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Introduction of McDonald

McDonald is one of the well-known fast food restaurant in the world which has more than
30,000 restaurant in over 119 countries. McDonald has been the top of the economy for decade
because of its food quality and services provided. McDonald was originally named as The
Airdome where hotdog became their first item sold in the year 1939 and they provide free flow
for the first drink that buy eventually were renamed to McDonald's Bar-B-Q which have 25
menu item mostly are barbeque. In 12 December 1948, the name of McDonalds Bar-B-Q was
changed again to McDonald. In McDonald, they provide fast food such as hamburgers, French
fries and more. McDonald is famous for its Hamburger which is McChicken for its juicy and
tender meat.
The founder of McDonald which is Richard and Maurice McDonald and Ray Kroc that has their
nickname Mac and Dick which they launch a slogan 'Im loving it' in Germany at the month
of September. McDonalds has created many job opportunities to the youngster which they are
looking for full-time and part-time job. As example in McDonalds Malaysia employs more than
7,000 local people with 120 support staff at its headquarters managing the day-to-day operations
of the McDonalds business. McDonald always offer the best price which it is affordable by the
citizens and also the food provided are delicious. Other than provide food and beverage to the
public ,McDonald is a donation collector where sometimes they will have donation campaign or
program to help the needs of the poor people and it will create public awareness in the world.
McDonald is also about cleanliness and quality where McDonald are streak about their
cleanliness toward food or environment.
McDonald have are one of the largest franchiser in the world. This first Mcdonald's restaurant
was opened at the intersection between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Bukit Bintang back in 1982
which presently hosting Gordiano. Maybe because KL plaza (nearby) was BERJAYA's HQ then,
and that Tan Sri Vincent Tan was the owner of Berjaya. To trace it further, he was the first person
to bring in the franchise under Golden Arches Group of Restaurants. McDonalds in Malaysia
has 182 restaurants located nationwide and is currently expanding at about 10-15 restaurants
annually. After then, he brought in a lot more franchise programs such as 7-E.

Introduction of food ordering system (counter)

McDonald have been using counter food ordering system since McDonald first started and that
was at Monrovia, California in 1937. The counter food ordering system are used in McDonald
because it is efficient and effective where it can save time and cost. Counter food ordering
system is where people make order and workers will process those order to serve to the customer
and the customer are able to received their food in the shortest time.
Counter food ordering system are the main concern for McDonald in the 90s where it will try to
constantly bring new services to its customer. Counter food ordering system is popular where
people recognize this system everywhere because most of the food industry business are using
this system. Counter ordering system is synchronized where people are able to make order and
wait for their turn to avoid long queues by provide many counters. In the 20s, counter food
ordering system has been upgraded by using touch screen which it is efficient by saving time and
Customer order will be process in the counter food ordering system by using touch screen which
are very easy to use. After the order had make by the customer, the ordered food will be display
on the McDonald kitchen monitor screen and the McDonald staff will prepare the food
immediately. McDonald priorities its customer and the customer is always right where
McDonald will provide snack or sub meal if there is any mistake made by the staff.
Counter food ordering system not only provide information to its staff but also to the customer
else well by letting the customer know what information or menu that has been taken by the staff
to double check the customer decision. Counter food ordering system is a secure and save system
where people make order virtually or physically. This system is mainly focus on its customer
satisfaction where customer will make order and they will expect good service from McDonald.
Counter food ordering system also provide instant receipt as a proof of purchase where people
are able to identify if there is any mistake made by the workers. This system is a great system
which it keeps on progressing to create even better system that can satisfy its customer and also
be an advantage for producer such as McDonald.

Food Ordering System

Food Ordering System is an information system that organized by elements which is people,
hardware and software, policies and procedures, communication networks and data resources.
Function of this system is to stores, retrieves, transform, and provide information in an
Nowadays, most of the company uses information system to operate its daily business activities.
Information system support business management including data processing, management
reporting, decision support and electronic business commerce.
There are five information system activities that used by McDonalds to operate daily business in
physical shop.

Input of McDonald
The first information system activity happen will be input of data resources. The data resource
which contain people, money, material, machines, land, facilities, energy and information.
In the McDonalds food ordering system, the people will be the end user which are the
McDonalds restaurant staff. Customer is another important element in an input activity. Both of
them communicate with each other at the counter where customer order the item from the staff
and then the staff will enter all information about customers order into the Point of Sales (POS)
system. The information needed are the food name, quantity of food and whether customer want
to take away or having there. As example I order Filet O Fish set meal at the counter, then staff
will place the order through touching the monitor screen.
Money is another input where McDonalds restaurant and customer must have money on
themselves for transaction purpose. Customer have to pay money based on their orders item
price and the staff have to give the back the balance to the customer if the customer pay more.
There are different kind of input technologies devices in the McDonalds restaurant which is
headphone, computer with touch screen function and cashier machines. The Staff can enter the
information into the Point of Sales (POS) system by touching the monitor screen which the
information consist of customers order detail. Besides that, the staff in McDonalds will also
wear a headphone to communicate within the restaurant staff especially the Person in Charge or
the manager of the branch restaurant. They keep the payment (money) into the cashier machines.
McDonalds restaurant also provide facilities to customer such as table, chair, electricity and air
conditioner. Other than that, McDonalds also provide free access Wi-Fi connection to customer
and also free car parking which these will bring satisfaction to the customer.

Based on our experience in the McDonalds, we walked to the counter in the McDonalds
restaurant and ordered food from the staff (end user). Then, the staff will enter our order into the
Point of Sales (POS) system by touching the monitor screen.

Processing of McDonald
Second information system activity is processing. It included development and delivery of
product and services. Processing activity is the operation that process the input data into
information system. As input activity contribute the date into the information system. There are a
few process to evaluating the data to produce output.
Calculation is applied and it used to calculate item price. Besides that, the staff will also check
the availability of the item which order by the customer. After that, customer will pay the money
for what he/she had order. Calculation is applied again to check whether need to pay back the
change or not.
McDonalds will always have promotion in lunch hour (12PM-3PM) and dinner hour (6PM-9PM)
which the meals price are different compared to normal hour. The staff will use another price to
be charge to the item by using Point of Sales (POS) system too. Point of Sales (POS) system can
calculate the different price during lunch hour and hour by touching the monitor screen instate
of key in. Normally, the price of some item will be cheaper than the normal period time. Point of
Sales (POS) system are able to differentiate it and calculate the payment accurately.
Furthermore, sometime customer may come to McDonalds restaurant to redeem their coupon
and this Point of Sales (POS) system can read the data from the coupon. It determine the value
of coupon and come out with the item for redemption.
Sometimes customer may order wrongly or the employee itself press the wrong order for
customer and they need to void the bill or cancel it. Normally the employee cant cancel by itself
and may require the manager of the restaurant to use its ID card to swipe for cancelling the
previous transaction.

After customer placed an order, the staff in the kitchen will fry the French fries or chicken, make
the salad, and make ice cream and other thing according to ordered item.
All the staff within the restaurant wearing headphone and communicating with each other during
prepare food for customer.

Made for You System

Made for you system is functioning when customer order at the counter, the order immediately
goes to the monitor screen at the kitchen. The staff will immediately prepare the food in the
kitchen based on the information shown in the monitor screen.
After we placed an order, the employee at the counter will use Point of Sales (POS) system to
calculate the total payment and the employees inside the kitchen will started to do their job

Output of McDonald
The third information activity is output which included products, services, payments,
contributions, information and others effects. Output transferring transformed elements to their
ultimate destination. Output of data information which is payment receipt, food that have done.
Payment receipt will tells us how much we should pay according to our ordered meal. The
payment receipt contain venue of the restaurant, telephone number of the restaurant, price of the
meal, tax or GST information. Customer will get the payment receipt after payment made at the
counter and then the food is ready for us to enjoy in the restaurant.
These output activities is carried out immediately which it is good for customer satisfaction and
company management. When the quality of service and the food produced are good,
automatically it will increase the reputation of company. Output activity support McDonalds
restaurant to update data for processing which also produce reports and summaries for everyday
transaction occur.
Every company have to do research or analysis for profit maximization. Output activity
contribute customer behavior information, employees performance and other information. The
company management can look through their overall performance of daily business. Besides
that, the company management can also obtain the buying behavior of customer which those
important information can helps Company to improve quality or services and goods in order to
satisfy every walk in customer.
Sometime surveyor will be walking around doing their survey in McDonalds restaurant where
he/she want to observe the behavior of customer. After done surveying, the surveyor will write a
report about customer behavior which this can bring improvement of business process .This is
an output which contribute by people. Another than this survey report, daily sales report also one

of the output which it will show what food or set meal they sold the most and then feedback to
their management team.
Customer can give any feedback based on the services and product provided by McDonalds.
Their feedback can be used to improve the service quality of McDonalds. Satisfaction of
customer is one of the output which this will bring customer retention of the McDonalds.
McDonald provide a comfortable environment which have facilities such as tables, chairs, free
access Wi-Fi, air-conditioner and more. Mostly students will come to McDonald to have their
studies, revision or even meeting which sometimes they will have a written notes done in there.
Before they come in, their paper notes are empty but after they done their revision, the empty
notes will fill with words written by them.

Storage of McDonald
The forth information system activity is storage which mean store data resources in the form of
data elements and databases. Data resource is a component of information technology
infrastructure that represents all the data available to an organization. Database is a collection of
information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.
McDonalds restaurant has database that keeps many information about the store and employee
information. It keep food information such as chicken burger, drinks such as Coca-Cola. End
user can search about the product description which retrieve from the database. Besides that,
database also keep information such as promotion and coupon. All the employees information
has been save into the database so that manager can know their performance.
Database increase the speed of searching product description because it can assessed by
employees easily within the McDonalds restaurant. It also record every transaction happens
which useful to the employee or manager itself to know what food are bestseller and also help in
doing their daily sales report. By using database technology, user can know the store room
condition whether the material is enough to fulfill the demand in every day or not.
Normally McDonalds restaurant has fridge inside itself, is used to keep food such as burger,
chicken, and French fries. If the materials are finish, they need to reload it by taking from the
fridge. There are a fridge used to keep the material always under fresh condition.
Other than that, McDonald also have a lot of iron cabinet which can store food inside it. As
example for sundae cone ice cream, they will store they cone inside the iron cabinet and it is easy
for them to make the ice cream when customer ordered it.

Based on our visitation at McDonalds, we can see the employees take out French fries from the
fridge and pour it into cooking oil to cook. Besides that, when we ordered Sundae Cone ice
cream, sometimes we can see the employee will pour the cream to make the ice cream from the
fridge into the ice cream machine.

Control activities of McDonald

Lastly, Control activity which is a control system of a performance. Control activity used to
monitoring and evaluating feedback. All the activity carried inside the McDonalds restaurant is
under control which mean several CCTV are located in the kitchen to monitor employees. In the
dining area, CCTV used to monitor customer activity for safety purpose or other factor.
All the employees have to wear proper attire where it is a must for all employees. The employees
cannot steal anything which belonged to McDonald where the CCTV will help to control the
stealing happens. Same goes to customers, customers are unable to steal the property of
McDonald because they are under monitoring of CCTV. This control activity can capture all the
behavior that comes from peoples in the restaurant.
Punch card system is implemented to avoid employees for being late to work. Besides that, it
will also help the accountant to calculate the salaries of the employee by looking at the working
period that has been punch.
McDonalds also have process control system which they will not simply charge customer with
a different price or additional tax because it has standard price for standard food. Employees are
not able to take any additional money from customer where customer does not have to worry
about paying additional payment.
All the activity inside the McDonalds restaurant is monitor by CCTV, including customer and
employee. CCTV capture people as data and save it for future use. In some case, company may
want to use the CCTVs captured video for their research purpose .CCTV also will record the
activities happen in the kitchen so that all the process is under control and helps to monitor
employees. Quality of service will be guarantee if all the activity is under monitoring and under

control. It also keep the customer and employees safety, under the CCTV monitoring. People
does not dare to do anything bad in the restaurant if under control by CCTV.
Mostly of the McDonald restaurant are nonsmoking area which customer cannot smoke inside
the restaurant. The restaurant will stick on the no smoking sign in the entrance door to inform
customer not to smoke inside.

McDonalds promise their customer by quality services and cleanliness which their employees
and supplier will deliver the best and safety quality to its customers. The manager will control
the services provided by the staff which they will offer training to every staff to improve their
quality of service. In McDonald, they will always hired a few cleaner to help keeping the
restaurant environment clean. After customer finish their meal and left the restaurant, the cleaner
will clean the table and the unfinished food into the dustbin.

Business benefit of using food ordering system

Definition of business benefit also can be explain as decision that contributes toward meeting
one or more business objectives. The main goal of the business concept is that strategic planning
is central and most form of business analysis, where people are able to evaluate investment and
action if a sense of costly and benefit outcomes.
McDonald is one example of fast food restaurant which consists of a standardized preparation
method. With the help of food ordering system, it can bring a lot of benefits to McDonald for
daily business process. The first benefit of using food ordering system is time saving such as it
can calculate the total amount that customer have to pay including the service charges and GST
accurate immediately. McDonald will provide promotion such as happy hour where people are
able to buy McDonald meal that are cheaper than its normal price. During happy hour, many of
the customer will be attracted to this promotion and this system will helps the order from
customer be faster compared to the traditional way which is by written order. In addition, their
ordering system will help to prevent problems of employee which are lack of experience. It will
be easier to their new employee to grasp the skill of ordering faster which can avoid ordering
error happens.

Besides that, food ordering system also helps in reducing costs of the business such as they can
decrease the number of employee for doing ordering jobs because their ordering system is easy
to operate. This system will also help to reduce the paperwork which lead to saving costs. By
using the system, it can eliminate the need of paper or additional system because the order does
not need to be written in paper form. Compare to the paper order form, food ordering system can

perform the efficient and faster service which the staff will not order wrongly and the customer
can re-check again their ordered meals.
Food ordering system are able to make a more secure and accurate data while the report is
being process. Food ordering system will provide an accurate report where report will be a daily
sales process. The worker does not need to record down every transaction happen on every day
and this will create a more accurate and safe system or environment.
The food ordering system can help to improve quality of service of the restaurant. It is because
when the system helps in saving time and this automatically will help the service be faster and a
good quality of service from the employees will be given to the customer.

Competitive advantage of McDonald food ordering system

Competitive advantage can be defined as the advantage or benefits of the business that are
greater than its competitors does which it can help the company to get more sales and also
maintain more loyal customer than their competitor.
McDonald has different kinds of competitive advantages which one of the advantage are time
saving. Food ordering system will save up the time of order process which it helps to boost up
more business sales. Food ordering system in McDonald restaurant are more effective and
efficient compare to KFC restaurant because in McDonalds they will have a monitor screen that
connected to the food ordering system which displayed in the kitchen to prepare the ordered food
more faster. The monitor screen is function as the ordered food from customer will show out to
let the employees know what food that customer order and what food need to be prepare.
Comparing to KFC which does not have the monitor screen which the order process will be
slower come to McDonald.
In McDonalds, the food ordering system will help to increase the quality of service of the fast
food restaurant. After the order is shown in the monitor screen, the employees will perform their
responsibilities by speed up their service which will lead to high quality of service from their
employees. Example like in McDonald, they will have two employees in the counter which one
of them take order from customer and another one will help to take the ordered food to the
customer. They does not need to refer to the counter screen but they can just straight away refer
to the food ordering monitor screen to know what food ordered by next customer. Unlike in KFC
which they just only have one employee who responsible to take order and take the prepared

food to the customer. KFC employee have to rely on the counter monitor screen which this will
slow down the service and unsatisfied by the customer.

Different fast food restaurant may have different food ordering system which this will
differentiate quality service of each other. The system can be differentiate by their functions
such as food ordering system which can swipe manager ID card for identification. Example in
McDonald, the manager of the branch restaurant will have their own ID card to swipe if any
wrongly order had been made by the employee. This will to faster up the service which they does
not need to key in the manager staff code. Compare to other fast food restaurant such as Texas
Chicken which they does not have ID card to swipe if any wrongly order happens. They need to
call their manager to key in and void the wrongly order which will slower down the ordering
One of the biggest competitive advantage in McDonald that will be innovate strategic by
creating the newest food ordering kiosk. By creating this kiosk, the customer itself can order
their meals by just clicking on the food ordering monitor screen without going to the counter to
order. McDonald are the first fast food restaurant which have this special food ordering system
where other fast food does not have it.
Other than that, food ordering system can help in saving costs or expenses that are not necessary
to be use such as ordering paper. Some of the fast food restaurant they may have the food
ordering system but they will also depends on the ordering paper that will cause them more
expenses spend. As example, although Ramly burger restaurant has the food ordering system but
their system are not very effective and sometimes may still depends on ordering paper that will
slower down the ordering process. Whereby in McDonald, they have more effective food
ordering system which does not need any ordering paper and it can fully function the system that
can help to boost up the business sales.