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A Worker has been seriously injured after being struck by a reversing vehicle in a
loading bay
a. Give four reasons why the accident should be investigated.
1) Most important to find out the cause of accidentand to prevent similar aacidents
in the future,
2) to fulfill the legal requirment,
3) to determine the cost of accident,
4) to determine compliance with applicable safety regualtions,
5) to process workers compensation claims.
b. Outline information that should be included in the investigation report ,
1) Date and Time, 2) injured person bio data, 3) Witnes information, 4)
injuris/losses type 5) Immediate cause and roote causes, the detail of investigation
team, Recommendation, Apendix
c. Outline:
i. Four possible immediate causes;
1) Lack of caring, 2) Lack of preception, 3) Lack of Attention , 4) No Banks man
was there
ii. Four possible underlying causes Of the accident
1) Management System failure, 2) Negagive safety culture 3) Lack of a safe
system of work 4) Inadequate information,training and supervision.


(a) Identify Two main purpose of first aid treatment.

1) Prevent detoriation, 2) promot recovery, 3) preserve life,


The preservation of life and / or the minimization of the consequences of

serious injury until medical arrive.
The treatment of minor injuries that do not need medical attention.
(b) Outline factors to be considered when carrying out an
assessment of first aid requirements in work place.
1) Hazards present in the workplace, 2) number of workers in workplace,

3) geographic location of workplace, 4) Accident history 5) general risk

level of the workplace, 6) presence of vulnerable persons,work pattersn and shift
system of workers.

3. Outline the circumstances that may require a health and safety policy to
be reviewed.
1. The creation of a new department, for example, an export department when
foreign business increases.
2. The introduction of a new process, such as a solvent-based component cleaning
3. Take-overs or mergers: the print room manager could be given additional
responsibilities for packing, following a merger with a distribution company.
4. Transfer of responsibilities from one manager or director to another.
5. Closing down or selling part of the business, since the policy must be relevant, so
references to a non-existent part of the organisation must be removed.
6. Change of premises (which will alter such arrangements as fire safety procedures,
evacuation and assembly, or alarm testing).
7. Changes in legislation, approved codes of practice, codes of practice, guidance
notes, ISO Standards, etc.
8. Following an accidentFollowing adverse comments from enforcers, insurers,
clients, etc.

4. Outline the reason for an organization to have a poor standards of

health and safety


Explain the term precepation

Is the way we induvudually take in information from our surrounding using our
senses ,such as hearing,sight,smell,touch,taste etc.
B) outline the factors that may influence a person perception of risk in
the workplace.

work enviroment too noisy,

2) work enviroment too dark to see things,

3) problem with the senses ( poor eyeesight,disability etc )


4) information

5) poor comunication of information. 6) problems with the mantal processing

(influence of drug, stress,fatigue )
104) Outline reasons for maintaining good standards of health & safety
within an organization.

Moral: Need to provide a reasonable standard of care and to reduce the

injuries, pain and suffering caused to employees by accidents & ill health.
Legal: concerned with the desire to avoid enforcement action and civil
Economic: Economic benefits include, a more motivated workforce
resulting in increased production rates. The avoidance of direct costs associated
with accidents (e.g. down time, administrative, investigation and first aid costs,
repair of plants & equipment, employing & training replacement staff, etc.) possibly
cheaper insurance premiums. The avoidance of costs associated with legal action
and maintaining the image and reputation of the organization with its various stack
115) Monitoring & reviews of safety performance by Management Why
reasons Outline.

To identify substandard health & safety practical & conditions (workplace

To identify trends in relation to different types of incidents (analysis of
incident data).
Benchmark- by comparing data with similar industries, to identify
measures are in use & to assess their effectiveness.
To be able to make decisions on appropriate remedial measures for any
deficiencies identified.
To set priorities & establish realistic timescale.
To assess compliance with legal requirements MHSWR-1999.
To provide information to board of director & safety committee.
264) Risk Explain
viii) Probability / likelihood of the occurrence of an unwanted event and
severity of its consequences (injury/ill health).

Explain the meaning of term Hierarchy of control

The list of measures designed to control risk which are considered in order of
importance and effectiveness in descending order .with extreme measure at the top
concluding the PPE as last rersot.