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Stock Trading Using Planetary Time Cycles

The Gann Method Volume II

Michael S. Jenkins

Volume II is finally finished and is now shipping. The cost is $400.00 and it
will only be sold to previous buyers of Volume I since you will need those
computer programs to follow along with the teaching and you will need to
understand the basics of astro cycles explained in that 1st Volume. If you did not
buy Volume I and want to buy it now, the Volume I cost is $425 as an individual
purchase, or if you buy both Volume I and Volume II at the same purchase time,
the package will be $700. Volume II advances the concepts in Volume I and
explains many more subjects like Declinations and Latitudes, Elongations,
Retrogrades and Direct stations and their secret power points, IPO date and origin
points for cycle investigations, the key pairs of planets to use, the numerology of
degrees and angle pairs and their translation into prices, planetary angles and
square outs, and Square of Nine manipulations along with intra-day methods,
just to mention a few of the topics covered. While many of these subjects were
touched upon in volume I, you will now see the 'secret tweaks' to these methods
that allow you in only 30 seconds of time to make one calculation on any chart
and get a virtually guaranteed major turn, often the high or low for the entire year
and usually to the day. I show a good half dozen of these proprietary secrets,
many of which are not even revealed in my private seminars. Most of you will
only need just one of these to trade very successfully for the entire year but in an
effort to explain completely and exactly what is the cause of market movements
and highs and lows, I include all of them. I do not believe there is anything else
needed to be explained except for very minor adjustments and trading strategy. I
honestly believe this to be the finest written material I have ever put out and
seriously doubt any of my competitors even know these things exist. You will get
your monies worth at $400.00 and orders can go to my Paypal address of either, or Checks can be

mailed to:
Stock Cycles Forecast,
PO Box 652 Cathedral STA PO,
New York, N.Y. 10025-9998

Proof of prior purchase of Volume I is required- tell me the approximate date

of your check or PayPal notice and I can look it up.

On the following pages are a few charts from Volume II with only the
'answers' marked and these are NOT simple square of nine movements or
longitudes of 30, 45 60, degrees etc. movements, but key secret manipulations
that are unique to each stock or market.

These arrow point 'hits' are only ONE technique from One origin. When overlaid with the
others in the book the many other turning points are revealed.

This one technique which pointed to the high for the year was from a simple calculation
done years earlier and you only had to wait for it, as well as all future turns which are also
precisely timed.

This is from a method for long term forecasting emphasizing only the month of the turn
but in the text I show how it can be even applied down to the day. Each circle is a forecasted
monthly turn.

This top forecast was made years earlier so a simple trendline following system could
have kept you in the trade for months until that date.

This unique planetary translation method pinpointed the Lehman Brothers collapse and
the market panic just as it has for over a hundred years as demonstrated in the book.

Here we see a simple principle that shows when and where each high and low will
appear. You can often plot forward a year ahead of time like Gann did in his forecasts. Note
in these examples I am only showing ONE technique in each picture so not all highs and

lows during that period will be marked but by applying the other methods explained in the
book you could get the all rest.

This major top for TSLA demonstrates a common square out method that works on just
about anything and almost always results in a major change in trend.

This simple major turn which could have been calculated years before, or even the day
before without any prior data, resulted in the largest advance in years.

Here's three perfect hits where big reversals started from. The programs given out with
Volume I can do these calculations in about 30 seconds of work and can be applied to any
stock, commodity, index, or currency and can easily be done a year ahead of time if needed.

These TWTR reversals come from the most basic starting lesson of all with the secret
laid down in the opening chapters of the Bible, and which explains the time cycle to use. All
stocks vibrate to these natural God commanded cycles.

These above arrow markers on the various charts are the results of usually ONE
comprehensive calculation that almost always gives results just like these and you know
often years in advance when they take place. There are several of these singular calculations
that you can try on various charts to see which are the easiest and best to use on your
particular stock or commodity. They are based on principles that are virtually guaranteed to
produce similar results since they come from the core secret of all cyclic behavior. You only
need to develop a strategy to buy or sell with a stop near these dates and 99% of the work is
done for you! Some of these are similar to what was in Volume I but most are from the very
advanced 'tweaks' to the methods that until now I have reserved for myself.
Volume II is similar to Volume I in size and will come as a notebook like Volume I.
This is proprietary material and copyrighted and you acknowledge by purchasing it
that you will not reproduce or reveal the information in this publication to anyone else.

Michael S. Jenkins
March 15, 2015