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Gender and Sexuality

THBT Barbie is an enemy of the feminist movement (PIDC 2011)

Women should reject chivalry to forward gender equality (PIDC 2010)
Consent should be the only standard in all sexual relationships (PIDC 2010)
THW ban online virginity auctions (PIDC 2010)
There should only be one gender-neutral acting award in the Oscars (PIDC 2010)
THBT gay rights movements should compel openly gay celebrities to actively
support their causes. (PIDC 2009)
THBT feminist politics must transition from the halls of Congress to the
bedroom. (PIDC 2009)
THBT Muslim universities should grant professional subsidies to feminist scholars
living in radically conservative Muslim states. (PIDC 2009)

THW ban the ownership of multiple properties in land strapped European
countries. (PIDC 2009)
THBT it is justified for EU countries with bailout responsibilities to excuse
themselves with financial commitments to the union. (PIDC 2009)
THBT the European Union should subsidize rehabilitation clinics for computer
addicts. (PIDC 2009)

Crime and Justice

THW ban media depictions that humanize and glorify heinous criminals (PIDC 2013)
THBT the state should not fund the identity changes of heinous criminals who have
served their sentences (PIDC 2013)
THW remove the exemptions of criminal liability given to crimes of passion (PIDC
THW allow jurors to question witnesses (PIDC 2010)
THBT sober passengers of a drunk driver should be held criminally liable. (PIDC
THW punish bystanders of a crime. (PIDC 2009)
THW allow witnesses of gruesome murders to claim emotional damages against the
criminal. (PIDC 2009)

TH celebrates the use of emotional blackmail as part of environmental
strategies. (PIDC 2009)
THBT Earth Hour is a meaningless, faddish, exercise. (PIDC 2009)
THW make waste-disposal a mandatory requirement for free trade
agreements. (PIDC 2009)

TH regrets the depiction of people who commit suicide as victims (PIDC 2013)
THBT the media should fully report on suicides (PIDC 2010)
THW arm journalists (PIDC 2010)
THW prosecute whenever possible contributors to websites that reveal confidential
government information (ie. Wikileaks) (PIDC 2010)
THBT print media is dead. (PIDC 2009)
THW ban government officials from obtaining board positions in print media. (PIDC
THW require print media to grant criticized individuals compulsory reply
space. (PIDC 2009)

Games, Pop Culture, and Everyday

THW stop building golf country clubs (PIDC 2011)
THW not allow business establishments to impose a mandatory service
charge (PIDC 2011)
THBT it's high time to abolish jeepneys (PIDC 2011)
THBT game shows that take advantage of the poor should not be given air
time (PIDC 2011)
THW remove the foreign films category in the Academy Awards. (PIDC 2009)
TH regrets the rise of vegetarianism. (PIDC 2009)
THW shut down the World Wrestling Entertainment for good. (PIDC 2009)

Geopolitics / IR
THW allow states to conduct counter-terrorism operations in other countries unable
to control terrorism within their borders (PIDC 2013)
TH supports authoritarian regimes in countries where people have consistently high
standards of living (PIDC 2013)
THBT the US should sign on to the ICC (PIDC 2013)
THW allow states to colonize space (PIDC 2011)
THW sanction states who voluntarily take on humanitarian responsibility and
fail (PIDC 2011)
THBT that home countries of illegal immigrants should compensate recipient
countries (PIDC 2011)
THBT states should not grant tourist visas to other states with high incidence of
human trafficking (PIDC 2011)
The international community should always intervene in cases of military
coups (PIDC 2010)
THW halt all aid to Israel unless it stops expanding its settlements (PIDC 2010)

US should drop Hamid Karzai (PIDC 2010)

THBT China should revise its amoral foreign policy by sanctioning North Korea. (PIDC
TH regrets Obama's stance of reducing investments for foreign policy
initiatives. (PIDC 2009)
THBT it's time to grant statehood to Taiwan. (PIDC 2009)

Local, National, and Asian

THBT the Philippines should renew its claim to Sabah. (PIDC 2011)
THBT it's high time for ASEAN to abandon its consensus-based decision-making (PIDC 2011)
TH regrets the NLD's decision to boycott the recent 2010 Burmese elections (PIDC 2011)
THW create a centralized governing authority for Metro Manila (PIDC 2010)
THW abolish party lists (PIDC 2010)
The State should not extend protection to national symbols (PIDC 2010)
THB in extending the land distribution program. (PIDC 2009)
TH overreacted to Chip Tsao. (PIDC 2009)
THBT it is time to shut the doors on visiting forces. (PIDC 2009)

THW rather abort/euthanize fetuses/newborns diagnosed with congenital,
degenerative diseases that will result in physical suffering and reduced life
expectancies (PIDC 2013)
THW lift the moratorium on blood donations for men who have sex with men. (PIDC
THBT parents who are minors should be allowed to retain custody of their
offspring. (PIDC 2009)
TH supports the preferential disclosure of sexual harassment issues to religious
leaders over state authorities within some religious communities. (PIDC 2009)

THW abolish the minimum university/college residency requirement for student
athletes (PIDC 2013)
THBT the use of imports harms national sports development (PIDC 2013)
THW force media outlets to give equal coverage to women and mens sports (PIDC
TH regrets the recruitment of Third World football players by European football
clubs. (PIDC 2009)
TH celebrates players walking-off the field in response to racist crowd
hooliganism. (PIDC 2009)
THBT all players should donate majority of their advertising revenue to league
development of the clubs they play for. (PIDC 2009)

THW prioritize making tertiary education available for a selected number of
individuals to acquire higher-level professional skills over basic education for a
greater number (PIDC 2013)
THW compel parents in indigenous communities to send their children to schools
that follow the national educational curricula (PIDC 2013)
TH regrets the role of standardized testing in the education sector (PIDC 2013)
TH celebrates the rise of political activism among students in public
universities. (PIDC 2009)
THW accommodate student-teacher relationships among consenting adults in
universities. (PIDC 2009)
THB in mandatory sex education in all religious schools. (PIDC 2009)

THBT developing countries should end efforts to cease breaches of intellectual
property rights (i.e. piracy) (PIDC 2013)
THBT the State should have the right to freeze bank accounts in times of economic
crisis (PIDC 2013)
THW stop encouraging developing countries to liberalize their markets (PIDC 2013)
Assuming it were possible, THBT the state should actively work towards social

equality as oppose to just helping people meet their basic needs (PIDC 2013)
Africa should allow the 100% foreign ownership of its non-renewable
resources (PIDC 2010)
The state should subsidize competitors when the current market is monopolized by
foreign enterprises (PIDC 2010)
The US should impose stiff sanctions against China for artificially devaluing the
yuan (PIDC 2010)
THW not forcibly separate commercial banks from investment banks (PIDC 2010)
THBT it is in the best interest of economically strong countries to pull out of the
Eurozone (PIDC 2010)
THBT no financial institution is too big to fail (PIDC 2010)

Investments and Health Economics

THW allow states, individuals, and groups to sue states for failure in controlling
epidemics within their borders (PIDC 2013)
THW deprioritize individuals with unhealthy lifestyles from accessing governmentfunded healthcare services (PIDC 2013)
THW ban advertisements on products with addictive and harmful substances (e.g.
alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, etc.) (PIDC 2013)
THBT the state should fund any research that seeks to achieve human
immortality (PIDC 2011)
TH regrets man's pursuit of artificial new life forms (PIDC 2011)
THW pay women to not abort (PIDC 2011)
TH celebrates the rise of divorce insurance (PIDC 2011)
THBT states that participate in clinical trials should be exempted from the drug
patent of the product (PIDC 2011)
THW abandon the search for extraterrestrial life (PIDC 2010)
THW discontinue the search for previously undiscovered tribes (PIDC 2010)
THW legitimize the search for justice through duels to the death (PIDC 2010)
No citizen should be forced to purchase insurance (PIDC 2010)
THW invest in research that aims to bring the dead back to life (PIDC 2010)
THBT scientists should be disallowed from creating new forms of life (PIDC 2010)

THW subject the Church to anti-discrimination laws (PIDC 2011)
THW compel Catholic priests to reveal the details of confessions for criminal
trials (PIDC 2011)

THW disallow religious officials to run for public office in the Philippines (PIDC 2011)
THW hold the Pope criminally liable for abuses of children performed in his
term (PIDC 2010)
The state should not recognize any religious holidays (PIDC 2010)
THW disallow parents from indoctrinating their children in any religion (PIDC 2010)

Military and War

THW create brothels within military bases (PIDC 2013)
THW not consider the desecration of religious and cultural sites a war crime (PIDC
THW overtly support rebellious movements that fight for democracy (PIDC 2011)
TH prefers a bloody revolution to fight a dictator in the Middle East (PIDC 2011)
THBT the use of suicide bombers is a valid tool to advance freedom (PIDC 2011)
THBT states have the right to conscript citizens against their will (PIDC 2010)
THW subject operators of unmanned war machines to the same treatment as
ordinary combatants (PIDC 2010)
THBT peacekeepers should be tried by an international body and not their nation
states (PIDC 2010)

Children/ Minors/ Family

THBT adopted children should have the right to information about their biological
parents (PIDC 2013)
TH regrets the extent to which family cohesion is emphasized (PIDC 2013)
TH supports the right of parents to raise their children to fulfill a gender role based
on the childs sex (PIDC 2013)
THW ban minors from becoming professional video gamers (PIDC 2011)
TH decries the rise of obsessive hyper-parenting (PIDC 2011)
THW reopen the sperm bank of Nobel Prize winners (PIDC 2011)
THW allow the state to take custody of exceptionally gifted children (PIDC 2011)

THBT state should fund schools exclusively for teaching indigenous peoples in their
own language (PIDC 2011)
THW recognize sexual relationships between man and beasts (PIDC 2011)
THW allow neo-Nazi groups to establish public pilgrimage sites (PIDC 2011)

Democracy/ First Principles

THBT declaration of nuisance candidates backtracks democracy (PIDC 2013)
THW ban incumbent public officials from endorsing those running for elections (PIDC
TH regrets the inclusion in partylists of regional parties, groups, and national
political organizations that do not represent marginalized sectors (PIDC 2013)
THW force-feed protesters on hunger strike (PIDC 2013)
THW remove all laws against public nudity and lewd behavior (PIDC 2013)
THBT Western liberal democracies should never censor offensive art (PIDC 2011)
THW abolish the right to bear arms (PIDC 2011)
THW prefer the green of money over the green of the environment (PIDC 2011)
THBT sovereignty is an obsolete concept in a globalized world (PIDC 2011)
THBT the Western notion of human rights has no place in conservative states (PIDC
THBT citizens should have the right to free water (PIDC 2011)

Given the technology to go back in time, THW alter events in the past/future (PIDC
THBT the quest for an ultimate meaning in life has set back humanity (PIDC 2013)
Thw withhold information from the people about the certain impending end of the
world (PIDC 2012)
Should an artificial uterus be perfected, thw ban women from carrying on pregnancy
(PIDC 2012)