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For Laura Mahler pure light and beauty MAY THE ROAD RISE TO MEET YOU Refrain: Trad. Irish blessing Music: Lori True Verses: based on Ecclesiastes 3:2-8; adapt. L.T. rise to meet you. May the wind Background and Liturgical Use: This is a communal setting of the popular Trish Blessing, intertwined with verses inspired from Ecclesiastes. This piece has several possibilities for use in liturgical and non-liturgical gatherings. The refrain could be used alone without verses as a final blessing at a variety of liturgies; and the refrain combined with verses could be used at weddings, funerals, graduations, celebrations of ministry, or any celebration where a blessing or “sending forth” is called for. Performance: This piece deserves a careful and intentional tenderness without becoming overly sentimental, Best done with the simplest of instrumentation, the piece nceds to achieve a good sense of movement without fecting rushed. When a choir is singing the refrain, itis important that a good blend is achieved so that the melody is not buried in the SAB texture. The descant would be best done by a single voice or a small group of sopranos singing lightly with litte vibrato. ‘Copyright © 205 by GLA Publications, Ic, 7804S Mason Ave Chicag, IL 50638, Totematonn Coprigt Secured Al Righs Reserved Pinca inthe U.S.A Protocopying ol ths pubiaten mou! permis lhe pbleha a vate che US. Code of Law ‘Seresporabie inawsual oF mtauton & subject to erminal prosecution No one is sxempt G-6066. er May the rain fall soft-ly on your fields, face. May the rain fall on your fields, Shine back. May the sun shine warm up-on_ F i And un -til And un - til Cet your face, ptr up-on your up-on your wemeet a - wemect a may you keep & To Verses | Final ending God. God. [To Verses Final ending Dm? Gus! G c ¢ a —— ing arms. of God. 1-6. For ev-'ry-- God. God. God. ——— Verses » Fmaj? c on Am EnG = ‘ a = = ae oF ii pe (L)thing there is a sea time for meet-ing, a time to say good- thaneuusene a a tise feet ce etuae reat G)thing there is a sea time for laugh-ter, a time for tears and Re RS, ese eee dee eas Cae (5.)thing there is a sea time for lov - ing, a time for let - ting (G)thing there is a sea time for liv - ing, a time for go - ing 9 —— = = ad aa etre ee = - eee — ° : ae Se ee = = = ee 2s. Dm? Gus G FIG o Ds.