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By Elisa Cecchi (ANSA - Arte, cultura, intrattenimento) 10/04/2012

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(ANSA) - Rome, April 10 - Not many people can boast of having been raised in a house where a long list of

11 aprile 2012 | in Partnership

prominent contemporary artists, from Germany's sculptor and painter Joseph Beuys to US composer John Cage

Fontana Arte + La Fabbrica Lenta

and John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono, were regular guests, sometimes even doubling up as "babysitters".
Giovanni Bonotto, now in his forties, can. This upbringing "has deeply influenced my way of thinking and seeing
things," he said in a recent interview with ANSA. Which is why Bonotto is averse to concepts such as 'business
administration' and 'just-in-time', a peculiar condition for a man at the helm of a 100-year-old company, the
Bonotto based in Veneto's prosperous town of Molvena, with 200 employees and an annual turnover of 37 million
euros. That is also the reason why Giovanni Bonotto has invented a highly unconventional concept for an

10 aprile 2012 | in Rassegna Stampa

30 marzo 2012 | in Rassegna Stampa
La moderna bottega Rinascimentale di Giovanni

industrialist, that of 'slow factory' - competing "with the breaks on" to produce quality rather than quantity - which
has enabled his company to brave the stormy seas of textile in recent years and look at 2012 with forecasts of a
14 percent hike in revenues.
Founded by Luigi Bonotto as a hat maker with clients including Ernest Hemingway, the company was converted
to textile in 1972 and numbered as clients top designers including Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre'. It has been
led by his grandson Giovanni Bonotto for the past fifteen years. Bonotto travels extensively, from Morocco to


Chile, to find the best raw materials, including the wools of Yaks in Tibet and cashmere from Mongolia, China,


Iran and Afghanistan which is 'cooked' in a special 'kitchen' he has devised to create the most stunning texture

Rassegna Stampa

and colours - big 'pots' are used to full wools with Masi Amarone wine, smoke them with the tobacco used to
make Tuscan cigars or dye them with Illy coffee. The 'kitchen' also makes a magnificent 'ribollita' with Rigoni di
Asiago blackberries. Fabrics are manufactured on old machinery from the 1950s and 60s, when Italy's textile was


at its helm and craftsmanship was still essential, and cottons are worked on old looms, some of them from
"Our methods are not very orthodox," said Bonotto. "I have always viewed most of our competitors as big
photocopiers producing standard products, always researching the most advanced technologies to cut down
costs at the expense of quality." So when Bonotto took charge he invented the concept of 'slow factory' to
"recuperate the culture of handmade." "People made fun of me at the beginning because I would travel around

Aprile 2012 (2)

textile districts where so many companies were folding and buy disused machinery from the 50s and 60," noted

Marzo 2012 (2)

the entrepreneur, who learnt how to use every machine in his factory and used to live in a small apartment inside

Febbraio 2012 (4)

the plant in his twenties so he could learn more. "With the technologies we have recuperated, the worker's
craftsmanship is an essential part of the industrial process, which has an extraordinary impact on the final

Gennaio 2012 (14)

product, in the fabric's weave and surface," said Bonotto, who is credited as a Renaissance man by sociologist

Dicembre 2011 (1)

Francesco Murace in his book 'The third Renaissance'. "All our 200 workers are master craftsmen."

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La moderna bottega Rinascimentale di Giovanni

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