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Based upon your desires-from

the replies
to the questionaires-we
are proceeding to
plan a fun-filled weekend in Reno, Nevada
for all good Fifis and "friends".
Results to the site selection:
San Antonio


Comments included on the postals nave

been duly noted-personal
replies are not
possible at this time. Please notify your
Nancy Crews, if you plan to
present a discussion on any topic during
the business meeting, so that time can be
alloted and a spokesman called.




That's the Reno advertising

slogan, so
let's make it ours for June 1974. Locate
for your grandchildren
homes, and plan to journey to this city
at the 4400 foot level at the foot of the
June 13-15, 1974
Arrive early and enjoy the beauties of
the surrounding
area before and after our
Brochures will be mailed to
all of you who hope to attend as time gets
closer to 1974.
Reunion Committee:
Fran Dias Gustavson,
Betty Shea Boyd
Hazel Stamper Hohn 44-4
Gerry W. Mickelsen 43-2
If you have questions or problems, let
these gallant women who live in the area
help you solve them.
Make your plans NOW, so we don't find
you missing when the Roster is signed. OUI
Nancy, has already checked the
location and attractions;
and has glowing
reports of cooperation
from the city. So
plan to be treated royally during your
stay. Exact details and lodging will be
worked out by the Committee and members of
the Board during October. Weather should
be in the 80's in June and the area is
truly beautiful. THINKRENO:






London, July 2 (APl - The
Tokyo radio today said three
American aircraft piloted by
women had been shot down
over Kweilin, China.
"Thus it is assumed that
a shortage of American air
crews is so acute that women are now being employed
on operational
the broadcast.
The planes were flown by
American girls dressed "in
smart outfits which may
have been designed by Walt
Disney because they were
so natty," said the Tokyo
From the L.A.Times
July 2, 1944


are now in order for the new
officers who will serve you from the 1974
"Reunion in Reno" until the next gathering
of the Order of Fifinella.
If you have a favorite "Leader" send her
name to the Nominating Committee.
Same for
someone you would. trust with your money as
Newsletter Editor needs a bit of selfnomination. The job requires enthusiasm,
at least 2 weeks of concentrated
time to
put material together, and a typewriter
(or an assistant able to do same). Some
where midst our ranks there must be some
frustrated "editors" hiding. Please make
yourselves known-the job CAN't just be
thrust on someone.
Nominating Committee:
GENE FITZ PATRICK, Chairman (44-1)
2345 Sparta Drive
Miraleste, Calif 90732
Mail all Nominations
to the Committee
Chairman by 31 Jan 1974. Acceptance to run
mu~t b~ obtained so voting can be done by
ma1l before the June Reunion.


Note: Cornelia Fort was killed at age 24

when ?omber crashed in Texas, a.WAFS and
the f1rst woman to die on was duty in
American history.
"Here Come the WAFS" - Time, June 7, '43
"Ladies Join the Air Forces"
December, 1942
"Women Are In It Too" - lfomans Home
Companion, June" 1942
"Mrs. Love and the WAFS" - Newsweek
September 21, 1942
WASP ~ "World War II - Women and the War _
Our Girls in Uniform" - Ladies
Home Journal, Jan. 1943
"Women in Uniform" - New York Times Mag.
P.61, March 21, 1943
"Women in Uniform" National Geographic,
p. 438 & p.457-8, Oct. 1943
"Fifinellas & etc." - Flying, July 1943
"Battle of the Sexes" - Time, May 8,1944
"Girl Pilots" - ~,
July 19, 1943
"Home For Christmas"
- Time, Oct 16 1944
"Requiem for the WASP'; by.B. Poole _
Flying, December 1944
"Saved From Official Fate" - Time
April 3, 1944
"They've Done It Again" by M. Kumler,
Ladies Home Journal, March 1944
"Unnecessary & Undesirable?
- Time,
May 29, 1944
"WASP" - Flying, January 1944
"I Was a WASP" by P. Roberts, Private
Pilot, July 1971

The WASP plaque is on display at the Air
We Were WASPS by M.Winifred Wood & illusForce Museum at Wright-Paterson
AFB in Daytrated by Dorothy Swain, 1945
ton, Ohio. It lists the names of 38 women,
Glade House, Coral Gables, Fla.
and carries these inscriptions:
Flydown of the WASP by Mardo Crane, 1967
Top - This plaque was dedicated Dec 7,
Pageant Press, New York
1944 at Avenger Firld, Sweetwater,Texas
Over the Hump by William Tunner
by General H. H. Arnold, Commanding
This Flying Game by H.H.Arnold & co-author
General, Army Air Forces.
Ira C. Eaker. Funk & Wagnalls
- These brave women gave their
Stars at Noon by Jacqueline Cochran
lives in the performance
of duty for
their country in the Army Air Forces
~his list was compiled by our Historian,
as members of the WASP (Women Airforce
Marty Wyall. If you know of additional maService Pilots) 1942-1944
terial, please contact her so our records
can be brought up-to~date.
Mary Anne Wyall
P.O.Box 9212
The following is an incomplete list of
Fort Wayne,In.46809
published articles and books about the WASP.
Someone of us may be able to add the missing gaps in the WASP Library.
It's THINKRENO for June '74:
ATA - "WAAFS Keep 'Em Flying" - Christian
Fran Gustavson, Betty Boyd, Hazel Hohn,
Science Monitor, June 13, 1942 .
and Gerry Michelsen of the Convention
Co~"ATA Girls" - Flying, August 1943
mittee are making wonderful plans with the
Reno Chamber of Commerce for a fun-filled
WAFS - "WAFS" - Time, September 21, 1942
western WASP reunion. So y'all come, ya
"WAFS Fly for the Army" - Scholastic,
heah: :
May 17, 1943
In the meantime I want to say thanks for
"WAFS Women" - Life, Sept 28, 1942
the suggestions
and cooperation
given us
"Women's Ferrying Squadron Planned"
Order Of Fifienella officers--it's
Educ.Vict. ,Nov. 2, 1942
greatly appreciated. We aim to please.
"At Twilights Last Gleaming" by C.Fort
Womans Home Companion, July 1943
& ~cholastic, October 11, 1943

LEOTI DEATON - Dedie spent a year in "reflected glory"--her

TCU, and this was its lOOth year; her
brother, Dr. Lee Clark, who is on the
Natl Cancer Commission
Chairman Col. W. Bruce Arnold, USAF (Ret)
received additional honors--and
she was
reports he has had a preliminary meeting
seated up on the platform, for lots of
with Congressman
Olin E. Teague of Texas,
chicken dinners .Dedie, herself, received
Chairman and second ranking member of the
the Red Cross's Golden Whale Award--"For
House Veterans Affairs Committee.
He and
to humanity in
Col. Arthur Brackett, USAF (Ret) (of the AF
the field of aquatics and lifesaving"-Reserve Officers Asso.) had a follow-up
and the first woman in the World to be
meeting with Mr. Oliver Meadows, Chief Counso honored~ This means she's also incel, House Committee
on Veteran Affairs.
ducted into the International
Although Congressman
Teague and Mr. MeaHall of Fame~! Our sincerest, Dedie.
dows were not encouraging
because of the
many similar requests being received from
both official and unofficial,
1602 Primrose, Borger,Texas
both agreed to help us as much as possible.
Teague has agreed to submit a
NANCY LOVE was in Calif. in June for the
bill requesting
Vetern privileges
for all
graduation of her daughter from Pitzer
WASPs. The present status is that Col.
College at Claremont-then
back East.
Brackett and Col. Arnold are preparing such
TERESA JAMES writes,"the
highlight of my
a bill.
Mary Jones
activities for '73 was seeing DELPHINE
BOHN at the P-47 Reunion in San Francisco,
where I was wined, dined and given the
Cook's Tour by special guide Delphine.
Best time I had in years. In Oct. I'm
taking time out from the Petunia Patch to
This Committee
has been selected and will
go to Italy--am wondering
if I'm too old
begin work immediately
to be pinched? Hello, to all my friends."
1. Define criteria more specifically.
BETTY GILLIES dropped a line just prior to
2. Estb.method
for getting nominations &
departing with husband Bud for a visit
submit for Board approval.
with daughter Pat and family in Italy.
3. Review nominations
& make final selec"Barbara Jayne and I went to Australia in
tion for award at each Reunion. HowApril and participated
in a 'fly-yourself'
ever presentation
each reunion is not
safari for 3 weeks into the OUTBACK. We
picked up a Cessna 182 in Melbourne and,
4. Keep records of all recipients.
with 3 other aircraft~ flew to Ayres Rock,
Alice Springs,Jin
Jim Crossing,Darwin,Port
the Order of Fifinella Award
is given in recognition
of a significant
and back to Melbourne with
made to the WASP program, the
visits to cattle ranches, mining towns etc
Order, or to the world of aviation.
in between. It was a great trip of about
54 flying hours and 7500 miles, sponsored
Adela Scharr, WAFS
by AOPA and conducted by Arthur Schutt of
Evelyn Greenblatt Howren, 43-1
Schutt Aircraft at Moorabbin.Airport,MelGrace Birge Mayfield, 43-3
bourne. Anyone interested in making such
Katherine Loft Strehle, 43-4
a flight into Australia should contact
Evelyn Trammell, 43-6
this old time bush pilot. In July Gertrude
Lockwood and I flew the Baron to Atchison,
Ka. for the '2nd 99 Fly-Away' and the preNEWS OF INTEREST
sentation to the Ninety-Nines
of the Am.
JACQUELINE COCHRAN.- We were unable to get
and the Bicentennial
a note from Miss Cochran about her '73
ceremony was held in Amelia Earhart's
because we contacted her in
birthplace on her natal day. In Aug.Gertie
August and she had just departed for a
and I flew again to the 99 Convt in Milmotor home tour through the Dakotas, eastwaukee. Jill McCormick
(4 -5) stopped by
ern Canada and the Great Lakes" .to rein JUne-:-i
t was a real treat to see this
turn in early October." But from that we
courageous gal back on her feet.
know she's continuing
to visit "the placesBARBARA
ERICKSON LONDON writes that with
I never saw except as I flew over .. " and
Jack's sudden passing in July, her life
enjoying herself. We heard she and Mr.
has changed. She's still at the same home
OdIum took an extended motor home tour
and will be as long as the girls come and
just after the Sweetwater Reunion and
go. Barbara is continuing at the airplane
then returned to a new home on the Cochran
selling game as a partner at Barney FraOdIum Ranch in Indio.
zier Aircraft (in the Fiesta Air Center
(Received by telephone from Col. W. Bruce
Arnold on 9-21-73)

Complex just south of the Ad Bldg on the

ul ty gave a show, most of which I 'wrote
long Beach Airport). It's always Open
because the idea was mine-'There's
House, so stop by to visit. Daughter Terry
Business Like School Business' and it was
is finishing up her Senior year at San
a howling, clapping, whistling success
Jose State U. in Aeronautics
this coming
from opening to finale.(My middle name is
year-she just finished a course at Sierra
Ham) My students made costumes and signs,
School of Aeronautics
in Oakland,Ca.(on
painted scenery, and suffered in silence
for the 727, Flight Enginwhile we taped the music during classes.
eers course and now has a certificate
Some snitching teacher let out that I
Turbo-Jet Flight Engineers.
She is hoping
would do a hula. Me?--always
for a job with an airline--dreams
whip cracker, get-thebly ..? Kris lives in Maui/Hawaii
jOb-done type? Well ... 1 shall always
she trains and boards horses and gives
chuckle over that one because when I came
riding lessons. She likes the easy life
on, the show stopped. In a Spanish Main
of the Islands and will stay as long as
scene, I danced as a Campesino with my
she can make it pay.
assistant (a tall, black girl) who wore
KATHRYN BERNHEIM FINE was out in Calif.for
a Carmen Miranda type outfit. The kids
saw Nancy Crews and Betty Gilcaught what our pantomime was all about-lies for a talking time, and visited her
it goes on' in the halls every day. I took
daughter Dugie and her husband Axel at
one of the tissue paper hula outfits on
Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard where he's
attached to the "Sanctuary" which leaves
the cruise and won first priie ,in the
in Oct for several months thru Central &
costume competition--noone
recognized me
South Am ports, showing in Fla in Dec.
in my long blonde wig and dark glasses.
Dugie will be home with Sis from Oct. til
Harold had a stroke in July '72, and bethen. Son Rob is also in the Navy-now in
cause I had him, the house, and my job to
Sardinia, Italy. Sis says,"sure wish I
take~care of last year-not much was acwas back in the Service gaddiqg aboutcomplished. Hope to get things cleaned up
and because I'm tired of resting, Imay go
and in shape again by Reno-time.
See you
back to School Bus driving-doesn't
all then!!"
much time, but keeps me out of mischief:"
Sis does some swimming and sailing with
made trips to Mexico City, Taxco, and Acaher sister and brother-in-law
on their
pulco; Colorado; and shorter jaunts. One
46'yawl in Long Island Sound and prays
very enjoyable trip was to Louisville,
that someone will buy her house so she
where their son-in-law graduated from Dencan buy a 40' power yacht and "sail off
tal school, with honors. Daughter Gail
into the sunset .."
taught at the U of Ky there while her husNANCY BATSON CREWS and husband Paul bought
band Ron was finishing--now
they have rea Beech Musketeer so Nancy could instruct
turned to Borger where Ron has opened a
in something biggeer than the Cub she
dental practice. Florene and Chris helped
uses to tow gliders. She flew as c/p in
with painting, draperies, etc-and her spethe Palms to Pines Race and placed 5th.
cial. project was to design and plant the
In Sept Nancy gave at least 5 rides in
landscaping to "work out some lifetime
gliders to over 15 people at the AOPA
free dentistry, but I never want him to
Plantation Party in San Diego. Daughter
spend as many hours inside my mouth as I
Janey is Sophomore Cheerleader
at Hawspent on that building!" Daughter Jean's
thorne, Ca. high school, and son is rehusband Scott was honored in Houston returning from Thailand in Nov. Husband
cently by the Texas ,Restaurant Asso. as
Paul is talking up a DRIVING vacation
"most outstanding
in the
for a change.
Jean and Scott live in Amarillo and have two children, a 4 year old
boy and 8 month old daughter. Florene did
ADELA SCHARR writes,"greatest
news for me
not teach this summer, but is about to be
is that I retired on June 29th, the day
deep in classes, schoolwork and extraafter school ended. Harold and I celebracurricular activities!
ted the 29th by flying to Port Everglades
Note: Florene had three letters returned-to board the Nieuw Amsterdam and steamed
BERNICE BATTEN- "No such number"
toward Curacao, Venezuela, and 4 other
BARBARA SHOEMAKER - "Moved, no forwarding"
ports for ten days. I needed that!! When
almost home in an airport cab, while
anyone know anything bout these women?
waiting at an intersection
for traffic
to clear, the taxi was struck from behind 43-1 Secretary:
600 E. Cottonwood Ln,Casa Grande,Ariz.
by an inconsiderate
man and my head contacted the cab's metal roof. I didn't
NOTE-I found when I went down to get my mail
need THAT! Since, I have had to apply
this morning(15 Aug) that our apartment
heat and traction to my neck thrice daily
house number has been changed now that all
No broken bones-but it didn't help my
my friends have the 450 number and I have
arthritis. During finals week, our facmillions of little stickers ..GERRY.


LtCol.ANN JOHNSON and her wonderful retireswim meets. Sounds as though she hae real
ment sound so great, and her plans for
Olympic material there as son Steve did
travel make us all a little green with
very well in the L.A.lnvitational.Joined
envy. After 20 years of roaming the world
the L.A. area WASP on the 26th,but reported
she has now purchased a condominium in
that daughter Shelley had broken her wrist
Clearwater,Fla with a view of the beach
in a bicycle accident.
and Gulf from her living area. ANN and
BYRD HOWELL GRANGER has so many academic
EVELYN GREENBLATT are spending the month
achievements it would take a whole Newsof August touring Europe.
letter ~o cover them. She is still Prof.
MARION MACKEY deGREGORIO and husband Felix
of Fo,lklore& Literature ,and Director of
are also Europe travelers this summer,
Folklore Info Center at the U.ofAriz. in
visiting Paris,London.Dublin and driving
Tucson, but has just added a new civic
thru Ireland. No word directly from MARduty as chairman of Heritage'76 Committe
JORIE GRAY,but Marion informed us that
Ariz Region#18, American Revolution BiMarjorie was on a trip thru Italy. Hope
centennial Celebration.
we can catch up on Marjorie in the next
JANE STRAUGHN is still working at the Social
MAGDA TACKE and George are planning to r~Security office in Silver Springs,Md.and
tire this fall. They plan some traveling
both boys live nearby. She misses seeing
after that,but at the present time are
an; of the ~
who live in that area and
golfing,bowling,and trying to decide
asked that they call her it t~ey have time
whethe~ to spend those retirement years
Her new phone # 649-4926. Her comment "I
in the nice weather of N.C. or back up
cap remember laughing when my grandmother
North where all the family lives.
referred to her friends as girls-now I do
it, too." Jane and her husband spend all
GERRY LAMPHERE NYMAN had a great reunion
their weekends and vacations at the ocean.
on the 4th of July in Phoenix."We spent
Sounds like great fun.
a.'greatdeal of our time together tellDOTTIE YOUNG writes, "1973 started out real
ing each other that it couldn't possibly
keen-the company acquired an Enstrom helibe 30 years ,because we didn't feel or
copter and I put in some 30 hrs instructlook 30 years older."
ing before we both went into the shop; it
BETTY BLAKE has 3 sons,ages l4,16,and 19,
for overhaul and me for an eye operation.
and is doing great in the real estate
Three months later we were both airworthy
business in Phoenix. She toured the Caagain~ Enjoyed a very productive WASP
nadian Rockies last summer.
Board meeting at Wichita Falls,Texas in
BROWNIE KINDIG is working in Phoenix as a
March and have kept fairly busy as Adminlegal secretary and really enjoying the
istrative Assistant to Susie Sewell,Pres.
Southwest. She didn't particularly enjoy
of the 99s. Husband Pete retired from the FAA
the ~wister last Feb that lifted her
FAA July 1st. Don't know who started the
storage shed 6 feet and transplanted it,
"retire,relax and travel"adage,but it does
but otherwisethinks Phoenix is great.
NOT apply to us-house and yard projects
GERRY NYMAN and Van have just returned
keep piling up rather than diminishing!
from a month on Coeur d'Alene Lake in N.
Was honored to be asked to be a pilot on
Idaho,spending most of the time snorkling
the U.S.Women's Helicopter Team for the
All of last year's vacations and weekends
World Helicopter Championships in England
were spent in Mexican or Baja waters also
this July-but couldn't accept as the eye
in snorkle outfits-find that this easily
reouperation prevented attending refresher
takes the place of the 3 days/wk of skiing and pre-contest training."
done all winter in Idaho before moving to
the Southwest. A new grandson was visited 43-2 Secretary: MARION SCHORR BETZLER
1306 Stone Ridge Dr. Apt. 0
while up North,too. Gerry was appointed
Columbus, Ohio 43213
to an 18 person Governor's Advisory Board
6 months ago and will now spend 2 or 3
days a week traveling allover the state. ALM~ JERMA~ HINDS operated H&H Flying SerThis Board is over the other 20 Advisory
Vlce untll 1969, when she retired from
Boards in the state,so concerns everyac~ive business management. She has three
thing from veterans to retarded children,
ch~ldren and seven grandchildren. Alma is
old age,etc."The old age I should be able ~tlll,an active pilot,was flying as pilot
to handle well,when I think it has been
ln thlS year's Powder Puff Derby, but had
30 years since WASP days ...."
to drop out enroute to Elmira N.Y.
SIDNEY MILLER is doing terrific in her plasRUTH FRANCKLING REYNOLDS and he~ youngest
tics business of "Sidneys". She spent sev Peggy,15,were in Santa Barbara for a fo~r
eral years as editor of a local newspaper week visit with MARTHA WAGENSEIL DAVIS
but when it was sold recently,she decided RUPLEY. They all went south for a week to
to devote full time to her business,even
Los Ange~es, Laguna Beach, La Jolla (Sea
tho the newspaper still wants her.
World, Dlsneyland,Marineland,etc.) , back
MARY LOU COLBERT NEALE has spent some hectic to Palm Springs and over to the north rim
but rewarding weeks with her 2 boys in
of the Grand Canyon-walking down to the
bottom and back. They returned to Santa

Barbara where Martha's daughter Kimberly

BETTY EAMES JOINER and her husband are on an
showed her champion Briard puppy in the
extended trip-a study tour of the Vikings.
big Santa Barbara Dog Show. Kimberly's
Scanhusband is just beginning work on his docdanavian countries,and
Germany are on the
torate in Nairobi and later in London-they
are both paleontologist-authropologists.
KAY GOTT CHAFFEY spent a weekend in July
The FIFIS then headed north to King's Canwith the Joiners at Los Batos with plans
yon, Sequoia, Yosemite,Lake
Tahoe,and on
to do the same in Sept. Betty plays lots
to Fallon,Nev. to see FRAN DIAS GUSTAVSON.
of golf and has been getting current in
From there it was down to San Francisco
flying. Kay went on a horse pack-trip in
and a stop in Redwood City to see CAROL
the Montana wilderness.
FILLMORE. Martha and husband Forrest have
for activities,
bought another house along the Montecito
I don't have enough hours in the day. HavGolf Course. While showing their former
ing studied Political Science in order to
home, Martha was pleasantly surprised to
get a Master's, now I have the fun of seesee ANN ARMSTRONG McCLELLAND, who started
ing if the theory fits the practice--it
with 43-1, got sick, and finished with
does: Our community is growing, as are all
43-3. Ann moved from Northern Calif.
So. Calif's, and we must make plans for
GERI MASINTER HILL went back to college in
the future. I'm a member of the Council
1960 for a teaching credential when San
for our area-sort of a pre-city type.I'm
Francisco State accepted all units from
learning a lot! Hope to see you in Reno."
her BA at UCLA. With summer sessions,Geri
picked up a MA in Social Science at Long
Beach State U. in 1967. After teaching at
Route 1, Box 57A
South Hi School in Torrance from '61-'67,
Miss. 39325
in History,English,Government,Aeronautics
and the Abolitionists,
she retired and
BETTY DEUSER BUDDE and husband have been to
moved to Oceanside."Retirement
is a happy
Hawaii 3 times to visit their son who is
time for me and much busier than I ever
a Doctor in the Navy at Pearl Harbor, Her
I keep my Second Class physsecond son just took the Bar Exams and is
ical,but have not been flying. Hope to
waiting results. Third son is married and
get an ATP. For some years I was in touch
fourth son has just returned from a 6 mo.
with EDDIE PEDLAR BISHOP. She was working
trip in Europe. She and Fred
on her Doctorate when last I saw her in
are still in their normal routines-he
Redolldo Beach around 1966.Aloha nui oe."
working for a newspaper and she working
for the County Social Services.
MARIE MUCCIE GENARO has been very busy since LOIS BROOKS HAILEY has finished 29 years of
teaching but can't count it all for re
setting up her new health food store in
tirement so must go on teaching orchestra
Lake Park,Fla. It has been going great
in 3 schools, 5-12 grades. No flying exever since, says Marie."Seems
everyone is
cept airlines. Her son is on the U.S.S.
interested in health foods, and proper
between the Phillipines
nutrition these days. Daughters Sue and
and Vietnam. She has one granddaughter.
Laura are helping in the store-they're
MARION HANRAHAN's work is both fascinating
health nuts,too. The Sweetwater Reunion
and rewarding-she
is a rehabilitation
was great, but did they have to put the
counseler for the State of Calif. She
picture of me in the year book showing Bob
bought a beach house on the coast and has
Cummings handing me the black bra?? Got
been staying there at night and weekends
some good snaps of him and his cute wife,
when not golfing,boating,fishing,painting
and have one in my health food store, as
and other similar activities.
he's a health nut too." Those WASP who saw
FLORENCE KNIGHT reports that she has been
Marie in Sweetwater know how great she
doipg nothing exciting in Vahalla.
looks-that health food must work.
VILMA LAZAR QUALLS's husband retired the
With the FAA's changes to Parts 61 & 141,
end of May and he and Vilma should be
MARION SCHORR BETZLER is spending more
N.E.W.S. May we hear more?
time behinp the desk and less time in the
cockpit. In July Marion flew to Elmira,
LOUISE KIDD retired from the U.S.Customs
N.Y. ,to serve as Chief Terminus Judge for
1969 and settled in Okeechobee,Fla.
the Powder Puff Derby. Then in August she
does some fishing and takes cruises to
joined fellow AOPAers for 15 beautiful
far away islands. She is enjoying the
days in Spain. Second son,Mike, graduated
quiet life and says she is alive and well.
from Ohio State U, was commissioned
a 2nd
Lt. in the Air Force, and is now a Flight
rating after deactivation
and worked at
Cadet at Craig AFB in Selma, Ala. Brings
the airport at Riverside,Cal.
when her
back memories .... ?
husband's work for a steamship company
flew in the 1973
took them to Chicago for 5 yrs. They rePPD with Sammy McKay(non-WASP)
in her
turned to Cal. where she's been a school
Cessna Centurion.
secretary ever since. Her daughter is 16


first year of hi school, Scott is in his

and loves horses, son is 15 and is invol20th year with Northrup.
ved in baseball and golf. She is busy with
VIRGINIA MALANY MELONEY works with her husjob,house,garden
and children but finds
band John, who is Eastern Director of Am.
time to play an occasional
game of golf.
youth Hostels,lnc,
and also on behalf of
ZILER is still teaching
injured Vietnamese children as official
math at Sierra Blanca where husband Doyle
for the National Investigawill be county judge for bne and half more
tion on Aerial Phenomena-she's
also trusyears. Two of her three children have
tee of the local library and on the commarried since the Reunion.
mittee for planned parenthood.
All the
LORETTA BEATY FOY took 3 weeks off from her
talk about first women pilots on the airhelicopter
to tour the poles
lines should take another look. Virginia
and the globe with the Classroom In The
was co-pilot for a vt airlines on twinSky from Mt. San Antonio College-a 707,
engine executive planes.
yet. They circled the North Pole, winged
GINNY HILL WOOD and Celia Hunter (43-5) are
below the peaks of the Alps, buzzed by
still working at their Camp Denali in
icebergs near the South Pole,
Alaska. Believe me, I've been there, they
the eclipse in the Indian Ocean
have the best view of Mt. McKinley in all
among other sights and thrills.Fantastic.
of the Park area. Ginny has been on a
trip to Africa and her daughter Romany,
W-3 class had responded to her postals.
now 16, is attending Argenta Friends
She dug up addresses, but no info, on
School in Argenta B.C.
My main concern right now it that when we
Betty is keeping busy tho retired on disset the Questionaire
for info to be sent
ability by the F.A.A. Recently she toured
to Col Bruce Arnold,PLEASE,
PLEASE, fill
Fla by auto and visited relatives in Calif
it out and return it whether you think
Ind by airlines. She's now
you'll ever benefit from any of the mencatching her breath at home. She has one
tioned benefits for veterans or not. I've
son, and a lovely granddaughter.
got beeg money bet on you andexpect to
win ..... 50 cents IS 50 cents! ~
W-4 Secretary:
903B Spring Valley Plaza
43-5 Secretary: JILL McCORMICK
Texas 75080
4920 N. State Rd. 43
It hardly seems possible that it has been
over a year since our reunion in Sweetwater. Next reunion I want to see and do
things with the gals. Planning committees
and fun but--so everyone vote for Reno,
it's too far away for me to be involved.
Really did appreciate
all the letters
from the gals saying a big thanks for the
last ~blast". You must forgive me for not
getting out my usual letter to each of
you requesting
news, but circumstances
have caused me to live on a day by day
basis with only interest being the daily
visits to my Dad who is now completely
incapable of existing without help. Sometimes age has its disadvantages.
The best news I can report for our class:
The return of P.O.W. Commander James M.
the son of GWEN COWART HICKERSON. Gwen's husband-as we all remembermaae many cross country trips to Sweetwater. He too was a Navy flier. Like father, like son. I know we all rejoice in
Gwen and Jim's happiness. Did appreciate
for sending the
glad tidings for all of you.
is now Field Director for the Great Falls Council of Camp
Fire Girls. She is also Treas. of the
Mont. Chapter of the 99s.
VI THURN COWDEN writes that they have moved
to 124 16th St, Huntington Beach-out of
the smog to the beautiful Pacific, one
block from the beach. She is working for
the Huntington. Beach City Schools in the
teacher workshop. Daughter Kim is in her

W. Lafayette

Ind. 47906

Awhole year has gone by since the Reunion,

and what a great affair that was! Four
out of 6 in my Bay were present-I'm
being discriminating,
but since I'm the
reporter, I shall talk of them first:
the reunion I have had
my fused left hip unfused, and it is the
best thing I've ever had done for myself.
Passed my Commercial
physical in Aug '72
and as the 99s would say, I'm again APT.
After Spring Semester terminated,
I had
minor aperations on my feet, but that did
not stop plans for my dream trip of 7 yrs.
Flew to Dallas May 27 to meet Marion Tibbetts (43-6).We spent the weekend with
Les & Dora Strother (43-3), delightful,
charming people. They took us to Lion
Country and a short tour of Bell Helicopter plant. We all joined Marion & Ned
Hodgson in one of their gourmet meals.
We then headed for N. Mex.via Amarillo to
Santa Fe and Albuequerque.
Hariet Urban White and had a ball. Also
made a real estate investment-bought
a parcel of land in Cochiti Lake site.
Then on to visit in the Phoenix-Tucson
area,and finally Calif.where
I spent a
day with Betty Gillies (WAF and my CO
at New Castle,Del.)on
her beautiful spot
in Rancho Santa Fe. She provided us with
oraEges for 10 days-delicious!
While we
stayed in Huntington Beach phoned Nancy
and found that she was illhope you're over that pneumonia,Nancy?

Went to Disneyland
and spent a day with
my fermer employers,Flying
Tiger Linefound they recently hired 3 of my grads
from Purdue's Professional
Pilot Program.
Also visited Marjorie Wakeham(43-6)
her restaurant nearby. Enroute to the
Grand Canyon we stopped in Indio and
called Jacqueline Cochran, but she and
her husband were in L.A. and it was too
hot to hang around. On to Denver-and
what a beautiful route that was-where I
visited the AFRes Records Center, Jeppeson & Co(air charts) ,and UAL Training
Center. A friend and 99, Doris Langher,
has been with UAL 30 years took me thru
the school-wish
Purdue had that type of
equipment! Next we visited a friend of
Tibby's in Colo Springs. After that we
stopped in Wichita Falls for breakfast
with Dedie and her Cliff-delicious,Dedie:
Tibby and I separated in Dallas-I visited
a nephew and had an opportunity
for dinner with Faith Richards(43-4).
The trip
was wonderful-the
USA is one beautiful
country-& the WASP I saw looked just
great (each and everyone::)
During the reunion she married off her
handson son, and late in June '73 her
lovely daughter took the plunge-now has
only one son to go. Remember I mentioned
our gourmet meal at the Hodgson's?
Marion has just come out with her third
cook book. First was,"The Original College Kids Cookbook" sub-title "no brains
second "The Brides Survival
Kit" sub-title "if she can read she can
cook--no experience necessary";
third is
"What's Your Beef?" sub-title "beef recipes for Beginners,Brides,Batchelors,
busy Ms." (these sub-titles do not describe Marion, she's got the brains) Besides the cookbooks, she's on a more difficult task-a mystery novel--we wish her
continued success. Also want you to know
she is the same beautiful "Scarlet" that
she was in Sweetwater.
She says she's now
interested in getting a light twin rating.
How about that!
her husband Braxton bought an Apache and
had it converted to a Geronime and have
just returned from a five and half week
flight thru South America. She said their
next planned trip will be around the world
isn't that great!:.
SHIRLEY SLADE TEER was at the reunion still
looking like a "Cover Girl". She's living
in Houston and an avid tennis player and
(End of Bay Mates)
PAT HILLER CALL reports that she is teaching
4th grade in the winter and enjoying summers as chief gardener,cook,and
for her husband and 4 children,3 of whom
are in college. Two do summer work for
the Forest Service. Pat did not attend
the Reunion because they'd been in Sweetwater the summer before.


raising Brittany Spaniels because they'd
placed them from Alaska to Mexico and
Calif to Maine. She has 3 children-2
I girl. One son has finished his military
obligation and is attending college,other
is in aviation electronics on the Coral
Sea. Her daughter is married and pursuing
a .career in architecture.
The family enjoys bird hunting,fishing,camping,and
boating on the Colorado River.
teaching 5th grade and had a "beautiful
Day--her former B-17
instructor and his wife spent the night
with her. FRAN GREEN KARl, who also was
his student, joined them and they had a
ball looking at old photos and scrapbooks.
She wants to know where Parkie is?
SYLVIA DAHMES CLAYTON reports that her husband's firm, IOTA Engineering,
has one of
his products-a high frequency portable
light on board the Space Lab
now; Her son is a mechanical
engineer for
American Atomics, and daughter has jOined
the Army as a 2nd Lt in finance. In Feb.
Sylvia and Judge Mary Ann Richey (44-10)
were invited to take part in a 3 day Civilian tour of the AF Academy and the
Cheyenne Mt.Complex(NORAD)
in Colorado
Springs. They were flown by the AF from
Phoenix to Colo Springs, and really enjoyed themselves.
DOROTHY EBERSBACH got her BS in nursing and
took a position with the County Health
Dept as a Public Health Nurse in Tampa,
Fla. She has gone from Staff Duty to Supervisor and does such things as:
Bedside care in the home, school nursing,
work in outpatient clinics,communicable
disease control,etc.
Even tho she does
not fly herself, she's airlined to the
So. America. Dorothy
located MARGARET COX STEGALL for us in
Bessemer, Ala.
IRENE FREMD DeGRAY-an anomynous reporter
wrote me that Irene and her inventor
husband are busy with his sandwich packaging company called San Pak in Arlington
Tex, which Irene helps him run(not the
town, the Company ..)
is married to an AF career man who is now
retired. They have been living on a house
boat which they just sold. They are now
moving into a condominium,
still in Fla.
here is one busy
woman! After marrying and going thru several careers with her husband, he organized his own Co (J.H.Holland CO.) and
invented & produced heavy road paving &
hauling equipment. Daughter Catherine
graduated this year from Hastings College
with honors,will
enter U of Okla Law this
fall as Mrs James Peterson. Son Martin is
in his senior year at Hastings, Marion in
her sophomore year. Helen was Chairman of
the Board of Regents for Okla College of

Liberal Arts for several years; vice-pres

, and Natl Board Member of Camp Fire Girls,
Inc until this year; Chairman of the Board
of Group Home Committee
for dependent and
neglected or troubled children; vice-chair
man and later state committeewoman
of her
political party. (congratulations,
that all stacks up as one mighty good
U.S. citizen~)
CELIA HUNTER and Ginny Wood (43-4) are part.
ners in operating Camp Denali, a wilder~
ness camp on the northern boundary of Mt.
McKinley Natl Park. They have clientale
from allover
the world, but are small
and growing smaller--"don't
believe in
the good old Am growth ethic." We can
look for Cece to be Gov of Alaska one of
these days-she was appointed a member of
Land Use Planning Commiss~
ion which recommens uses of the 80 million acres of Natl Interest Lands set
aside as possible additions to Natl Parks,
Wildlife' Refuges,Wild
& Scenic Rivers, &
Natl Forest Lands in Alaska. She is also
a member of the Bureau of Land Management
Citizens Advisory Board ,representing
while still on the Council of
the Wilderness
Society and the Board of
the Alaska Conservation
Society. For an
authority on Alaska, let's all vote for
Cece~ Altho she no longer flys herself,
she has skiied across Norway; went to
Greece in '68,visited Ethiopia and went
trekking in Nepal in '70. Has E.Africa,
New Zealand, and Australia
in her future.
is moving back to the midwest. She said
they moved to N.J. with 8 children,added
one while there-now they're departing
the east with only 3 at home. The others
are either married or on their own.(I
think she's leaving to avoid her relatives) She hopes to be settled in Moline
III early in August.
FRANCES GREEN KARL flew for a year with
the Cleland & Merill Ferrying Service at
El Monte,Cal when she became interested
in the Sammy Mason Hollywood Hawks Airshow and jOined them as a wingwalker
another year (Wow:) Then she married and
settled down to raise her two girls-Leslie,now2l,
and Dana, 23. She was divorced
and having to work, became a policwoman
in Salt Lake City where she's been ever
since 1957. She says the work is interesting, but does admit it is sometimes
scary. (Scary?)
IRENE GREGORY LIDNER reports that the airport business has been very good but the
FAA has relegated her to a co-pilot basis
(no solo flying), which is better that no
the weather has been so bad
they still have 100 acres of beans to
plant. She keeps busy with her kitchen
garden,a bit of gourmet cooking,volunteer
hospital and church work. She wishes some
of us would fly thru Keokuk, Iowa.
ALLISON BURNS McBRIDE has 3 daughters,Terri
17,is in summer school at San Diego; Cam-

eron,15, is visiting friends in Majorca,

Spain; Lucy 12, is in camp in the Sierras
Last year Sunny and husband Lesley took
the girls on a 2 month driving trip of
Europe. They just returned from a 5 week
tour of the Pacific. Sunny is active in
charity work when not golfi~g or tennis.
HELEN PORTER SHEFFER wrote her news from a
hospital bed with a broken ankle-acquired
while picking raspberries.
She has been
a free lance Flight Instructor since the
WASP and was working on her Instrument
Instructor rating when she broke the ankle. At home she helps her daughter Sue,
18 and married, raise Appaloosa horses.
Son Steve, 15, helps with the corn and
(quick recovery, Helen.)
ROBERTA MUNDT reports that she was a dirt
farmer for 3 years where she learned to
do some deep thinking. After farming she
took a temporary job at the County Treasurer's office which developed into a
full time job as Deputy Treas. She says
this keeps her atop the local government.
Similar to most of the other WASP who
joined the AFRes, she was the only female
attached to the W. Nebr. unit and was
treated with great respect. Congratulations on reaching retirement pay status.
MARIANNE BEARD NUTT reports her son David
has finished his commitment
in the AF:
was married June 10; and has a good job.
Marianne is now in the AFResRet and went
to Colorado Springs for the "Jug" (P-47)
last year and visited the AF
Academy & (NORAD) Cheyenne Mt. She says
she sees Teresa James(WAF) and Kay Brick
(43-3) on these occasions. Job-wise, she
worked for Zahn's Airport,L.I.
aircraft with a light gun for 10 years
then went to Gruman Aerospace Corp. as a
Tower Controller where she is today. She
visited her son in Paris in 1968; flies
a Piper Comanche from time-to-time;
had the t~rill of a ride in a Schweitzer
232 sailplane with her son who is a member of the Long Island Soaring Assn. (I
agree with the "thrill", I was a member
of the Wurtsboro, N.Y. Club before comming to Indiana and Purdue.)
that from 1944 to 1951 she delivered aircraft from west to east coasts and in between; was asst mgr at Monrovia Airport;
did some flight instructing;
and spent
some time with Douglas and North American
In March '51 she went into the AF,serving
in Intelligence
until her retirement in
April '71. Her tours took her to Alaska,
the Phillppines,Japan,and
Vietnam. On her
non-duty hours she was a flight instructor/operations
officer for AF Aero Clubs.
She got her BS degree under Operation
Bootstrap at the U. of Md. in1962. Now
she is embarking on a new career as a
free lance writer. Her first article was
published in PROGRESSIVE
WOMAN, Mnrch 72
issue. She also is non the committee of

the Stratford Harbour Golf Club and servingon the Board of the S.H.Property Owners Assn.(I'd say Stratford Harbor,Va.
got themselves
an A-OK new citizen:)
be~1eve she should write a Travelog book.
Th1s summer she saw her son graduate at
next to Vienna to meet her
took her junior year
in college there; the she and husband
T.L., and Sylvia went to Rome. They aiways look up Kay Kleinecke (44-9) who
takes them to unknown places for delicous
said they have a time chatting
and watching the World go by while drinking a DOLLAR cup of coffee: Ruth plans to
end her summer travels in New Guinea to
enjoy the native tribal dances. She did
not attend the '72 Reunion because she
was in Alaska visiting Nancy Baker (43-4)
in Fairbanks.(Maybe
one day she'll stop
by Dallas long enough to visit?)
HARRIET URBAN WHITE-had a ball with Harriet
when I was in Albuequerque
in June. She
has more pep, vim and vigor than a teenager and looks terrific: Here is her report,"five children later and this exWASP is beginning a new career-teaching
English as a foreign language and College
Enrichment English(college
After a divorce went back to the life of
a university student-BA
in Spanish and
Soc Ed, MA in TESOL (foreign language
English), Education Special ish in language teaching. Worked 3 yrs with College
English Tutorial Program-both
and foreign students. The 5 kids, 4 of
them boys, are all specializing
in studies
Oldest is in optometry school in Ore; girl
is married and working with retarded
children and in psychology;
another works
in Water Resources
in N.M; #4 will be a
sophomore at the U.ofN.M.; #5 has 2 more
years of hi-school. To supplement her income Harriet has graduate and foreign
students as boarders. This summer she has
been teaching at the N.M. Institute of
Mining & Technology.
(Really do admire
what she has done.)
JEANNE D'AMBLY is happy with her work as an
Air Traffic Control Specialist with the
Flight Service Station at Los Angeles,
and, up until a few months ago, was the
only female voice doing the recorded weather sequences and flight briefings.
VIVIAN CADMAN EDDY has been busy visiting
her new granddaughter
in San Francisco &
her continuing
job on the Mercer Island
newspaper. Viv and husband Howard found
time to pack 2 college-age
daughters and
into their new Piper Arrow for
a holiday session in Mexico.
VIRGINIA ARCHER WILLIAMS is chief bookkeeper for her husband's garage. Two of her
sons are in service; one flying the F-4
in Phoenix, other flying helicopters
youngest just gradua~ed ..
from Worchester
Poly Institute and 1S In

the throes of obtaining a job as a mechrrnical engineer. While visiting her son
in Va. Virginia went into D.C. for a delightful visit with JULIA LEDBETTER.
where's your news, Julia?)
HAZEL S. WOLFE" has been a "home engineer"
for 31 years. Her husband was a career AF
man, now retired. They are "sorta,kinda"
in the antique business-have
had shows all
over Texas this past year. The name of
their ship is "The Wolfs' Den" and she
hopes some of us will come by San Angelo
and at least browse.
Really did enjoy hearing from the WASP who
hope I did each one of you
justice? Out of 79 inquiries, I received
22 returns-next
round, let's hear from
everyone. The following letters were returned, anyone knowing their wherabouts?
43-6 Secretary:
4175 Kenneth Ave
Fair Oaks, Calif.




MOYA MITCHELL ANONSON is living in Tequesta,

Fla and doing some work with CAP-says she
gets cabin faver every time she gets near
an airport. Also works as a volunteer at
the hospital and library and occasionally
as an accountant-bookkeeper.
Her door in Hobe Sound is wide open for
any of the gals passing thru. They live
in the country, close to the ocean on
Athena Ave.
LANA CUSACK BOXBERGER asks that mention be
made of her husband, Jerry, who was an instructor at Sweetwater. He's been flying
for TWA about 30 years and she maintains
he is still the best pilot in the world.
(That should bring forth a few arguments,
including one from me, since I happen to
be married to the best.)
has been presented with a grandson by her daughter who
lives in Chicago.Son Dick has recently acquired his Private license and Mildred
says it was a great pleasure sitting there
with him at the controls. They enjoy their
cottage on the lake so much that the Airstream has been idle, but they did get in
a trip to Nova Scotia in Aug. She was registrar for the meeting of the Mich.Assn.
of Airport Executives
in Muskegon.
ADDIE WOLAK ELLISON had a fantastic vacation in Greece last Nov, and this year
they are planning some fishing in the Keys
with her dad. Bud and Vi Mason (43-5)
spent a week-end with them last Oct.
GRACE PUTNAM JONES goes to New York about
sex times a year and to Paris twice each
year buying for her specialty shop in
She carries most of. the top

fry Beene Bill Blass and'many others, she

ney, child support division. She loved
would like to have some WASP for customers. the work, but couldn't stand the smog,so
ELEANOR FEELEY LAWRY is now living in Danback to San Diego. Spent a thoroly enjoybury,Conn. Her husband, Cas,retired from
able summer doing yard work,painting and
the AF and tpey moved back to the old home cleaning-her first chance to enjoy just
town. Their house is 5 min from the airbeing at home since 1962 while she was
port and 3 min from Interstate 84 and she
waiting for the results of the bar exams.
is planning lots of trips where she won't
She helped with.the start of the Powder
be going as an AF dependent.
Puff Derby at Palomar Airport,Carlsbad in
July as a member of the inspection crew
note back in July-they were just leaving
doing prop checks.
for Anchorage for a month to visit their BABE STORY put in over 100 airline hours the
2nd son,Terry. Their 3rd son,Chris, has
past year traveling for the construction
been on the undefeated Princeton varsity
company she works for. The most pleasant
lightweight crew, and they wnt over to
part was a one-week trip to Holland in
the Henley Regatta and won the Thames
May. At the present she orbits between
Challenge Cup. Theri oldest son was marOkla City,Colorado Springs,Fort Riley,
ried in Sept '72 and is now a lawyer for
and Lawrence ,Kansas.
Legal Aid in Saint Simon's Island,Ga. Deb ELIZABETH McGEORGE SULLIVAN and husband Don
is going to Taft next year, which will
picked up their Venture 222 a few days
leave them childless at home. Peg is busy
after the Reunion and apparently have
with qhairmanship of the North Shore
~Qtten orettv ~ood at sailing since Don
Branch of the NYC League of Women Voters,
is now giving lessons in that as well as
and some editing in her field of linflying. They sailed across the Chesapeake
from Annapolis, up a river on the Eastern
ANN CRISWELL MADDEN wrote from New York
Shore and into a quiet little inlet where
where she goes for a 4-day "renewal"
they rafted up with seven other Ventures
every so often. Sounds wonderful! She is
for supper and the night.She is thinking
still studying art history and has reof exchanging her large apple orchards
turned to the Netherlands and France befor grape vines. If you do get a vinyard,
cause she was so enamored with what she
Mac, get set for company-all of us winos
saw there last year. One of her daughters
will be dropping by.
is studying in France and provided them .FRAN SNYDER TANNASSY says they had forty
with a car for 3 weeks while she tried
snowfalls in Denver last winter and they
out her Berlitz-acquired French. Only 4
played golf in the snow the end of May.
of her children have left the nest, leaShe hopes to get active this fall in the
ving 6 still at home. Now you know why
99s and also has a real estate broker's
she goes to NYC for "renewals".
license which she may do something with.
MARGARET CASTLE McNALLY is still teaching
MARION TIBBETTS has had a year of beautiful
in Boron,Calif,and has been on several
travels. She's convinced that 43-6'ers are
teacher tours. Her elder daughter gradeither all on the move or busy at work
uated from college and was married last
since she could find no one at home. After
summer. Her son joined the AF after his
the Reunion last year she and Jill McCorjunior year in college. Her younger girl
mick headed east. Jill stopped at her home
is a hi-school senior.
in Lafayette,Ind. to have her hip unfused,
MARGE LOGAN ROLLE has gotten her 30 years
and Marion continued to visit her
with the Govt and is eligible to retire,
sister. She returned home in Sept and
but says she doesn't have enough sense to
started doing volunteer work in the area
quit working. She went to a banquet in
of disaster services for the'Am Red Cross.
Great Falls sponsored by the Zontas which' It took a tornado in Nov to awaken people
honored all military women(past & present) to the need and now they have 40 people
in.the state. There were 2 WASP, she and
trained and ready. In May Jill flew into
Marty Volkomener (43-4) and she thinks
Dallas and she and Marian started a 5000
they were probably the only 2 present who
mile trip thru the states of Tex, N.M.,
had any idea what a WASP was. She and her
Ariz,Calif,and Colo.(check Jill's report
husband Ken have been flying around the
in 43-5).Space will not permit listing all
country in their trusty Bonanza, "Baby
the girls they tried to visit without
Brookus".Went to Seattle in July to atsuccess. Hope you'll try us next trip.
tend.a niece's wedding,to Billings, Mont. NANCY JOHNSON THORNE is still teaching and
in June to see her mother. whom some of
still showing horses. She had 5 State
the WASP will remember if they flew into
Champions last year. Her mother broke her
the Billings Airport when Marge's dad
hip last year and Nancy took over the
was Airport Manager. Mother is 83 is gojobs her mother had previously done for
ing strong;traveling allover the world
the two of them. She says managing a
and driving her own car.
house again did not come easy for her at
MAXINE STEWARD SMITH returned home to San
her "advanced age", and she did not proDiego in June after going to San Bernartest as her mother mended and started
dino to work as a Deputy District Attortaking over again!

DOROTHY WEBB retired from the AF a year ago

as a Captain. She is living with her mother in Bakersfield,Calif.
She would like
to have gone to the Reunion, but was stationed in Germany at the time.
VIRGINIA YATES has changed jobs since 'the
last Newsletter.
She is presently an Education Specialist,
HQ HEDCOM, Bolling
AFB, D.C. She talked to Sgt Sweeting at
the Smithsonian
about their new building
opening July 4, 1976 with plans for exhibits of "famous women in aviation" and
a whole room on WWII. He has a WASP uniform, but next year more items will be
needed, so give some thought to items
&Ior ideas you could donate. The Air &
Space bldg ahs a Women In Aviation series
of panels already. BIG Holm, 1st BIG WAF,
gave her uniform, as did the 1st WAF Director, Col.May
in a ceremony attended
by several of the other WAF Directors.
FRANCES BUFORD PULLEN's older son graduated from Berkeley last June. Her older
daughter is working and her 2 tee sagers
and volunteer work at school and the convent keep her busy.
CAPPY WHITTAKER JOHNSON bought a small travel trailer this past year, and she and
husband Lyall have spent every available
minute seeing Calif. Further travel plans
include a month in Spain and Portugal in
the fall. Cappy has been doing very interesting volunteer work, helping in the
and resocialization
stroke patients.
MARY RUTH RANCE, attending the Los Angeles
area WASP gathering in Aug, said the furthest from home she's gotten all year, is
the 3 blocks to her office.
LOLA PERKINS RICCI and her husband Ed had
a beautiful 9 day trip to the Bahamas in
Jan-never saw the ground after El Paso
except to land or takeoff and 3 days of
rain at Treasure Cay. But weather cooperated for 11 days in June to allow a
flight up the Canadian Rockies to AlaskaFrequently
followed hiways at 500' AGL;
did minimum approaches to the eskimo villages of Barrow and Kotzebue; saw enough
glaciers and fog-shrouded
mountains to
last a few months.
43-7 Secretary:
1250 Afton #51, Houston,Tex.77055
ELEANORE BRYANT FOLK-can never catch Ellie
at home or in town. She is a buyer for
Joske's and I read in the paper wh:re,she
is in Europe buying more than she 1S 1n
Houston. I will drop by the store soon
and try to 'find her for next Newsletter.
EMERAL DRUMMOND spent her summer i~ Timbuktu
we thought until we heard she'd Just returned from a month's stay in Honolulu,
where she'd rented a condominum owned by
Dorothy Ireland (44~10) across from the
Illikai and the beach.
Lt Col CAROLYN CLAYTON has moved from Vandenberg AFB to Atherton, but she says

they will have to retire her in order to

get her out of Service. She enjoys the
work and the life.
JEAN PARKER ROSE is still busy with her
Flying Service in Hawthorne, Calif. when
she isn't participating
in Air Races or
enjoying her second love-boating.
MARY HELEN BURKE says they are still dismantling anything we can get a contract
on. Christmas at Holloman AFB in Alamagordo, New Mexico was a joy-it had been
so long since I was on a base. Short
trips during the year to Fort Worth, Okla
City and Tulsa.
43-8 Secretary: HELEN TRIGG LUTS
P.O.Box 178, El Dorado, Cal 95623
got a 'see-thru'
house at the moment-horizontally
and vertically. Work on remodeling'our
home, severely damaged in the 1972 flood, began
in March and indications are that the remodling won't be finished until early '74.
Meanwhile we are living in a rented house
nearby. A memorable trip down the mighty,
muddy, awesome Amazon River occupied much
of last fall. We flew to Lima,Peru,
visited the ancient city of Cuzco and the
fabulous ruins of Macchu Piccu. At Iquitos, Peru, where we boarded our ship, the
Amazon is 90 feet deep and the current
incredible swift. Some days farther down
stream, this mighty river becomes 14 mi.
wide. We spent Thanksgiving
in Rio and
flew home for Christmas."
WILLIAMS writes,"First
and foremost
I would like to comment on the wonderful
time we all had at Sweetwater last year.
I thought that our class did real well
with 12 of the graduating 48 attending.
It was such fun seeing everyone-most
whom I hadn't seen for all those 29 yrs.
Seems like I was the only one who hadn't
gotten older~! Since retiring from the AF
last year I have been trying to catch up
on quite a few things. Have been visiting
friends who had gotten nothing but a fast
'Hello' on my way to somewhere; am trying
to improve my golf and am keeping up on
my bowling. Went to Las Vegas in April
to the Natl Tournament
and had fun but
didn't bowl too well-but can take comfort
in the fact that I helped support Howard
Hughes to a small extent." I hope that it
will not be 29 more years before we all
get together again.
JANA CRAWFORD EBERLY keeps busy with her 2
teenagers who are 13 and 14, a large home
on ten acres and a garden. She is also
involved with Keep Loundown Beautifulthe local county part of the national
With all that Jana still
has time to be active in the Women's Golf
Asso and is presently buying trophies.
Each year Jana relaxes at Kitty Hawk,N.C.
"to sit on the dunes and keep company
with the sandcrabs and the stars and the

clock can be turned back and memories resurf". In spite of her experience
in the
lived?" Frankie and Pierce were married
flood last summer, Jana can
when he was stationed at Randolf and she
still say,"Virginia
is a lovely place
at Hondo, Tex. Their first child, Michael,
to live."
was born while Pierce was flying the "Hump"
MARCIA WENZEL MILNER-a big event in the
In the ensuing years Frankie and Pierce
lives of Marcia and Phil. Their son Phil-.
had four more children, Patty,Kelley,Franlip Jr. was married June 17. The beautiful
ces and Sharon. Her youngest,Kelley,
bride, Maria Lott, graduated from Hollins
we all met at the reunion, is enrolled at
College, Va. and is a well-known
horsethe U.of Texas and plans a career in math.
woman. Phillip Jr. graduated from the
Frankie says,"I'm very proud of my childSchool of Commerce at Washington & Lee U.
ren and feel somehow that my existence has
Marcia is writing from Weekapaug, R.I.
been justified." Frankie and Pierce both
(have you moved?) and is flying a Piper
work for Ling-Tempco-Vought
Cherokee 140 out of Westerly,R.I.
Pierce for 23 years in the Training Dept.
good to get whatever news there
and Frankie, 15 years in the Purchasing
is and I for one appreciate it. Often look
Dept. She is working on a degree in Manat our snapshots of Calif reunion. What
agement. In closing Frankie said,"We'll
fun! Hope we can get together soon again~
meet again next year and share old memoSee you at the '74 reunion, Marcia.
ries and bring back a part of the past.
and her husband reOne thing I know ...our country may be in
tired from the AF in July and are enjoying
one hell of a mess right now ...but we have
life free from the daily grind. They are
a great heritage ...and as one WASP to abuilding a vacation home at the ocean
nother, we did our small part 30 years ago ...
which backs up to the fifth green of the
and if need be ..we can' do it again~"
golf course. Much of their time will be
spent "hitting that elusive white ball a44-1 Secretary:
round." Lois has taken a years leave of
340 Third St.N.W.
absense from her clubs in anticipation
New Philadelphia,
Ohio 44663
all the fun and games. Enjoying her Memorial Album of our 30th Reunion, Lois says, HARRIETT KENYON CALL is very busy as Presi"What a going bunch of gals they all are."
dent of the company operating Air Park So.
in Springfield,
Missouri. She says her
are enpty-nesters
now. After seeing their
newest hobby is rocking the new grandson.
youngest off to U.C.L.A. last fall, Marge
It was with tears in my eyes that I read in
and John took a wonderful vacation touring
IDA CARTER's "profile" that she used her
Europe. We enjoyed hearing about their excoin collection over 30 years ago to take
citing adventures when Jack and I had a
flying lessons. As she looks back, I hope
fun visit with them in their lovely home
she has no regrets.
in La Habra, Calif. during the Christmas
MARIE MOUNTAIN CLARK reports that the Clarks
have been in Europe and the Middle East
HELEN TRIGG LUTS-our daughter Jonelen gradthis past year. Marie says she learned to
uated from the U. of Calif. at Irvine. She
ski in Italy, enjoyed seeing the Holy Land
has completed practice teaching and coursand the wonderful music in Berlin. They
es in special education.
She plans to
will bring home a real German Dachshund
teach the mentally retarted. I've quit
when they return. MARGE HARPER WATSON and
talking about the house we're going to
Elmer visited the Clarks in Munich.
build-we keep making improvements
on our
MARDO CRANE is busy these days and doing an
cabin. Jack is "learning" on the cabin so
excellent job as Editor of the 99 News.
he can do it himself and truly say,"This
The 99s are working on plans to build an
is the house that Jack built." So summers
Women's Air Museum. If you
come and go-right now I'm getting a new
would like to support this project or make
kitchen. Life in the mountains
is excita memorial contribution
I feel sure it
ing. We live like the squirrels-racing
would be welcome.
keep up with the seasons. Work all summer
DEBORAH STEMPEL DICKENS has a new address.
to be ready for winter and all winter to
In 1972 she and her husband retired and
be ready for spring. Our first efforts at
moved to Springfield,
Mo. It was shortly
an "organic-no
pesticide" garden were surafter this that her husband passed away,
prisingly rewarding.
Symbiosis really
but she plans to stay in the beautiful
works. Looks a little odd but grows like
Ozark country and enjoys painting, plus
a jungle.
volunteer work at the local hospitals,
space doesn't
and "Meals-On-Wheels".
permit a complete reprint of Frankie's lethas been in touch with Kenyon who also
ter. It's all so interesting,
I really
lives in Springfield.
don't know what to leave out. She writes,
Nice to have a new address for DOTTIE DODD
"It was really a great reunion but much,
EPSTEIN in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
much too brief! I could only look about me
and absorb all the happiness with which I GENE SHAFFER FITZPATRICK writes that she &
DOLORES MEURER REED flew in the Interconwas surrounded.
Isn't it faptastic how the.

tinental Air Race and came in 10th. They

met a number of other WASP along the way.
Gene is teaching at Hawthorne Airport and
she and daughter Kay are both working on
more instructor ratings. Gene has discovered her niece Shari is teaching in Seoul,
Korea under DOT HENRY. Surprises never
MADELON BURCHAM HILL says that she is piloting a horse trailer around these days for
her daughter's horses, but mostly she is
a housewife.
JONES and IDA CARTER for a long weekend in
Missouri where they were fishing at Roaring River. One day we were joined by HARRIETT KENYON CALL at Silver Dollar City in
the Ozarks. Even the rain couldn't dampen
our spirits as we renewed friedships of
30 years ago.
FRANCES JOHNSON became Frances Johnson'Christmas
time. Best wishes!!
RUTH C. JONES says that Bunny, Joann Garrett
(43-6) flew up from Ft. Worth to Okla City
and joined her for a motor trip to Calif.
They stopped in Las Vegas and were lucky
enough to pick up a little more cash before
going on to Calif. They fished in the Sacramento River, visited Lake Tahoe and some
of the other attractions
before Bunny flew
back to Ft. Worth. Ruth will return later
in time to resume teaching again this fall.
NADJA GADOWSKI KOSTUK plans to retire this
summer. Gadjet says she looks forward to
playing more golf and bridge. She also
hopes to do some volunteer work at the
local hospital.
ANNE NOGGLE-I read her "profile'" with awe.
She started in college at age 37 and has
now acquired a BFA and MA in art. Her plans
for the future sound exciting. Good luck,
Anne, and may all your dreams come true as
MARY JERSHIN O'ROURKE reports that her daughters who are both married live near Arlington so she can see them and her granddaughters more often. This summer Jersh &
her husband visited his relatives in Easton
Minn. and her relatives in Omaha. Easton
was celebrating
its 100th anniversary and
so it was a special event to be there. Fran
Johnson Cisternino
spent several days with
Jersh this spring reminiscing while Fran
was on a trip east.
ANN BARTHOLF RAWLINGS reports that she has
been showing Morgan Horses. Last fall one
of her champions died, she traveled to
New England in search of another. She also
visited her brother,Gen.
John Bartholf at
Robins AFB, Ga.
DOLORES MEURER REED says in her profile,"For
23 years I was an earth person while raising the children, then in '68 I brushed
off my E6B and along with Gene Fitzpatrick
became air 'born' again. After losing the
and 'roger', and picking
up a few new things including eye glasses,
we're right in the pattern." Dolores flew
in the Pacific Air Race with Jean Rose,

(43-7) and picked up some trophies. She

flew in the Intercontinental
Race with
Gene Fitzpatrick.
Keep up your airspeed,
Dolores, and tell your husband to design
a bigger trophy case for the new Malaga,
N.M. address.
BETTY WALL ROBERTS is still working for the
Am. Cancer Society and doing lots of traveling. In August while on a research assignment to Jefferson City, Mo. Betty contacted Harriet Call in nearby Springfield.
Kenyon flew in and brought Debra Dickens,
and with Ann Hopkins White who arrived
from Hot Springs,Ark.
it was quite an event-just talking about their "daring
deeds" of the past.
ROSINA LEWIS TODD-I often wondered where
Rosie got her unlimited energy-perhaps
was because she was the youngest gal in
our class? After reading her profile, it
seems that she hasn't changed pace since
Sweetwater days. Keep up your crusing
speed, Rosie, and may you never have to
slow down.
ELEANOR HINKLE VAUGHN's profile tells of an
exciting life. Hinkey and her husband now
have a small mobile home and have been
helping to build Kingdom Halls in the
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Last year
they traveled to Guatemala to visit their
son and his family who are missionaries
for Jehovah Witnesses. Hinkey's address
changes so often it is amazing how the
Post Office finds her.
At the Sweetwater Reunion it was so good to
see old friends, but when I returned home
I realized how little I had learned about
what my friends were doing. So I asked
each 44-1 WASP to write me a brief biography of what they have done since Sweetwater
days. More than half of the girls replied
and these have been exchanged with all who
responded. It is refreshing to read these
"profiles". More than 30 years ago we
stepped out from the crowd and learned to
fly. Since then it seems that we have lost
none of our zest for living. If you have
not yet taken the time to send me your
"profile", you may still do 'so and I will
share with you all of the ones I have received up to now. J.J.J.
- It is with great
sorrow that I report Gwen passed away July
18, 1973 after a short illness. Her husband, Bud, told me that she enjoyed the
"profiles" of her 44-1 classmates so
very much.

56 South Chesterfield
Columbus, Ohio 43209
(614) 231-7367

RUTH ADAMS wrote that she was a non-traditional psychiatrist

and engaging in group
work. She is working part of the time for
schools and has been at the National
Training Laboratories
in Bethel,Maine.
had a gliding lesson when visiting RUTH

PETRY in Phoenix, Arizona last year.

earned a Masters Degree in Library Science in June 1971, and
is now working in the local regional high
school library in Martha's Vineyard. Anne
has two teen-age daughters and a son, 12.
MARY ELLEN KEIL is still flying and still
working toward getting the Equal Rights
Amendment ratified by the Ohio Legislature. She's spending more and more time in
Vero Beach, Fla. as she thinks more and
more about retiring from public school
MURIEL LINDSTROM SEGALL has not written to
tell us what she was doing those 22 years
she was "lost" from our club~ Nor has she
written us about what she is doing now!
Remember, Mimi, you were Flight One's
Leader: :
ESTHER NOFFKE has remained very active in
aviation as a member of the FAA Women's
Advisory Committee on Aviation and working with "The Voice of Illinois Aviation"
and being "Chief Honcho" at the Pal-Waukee Airport, northwest of Chicago.
Following is the list of 44-2 "Lost WASP"as of the 1973 mailing. Will anyone knowing the present address of WASP here
listed please mail the address to your
class secretary. ANABELLE CRAFT-MOSS,

6977 Buchanan Ave.
San Bernardino,
Calif. 92404
1973 Secretary:



Of course the biggest news of the year,from

my point of view, was my marriage to Mr.
Robert Hale of San Diego last Nov. 13th.
We had known each other for 23 years so
it was just a matter of renewing old acquaintance
and the decision to join forces. Our 8 months of marriage has been a
for both of us. We
enjoy the same things-he was or is a pilot and had his own flight service and
back in the 40's and early
50's. So we are enjoying flying our own
Comanche 260 whenever our busy schedule
permits. My son Mike has gone into private practice with another doctor in
Calif, a small town north of
following 2 years of specializing in surgery. He is excited about his
new role in the professional
world and
has managed to pick up the pieces following a tragic fire which burned his apartment to the ground and everything he owned, including all his medical books and
research last April-youth
is great at
making quick come-backs.
Nice letter in April from VIVIAN GILCHRIST

NEMHAUSER in New York. Her son Glenn is

studying Acupuncture
in San Francisco and
Vivian and husband Dr. Nemhauser
are still
involved in work with the under-privileged
in New York City.
Last year I missed the announcement
JULIE JENNER STEGE is now living in Chicago. I hope her new address will be in
the 1973 Roster, as I do not have it.
By the Grapevine I've learned that NORlNE
PATTERSON WELCH and husband, Retired Col.
Bert B. Welch, have bought a new home in
Tempe, Ariz. and Bert is attending Ariz.
State U. to obtain his PhD. They would
love to have any WASP going through call
and visit.
JIMMY PARKER REES wrote the first of the
year that she and John are ever involved
in buying and developing and selling and
buying etc. etc. Her Molly is in private
school near home and the two boys are
living elsewhere.
DOROTHY MOULTON ROONEY is having fun as a
retiree. She and hubby, Pat, were in San
Diego the first of the year doing some
in connection with a special course that Dottie was enrolled in.
We had dinner with them one evening and
enjoyed reminescing
about WASP days.
LOUISE M. PRINE is in Crofton, Md. 21113
at 1826 North Forest Ct. #F
PATRICIA NETHERCUTT WEAVER gave a new address of 2251 Dickgranger
Rd, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523.
ANN DARR writes, "still regret not being
at Reunion-but
time conflicted with uurial and memorial services for my fatherin-law. I have a new poetry book(second)
coming out this fall-publication
November 14 from Wm. Morrow & Co, Inc.
New York - title: "The Myth of a Woman's
Fist". Hope there are some readers among
the group. I sent some copies of my first
poetry book, lOSt Ann's Gut" to Sweetwater
but never heard whether anyone saw them.
(Comment, anyone? Ed. note)
PARKER REES but now hear that the latest
WASP mailings were returned as "not-atthis-address" .... ?
My new role in life as housewife and secretary to my husband, as well as my nursing job has curtailed my extra-curricular activity greatly so I must apologize
for the limited news this issue, but I
have great news,---Dorothy
Rooney has most
graciously offered her services as new
class secretary and news editor and in my
present dilemma, I have accepted. So direct all future news to Dorothy. Thank
you all for your cooperation
and kee~ the
news rolling in. It's great to keep 1n
44-4 Secretary:
3600 Landfair Road
Pasadena, Calif. 91107


which arrived a few weeks ago. They were

FRANCES STANDIFER ACKER announces that her
appreciated by all.
lovely daughter Debbie was married July
RUTH SHAFER FLEISHER is still active in the
14th. Debbie and her new husband are re~FRes.but thinking of retiring soon. She
siding now in El Paso, Tex where he is
1S d01ng some flight instruction on a free
serving in the Armed Forces. Frances and
lance basis and flies often with friends
her husband Don are planning a wonderful
in their airplanes. She has been chairman
trip to Alaska beginning in Sept. They
of the 99s (Goldcoast Chapter) in Florida
will sail on the "Spirit of London" to
the past 2 years and enjoys going to conVictoria, Vancouver
and Sitka on Baranof
ventions and meeting old friends again. She
Island. The ship sails back south as far
looks forward to short trips and a bit of
as Los Angeles on the 14th where friends
vacation in the next couple of months. She
plan to meet them. Then they sail back to
enjoys reading about who is where and doing
San Francisco to be at home in Frandon
what, so get with it girls! News, we need.
Acres the end of Sept. It sounds like a
HAZEL STAMPER HOHN is a member of Aviation
lovely end of summer vacation.
Space Writers Asso and attended the 35th
MERIEM ROBY ANDERSON says she hasn't done a
annual convention in Las Vegas this summer
thing since last May except stay in bed
with her husband Werner. He has his plans
after back surgery and in traction. She
for building the Me 109 (3/4 scale) and
gave no details as to what happened but'it
hopes to start soon. He is Vice Pres. and
is easy to guess since she says the doctors
Hazel is Librarian of the Experimental
have convinced her
that she can no longer
~ircraft Asso. Hazel will also be working
toss tho~e 100 lb. feed sacks around. She
1n the Reno Natl Championship
Air Race Hdq
says she will soon be able to go back to
in Sept. She has located a former WASP inher beloved ranch and her animals. We sinstructor in Reno, name is Dayton. Does anycerely hope she can. She mentioned a nice
one remember him? Hazel is a girl still invisit last Oct. with ANN GIFT DULA who
terested in aviation-write
to her about the
flew back to see her and also mentioned
Air Races. (She's also on the Reno-in-74
seeing Ruth Fleisher at a 99's Section
WASP Reunion Committee-visit
her!: ed)
Meeting in Little Rock, Ark. last March.
JEAN McCART and some of the other Los Angeles
She looks forward to the Newsletter and
WASP organized what they called a mini-rewould love to hear from friends.
union in May of the year. It was a wonderELOISE HUFFHINES BAILEY. What a joy to hear
ful party with
much talk and nostalgic
from this girl. She says her name has been
memories. Among those present: FAYE WOLFE
Bailey for the last 23 years so it appears
sometimes our Roster gets a trifle behind
the times-no fault of our own. Eloise adREEVES and DOLLY SEXTON. Jean is still opmits she isn't much of a letter writer.
erating the Beverly Cross Agency and anyone
She did receive the 71'72 Roster
wishing to contact her should use that adit went to her father's home in Llano.She
dress: 999 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 725,
says her husband's name is Ted' and she
El Segundo, Calif. 90245.
has 3 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws,
and 2
FAYE WOLFE OLNEY is still teaching college
grandsons. They have a like house on Posclasses and works thru the summer. She
sum Kingdom Lake which is near Mineral
teaches something called MU 8-12 and says
Tex. Good Grief! She's right in the
it is enjoyable in the summer because she
old flight pattern of Avenger Field! She
has many nice students from Eastern and
visited with Mildred Dalrymple a few weeks
Minwestern colleges picking up transferago in Llano and caught up on the news of
able units. She says the only new bit of
everyone. Her new address: 2019 Inverness
news is her address: 26326 Eastview Court,
Texas 75006.
San Juan Capistrano,Ca.92675.She
bought a
MILDRED DALRYMPLE DAVIDSON says there is noTownhouse in the hills and loves the swalthing newsworthy
about the rut her life
lows ann the friendly people. She wants to
has settled into, but she thinks a rut can
know if anything is ever going to be done
be very satisfying
after the crisis-filled
about our rights: Veterans' hospitalization
years of raising teenage children and
loans, etc. Sorry to editorialize,
but my
tending aging parents. She finds the peace
own feeling is that we are about 30 years
and freedom wonderful.
too late for that. Don't you remember how
divided we all were at the time we were
for tridge and looks forward
discharged? Half the girls stated flatly
to the '74 Reunion wherever it may be.She
that they'd resign for good if we were
discovered Eloise Bailey for us and was
forced to go military and the other half
delighted to visit with her and hear the
wanted military benefits but didn't work
news. She gave Eloise a copy of the Austin
together to get them? Yes, I'm afraid the
paper which carried a picture of CLARA JO
time islong past, Faye, but if you can
MARSH, KIT McKEITHAN, Mildred and Eloise
come up with any ideas other than writing
on the front page during the Reunion last
to Congressmen
and having our letters
year. She commented as several girls have
tossed into the circular file, I'll be
done, about the Executive Meeting Minutes
glad to work right with you.
FRANCES ROULSTONE REEVES always has exciting

news to report. She quit working ~or Harris

till nostal ic about her
Frank on May 7 and began work 1n a new DORIS B.
1S s
g ,
area. She is pubiic relations representavisit to Los Angeles last year w1th HALLY
tive on a project to rebuild the historic
STIRES who took her to the Hollywood Bowl,
American sailing frigate U S.S. President.
the Queen Mary and the L~g~na Beac~ Arts,
She works for a non-profit'corporation
Festica~. She plans to V1S1t ~elat1ves th1s
sponsoring the rebuilding project which
summer 1n Dallas when school 1S ~ver on
will be headquartered in the HuntingtonAug. 15th. Her daughter was marr1ed on May
Sheraton Hotel. Charles Keller is the pro26th and received her B.S. from the U. of
ject chief and he and Frankie plan to wed
Tenn. in June. Son Tomm~ graduated ~rom
as soon as they get the project underway.
Union'City High School 7n June. Dor1S ~ays
she'd been erroneously 1nformed that m1ddle
d 1uck t0 you boa,
h Fran k.,
G 00.

age mean t a rock'

1ng ch'
a1r and fo' 'lded hands
dre~s. 9~6B S. Orange Grove Blvd.,Pasadena
but "t'aint so". She is still serving on
Ca11forn1a 91105.
the Board of Education and keeping busy.
She sends regards and a b'g
" I have some news to
1 "hello" to all .
share w1th you th1s,t1me. M~ ~on Glenn
JEANNETTE C. KAPUS writes that she retired on
graduated from,AF P1~Ot Tra1n1ng on May 12
1 Sept 72 from Little Rock AFB, Ark and
at Webb,AFB, B1g S~r1ng~Tex. Unfortunately
went home to Wisconsin. She is presently
for me 1t was grad1ng t1me at scho~l and I
taking a Real Estate Course and plans to
could not,get down for the ceremon1es ..My
enter that field after passing the rather
husband J1m was able to
't' 10n. N ew'address'. W175
' get' away
t and
h' d1d
tough W'
1SC. exam1na
go and presented Gl enn s w1ngs 0 7m. s
7518 W'l
Menomonee Falls Wis 53051.
a memento we had a plaque made up W1 th
1 son r,
Jim's wings and date of graduation in ~he
upper left-hand corner and my WASP wings
3161 Flowerdale Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229 (214) 358-0325
and-graduation'date in "the lower righthand
corner. We placed a bit of-we hope-excusable sentiment in the middle about passing The 1972 Reunion was great-II from our class
our wings on to our son. He was pleased
attended: HOLLY HOLLINGER GRASSO,BECKY Mcand wrote,"Dear Mom, I was the only guy in
class to receive both my dad's and my mom'~ GWENN CLINKSCALES LINDER,MURIEL KIESTER
wings at graduation. There is something
strange about that old Avenger Field which
is almost in my flight pattern. The wings
seem to dip slightly each time I pass over JANE DYDE MILLER is back in graduate school
it." Can't help it, I love that kid:
doing conseling-a "retread" she is called.
FLORINE PHILLIPS SCAIFE writes that she lives Her husband is a Yale ecologist. They have
eight months of the year at Hilton Head Is- 2 sons-the 17 year old is in Africa and
land, S. C. The new address for her friends the 20 year old is in Trinidad.
is: 354 Greenwood Garden, Sea Pines Planta-MARY NESBIT HEARN lives in st Petersburg,Fla
tion, Hilton Head Island, S.C. Telephone:
since her husband retired from the USAF
(803) 671-2545. They have a new 28' Sport
last March. They are building a new home.
Fisherman and it is named-you guressed itOn their way to Florida, they stopped in
"Fifinella". They are able to travel the
Dallas for a visit with the Bains-it was
Intercoastal Waterway right from their own
the first time we had seen each other since
dock and spend the summers in Hinsdale ,Ill.' our graduation day:
when the son and daughter are home from
'PEGGY NISPEL lives {n Dallas. Dick retired
college. It all sounds wonderful but there
from the Army. Their 2 sons are grown-one
is one sad note to Florine4s news. She inis married, the other is engaged.
closed a special note saying that her sis- MERRIDEE NEWELL SNIVELY lives in Woodward,Ia
ter Rosalie Phillips Johnson of 44-9 died
with her 3 sons. Les is a Jr. at Colo State
on Jan 22, 1970. That information has been
U. and has his commercial 8< instructor Soarpassed on to the secretary of 44-9.
Craig is a high school senior and
BETTY WILLIAMSON SHIPLEY writes that she ,just is more interested in powered flight. Scott
returned from a wonderful 7 we:k vac~t10n.
is a 6th grader. They all want their mom to
She and her husba~d pulled the1r tra11er to
t th
k 't
d she may do just
Tucson to visit their boys and then to New- r~ ~rn 0
e coc p1 an
port Beach, Calif to visi~ a brother. They CA~O~IN~o~~UNN keeps busy on their ranch
drove up the coast of Ca11f to Oregon and
f d
S ld th 'r plane when
t' d AF f'
runn1ng ere or s. 0
W ash'
1ng on V1S1 1ng re,1re ,
r7en s on
the FAA started shouting about them going
the, way and stored the1r tra11er 1n Seattle, 1n and ou t 0 f the pasture--6 m 1'lesfrom
wh1le they toured Alaska for 2 weeks. The,
d 1
t on the inhighlight of the trip was a boat ride up the the county a1rpor an amos
strumen approac.h
Inland Pas~age. On the way back they p1ckedFLORENCE SHUTSY REYNOLDS lived 16 years in
up the tra1ler and crove thru Wash, ~d~ho,
the Canal Zone. Lyle retired from the Navy
Montana and Powel, Wyo. "where It
they V1S1ted
C'1V1'I SerV1ce.
eyare a duo of "do-ita ca det c 1assmate 0 f Sh1p s.
soun s 1 e
If s"-remodelin
rebuilding and
a wonderful way to spend the summer.
yourse er


have gone into 2 businesses'within the

past 5 years: a small greenhouse operation
Jim retired in 1968. Have 4 children:
specializing in geraniumns, and lapidary
James Jr. will do graduate work'at the U.
and silversmithing. Shutsy's main interest
of.Ky next year. Joe, Roger, and Mary are
is in the silvershithing and the informast111 at home.
tion about the bronze casting of "Fifi" in Note to 44-5 from the Secretary: In June I
the reunion book explained it very well,
sent a letter to each of you and to those
except she works in silver. While in the CZ who responded--thank you very much. Howthey used to cast copies of Pre-Columbian
ever many of my letters were returned as
artifacts' now they cast silver to set the
the addresses were obsolete. If anyone
gems they'polish-in addition to doing jobs
has any information about our ?lassmates
ranging from antique car parts to .?.
listed as "l,?st",would apprec1ate your
GWEN CLINKSCALES LINDER is looking forward
passing the 1nfo on to me so we ca~ get
to the next reunion. She will teach aviaou~ Roster current. Also am sorry 1f I
tion education and biology.again at Fairs11ghted someone in Ct, Zip Code 068 ..
mont East High School in Kettering, Ohio.
an empty envelope arrived without address.
She and Cody(her youngest son) fly gliders
now. Walter (the oldest) is an Ensign in
the Navy and is assigned to as LST. Daugh12436 Kenny Dr, Granada Hills,Ca 91344
ter, Barb, had a baby boy last Sept. Jay,
husband, is chief engineer at the Miami
MARY BRIEDENBACH and husband Vic had a deConservancy District.
lightful European vacation which started
in Vienna at the time of ~heir musical
is: c/o 'Maj.Gen. W.W. Marshall, 207 8th St
festival. They went by train to Salzburg
Hickam AFB, Hawaii 96824. They have one
and Munich where they managed to oown a
daughter who is married and lives in Washcouple of beers at the old Hofbrau which
ington, D.C. where her husband works for
was quite a wild place on a Sat. night. On
the Library of Congress-no grandchildren
to Basel, Switzerland where they boarded
as yet. Mildred hopes to be able to attend
the boat for a wonderful 4 day cruise down
a reunion some day.
the Rhine. The final fling was a 3 day
MARTY MACE BOSHART works at the Insurance
visit with Vic's cousins in Copenhagen
Plan Savings & Loan Asso. as teller in
where they were shown the city and "Skoled
Washington, Iowa. She keeps busy playing
and Sko1-ed"- that aquavit and beer is dybridgea.r.dwi th community afairs. She is
namite, says Mary. Took 2 weeks at home to
on the City Zoning Commission and Comunity
recuperate. Vic and Mary have met SUE BOOTH
Chest Board. Marty is a grandmother-Mike,
McCLELLAN and Scott at San Luis Obispo for
her 27 year old son, and Connie became
golf a couple of times. It is a half-way
parents last Oct. Suzy, 23, will finish up
point between Palo Alto and Los Angeles and
College at the State U. of Iowa after study makes a delightful place to meet for a
ing 2 years in Italy. Jeff, 17, will grad- weekend.
uate from high school next year.
JEAN HIXON will be on active duty in August.
NORMA SISLER ANDERSON married Andy in June
She is a Lt.Col. in the AFRes. assigned to
of 1947. In April of 1961 Andy was shot
research at Wright-Patterson AFB, working
down and killed by MIG fighters over the
on advanced flight simulation techniques.
Yalu River. Their 2 children are: Brian,
She is asking that if anyone has had any
20 years old, and Nancy who is 19. Sis,who contact with FRANCES COUGHLIN to please
has been a legal secretary for many years, contact her.
opened her own office-transcribes for
court reporters and doctors. Sis plays
Sun City, Ariz. Her husband retired from
golf regularly and tennis twice weekly.
the FAA in Okla City in 1972, .and Dorothy
VIRGINIA KNAPP HEALY's address is 411 W.
said she retired from the CAA in Air TrafJohnson Ave, Racine, Wisc. 53405. Virginia fic Control in 1947 to marry him. They have
teaches in an experimental alternative Hi
raised 3 daughters, one of whom has her
School and is very active in local poliPrivate License. She is deeply regretful
tics. Last year she went to India. Their
of having to miss all WASP reunions so far
family consists of 2 sons-the 25 year old
but is most hopeful of making the next one.
is in the sa.ilboatbusiness and the 23 yr
She has been poring over pictures received
old soloed last summer.
from the Sweetwater Reunion and enjoying
SELMA CRONAN tells me she has done nothing
seeing once familiar faces. Her new address
earth shaking. Still doodling around with
is: 10017 Desert Rock Road, Sun City,
airplanes, working in real estate, and
Arizona 85351.
writing an occasional book. The biggest
BEVERLY BEESEMEYER has found time to do some
news-a new address: 663 Terrace Drive,
art work. She has participated in two art
Paramus, N.J. 07652
& craft shows and is now getting material
LORRAINE NELSON BAIN came out of the wood
ready for a big show in Joplin, Mo in Nov.
work when she heard about the 30th MemorShe has also been doing some commissions
ial Reunion. After Dec 1944 went to Alasof old homesteads for families of the 10ka with CAA. $pent 5 years up there and
cal area. She had a WASP visitor this
became an AF wife and globe trotted until
spring, Dot Avery (43-7) who came to see

what could possibly decide a "died in the

ried, and Carolyn is a Pan Am stewardess
wool" native Californian to move to Okla.
stationed in Los Angeles, where Barry has
She had such a great time seeing the Ozark
also visited this past year.
scenery. boating, catching and eating
Our lovely Doc, MARY REINEBERG McDARGH, was
fresh fish that she went away quite imunable to attend the Sweetwater reunion
pressed and enthused and looking forward
because she had just started a new assoto a retur.ntrip.
ciation in her medical practice. The souAVA HAMM RICHARDSON and husband Ralph, who
venir book, however, has given her many
works for Braniff, have been keeping the
hours of pleasure. She has gone through it
airlines busy ...a couple of trips to Hapage by page, comparing faces with the
waii while their2 oldest children, Nancy
class book and cross-checking with the
and Chuck, fly back and forth to Principia
directory. It was the next thing to having
College in Ill. Additionally, Nancy went
been there. She marveled at how well our
on a study tour with a group of students
class has carried the 30 years and is
and teachers from Principia, to Australia
looking forward to seeing everyone in perand Tasmania where they studied such as
son at the next reunion. She has been in
Education, History, Literature and Geology
Ava's youngest, Peggy, is a junior in high
QUAMBY from whom I had no news for this
school where her main interest is in the
issue of abe Newsletter.
band. The family lives on Lake Houston and MARY RETICK WELLS writes that she's had a
spend many hours on the water in their
messed up lip all summer - her husband
sailboat. a Dolphin 17. Ava feels they
caught her. Actually though - 'she had a
have raised 3 fish instead of children.
growth removed and after having it frozen
Besides being a mother, housewift, and the
a couple of times, all is ok. She didn't
keeper of loose ends Ava is still working
let this interfere with her golf game. She
full time as a Christian Science Practiplayed in a city tournament the next day,
tioner in Huffman, Texas.
and now is headed for Santa Fe to play in
the state tournament. Their vacation was
AFB is home for 3 WASP now - Mary Jane
a trip to Houston for an anniversary celeMerkle(43-4), Millie Marshall(44-5) and
bration with Jim's old National Guard outherself. She ~till flies, but spends more
fit. More golf, of course, and tours of
time on the golf course and sailing. She
the area and NASA.
finds Hawaii great.
NANCY UPPER FORAN had some bad news as her'
The only news received from ELINOR STEBBINS
mother passed away in January. She and her
was a change of address to: 4 Little Cove
80 year old father flew to Hawaii recently
Place, Old Greenwich, Conn. 06870. We'll
to visit with her brather and his family.
hope for newsy items next time.
Nancy is still working as a computer proMARY SHOEMAKER SZABLOWSKI and husband Ed
grammer for VARIAN.
have just returned from a trip to East
FRANKIE BRETHERICK has been having many
Germany, Poland, and Russia and found the
out-of-town visitors this summer and says
eastern European countries quite a conit certainly is hard on the figure. But
trast to the Western European countries
I'm sure she keeps in shape as she enjoys
they visited last year. She found the trip
year round gardening in Florida, and bemost educational and feels strongly that
longs to the Garden Club and the Audubon
we should start educating ourselves as to
Society. In the spring she took a course
wh~t Lenin's teachings are so we aren't so
in real estate and will soon be taking the
na1ve as to believe nothing could happen
state exam. She feels, however, thatthere
to our country. They extended their trip
are so many other exciting things to do
to get a taste of Norway, Sweden and Denthat she isn't sure she'll find time to
mark. The,highlight of the trip ~as looking work. She keeps in touch with other WASP
up a ODUS1n of Ed's who lives in a little
in her state-Joan Michaels, Mary Reineberg,
village 75 miles from Warsaw. The taxi
and Roddy Rodriquez. She heard from LESLEY
ride was u~forget~able in a three cylinder
WILLIAMS that she is currently living in
cab, but h1s COUS1n was charming and the
Germany where her husband will be stationed
family was delighted that they took the
until 1974.
time to look them up.
This past January RODDY RODRIQUEZ had a one
BARRY VINCENT SMITH has been touring the
woman showing of her Chinese brush paintcountry and the world: Hawaii, all of Euings in Sarasota, Fla, where her parents
rope this past year; this Oct. she and
live. She is leaving in Sept on a trip
husba~d Les and daughter Carolyn will be
around the world and will spend a few mos.
spend1ng the monthin Africa where 8 of the
in the Far East studying with well-known
day~ will be spent on a safari out of Naioriental artists. Frankie Bretherick and
rob1. They have just returned from a 7 hr
her husband attended Roddy's showing, and
raft trip down the Chattanooga River where
another day the two gals had lunch from
the movie "Deliverance" was made. It was a
1 to 5 p.m. They didn't realize the time
most delightful trip in a wild and remote
until they saw people ordering dinner.
area near Clayton. Ga. Only David is home For the past few years, MILLIE MacROBBIE
now. Barbara is at Indiana U, Dean is marand her husband have spent several weeks

each summer traveling to various parts of MARGARET PARISH GARLAND in July 1972 receiEurope, usually renting a car or camper
ved an American Motors Conservation
in order to see more of the out-of-theAs chairman of the Vermont Natural Resourway places and people. This year they
ces Council, joined conservationist
athave decided to see more of North America
tempts to insure the Vermont Yankee plant
going first up through Canada, then drideveloped environmental
safeguards and alving down the newly constructed highway
so worked on developing Vermont's land use
to La Paz, Mexico.
and development
laws. She was reappointed
to the City of Burlington Planning Comm.
and NANCY CREWS got together recently to
appointed as Burlington's
plan a get-together
of Los Angeles area
to the County Regional Planning Comm; in
WASP at Gerry's home on Aug 26. Even tho
March.was appointed by the Gov. to another
Gerry was suffering thru a bad cold, she
4-year term on the State Environmental
over 25 talkative women and a
Board and in May was re-elected
for 2 more
few husbands. Gerry is now in France for a
years as President of the Vermont League
three week visit with a friend who is a
of Women Voters.
pilot - and who has promised Gerry a ride DOROTHY SMITH LUCAS - during a visit to her
in a French aircraft.
mother in Maryland had an opportunity
LOIS THOMPSON NELSON this spring became the
get together with lola Magruder for a
only woman member of the Board of Inter-short time. She is trying to locate MARY
national Downtown Executives Asso. In June
QUIST EDWARDS for us in Mexico City as
she was elected Vice President of the Ad
her mail is being returned~ Keep trying,
Club of Tidewater,
and in Dec. she will
take over as President of the Woman's Div. lOLA CLAY MAGRUDER - since information
of the Norfolk CofC. Over this past year
last year's Newsletter was not correct,
she has been serving as a member of a speshe tells us she has two daughters-one
teacher, the other a secretary. They still
cial committee named by Gov. Holton to rehave a horse farm for leisure hours while
study the Urban Assistance Fund of the
lola continues her teaching for special
of Virginia. As you can see,
education "disadvantaged"
students. lola
she leads a very active community life,
has a couple of old "Avengers" she would
serving in many different areas.
be glad to donate to a museum when established. She used to be associate editor,
doing features and news and "Tailspins"
125 West 82nd Street
for 44~7. She wrote a short book about the
Ind. 46260
WASP-but got a rejection. Is now busy reJANE HARRIS CUNNINGHAM
started last year on
viving her hobby of oil painting.
a Juvenile Conference Committee for stuLILA MOORE MANN and husband visited Europe
dents in trouble to help them find a more
last fall and also visited daughter Alice
positive direction. She felt the need for
and family while there. All are now back
a better background so earned some credits
in Downey, Calif. Helen and Lois Ma~n now
taking courses at Community College. Thru
collegians. Lila and Don are busy w1th
her classes, she became acquainted with the' their fishing boat/paddle
boat rental buscounty Administrator
of Assigned Council
, iness at Green Valley Lake, Calif. She'd
and is now doing volunteer work in locating ...
welcome any WASP contact any time.
lawyers for those who can't afford legal
'MURIEL RATH REYNOLDS is still teaching Phyaid in court. She is also amember of the
sical Education to junior high school
Law & Justice Planning Committee for her
girls. She's busy nursing a new lawn at
county. She admits "there's a dance in the
her new home as well as new fruit trees,
old dame yet . "
but temperatures
above 100 degrees are
EILEEN WRIGHT FERGUSON teaching primary granot helping.
des in Alhambra, Calif. has compiled an al. BETTY PETTITT NICHOLAS is still manager of
bum of mementos and photos of WASP days
a Word Processing Center and enjoying
she'd life to have enyone see (visitors
working in the local architectural
always welcome).
Son Scott is working toThe Pyramids. still fly my Cess~a 150
ward Eagle Scout and starts high school in
when time permits and enjoy tak1ng up
the fall. Eileen is Asst. Supt. of her
Would enjoy hearing from or
church school' and helps with scout and
seeing other WASP as they come through or
school affairs.
near Indianapolis--office:
says her husband,
Frank, retired from the USAF and they have 44-8 Secretary: VIRGINIA FISHER WISE
"settled in our own Western White House in
229 Westridge Drive
Florida 32304
San Clemente - overlooking
the blue
Some sneaky person, namely DORIS ANDERSON
GERRI BOWEN OLINGER is working for KTTV in
maneuvered me into this class secLos Angeles as an Ad Asst. to Production
at the last minute. So,
Manager. Her daughter is still in ~chool,
"what you see is what you gets:"
but 22 year old son is working in San
Not many of you showed up at the Sweetwater

Reunion and you were very much missed.

BEV DIETRICH was there with her husband
RUEL and husband Norman down too, so they
and children. They were in the process of
were a yaking threesome.
In June enroute
a boat to tour the world a bit.
to Washington to her husband's class reWhat fun:
union at Columbia and a buying trip for
GEORGIA SLOAN was there also. She was still
Vee, they visited Jo for a weekend, in h~r
with the Atlanta school system.
townhouse in Old Alexandria.
Vee was deANN DAILY MARSHALL had a big wedding for her
lighted to help Jo arrange all the wonderdaughter last summer. You should see some
ful things from her many foreign assignments
of Ann's crochet work .. !
This is the first time in 15 years that Jo
We almost talked ARLINE BAKER into a trip to
has gotten them all together. Jo is now
sunny Florida last winter but her car broke
in charge of assignments for Colonels
down at the last minute and her vacation
world wide in the Intelligence Dept. Vee
money went towards a new one. We're planand Marty were sorry they missed the WASP
ning on her coming this winter. She operreunion, but Marty and Norman were going
ates a book & gift shop at Hoodsport ,Wash.
to South America shortly thereafter,
Warren and I went off to an international
Vee had too much going at the shop at the
real estate meeting in Sydney, Australia
time. Jo changing assignments
from Hawaii
in May. While on a harbor cruise there we
back to Saigon missed out too.
ran into Allison "Sunny" Burns (43-5), She ELIZABETH (DUSTY) DAVIS RANSOM .made their
told me MARY JANE ISHAM JOHNSON had been
usual summer stay at Jackson Hole, Wy. in
feeling poorly. We all wish you well,M.J.
July, adding Lake Louise and Banff, and
Talked with JERI FAULK CROOK by phone retaking some time on the way back to Fla.
cently. She had another foot operation
at Santa Fe. Dusty got her Masters last
this past summer but doing OK. She and
year, and next school year will be teachHeber plan to come down from Sumter, S.C.
ing aeronautical
science and anthropology.
to do some Gulf fishing with us soon.
In her "spare time" she plays tennis,
If you all will write to me, next time we'll
knits, designs & makes tennis
have a good "newsy" column.
outfits and reads. Husband Jack sticks to
golf. Their son John graduated from Pur44-9 Secretary: BETTY STAGG TURNER
due's Professional
Pilot Program with hi6161 LeSourdsville-W.
Chester Road
est honors. He was married in July, has
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
his ATP and flys for Air Florida. Daughter
husband Ed graduated from
NORMA BOSTON DOUGLAS is back instructing
Brooks in Santa Barbara, Calif and they
Cessna trainers, l50s & l72s. Her husband
now live in St. Petersburg,
Fla. She was a
passed away in March 1972, Norma sold
swimming instructor this past summer and
their Electric Store in Oct, and decided
spent her free time sailing or horseback
to go back to instructing.
Is very busy
riding. Dusty and Jack have an acre on top
and loves it. She also started taking inof Beech Mt. in N.C. where they plan to
surance training, has passed her Ill.
build and spend the summers. Dusty says,
State Board to become an insurance agent.
"No one can lead a happier life than this."
Later she will go to school in Madison,
NADINE CANFIELD NAGLE is teaching kindergarten. Her son John finished 4 years with
so that "when I get too old to
the Navy in June and married soon after.
fly I'll sell insurance."
Steve is now in the 9th grade. She saw a
JEEP HARMAN had a delightful visit from
clipping in the Dayton newspaper that
MAGGIE GEE for a Christmas Day libation
MARY ANNE HOYT died November 20, 1972.
and that Maggie, as always, looked smashShe did not know the cause of death.
ing. Maggie was in New York for an AmeriJANE FOHL plans to retire soon and will
can Physical Society meeting. Jeep just
spend her time playing golf!
got back from Spain. Says "Advise everyone
BETTY BRISTOE STONE sends highlights of her
to go to Spain (cheap-romantic),
but to
clan. Daughter Mary was married in Feb to
avoid the Mediterranean
Coast of same at
Stephen Foster. Betty made her wedding
all costs. A Coney Island or worse!" Jeep
dress, and said Mary loved it-and she
took classes last year in French and Ruslooked like a doll. Betty spent a week in
sian Literature.
Her oldest son has startthe hospital following 5 weeks of flu,and
ed law school and older daughter married.
husband Ross another 10 days in May with
VEE NISLEY VANELDEN has been very busy with
a flare-up of his heart trouble, but all
her decorating
business but will take a
are going great again. The good rains of
break and spend a month in Guadalajara,Mex.
the Spring & Summer to recoup from last
visiting all of the art and craft areas
year's terrible drought and bad Winter,
hopefully to do some buying for their stuand with the help of children Liz and Les
dio. Vee had sinner with Betty Williams,
Betty did a lot of canning food from a
44-6, who was visiting in the desert replentiful garden this year. Ross and Les
cently.LT COL JOAN OLMSTED reassigned
make their usual league baseball season
Saigon to the Pentagon, visited with Vee
this summer. "All in all," says Betty,
and her husband for a long veekend enroute
".the good outnumbered
the low s;Jots, and
to Washington,
Vee invited MARTY SARGER
so have had a wonderful year for all."

City for the Natl Finals Rodeo. On to

BETTY MARTIN RIDDLE and family flew to
Dallas where she visited a day with Jewel
Seattle for Easter vacation with Howard's
Esters (44-10) and her husband. Then on
brother via 747. 10 year old son Dan got
down to Eagle Pass, Tex where she saw
a topside tour from the Captain-taking
Instructor Fred Hall and his family. Fred
Mom and Dad along. Dan was disappointed
operates a Charter Service there. Esther
with finding they were only taking a 727
and Johnny joined FFed into Mexico to the
home. Howard is now manager of all Sundold Air Corps stomping grounds. Esther
strond's 5 different Flight Depts. at the
did much of her Christmas shopping there.
airport, and Betty is happy to have him
They 'then drove to Sweetwater for Johnny
home on regular hours. Laraine Cuddington
to see the WASP Monument and the Museumand husband John visited over Memorial
very diappointing
to find all the WASP
Day. They went over pbotos and compared
"things" stored in an old cabinet near
notes on the Reunion. June found Betty,
the floor ...she suggests we get our own
Howard and Dan at Colo. at Cripple Creek
glass case and model dressed in complete
where they own a lot. Their son Steve and
uniform. (Wouldn't one ..$1- each doi t?)
family joined them for Donkey Derby Days
On to Abilene to see some of her old stuwhich they all enjoyed so much. While
dents. Then Hugo, Okla to spend Christmas
there Betty made a visit to the Court
with friends, then to a belated Christmas
House to see Mary Chappell (44-6), who is
with Johnny's sister in Quincy, Ill. Also
very busy with a hugh set of tax books.
visited with Patricia Bonenzingo
In Sept, they hope to make the NBAA Convt.
and her husband. Saw Instructor Hubert
in Dallas and see some of the Dallas WASP
pollard on a return trip to Hugo in Jan.
as well as son Steve and family.
On Memorial Day to Rockford, III to visit
A sad message from Florine PhillipS Scaife,
Betty Riddle and family. With all the tra(44-4) for those who did not know, that
veling even had time to remodel and redecher sister and our classmate ROSALIE
orate their livingroom between trips.
PHILLIPS JOHNSON passed away Jan 22, 1910.
ELAINE HARMON has kept Flight #1 of 44-9
MARY REGALBUTO JONES is doing a great job
together pretty well all these years-sent
as Sec/Treas for the Order of Fifinella.
in her report to pass on for the NewsA busy girl she is too, for she was proletter. VIRGINIA EATHERTON SPEAR's husband
moted last Dec. to Executive Asst. for
Clay passed away June 5th very unexpected.
the Cleveland Federal Executive Board and
At the time of his death he was Chief Piwill be working with the District Director
lot of the ARO Corp. and flew jets. He had
of Internal Revenue Service, who is the
just passed his yearly medical exam. Clay
Chairman of the Board this year. While
was an instructor at Sweetwater when we
the job has taken up a good deel of her
were there. Virginia and Clay planned to
spare-time energy, she is still keeping
move to Okla when he retired, so Virginia
up, or trying to, with her antique trunk
will go on with those plans now. Her new
restoring business, which she has been
address: Route #1, Box 111 A-8, Locust
doing as a part-time business for the
last few years. She is now getting ready
Grove, Okla.
RUTH McCLUNG and Elai~e have a nucleus for
to put out the OofF 1973 Roster.
a "Merry Widows" club. Those of you who
ANN GRIFFIN GLESZER just returned from a
wish to-they would like to have you join
trip to Europe seeing friends in Switzerthem doing things they've never had time
land and visiting other countries such as
to do before. They meet for plays, movies
Austria and Germany. Ann is still teachdine out and take some short trips. Ruth
ing French at Newtown High School. Took a
plans a long trip and is looking for comcourse this summer to teach English to
pany-hopes some of you could join her .?
people. Ken and Ann conHELEN CANNON's son Robin just returned from
tinue flying weekends when weather perstudies at the U. of Nairobi, Kenya. He
mits. Plan to fly to Prince Edward Island
had dinner with Elaine--says
Helen is
Canada before school starts. Son Douglas
State of Nevada Women's Amateur Golf Champ
23, is working as electronics engineerShe is also Pres. of Clark County Board
his hobby is amateur radio. They all talk
of Education.
Husband Bob resigned is poto friends in Europe and contact people
sition with Tropicana Hotel, is now at
the world. Douglas is aiming for
his flight instructor's rating. Glenn 21,
another Las Vegas hotel.
BETTY TURNER had a month's stay in the hoshas one more year at the University.
pital in Dec 1972, over Christmas. Had a
disc removed. So just golfing, gardening,
44-10 Secretary: SARA PAYNE HAYDEN
and relaxing in the sun in the backyard
22 Stadium Road
this summer. Looking forward to the next
Methuen, Mass. 01844
reunion in June 1974 whether it's in Fla.
or Nevada, and hope to see many 44-gers
VIRGINIA McPIKE COAKLEY has been doing a
and friends for another fun time reunion.
cross country by car, seeing Disneyland,
has had a full year
Calif,; on to Alaska; and home via Canof traveling and visitors as usual. In
ada and New York.
Dec she and husband Johnny went to Okla


Drug Counseling Unit at El Paso County

Welfare. Congrats! Millicent, Jr. graduated from High School, and Kent E. from
Colo State U. at Ft. Collins.
HENRIETTA SPECKELS SPROAT lunches periodically with Dottie Ireland and Ruth JUTnecka, fun time. Daughter Kathy is a physical therapist
in New York, and Debby
from Pitzer College in June.
Sixth grader David is refreshing,
mama keeps busy working with pre-school
children at First Presbyterian
Church of
and latest hobby, painting.
JUNE WOLFE LECKIE is looking fo~ward to new
patterns since Bill sold the mines, but
is still home keeping the 16, 19 and 20
year old fry working this summer. It's a
in Pinehurst for fall.
JOAN FRETER UHALT and Joe spend most of the
time trailering-summers
in Wyo, Colo and
Canada; fall in New Orleans; and back to
Guadalajara ,for the winter. Lots of golf
and some fishing, and regards to everyone
from 44-10.
CHARLYNE CREGER says the big event of the
year is a face lift (we would love to see
it!) Plans to attend a medical seminar in
Portugal in Nov. Keeps looking for lost
WASP, and urges everyone to try to find at
least one - we agree. Keeps fit by bicycling, and is thinking of taking helicopter
lessons. Hello to all.
ELEANOR COLLINS FAUST and husband now have
their own company selling sports shows for
TV, George having retired from CBS. One
son is in the hand made special guitar
business. Married daughter emigrating to
Alberta, Canada to raise horses and run a
Survival" school. Liz, age 14,
will be home for high school. Elly is
spending the summer diving for a club in
Old Greenwich,
THELMA HENCH MILLER has been off to Minn.
in a Cessna 210 to see new grandson. Also
helping hubby Paul, who is on the Airport
Authority Board, work the new city-county
airport into shape. Ariy of you birds in
the Norwalk, Ohio area, please fly in.
MARY JANE LIND SELLERS sends pix in front
of a beautiful PT-17 made Armed Forces
Day at Hamilton AB. Says owner was furious
when she stepped on the wing! Visited married daughter in New York, and it's Alaska
for vacation this year. One still at home
in Jr. College.
EMILY CHAPIN says she is enjoying being retired so much that she might just stay
relaxed, piddling around in the yard.
Wanta bet??
has been making
like an R.N. in a nursing home, having a
73 year old visitor break a leg, then her
housemate broke a leg, then another visitor with a leg problem using a cane! Cappy
glad to be in good health, loves beautiful
Hawaii. Cappy and MURIEL MORAN had to set
the local paper straight when they had an
article saying the first woman pilot trainee for the Navy was the first female mil-

itary pilot! Good work!

RUTH GLASER GUHSE vacationed on the Islands,
bringing back old memories as a Pan Am stu.
Husband was dragged to old haunts-even
hiking in the rain to live volcano Mauna
Ula. Son, 25, is married, and daughter,21,
attending San Fernando Valley State U.
Lunches with Cappy Johnson on occasion. F
Finds the 6 step-grandchildre'n
RUTH REES PHILLIPS says the door to the
ranch is still open. Flying her sick mother to hospital in Del Rio on a Sunday
evening involved all sorts of customs
problems. A week later Duke III got hit in
the eye with a nail, so onto a stretcher
in the airplane and off to San Antonio
hospital. Daugher Martita is having a 2
month grand tour of London and England
with her English tutor. Others are at
wrestling camp, visiting in Pa, breaking
and gentling broncs at the ranch, and
Duke III has his private license'and
helping with the flying errands.
DOROTHY NAGEL IRELAND and Brick had a 3-wk
golfing tour of England, Ireland, and
of walking and no arthritis
problems. More traveling to Las Vegas,San
Diego, and a visit with Virginia Hash in
Phoenix. Bridge and V.P. of a hospital
guild, and life is not dull.
last Thanksgiving
through snow, ice, and
a 180' skid backwards into oncoming traffic. No damage, but still trying to get
twin Maltese dogs and household goods into
their own house under one roof. Pat is the
senior analyst and Trust Investment Officer
of the Commerce Bank of K.C. and made the
new edition of "Who's Who of American
Women". Congratulations!!
BETTY FULBRIGHT WHITE is still trailering;
Mexico, Canada, British Columbia, Nova
Scotia, and on the agenda-Alaska
and the
Central States. Along with the trailer
goes 750 Honda motorcycles
and trail bikes.
Reports that in New Orleans the sight of a
grey headed gal on the big
gold Honda riding down Bourbon Street
caused a few hippies to throwaway
and run. All you trailer gals
out there be on the lookout for a Holiday
Trailer, Club # 18414, also Club # 18722,
belonging to RIGDON & MARY EDWARDS of
Sweetwater. Betty also has Fifi painted
on the back, as well as a Fifi decal on
the windshield
of the gold Honda. So make
with the LD. s
AILSA CONNOLLY SIMONSON has been appointed
Director of the State Laboratories
in Bismark, N.D., the first woman to be
appointed to a top state office. She will
resign as the only woman on the 7 member
Board of Higher Education
(state college
board). Two daughters are married, one
getting ready for the leap, the youngest
will graduate from high school in Dec,
and son, 15, will be a freshman.
MARTHA BLAIR GAUNCE, news via Connie, spent
a night with her on the way to Fla, now

A & M. In '56 he got the flying contract

for the A & M ROTC, largest in the country. They yearly graduated 100-140 students. In the past year Huett sold the
school to devote full time to his Investments & Real Estate business.
J.e.PACE ..J.C. sold his "Buddies" supermarket chain, more than 100 stores located in
the Ft. Worth area, and now devotes his
time to public service. He is President of
the Ft. Worth Chamber of Commerce and has
been and still is one of the prime movers
on the Board of the new "World's Largest
Airport", the Dallas-Ft. Worth Regional
Airport (name pending).
RIG EDWARDS sold his Mobil Oil Products distributing business in Sweetwater
in Dec.
'72. This year he and wife have become
They spent considerable
time traveling Mevico. Then took a European trip covering the Berlins, Netherlands, Moscow, Leningrad,
and the Scandanavian countries. After Labor Day '73,
are leaving for a trip thru the Western
U.S. in their Holiday Rambler and hope to
see some of their WASP friends.
started a manufacturing
biz in
Lubbock, Tex after WW II making cotton
stripping equipment, road machinery,
Has sold that out to Caterpillar
and is now mfg. dozer blades, etc. to Cat.
Johnson Mfg Co., 1802 E. 50th, Lubbock,TEx.
WELDON GEORGE is a broker in stocks and commodities in Lubbock, Texas.
C.E. BOWLES is still with Flying Tigers,22
plus years. Now flying DC-8s to the Far
East. Was in Dallas in Feb and visited
with Gipo. His wife lives in NYC when he
is on trips-they live at the Sparta, N.J.
address the rest of the time.
JACK L. RINEHART is still with Braniff-now
about 25 years. His address is 3241 Brookhaven Club Drive, Dallas. The Roster left
off the street #, so he missed all those
visits and letters.
RAY BOOTH is still ranchiag in Sweetwater.
The day the Reunion ended lightning hit
and started a grass fire on his ranch So.
of town, destroying several hundred acres
6008 E. Univ. Blvd; Dallas,Tex 75206
of grazing for his cattle.
ZIGGY HUNTER has been on crutches since the
GIP OLDHAM was kind enough to contact some
reunion, then was hospitalized
in July
of the "boys" but response was light-how
with a broken hip. On her birthday,Aug
about a few more words next year? Hidden
the hospital was filled with friends from
thruout the class news are mentions of
as far away as Calif. The WASPs were repseveral of you-you'll just have to plow
resented by Jewel Estes and husband Tom,
thru the pages since you wouldn't drop a
who report that Ziggy's indominatable
line on your own. Gip is still retired,
spirits are still high and her eyes sparkor unemployed,
going on 5 years. Found out
ling. Hopes to be home soon - and a bethe hard way that writing a book length
lated Happy Birthday:
of flying experiences
PAUL BANKSON writes ,"after the WASP program,
the Middle East for 17 years was easy but
I was with TWA for 2 years; then several
that getting a publisher to read was imyears of small town airport operation and
possible. Any ideas or connections
a couple more as company piciated.
lot of a Cessna 190. Wound up as an instucJOHNNY HUETT - after nearly 40 years of some
tor for Clinton Aviation, one of the top
with aviation, Johnny has sevairplane dealers and flight schools. In
ered his last tie. He owned a flying
1958 went with CAA as an enroute Air Trafschool at Bryan, Tex, the location of Tex

living in Fort Lauderdale.

She is a widow
of 4 years, three kids all grown, and a
Still flies the races, and
sends regards to all.
VIRGINIA HASH made the papers when she found
194 divorce decrees which were unfiled
when her uncle died six years ago. Seems
he didn't get paid, so the Ariz. Supreme
Court gets to ponder the problem. Virginia
has given 3 lectures for the FAA on the
law. and the pilot; been to a WACOA meeting
attended Lawyer Pilots Bar Asso annual
meeting in Mackinaw;
and has four and a
half hours co-pilot time on a Lear Jet.
Our sympathy to you, Virginia, for the
June 6 death of your mother.
FRANCIE MEISNER PARK was appointed the resident manager for an elderly public ho~sing
project in K.C. last Oct. Did they bury you
under the paper work? Hope you are still
with the part time flight instructing?
JEWEL ESTES sends regards, and says "take a
look at the beautiful model on the cover
of Neiman Marcus summer catalog, it's
daughter Phyllis Estes".
MARGARET EGER TEMME and Herb have spent the
past two summers building a summer home
in the Ozarks. (Jewel says you can't hide)
FLORENCE EMIG WHEELER belongs to a flying
club in the Santa Rosa area, and ran into
a variety of weather on a trip to Utah.
Got home after dark, for the first night
landing in 25 years: Flo is in the Home
Ec. Dept. at high school; Marshall teaches
Social Studies; Keith is a junior; and
Paula a sophmore. They have been camping
at Lake Tahoe with kids in tennis camp,
and hiking and sight-seeing
in the Sierras
Sees DOTTIE DAVIS sometimes and says they
just take right off from wherever they
were as if no time had passed in between.
And doesn't that tell it like it is for
ALL of us??
SARA PAYNE HAYDEN and Frank enjoyed Mardi
Gras in New Orleans, also dinner with Jim
Thokey and new bride Maida.

fie Controller
in the Denver Center, and
am still with that (now FAA). Have one
daughter, married to an AF Capt, 2 grand~
and a wife who still puts up
with me, or at least pretends to? and 3
minature daschunds."
GILBERT M. GEURIN is a Capt. with Eastern
Airlines in the Atlanta office-gives
rides and transitional
rides. He's been
with EAA since leaving Sweetwater.
- after 13 years on 707s is
now happily .driving TWA's L-lOlls from
Los Angeles to Boston. In mid-August
sunk his first hole-in-one
at the Los
Posas CC--and has a plaque to prove it:
RALPH HARRIS is the Harris Oil Co. in Longview, Texas.
EARL E. SIMMS, Jr. is a screen writer and
living at 4226 Toluca Lane, Burbank, Ca.
J.R. SMITH is the Publisher of this issue
of the Newsletter.
His Smith Printing in
Hot Springs is responsible
only for the
printing, not the errors. Our thanks.




Ailsa eonnolly Robinson Simonson was appointed as director of the N.D. State Labin Bismarck and is the
Had an important complaint about the '72 oratories Department
Tamplin of only woman .named to head a state dept.,
agency or institution.
Altho active as a
44-3 worried that her name wasn't on the
news editor of the Divide County Journal,
list of attendees at Sweetwater,
and that
and the mother of five, she is delighted
her classmates might think her a "nonwith the challenge. She and her family are
payer". Well, Margaret, your cancelled
moving to Bismarck immediately.
check (and memories) prove you "participated" and you're in the same boat with the
supplie~ of the list, Faith Richards--and
her on the Reunion Committee,
forgot hers:***** To all of you with memories: we need to share those "stories"
before they are forgotten. Write them up
briefly and mail them in.***** When news
of women entering the Navy Flight Program
hit the papers, many WASP grabbed their
p~ones to demand space for OUR program-Mary Jones, our Sec/Treas even had a big
article in the Cleveland Press refuting
the Navy's claim of "first women as military pilots"; Marjorie Thompson, 43-5, was
special guest on Houston TV recounting her
years as a WASP; your Editor joined with
Betty Williams,44-6,
and Gerri Olinger,
44-7, on Los Angeles TV talking of training
as the station showed many of
Gerri's personal photos.*****
As for a WASP
it. We can't even petition
for one until we're over 50 years old (the
that is).***** Parts of uniforms and informational
material are still
needed for several exhibits at museumsFifi was very much in ev:idence when
let me know if you have things to spare**
SCM Business Equipment threw a big
*** The past several reunions have gener"This is your Life .... " retirement
ated a feeling of esprit de corps-let's
party for Lauretta Darcy (43-6) in
keep it glowing. See everyone in Reno by
August ..Hope Lauretta saved the color
June 13, 1974*****Editor
Lola Ricci.
poster and shows in Reno with it::

Photo shows the Fifenella Executive

Board meeting in Wichita Falls, Texas
in April '73. Lola Ricci, Leoti Deaton,
Mary Jones, Dottie Young, Nancy Crews-shuffling papers. Dedie and Dottie met
our flights,(Mary,
via comme rcial- Ed
& Lola Ricci and Nancy via personal air
craft) with TV and local press coverage.
Mary Jones mailed copies of the minutes
to all members of the Order.



Air Race Terminus,
June 16, 1973. Nassau, Bahamas
Dolores Reed 44-1, Ann Ross 43-7,
Fran Sargent 43-4, Kay Strehle 43-4
and Gene FitzPatrick

44-9 was fully discussed in this

patio, even tho Dan Riddle and
John Cuddington
just listened as
Mother Betty Martin Riddle and
wife Laraine Stahr Cuddington

lola "Nancy" Clay Magruder, 44-7,

was kind enough to share with us
a "then-and-now"
glimpse. Those
"joot suits" didn't do much for
beauty, did they?


The next P-47 Reunion willbe in London,

England April 19th (Friday Eve. Takeoff
from J.F.K. to the 28th April Touchdown
back at J.F.K.) 1974. Costs:
Land package-$227 Total $392.
London hotel - Portman
Anyone interested
contact Stuart Moak, 140 W. 22nd St., New
York, N.Y. 10011 (212) 243-3000.


Fun is when old friends get together~

Just ask L.E. and Mary Nesbit Hearn
or Lorraine Nelson Bain and Jim Bain.
Both gals from 44-5.

ANyONE ???

McClellan Field, Calif. drew this
lovely group of 43-2--Esther
Berner, Mary Darling Graves, Margaret
Ann Hamilton Tunner, and Marion Schorr
Betzler. The year was 1943 and their
wings prove they'd just delivered the
aircraft (ATC insignia).

Gene FitzPatrick
Dolores Reed, both 44-1, at Opa
Locka, Fla. enroute to Nassau in
the ICARace. They were 10th.





Marion Betzler of today--just

receiving her Chief Flight Instructor
thru ATP-for EC Aviation at Port Columbus IntI. Airport.

FAI honors



Kay Brick (43-3) served her 12th year as

Executive Director/Chairman
of the PPD this
past year, and as a result of her 23 years
of association with the AWTAR was awarded
on Sept 3, 1973 in Dublin, Ireland the Paul
Tissandier Diploma by the FAI.
The award goes to those who "during the
previous yea~s served the cause of aviation
in general, and private and sporting aviation in particular,
by their work, initiative or devotion."
Our slncere congratulations,

My Most

Interesting Flying Mission

Mary Ellen Keil, 44-2

as a WASP

Mary Jane Sellers, 44-10, couldn't

stay away from this beautiful
My most inxeresting flying mission was
Stearman she noticed at the Hamilwhen our group was ordered to fly several
ton AFB Armed Forces Day show.
thousand empty bomb cases from Philadelphia,
Pa. to Atmagorda, New Mexico. Later we were
to realize that the urgent orders to fly
empty bomb shell cases across the country
HAPPY HOLIDAYS, buy yourself a
without regard for weather or pilot fatigueticket to Reno for mid-June!
to proceed without delay-could
quite possY'all come!!::
ibly have had to do with the Atom Bomb Project at White Sands. This order came thru
shortly before disbandment
in December of
1944, so we completed delivery of the bomb
cases flying through severe winter blizzards,
and I well remember our last flight to Almagorda when we flew above the overcast at an
Because some of you showed interest
altitude of 20,000 feet to avoid the mountain tips in an unheated C-47, with the out= include this info on the 1972 Newsletter/
Roster mailing.
side air temperature
registering 30 degrees
below zero.
Summary of Mailing
Needless to say, when we arrived back at
910 pieces mailed
our home base of Salina, Kansas at 2:30 in
45 pieces returned -"undeliverable"
the morning, we were glad to get back on the
95 change-of-address
ground and warmed by a cup of hot coffee.
Response to Mailing
160 persons sent. dues donations
23 Fifi pins ordered
26 orders for decals (3 for $1)
WASP Flying the Powder Puff Derpy
9 Reunion Directories
Needless to say, we need a better dues
response to keep ourselves in the Newslettr/
Roster business. We are truly a non-profit
operation but we do have expenses which
your donations will keep in operation.
served as Timer/Judges.






are due for President
and Secretary/Treasurer.
are needed for Newsletter Editor.
Mail suggestions
immediately to
Nominating Committee.

30th Memorial Reunion Directory

Fifi Pins
WASP Wings
Decals 3/$1
Dues Donation - yearly
Available thru:
Mary Jones
395 Timberridge
Gates Mills,Oh 44044