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Journal of Praktikum:

Week of Praktikum: 4
Date: 7th May 2015
Title of Journal: Students unable to write simple verbs in the class.
1. Focused Issue:
I had entered the year 2 class for one period during day 3. I teach them about the unit
of hobbies. Day is about writing skills, so I had conducted some simple writing activities
for the students to do. I had asked them to write about their hobbies during the stage of
set induction. And I found that some of the students do not understand the word of the
hobbies. They cannot able to write out the correct spelling of each word on the paper.
2. Analyze of Focused Issue:
I had found that the students unable to focus in lesson because the learning activity is
not very interesting to attract their attentions in the class. They had lost their interest in
writing the verbs. They do not pay attention in the class and they do not understand the
spelling. I think they have no enough knowledge too in learning English. They are lack
of language to write out the vocabularies, because they are lack of practice in the
classroom. They are seldom to practice English so they unable to write correct verbs.
3. Literature Review:
Rudolf said that democratic teaching will solve all the problems in misbehaviors of

He suggested teacher must practice the democratic teaching, so that

students can able to fulfill their own needs.

4. Suggestion of Problem Solving:
Based on the problem that I had identified, I found out that I can improve them by
creating more interesting lesson plan and teaching aids. I will make the lesson to be
funny by letting the students to do group work. By this way, the students will discuss
among themselves and they will be happier by involving themselves in the group work.

5. Period of Solving Problem:

1 Week
6. Solving Action:
I will apply use more teaching aids to teach the students. By using different kinds of
teaching aid, the students will be paying more attention to the lesson, since they want to
use the teaching aids in the lesson and learn in a fun way.
7. Date of Solving Action:
2th April 2015
8. Effectiveness of Solving Action:
By this action, students will be able to learn the simple words by using teaching aids.
They will no need to memories any word but learn in a fun way and they will not lose
any interest in learning the language.
9. Conclusion/Reflection:
Lastly, I feel my students have the initiative to learn English. Although they have no
enough knowledge to write the vocabularies, they will learn the words. I will try my best
to create more interesting lesson and let the students to learn more in my class.