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Chioma Vivienne Okoro

Kolping Society of Nigeria

World Bank/Low Cost Housing Estates
Umuahia, Abia State.




My purpose of writing this cover letter is to explain my competence and capabilities as

required for the application of classic volunteer services in your organization.

Qualifications acquired:
• M.Sc degree in Rural Sociology, Environmental Studies and Resources
Management (CGPA 4.11)
• B.Sc degree in Sociology/Anthropology (Second Class Upper Division)
• Computer Literacy certificate in Micro Soft packages (MS word, Excel, Access,
PowerPoint), and highly experienced in Internet Browsing,
• Experience in Project Planning Software (Prima-vera and MS Project)

I have worked in several Corporate and Non governmental organizations, which include:

1. Public Relations /Duty Manager (Hotel Presidential Enugu Nigeria) 2003-2005

2. Training Coordinator (FATE Foundation Port Harcourt, Nigeria) 2005-2007
3. Administrative Secretary (Kolping Society of Nigeria, Nigeria) 2007-date

• Developed a distinct system of recruitment in line with management needs in
Kolping Society of Nigeria.
• Innovated an additional programme in the field of wealth development for
empowering unemployed youths in Kolping Society of Nigeria which should
drew attentions of sponsors
• Innovated training course that would enhance the competence of staff in their
work bits in Hotel Presidential Enugu
• Innovated and initiated the efficacy of volunteerism in Kolping Society of
• Good Track record in external resource management in Training and Facilitation
in FATE Foundation Portharccourt
1. I have put about 4 years in NGO Project Management work. In Feb. 2009 I was
part of a team that conducted a pilot survey on HIV/AIDS Home Care and
Support project in 3 LGAs in Abia State of Nigeria.

2. Team Assistant in conducting an Empowerment Development programme in 10

communities in Abia and Imo State of Nigeria in 2008-date.

3. Team Assistant in a pilot survey and planning of a Cassava Value Added

Initiative project for rural women in Abia State and Imo State of Nigeria in 2007.

4. Team Assistant in an agric development pilot survey on Rice planting and milling
in to communities in Abia State Nigeria in 2007

5. Training Assistant (FATE Foundation P/H) in a wealth creation training for

three hundred rural women in three communities in Rivers State Nigeria in 2006

I have seven (7) years cognitive work experience in Office Administration having chosen
a career in Office Management and Administration since 2003. Presently I work as the
Administrative Secretary in Kolping Society of Nigeria, an International Non-
Governmental Organization involved in trainings and community projects for poverty
reduction and rural development in Nigeria.

I have desired very much to be consistent in NGO and Humanitarian career and to pursue
my life goals through involving my experience and skills in human and community
development projects in Nigeria. If I am employed, it will be a great opportunity to put
my experience in action through engaging in other broader developmental programmes
and initiatives designed for national development and putting into practice your
organizational goals and objectives in achieving them. My greatest interest is to utilize
my knowledge in effecting sustainable development in Nigeria.

My best described qualities are honesty, innovative, easily adaptable to any work
environment, good team player, humane and highly efficient and motivated.

Attached herewith this letter is my Curriculum Vitae as required.

Thank you for reading my cover letter and hope my application would be given a
favourable consideration.

Yours Faithfully,
Chioma Vivienne Okoro