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July, 2015




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Crazy Busy
For awhile there, it seemed like we just
couldnt get a break in the hospital. We
were hit hard with lots of patients, maxing
out our facility and ability to care for them.
Some were very sick, others required
surgery, many were eager to give birth, and
Im telling you, none of them wanted to
wait and come back later! During that
time, patients recovered, who for all
medical reasons, should have died and others came to know the Lord in
what should have been their darkest hour. Praise the Lord!!

Where are they now?

Sometimes I get to be involved in a life-changing moment for a patient,
but after discharge, I never see the patient again. Not long after arriving in
Honduras, I helped with an emergency c-section for a breech baby whose
foot was already out and blue. I
remember the event vividly - the
shock, the praying, scrubbing into
surgery for the first time in flip-flops,
and frequently visiting the mom and
baby afterwards. Well, they came by
the hospital recently and I
recognized the mom right away. I
smiled as I watched a two-year-old
boy running around the hospital. He
wasnt too sure about the tall, white girl, but I was overjoyed to see this
happy, healthy little boy God saved just down the hall two years earlier. !

Spanish Bible Study

Im really excited to report Ive started a Bible study with some of the
nursing sta. There is quite a spectrum of those who attend from solid
Christians looking to grow in their walks with the Lord to those who make
no claim to believe. Even among the believers, I am amazed at the lack of
Biblical knowledge. Its been exciting to teach the Word to people hearing
parts of it for the first time. Please pray that the Word of God will
transform their hearts and lives! !

Good-bye little buddy

We all knew the day would come,
but I sure didnt welcome it. My
little buddy Aran went home to
be with the Lord. Those were
some pretty dark days around the
hospital as we all struggled to
figure out how mourn while
continuing to serve. We buried
him over a weekend and Monday
morning, a little girl with the same
disease came into the hospital for
a checkup. After some deep
breaths, I decided it wouldnt be
fair to ignore her because I was
hurting, so we played a little bit
and she laughed and laughed as
she always does. Thats how life
has been since then seeing
reminders of Aran everywhere I
go, smiling in pain, and pushing
on. Please pray for his family as
his passing has hit them especially

July, 2015

Water Jungle
Some Honduran friends invited
me to join them for a day at a
local water park. Between the
corroding pipes and the complete
absence of lifeguards, it would in
no way meet U.S. safety
standards, but I had a blast! For a
day, I felt like I was just relaxing
with friends, not battling the
stress of living and working in a
foreign culture. !

Soccer? Sure, why not!

Vehicle Update
I enjoy the freedom my little
four-wheeler provides. Zipping to
the Childrens Center or to
Lucinda to visit friends or play
soccer is so nice. I can also get to
the hospital much quicker during
emergencies. My safety radius
extends about a mile in either
direction from the hospital.
Beyond that, it just isnt safe to be
a single girl riding alone in
Honduras. Im still raising funds
to buy a vehicle that will get me
safely to La Ceiba and to other
communities too far to reach by


CornerStone International !
PO Box 192!
Wilmore, KY 40390!

After two and a half years here, I have finally accepted the fact that rural
Honduras will never have an organized volleyball, basketball, or ice hockey
league. This leaves me with three options for physical activity: run in the
extreme heat (which I lack the drive to do), sit around and be lazy, or join
the local soccer team. After considerable debate, I decided to join the
Lucinda womens soccer team! Having no background in soccer, I must
admit Im not amazing, but the team is patient and Im having a good
time. Its been a great opportunity to get out in the community, build
more relationships, and even a new avenue to share the Gospel. What else
is there to talk about on a hot, crowded, three-hour bus ride to an away
game? Lucinda has been a spiritually dark place for many years. The Light
is finally beginning to shine in this community! Nearly every night, there
are Bible studies in peoples homes. Most importantly, one by one, people
are getting saved! Even some of the young men, who have enjoyed all the
world has to oer, are giving their lives to the Lord. Pray that the Holy
Spirit would keep moving in this community!!

I want to thank those who have prayed for me throughout my time in

Honduras. God hears your prayers and answers. Also, thank you to those
who have given of their finances so that I can be here in Honduras serving
the Lord. I am truly grateful for your sacrifice.

Serving Together,!

Heather Matthews