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Summer internship opportunity at

GlobalFocus Center
Be part of a landmark project implemented
with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and UNDP!
For the first time after 25 years of democratic transformation,
GlobalFocus Center is taking the lead in setting up a database
mapping out Romanias expertise in democratisation and statebuilding. This national inventory will then enable the transfer of
this experience to other states undergoing similar transitions,
from our region to the Middle East and beyond, raising Romania's
international profile and making it a more effective development
assistance donor state.
The yearlong project will identify and survey public institutions,
NGOs, individual experts and private companies involved in
reform processes in Romania and abroad, then organise and
analyse the information collected.
If you are interested in understanding transitions,
democratisation, post-confict reconstruction and statebuilding,
If you wish to gain a thorough understanding of Romania's
quarter century reforms, EU and NATO accession,
If you want to build a vast network of contacts, national and
international, in sectors from security sector, public


administration, economic reform, to rule of law, child

protection services, minority rights etc,
If youre a student at Bachelor or Master level in Political Studies,
International Relations, European Studies, History, Psychology or
Sociology, Law or Economics and wish to be a part of this
important endeavor for Romania, send your CV and application in
English to by the 15th of June, stating
why you think its important for Romania to export its
transition expertise (1 page max.). Please mention in the
subject line internship opportunity followed by your full name.
This will be a competitive selection process; not all applicants will
be successful.
Were looking for 6 smart, pro-active and resourceful
students who should also have:

Excellent attention to detail, organisation, time


Ability to be a team player, but also work independently

Strong research, writing and communication skills

Good command of English and Romanian

Good end-user IT skills (Word, Excel, Web browsers)

The objectives of the internship are to:

Gain practical work experience related to the interns'

academic interests, understand transformation processes

Improve your writing, research and networking skills

Get a glimpse of project management and a think-tanks



Establish connections with various professionals and key


What will you be doing during the internship?

Conduct extensive research on key areas in
democratisation / development and transformation
processes (i.e. minority rights, anti-corruption policies,
administrative reforms a.o.)
Conduct interviews and establish a network of professionals
Build up, maintain and constantly update the database of
individual and institutional experts
Support the team in the planning, execution and wrap-up of
conferences and other events and other administrative tasks
and duties as assigned.
Youll be part of our team for 3 months starting the 1st of July,
with a flexible 6-hour programme, but if we like each other, we
can gladly extend the internship for a longer period. This is an
unpaid position, but at the end of the programme you will receive
an official certificate and recommendations upon request. The
position also offers the opportunity to engage in other projects
carried out by GlobalFocus Center and its partners, as well as
contribute articles and research to our media partner Foreign
Policy Romania.