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Vol. X

Editor - Lola Perkins Ricci

December 1974



Now let's all mark our '75 calendars

for June

19-21 and try to meet and chat.

With the economy and inflation what they are, things will cost a bit, so start now to stuff those piggy banks and come pre- pared to ENJOY. Oh top of greeting old buddies and reliving past exploits, you'll have available scenic beauty, a trip to the Ponderosa Ranch at Lake Tahoe for chow, gambling-if you're so inclined-and many "goodies" still in the almost-confirmed


. If you have specific questions or re-

quests, contact the Reno Reunion Committee

either now, or after you receive

early in '75. Hope to see everyone still

the info

able to walk,

drive or fly!:


There will


a business meeting at the

Reno Reunion, at which time new officers will be installed and anything of interest to the Order of Fifinella will be discussed. Known item on the Agenda will be display of the Memorial Plaque designed by Jewel Estes, 44-10 trainee, which was made and shown at the NOW Convention in Houston '74. Members will discuss the possibility of funding this-and future plaques for Air

Museums in the country. If you have an item you'd like on the Agenda, please contact President Nancy Crews, including details, and a slot will be reserved. Don~t wait until the meeting to surprise us, please.


Due to the 1974 energy crisis, inflation and Watergate, WASP plans and action for the year had to be changed. The Reno Con- vention was cancelled and rescheduled for next summer. An annual Executive Board central meeting was dropped, discussions involving business and policy were handled by many telephone and mail communications. Col. Bruce Arnold tells me that problems of Watergate have been an obstacle in do- ing anything quickly in getting a WASP Militarization Bill out, but a draft has been completed. He is awaiting the proper time to present this as a 1st effort to a sympathetic Senator to sponsor the Bill. Looking forward to 1975, let's all keep in touch and share with each other again those unforgetable and unparalleled days when we were both young and WASP. So for a little business, a lot of fun and a great Reunion. THINKRENO--and by all means plan to be there.



This time, even if the "crunch" hits

again, we shall PERSEVERE.

Reno is ON!:

The committee has rejuggled itself-- Betty Boyd, 43-5, has taken over as chair- woman, but Fran Gustavson, 43-2, will be working closely with her. Other members are: Peggie Parker Eccles,44-4

Hazel Stamper Hohn, 44-4 Gerry W. Michelsen, 43-2 Leoti Deaton-advisor J.R. Smith-printer

New officers will be installed at Reno. To date only one candidate for each office has stepped forward, albeit reluctantly,

Surely some where out there lies hidden a mailed early in 1975.

woman who would enjoy the challenge of being President or Newsletter Editor? Or the de- tail work of Secretary/Treasurer? Don't be shy, speak up! Send your name and office choice to Gene FitzPatrick,44-1, 2345 Sparta Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca.

They have spoken for 175 rooms at the

Inn for the period of June 19-21.


Full details and reservations info will be

In reply to those who thought of incor- porating our gathering with the Reno Air Races -- the town is sold out and sewed up during Sept. We couldn't possibly do it. New address for Betty Boyd:

1705 Shoreline, Apt.30t Alameda, Calif 94501 (415) 521-5623


NOW's interest in the achievements of the women pilots and their recognition program, and added, "As I understand it, your aim is not only to establish recognition for the achievements of women but tolcreate a con- dition under which they can and will develop their capabilities and use their full talents, thus making the world a better and richer place to live in for everyone." Ziggy pre- sented a commentary of commendation for these WW II women pilots sent to the conference by a male pilot, Senator Barry Goldwater, whose flight experience with the WAFS at Wilming- ton, Del, he remembered with great respect. WASP and instructors in the Fort Worth- Dallas~ Tyler Metroplex were invited to a preview in Dallas May 19, the week before the Houston program. Their approval was enthusiastic and reports are that the sculpture is beautiful.


National recognition was accorded the

Women's Airforce Service Pilots in Houston

in the un-

in May in a program culminating

veiling of a model of a double plaque to

be cast in bronze as a memorial to those

who lived and those who died in service. The special events program featuring a "Salute to the WASPs" before national del- egate~ of the National Organization for Women (NOW) recognized the achievements of women in aviation and the accomplishments of the WASP in particular. The plaque, sculptured by Jewel Estes, Dallas artist, is designed to honor the en- tire WASP achievement and commemorate in permanent symbolism the individual and col- lective heroism of womanhood in patriotic action. It depicts the heads of 2 figures-- one in pilot's helmet and one in graduate beret--representing both the training and service phases of the WASP program, and is based, together with the memorial name pla- que on a 52 x 26 inch beautiful wooded backboard. Several pourings will be possible from the mold developed by the artist from the original sculpture. If funding plans can be achieved through volunteer flying enthusiasts interested in helping the WASP saga become a permanent page in American history, the bronze plaques will be made available to appropriate air and space mu-

seums over the U.S. as soon as approval is obtained. Participating in the program were Leoti Deaton and Lorrain Bain,44-5, both in WASP uniform; Ziggy Hunter, WASP instructcr; and Jewel Estes, 44-10 trainee. Dedie gave some background on the experimental aspects of the program. She expressed appreciation of


I have in my possession

a book that was

published in 1968 by Hawthorn Books, Inc. New York, N.Y. It is titled LADYBIRDS:


There is an interesting observation made by Mr. Jablonski as well as an inaccuracy concerning the WASP and WAFS during WW II.

In the chapter entitled "Wings of War" he started out by saying that women partic- ipated in WW II more actively than they

had ever done in any war in history,

that the evolution of aircraft made a tre- mendous leap during the early years of this war. In Dec 1943 President Roosevelt and other dignitaries were attending a banquet observing the 40th anniversary of

by Edward Jablonski.


flight. Orville Wright was the guest of

honor. He refused to speak

but was heard later

men had seized upon the airplane to make it the most lethal weapon in history". The

at the dinner,

to comment that "evil

following is quoted from the book:

"Women offered their-services to their

countries. The English formed a women's division of the Air Transport Command called Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA).


from Canada joined the ATA as did


from the United States



of these remarkable women was Jacqueline Cochran, one of America's outstanding pilots. Jacqueline delivered her first


cruit another 25 pilots for ATA. After the US entered the war, Jacqueline Coch-

ran returned to the States to form the Women's Air Force Service Pilots, better known as the WASP. There were many times when Jackie Cochran needed the tempera-


prejudice against women fliers, inter- service rivalry and sheer petty jealousy. Despite these obstacles the women did what they could. They tested and deliv-

ered planes, as did their English cou~- terparts. They even towed sleeves behInd

and then returned to the US to re~

of a wasp to confront the common

their planes as targets. Airmen, who were learning gunnery, would shoot at the sleeve trailing the WASP-piloted craft. Because they received little recogni- tion, for technically the WASP was not regarded as a true military outfit, little was known or has been remembered about the women fliers of the Second WW The ferrying of American planes across the Atlantic was handled by the WAFS (Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron) under the command of Nancy Harkness Love. Training the pilots for this work fell to Jackie Cochran's WASP. (NOTE: Only 1 flight was attempted by Nancy Love and Betty Gillies. It was delayed and finally cancelled at the last moment. Gen. H.H. Arnold would not authorize trans-Atlantic flights for the American WAFS.) Male hostility was their greatest prob- lem. Seeing women pilots handle aircraft

that he was

rubbed the young pilot the wrong way. A base commander, an old timer with years

of experience in the

be damned if I'd let one of 'em taxi me

down the runway.

not yet qualified to handle

air, had said, "I'd

I hang onto this

skin of mine a little longer". But then he had been forced to admit, "one
skin of mine a little longer".
But then he had been forced to admit,
"one day I had to give one of the WASP
a check-out flight from here to Charlotte
now I take it back, every
word I said.
She was even better than some of my boys~
An AF officer
at Camp Stewart, Ga,
where WASPs served in special flying
assignments requiring very skilled in-
strument work, echoed the view. "Two of
the girls are as good as I am at this
particular job,
the best in the
and hell, I think I'M
Museum Notes: It is the suggestion
of the
WASP Historian that all WASP who have
historical articles of value to think
first of the 2 national museums-Air Force
Museum at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio or
National Air & Space Museum (Smithsonian
Institution in Washington, D.C.), and
then send duplicate articles to the re-
gional museums in their local area.
another 20 years these articles will be-
come lost or destroyed and so much of our
history will never be seen, unless it is
given now to the museum of your choice.
Interesting Data: At the end of the WASP
Program, Dec 20, 1944, there were 916
ac~ive WASPs stationed in the following
Headquarters AAF
Training Command .•
Air Transport Command
1st Air Force
2nd Air Force
4th Air Force
Weather Wing
Proving Ground Command
Air Technical Service Command
Troop Carrier Command

The historian would like to have the names of WASPs (and group pictures) who were active at the end of the program and their assignments. Please write directly to:

MARTY WYALL P.O.Box 9212 Fort Wayne,In.46S09 To date I have only 1 group given to me

Marshall, 44-S, of the

by Anne Dailey

WASP at Marana AB, Ariz. Taken Dec.lS, 1944, 14 of the 15 in pic identified.


Last year during the big splash about the Navy having the 1st women pilots, our Sec/Treas Mary Jones received this one af- ter she had written her local paper to re- mind them of WASP. The writer, Mr. Price, w~s kind enough to allow her to share it with you. Dear Mrs. Jones, You are right; women were flying mili- tary aircraft long before the Navy came up with its newest addition. Your story in the Press 1-19-73 brought to mind an incident in 1944 or '45 at Tuskegee AAF where I was an aviation ca- det at the time. Our upper classmen were flying P-40s (fighter trainees) and the AT-IO, if I'm not mistaken. The AT-IO was a low-wing, twin-engine job with twin rudders, and if I remember correctly, was made of plywood. These were flown by bomb- er trainees before we got stripped-down


One afternoon on the flight line the word was spread that one of the AT-lOs was circling the field with wheel trouble, couldn't get them down. After much ado, P-40 went up to take a look, and circling

to use up fuel,

the grass without much damage and no fire

it on

the pilot "greased"

or injury. I can't recall all of the de- tails but I remember we cadets, lined up

in front of the shack to see the show, were talking it up. We were hoping it was one of.our fellow students at the controls, seeing it was such a beautiful landing. It would show our instructors that we could really cut it. (We were black and proud long before this generation.)

jeep came in with

the pilot, our male egos suffered a set-

back. The pilot was one of your zoot- suited WASPs.

When the "Follow Me"


P.S. That picture gang "posed"

s/Charles Price of you and your in front of the

AT-6 brought back memories. I have posed with classmates

in almost the same shot.

Anyone remember being involved?



Okey, ladies--we've asked for reports from any/all of you on happenings while "serving". So far we have only statistical pieces and bits (100 of you wrote short answers to specific questions at the Sweet- water Reunion). Now-How about a "recording session" at Reno? To allow you to ramble on tape and fill us in on a few of the in- teresting things that remain in your sub-


With tape we'llpreserve the voice, ac- cent and inflection for future reference. T'would be a shame to allow our "exploits" to fade into the unknown when wJre still around to tell-it-like-it-was::

after these 30+ years .•.


I still remember the Sgt.

at a gas stop in Texas when we rushed to the Ops Bldg. and asked for a "ladies room'!

He finally remembered one about 3 blocks away. But the next time thru, he flourished a "ladies" sign, had the Cpl. check the nearby latrine and proudly directed us there--male pilots waited til the sign came down: Another time I picked up a Stearman at the factory to deliver to Calif. I'd been flying nice wide-track BT-13s and had never been near a Stearman, so had to ck

out at the factory. prior

to departure. My

first rest-stop west was blowing up Texas

so I requested a nice

friendly taxi strip into the wind. The tower operator was quite adllinantabout his

"runway in use", so I made the approach as directed, got it on the deck, and gently went into 2360's. A jeep came screeming up, but I waved that all was unscratched.

As I slowly taxied I DID hear

authorize the use of the taxi strip for 2 others-again proving one illustration is worth 1000 words ••? And how about the "Presidential Suite"we usually shared in Midland, Tex? Maybe Gro- ver Cleveland? And the Ferry pilots Great Circle Course--P-51 to Newark; night tra~n to Buffalo; P-63 to Great Falls, Mont; and

dust at about 30mph,

the tower

01' friendly SNAFU back to L.A •. ?

Does any of this ring bells? or trans- port you back to your training ~r duty days?

Jot down a few hi-lights

with you, prepared to elaborate,and.SHARE::

and brIng them

If you have a tape recorder, brIng It too, and help gather what we hope will.become a permanent record of our short perIod of service and adventure. If you can't make Reno, find a tape and transcribe your mem-

ories~-Don't be left out.


The Fifi Award Committee, chaired by Del Scharr, WA~S, is still working on formula- ting rules & requirements fo~ the award. If you have ideas or suggestIons, please contact her immediately.


Bee Haydu, 44-7, who gave her uniform

and memorabilia to the Smithsonian several years ago, revisited the Institution in


Air & Space Museum:

and has a glowing report on the new

"I visited with Messrs. Donald Lopez,

Asst Dir Aeronautics; LouisCasey, Cura- tor Aircraft and C.G.Sweeting, Curatorial

Asst. They

house many items pertaining to the WASP as well as women in aviation. The format of exnibition will recognize the accom- plishments of women together with men, not separately. WASP will be placed with aviation activities of other pilots in WW II. The new bldg. will officially open July 4, 1976, altho completion is

told me the new bldg. will

expected before that date.

When it comes

near time to plan for the

exhibits pertaining to the WASP, we will be notified and invited to help with ideas for displaying. I suspect this will be some time in '75. Anyone wanting to contribute time and ideas, please let me know at my new address: R.D. 2 BOx 519, Newton, N. J. 07860 OWl} 362-8618."


Dues Donation is appreciated at any time.

$5 or more assures the continuance

Newsletter and Roster. This past year only 30% of you remembered to encourage the OoF.

More interest is necessary or we'll have

of a

to curtail something

. A new item of interest to graduates who

have lost or misplaced wings--a faithful

copy, in silver, is available

silver prices have made the prIce $25.00,

including tax and registered mailing.

Pretty Fifi Decals are available @3/$1.


Fifi Pins


'72 Reunion

Pic Book


Extra Newsletters



Extra Rosters



Your Dues Donation entitles you to a copy

of the Newsletter & Roster. Send checks to Mary Jones, Sec/Treas. 395 Timberidge Trail Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

JACQUELINE COCHRAN appeared in July before the Congressional subcommittee investi- gating whether or not women should be allowed to enter the military academies. She t~ok a stand against women entering the academies since she felt there is ample opportunity for women to get an education in the military. During the year Miss Cochran donated a uniform to the Air Museum at Wright-Patterson.

LEOTI (DEDIE) DEATON and her Cliff celebra- ted their 52nd anni July 12-with an eve- nin~ dining and dancing in Fort Worth::

Ded1e received a special Red Cross pin & plaque last fall for 50 years of service to their Water Safty program (they also gave one to Cliff for "understanding and ~uppor~")."of course, I've been involved 1n v~r~ous WASP affairs-biggest one the ~nve111ng of the memorial plaque. Plaque 1S elegant, touchingly beautiful (the ex- pression on the faces of the figures is remarkable), and an appropriate memorial. Jewel Estes is a true artist and her hard

work was a real labor

of love."

WAFS Secretary:



Buckberg Mt.Road,Tomkins Cove N.Y.I0986

NANCY LOVE well, Nancy with her usual flair thrilled us no end called from Fla. to file her report. She was a little under

the weather but is feeling now and is looking forward

to Alaska as soon as Bob returns from Martha's Vineyard with their beautiful blue sloop, the C'est Ca. She says she's been diddling around while her kids have been busy, busy. Hannah works at Cornell in the Ornithology Dept, rides and hunts her Arabian steed, is following in Ma's footsteps and is flying like mad. Allie has been living in Anchorage working as an anthropologist and psychologist with

fit as a fiddle to a fun trip

the Methodist U. of An~horage. Marky, she


is having

a great time playing a-


in Calif.

Nance says she was tickled

to death when Betty Gillies unexpectedly popped in on her way to the 99 Convention. NANCY BATSON CREWS, our Prez, says she

started 1974 by going

to help her sister,Amy,and her mother move from Birmingham. Feb.brought a letter from Fran Gustavson that the Reno Convt Com. had resigned because of the energy crisis so she,reluctantly,cancelled the WASP Re- union and went to the hospital in March for some surgery that turned out well, as she was able to return to Northrop in Apr.

where she is involved with the YF-17 Light Weight Fighter being tested for future production. Son,Radford, received an Hon- orable Discharge from the AF last Nov, en- tered college in Jan, made Dean's List and is now scheduled for the Chapman College fall semester trip on the World Campus A- float. Daughter Janey has been enjoying her summer attending the Caroline Leonetti Charm & Modeling School in Hollywood, and in her spare time dishing out ice cream at Dari-Delight. Nancy still does a little instructi~g, is fixing up her Super Cub and has acquired a 1949 Mooney Mite which is in the process of being rebuilt. She calls it her Baby P-51. Outside of that she says everything is status quo except

to Atlanta in Jan.


a new addition-a 4 month old German

Shephard, who is supposed

invited guest. Good Luck, Nancy:

to bite any un-


done much

the South Pacific-Tonga, Fiji, Bora-Bora,

and Tahiti in Feb; then she and her hus- band took both sons to England, Athens &

the Greek

30, and Robert,26,are raising cattle in St Helena, Calif, and she sadly confesses that the closest she's gotten in years to flying herself around is in a big,ugly jet.

this past year. Except a trip to

Islands in May. Ahhh: Son Roger,

BETTY GILLIES, "The Mighty Atom" as she was

fondly called by the gals at NCAAB

she has nothing exciting to report except she and Gertrude Lockwood headed for Miami

and Puerto Rico in her Baron to attend the

99 Convt. in August. They were

fly to San Juan, but what with possible hurricanes in the area, decided to take EAL from Miami. Had hoped to RON in Sara- sota wither coming or going. Nothing ex- citing?? Hmmm:

planning to


GERTRUDE MESERVE TUBBS says she is working partime in the County Hospital in Braden- town, Fla and ~as just ready to leave on her vacation when our letter arrived. We are sure that everyone will want to send their deepest sympathies at the loss of her husband of 30 years-and our good

buddy, Charlie Tubbs. ADELA SCHAAR. From what we can gather from Del's letter she has turned into the pro- verbial work-horse; painting, reroofing, rechinking mortar, patching plaster and generally fixing up her 107 year old farm house. To say nothing of planting every vegetable known to manking and canning, to date, 40 qts.of tomatoes: She has only


still scrubbing down the house and fin- ishing the painting. She threatens, however, come fall,she'll find the time to weave paint a picture or two and perhaps do a'

2 purses this year because she is

bit of writing. Her Spanish group meets each Thursday and she had a chance to use it in June when she took a cruise from Galveston to Cozumel Island, Panama Canal, Cartagena and Montego Bay with hubby, Harold, and her sister and brother-in-law. She also suggests she might write the WAFS Story in Spanish-should be fascin- ating-but who amon~st us could read it? Del is also chairman of the Awards Com, a sort of Fifinella Oscar, and asked that anyone with suggestions on rules or guide lines please contact her. THERESA JAMES. We asked for a short synopsis of the year's doings and got instead an 8 page document-very interesting, but used up all our "blue-pencil": She writes from W.Palm Beach that the Bourbon in her blood stream hasn't discouraged the mosquitos, fleas,etc. from biting either her or her dog,Gretchen. She's been slopping up the beer and vittles at her sister's and bro- ther-in-Iaw's restaurant, Alfie's Fish & Chips, and getting FAT,FAT. Did you know

she went

ket? Sat up with the pilot all the way, to the WAFS, otherwise we are still on

to London on theP-47 (Jug) jun-

and Crews conned us into being secretary

take-off to lamding, had a trew.endous time hob-nobbing with all the big-shots inclu- ding Lord Louis Mountbatten; met friends of Helen Ritchies and was made an Honorary member of the RAF; got to Paris and saw the Follies Bergiere, et all. Besides all that, she met some. flying friends in Opa Locka, Fla, got interested, read a bunch


of books, caught up on new regulations

our mountain top, still at the controls of the 60-passenger school bus and still praying for our twin-diesel yacht to sail us off into the sunset. Daughter, Dugie,

and her husband, Axel, just released from

the Navy after 4 years

visi t and have

Durham, where she has a government job

and he is re-enrolled

came for a 2 week

returned as civilians to

at Duke for his se-

is back at the controls having a b~ll. nior year. Lots of fun, but mother is

Only thing that threw her was communica- tions-couldn't get used to the lingo and

pooper~ Son,Rob, is on a Navy Nuclear Tender in Sardinia for a two year stint


the Tower up the wall~! Funny,


and is having a time for himself-mostly


thought her "big mouth" would do her

gallivanting about on his Honda. We have

in. Since the "Petunia Patch" in Pa.


running without her, she will stay in Fla. until the funds run out. Nice going, Bag! FLORENE MILLER WATSON writes that she is

sort of gotten ourselves involved in 10- cal politics and with our usual lack of

ta~t, are on a good many (expletive Ie ted) lists.


still teaching college girls who are pre- 43-1 Secretary: GERRY NYMAN

paring for secretarial careers,

boys work-

600 E. Cottonwood

Lane, Apt. 117

ing towards degrees in business and is al-

more hours a-

Casa Grande, Ariz. 85222

so a student herself taking

bove a ~ast~r's Degree. Dr: Flore~e? Says The most exciting news for the' Phoenix,Ariz.

and.Chrls wl~l be celebratlng th~lr 30th

annlversasy ln a few mont~s. W~W. ~nd have

WASP has been a series of reunions

4 or


5 months. 43-1 was really in evidence

recently returned from ~ p~ay

Na~sa~. They ar~.enthuslastlc boatlng,.

sWlmmlng and ~kllng buffs. Daughter Ga~l about the busiest gal in Phoenix with her

and.hus~and 11~e n~arby and are expectlng

thelr flrst.chl1~ ln Ja~. Jea~, her other and the lasttime I saw her she was being

real-estate business. She has 3 fine boys

tr~p to

and we have had a delightful


BETTY TACKABERRY BLAKE looks great and is

daughter, 11ves ln Amarl110 tlh her hus- band, 5 year old son and,2 ~ear ol~ da~gh- ter. Florene says wouldn be nlc~ lf

taken out to a fancy Mother's Day dinner by all 3 boys. BROWNIE KINDIG has a beautiful big mobile

the WAFS could ~ave a reunlon ~f thelr

home in a lovely setting on the desert no-

own? Name the tlme and.plac~

rth of Phoenix. She keeps busy working


BARBARA ERICKSON LOND6N lS stl11 seillng airplanes and flying quite a bit which,as

a law office and at the time of writing she is vacationing in the East.


she says, is helping her to make the many GERRY NYMAN and husband Van spent the 4th of

adjustments si~ce the loss of her husband last July. Agaln, we send one of our own

our most heartfel~ s~pathy.

daughter, Terry, lS :n ~er ~ast year a~ dren there for the holidays. While vaca-

San Jose State U. m~Jorl~g ln ~eronau~lcs.

She has all the ratlngs l~clu~lng.hell-.

copter, does a lot of flYlng

for an airline job some day. Bravo~.Terry~

July at their place in N. Idaho. It was

all our boys, their wives, and grandchil-

on Coeur d'Alene Lake a great reunion with

over Labor

Her older

tioning at Canyon de Chelly


Gerry ran across a former student of

2nd lS hoplng

BYRD HOWELL GRANGER. This stud~nt described Byrd's classes at the U. of Ariz. as the

Kris, #2 daughter, moved ~rom Hawall to most outstanding there and Byrd as one of

Sun Valley, where she contlnues to do her thing with horses and dogs, no planes. B.J. is going to stay "put" since the

house is large enough to accommodate the MAGDA TACKE and husband George are retiring

community at Mystic

the most outstanding teachers. Byrd is an expert on folklore and has simply over- flowing crowds waiting to get in.

to a great retirement

Shores in Tuckerton, N.J. They will have golf and also ocean fishing right at.

doorstep. It all sounds in retirement living.

like the ultlmate

kids and all their friends who keep coming home. HELEN MARY CLARK. We're certain ev~ryone knows about the horrendous experlen~e that befell H.M. and Gerry when thelr

magnifient home burned to the ground sev- JANE STRAUGHN is, at this writing,

flat on

eral years ago. We recently spoke to H.M. who is now living in a darling house on four acres by a beautiful lake in Sloats- burg, N.Y. and loving it. She is carrying on in her own inimitable way and says Hi to everyone-Ditto- and good luck H.M. from all of us. KATHRYN BERNHEIM (SIS) FINE Ou~ most memor-. able moment this year cam~ when Gillies

her back recuperating from too much fun at the beach. It seems her disintegrating disc just wouldn't take lifting the sail- boat and painting the house, but our bet is that she will be right back out there with that sailboat again soon.

MARY LOU COLBERT NEALE one left for college

reports that altho to the north and the

one in college to the south graduated Cum

Laude and returned for a Masters in B.Ad.

the 2 high schoolers

pelled to rush in to fill the vacuum with

their friends. So the household

etic as ever and money goes for eating rather than flying. Ray is still working

6 day weeks for Lockheed,

to report. A WASP reunion soon would be a

welcome relief for this frazzled-nerved House Mother.

at home felt com-

is as fren-

so no vacations

MARION MACKEY De GREGORIO and her husband are kept very busy with their restaurant

business. They had

a great trip to Texas

and the West Coast this summer. They vis- ited a son and family in Calif. and had a wonderful time in San Francisco & Las Vegas Our illustrious DOTTIE YOUNG really has been busy since the last writing. On spt 29, '73

she' was {nducted into the Colo. Aviation Hall of 'Fame. In the spring she was hon-

ored by the Okla. Hospitality Club

of their Ladies in the News. After a cat-

as one

aract operation

in Dec. she is again go-

ing full steam, and in May attended the 10th anniversary meeting of the FAA WACOA in Washington, D.C. This doesn't begin to include all her activities as we could write a whole newsletter just on Dottie:

Gerry Nyman has a letter from her Senator,

Barry Goldwater, promising aid wit~ the House Bill effecting the WASP, saYlng if it seems to have any serious chance


to help out over here."

action on the House side, I will try

43-2 Secretary:


2512 Montgomery,Laredo,Tex.78040

MARIE MUCCIE GENARO is busy running and managing her successful Natural Villa Health Foods Store in Lake Park,Fla. She has recently completed a course at the Life Therapy Institute in Palm Springs, Calif on nutrition and body management which qualifies her as a Nutrition Con- sultant. She writes an interesting and informative column on nutrition weekly for the local paper in Fla.

GERI MAS INTER HILL had not been flying for years, however, has now taken her 2nd class physical and gotten current. She is enjoying retirement. In addition to a full social life she is Pres. of the N. San Diego County CRTA (Ca.Retired Tea- chers' Asso.) The division has 525 mem- bers and is growing. At the CRTA convt.

in May at Bakersfield,

Geri had a long

telephone conversation with Lorena Daly Dorr (43-6). MARTHA WAGENSEIL RUPLEY is our busy gal from Santa Barbara. She and Mr. Rupley bought a 20 year old home looking down across Montecito Golf Club to the water. They hauled boulders, built walls,moved tons of dirt, planted gardens and com- pletely remodeled. That left only the hours of 5pm to 7pm for Martha's daily

In mid-July she took time out

for a visit to New York to see RUTH FRAN- CKLING REYNOLDS and her family on their farm in the Catskill Mts. From there she

golf games.

traveled to Pa. to attend a high school

reunion at Oakmont Country Club (their 40th-her first). Then to Corsicana, Texas

and back to Santa Barbara via Las Vegas.

MARION SCHORR has married Jack D. Brown and is now "at home" in Laredo, Tex. She made friends with Capt. Brown when he was in charge of Flight Transition at Romulus AB, Mich. in 1943. J.D. was later transferred to Brownsville, Tex. and they lost track of each other for 30 years. Last year a roster was printed and sent to former


of the Thrid Ferry Group of the

ATC: A "hello" phone call from Jack re- vealed that each was still flying profess- ionally, had married, raised a family, had

been living alone for 4 years; and most important-that each had reserved a little corner of their heart for the other. They married in Feb. Marion left her position of Chief Flight Instructor, in Columbus, Ohio, and is now Flying Mate for J.D. on his flights for an Oil & Cattle Produc- tion Co. Besides learning about Charolais cattle, Marion is enjoying golf & sail planeing. PAT LAWLER ROBERSON and her family have been living in Tyler, Tex for the past 7 years. Pat writes,"We came here to oper- ate a travel club. They had a Lockheed

Super Connie and it was

it lasted. We got in a lot of good trips.

However, after spending a fortune com- plying with Govt. Regs and various other things, they finally went broke. Earlier this year, Dick was in Trinidad, W.I.

training pilots for a small airline, Car-

ribbean United. I went down

of weeks. It's been such a mad-house at

the hospital that I needed

great fun while

for a couple

to get away".

MARGARET ANN HAMILTON TUNNER had intended to attend the reunion at Sweetwater, but General Tunner was ill at the time. They spend their summers in Va. and winters in Antigua, Guatemala. Daughter, Suzanne, graduated from the U. of Va. in Charlottes

ville this year. MARY JOHNSON RUDOLPH is the proud grand- mother of three. However, she is not a- vailable for much baby sitting. She took

8 business trips east

trips to Detroit were exciting because I

last year. "The 2

was writing an initial management summary for Chevrolet to use in various plants


with a lot more documentation work. Then there was a nice 3 week stay on Long Island. At the end of that job I had 4 delightful days in Bermuda as a bonus. The St Louis job was particularly inter- esting because for a week and a half I was escorted thru Ark, Miss, and Tenn, visiting plants that manufacture wearing apparel and camping equipment for Sears

the idea that we will follow it up

Roebuck. I was gathering information for

a user manual on their common computer

system. Between trips,

a vacation trip to Seattle last fall, in-

cluding skating at Snoopy's Rink and see- ing Crater Lake in three feet of snow.

I found time for

43-3 Secretary: BETTY ARCHIBALD FERNANDES Route 1. Box 57A Collinsville, Miss. 39325

ESTHER BERNER is still the very capable

DR. DORA DOUGHERTY STROTHER has been a busy bee, or is it wasp? "Lester and I continue publishing a monthly magazine for North Central Texas region called Texas Metro. I am still at Bell Helicapter Co, as Chief, Human Factors Engineering Group-involved with cockpit and crew station design. Was recently assigned as CO of my AFRes, 9823

a LtCol. and

Air Reserve Sq, Ft. Worth. Am

eligible for promotion this summer. Passed

my 4 year physical-a

lot of our guys get

Commissioner of Aerocautics of Indiana. caught on that and are out in a hurry. My She writes that she and Betty Pettit reserve unit did research and published a Nicholas,44-7, flew Betty's Cessna 150 to paper entitled "A Survey of Attitudes of

Denver and points west. Enroute they vis- ited Betty Jo Reed,44-7, Frances Tanessy, 43-6, GRACE BIRGE MAYFIELD, Pete & Dottie

Young, 43-1, "99" hdqs, the Cowboy Hall as h'igh school and that they are more in-

of Fame, Estes Park, Colorado Springs, and other scenic spots. Sounds life a

Student Nurses Towards a Career :.s a Mili- tary Nurse". Found gals start thinking of and evaluating a military career as early

terested in meaningful service than in the pretty uniform and girl-things. Travel is

full 2 week vacation. Esther also

that for the first time the State has cal meetings: Ft. Rucker,Ala in Nov 1973;

states also high. Gave a paper at several techni-

allocated money for airport improvement so we know she is busy. She was sorry the reunion ras cancelled this year. KAY MENGES BRICK. Since the last Newsletter Kay has received the Paul Tissandier

in Dublin,Ireland in the fall of 1973


celled due to the energy crisis and is compiling an album on 27 Derbies. BETTY DEUSER BUDDE writes that her life goes on in the same old groove (hope it's

a comfortable one:). One of her four sons

has recently married and is working for the Public Defender in L.A. and another has jOined the Army and is in Germany. She also was disappointed the reunion was

postponed. BETTY ARCHIBALD FERNANDES is still enjoying the quiet life in rural Miss. with its miles of pine forests and many lakes. We take short trips to the Gulf Coast and

New Orleans

and longer trips to Ind. Son

is Asso. Director for WPTA-TV in Fort

Wayne. Hope to see y'all in Reno.

ELAINE JONES has moved to PO Box 410, Kahu-

Washington, D.C. in May 1974. Was the fea- tured scientist in "Profiles in Science" in a little booklet entitled Naval Research

Reviews published by the Dept of Navy, Of- fice of Naval Research, Vol.XXV, #12, Dec.
Reviews published by the Dept of Navy, Of-
fice of Naval Research, Vol.XXV, #12, Dec.
tute of Aeronautics & Astronautics. Advi-
Museum, of the Ninety-Nines, Inc. Reviewed
Transport Auxiliary 1939-1945 by Lettice
Curtis for the Journal of the Am Aviation
Historical Society. It was
a very inter-
esting book and think many WASPs would i-
dentify with Lettice and enjoy it. She
lives at Springfield House, 54 London Rd.,
Twyford, Berks, England
in case any of our
gals are over there, and now works for the
equivalent of our FAA-and sounds like a
good 01' gal. Have written 2 articles on
the WASP. The Am. Aviation Historical So-
ciety has accepted them for publication 2
years ago. The Journal comes out quarterly
and originally they had promised publica-
tion last fall but a recent note says they
are "still on the to-be-done
pile", so who
knows? Titles are The WASP Program: An His-
torical Synopsis and The WASP Training Pro-
gram: An Historical Synopsis.(all of which

Diploma from the FAI (Federation Aero- 1972. Named Asso Fellow in the Am. Insti-

nautique Inernationale). Due to surgery

she was unable to receive it in person sor to the Internatl Women's Air & Space

at the 66th FAI Congress. She is very The Forgotten Pilots, A Story of the Air

busy with the Powder Puff Derby



Flite Service Station Specialist. All Aloha-land visitors stop by.

Maui 96732 (well, she's not really in


and is working as an ATCS

writes that her rut con- hope it's similar to

might seem like a "groovey rut"

? Ed.)

PO Box •

BERTHA LINK TRASKY writes that she is garden- ing in the summer and catching up on neg-

lected duties at home and their cottage

She has 3 sons, one married

the winter.


with two children. Her oldest son was an Army Intelligence Officer in Vietnam and leader ~f Kit Ca~son Scouts. ~e was woun~ed

LOIS BROOKS HAILEY tinues on. Let's

Betty Budde's groove. Her son has just sailed again for the Pacific.

JOYCE SHERWOOD SECCIANI says that all's well and ret1red and 1S presently 1n Alaska w1th

with the Secciani clan. Just plugging a- long (is this the same as the rut and

grove previously mentioned?) until their

kids finish their education-one is a sen-

ior and one

a junior in high school. She

may get airborne again with a nephew this summer and see if she still has the touch.

Dept of Natural Resources and has charge of

1500 miles of the Alaskan Yukon

new pipe line goes th~ough. The younges~ son

that the

just graduated

from M1ch. State U. and 1S

a northern tre 7

trying out a new job with

farm.Bertha's n 7 w add~ess: 1960 Meadow F1eld

N.E., Grand Rap1ds, M1Ch. 49505.

LOIS HOLLINGSWORTH ZILER. Her husband is to be county judge again and Lois is teaching high school math. They still have their farm in Dell City with the house for them

and the land

are married. Grandma yet? She hated to hear

that the reunion was cancelled.

leased out. Her 3 children

LORETTA BEATY FOY is now employed by Bell Helicopter, too-but through their Van Nuys Calif. sales and service operation. Does lots of whirling about.


note: Thanks so much to all of

you who replied. To those of you who did

NOT, to quote from an old song,"If you

didn't receive my letter, write and let

me ~mow", signed Archie Bettybald



ELEANOR THOMPSON WORTZ wrote from Portugal, in the midst of the revolution, saying that she and her 2 sons (18 & 23) were on a 4 month travel binge to Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Britain. They were joined by her husband for part of the trip. She was on sabbati- cal leave from the college where she

teaches. HELEN SCHAEFER flew to Dallas from Calif for the Labor Day weekend and enjoyed a visit with BERT MILLER COLLINS and Alberta Head. Helen reported that JUANITA BOLISH COOKE is having great success with her new en- deavor-real estate. JEANNE ROBERTSON writes they had a glorious 6 week trip in Europe last fall-Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Paris. Man- aged to see some of the places where our ancestors lived. In Nov. Charlie un-re- tired himself--or rather Hawaiian Inde- pendent Refinery did it for him. He is now Superintendent of their new refinery near Honolulu. Jeanne rented the house in Calif. and became a "camp follower".

They found a house in Honolulu

just in

time for the children to visit in April.

They plan to enjoy their view of the

ocean for 3 or 4 years. FAITH RICHARDS lost her father after sever- al years of failing health in Sept, so was unable to meet our news deadline.Our sympathy. Contact Bucky for news of any

talk to her at Reno in June.


43-5 Secretary: JILL McCORMICK 4920 N. State Rd. 43 W. Lafayette, Ind. 47906


enroute to Miss. to take a big


nostalgic look at the lovely pink granite

monument to the WASP and Avenger Field. In Aug took a camping trip for trout in

the high Sierras, Expo at Spokane, salmon fishing on the Columbia and visiting re-


filling in for my Sunday School teaching

in Wash. A couple of fellows are

(Plus handicrafts and treats) at Syquan Reservation-have.lO little Indians in my class who help gather cans for recycling to go to Ringling Bros. Circus. Appeal:

If anyone should have any children's books

that could be sent via book rate, we could use them. They love books about planes, rockets, and animals. Son Chet, 20, is now jeeping with a friend in Guatamala but will have to get back as Early Morning Warning Sq. wants to send him for 2 weeks

flight training at Fallon.

Son Reg is

still in College and plays Western Band- recently on Chan. 6 TV Special. Daughter Eve has design dept. at Laguna Landscape.

CHARLOTTE MITCHELL CARL reports that her life is routine teaching 5th grade. How-


she reported that she had a visit by

one Sally Keil, MARY PARKER's niece. Sally

and Parkie planned to write a book about the WASP. Altho Parkie died in July 197~, Sally intends to carry oout this commit- ment and has been personally contacting the B-17 gals. Charlotte reports that Sally has been talking with her, FRANCES GREEN KARl, and DAWN ROCHOW SEYMOUR for anecdotes of their experiences and can be reached at Parkie's old address.

SYLVIA DAHMES CLAYTON is still working for IOTA Engineering, Inc, as an Ad. Asst.(a Girl Friday). The portable, high frequen- cy, fl~orescent light which IOTA made for

Skylabworked and did well.

As a result

of that they have a new product on the

market-REVL (Recreational & Emergency Ve- hicle Light), a 12 volt, portable light using as little power from a car battery

as a dome light, but 8 times

as bright.

Daughter is a 2nd Lt.

ried to an Army Lt.~bott in Finance at Ft. Bragg, N.C. Son and his wife live in Tucson where he is an engineer and she works as a service representative for the

in the Army, mar-

telephone company. IRENE FREMD DeGRAY reports that she and Bill are busy running their own Company

found that South Padre Island is

a marvelous

in the unhurried way of Fla. some 20 yrs. ago. They sneak weekends now ~nd then and

and have

place to sun, surf, and fish

have a wonderful rest. SOLANGE D'HOOGHE reports that she has lived in Reno, Nev. ever since she left Romulus. For the past 8 years she has been a Man-

power Specialist

ployment Security. She doesn't do .any

private flying but

IV for the State in Em-

keeps close to it by

being a member of the C.ofC. Aviation Committee. She has a 21 year old son. DODI (JO PITZ) EGAN - Quote "My life isn't very exciting to anyone but me. Have teen

so fill my time with

a widow for 13 years

tennis. Capt. of the Army-Navy CC "C"

team, go skiing whenever possible (Vail,


spent on yard work, bridge, sewing and v\rious handwork. Would love to see 43-5 gals if they ever have a reunion east of

Denver?" unquote.

for 8 years), rest of the timeis

JERRY HILL (MRS.) wishes to thank all of the WASP who made the Sweetwater Reunion such a success and sends her dearest wishes to those of her very dear friends who were unable to attend. She regrets that she,

Ruth Gamber, and Hazel Wolfe

their trip to Reno. She says that 6 months

had to cancel

Charter work and the usual variety. I am an FAA Flight Examiner for single and multi

engine and instrument, and Air Taxi check pilot. Please drop in to say "hi" GERALDINE HARDMAN JORDAN reports that she is practically childless now. She is down to

3 and oldest one at home will

be 18 in a

ago she had 2 cataract operations and that



she is impossible to live with. However her sister and brother-in-law still plan

few days and ready to try her wings That would leave BetsY,15,and Lissa

8+ and

2 cats and a puppy. Daughter Mary was mar-

to take her on a Caribbean

cruise come

ried last March to a young man from Italy.

Oct. Good luck, Jer.ry, have fun, and SEE a lot:

They drove to N.J. for the wedding. Her o.Id es t d aughter Kathy had a boy on his dads

MARION (SCARLET) STEGEMAN HODGSON writes she blrthd~y. Now they are grandparents 3 times.

and son John went

Rome for his 13th birthday present. Hus-

band Ned had to stay home and "mind the

received another pro-

to London, Paris and

All thlS and celebrating their 30th Wedding Anni. This past summer she borrowed her daughter's Motor Home and drove from Okla. thru Colo, Wyo to Utah where she left her husband for a Tour at Hill AFB. Then on to

Ore, Idaho, Nev and back home-she

p.allons used by

the Motor Home.

liked the

JULIE LEDBETTER (LTC USA-Ret) reports she instructed and operated Airports in S.C. N.Y. & N.J. after leaving the WASP until she entered the WAC in Oct. 1948. She did

number of years, off-duty, but has not been at the controls for the last 6 years.

She may start again at the nearby Ft.

shop", having. just

motion. Marion

most every way possible except submarine namely: jet, subway, horse-drawn carrio~~

airconditioning, but prefers tent-camping-

train, car", boat, hydrofoil and hovercr~ft. especially with the cost of gas and the

Marion's "College Kid's Cookbook" is now over the 100,000-in-print mark, and her "Bride's Survival Kit" is gaining on it. Her third cookbook "What's Your Beef?" has gone into a new printing. This past year Marion collaborated with an Atlanta psy-

ch~atrist on an article about marriage, continue to instruct in the Army for a

whlle her Gothic novel still awaits a com- plete rewrite, as does her old WASP book

which has been gathering mothballs and h~s

never been submitted to a publisher. "There' Eustis Flying Club, since she retired 30

and John traveled in al-

just ought to be more than 24 hours in a

April 1974. She didn't have to move


day," she moans. The summer has sped by, with trips to married children. (Incidently

daughter Marjorie-now Mrs. Joe Parker, Jr. river and she has a boat docked inthe


she planned ahead and bought a house near

her last station. She reports

it is on a

side yard. Her favorite past time is crab-

on the cover of REDBOOK one of these

days. Look for a blonde cowgirl holding a newborn calf, or feeding her horse:) Marion

has had visits from MARJORIE SANFORD THOMP-

SON, who came to Fort Worth to lect~re on


leads a busy, busy life in Okla.

HELEN TURNER HOLLAND writes son Mart gradua- ted with honors this Spring from Hastings College, Hastings, Nebr. He's thinking of

ranching in Nebr. where we have some land.

He's learning to fly up there too-right where I started on Cubs. Daughter Bets, an art major at Hastings, was married to a Nebran, Nelse Lundeen, and is living at

Hastings. Daughter Kit is married to Jim Petersen from Alliance, Nebr., is in law

school at the U. of Okla. Jim is purchas-

ing agent for

makes heavy road equipment invented by my

the J .H. Holland Co which

bing. A nice thing

she retired, GINNY ARCHER WILLIAM's hand-

some son called on her in her office.

happened just before


is a busy gal

flying and writing. She's in the Quantico

Flying Club at the Quantico Marine Air

Stat~on, Va. and checked out in a Cherokee

140 ln Jan 1974 and took off

trip to Hanscom

for Orlando, 180 for a

Fla; then moved to a Cherokee

Field, Mass in April. She

now hopes to upgrade herself by training in ins~rument and multi-engine in Sept. Meanwhlle she completed an article on a woman archeological historian (17th Cent)

which she hopes to sell this fall. She is now doing lots of research to write her first historical novel on WWII. She says the tentative title is "Tomorrow is Past"

Can't quite figure

that one out, Pat



John. If you see a huge yellow

HELEN PORTER SHEFFER reports that she has


of hot mix asphalt called the FLOW-

2 children-daughter 19 and married, and a

BOY, that's John's product. John is cur- rently working on an Ag. plane, feeling there is much to be done in the area of energy needs and agriculture. I'm involved with health planning, juvenile delinquency prevention, and ETC, etc, RUTH CARTER JOHNSON is still operating a FIt School, Ruth Johnson Flying Service at Chino Airport, Chino, Ca. It is VA appro-

ved and Piper Aircraft Sales. We also have

son 16. She is a new grandmother.

farm, she and her daughter raise Appaloosa

horses-as well as lots of corn and veget- abIes. She also keeps active in aviation, being a Capt in CAP where she just put in 70 hours on a search-rescue mission. She is still a part time free-lance flight insturctor and an FAA Accident Prevention Counseler in the Harrisburg~ Pa. GADO.

On their

SHIRLEY SLADE TEER had planned a LONG vaca- tion in Spain this year but her husband


Houston. Reports he is back at work for

half day now and improving.

a stroke so she had to remain in

Son is going

to Texas Tech and has become quite a tennis buff. Shirley says MARJORIE SAN- FORD THOMPSON is wOrking at the Museum about 6 hours per day. She was a volunteer for so many years and did such a good job

they offered to pay her.

To finish off with the news of class 43-5 your reporter,JILL McCORMICK, had a re- volting situation this summer. Went to a


in Oak Park, Ill. with my Doc

for the purpose of testing whether

I could take a medication cut-back. Plan-

or not

ned to be there

the end of that time it was found I must have stomach surgury. To make a long one short, I left the hospital 6 weeks and 4 days after I had entered minus half my


me now--should eat only half as much:

Coming along fine, getting stronger evry day. In fact, built up my strength so I took my FAA Biennial Check in a Cherokee

Arrow and passed for my Com. & Instument.

no more than 3 weeks-at

It will make life cheaper for

I will return to Purdue for Fall Semester

and once again try to knock some instru- ment flight procedures into the Jr. class

in the Professional Pilot Program. You

all stay well

and see you in Reno.

for a bear to get off the green before she

could drive


ELIZABETH CARSEY CLARK is still spending most of her time with her Rockaplenty Ken- nel and shows. She is Pres. of the Shawnee Kennel Club and has judged 7 all-breed AKC sanctioned matches within the year. She has Gordon Setters, Miniature Schnauzers, and Irish Wolfhounds. Her 2 wolfhounds are Champions, and she has the top winning Gor- don Setter in the country and the top pro- ducing dam for the breed. Her miniature schnauzer, Nightwind, is in Calif being shown by Clay Coody. July was his first time out as a special ~nd he went Best of Breed at Orange Empire over 6 Champions:

The same day she took a Best of Breed at Grand River KC and a Terrier Group 2nd. That was the highest placement in a group that she's gotten with a schnauzer, and the nice thing was that he was owner-han-

dled by Elizabeth.


quit work on June 15, and is

enjoying her leisure. She and daughter,

Beth have just taken a trip

to the Carib-

bean~-flew to Miami, boarded a ship with stops at Nassau, San Juan and St. Thomas. She has 2 beautiful granddaughters born

in Dec 1973 and Jan 1974. PATRICIA BOWSER GIBSON and her husband Henry have traveled allover the world. Now they have bought a 31 foot Airstream Travel Trailer and plan to see all the beautiful USAf They travel 5-6 months each year and return for the summers to the home on Dis-

43-6 Secretary: CAPPY WHITAKER JOHNSON 4175 Kenneth Ave. Fair Oaks, Calif. 95628

LANA CUSACK BOXBERGER and her husband Jerry recently returned from a trip around the world. Lana really whipped up a big party on March 7th when Jerry retired from TWA. Now they're-a golfing duo. Had dinner in July with Lqla and Ed Ricci. BLANCHE OSBORN BROSS-I was delighted to get an address for Blanche from Pat Gibson. They found each other after 10 yars, even tho living only 4 hours apart. Blanche

has lived in the Ore-Wash

past 25 years. lis they lived

lumbia River until a baby boy changed her mind about life afloat. They moved to Vancouver, Wash where they caught Chinook Salmon from their patio. They operated a Seaplane base in the Columbia for a year or so, doing charter flights

and scenic ones-Blanche says the passen-


This turned out to be more fun than in- come, so they bought a seafood market on

in Wash. They ow~ a

Long Beach Peninsula

home on Willapa Bay which Blanche clalms

is the last unpoluted water on the West Coast. She doesn't fly now, but does play

golf every chance she gets. The golf courSE

area for the

After her marriage to Wil-

on a houseboat

in the Co-

didn't seem to mind a woman pilot.

is "woodsy"

and one day she had to wait

covery Bay

that they built in 1970 when

Henry retired from military service. They fish for salmon and trout, dig clams and gather Dungeness crabs. Now that sounds like an ideal life. MARGARET HELBURN KOCHER sent campaign pos- ters and newspaper clippings from her cam- paign for N.Y. State Assembly. She says much has been made of her having been a pilot, and she stresses that her technical training is a good background for under- standing the problems that face the legis-

lature. The campaigning has been very stren- uous--not so much the door to door and supermarket sppearances- but the meetings every night, and all day on the telephone,

and working out a myriad of

desk, not to mention keeping the volunteers

detal13 at her

and funds rolling in. If there are ardent supporters of women for public office out there, they can deduct as a credit against their Fed Tax (line 52, pg 2, part IV of Form 1040, 1973) a contribution to a pol- itical campaign up to $12.50 single, $25 per couple. It will go a long way toward covering printing costs, mailings, etc. ELEANOR FEELEY LAWRY signed her note, "The Happy Civilian". Cas retired from the mil- itary over a year ago and Eleanor says she is enjoying having windows with curtains and jrapes made-to-order. No more made overs or make-do-for-a-year type. Cas is getting his helicopter rating and enjoying life without telephones.

MARGARET CASTLE McANALLY is still teaching 4th grade at Boron, Calif. She has moved to a mini-house as all her children will

be gone. The older

AF and the younger girl just graduated

girl is married,

son in

from high school. As a graduation present an aunt took her to Russia, while Meg went to Los Angeles to care for their mother & older aunt. She went ot Hawaii during sum- mer for semester hours. Says her flying


are ni~, with one more child to

put thru college, but still hoping. ANN CRISWELL MADDEN has only 7 of her 10 at home now, but says each one has ubout 3 friends that consider their home a sort of Teen Club, and their front circle looks like a used car lot. In spite of this Ann finds time to take organ lessons and con- stantly "Museums" to collect material for the art history lectures she gives to wo- men's clubs. Lastfall she joined one of her daughters who was studying in Europe, and they wandered by car from Amsteraam to Paris, which is Ann's favorite city.

In the spring 5 of them did Disneyworld

and as of this writing, she is getting ready to take off for Russia with one of

her children. They London for 2 weeks

are joining a group in to study the art and

architecture around Moscow & Leningrad.

FRAN BUFORD PULLEN stays busy with house- work, taking care of her children and vo- lunteer work. Her older son graduated from Berkeley having majored in math. Her younger daughter who is interested in ri- ding, has started jumping. LOLA PERKINS RICCI has had a rather quiet year. Flew down to the Brownsville area of the Gulf Coast for Thanksgiving and had to tip-toe along the Tex-Mexican bor- der on return because of storms. Tried

New Year's in Loreta,

seem to acquire Montezuma's Revenge just

Baja Ca. but always

flying across the border-that shortened our stay. In April started out for NYC & D.C. Bounced as far as Albuquerque and got kinda stalled by "turbulence, thun- derstorm lines and tornado warnings"-we tooled around to Santa Fe and Carefree,

Ariz, but the weather stayed lousy

days, so we headed south and spent 4 days

in Mazatlan and the La Paz area (without the usual food problems). In June Ed & I

for 3

flew to Seattle and

spent 3 warm days

with Howard and Viv Cadman Eddy,43-5. On to Vancouver, Kamloops, Wms. Lake and Campbell River where we did hook some salmon. Getting eager to try the Eastern trip again-maybe in Oct. Our plans seem to revolve around the plane, but that's not a bad way of life!:

MARGE LOGAN ROLLE and Ken take many trips in their Beechcraft Bonanza. In May they flew to Billings to visit relatives then on to Albuquerque for 4 days at the Inter national Asso of Airport Execs' meeting

From there

to Phoenix to spend 4 days

with Ken's sister and family. From there

they flew to Palm Springs(had to land there as the LA basin was completely fogged and rained in). They rented a car and visited friends in the LA area for 5 days, returning home by way of Idaho Falls, Boise and Missoula. In July they

flew out to Seattle and Marge enjoyed day at a shopping center before going

out on her sister's

and salmon fishing. At the time she was writing they were planning to go to the

NW Aviation Planning Council meeting at Couer d'Alene, Idaho and on to Expo 74 at Spokane.


boat for a cruise


a card to thank us

for keeping everyone up-to-date on the

news and say~ she has a spare bed for any WASP passing her way.

MAXINE STEWARD SMITH went back to private practice of law the first of the year. In May she was taken out to dinner by PEG WISSLER ROBERTS and husband Jay. They were departing shortly for a trip to Peru, Ecuador and other interesting spots, which explains why I didn't hear from Peg. Maxine also had heard from HELEN ABEL, still happy in Brazil, and had talked with MILDRED McCLELLAN CHRIS-

TIANSEN who was in San Diego her mother's illness.

because of

IRMA "BABE" STORY was a little late getting her news in because she was in Las Vegas going to school-a Govt Construction Con- tracting Course--not dealing. In June her


allover the US so Babe will be traveling most of the next 3 months. They also have jobs in the Marianas, Panape and Truk, and an office in Guam. With luck, she

hopes to get a trip out to see CAROL WEBB

COOK. She managed to fly a Musketeer

San Jose and a couple of landings

bid on 16 jobs and got 8 of them,


in Ju.

while attending school at IBM. She went to 2 different IBM "Executive Indoctrin- ation Schools" and says it is a way of getting a day off for her. NANCY JOHNSON THORNE' writes that she has not done anything newsworthy except to

stay strong and skinny. Howe~er, .she . holds down a full-time teach~ng Job,g~ves her mother a lot of care and volunteers

any extra time she has to a.niece's who had a birth injury and ~s almost


paralyzed. She also has horses (too many, she says) and put the Beckley horseshows on paper. MARIAN TIBBETTS is working as a volunteer

daily at the Red Cross office. She is the Disaster Chairman for her Chapter; had a training class back in Jan where they trained 46 people in all but the nursing and medical portion. The nursing chairman

is setting up a training session

that alone and when they become trained there will be between 60 and 75 people to calIon at any time. In June they obtained an old trailer shell, stripped it, insu- lated it, put in new ceiling, walls, floor

just for


and sliding glass dt,ors. Now it is a fine

First Aid Station

at a Willie Nelson Country Western Picnic at the Speedway Track, they gave first aid

to 300-400 people for everything from sun- MARY COON WALTERS reports she lost her hus-




and on the 4th of July,

1700 Seaspray Court #1143

Houston, Texas 77008


and spiders-in-ears to broken legs.

band in June but with

help of 19 year old


TRAMMELL went to London

in April to

son who is a sophmore

at the University,

the P-47 convention.

group, Katy Strehle 43-4, Mariana Nutt 43-5

and WAF Teresa James. She says they had a great time, with about 150 on the charter

and fun coming, going

Aug she ~ttended Convt. in Puerto

and while there. In

There were 4 in her

the 99s International Rico and plans a trip to

she is returning to her life as a lawyer. Mary was on active duty 1951 thru 1955,

returned to school

for her law degree and

then served for several years

trict Judge. Her law firm has a twin-en-


she doesn't fly herself anymore. Would

as a Dis-

plane with a full-time pilot, so

the Orient in Oct with the Shriners. They enjoy hearing from any of th~ girls.,

traded the 411 on a 421-A last Sept and love the pressurized cabin advantages. DOROTHY WEBB is living in Bakersfield and taking care of her mother, whose health is failing. She says outside of being the chief cook & 'bottle washer she doesn't

reunion, and I know

all her old fri-

JEAN PARKER ROSE, altho still 1nstruct1n~ for her own Flight School, has found t1me


Mexico' attend the 10th anni gathering of WACOA (she's a current member) in Wash-

to fly in the International Air Race


D.C.; and was present, as a past when the names of ~PD winners

have any news. She plans to attend the winner,


were inscribed at the spec1a1 area at

ends will be delighted to hear that.

to Riverside

in Aug and Maurine got to fly

Riverside Airport, Calif.



LELA LOUDER HADING says she returned from

and renewed her Com License and Multi ra-


care of her 1st grandchild

but she

ting. Her brother, who is a retired AA pi-


say where


but card was posted

lot flew his twin-engine Beechcraft down

from Cheyenne, Wy. Any way the,li1 girl missed Lela's birthday by 77 m1nutes. Lela

it. Last year she and her husband and16 yr

is a fisherman(?)

and is trying to best

old daughter went to Acapulco and this

Sept to Hawaii

Aug 7 they attended

her 26# salmon catch of last year over +ho T."hor Dav weekend in Oregan.

for a week's vacation. On


the G1astron Boat Dea- MARY HELEN BURKE reports she became the Mo-

and were given a spe-

1ers annual meeting

cia1 award

sales. She says

ther of a 21 year old nephew last Nov. He soon learned that the hard work of a

"wrecker" wasn't what he wanted in life after all so has moved back with his

to U. of Okla. this

folks and returning

fall. But we are still demolishing every-

thing we can get a contract on and hope to be able to continue until Socia1 Sec-

curity gets me. Tried to call every


for news for the

for the biggest increase in

they stay so busy

don't have time to do any boating themse1vs VIRGINIA YATES writes that she changed po-

to the Fed Energy Ad.

sition in mid-April

as Information Specialist in the Office of Oil & Gas in Div of Energy Resource Deve1-

opment. Her office is concerned with in-

creasing domestic production using known that lives in Houston

technology. Her home address is the same. CAPPY WHITTAKER JOHNSON is sti111 involved

Letter, but succeeded in talking only to

Shirley Slade Teer, 43-5.

doing volunteer work with Project Re-entry, SAMMY CHAPIN HASSAN reports that her life

an organization working on the rehabi1ita-

is a DRAG

? Spends her summers with her

tion and socialization of stroke patients.

husband and 2 boys at home on Lake in No.

She has appeared on several TV programs


Mich. Come fall they put the boys in


with the Project

and will be on

school and Sammy and hubby go to Mexico

the United

Crusade Program in Oct. Finding

for WhiteWing Dove season, then off to

themselves with an"empty nest" she and Ly-

all decided to make over son David's

into a guest room. Since

room they had built

Fla. for golf and then off to the Islands for skin diving. They do all this in their N222 which is a Cessna 414 with pressur-

the house from the ground up 12 years ago,


and radar. Between Sammy and her

they didn't

anticipate any problems, but


they have a total of 75 years ex-

they didn't

count on the toll of those 12

perience~: Sounds just great so keep on

years. Cappy says 2 days of plastering

most did her


enjoying life, Sammy,

and let us hear

in. Anyway they hope to have

now and then. BETTY J. CLARK is still operating

it finished by the middle of Sept and will


their travel trailer thru Ore and Wash.

That same guest room is always available Sullivan. Betty says she flys some to

a FBO at

by taking a 2 weeks vacation in

Rifle, Colo and have the only woman AG operator in the country along with Pat

for any WASPs .who happen to be in the Sac- ramento area.

keep her hand in but mostly management

Been in business since the Newsletter.


'50 and love


continues to enjoy be-

ing active in aviation. Her bors are


where he lives or what he does) and the other is an Army Capt in Korea. Do try

now-one is married

(but no info on

to make the next

reunion, Pat and Betty,

They are fun. EMERALD DRUMMOND. Poor Emmy



inated her from the Roster and she is sad

So I notified

and she is in good standing. This vaca- tion Emmy stayed in Los Angeles and en- tertained her niece's children ages 13,

the Roster to put her back

12, and 7. Don't know the sex but Emmy says they're really keen kids. They took sailing lessons from Emmy 3 hours each day and had a marvelous vacation. MILDRED D. (MICKEY) AXTON reports her Wayne has retired so they are enjoying winters

on Gulf Coast at Rockport, Texas

thru Houston to get there, give Mickey a call). Have a boat and Hondas. Hope to return to Europe next year and spend some

time. Regret to hear Mickey's mother has been ill but hcpe this finds her better. So glad to hear Mickey is a Grandmother

of no less than 6. Daughter

eapolis, Minn. Son in Denver is learning Hang Gliding.

ANN HOLADAY lost her

attack last fall. He visited Avenger many times (more than any other husband)-a

(you go

lives in Minn-

husband to a heart

Navy pilot, he managed to get into Sweet- water unbelievably often-he was a dedi- cated WASP supporter. Our sympathy.

43-8 Secretary:


P.O.Box 178, El Dorado, Calif 95623


everyone else Andy was dis-

appolnted when the reunion was cancelled

but expectes to be there in '75 and "it

will be great to see everyone again." In catching up over the years Andy writes

again." In catching up over the years Andy writes "Spent 1951-58 in the WAFS which included

"Spent 1951-58 in the WAFS which included

4 years at Hamilton

AFB and 3 in England.

Enjoyed the trips to Germany very much but England was really the quiet life:

Asked to be released in 1958, went into Reserve (correspondence courses) and in '71 retired as an Ltc. Spent 1961-1970 in Anchorage, Alaska as- a US Customs In- spectress. The work was very interesting and being with aircraft and people a "natural". Retired "early" in 1970 and built a house near Redmond, Wash--in the woods:--and am busier than ever doing whatever inspires me or needs doing a- round the house and yard. A never ending

chore list~ ~! PEGGY MacNAMARRA SLAYMAKER is looking for- ward to seeing everybody in Reno next year. Looks as though this will be the best ever reunion for 43-8. Peggy writes "I don't have any very exciting news. We still are in our home in Tiburon. Our son graduated from Johns Hopkins in Dec.

and now is working

in the city and sharing a house in Tib-

for Bank of America

2 others. It is nice having at

least one of the children near." JANA CROWFORD EBERLY has a bad case of Aug

uron with

harvest blues. As with most gardeners, she got overenthusiastic at planting time After all the weeding and hoeing, sud- denly, there it is: What to do with it all? Jana says, "the tomatoes went wild, so I've spent several weeks putting up preserves, juice, plain old canned to- matoes, chili sauce and the next batch will be chutney. Next year: fewer toma- toes, more corn and onions." Take heart, Jana, it sure tastes good all winter. MARGE SELFRIDGE DRESBACH writes, "After the disappointment of learning the Reno convention. was postponed, I decided I'd soothe my feelings by spending a few

days in Las Vegas.

big event of the

past year was our Deb's Jan wedding. She

19 and it sort a hurt to "give but she married a great guy

nancially, that is. Our

What a disaster! Fi-

was barely

her away",

and they really seem determined to a-

chieve their goals. She'll graduate from


She's doing this so she can help put Pat

next summer, making it in 3 years.

thru medical school. Our Margot and Don

have bought a beautiful old Spanish type home in Hollywood, built in 1925 by some movie star. I've been making needlepoint pillows for her and going up every Fri. to help her. I've become quite a strip- per (wood, that is). Helen, since I can not thank everyone personally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you,

Mary Fearey and. Mary Jones

gracious in their attempts to compensate for my name inadvertently being omitted from the 1973 Roster."

for being so

MARCIA WENZEL MILNER writes, "I have a grandson. Son Philip and his wife Marla are the parents of John C. Milner. They have been enjoying a week with us here on the ocean in R.I. Fun to have a baby in the house. I attended the Navan War College in Newport, R.I. as a civilian guest during the 1974 Current Strategy Forum June25-28. Subject was "Energy Crisis-Worldwide and Other Worldwide

Scarce Supplies". Hope to see you in Reno. FRANKIE McINERNEY WARMS-"I'm a grandmother again. My oldest son Mike, who is a school teacher, and his wife Doty, who also teaches, presented us with a 6tb 120z baby boy on June 19. Of course he is beautiful-as aren't all grandbabies.

They named him Wade Michael and

got back from a brief stay so I could spoil him a wee bit. Sharon, who is in

the AF, is now stationed

'tho we miss her, she is busy covering

all of England. She's

the weather bureau. Frances is doing

I just

in England and

a Staff Sgt. in

well in college and is still working a nurse at the school for retarded


I am a volunteer

often as I can. I attended a WASP get- together at Jewel Estes home where we


and visit as

sented to the AF Museum.

cious and lovely person as is her husband.

She has done a tremendous

Jewel is a gra-

HELEN TRIGG LUTS-We do enjoy the peace and quiet of country living, but I must admit

my feet begin to itch when

the travels of some of our gals. Since we

can't be both world travelers and EI Dor- ado County "ranchers", guess we'll stick


job. I hope funds

I read about

will somehow be raised to place one in all Museums devoted to preserving our history for posterity." DORIS WILLIAMS-Dee writes that bowling and

the ranch (anything over one acre out

golf have been taking up a share of her time since the spring. She bowled in the Calif State Tournament in San Francisco in July and had little good to say about the results. However she came home in time

to win a silver tray as 1st in a golf lea- gue in chich she had been playing. Dee al-

so reached another goal

ly, after a whole bunch of years of bowling, breakfast, learning the edible wild mush-

got that sometimes elusive 600 series in

league bowling. In between golf and bowl-

out of 26 plants, catching a glimpse

side the city limits in Calif. is a ranch).

We have acquired 3 dogs (2 German Sheps &

I mixed Poodle),

and a cat. A few of the

pleasures of' our life-style: the first fruit off the little trees you planted 2 yearsago, cooking bass and bluegill fresh out of the pond, going swimming in pure spring water, fresh wild blackberries for

rooms and surviving, making a wild herb


in that she final-

ing matches Dee drives

for the church and the church pre-school.

a 60 passenger bus

Dee hasn't gotten back into flying since

her retirement from the AF but would like

of a doe and her fawn in the thicket, the bird migrations who stay awhile to bathe

in the pond and share the wild bounty, the


and dove who know they're safe from

to when a little


free time is avail-

guns, the kingfisher who tries to run you

able. She closes



is A-OK for

out of his pond, the red shafted flicker

Reno. Hope that you get a good turn out for letters. It's so geod to hear what

everyone is doing."

MAXINE EDMONDSON FLOURNOY and her husband Lucien toured Greece and Turket in April on a 16 day conference-type tour called "An Adventure in Living". They retraced

many of the Apostle Paul's journeys

those countries. Conference leaders for the tour included Dr. Paul Tournier, Dr. Bernard Harnik, Keith Miller, Dr. Lofton

Hudson and Dr. Elton Trueblood, all noted authors. Maxine and Lucien got their 1st

son when

Boo, married Byron Fields of Corpus Chris- tie on June 29. The ceremony and reception

were held on the lawn of the Flournoy's lake home on Lake Corpus Christi. Among the many guests attending was Mary Fearey.


the second of their 3 daughters,

who sits on a branch

and communicates in

small talk, the wild geese flying south in

the fall and north in the spring.

ter storm the Ponderosa Pines sway to their

own symphony. Close your eyes and you'll swear you are on the sea shore--it's the sound of a pounding surf. After a quiet

snowfall nature adorns her most beautiful creations in diamons and ermine. Soon the little jewel wild flowers appear to greet you in the spring. And a beautiful new

year starts allover

Gibbons can talk about is wild hickory


again. (and all Euell

In a win-


44-1 Secretary:


716 Second St. N. W. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

MARY ESTILL FEAREY-"After a year and

a half

Early this year I sent

out a letter to ask

of planning,

to be on the first trip that the ship, Lindblad Explorer made to the Galapagos

Pete and I were lucky enough

how many were planning to attend the Re- union in Reno. 24 replied and 14 were making plans to attend. We were disappoi-

nted when the fuel crisis cancelled every

Islands this past April. These islands be-

and a~e 600 miles due wes~

long to Ecuador

of the coast. The crUlse around the 13 maln, active and interesting lives.


Seems the 44-1 Fifis are leading

islands took a little over 2 weeks. Most of HARRIETT KENYON CALL sent regrets that she

the wildlif 7 we encountered have no. fear of man. and lt ~a~ a ~onderfu~ experlence

couldn't attend Reno. She reported that she is still flying, but that her grand

o~servlng D~rwln s Flnches, 19uanas


child keeps her busy.


tortolses at close range: The


ADEL F. BEYER wrote that in additionto


lions were everywhere on the mlles of

sho~es and sand~ b7ache~.

thr~ll to go ~wlmmlng.wlth the females and

thelr pups whlle keep~ng one eye o~ ~he b~lls, who. are not frlendly. Surprlslng to flnd pengulns o~ the equato~ and th~y were abundant. So enJoyed attendlng the rabu- lous wedding that Maxine and Lucien Flour-

noy gave

ters the latter part of June-and wlth all of the jillion details they had to attend to, they took me in stride as a house guest. It was a magical, memorable night:

It was such a

for one of their 3 lovely.daugh-

WASP Reunion,

she expected to visit in

Iowa, Hawaii and Fla. during the month of June. Hope she achieved all her goals. MARDO CRANE is busy as Editor of the 99's News Magazine. She also participated in dog shows and early this spring was ex- cited about the 5 new Cairn pups that had just arrived. She was planning on Reno.


sent regrets that she was

in Europe during the

making plans to be

summer. DOROTHY DODD EPPSTEIN reported that she was planning to attend the reunion, and also

sent a new address: 2753 Ricker St.,Rich- land, Mich. 49083 GENE SHAFFER FITZPATRICK, with great enthu- siasm was planning to be in Reno. Gene is looking for officer-volunteers for the coming year--send her suggestions!! DOROTHY E. HENRY is still in Korea and re- gretted that she wouldn't leave there in time to attend the reunion. MADELON BURCHAM HILL reported she planned to attend the reunion. RUTH C. JONES and IDA F. CARTER were hoping to attend. This summer they traveled thru the western states including Coulee Dam, Expo 74 at Spokane, glacier National Pk. where they saw female Park Rangers. NADJA GADOWSKI KOSTUK reported that her son was getting married this summer so she didn't plan to attend the reunion. She is also working several days a week again. ALBERTA HUNT NICHOLSON was disappointed the Reunion was cancelled, because she had a plane reserved for the trip. Alberta is active in the 99's and enjoyed the spring meeting in Hawaii. She flew all around Oahu and took an Air Tour over and a-

round 8 islands. She is working

reation Therapist at the VA Hospital.

as a Rec-

ANNE NOGGLE had successful surgery on the


happy that she received a grant thru the

San Francisco Museum to do a Women Photo- graphers Exhibit of women from all coun-

tries. It should

Francisco, so Anne expects to be busy with research and travel in the months

lung for emphysema. She is very

open next May in San

ahead. Good luck, Anne.

MARY JERSHIN O'ROURKE reported that they

are making

plans for a holiday trip, so

would have to miss Reno. ANNE BARTHOLF RAWLINGS also couldn't make

the Reunion. DOLORES MEURER REED reported, with enthu- siasm, that she planned to attend the

also sent a new address

for ALICE RISS: 6400 Marshall St, Arvada, Colo. 80003. I am wondering how Dolores likes New Mexico? MARJORIE ELL FELDT REES wished everyone fun at the Reunion. She regretted that she couldn't attend. JANE O. ROBBINS is still traveling around the world lecturing on Christian Science and loving it. Occasionally she has the fun of seeing a familiar WASP face and she considers that a special bonus in her work.

Reunion and she

BETTY WALL ROBERTS is still traveling for the Cancer Society and says that she calls up WASPs as she travels around. Really enjoy them all, she says. She was looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reundon.


to try and crowd

the Reunion into her busy schedule.

ELEANOR HINKLE VAUGHN is now living in Tex.


new address is 1710 W. Gramercy Pl.

San Antonio, Tex. 78201. Her husband Ken is Circuit Supervisor in West Central Tex.

We all wish you well in your work. ANN HOPKINS WHITE has a new address: 13-C Quapaw Tower, 9th at Ferry st., Little Rock, Ark. 72202. This spring she was


for the IRS and learning all about

taxes. She found it so interesting that

she would like to do it permanently.


was hoping to get to Reno.

EILEEN KEALY WORDEN and MARY KOTH McCABE wrote that they were planning to arrive early and leave late at the Reunion.


have a new asdress.

After my father passed away this spring, I

moved into the house where I was born and lived all my life until that time when we went to Sweetwater. Now having lived 20 years in the same place, moving was a jolting experience. Since I had nothing that couldn't be carried with four hands,

and decided to do a room

at a time. When the moving was over, I could hardly believe that I put 50 miles on that truck just going from the 300 blk.

on 3rd street

I rented a truck

to the 700 block on 2nd St.

time I will pack things compactly and

make fewer trips. lam still not settled and have trouble finding things. When you have news to send, please use the new ad- dress listed above!! I look forward to hearing from, and seeing, each of you. ALICE RISS, ROSINA LEWIS TODD, and BETTY WALL ROBERTS had a mini-reunion when they met in Denver and attended the wedding of Betty's daughter Julie in June. ROSINA TODD and MARY KOTH McCABE meet for lunch occasionally. Rosie reports that she spent the summer at home looking after her 2 sons who were home from college. This fall she and her husband plan trips to Ca.


and the Austrian Alps.

44-2 Secretary:


56 South Chesterfield Road

Columbus, Ohio 43209


(614) 231-7367

RUTH ADAMS stopped in Columbus in July, on her way out to Calif. to attend the Trans- actional Analysis International Convt. in San Francisco on Aug 14-18, and was then going to Oregon for 3 days of back-packing in the high country. JOANNE WALLACE ORR is hoping to participate in the International Balloon Races at Mureu Switzerland next summer, but in the mean time is very active as a member of the Ind. State Arts Commission, promoting all arts and historical preservation. Her husband Robert is Lt Governor of Indiana, in charge of Commerce, Agriculture, Foreign & Domes- tic Trade, Tourism, etc. JEAN MOORE SOARD visited her son Tom in Palm- dale, Calif last summer. He works as a test engineer for Northrup Aviation there, and is a cum laude graduate of Northrup Insti- tute of Technology, and is about to get his Commercial pilot license. Jean is still running the Cheese Cottage in Winter Park


and has 2 children

in college yet.

widowed last Nov. Please accept

our great sympathy, Jean. FRANCES SMITH TUCHBAND is now working full

Jean was

time with the same company

she had been

with on a part-time basis. Her daughter,

Sandy, is at home and her son Tom is now

ing Engineers. Duffy, a Welsh Terr1er,

completes their household. Apparently there is quite a group of WASP in the Phoenix area and it's nice to hear they get together from time to time.

(SISSY) SIEBER is still 8 to 5ing



and living in New York. Fran was

it at the Sieber Hotel. She and her twin


last June. Our deepest sympathy

sister took a trip to Colo and Utah this

goes out to you, Fran. DORIS ELKINGTON HAMAKER is enjoying book-

keeping in an elementary

school and has 13

year old twins at home, 3 married daughters and 2 granddaughters. MARY HECKMAN and her sister flew via airlines to Spain and Portugal last ~u~e and thought they were great places to V1S1t.

summer. There is a chance that

Sissy will

make it to Reno in '75. I hope so.

ISABELLE McCRAE HALE is still busy reducing

her 2 households

Mike is now Dr. Mike and

Chula Vista. Isabelle and Bob planned a trip to Ore. and Wash. and on up the Co- lumbia River. I hope they enjoyed it.

down to one. Her son

is practicing in

SANDY SAUNDERS WILLSON is working for Stevens SIS TUFFIN BERNHARDT writes to day it is

Aviation at Greenville-Spartanburg


too far to try for the Reno Reunion.

in S.C. She is office manager of.the Sales


the next one should be a little

Dept. and is getting

in some flY1ng,as well.



FRAN LARAWAY SMITH produces and directs the Westbury Players Arena Theatre and works at the Westbury Library. MARJORIE GILBERT STEWART has a s~n Mark,at


high school, and daughter.Karen 1n ~un10r

high. Marge is still work1ng ian in an elementary school.

as a 11brar-

, KATE LEE HARRIS ADAMS has had a P1per Cher-

Ill. U., a daughter K1m.Ann


KRIS SWAN LENT recaps for us that she had met her husband Bob while at Sweetwater and that they were married in 1945. Their

family grew to 2 sons and 2 daughters

3 grandsons. Kris speaks gratefully of a long and lovely marriage. She is presently teaching as an assistant at Sleepy Hollow

High School. Still enjoys sions with friends.


flying on occa-

okee Arrow for about two and a half years

now and flew to New England

the peak of the autum~ leaf c~10r1ng.

has re-instated her p110t's 11cense. They

are a 2-p~ane 1947 Juscombe

he is. Her daughter juS~ gradu~ted from he worked for an oil company. In 1955

college withher degree 1n nur~lng:

We are most sorry to report that on 5 July 1974 EUNICE BOARDMAN passed away after losing her battle against cancer. A close friend capsulated some highlights of her

life for us:

After WWII Eunice and her

Doctor husband went to West Africa where

they had the yacht Renegade built in Ger- many and sailed in Europe and finally around the North Cape of Norway in the

North Sea. In 1957 her husband


yacht. She hired a crew

of 2 Germans for the Ca-

last ~all ate


family as her son owns a that is 3 years older than

MARY ELLEN KEIL just to~k her B1enn1al F:t Review and was procla1med ~a~able, ,des pite the fact that that or1g1nal p110t "ticket" is now thirty-:-four"years old!:' She and Thelma Hench M11ler, 44~10, are flying via airlines to Puerto R1~0 on Aug. 21st to attend the 99's Internat10nal

to the mainland and Eunice was left with


and 1 Spaniard and set sail


Convt. being held there. her for the trip. They sailed across the

44-3 Secretary:


6977 Buchanan Ave. San Bernardino, Calif. 92404

ANN RUSSELL DARR writes that she had been

reading her works

Myth of a Woman's Fist) allover

She had an inter-

view appear in McCalls last year. Ann tells us she will appear in Who's Who of

American Women for 75-76. In addition she had been busy with her oldest daughter Elizabeth's marriage to Hugh Lester and her second daughter Deborah appearing in

a principal role in "Candide" on B'way.

country and in England.

(St. Ann ,'sGut and The


MARGARET CHAMBERLAIN TAMPLIN tells us that her husband has retired from his work as

a geologist and mining engineer (they met

in Burma

Margaret is now working as a one-girl office staff for Brooks & Kelly Consult-

and married bak in the U.S.)

Atlantic. Eunice had her ship captains

papers then. She spent the next 11 years

in the Caribbean on

as a charter captain

her yacht. In 1968 Eunice sold her Rene- gade and after spending time with her fam-

ily in Oregon (during which she bought and fixed up a house which she then gave to her sister Maxine), she moved to Kauai where she bought herself a house and some

land. In Kauai she extablished

an Art and

Craft Shop (including picture framing) which was most successful and had people

from allover

the island coming to her.

She also built custom furniture for awhile. Her good friend Grace Yoder is now carry- ing on with the shop. I'll leave Eunice's own words to speak a parting message:

"There's a venture in the voyage,

And though the seas

be wide

The Master knows his business And there's land the other side."

44-4 Secretary: MILDRED DAVIDSON DALRYMPLE 4211 Prickly Pear Drive Austin, Texas 78731

MERIEM ROBY ANDERSON may think she is "still doing the same old things", but how many of you have added another buffalo heifer

to your her.d? She is a rancher and has

made a few horse shows. One of her horses was the National Junior Reigning Champion at the Natl Appaloosa Horse Show and they presently have great hopes for a son of his now in training. She and her husband and son planned to make the 99 Convention in Puerto Rico. ELOISE HUFFHlNES BAILEY's letters sound like her life proves that the retirement years are the most fun of all. They have a lake home on Possum Kingdom and seldom miss a weekend sailing and fishing. She has not flown since right after WASP days which is surprising because "Huffy" checked out in everything there was available whe~ we were stationed at Maxwell Field. MARGARET DIFFIN CHURCH gave us news of our "missing" WASP including DOROTHY HERTH-

NECK SWEENEY, LOUISE HYDE, AND PAT GIBSON but only Louise responded to my letter. Maggie's own news is encouraging. Her son Barry is gradually recove~ing from his tragic plane crash of 2 years ago. He

even hopes to get a waiver for a helicop- ter license and she plans to start flying again so she can supply the footpower on toe brakes for him, which his injuries

prevent his doing. That's

and determination that makes you proud of "one of our own". Maggie is still enjoy- ing her museum technician (Jack-of-all-

the kind of guts


job, and has set up an artifact

display at the C.E.C./Seabee Museum at Port Hueneme, Calif. MILDRED DAVIDSON DALRYMPLE-my retired hus- band and I have reversed the traditional roles and we both feel liberated. He runs our house and has time for all the hobbies he never could pursue, while I find my job a challenging and rewarding change of pace from the home-and-family years. Two big events share the special place of honor in my life this year - first is the birth of our grandson (I thought we'd never get one) and two is the recent tennis trophy which

proves that even grandmothers can still swing a mean racket.


M. D'AREZZO has a new lawyer in

the family. Her daughter Sue received her LLB in May and works for the Texas Legis- lative Council. Her son and his wife have also returned to Austin to attend the U. so she is busy with family and social activities. MARY MARGARET BROWN DOURDEVILLE (housewife- general flunky) sends regards to everyone. Her son has another year at Fla. Institute of Technology-interested iu marine biology, but is a chip off the old block because his main hobby is hang gliding.

ANN GIFT TUCKER DULA says she wasn't really lost because for 25 years she had been the Exec Sec. for the Tulare County Hu- mane Society. Besides taking care of the l~vestock and pets in a very large coun- ty, she has also travelled extensively thruout the world. Had a wonderful stea-


to Kirkenes on the Russian border. Is a hcrse fancier and manages to get back to Louisville, KY. or Kansas City for the Am. Royal for saddle horse shows. She called ANABEL ERP RUSSO after reading the last Newsletter, and found her work- ing for a law firm and living in Watson-

trip last year from Bergen, Norway

vi1lle, Calif. GREY ALLISON DUNLAP has a Cessna 180 for transportation between the farm (where- ever that is-she didn't say) and the outer banks of N.C. and Washington, D,C. It is placarded "no Commercial flying or speeds in excess of 150 MPH while carry- ing surfboards". Grey doesn't ride the surfboard but she does fly the plane. HAZEL STAMPER HOHN is still very involved in aviation activities. This past year she has had more aviation articles pub- lished, worked in Hq. of Reno Air Races, is librarian of the local chapter of Ex- -perimental Aircraft Asso.(husband Werner is Pres.). The Hohns are building an ME-l09, 3/4 scale, and the club is build- ing a Breezy. Hazel has also just finish- ed her first year in college and plans to start back packing and doing more ski- ing now that all of her children are in school full time. Her'in-laws are coming from Germany for their first visit to the U.S., so she is really studying the German books. LOUISE BRAND HYDE's years as a WASP were just a prelude to her future. Her last 30 years sound like a composite adventure story because it's just too much for one person to accomplish. She has raced in the Powder Puff Derby 13 times, is on the Board of Directors of the A.W.T.A.R. and planned the race routes for 3 years, was a charter member of the WACOA (Wo- men's Advisory Committee on Aviation) and served three terms, and flew the Pa- cific Ocean with Betty Miller 3 years ago (San Francisco, Hawaii, Canton Is- land, Fuji, New Caledonia, Brisbane, and Australia) She is a real estate broker, Pres. of the North Salem Improvement So- ciety and Director of the North Salem Historical Society and the Hammond Mu- seum. When she can take time away from real estate, she goes sailing-Palm Beach Fla. to Great Exuma in the Bahamas. Left Aug.15 to pick the boat up in St. Thomas

and sailed

in Hawaii, Eunice Boardman, 44-3, and Louise and 3 other ladies chartered a care(?) boat and sailed the outer is- lands-Lanai, Molokai, and Maui. Eunice and her boat, Renegade, were famous for

down to Antigua. A year ago

many years in the Islands

and she had

sailed the Atlantic twice'(see report

in 44-3

that Eunice died of cancer this summer.


Louise sadly reported

JEANNETTE C. KAPUS retired from the USAF

Sept 1, 1972 as a LtCol.

She took sev-'

eral college courses and is now actively employed as a real estate broker with Robert Frost Realty in Milwaukee-and enjoying working with people again. FLORINE MANCIB PHILLIPS SCAIFE and her husband Howard have removed themselves for 10 months of the year to their home in Hilton Head Island, S.C. where they play golf, do some herb gardening and have recently completed a course in Sea- manship and Advanced Marine Navigation.

ALYCE ~TEVENS ROHRER, our former Secretary,


she and her husband had made with all 3

sets of wings for their

ceived his pilot's wings. She sent an SOS for help with the 44-4 secretarial

chores because she was the lucky English

to send a picture of the plaque

son when he re-

to do all the pa-

per work for her high school accredita- tion this year-hence a very busy Sept. Mail was returned for MAURINE MILLER and DORIS KLEIN OHAN. Other "lost" ones are:


teacher who got chosen

44-5 Secretary:


3161 Flowerdale Lane Dallas, Texas 75229 (214) 358-0325

GWEN CLINKSCALES LINDER is teaching biolo- gy and aeronautics at Fairmont East High School and was featured in a newspaper article in July on Woman's Battle Against Sex Decrimination. Son Walt will start medical school in Sept; daughter Barbara has a 2-year old son; son Cody will start at U. of Ohio. Husband Jay is still work- ing as Chief Engineer at the Miami Con- servancy District in Dayton, Ohio. MARJORY FOSTER MUNN on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle and would love to see anyone woming thru. Here's a sketch of what she has done since the WASP days:

CAA Aircraft Communicator, Norfolk, Va; Civilian Army Flight Dispatcher, Wash. D.C.; Pan American Flight Stewardess for 4 and half years; WAF-served on Okinawa and Alexandria, La; is a Res. AF Capt;


an AF pilot; has 3 sons: 8, 10 &

13; husband

is a lawyer. Marj is delight-

ed to learn of the coming Reno event. MARY NESBIT HEARN and husband moved into their new home - 8868 Merrimoor Blvd., Seminole, Fla 33542. They retired from

the AF in March 1973.

DOROTHY BEARD BURNS is looking forward to

the Reno Reunion;

she is a co-owner of a

building and real estate business. Her

daughter Mary is married;

graduate school; daughter Cathy is in hi school; and husband works at Merchandise

son Bob in

Mart in San Francisco. SELMA CRONAN has a new address: Apt. B-7, 20 Terrace Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. 07604. Selma still does a little flying, and a great deal of work~real estate bus-

to the Reno

iness. She is looking foxward

reunion and more immediately to the 99 Convt. in Puerto Rico for her annual re-

charging of batteries. GENEVIEVE LANDMAN RAUSCH is watching the Reno plans closely. She is Volunteer State Representative for the U.S. Com-

mittee for UNICEF. RUTH STEEL WILSON - Ruth married the good- looking, especially nice, pilot she met at Minter Field and they've been quite domestic for almost 30 years, raising a family of 5 (1 girl, 4 boys) in the same house in Gary, Ind for the past 20 years. They have a "Green Grasshopper"-an old but beautiful Stinson Voyager-that takes them on little hops regularly either to visit the kids or just tour the midwest. MURIEL KIESTER MARTIN visited PAT KEN- WORTHY NUCKOLS in Vt. and was introduced

to skiing. Muriel mer in San Miguel

place with lots of interesting avenues

spent much of the sum- de Allende-a cool, fun

of "arty" things LYNETTE BOYD MILES

to do. has a new address: 504

Lindale #23, Springfield, Ore. 97477.

Lyn will be at the next reunion. She is

a counselor

at a jr. hi school and is

finishing her second Master's Degree at the U. of Ore. She backpacks the Casca- des, canoes the Ore. rivers and cposs country skiis all winter-the closest she has come to peace since flying. She has an extra bedroom and invites anyone passing thru to stop-she'd love to es- cort you in her beautiful outdoors. BECKY Me SHEEHY is working part-time for Unitours (Club Universe). Led 3 trips in 1974-South Pacific Islands, South Am, and to the Orient (including India and

Nepal). Leaves Aug 24 for another South America tour, including jungle headwaters

of the Amazon

Picchu, high in the Andes Nov. it is to New Zealand

and Inca ruins at Machu

of Peru. In and Australia.

Between trips she cares for her 92 year old father and gardens at their vacation home on the Baja Coast. Becky plans to attend the Reno Reunion. CAROL BRINTON SELFRIDGE works as a social

worker in the foster care program and hopes to retire in Sept. 1975. Carol flew search and rescue for CAP and was able to

get a close look

at some of the most beau-

tiful country in Calif., especially the Sierras when they have a fresh coat of snow. She is looking forward to the Reno


LORRAINE NELSON BAIN is thinking RENO, too. Y'ALL COME:: Lorraine also showed up at

the unveiling

of the pla~ue to the WASP

who died in service-at

Houston-in full WASP uniform on that ability to stay fit

the NOW convt in



PEGGY NISPEL passed away Aug 30, 1974 in Dallas. Her obit included this little story of her WASP days:

"She was stationed

at a training base in

in love with it and the ir new home on a lake. She got tired of loafing (is a lousy bridge player, she says) so went to work

for the Del E. Webb

Development Co, builders of Sun City. Her

specialty is re-sale. She would be deli-

ghted to give an expecafly warm welcome to any WASP who might be hunting a good retirement spot. Her new address: 9966 Bolivar Dr, Sun City, Ariz. 85351.

as a Sales Counsellor

Tucson, Ariz, while flying over the moun-FRANKIE BRETHERICK and her husband made a

tains during a night thunderstorm, her plane had electical failure and she was


"cranking up" to get their 1974-75 garden club going and already working on aspring flower show. She finds that the yard work

days ,of being listed as misssing." and bicycle riding don't seem to keep her

mountains, she followed a creekbed down- stream, finally reaching a road after 3

trip to ~a. in May and have plans for a moter trip thru Georgia, Ala, N.C., and

in Sept. Frankie says they are

forced to bailout.

After parachuting to

safety in the middle of southern Arizonia

44-6 Secretary:


12436. Kenny 'Dr, Granada Hills,Ca 91344

MARY and Ed SZABLOWSKI have given up their

large house and swimming pool for the con- venience of an apartment now that daughter

Karin is in school in Tempe, Ariz

Mary's parents are in a convalescent home.

The family has done quite a bit of travel-


ing this past year

last Christmas, enjoyir.g Madrid, Seville,

Spain and Portugal

and Costa del Sol, and being impressed the

mosques went to the Orient, saw the cherry blossoms

in Alhambra.

At Easter she and Ed

in Japan, on to Taiwan, Philippines, and

Hong Kong. At the end of school

they vis-

ited Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Isle and

Cape Breton


country, suppos-

edly very similar to Scotland. And this month, while Ed is on a business trip to Salt Lake Ctty, Mary and Karin are head- ing for Tempe for Karin's fall semester enrollment. MARY and Vic HANSEN are off this week on a round robin trip visiting relatives. First is Birmingham, Ala then north to Columbus, Ohio to celebrate Vic's mother's 85th na- tal day: In June of this year they drove up to Reno-WASP reunion, or not: -On to Lake Tahoe for golf, leaving money at the gambling tables in both places. Dropped by Paradise Pines to visit old friends, then topped off their trip by stopping at

their favorite restaurant "The Shadows" in San Francisco. They also spent an eve- ning with SUE BOOTH McCLELLAN in Burlin-

game and were

the death of Sue's husband last March.

JUSTINE WOODS returned home to Hawaii after a month of backpacking and sports around

saddened, as we all are, by


just in time to join

a race

from La-


to Honolulu

in a 55' sloop.

She says

it's a rough life: Both children are of-

ficers in the USAF-Lynn in Thailand and

Randy in Hawaii. DOROTHY HAMMETT sends greetings to all. When her husband retired from the FAA 2 years ago, and she retired as a real estate bro-


ker, they moved to Sun City, promptly

trim so she has enrolled

the health spa. Yes, Frankie,

difficult every year. Frankie saw RODDY

RODRIQUEZ in Sarasota where she visits every year; also hears from MARY REINE- BERG McDARGH occasionally.

in a course at

it gets more


wrote that she had a very

routine summer. See what you think. She helped take care of her roommate's 89 yr. old mother who had hip surgery; got their basement organized; planted a garden; en- joyed mowing many times with their new electric rider mower; drilled 120 holes to fertilize 3 ash trees; sunned some and managed to get 5 days at Green Lake in Minn. Nice hearing from you. You made

the deadline because I'm late. JEAN HIXON just returned from her tour of duty with the USAF Reserve in which she is a Lt. Col, assigned to research at Wright Patterson AFB. Last fall she was appointed to the Women's Advisory Com- mittee on Aviation to the FAA. Since the Ms. magazine article on the women who passed the astronaut tests she has been

involved in a number

of radio and TV

shows including the Mike Douglas show with Billie Jean King as co-hostess. This

spring she received the Freedom Founda- tion teacher's award for her work in ed- ucation. Congratulations on all those

marvelous honors. MILLIE MacROBBIE and Mac are off again. This summer they are traveling to England, Spain, Portugal and Italy, plus a few other places they might decide to throw in. They usually rent a car and hit many of ~he little, out-of-the-way places, as well as the main attractions, too. This summer they've had a young visitor from England, the daughter of a family from whom they rent rooms when they are in England. They have made many long-last-

ing friendships

as a result of some of

their travels. BETTY JANE WILLIAMS is now an independent commercial film producer, having departed Lockheed Aircraft Corp after 20 years as Writer-Director, Producer. She has won over a dozen national film awards during

these years and is looking forward to the excitement of new and varied programs as

an independent producer. She has just done

a sales promo flim package for the Marina City Club, Marina del Rey, Calif. Betty spent 6 weeks on active duty this past

July-August, 3 of them

a special tour for the Commander of Re-

at the Pentagon on

serve Forces. Noni Anderson, 43-7, also a

in Washington at the same

time and both of them were house guests

of Joan Olmsted,

Res LtCol was

44-9, who is an intell-

igence officer with

the only WASP still on active duty. All 3

same rank .•.same service


and possibly


in the

same beautiful 3-story townhouse in old

Alexandria, Va. It was fun sharing WASP memories and present day situations.

LESLEY WILLIAMS and her husband have been transfered from Ramstein, Germany to Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Tex. where he is CO of the Communications Sq. The 3 children are all around Jacksonville,Fla

where they plan

to retire in a few yens.

1 daughter busy raising their grandchild,

the other an RN

sity student. Lesley has been in touch

and their son a univer-

to see her soon.The

new address-is: 105 Jupiter, SheppardAFB Wichita Falls, Texas 76311.

with Dedie and hopes

44-7 Secretary: BETTY PETTITT NICHOLAS 125 West 82nd Street Indianapolis, Ind. 46260



band, Frank. They were out celebrating


to Berta on the death of her hus

24th anniversary on May 19 and he

suffered a coronary and died in minutes. MARY ANN WALKER DREHER and Frank are en- joying retired life at San Clemente over-

looking the blue Pacific. With children grown and left, their biggest decisions

are whether to play golf, walk

the beach

or do a little flying from the airport at San Juan Capistrano. VELTA HANEY BENN is still flying as Chief Pilot at Professional Flight Service in Alexandria, Va. including flight train- ing and air taxi. Also handles corporate pilot assignment on a Cessna 421. Is hoping to ferry a Navaho to France in Sept-by the time this comes out, we'll know whether she made it or not. EILEEN WRIGHT FERGUSON sent along a Reunion snapshot. Eileen is still teaching. -Her son made Eagle Scout rank this year, and has been studying auto mechanics, algebra and karate. Her mother, age 79, recently made her way to Calif. from Baltimore for a visit. Not much vacation for Eileen this summer; she may add onto her house. LILA MOORE MANN - her husband recently re- tired from the Los Angeles Police Dept. Their daughter Lois was married in Jan; their youngest, Helen, is still at UCLA; and their oldest, Alice, has 2 children

and is back in the USA with her husband. PAT BLACKBURN BONANSINGA had a short va- cation in Hawaii but did not have an opportunity to call OPAL HICKS FAGAN. She and GERRI BOWEN OLINGER got together on the west coast in May and had their own reunion. Gerri hasn't changed and still enthused about the WASP program and hopes to be in Reno next year. Gerri works at a TV station so she and Pat's husband Joe had lots in common. Sorry we


Quincy isn't that far from Indianapolis.

One of these days

you on our trip west, Pat, but


BERNICE FALK HAYDU and her husband Joe enjoy both their condominium in Fla. and their home in Blairstown, N.J. They recently bought a Beech Baron D55 and find it easy to commute between the two. They were fly-

ing down south settled in her

to help Bee's mother get own new home in Delray Be-

ach. One of their sons is looking into colleges in Fla. and their daughter is transferring to the U. of Southern Fla. at Tampa. MARY BARNES STURDEVANT's notice was retur.ned to me. Anyone know where she is?

BETTY PETTITT NICHOLAS and Esther Berner,43-3 flew Betty's Cessna 150 to Denver and Okla.

City for a two-week

entertained by and happy to see Betty Jo Reed and Carl, Frances Tanassy and Emil,

Grace Birge Mayfield in Denver, and Dottie Young and Pete (he's retired from FAA), Delrose Sieber, and former Sweetwater in-

structor Keith Lutz and his wife Susan

Okla. City. During our RON at St. Joe, Mo. on the way out, we met Margot Reck who in-


trip. We were royally


on picking us up at our motel and

taking us to the airport. We hated to miss seeing Pat Bonansinga in Quincy, but the weatherman's advice forced us to take off

too soon. We both enjoyed our trip and our visits and are most grateful to our friends in the Order of Fifinella who made it so pleasant. You know Indianapolis will al-

ways have a warm welcome

for any of you

coming this way. You sure have plenty of time to see the country in a Cessna 150 and not much time to avoid the occasional fast-moving weather:


VIRGINIA WISE wrote that she lost her Roster so didn't get her request for info out in time for this space. She said,"I can work

up a 44-8 Newsletter

arately this time if necessary." Now all you 44-W-8 s tell her it's necessary::

and mail it out


ANNE DAILEY MARSHALL meets with other Phoe- nix area WASP every 4 to 5 weeks for food and gossip.

PAT BRAUN O'BANNON died of leukemia at Gal- veston, Texas May 29, 1974. Her daughter Diane told Ziggy Hunter and Jewel Estes on their visit to her hospital room the day before, that one of Pat's happiest

gifts had been a letter from the Dallas- Fort Worth WASPs, sent from their get-to- gether for a preview of the memorial pla- que model on May 19, before it was un- veiled at Houston. She wants the senders to know how much a letter liKe this is appreciated.(See further comment on Pat in 44-10 news.)


MAGGIE GEE was in D.C. for a week this past spring. She, Ruth Fergberg & Elaine Har- mon had a great evening of chatter. HELEN CANNON's son Robin is returning to college in order to obtain the skills he must have to be permitted to return to Kenya. He spent one year there at school and has grown to love the country. Daugh- ter Alice graduated from U. of Nev. in June. She majored in Speech Pathology. Helen was elected Pres. of the Clark Co. Board of School Trustees, chairman of the Nev. Education Communication Comm., elected Pres. of the Winterwood Women's Golf Assoc., and teaches in the Home- builders Class at her church. She cer-

. JEEP HARMAN is still overloading her sche- dule. Everyother Sunday she has open house for the numerous foreign students she has mothered over the years. She serves homemade soup and homemade bread.

over the years. She serves homemade soup and homemade bread. Along with this Jeep is still

Along with this Jeep is still going to


a busy gal

school. She took Spanish & European His- tory this past year. She plans a trip to Spain this fall.


now Mrs. LES JONES (was an AT-6

instructor at Sweetwater) still offers to

rent a cottage are interested

union at Reno. Let her know if interested.

at Lake Tahoe for all who if we have the 1975 re-

DUSTY RANSOM spent her "Reno Reunion" money

in Europe this summer with husband Jack,

first but not their last, she says. Had marvelous fun and experiences. Rounded


Her summer began with Small Craft School with her daughter Charlotte where they

a day.

Spent 10 days there, and bought a bright yellow canoe the day after they came home. Char's horse does well in local horse shows. Son John is now a Captain with Air Florida and Director of Train-

the holidays with

2 weeks in N.C.

sailed 4 hours and canoed 4 hours

ing. Her aeronautics classes went well last year, and is adding an aeronautics

II section this ye~r . To prepare for it

she took a course at the local JC in the simulator. Thinks flying the range was

much easier. MAF.THA SARAGER REUEL "MARTY" is very ex- cited about their 1st grandchild. Love


when they get to baby-sit often. She


still working part-time in a travel

do a lot of tra-

veling herself. A week in Hawaii

a week in Gutamala in July. Her husband

agency and as a result

in May

joined her in Feb for a wonderful


tion thru the islands of the South Paci- fic. Especially enjoyed Fiji, Bora-Bora ran a close second in their opinion. Oldest son and his wife are leaving next month on a two-year sail around the world, in a 45' Mayflower ketch, and along with another couple are making the great adventure. Hoping their money will last 2 yeaxs. Their last to leave home Rob who is going to attend BYU in Provo

Utah. Marty's husband is Vice-Pres. of

44-9 Secretary:

6161 LeSourdsville-W. Chester Road

Hamilton, Ohio 45011

VIRGINIA EATHERTON SPEARS is in her new home in Okla where she and her husband Clay plan to retire in 8 years. She did her own contracting while living in a little cabin they had as a vacation place while the ho- use was being built. She says there'll be room and an open invitation to any 44-9 classmates to visit. Quote "A bucolic at- mosphere indeed-5 miles from the nearest


house blends into thewoods just as we'd hoped. I am very pleased with it, and I'm sure you all will love it." Unquote. She

hopes to make the Reno

Her phone is (918) 479-8588.

NORMA DOUGLAS has kept very busy since her husband passed away March 1972. Renewed her instructors rating Nov. '72; got her air taxi license July '73; Instrument ra- ting Feb. '74; Instrument-instructor's Ju. '74; and has been working for Douglas Av- iation(no relative), Municipal Airport, Macomb, Ill. since Jan.'73. Gave instru- ment instruction in a new Bonanza A-36 to Fla.-l080 mile trip in 6 hours. Down on

town, but have always loved it. The

reunion in 1975.

Fri. back on Sun. in July.

Soes mostly

flight inctruction. Always glad to hexr from classmates, as we all are. MARY ANN (BALDY) GORDON and husband B/Gen. Larry Gordon are beginning their second year at Patrick AFB after 2 years at Eg- lin AFB where Larry was the Commander of the 39th Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Wing Says they really used the CAP in most of their search efforts. Wonders if some of our gals might have been involved? Since they are now on the East Coast, she hopes the gals coming thru will look t~em up. ELAINE HARMON doing her wonderful Job of keeping "flight one" of 44-9 together all these years with her "newsletters" to them. She isnow a grandmother of "the cutest, most intelligent grandaughter ever." Daugh-. ter Terry and husband moved bac~ from San Diego, and is living in t~e r~t1rement home she bought for somet1me 1n the fu- ture. Younger son Billy has completed 3 yaars of college. Daughter Chris and her husband are refinishing a row hou~e the~ purchased in a slum area near Cap1tol ~ll1. Chris is an architect and her husband 1S an engineer so they have thru unsurmount- able odds learned a new way of life how to survive in a jungle. After they have finished, they will start on another they

are now looking for.

the Rocketdyne Div. of Rockwell Inter- national. Their big project now is the space shuttle engine. A long way in the aero-space world from the long gone days of the PT-17.

BETTY TURNER hus had a very quiet summer

in a busy way. Working

for the parish Priest,

2 days as a Sec. and a day or 2 a

week playing golf. Daughter Ann present- ed them with another grandson in Dec.

Still have 3 children

Senior is back at football practuce for the coming season. Susan is very busy

showing her horse Crafty, and dog Sherry

at home. Robin a

at Shows and took

a few ribbons

at the

County Fair. Judy the youngest,

15, en-

joys riding her horse, and helping Su- san care for the 3 dogs, cats and their horses and pony. Husband Bill is very busy as Treas. of Meiers Wine Cellar where they are opening a new restaurant this week. A very beautiful place to wine and dine. We are still looking for these "lost" gals. Can you help us? ANN C. BARON BELLIVEAU, ALICE L. KIERSTEAD, WILMA L. MILLER, DOR- OTHY C. PICTURE, JEAN B. REIMER, SARAH Go REWEY, FRANCES D. STROUD, JANET E. WAYNE, and MARY F. WOODWARD. If anyone knows of their whereabouts we'd appreciate any in- formaton whatsoever. Thank you!

44-10 Secretary:


22 Stadium Road Methuen, Mass. 01844

Muriel. A visit by HENRIETTA SPECKELS SP- ROAT brings a hello. RUTH KITNER JURNECKA is teaching summer school and also attending classes. THELMA HENCH MILLER lost her husband sudden- ly in Sept. 1973. Our sympathy to you, "T.K.", and we are glad you are keeping busy flying and working on Instrument rating. CHARLYNE CREGER has been to Russia and says it was a beautiful experience, with plenty

of freedom

to roam and take pictures. At

the Ballet in Moscow she and her sisters checked 3 coats and rented 2 pairs of op- era glasses, and upon departure the check- er would only give them 2 coats! After mucH ado and a call for the police, it was finally decided they only had 2 pairs of glasses. Expensive shopping limited pur- chases to a fur hat. Charlynewants a set of golf clubs with hicHory shafts-can any- one help? Will soon be working 3 jobs, one 300 miles from home base. Prior to the Sweetwater reunion notes were sent out to various WASP buddies in an at- tempt to stimulate interest and rehash old times. One was sent to PAT BRAUN O'BANNON,

Eagle Lake, Texas. As a "wash-back" thru 44-8 & 44-9, I probably shared more primary experiences and people than any other trai- nee. The note to Pat was returned marked

"expired". I had

always planned to go to

Eagle Lake

bout Pat's "demise". I procrastinated


in an attempt to learn more a-

the bad news until early this yr.

I wrote to the Postmaste~ there stating

FRANCIE MEISNER PARK says she is short on

weekend flying students. Seems if they cafr afford to fly they can fly during the week

is grounded on job. Son Steve has

left the nest and is a patrolman in Inde- pendence, Mo.,working on his B.A. in Crim- inology. She is still trying to get her book "Parlor Pilot" published, and some of the nice rejections are even encouraging~ "CAPPY" MORRISON tore herself away from her Kailua, Hawaii.paradise long enuf for an

when she

extended vacation trip on the mainland.

With friend Pat Leach, she

Dallas WASP, cre~ting some instant reun- ions. ANN "ROONEY" ATKEISON, with friend Frances Withers, hosted a pool party at their Fort Worth home. Story swapping waxed hot with Faith "Bucky" Richards,43-4 and friend Nancy Hoing, Jewel Estes and Ziggy Hunter.

dropped in on

MILLICENT PETERSON YOUNG sends hello to all. DOROTHY NAGEL IRELAND wrote while in the hospital with a bout of colitis. She is hoping for speedy recovery as she is plan- ning several short golfing trips up and

down the Calif. coast. She is on the golf

team of her country club, plays bricge, belongs to 2 hospital guilds, and works for the Arts Council at Calif. U. She and Brick are new grandparents, thanks to a daughter in Anchorage. Christmas in Hawaii should renew friendships with Cappy and

a member of this elite ~lying gpo

and if it were permissible please forward any information concerning the cause and

Pat was

date of death. An immediate reply supplied

a new address and an explanation of why my

note had been returned with the word "ex- pired" - her forwarding address had ex-

pired - not Pat. No time was

Pat replied immediately, but her news was sad. She was diagnosed in July 1973, and

wasted, and

was under treatment

Seabrook, Texas, soon thereafter, and we talked 7 solid hours. We went to the yacht basin the next morning and I got a few

pictures of her. Since her disease was progressing so rapidly she was a patient in the research dept. of John-Sealy Hos- pital, Galveston, Tex. I knew Dedie's

brother was Dr. Lee Clark, Anderson Foun- dation for Cancer Research, Houston. I immediately called her. She in turn got busy, arranged for M.D.Anderson facili- ties which Pat never was able to use. In early May I again went thru Seabrook.

Pat was with

for leukemia.

I was in

her daughter in Houston, so

I only spoke to her over the phone. She

told me of Dedie's efforts, but she said she became so very ill that she was a- fraiB of even losing the time it would take for new doctors to familiarize them- selves with her history and treatment. She expired May 29. I regret the time

lost by not finding her sooner' however am quite grateful for the littie time w~ had. I had sent a copy of the last News- letter. I had notified Ziggy Hunter of the new address, and she visited Pat at JOhn-Sealy 2 or 3 days prior to Pat's de- mise. Strange how the lives of the WASPs have entertwined, and after 30 years the closeness becomes stronger. RUTH REES PHILLIPS is still ranching in Mexico, and fighting a serious drought. Children are: one starting at U. of Pu- get Sound, Tacoma, Wash.; one at St Marks in Dallas; and 2 attending public schools in San Antonio while boarding with a for- mer English tutor. Leaves Duke and Ruth "on their own", except for vacation time when the children bring ALL their friends. We are sorry to hear your Mother passed away, Ruth. SARA PAYNE HAYDEN is still flying some, and dusted off the cobwebs long enough to make speeches to several groups on "Weather'" (New England style) MARTY WYALL writes they have added another son to the family-an Am Field Service student. from Rome, Italy who will live with them during his year as a senior at Homestead High. Daughter Martha is also a senior. She is the last one at home, so next year willbe different for Gene and Marty when they all leave-3 in col- lege and 2 working and living.away.



6008 E.Univ, Blvd: Dallas, Tex.75206

There is one item of bad news-L.V.RUDOLPH passed away in June 1973 in Berlin, Ger- many following brain surgery. He was flying until a month before his passing. His widow Ann, has rented Sam Huston's house(80l Oakwood Dr., Euless, Tex 76039) since Sam and family have moved to Okla- homa City where he is with the FAA. Sam commuted on Week-ends for a period of time. BILL LOWREY wrote that TED MERCHANT lives near San Antonio in retirement. GLEN

McCLAIN, my FIt. Com. on PTs~ li~es in, Cleveland, Tex. and has a drlve-ln mOVle.

TOM BAKER, AT-6 Transition,

president in Nacogdoches, Tex: ELMO ~AT-

CHER lives

is a bank

in Houston. Bill hlmself lS

still with Dow Chemical and living in Lake Jackson, Tex. (IN the Lake?.ed.) RAY STOLZ wrote from Texas International Airlines where he is Director-Training.

Ray had a heart attack in '65 and is


Arabian days buddy who went with TI, he did and passed my greetings. Small world.

Ray passed on that: CLINT HUBBARD is a ground school instructor in Ho~ston;

HAROLD GREEN is a DC-9 Check Pllot for

TI; DAVE LAMB a DC-9 Captain; MARVIN BROOKS has retired from TI and HENRY ERDMAN is no longer with TI. Both live

I had asked if he knew a Saudi

in Houston.

Locally, Dallas that is, things haven't

changed since last year. I am still an unpublished author. It may be sour grapes

on my part, but when

aviation books, with a guaranteed minimum

order from

a publisher of many

a book club, keeps the manu-

script for 8 months and then returns it as not commercial and 16 others won't even accept to read I have my suspicions as to the reason. ZIGGY HUNTER is preparing her book "Zoot Suits & Parachutes" - stl)ries and ex- periences from WASP, as they lived 'em. Hope she has better publisher luck~ RIG EDWARDS has sold his business and

spendshis time travelling now. Besides seeing the USA via his Holiday Rambler Rec Trailer, he has been to the Nether- lands, Berlin, Moscow, Lenningrad, and Scandinavia. What's left for '75?

J.C,PACE is still on the Board of the world's largest airport, DFW, and in May went to Europe for 3 weeks on a promo tour. JOHN HUETT is still in real estate investments. JACK RINEHART is still with Braniff. HENRY ERDMANN is semi-retired, having sold his interest in Texas International. Eight months out of '73 & '74 have been spent on foreign travel. He enjoyed returning to

places he had not been since

Am in 1942 to help Henry started West

and then worked his way back East. ; e

spent some time in Indonesia. (I've mis- placed my notes of our conversation but,

then or earlier,

he quit Pan

start the WASP program. and got as far as A£rica

he was involved in ac-

quiring 11 DC-3s and helping to organize and airline there). ALBERTA HEAD -control tower- has kept in touch with a number of the gals, even met with Bert Collins and Helen Schaefer,43-4, over Labor Day weekend. Alberta had an article about Avenger Field accepted by the Yearbook of the West Texas Historical Society at Abilene. I urge' anyone to pass on to me any addresses they might have of Instructors not listed, or listed inaccurately, in the Roster. Al- so any items of interest in the next year.


Several WASP insignia, small collar wings, service insignia (the kind we wore on our shoulders instead of rank insignia-either Training or Ferry Command) and beret insig- nia are needed for uniforms in museums. If onyone is willing to part with some, please mail "post haste" to Ann Holaday, 216 Wy- anoke, San Antonio, Texas 78209.

WASP Replacement Wings


If you find it necessary to order a

pair of wings to replace those

please do so immediately. Silver costs may raise the cost after the first of the year. Send check to Mary Jones,Treas.

you lost,


contributed by Peggy D. Trego 44-8,9,10.







Dr. Dora Dougherty Strother,43-3, at work for Bell Helicopter Co.

Betty H. Gillies, WAFS, at the con- sole of her station W6QPI. She works the South Pole, McMurdo Sound, Pole Station--and patches calls thru from the guys down there to friends and relatives up here.

Kay A. Brick, 43-3, who resigned this year after 24 years with PPD


In this time when "politics" seems like

a dirty word, it is gratifing one of our members is willing

her beliefs. Peg Helburn Kocher, 43-6, ran for a seat in the 25th Assembly District,

N.Y. in the Sept. 10 Democratic Primary. Promently meationed in her campaign liter-

ature, along with the activities as a Chair woman of the North Shore Branch of the Lea-

gue of Women Voters as well as many

organizations, was her WW II pilot status. Although she was unable to unseat the in- cumberit, she did draw over 40% of the votes.

With continued encouragement from her hus- band Eric, Asso.Dean of the School of Inter- national Affairs, Columbia U., we hnpe she will find "the right spot at the right time" in the near future.

to learn that tQ battle for


Jean Hixson, 44-6, during her sound-barrier work at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Barbara London, WAFS,(center) and daughters Terry and Kris--Terry is outstripping mother on Ratings~

Check Class News for more on these women

Eunice Boardman, 44-3, at Waimea Canyon, Kauai in 1972.

Pat Braun O'Bannon, 44-8, in Houston, Feb. 1974

Ann Darr, 44-3, Poetess.


Ziggy Hunter, WASP instructor, in final draft of her book, ZOOT SUITS & PARACHUTES, would like to include one of your personal experiences--a unique, a first, a funny, a scary, or an interesting."other". She has collected and woven into the story of this WW II flying saga the personal experiences of many WASPs both in the training phase and on various AF Bases during service, but knows there are many good ones she missed. Since the book will give individual rec- ognition to individual achievements or ex- periences, Ziggy would like you to identify how you want your name to appear in the ac-

count, a narrative of the experience, all pertinent info--such as type of aircraft, where it happened, names of others involved, and approximate date. If others involved and their permission to use name needed, Ziggy will contact them or not use the name. Please put your writing vehicle into gear

at once and mail to Ziggy Hunter,

838 Havenwood, Dallas, Texas 75232. She wants to get a 1974 publication date on it.


The wheels to the GROUND, Viv, the WHEELS:

This was an experience of Vivian Cadman Eddy, 43-5, as she recalls it. She was fly- ing the Stearman from Texas to California

and stopped for gas at Blythe. "I was taxi- ing too fast, hit the brakes too hard, and flipped over. It was 100 percent pilot er- ror, and I said so. The court of inquiry


one of the brakes

locked and let

me off. Why was I in such

a hurry? After

four hours in the cockpit I wanted

to get

to the powder room!" A helpful colleague,

fearful of fire from the ruptured gas tank,

ran up and yanked loose Vivian's


crete right on my head-resulting in a big

bump and severe headache." (she didn't say


"I dropped like a rock to the con-

if she found the "powder room"

• ed.)

Phoenix-area mini gathering of Betty Blake, 43-1; Anne Marshall, 44-8; Gerry Nyman, 43-1; Brownie Kindig,43-1 Ina Petch, 44-4; Ruth Petry, 44-2.

Teresa James, WAFS, with Opa Locka flite instructor Ann Kaskel, about to be a Navy Flight Trainee.

Vivian Eddy, 43-5 and Lola Ricci, 43-6, enjoyed a few sunny days in Seattle discussing old times-the inclusion of the cat may be appropriate.

Center plaque reads, "Presented by his

parents to Lt. Glenn

Commemoration of his graduation from Pilot Training 12 May 73."

W. Rohrer in Proud

Dad's wings on top,

Alyce's WASP wings, 23 May 44

5 Dec 43



Get Prez Nancy Crews to tell how she joined up--that Alabama drawl must have floored them when she showed out of no- where(actually, Fla.) at New Castle AB,

Del. and said,"Heah Ah am to join the WAFS, Ah read about it in th' newspapers.~ Many WASP have shown interest in knowing more about our "parent organization", the WAFS, so the Reno Reunion Committee is gathering info and trying to get committ- ments from as many as possible to join us

in June .•

an item buried in the class

news reads that JoAnne Wallace Orr, 44-2,

is very busy on the political scene the wife of the LtGov of Indiana

how many know that the OofF had its start before deactivation at Maxwell Field by



the WASP there?

cers will be mailed with Reno Reunion info

If you can't remember


for new offi-

if you sent a dues

donation, you probably didn't:: Send it now--anything over $4.99 is needed to keep

the News & Roster in print

Sweetwater Reunion 27 color slides, copies from the personal collection of Lillian Yonally, 43-7, have been added to the 247 available on loan from Wright-Patterson AF Museum. Anyone wishing to donate copies or originals, contact the Museum or Dora


Sec/Treas Mary Jones. 10% of you move each year and we waste a lot of postage trying

change-of-address ASAP to

since the


to follow you

Lola Ricci, editor