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According to wikipedia: global warming is a process of an increase in

the average temperature of the atmosphere, the sea, and the dry land earth.
global warming its content is being widely native speaker by various parties today.
In short global warming is the increase in the mean temperature at surface the land
fine earth, the sea, so that and air temperatures are more and more heat. Many
people define global warming differently, whether it is from the media and
individuals, of them:
The site biggest online encyclopedia wikipedia equate global warming as
an increase in a continuous manner an average temperature of the surface of the
earth .Since the beginning of all 20 century, the temperature at surface the planet
has grown by 0.8 degrees centigrade or 1.4 degrees fahrenheit where 2/3 from the
increase of temperature was made just after in the year of 1980-an. This shows
that the longer the increase of temperature the sooner. Understanding global
warming according to agent environmental protection the united states is the
increase of temperature average the surface of the earth good ago and to the
prevailing crisis. The incident is largely influenced by event the effect of
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the earth. Global warming this is what
caused the climate change, and global warming is one of aspect.
Solar energy association of new mexico, the united states meaning global
warming as an increase in temperature and the average temperature of earth
surface as the impact of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect itself is a

scene where on earth heat flabbergasted obstructed because the emission of gases
like carbon at oxide the atmosfir because the smoke of motor vehicles, factory
pollution and forest fires. Understanding of global warming according to the
natural resources defense council is an environmental crisis and the largest
humanitarian occurring at the moment. Earth atmosphere filled by heat because of
trapped by carbon at oxide gas that can threaten climate change and caused the at
saster on earth. NRDC also urge us to act against global warming. The national
wildlife federation equate global warming in its official website as events where is
getting heat, rain and flood harder, the great storm and drought is getting into. The
events of real impact is occurring due to global warming. Global warming also
change the landscape of life and off many species.
A case study : global warming caused by them 2 million tons of ice
melting. According to NASA satellite data new, shows that there is a sign of the
newest what is called by scientists with global warming. NASA satellite data
show more than 2 million tons of the ice in greenland, antartica, and alaska have
been melting since 2003. Based on observation satellite grace nasa on the weight
of ice loss happened in greenland is more than half the mainland of that
landlocked ice in the last five years has been melting. A former water from
melting ice in greenland in the last five years will increase approximately will
meet 11 of chesapeake bays. Melting ice not like the sea ice, but more to the
addition of the quantity of water gradually. Between greenland, antartica and
alaska, the release of ice has increased by around 15 inch in the last five years.
The level of elevation sea water also has increased along with global warming.

Many things into the cause of global warming gobal warming. The more
the cause, it will be increasingly complex global warming means of overcoming
that has now happened in indonesia, even in the world. But it is possible can all
find the solution, just what happens is that many humans would not implement a
solution to overcome the global warming. Electric power use of Wasteful
reasonable and appropriate human behavior certainly needs wisely. Everybody
wants these things can be done by each individual. But, it turns out to be frugal in
the use of electricity is not an easy job for most people. As a result, it is as a
contributor to global warming is happening. Electricity saving campaign or
Himbaun (save energy) has been done, but still a lot of homes that are wasteful in
the use of electricity.
The home page without the trees green plants or trees can make the air
becomes cool and neutralize the air temperature so that it can conclude that in the
trees (plants) can cope with high heat temperatures. If it is true, then every home
should want to plant a tree in the yard of his home. But it is also not done by many
home, do more homes in urban areas who prefer building than planting trees
green. That every yard or courtyard of a house there is no tree, then it stands to
reason whose name is global warming is occurring. To model a house glass one of
many global warming due to the fact that to model a house or the building with
the concept of a glass. So as to from greenhouse reflects light in the air, not absorb
sunlight. If one or two houses course it is not too affect change. But what
happened is not only a house building skyscrapers was wearing building concept

glass. If that occurs this was the case then global warming is achievement in
ended up coming with that of many houses of and building hand glass.
Machine fuel fuel from wheeled not only disturb to human health, also can
be used to increase global pemasanasan from air pollution that is in making. We
know, the number of vehicles continue to grow no abatement. Motorcycle users
from year to years continue to increase the user. So does your car drivers do not
want to lose. While motorcycle and a car that is old not in destroy or fixed at let
circulated. Smoke pollution from industrial plant by reason of open jobs for the
people of indonesia, and then many industrial plant that grows and develops .No
other and are not to prosper people. So it can earn a living by working. The heat of
the earth because a lot of smoke pollution from industrial plant. This is a dilemma,
on one side to the interests of the people, but in the other side the expense of the
existence of the earth.
The burning of forests and illegal loging source said that about 50 percent
of global warming caused by CO2, where CO2 emissions caused by the use of
material damage and cremate fosil/burning forest. Many functions of the forest, in
addition can prevent flooding, woods can also reduce the temperature of the earth
heat cendrung increased. But what happens if the forest as a legacy of fathers in
fuel and in woodcutter (read : stolen) by others who not responsible? In
preventing illegal and forest burning loging, serious in the role of the government
should handle it, because many occurred and continue to happen last few months
in Riau.

The age of the earth that is old age of the planet has reached into the cause
also 4.6 billion years. That means was very old. Like human if it is old, certainly
many diseases that easy to attack. So the earth also. Diseases suffered by the earth
today is global warming and acid rain and many others. Rays of the ozone layer
sun radiating to earths not directly to, because there are filters that ozone laipsan
doing beforehand. The ozone layer it if it is still normal. This is occurring now the
ozone layer is thinning some even say already leaked. A source said that: based on
monitoring the use of the total ozone mapping spectrometer instrument in the
toms 7 satellite nimbus and meteors 3, this damage has caused a hole known as
the ozone hole in the second pole of the earth.
The lack of green open space experts town planning of Trisakti, jakarta,
nirwono yoga, judge so far it is not the situation the percentage which means on
the number of green open space in jakarta, as in lansir of online media _ http: / / Government efforts in every region very minimal to build
green open space. This could look at with great once we find it .Although there
are now several cities such as bandung and surabaya that is being promote. Then
that would get on let it be an example for other cities. Number vehicles continues
to grow this has already been in have discussed above, but this thing these must be
the attitude of the government and formulate a policy in a motor vehicle. For the
release of the newest vehicles, so the vehicles year old they could go in unplug or
in recycling or whatever. That counts the number of motor vehicles can be
reduced, not has increased in. What happens when this is the number of motor
vehicles also pay not in the at the same time with infrasrtuktur the road. So that

not only impact of air pollution to global warming, congestion is always adorn the
To get a better understanding, the following are some of the impact and
consequences of global warming. Dryness a research conducted by a group of
british climate expert found that global warming will result in drought large in the
next 100 years. The scale of the drought so great to encompass half of the total
land we currently possess. Palmer drought severity index (PDSI) said that the
percentage of global dry regions has increased by 1,74 % between 1950 and 2008.
Drought certainly would trigger crop failure which will affect fatal to the world
population. The plague of climate change will cause spikes of a number of
epidemic diseases. Various viruses generally not can survive at a temperature of
cold. However, with the rise in temperature due to climate change, the virus which
was previously only capable of developing in tropical climates then spread to
other areas. Korea institite of health and social affairs (KIHASA) stated that in the
case of extreme, 1 degree the temperature increase will result in the increase in 6
percent in the spread of disease .
Flooding global warming being capable of igniting the flood opposite with
the logic. But the fact of climate change causing changes weather patterns around
the world. In the last few years we have seen the phenomenon of the great flood
that hit different parts of the world. Intergovernmental panel on climate change
(IPCC), has warned that the floods will rise in this century. The ices lequefaction
in the polar ice melt, global warming caused in antarctica to the north pole and the
south pole (A). The temperature increase is around two or three times as much.

Polar ice have an important role in keeping the environmental balance. When ice
melts, situated below the sea surface will be dangerous. Cities like shanghai and
maldives is in some of the countries that will be exposed to the risk of such a
Smog the increase of temperature caused by global warning will make the
concentration of smog in the atmosphere has been an increase in. An increase in
smog will at last cause disease and death. Smog has intensified its heat waves that
could certainly is bad for life. A forest fire during this last decade, much research
has been done to ascertain whether global warming causing the rise in the
frequency and intensity of a forest fire. A forest fire causing damage to the
ecosystem and infrastructure. Due to a forest fire, the number of the release of
carbon dioxide that is greenhouse gases is increased which in turn warming
worsening the global warming.
How to prevent global warming : Plant trees program for this whether the
movement of planting trees in already do? I think it, the campaign had in doing by
the central government and the regions, large companies have also allocate funds
corporate social responsibiliy (CSR) is to plant trees. Not until just there, a lot
movement organization of people who like dengue menaman tree, even with like
willingly split free trees planted for every house. Subtract the building lots of
buildings glass greenhouse can make the heat rising rising in recent degrees
centigrade. Because of that, must be in the slow, there must be strict government
policy about the construction of buildings who tries clawing the heavens
(although no can). Then is it there to government policy on the reduction of

construction of buildings or a greenhouse? To regard in i there is neither gain, if it

exists at the environmental impact as analysis (AMDAL) only a formality only.
This is proved by continue to and continue to grow houses in wake up. In this
aspiration must continue to express our gratitude, if possible the government
provides fines to a property developers who builds houses without analyzes about
the effect of environment in their projects.
Smart in driving developed countries there has been so much to do this
.Culture drive with a smart already on demonstrate by them. There are even some
special a parking lot on a bicycle that in the well too. Yes, many developed nations
to go out with bicycles to travel, as to the office or to school. Actually, the issue in
indonesia there have been their activities, but has not yet received a response that
from both the government. Should be government make a special road for chain a
bicycle, but not. In addition, mass transportation also as driving with a smart, this
can reduce global warming which arise out of a motor vehicle that we were
traveling in. With driving a mass transportation, hence this step could save
pollution and also it can minimize congestion. But if you have the office or
schools that they could go in travel on foot, then it better in do on foot, do not
driving a car instead. Same we know that for global warming because of co2 in
out of fuel a motor vehicle.
Electricity electricity also will be a factor in raise the temperature of hot. If
so how discreet to accustom electricity. As in the house, when daylight switched
off electricity that is not used again. It has to do in mass, not only by turn course.
Very unfortunate still found the number of street light on at noon. In this case the

government had not become an example for the community. But not any if we
start from ourselves, the family, neighbors and so on. Hopefully future generations
can be intelligent and efficient in use electricity.
House ventilation duct which is if you want to prevent global warming go
home, so what do you do besides installing air-conditioning, the increase in the
ventilation duct. So the wind can enter into the house and providing coolness. And
that wind still many come to you, and don't forget your planting trees in the yard
of your house. Do not haphazardly loging woodcutter the (illegal) is still difficult
to do with our society. Could we see each year, which burned hectares of forest so
a land barren. Not counting again loss because the state of being depleted in fuel
by unscrupulous irresponsibility.