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Janice Wolk Grenadier

15 West Spring Street

Alexandria, Virginia 22301
June 24, 2015
U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics
220 Hart Building
United States Senate
Washington D.C. 20510
Re: On or around May 24, 2015 a letter with attachments showing the collusion of Senator Mark
Warner his involvement in Judicial, Government and with Elected Officials corruption in the State of
Virginia was hand delivered to this committee.. That Janice Wolk Grenadier was jailed from October
22, 2014 thru November 12, 2014 - 22 days in jail, 14 days in solitaire confinement released from
solitaire confinement at 5:00 pm election day November 4, 2015 to maliciously silence me from
exposing e-mails between myself and Senator Mark Warners office.
That today the attached shows further possible involvement of Corruption of the Federal Courts in the
State of Virginia and the Oblivious Obstruction of Justice due to Social, Economic and Religious
prejudices against Janice Wolk Grenadier and others.
Dear Chairman Isakson and Vice Chairwomen Boxer:
Please find attached the following Documents to be entered into the file and shows further Corruption,
Obstruction of Justice, Due Process to me and many others:
1. Denied Motion for New Evidence / that shows motive of BWW Law Group to Claim ownership
of alleged Loan and to ignore the Foreclosure date of OCWEN.
2. Motion to Vacate all Orders by JUDGE LEONI M. BRINKMA
Due to lack of Personal Jurisdiction with 4 out of 5 of her personal investments from 2003
linked to banks that deal in Mortgages or to Investment firms that deal in Mortgage back
Securities or the US Treasury used to Bail out the Mortgage Crisis
That this Motion be heard by the Chief Judge of this Circuit or a Judge that does not have a
Personal or Financial Conflict
3. Motion to immediately have a SPECIAL GRAND JURY convened for Investigation into the
Criminal Acts and Actions by this Court, Judges, Attorneys
Investigation to be by a Non-Partisan Group of Citizens with Plaintiff being allowed to Testify to
the criminal acts of the Judiciary, Government and Elected Officials

Motion to be heard by the Chief Judge of this Court on July 10, 2015
I have demanded a Special Grand Jury be convened to investigate misconduct and violation of
laws by the Defendants, the Judiciary, the Government, Elected Officials, and this courts actions in
the above case, and case No 1:11 - cv - 1136 where Plaintiff was denied access to Justice, in this
court for financially not being able to afford the filing fee. To include the actions in the Lee Farkas et
al trial including the actions of this court against Paul Allen , Raymond Bowman 1:11 c 118 - LMB, Lee
Bentley Farkas, Desiree Brown 1:11 cr 84 -LMB, Catherine Kissick 1:11 cv 88 LMB, Sean
Ragland, and Teresa Kelly and the Case Shapiro & Burson vs Westport Insurance Co.(1:12 cv 70
LMB/JFA) not all case numbers known. That where fitting, Indict for prosecution and conviction for
violation of Due Process Rights of Citizens of the United States of America and any and all other
criminal acts and actions that have been violated by this court et al.
The Basic Liberty of Due Process has been violated. The basic liberty that our Flag stands for
and here is where the standard of Liberty is set for the rest of the World. It is under the Oath that
each Judge has taken that this heavy burden lies on your shoulders to protect the Rights of each and
every American Citizen. That the Appearance of Justice is just as important as Justice itself.
Wherefore I have requested this Special Grand Jury to be immediately put into action to investigate
the appearance of the criminal actions in this Court house et al and for others. The Special Grand
Jury is due to the peculiar nature and lack of federal and state oversight. The appearance is
the Judiciary, the Government and Elected Officials in policing themselves has given them virtually
unlimited authority, discretion, and few reviewable questions of law for appeal. There is little to no
federal oversight through civil rights actions. Many federal courts have abstained from accepting
even when they assert violations of federal civil rights laws, and state actors regularly assert
immunities under the Eleventh Amendment or personal immunities for judicial or quasi-judicial
activities. That the entire industry has set its own best practices to incorporate fraud and extortion
as relevant standard of care. The industry regards itself as untouchable by its own vulnerable client
The result of this unusual absence of checks and balances has become a perfect storm of
unchecked power, absence of meaningful oversight, and financially-motivated professionals who
operate the systemlawyers, city/ county-level bureaucrats, none of whom are open to input from
litigants. Litigants encounter the system as a revolving door process with short term goals. There is
no longer term litigant-side input to protect the legal and ethical integrity of the processes which
deployed and policed by the system operators themselves. The resulting exploitation ruins the
American Citizen and there families while enriching attorneys, governments, elected officials and
judges who administer the processes they, and they alone, created.
I look forward to setting a meeting with your committee.
Janice Wolk Grenadier * * @ProSeAm