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Checklist: Must be completed, signed & attached with your application.

Effective: 15/07/2014

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Checklist

Place a tick in the checkbox as applicable.
Section A : Standard Requirements



Complete application Form Online. (Miscellaneous Services & Personal Particulars)

o Download all forms, print and sign where applicable.
o Any Errors on the printed form cannot be modified by Pen/Pencil at the time
of Submission.
o Applicants are advised to ensure accuracy of the details entered in the online
o Two sets of Personal Particulars Form for One Indian Address mentioned
(2 extra copies of forms for every additional address mentioned on form).
Please enter only Indian address(s) of the place(s) where you lived
before you came to Australia.
Form U (needs to be filled manually) should be submitted along with the application
Provide FORM J if your appearance is considerably changed.
(E.g. From with a turban to without a turban)
Four photos 2inch x 2inch, see Photo Specifications webpage under the Police
Clearance Certificate section (3 pasted on the forms respectively and one to be
u-clipped with the application). Additional photos, in original, will be required
for any additional form being submitted.
Applicants are required to mention the country for which Indian Police Clearance is
required viz. Australia, America, UK, etc.
Indian Nationals provide current Original passport
Foreign Nationals provide copy of current passport
Applicable Fee
PCC for foreign Passport holders: Application from foreign nationals will be
accepted only on Preapproval basis and issuance of PCC is subject to clearance/
verification from concerned authorities in India. Applicants are required to provide
the details of registration done with FRRO during their stay in India.
In case applicants are unable to provide any documentation regarding
registration with FRRO or Local (Indian) Police verification, the High Commission
and its Consulate cannot issue PCC for stay in India.
For applications sent by post/courier do not send a return post/courier envelope. (Postal/courier processing
fee includes the return delivery).
The applicant hereby confirms that he/she has read the above, ticked the boxes against documents submitted &
ensures that all the necessary documentation has been submitted.
VFS Officer (Name & Sign)

Applicant (Name & Sign)



Note: Please print out a copy of this checklist, Sign and submit the same along with your

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Checklist: Must be completed, signed & attached with your application.

Effective: 15/07/2014

Credit Card Authorization (to be completed for applications sent by post)

I authorize VFS Services Australia Pty Ltd to debit my credit card for application charges as
applicable on
Please note Debit cards are not accepted for postal applications.

Card Number

Credit Card Expiry


Card Type
(Tick appropriate

Visa card or Master card issued in Australia only.

1.95% surcharge including GST applicable on total payable.

Cardholders name
(As printed on Card)

Applicants Passport


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