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Leaky Gut Protocol

When would you use these: You can use the Leaky Gut Protocol in a variety of situations.
Use when a person first comes in to reduce inflammation (even before you have done any
testing). Use along with adrenal protocols and diet changes during the first couple months
to reduce inflammation. You can also use it during the killing phase or at the end of
treatment once all the killing is done. It all depends on how supplement-intensive you want
your practice to be. If you do not want to be a minimalist use the Leaky Gut Protocol: they
work really well, they lead to symptomatic improvements, work quickly, and there are only a
few components to think about.

1) Powder: anti-inflammatory powder based on glutamine. Give 1-2 scoops 2-3x/ day.

2) Enzymes/HCl. Anti-inflammatory effect and help us digest our food better. HCl helps
breakdown protein in the stomach. Usually dosed at 1-2 capsules with each meal.

3) Probiotic: SB (a yeast) with healthy bacteria or stand alone.

4) Essential Fatty Acids for the anti-inflammatory effect.

You can use all of these or just one. If you are just using one go with the order that is
outlined here. It helps tremendously to use Leaky Gut throughout the treatment, but just
make sure your patients don't get too overwhelmed with so many supplements.

Parasite Protocol

General Parasite Protocol: The strategy is to come out strong and for 60 days. Parasites
have a life cycle of 3-4 weeks. If you do not use the protocol for long enough then the
parasites in their inactive cyst state will not be killed and reinfect the person over time. You
want to use an aggressive protocol because you don't want to irritate the parasites and
drive them deeper in the tissues or just knock some of them out. Most of these parasites
will have led to a secondary yeast overgrowth. These products handle both the parasites
and yeast overgrowth at the same time.

3 Products:

1)Artemesia: Given in 500mg capsule. Also called sweet wormwood. Powerful herbal that
has been used for centuries. Careful, as this product can irritate the liver.

2)Oregano: 1-2 capsules 3x/day. Oregano oil extract is a parasite killer in addition to yeast
and fungal organisms. Can sometimes irritate the stomach a little bit.

3)Combo: Combo products usually include black walnut, garlic, berberine, grapefruit seed
extract etc. You want a broad spectrum anti-parasitic, take 2 3x/day. Every company has a
different combo product that you will layer on top of the artemesia and oregano. Patient will
remember to take all these products if prescribed to take during meals.

Strategy: Do parasitic treatments first, stop and do probiotics for a few months, and retest
after 60 days to make sure the bugs are gone.

For worms, I usually suggest medications. There are herbals too like clove/black walnut.

DGL: (deglycyrrhizinated licorice)

H Pylori Protocol

1982 was the year Dr. Kalish graduated from Berkeley High and won the craziest guy
award. This was the same year that Dr. Marshall discovered that H. Pylori was the major
cause of ulcers.

Treat using Mastica (500mg). Many companies have Mastica mixed in with other products.
Use 2 capsules (500 mg/each) 3x/day. Total= 3000mg/day.

You can accompany this with an anti-inflammatory like DGL or anti-inflammatory powder.

Do this program for 60 days with herbs. You can always use antibiotics, but this is
something that is discussed in class.

Anti-inflammatory powder: Turmeric (crcuma)

Occasionally I'll add in Oregano Oil two capsules 3x day (from Designs for Health) if I think
it's a difficult case.

Crypto Protocol

Cryptosporidium: Use general parasite cleanse, but substitute the oregano for a product
called AP Mag (made from the company Interplexus). Use 2 capsules 3x/day.

The AP Mag opens up the intestinal track lining cells so the herbs can penetrate more

Also, if you are using medications or antibiotics to treat Crytpo you can use AP Mag with
each dose to make them work more effectively.

Yeast Protocol

Yeast or fungal overgrowth. Sometimes you see these on lab work, but often you will not.
Most of the time we treat yeast and fungi based on signs, symptoms, and history of the

Pick 2 out of the following 3 products:

1) Oregano Oil- effective against yeast and parasites. 2 capsules 3x/day with or without

2) Combination Product- usually have grapefruit seed extract, powder arco, caprylic acid
etc. Typically dosed to do 2 3x/day.

3) Colloidal Silver- a liquid that you can rinse in the mouth and swallow. The person can put
dose in their mouth and the liquid will kill the yeast in their mouth and throat (the other two
products kill the yeast in the gut, but not in the mouth or throat). Doses vary depending on
the brand you use. The liquid I use is one tablespoon 3x day often just for the first 30 days
(60 days of colloidal silver is a lot) although you can keep up the other herbs for 60 days.

Probiotics Protocol

If you were born vaginally you would have gotten your first inoculation of probiotics from
your mom that way. If you were breast fed, you would have gotten more probiotic balance
from this.

If you took antibiotics as a child or eat sugar and alcohol, or eat food with antibiotics you
could be deficient.

Where to get probiotics:

1) Food- get probiotics from fermented food with probiotics growing in it.

2) Good Bacteria from probiotic supplements- every company has different bacteria, just
pick the company you like.

3) S. Boulardii from supplements. This is a yeast organism that makes people feel fantastic.
Usually incorporate towards the end of the gut program after everything has been killed. 1
capsule 2x/day up to 2-3 capsules 2x/day. Take with or without food.