Young people must express
their own judgement, unless this judgement is an empty show of their
independence. Both the old and the young should remember that a bad
compromise is better than a good lawsuit". The family which creates the
atmosphere of security and understanding guarantees the development of







Let's do our best to make families real bastions of friendship, love,




Capital punishment cheapens the value of human life.

Do you agree??
Capital punishment was used in the UK until 1965, and I still used in
some states in the US. Politicians in the US and the UK disagree about
whether capital punishment should be allowed. Some people believe it is
morally wrong to kill a criminal, no matter what they have done. Others
believe that capital punishment is morally right if it is used for punishing
murderers. In the US, people who do not support the death penalty often
protest outside the prison, where a criminal is about to be killed.
By the cheapening of life we understand the paraphrase of the standard
argument: "By giving the impression that human beings sometimes have
the right to kill, fosters a casual attitude toward evils such as abortion,
suicide, and euthanasia." We can observe that many earnest opponents of
these other deeds are earnest supporters of capital punishment, for they
realize that the rights of the guilty and innocent are not the same. Ive got
to disagree with the main idea held in the topics subject. We cant say,
that its always wrong to kill a guilty, but we can say, that its always
wrong to kill an innocent. The punishment should depend on the
Many people ask, How dare we play God?; Who gives us the right to kill
a man? My answer is that we dare not. Its a dreadful matter to kill a man,
but its also dreadful to lock in a hole away from his family especially if
hes convicted to be imprisoned for life. Such powers are given to those
who hold the public authority, and their conscience decide about the
future of the charged man.

What problems can large scale immigrations cause? Use

the example of the USA

The melting pot is an analogy for the way in which heterogeneous

societies become more homogeneous, in which the ingredients in the pot
(people of different cultures, races and religions) are combined so as to
develop a multi-ethnic society. The term, which originates from the United
States, is often used to describe societies experiencing large scale
immigration from many different countries. In the 19 th century large
number of Europeans, especially Italians and Irish people came to US as
immigrants. They left their home countries because they could not get
work there, or because they were treated badly because of their religious
or political beliefs. Immigration is often also caused by wars, hunger or job.
Many people came to live in the US because they saw it as the land of
opportunity, a place where they could become rich and successful.
Today there are strict rules preventing people from going to live in the US
and the UK, and unless one of their parents is from there, they are married
to us citizen, or they are bringing a large amount of money with them. It is
very difficult for someone to live in either country permanently.
Immigration can cause some problems. Firstly, immigrants represent other
countries, cultures and races. Those differences take effects in normal life.
Immigrants are often not accepted by people who lived in the country for
many years. Its hard for immigrants to get a part of society. Many
immigrants are illegal, they cant get a legal job, so they try to make
money in illegal way. Such people dont pay taxes, or even get money
from crimes. Immigrants often come to other country and they dont have
a place where they could stay for long. They live in the cheapest places,
and thats how are slums coming into being. Slums are usually places
where crime and poverty are usual.
The original idea of melting pot assumed assimilation of the western
culture and habits by newcomers. In reality it didnt happen completely.
Some habits and ideas from American society where taken but not all.
Immigrants wanted to keep part of their culture, this caused more
differences, and made impossible creation of completely homogenous