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Corelatii intre dureri si simptome psihice

Studies Find Body Pain Correlates With Spiritual &

Emotional Pain

By Simple Organic Life| Life gets tough sometimes. You

start to feel like youre on an emotional rollercoaster
after a bit. But did you know that those emotions can
cause a decline in your physical health? Dr. Susan Babel,
a psychologist that specializes in trauma-induced
depression, wrote in Psychology Today, Studies have

shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by

physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues.
Many people are already familiar with the fact that
emotional stress can lead to stomachaches, irritable bowel
syndrome, and headaches, but might not know that it can
also cause other physical complaints and even chronic pain.
One logical reason for this: studies have found that the
more anxious and stressed people are, the more tense and
constricted their muscles are, over time causing the muscles
to become fatigued and inefficient.
More subtly, one might develop psychosomatic
symptoms or stress-related symptoms because of
unresolved emotional issues
Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that
there is still emotional work to be done, and it can also
be a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system
she continued. So what could the various pains you
experience mean? Lets go through it.

1) Pain in your head

Pain in your head, like headaches and migraines, can be
triggered by the stresses of day to day life. Be sure to

take time out of every day to relax. Do something that

eases the tension.
2) Pain in your neck

Feeling a pain in your neck? You must have kids! Just

kidding. Pain in your neck is an indication that you may
be having trouble with forgiveness of others, or even
yourself. If youre feeling neck pain, consider the things
you love about yourself and others. Consciously work
toward forgiveness.
3) Pain in your shoulders
Pain in your shoulders may indicate that youre carrying a
real emotional burden. Thats where the saying

shouldering a problem comes from. Focus in on some

proactive problem solving and distributing some of that
burden to other people in your life.
4) Pain in your upper back
If youre feeling pain in your upper back, youre probably
coping with a lack of emotional support. You might be
feeling unloved or you could even be holding your love
back. If youre single, it might be time to go for a date.
5) Pain in your lower back

Lower back pain might mean youre worrying too much

about money or youre lacking in emotional support. It
may be a good time to ask for an overdue raise or
consider a financial planner to help you utilize money a

little bit better. Dont be afraid to reach out to others for

6) Pain in your elbows
Pain in your elbows has a lot to do with resisting changes
in your life. If your arms are feeling stiff, it may mean that
youre too stiff in your life. It may be time to think about
making compromises and shaking things up a little bit. At
the very least, go with the flow.
7) Pain in your hands
With your hands, you reach out to others and connect. If
youre feeling hand pain, it may mean that youre not
reaching out enough. Try making new friends. Have
lunch with an associate. Make a connection.
8) Pain in your hips

If youve been afraid of moving, that may manifest as a

pain in the hips. Sore hips could be a sign that youre too
resistant to changes and moves. It may also show a
caution toward making decisions. If youre thinking on
some big ideas, its time to make a decision.
9) Pain in the knees
Knee pain can be a lot of different things, but it can be a
sign of a big ego. You might think that youre a little bit
too awesome. Humble yourself. Spend some time
volunteering. Make sure you remember that youre
mortal. Youre just human.
10) Pain in your calves

Calf pain is likely triggered by emotional tension of some

kind. Stress may also be the culprit. Jealousy may be
causing your sore calves too. It might be time to let go of
something big.
11) Pain in the ankles
Pain in your ankles may be a sign that youre depriving
yourself of pleasure. It may mean its time to indulge a
little bit more. Spice up your romantic life a bit.
12) Pain in your feet

When youre depressed, you might feel some foot pain.

Too much negativity can manifest in your feet not feeling
so good. Look for the little joys in life. Find a new pet or a
new hobby. Look for joy.
As she concluded in the article, Although one might not
be aware of the lingering effect of the trauma, or believe
that the traumatic event has been put behind them, the
body could be clinging to unresolved issues.
The next time you feel some physical pain, try looking
inside yourself to see what you are thinking, what you
are holding on to, and what emotions you are
suppressing. Pain acts as a spiritual warning sign that
there is some healing that needs to be done.
Sources: This article was originally featured on, and was used with permission
from the author.

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