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Moonlight engraver 3

Point: my job moonlight engraver

Lightning collecting stones
Conspiracy and instruments
Van Hawk's humiliation
Sacred and back ......
A bad cold
Ignorant of novice
Jinhyeolui vampire
Great sculpture
Battle of the black giant
Clunky TV appearance
- My job moonlight engraver The town was crowded with pokjeunghan users want.
"Stone pamnida! Dishes Sell! Durable're defensive weapons away, we will repair
"Sculpture, How much is it?"
"Between $ 20 Silver! High? Expensive'm pretty enough. Art is a natural way with
Women interested in receiving an explosion of user-Weed!
Sculpture he created every living thing that was.
Sculpture, or statue that can not be too easy to go four more, but little to
attract popularity
Model was also produced. These are not cute, cute pair fit, women had a great
interest of users.
Weed was cooking at the same time selling the sculptures.
Jijigo roaster smell to attract people gather public morality. Carvings on the
other hand, the smell of people who come to buy food for
Were interested.
"Now you're cooking, and that's that?"
"Is poison."
"Eek, dokyakyo? Poison that's going to create? This was a delicious smell
Vice ......"
"Yes. Enough to eat a delicious double-die do so dokyakin! Here are sample
Eat only a little bit! "
Weed gives users the stew that floats a seupunssik tasted.
First, the smell!
Made with water boiled in the body of a wild smells sweet flavor. Sweet moments
into his mouth sareureu puleojineun
Stewart, the women circle the response to the user's eyes were.
"Oh, delicious! Brother, do not give this company?"
"Well! Eat plenty. We want to eat you ... Mr. Sena, how much is it?"

"Silver is 15."
"Is not it too expensive for a dish?"
The user's face, distorted male. 15 silver, if I think it was quite expensive!
But for the price, the settlement was not enough to Weed. The money will not be
room for compromise.
"Why should I cook a lot of people a little more to be able to eat delicious
food and want to
Is. The road will not be easy, but you really can feel. Somehow cooking too
Is expensive, he bought people's complaints. "
"Well of course it is!"
"I want to sell it cheaper. But this food is close to Silver jaeryogapman 14.
There other
Given the tools or my food to pay you, I'll be selling at a bargain price.
Euheuheuk! Nice yo
Lee to give up my dream of making use of cheap materials to create a cheap
thing but cook
Whether, now that is really worrying. Heuheuk! "
Weed was a detestable act afraid crying. Weed will not stick her with a drop of
blood come out, like tears in Genoa
It was also invested.
Investors do not like stuff!
Women want to invest properly, a user sound Quack meokhyeodeun cried.
"We just buy this and eat! It here! Lady ... you're so delicious dishes that my
Raeteo, cooking is the heart. This makes the food really good with him,
definitely do a fraction. "
"Yeah, right. I'm sorry, sir dishes. Sell a lot."
The couple went to introducing a whopping 20 silver. Also did not change. And the
conversion of Weed and smiled.
'Fortunately, delicious cuisine does not know anything eat. This time the money
earned. '
Weed make the sculpture are nice and the food was sold. I did not lift the value
of a material fact, says Silver.
Out wild ingredients from the cheapest will be sold, the remaining material was
also too expensive. In the mountains
Whatnot would not call it a lot in the town, with food inflation itself is fairly
low. Also
Even if they seek to sell the city of ingredients, with a rich variety of dishes to
the recipe could produce.
"Hey! I review a bowl."
"We gimbapyo."

"I come again, hehe."

Anattta visitors endless. Sculpture in the intermediate cooking skills and the
right turn was extremely popular since.
Also grows with the joke went, while trade is not a lie I have to lie on
Deuyeotda. Makes me feel good to give customers a more thorough service for the
Weed makes you annoying, but sometimes find that customers have come too.
"Hey, this looks like on television."
Two girls came up to me face Aspects of Weed speaks tear watching.
"Are not you Princess Knight?"
Adult High School to receive the prize since its own plays and given a nickname!
As the Internet has spread rapidly in
Is therefore, to recognize faces of people were pretty.
Some people may not like that stuck, but it was different in the case of Weed.
Many of the princess's nickname gisara
You, shame is not poisonous.
"That, I do not know. People have the wrong shape."
Weed of the eye and she refused to turn.
Weed, anyway, as well as delicious cuisine, eating significantly raised the
maximum number of health and mana users because they
Came even deliberately. People go hunting party came to eat and go to groups,
"The price is 15 silver, and hunt for the special nutritional silbeossik'll take
the 30. Thank you.
Have fun hunting! "
Sculptures and food away from expensive durable armor, instead of receiving a free
repair, spent more near, the price
The problem was not so much.
Even if 30 Silver ragoneun, wanted to come to town to hunt If they were so full of
users that can make money. Life
Ryeokgwa increase the maximum mana of a food is, to kill Is it worth much more than
enough said.
There are of course very expensive food. Join family, put the eggs or dishes that
the fruits of heaven, they are eating
When you die, is a delicious idea.
This material is the fruit of heaven only 15 silver, join the Dawn Group has a
whopping 95 silbeona. But the price is expensive food
This is very tricky, but even cooking.
The expression is not an aphrodisiac not only a taste. Neutralize the strong
efficacy and effectiveness doubles with a material known
Thickness of food is to be finished.
Ginseng and Jujube even make chicken, and various herbs like putting them, or come
enjoy our hearts, the effect completely
Pull out the special dishes of the degree must be completed.
That was the chef of the difficulties and hardships.
Weed thus failed a few times at the end of the challenge and join the family of
the eggs and the fruit of heaven's name is made-up dishes that
Royal Bird Being the Day!

Sweet Nut bay leaf.

One of the two separate names of the dishes were completed.
More Bird on the main nut.
Join the family of the eggs and the fruit of heaven takes the effect of mutual
intelligence and good fortune, health, mana, vitality, significantly increasing the
Is the food.
Weed and joined in the village wanted mapaneun had great expectations.
'Now, traders have horrible death! Now unfolding in front of me that's a good
life. '
Dealers said the road itself can heomnanham. Mapanui into memory, which has been
tipped by the suffering
'Ohhh, it was really tough time.'
When first selected merchants hopes and dreams were about to play.
I really liked mapaneun merchants.
Power, money!
Fame, money!
Capital will eventually dominate the world live.
He is majoring in economics, capitalism, economics, the idea itself, but firmly
believe that that would have. That
Capital to earn a bit of trouble was going to tolerate that.
Versailles became the continent all the money it just felt like their big firm
established to acquire up to a tremendous reputation
Wanted. Which kingdom will give the money to pay the title of nobility.
In other words, he chose the path of merchants to earn big money.
But that's what's up!
Dealers at the start of the road are in danger heomhagi.
4 weeks outside the city will not have access domatahseo since he was on an
Mugijeom or inn, market, etc., while hard to ask for penny collected. Quest for
the former trader
Mapaneun jumping, running, and rolled!
"Given the meantime, the efforts you have the makings of merchants who were
physio-reaction. If there is greed for money
No dealers. Leather urgently need 300 rabbits, would you get it I'll give you a
So you as a merchant's officially going to take the kingdom rojaim! Let me just
save you as soon as possible.
'd Like you to get within three days. "
?Rabbit fur market for owner
- Exchange of the owner of the rabbit skin in large quantities are needed.
About what to do with leather
Need to bother saving as soon as possible to give no guarantees seem to be

Difficulty Level: E
Compensation: former trader
Quest limit: three days time limit.
If the market fails, the owner of the former dealer confidence fell one month
did not receive referrals. ?
'Yeah, the money earned!
Accepted the commission called mapaneun delight.
'1 Goldeuna gave, also brings in a lot of money from the early traders probably
like it was. '
How-rabbit belong in front of the castle was a monster. 8 to 10, a grocery store
when the price is not Cooper
Cooper, a 3000 barrel-activation. 30 Silver hariraneun calculations that enough is
As well as for the other side is going to give some benefit. Benefit from each
other to be the appropriate sanggeoraeran end haeteuni
"Rabbit Leather BUY! 11 Cooper to buy!"
Screamed in front of St. mapaneun. Hunting rabbits from which the user would be
alerted in droves, hoping
Said. But the other side was shouting louder merchants.
"Cooper, 30, lives in a rabbit skin!"
Some people work hard to sew the side and shout.
"50 Cooper'm a rabbit skins! Unlimited buy!"
"Oh! How could this happen ......"
Cooper is only 10 a piece on the rabbit skin is less was being purchased at a
tremendous high.
"What is happening to it?"
Let me ask you back mapanyi confused answer, he plunged into despair.
"Did not you know? Rabbit fur traders collected for the former, one or two
people did not. And sewing
People need to learn to skin a rabbit and prices were skyrocketing! "
Mapaneun tears.
The prices are beginning to reverberate through dealers.
A time for former traders were only three days. Meanwhile, had saved money through
the inevitable quest to ride
Burn it off, just stay up all night to hunt rabbits and the dog got 300 leather.
Has thereby become penniless.

"Thanks. Now, you ?? merchants!"

Proud owner of Exchange gave the like to beat up on the shoulder, but his
shoulders drooping mapanui pyeojil did not know.
Since then, that was the beginning.
Rough way of merchants.
To raise the level of skills and the user has to buy at high prices japtemeul.
Ignore the weak peloton battle
High, japtem purchase has to go to war in order to dry the skin. The long wished to
town on a business trip mapanegeneun horse
Huge lot of the owners will not do.
Japtemeul stalls and hoping for someone to sell things escapes me, but without the
wait, the afterlife, excessive prices
Whoa, I have seen people asking 4.
"The act is over!"
Weed and a team to achieve mapaneun since all relieved the anxiety and worry.
Wideuman is now believed that
''ll Follow anywhere. I do not trust jeobunman!
Mapaneun was firmly determined.
A great warrior! Adventurer! Battle of the Masters!
Weed that was having the confidence to know is blissfully mapaneuroseoneun.
Weed the people want that feeling in the village lasted until joepaneul chick.
'How does he do that!
Mapaneun was feeling just want to scream.
Rubbed his eyes perceiving, Weed made the food sold, is selling a sculpture. What
is worse is to repair!
Weed a new blow to sell food in tears when people secretly. He's just
mapanyieotda. Great
Weed warriors known as the Food and sculptures're selling!
'Is not this the worst japkaega.'
Can not imagine being alone was resolved. Check the required parts.
Mapaneun hesitate hesitated. I am afraid to know the results. But do not ask you
may not.
"Well, wideunim, What are you doing this profession up?"
"Me? Obviously, my job is the graver."
Punched in the head with a blunt object like a mapaneun been hurt.
'If engraver unpopular occupation as a painter and it's cleaner!
But down in amulham, mapaneun trembling hand pointed sotdanjireul bugeulbugeul

"Well, what about the food?"

"Is a hobby."
"Repair the ......"
"It's one of the skill to learn and work hard. Blacksmith learn the skills to
manufacture weapons and armor
In order to repair'm raise in the medium. "
Weed and be a team I thought we needed a break pyeotdago mapaneun had to be
'Well, yes. Sucks he's not even a hallway ... So what's all this japkaega?
Weed is a character in his view was terrible. It's a luxury Carrick Small enough
to go down in history writhes!
Only to be thrown from the people skills to get to hone the Weed hard! If it was I
knew I already own
It will have chosen to raise new episodes.
'Oh, how the characters come out to roughly the growth could anybody hear?
Mapaneun was greatly mistaken.
Weed tearful struggle!
Knock on the scarecrow entry training center, an instructor in it for a while rice
was a little stronger.
Even an art to enhance the stats to make a snow sculpture ppeolgejyeotgo, the
skill of cooking for the NPC
One of the soldiers and the chef was tobeoldae was him.
Tens of thousands of dishes and bowls, sculptures, and making thousands more than
it was narrowly Weed grown that much I tried, mapanyi View
No skills or just learn the only place the characters were terrible.
Roll over to learn, but one occurred in the midst of cracking mapanyi could be
right here.
'But this man's mind rather than commercial, is not better. Confucius three
people he
Could walk among them was a patient teacher. Japkaeegedo's learn something. '
Weed and as a team to achieve mapaneun regret not to have one. And the active side
of Weed japtem
Purchase, and began his own business.
Idling law can not be anyway.
In between the sculpture and cooking Weed Watching you trade, traders also want to
get on a new invocation
'Oh, irresponsible lying ......!'
Were sometimes shocked.
'Profiteering drunk with such a poor material!
Anger was often.
Like a proper pride in his place with the traders disappear just like balbutil
'Is not this a cheat full robbers?

Easy enough and fit for Weed gives the buyer, the brilliant rhetoric will exist.
Say a few words, 10 silver, 15 silver sculptures were to turn into seeing the
inside mapanui kkeuleotda bugeulbugeul.
So two days later, Weed spreads the stalls anyway sculptures again put in a
'Quite a lot palryeotgun.'
Rabiah service, carved sculptures of my spare time. They are half sold out.
Stone's much to be desired, too, if you do not buy again was the point. Unless you
meet the collector, Bo
Soils they had only to buy one as a souvenir.
Even if the cost is low sculpture, in quantities of 10, Silver, be a lot of silver
was about 30. 8 10 dog sculptures
Ow can make only three gold intention.
No money was poor, quite useful in the early days to, but quite the right level to
Weed's now 10,000 trees
Sculpture holding a penny, and 10,000 bees will be reduced to the level.
Among the users wanted to town, most people have already bought 10 001-year-old
sculptures. Although no longer cooking
Shall not be sold outside.
Repair and culinary skills to raise to 40% each, then a stall completely folded
Weed. Watching and noticed that next to
Mapaneul japtemeul steadily toward the purchase and gave me.
"Now we'll get started."
"4? Where do you mean?"
"As I said in advance bareukeu must be in the mountains beyond."
Herrera is to give back the cup, Freya to go to the church for Weed was only three
months time. Eonjekka
And wished to remain in the village would never think about.
Furthermore, to become a great sculptor, will accumulate a lot of knowledge. Weed
was even stronger through multiple paths
10000, engraver was not forgotten as much as the body.
Weed of the store and shop around, and quickly finished the preparation for the
Village Mayor and the soldiers come to the entrance to drop off.
"The next time you'll come by."
"Absolutely. Aneumse forget your help."
Dale Becker, hoseuram.
Sipbujangdeulgwado divided goodbye.
"See you next time."
"Yes, Sir! Then I think I see in the capital. We here after a tour of duty
Decided to return. "
Weed and other metropolitan cities around the southern part of the Kingdom of
mapaneun rojaim specialties were available. Pearls and jade, white wine, cheese,

, Olive oil, and the southern city of Mithril was specialties.

Rojaim kingdom, technological and commercial forces have not been so high. Bo is
so rough and raw
Pomegranate and food they were being actively traded.
Among the specialties of the Kingdom of the central continent, with weapons and
armor are cities and countries. Of course in the country
Weapons are much more durable than other countries have good and excellent attack
and defense.
Therefore, the user that started in the central mainland, has much advantage. But
in terms of adventure and a chance to get
Rojaim not be a bad choice of the kingdom.
"Please Jade 40 dogs."
Buying jewelry has mapanyi domatahseo. Have Accounting skills are a little more
can be purchased at a reasonable price
Because. Just try to force prices to go down if you cancel the transaction itself
takes place. When I
Market owner did not want to trade up to do ten days back, there is need to be
Weed mapanyi looked finished bargain.
"Jade's the price I'd say 760 gold. Buy do?"
"Hmm ... Is it possible deal is better?"
"My skill is include this limitation."
Bureureu shook hands into the pockets of Weed. 100 gold coins and old dogs was 8.
That kind of money
Mapaneun he had to buy jewelry, change and jewelry that was handed back to Weed.
"Where do I go now?"
"Falcon will go into town and get some pearls."
50 Dogs, 690 to buy pearls in gold and coal mines and later went to the village
had also bought three kilograms Mithril.
Specialties as live, even so quickly empty your pockets of Weed goes.
Go pockets knew her lines know my expectations will be free to come in last, while
the ssamjitdon, 50, left Goldman lay
He was exhausted.
1700 Gold entire fortune.
L love dearly, he quickly reveals the sum of money, respectively.
In Britain, the United Nations over the mountains bareukeu price of jewelry is at
least 25% higher than this. This is not Trader
Although profit and prestige and to get on, so a large amount of available items
will be purchased.
'But what do you do?
Weed of the town to buy the specialty every move, the question mapanui younger
Weed did not remain silent, even amid the walking path. Skim the weeds around them
throwing hard, and some of them ppu
Growing rijjae will ppopatdeon. Then he picked up a backpack puts hard. Sometimes
even put a smile was heartwarming.
"Weed Hi, what are you doing?"

When asked questions mapanyi not win, Weed's answer was simple.
"This? Will pick herbs."
"If herbs ......"
"Yakchohak've got to learn. This is rough terrain, since I have, so quite a lot
of herbs."
Mapaneun breath swallowed up.
Weed finally seems like an idol of the worst moments japkaero was completely
'I judge a person you've got too rash!
Undead Death Knight, and out from japtemdeuleul be kept just because they've got
the mistake
You! Fortunately, where you have not picked it up also.
Odds are I'm sure, but, away from extreme confidence in Weed mapaneuroseoneun
whole thing is quite possible
He was seeing.
Mapaneun was still a man.
Loyalty and to live as God's man!
Weed, thanks to the many benefits achieved so far. Japtemdeuleul sell their skills
and money that did not get! Jewelry case
4 ssolssol staying pretty true to God could raise the skill.
As the state's never so bad, why do not have to cancel this decision together,
that was one.
'As a man with a mean time ttaradanigi not clear!
Mapando hard specialties were purchased.
Weed has not as much as his capital, mainly to buy foodstuffs such as olive oil or
cheese made. It once
You can not achieve a great deal of money, less risk, you can achieve a stable
income is a benefit.
The grocery business is a separate skill mapaneun was purchased in large
quantities at a cheaper price, buy them a load Machado
Said. Mapanege merchant stalls was a necessary step. More than 100 gold, but the
high end of the price only does it killed
Well going to buy a mule, which ended both ready.
Weed had a number of the backpackers were also disposed of all of Lee Charm.
Instead of getting help mapanui mangtaegi put in a grocery store to buy herbs, you
can hold 20 times the volume of
4 minutes helps reduce the weight of the work had bought a backpack.
Now mapaneun Weed was looking into a complete pain in the neck.
Bareukeu Mountains.
Rojaim southern and eastern Britain, United Kingdom 42 were present in the
mountains. Because both countries belong to the inferior border of
But was a monster of a place called heaven.
I am overwhelmed Monster!
Rugged terrain!
There are two pearls of the Rangers and the army, had been wiped out periodically
monster. Not to do that

Britain and the United Kingdom atdamyeon rojaim of the monsters will scarlet fever.
Ahang kuah Oh!
Bareukeu Mountains, ascends rings out the noise.
The roar of wild beasts.
Is the sound of the raging monster.
Broken branches, rough sounds of screaming.
Choose the best answer to fame was really a paradise for monsters. The degree of
non-dungeon monsters that appear in the field places
Is rare.
Finally, stand in front of Weed and the monsters appear mapanyi shot was born.
Lycan slope.
As a werewolf, a monster of how bad the level of 100. Lycan slope deformation to
the extent that the level was 150
Is known.
Of course, the food chain of mountains that are the lowest they belong to. So then
I pushed in the heart of the mountains where
Doeeoteurira ekkaji be haunted.
Most of the Lycans slopes are often several dogs working together. Now more than
10 guys hankkeo
Appeared at a time.
A little bit like crying wolf before the boom, perhaps the call of the Lycans
yeoteurira slopes. We found the food
, Here and trying to make sense, as their hunting ground, crying.
Coachman was sitting on the bench was restless mapaneun.
"No, they have found. Eodeotge do! Goes Hi, I` ve said you take care of Weed
said. "
Until then, kicking Weed was carving hard on the passenger seat.
Zaha carving of olive.
If you're driving, like all dreams engraver is a unique item.
The carving of the wood as it moves along the flow were creating a sculpture.
Lycan slope slowly approaches. Although only just appeared, except the wolf-like
head and a human
Their appearance was similar to the body, gray hair grows sungsung.
The dog turned into a s clutches.
For making sure the end will turn the attack.
- Deft mastery of the skill has been improved.
- Intermediate skill level 4 has been handy. The ability to use hand tools
A further 5% increase, and will affect various areas throughout.
Intermediate skill level after a deft skill whenever, stats have been enhanced by
5%. 3% when it was beginning
When you're alone and wondering each raised, the effect is very ugly.
Just so much to raise skill levels giran was even more difficult.
'Were fairly lucky.'
Weed just prior to the detailed shape of the tree jinachyeotdeon piece by piece to
the skill of wine rose 1.5%, it could have
All. Abundant branches and leaves.
Years of age, got to beat thundered a very difficult piece of wood. Figure also
lived a thousand years time
It is difficult to draw a tree that did not have.
Weed the most real wood pieces and was almost similar. The degree does not have to
be satisfied fairly good sculptures

Sculpture also sometimes come up surprisingly well, but you really can not create
momentum by becoming one of climbing skills
Is one. Given his level of Intermediate rose to 1.5% of the skills pretty much the
right side.
Just as well have gone up in skill level was also strengthened abilities.
"Up, Goes Hi!"
And left lamenting the mapanyi, Weed was put in the KJV carving knife. And the
sword was Scabbard.
Sword of the property with cold clay!
"You do not sit too long, the jjippudeuthaeteotneunde, to get rid of the body or
let's turn
Unfortunately, he missed the process a little, well, that's fine. Living in
mountain slopes bareukeu Lycans
I'll not have all these guys. "
Weed muttered watching the flame and the slopes.
To create a sculpture of him to go with the process of transformation can not. Not
only one kind of guys because you do not like,
I'll have a step by step to create a sculpture that is able to raise the skill.
Weed Sword of the clay was holding off on Coachman seats, behind the mapanui cry
sounds like a scream.
"Standing, it is not going to fight against the sword is it?"
Clay was appalled to see mapaneun sword. Kalyirani sprinkle out like a tooth!
Rabiah seu hard hunting in the least due to the durability of clay off the sword
is gone.
Weed is now caught in the equipment dropped quite a lot of undead creatures,'s
left, black is still as Clay Sword
Respectively. Cheoltoena dyurahaneun jet axes using only a terrible weapon, and was
burning a drop of the nails.
Death Knight's weapon or an article or two over the minimum level must be 200 of
us could use, for non-Weed
Tion was not a lot of options will be.
Where people are not isolated or alone to hunt and had to take that long. Every
time a new blade broken
You can replace dozens of gamyeonseo sodeuman clay used, respectively.
Meanwhile, an even flame and the two loose slope, now 20 has reached a whimper.
Mapanui to changing the face looked completely pale, Weed was put back to the Clay
Lycan slopes deuldapge gallantly to the descendants of the wolf jumped.
Runnin 'wild roar of jumping to the ground.
Feral Lycans filled with the roar of the slopes!
To dominate the battlefield at the sound of an old mule and scared, messed up, had
a hunch mapaneun death.
Lycan slopes because the monsters move faster because they can not get away.
Was then.
Explode the mouth of Weed gwangryanghan voice came out. A soaring dust, dry leaves
were piled on the floor of
Cracked and broken the jjeokjjeok. Branches that seem to break her pareureu chills.
Gipa swept by an overwhelming locus.

?Skills: You have used yell.

1% increase proficiency in sing! You sing a skill level, skill level is 1%.
A higher skill level, power is increased. ?
Lycan on the slopes, they yell jwimyeo suffered head wrap. Weed through them ran
to the break without missing
Stretched in a fist.
"I'd have caught!"
Lycan on the slopes of the punch Weed bare hands!
Death Knight rabiah service, who came mostly catch him, the level of only 100
people applied to the slopes Oh Lycans
Nieotda. Even if the number much, much weakened when the story.
Slopes of the horrific attacks Lycans.
Biting nails scratching on the ground runnin 'they flew to the attack, told the
use of Weed and avoided.
And told the fight was rediscovered. So far as skill, but the relative stability
of the Security Act
Taekhaetjiman passing attack mode, the Royal Road that would have told the people
have a special feature.
Was sprinting toward the front in the midst of a sharp 90 degrees to the direction
of running, it is impossible in reality. Of inertia
Because the law. But the moment you told the reality of the non-action is realized.
Pedal to change the direction opposite to the way it can, not all but invisible to
the instantaneous acceleration
The rate may go.
Chilseong like to see the name could be a total of seven changes gamihal. Running
in the direction of twisting moment or else
, A sudden fall in the air may be R..
At a level of martial skill was showing like a great value.
Lycan slopes, but they rushed from all sides, Weed encircling the body of the
enemy escaped shaken a few times. Big Dipper
As between the instant change direction quickly and Gaza, has been brought badly
I welcome the flame and to attack the slopes tended to.
Weed out the attack task force dealt a station. Stretch his fist whenever the
slope of a rabbits in Lycan
Color change.
I am overwhelmed by monsters bareukeu Mountains!
Where peace is not poisonous, but has started to cause upsets.
"Woowaah Aaaah!"
Shouting to be heard in the mountains was great.
Weed just yell!

Weed in order to improve the skill does not spare a monster whenever they yell
skills used. Thanks for that
Day and night until a roar rang out in the castle.
If there is a monster of the mountains bareukeu sick are much better.
Experience and Money! And items!
Monster Weed of the whole crowd who like to fight without the modifier, the same
place and was indeed home
'Something's got to be the unknown dungeon!
Development of the mountains of the Southwest is not.
Nearby towns and villages because the decent was possible. But not with the
purpose to find monsters.
Better to call pulling yourself to pieces rather than drink a lot of attention was
Zaha olive pieces left by the sword!
This greatly increased the damage of the Weed. To ignore the enemy's defenses and
attack resistant techniques as was later
Power can be seen in the larger was the skill.
Ha Le Gay sculptures left by the emperor's life, granted!
Sculptural works have affection for their owner fights. Sculptures made of art,
the more powerful high stats, Wan
Seongdoen to future growth is. This is under the Emperor Le Gay assuming that the
continent could iltonghal.
If I could give life to the sculptures, Weed is absolutely under no circumstances
will occur following the men
"Skill Check! Life Grant!"
?Give life to sculpture: the emperor ha le gay left for a later, 42 pieces of
Not technology.
Limit skills were advanced pieces can be used only in the state.
Skill requirements: Mana 5000. Art stats 10 (permanent consumption). Level 2
Sculptures have a strong personality and ego. When you see yourself and the
same sculpture
With the enemy is fighting. ?
Just use this skill to be mastered before surgery to advanced pieces, so far Very
far, just one
Life is a state grant in addition to sculpture and art stats every level consumed
there was a drop, take indefinitely
Mean you can not pay, respectively.
'The technology's ridiculous. However, technology is certainly useful!
Fencing and give a piece of life.
They left the master of engraving technology is about two things that the rest of
what will be the power of three. And
1 the five kinds of cooking you can get all of the technology tie-engraving last?
Weed jeonjikhal opportunities to people who were martial arts. But to give them
that chance to leave the moon and captured pieces
Many were worried.

Relatively faster than any other job you can upload or piece of handicraft skills
will only be fenced, very profitable
No. I have to check or chase kkongmuniman of articles will be.
Engraver Engraver who is the length of. Have a chance.
I had to make the most of opportunities.
'Pieces pagoesul, life giving, a piece sword! Maximize their power while also
remaining skills
Should be sought. Also have to get the last non-engraving. '
Rose carving skills, you will affect everything.
Weed when the monster does not appear that the coachman had a piece sitting on the
bench. Fighting monsters or bizarre picture
And trees! Or any structure made of wooden shapes.
- Intermediate skill level sculpture has been increased to three. This piece of
further surgery
Delicate and will be fine.
Finally, three pieces of intermediate skill level to win.
Since then go around the kingdom Weed rojaim bought the emeralds and pearls, jade
took them.
"What are you doing?"
Weed on the slopes of the mountains mapaneun jewelry goes for a sudden, his face
was full of questions. Bother to make money, pride
Eopeultego reason, monsters will not work, sharing their jewels.
'But to see the jewels?
But Weed's actions resulted in mapaneun then she found a surprise.
Weed with a carving knife sharpener jewelry will be started.
Mapaneun unwittingly fell screaming. Direct purchase of jewelry, because they are
worth much
Sure you have the know how. Talyida handle too well.
Big expensive jewels!
Although this process has not been rough, but the prices surprised deulyiragoneun,
Without hesitation, took a carving knife, but Weed is laid.
"This, what ......!"
I just want to Mali's behavior was at Weed. Mapanui eyes were hwidunggeure.
Slashed little gems. They are looking at very carefully clipped out one thing will
never see it positive
Degrees. But rough as they get cut off, might have been deeper brilliance shine.
Weed mapaneun idly stand by and watch the hand was moving.
Carved stone carving of olive Zaha throwing shapes to create a per lt, mapanui
eyes to admire the younger. Duntak
A smooth faces change and the jewelry was shining more brilliantly.

'Maybe they all think that gorgeous jewelry.'

Sculpture for his work on the intermediate Weed became the jewel it is possible to
Basically it comes to jewelry, the work requires skill and deftness. Lacking a
little bit too early to mid dexterity
This was no olive Zaha treasure of a sculptor's carving unique items that can be!
But these gems to sculpt as only a necessary condition, is processed to create a
beautiful jewelry
That was the art stats.
Weed is the art of the current stats are close to almost 300. Engraver moonlight
gave the job to the +100 stat of the art, a masterpiece
Dropped steadily creates sculptures and stats are raised.
High enough not to have shocked the art, stats, and was granted bail to all the
'Loverly ......!'
Bureureu mapanui body shook.
Can you imagine going to happen is because the future.
Rojaim buying gemstones from the kingdom of Britain, just by selling a big
breakthrough in the United Kingdom remains. But only in
If you sell drugs to work their treasure? It also has the best engraver of the
heart and soul gems segonghan If they were tilted to the
Price of ......?
'I can not even imagine!
Mapaneun carrying out a deep silence fell. It was cautious driving coach.
Banghaeha filigree jewelry work
Had not been intended.
Fraudulent because of the effect of hands and the carving knife, is that I think
make beautiful sculpture that comes teokteok
Tasty food, shows very well, in fact, was delicious. Weed solely on intermediate
skills and dexterity of the right
Cooking, engraving is due. The skills of the jewelry is working with pity that was.
- Lightning collecting stones Parwan
Bareukeu travelers over the mountains was a short stay accommodation.
Rojaim original resting place of the kingdom had made Ranger unit and the gateway
to the same place, normally, people often deBernard is not the place.
"We were fortunate've come this far. Now, after a couple more a day or two to
arrive at your destination
'll Be. "
"It was too hard."
Halmaneun Hot air and laughed.
"This is all thanks to you is dry."
"I gotta straight. Rewiseu, in the first place it's because you killed him."
Halmawa dry, Levi, Gran.
4 people in the United Kingdom of Britain and are well-known killer. Taking the

equipment to kill other people have lived for fun

Infamous ass-banging on a four-member was even more famous.
Only about one month ago!
How dare you touch the guild, they fell cloud.
Britain and the United Kingdom, as well as, across all continents, one of the 10
large guild. Only guild members 6000
People beyond the great forces combined with an alliance guild that the guild was
proud. Jung harmed Britain's supremacy of the United Kingdom
Will doyeotdeon.
You could even say that ass-banging four-member may regard the name, it was not
I wanted that was not touched.
APB has shortlisted four-member level, while gently elevate the mind to
concentrate on hunting and eating, which
Geodeulmeokgeorin named Brandy came to him.
"You, go away. This is our area."
"What, is he?"
"Where you say bullshit!"
4 artificial, of course, has lost his temper. A lot of money to donate to the
temple for some time and was hunting the killer of the red markers disappear
Jean was in a state.
So what is with the four-member did not notice any brandy, while still claiming to
be his area of 4
Joe Hunt has blasphemed. Levi, is she finally exploded.
"That'll be dead!"
"How dare you insult yourself where you came!"
As usual, anyone, even my mood to watch a four-member is killed, and let them eat
in front of girdle around
And not to have a broad mind. I went once and kill you.
Infamous ass-banging would expect a four-member, his back and quietly go back at
once to the attack was made.
Brandy's level except for 1 patient during the four-member lower level than all
the rest, respectively. But at the same time a bunch of people by surprise
Gahani, of course, much easier heomuhal died.
And they became a map of.
?Short legs grave objection: Strength 1 / 1.
Dwelling where the geeks fell asleep.
Does not happen between the two gorges, between the base of the tree does


Stomping rumble!
In the beginning, not only without sacrificing strength.
Look in the sound does not ring kwangkwangkwang.
By Hans R. Berg rayinegeu. ?
"What is it?"
Four-member has passed a laugh. Neolrigo fella will be regarded only as one of the
treasure map.
However, since Guild kkeunjilgigo persistent tracking cloud resulted. The four-

member of their guild after all we cloud

Found that a circle touching.
"Damn it! Stupid. Land is the first member of the guild Cloud're told it should
not be killed!"
"We do nothing that's what finished him off."
"That's why we're wrong!"
"Anyway, I typed while diving."
Since then, the people of four artificial hiding place, not only attending about
two weeks has been seen. However, large
Riviera track of the guild has not loosened the reins a bit.
In order not to die a few had escaped over the hump. The four-member 220 of the
level crossing, and many old experiences
Can not get out much if it was not up all of the crisis, said.
Halmaga said.
"It's a little weird."
"Nevertheless is not it?"
"The whole guild just killed a guy I can not be chasing us."
"Yes. We're trying to kill the end?"
"Wait a minute, then found a map of what's holding him?"
"What I think the legs were short its grave ......"
"The map must be on the extraordinary will! They're gunning for us, but that's
going for a map."
"Then we must find the treasure of the map."
Since then, the four-member began to demolish the secrets of the map. Crossing
points into the kingdom of old books from different times of the map
I know sutras report, the meaning of the phrase was also interpreted. As a result,
they had come to the mountains bareukeu.
"I just got one into the grave."
"Yeah. So what? Our adventurers did not have some dungeon You could not break
the trap."
"It's ......"
"We should have roughly ttaewoomyeonseo body."
"And the whole process go smoothly, even if a patient die on the road which in
the last thunderstorm,
Who will die? "
Nobody wants to die in the first place is not.
Jotahhaedo kills others that they really did not want to die were four artificial

that they're not that hard. Excavation of the last dungeon

Did not want to be left to die.
Then the car Binggrae Gran smiled.
"This was set to die."
"You're not pointing me to?"
Gran was a finger. But he did not play anyone of four artificial. He himself was
Gran point where the bottom of the mountains.
Ppikkeudeokgeorineun carriage ride was coming to the mapangwa Weed.
"Wow, I did not know where you will meet people. Hi, my name mapanipnida."
"I Gran. And this is rewiseu, halma, is dry."
4-member congregation, the Weed and mapaneul hambak laughter cheered.
"Bareukeu mountains to go somewhere where people do not know what brings you two
up here ......?"
"Yes, we have come to the trade."
Mapanyi horn replied.
"Gyoyeokyo? The two traders who are not you?"
"Yes. I and the traders, there is a Weed engraver watched."
"Oh, Oh, good."
Gran smiles. Halmana dry, rewiseu behind the scenes, too, started laughing
'Engraver's called.'
'I've got that stupid people choosing a career?
However, when dealing Weed and mapaneul was kkakdeuthagiman. Check the operation
is not over yet.
The most serious Gran four-member cast this question. Brandi caught when our ends
than others, since
Yuck had been wired.
"Oh, good anyway. But they had a monster would do merchants and engraver who
sign the bareukeu Mountains
Have you come across? How did they fight against monsters? "
"Weed said that in this way ......"
Mapanyi moment was trying to explain. Weed Took a hit on the side.
'Goes Hi'

I just tried to talk mapaneun damuleottta mouth swallowed. Weed is something to

hide sensed the attitude stop me
To sell it to draw the eye of the Gran smiled.
"Well, please tell us trouble was he?"
Weed facts rather from four musketeers of felt like something was trying to hide.
Versailles on the continent, no matter how wide the user if they `re filled,
monster, not the differences here or in heaven 4
Netflix was unlikely to meet.
Usually out-of-the-way places like San greeting when we meet someone, or with food
to eat. Length
If you think you may accompany them to the destination.
However, they too will see you. And jobs are delighted and asked hint.
Weed naturally skimmed their herpes. To talk in front of Gran between two of the
other three patients
Side and rear surrounds are.
'Was it a thief.'
Versailles on the continent are in danger, if you think only a monster You're
welcome! Rather, users are met at this place
Were more at risk.
Weed said preconstructed natural virtue.
"I engraver, but it has a unique technology."
"Technology, you mean?"
"Hers screaming. I hear all of the monsters escaped discarded.
Where you want to see it? "
"Yes. I wondered."
Weed yell as hard as the skill to gather mana was cast.
Mapaneun no sign at all since the show to plug his ears with both hands, but the
big four-member body that has been vigilant
Came into a wobbly.
"Where we eating ......!" sound
Levi, is she trying to blaze to dry and restrained with a glance back to Gran
built Weed watching ol 'smile.
"It's a tremendous roar. Hey, it did not see anything in this neighborhood for a
couple of times I think, this is
Gatna effect of driving the monster, huh? "
Sing skills.
Gran is not formed yet and the party leadership does not give the increase, add
effects did not work.
I just felt was only a loud voice only.

"Yes, the sound, and monsters will be hesitant. That's 42 to beat on the run."
Weed's description of the four-member pisik laughed.
'No big deal really.'
'Was just a good source of food showed up?
'He's there to screw them naesewoseo turned.'
Only need '1 ......'
'Why not? One of them finishes the rest of my hand, now that these people are
money traders
Ridge would be quite a drop. '
'Okay, okay.'
4 faux finished the whole story with the eyes.
Gran towards a serious face and said mapangwa Weed.
"Until such a technique here tonghaeteulji safely, but a really dangerous place
bareukeu Mountains.
Ties, so it can be said to have met you from here, we're getting to the escort.
'm Going to propose in good faith, shall not refuse will not say I hope, haha.
"Ha, ha! Jeohuiya do it if she's grateful."
Hotang mapando to let him and laughed. Force level is fairly weak as traders
seemingly bad to get along with four artificial
Saenggakeseoyeottta it is not.
"Nice to meet you."
Weed was also allowed to cooperate.
No sign of the eyes and from there to the four-member noticed some extent, but the
state of Chen, they think about how far it goes in
A view is based.
The fun of the adventure, did not go to places to travel, meet colleagues, at
And supportive colleagues can leave.
With colleagues and friends to hunt firsthand. Indeed this is the fun of the Royal
will be able to download.
Weed, sometimes with other people, I enjoyed the hunt. Because so much time to
play, always
Travel with the herd, but that's a pretty good job with.
However, the identity is unknown, was with four artificial.
Four-member stand on the trail of the monster played a role in combating them. Yet
the old squint mapangwa Weed
'Well. Crazy too loose.
'Sculpture're spreading?
'I think it fits the engraver.'

The artificial heart has four sleep. Conscious of the engraver ttawi hagieneun
they came up yesterday was bad too.
Just then, a Weed and took the gemstones. This concentrated the attention of four
artificial ass-banging in the state say
"Huh? Jewelry, is not it?"
Dry, or it reveals a dark curiosity. Mapanyi replied, smiling.
"Yes. Weed jewelry right now, right now."
"Ah, jewelry segongyo?"
"Disgrace to jewelry ... wow!"
Eorinda the greed of dry eye.
'Windfall forgot.'
'I hope if the drop be ......'
Weed of the jewelry seized a carving of the olive was Zaha. Come on, however, did
not like the four-member.
'Not to be attacked can do about jewelry show, something we hope to have
something more.'
Four-member already in Germany, while holding rats, I do not think the
differences, refer to Weed and mapanui was all the conveniences.
Here lie deceived party!
And pretend that gives the inside!
"Please go to dinner. Dinner will be by our people."
"Thank you escort it, but ... watching the meals we serve to do."
"Ha ha, no. Just wait."
The monster comes from manmade items four Weed and jugido mapanege was divided.
"This kind of poor quality, but that does have a seat."
"This fellow iteuni same way, right? Monster grab share of spoils gained
It is of course offering. "
"Get on."
Murder of four artificial everything, right.
"It did not have the decency to ......"
Mapaneun received wide smile, Weed was in a state of even deeper suspicions.
'Why not houira ... That thing does not exist. If you are not going to be
attacking us,

What the hell is that? '

If the average person to give a gift, favor those who have a good week. However,
Weed and looked at the question
Item does not need to bother to give out to situation. Good luck trying to give it
even more awkward scene
Order. Nevertheless, Weed did not express a little.
Weed is the least regard for the fact that, thanks to the Marfan 's were
completely buried. Mapaneun really a four-member of
Was to believe.
So one day later, they arrived at the canyon. Not only tens of meters wide, but
Are the misty valley below the underlying iteottta.
However, crossing the bridge seemed to be difficult.
"We got some legs. ... I have strong legs geonneojyo bridge."
Mapanyi when framed wagon, Gran had stopped laughing.
"Gentlemen, what is the reason for this adventure?"
"I enjoy this a little more scenic adventure, the excitement of seeing it, I
think. Beyond descending
They seem to be the length of time that I'll be there. Would you prefer it more
fun? Do it jusiget
Right? "
At the end of Gran mapaneun hesitated.
Versailles on the continent was formalized road goes on forever. May go into the
woods, or you can climb a mountain. Polished tubes
Domaneuro will not have to move. But the common sense view, which conveniently may
cross the steep canyon
We're going to have a say did not fit.
Mapando have noticed that at the end of a dull or felt, would somehow.
"Hey, I need to do that ......"
The doctors had refused to reveal mapanyi. Dealers wanting to attend as a safe
Four-member was trying to deny the proposal.
Halmawa dry, in the hands of Levi, is she takes Scabbard. Weed and mapaneun had
already surrounded.
Dealers and sculptors.
10,001 worth of nervous, but if you are prepared for the situation.
Volatile at the moment.
Mapanyi meotmoreuneun to reject strongly the moment!
"Let's go. Have fun doing it."
Weed the end of the Gran approved yesterday.
"Ha, ha! Was happy for thought.'re An exciting person."
Scabbard, etc. in the hands and the breaking of Gran halma laughed.
Weed and mapaneun ass-banging four-member rode down to where the lead. The slope
of the gorge and very urgently, do not

It took the wheel of the car several times. Without the help of four-member would
never go down, respectively.
Gran and stand in front of the brim of halmaga, Levi Swami pushed the wagon from
behind dry.
"This, I'm so sorry."
"Ha! No, Marfan 's, sir. This has a Sure enough!"
Gran and his coach, as they look halma given. Regarding the fact that it would be
soon on the Ah of
Will not pinch.
"Oh, I think there are trails in the ......"
Gran took the driving directions.
He turned around the canyon below. Return of the way has been sometimes be.
"Huh? Here there is more than the picture looks like. UH, I'll get back out
Yet a few times Gran went behind the canyon.
Weed that I was not this salpan jeongjak!
"Oh, here he's got the Red Line herbs. Beyond the Blue Ceylon herbs ......!"
The report of the herbs were bareukeu Mountains. The bottom of the canyon, byeolyi
been doing a good listener, where the herbs grow a few roots having
That might have been.
Weed out the hard herbs mangtaegi captured them.
"What are you doing?"
"No shit herbs kaejiyo."
There Goes the already beaten path will be delayed because more time.
'He surely will kill myself!
4 of artificial blood that stood on his forehead.
Then a few hours or mapando tired, too tired faux 4.
- Hey, Gran. You are going in a straight memorizing?
- In front of him?
- A second look at who they attract. Weed does not appear to think the guys are
dumb, mapanyiraneun
I keep watching my behavior, he got nervous.
- Okay. Hurry up!
Dry as a coach approached.
"Marfan 's Hi, Actually, I like to drink a piece, which tell the sorry Weed
could make a little tour
Do you think? "

Yet the dry side of the Gran hid the body.

Gran map unfolded in the meantime the current location of the grave where the
search and confirmed.
Gran's eyes shone.
'You're right place. It's just a little pass it!
"Well, I'll go this way."
Gran and the four-member back to the coach went back to where you came from.
After navigating through bushes and trees, and finally found the monument and the
tomb. Next to the entrance of the monument, respectively.
Four-member has the pisik laughing hanmadissik.
"Huh? This hump is dungeon?"
"Dwarf grave?"
"Wow, we're lucky. Well, I'm fine. I came here, and go in and it would not
"Marfan 's Hi, Weed Hi! Of course, did go in?"
- Conspiracy and instruments ?Dungeon. Dwarves Dear instruments have been the discoverer of the tomb the
first time!
Rewards: 200 reputation gain.
Experience a week, 2 times deurapryul item.
In the first hunt of the things that you can come to the monster
Items will be less good. ?
"We found the first woman!"
Dungeons entered into four-member naejilreotda the elasticity.
Their level is higher than the average stood by, but rather than hunting through
most of murder, they have grown
Was. Therefore, the experience of discovering dungeon was the first time.
"Come on! Hereafter, we only believe."
Four-member lead gallantly stood by. The purpose of the start of transportation to
the canyon without having exchanged heat in the coming expedition
Lee was the attitude.
"I'm psyched! Yeah, Hi Weed?"
Mapando enjoyed. When I saw this on an adventure out of the merchant will.
Weed the heads nodded silently.
'Their purpose was to bring to our group here.'

Now I began to understand the behavior of four synthetic.

A good for nothing seemed dismissive attitude, the things that bother all come
down to the valley below was descriptive.
'They want to go over the mountains and not bareukeu, originally meant here was
trying to visit.
They're here for information. '
But for this purpose when there was no need to embark aleuncheok. Weed is for
people who knew nothing of the pretended
"Hi, thanks to Gran and all strange to experience the story. Engraver difficult
time with this experience
Is not easy ......"
"Yes, we only believe. So anything along the Royal Road to hunt for fun."
Yet the road in front of four artificial ttuleumyeo entered more deeply. Weed and
slowly moved back mapaneun.
"Keeek! Enemy."
"Were the enemy!"
"Human beings, we are trying to invade the nest."
Predators werewolf!
Entered into a grave, a bonfire was lit up while resting the reaction was a
The majority of the people inside the dungeons were living like a werewolf.
Lycan bareukeu widespread on the mountains slopes!
Byeonsinhae already in the grave as they battle the Wolf walked.
"What, you're just a flame and the slopes?"
"Whooping, you're kind of disappointed."
Off the slopes, with a sword of flame and four-member who has handled lightly.
In the field a little more than a strong level of flame and 130 degree slope, but
still not such a sword of Gran and Levi seu
Failed to.
Weed said the judge.
Levels were not the only. In addition, excellent reflexes and judgments. And know
where to attack, other appropriate contacts
Gyeokhal knows.
Battle for talent!
Unlike a priest to accompany the team play as soon as possible to kill an enemy
attack. This is definitely a fun fight
If you had been impossible.
'4 Souls ... 4 people. You ass-banging four-member?
I saw on the website of the movie in my head flashed Weed.
Videos uploaded to avenge the victims hope. I do not remember until the face of

battle mode I can see

Weed, however, soon gave a sigh.
'Instead, the novices were adventures.'
The first hunting can give the best monster drop the item. Therefore, all about
the slopes Lycans
Get rid myself to leave, the better to catch the boss-level monsters.
But the four-member hunting them without really thinking, and will enter inside.
Obtained as the first discoverer of Dungeon
I kicked away the benefits semyida.
"You only we believe."
"Cancer, is then."
Four artificial slopes of the Lycans drilled sileopyi laughing.
Anyway you can not ignore as much as combat skills are extremely expensive. Let
murderers growth compared to the same level as
Mastery of skills is high. Practical experience is due to the many people who
fought, also used to dealing with monsters nalkaro
Fortune had a corner. Do not miss the well hole, the technology is very good at
Crucially, they have money like water. Gold is priced more than 5 mana recovery
potions and stamina potions, life in
As drinking water, clothing portion of the expedition was to turn over.
Murder if she got the money portion of the item sold.
Yourself while hunting a penny, two penny collected assuming you could not do this
luxury. Will drop even
Cooper was not picked up even japtemyina! Not even in grocery stores do not just
sell a few silver do not pick up the money badly.
Blowing in the body for only a Cooper Goes to a completely different world of the
'Let me put them into killers? Albuquerque, money, fame, but he has piled up to
I just might come with ......'
I hear Cooper Weed and pick up a fight between spectators, came mapanegedo crisis.
Through the four-member Library
Rambler Rambler is approached by a kanseulropeu.
"Hiik! Lycans slope ......"
Weed looked like salvation mapanyi ask. But soon hwadeuljjak was amazed.
Lycan mapaneun slopes have seen people get killed.
Many of the slopes Lycans madly!
They appeared, the Weed scored the gwangsoreul.
"Kuhaha Ha, ha!"
Then the slopes of the Lycans' cause I got beat up mercilessly. If you can not use
the sword to be repaired foot
As the head came crashing into the garage was also!
Weed's not a fight that would not!
Even a little like madness, watching the action, the Lycan was not scared at all
about the slopes. Right side
Weed mapaneuroseodo so scared to eat because there's been the reason is we had.

Weed believed as the protector would give the slap. Believe that was the only
But that's what's up!
Weed is much more than he was scared to death. The black and it has changed the
face wadeulwadeul trembling, cheoryanghal Capsules
"Up, Goes Hi?"
Mapanyi Moore said, when talking Weed blocked.
"Ow! This, I suppose we die?"
Ilgoya mapaneun fell speechless. What do you think you have no idea whether Weed
could not see.
Lycan attacks slopes!
Werewolves on the dash, without thinking more mapaneun avoided rolling land.
Was fortunate. Weed came to see that a lot of fighting, attacking the eyes of the
Lycans slopes overcooked. Straight line
The assault, and attacks on two legs and snout geuncheoda range. Because of that
difficulty could be avoided.
Weed also rolled on the ground, the body refused to attack the slopes Lycans. Ask
the dust on your clothes, was spoiled.
Weed closer to the flame and the slopes were pursued.
"Woowaah Aaah!"
rid of

but ducked the ttegulttegul gureumyeo.

roll up to the vicinity of four artificial Fortunately, I was dry and get
the Lycans slopes.
the battle, then the Weed and mapanege four-member has apologized.

"That I'm sorry. To miss one, we forgot that a big mistake."

"Not.'s Been in the pen. Thank you for coming to live ......"
Weed heard halmaga grinned.
- Guys were not too big deal.
- Weed of the mounts to see the guys all wound up for nothing.
- Well, not challenged a separate job qualities common equipment. It's still
level, single level, it's 100 degrees.
I carry a sword by the way deolreonggeorimyeo.
- Then go there, let's go!
4-member be released now until the last was wary. Weed the pitch black, but they
were not aware of
Weed in a tomb at the moment since I got to relax has never been dropped.
Lycan slopes!
Weed is an escape, even just watched.
Incidentally one of the four-member through the Weed mapangwa seem threatening,

but it was not. Combat capability of four-member

Given sufficiently could stop. So let go on purpose.
Weed and mapanui hamyi will evaluate actions.
Weed vessels and gave the inside.
Thieves can remove a trap for an adventure you do not have a party going!
Crazy burst out in front of the bottom bars up five or 10 times the distance I
struggled out from under the heavy sand dabansayeot
All. Everything is a trap for the trap being once, sometimes it was once again in
the trap had outstanding warrants.
The eyes look too obvious, even to the trap of being let me wish I was about
"Giggling, we only believe."
After seeing a gorgeous pool of blood, screaming halmareul gone, but his heart
Dwarf 2 underground floors were grave.
Gran meomutgeorimyi a bit toward the basement stairs, I found no.
"Ha ha, it's lucky."
Gran hotang relations.
Weed did not take him seriously, as well as his smile.
Basement 2.
There are more dangerous traps were installed throughout. Lycan slope did not
appear, sometimes scary
10,000, and the traps had an awful man huh.
Tears pouring oil on the ceiling without a moment he caught fire. Halmaga stop was
a reduction in health status
We've been out and turned into gray.
Was coming back slowly, because Weed and mapaneun was safe.
"Oh ......"
"It's amazing the trap?"
4 in the death of a fellow-member was very sad.
A rough figure for the end of dungeons status!
've Reduced headcount by a remnant of the share will grow even more.
'The guy got one, including me.'
'Well, if one died for nothing more ......'
'If only I'd lived. "
Was all about loyalty.
Halmaga retrospective myself die, die, others wanted to stay alive. Weed and
appropriate when there trying to kill mapaneun
"But ......"

Gran suddenly opened his mouth.

"We not only risk a little bit unfair."
Seu dry and Levi was a flash of spirit.
- What are you doing. Gran?
- The way a people who die of lightning strikes could. No way Why did you handle
him right now?
- Just sit back and look at it. I got an idea.
"I beg your pardon?"
Let me ask mapanyi somewhat awkwardly, to Gran hwatong laughed.
"No big deal. The risks and distributed mean you wanted! Us one people died of
the crew, meet requirements
Do not you feel a sense of responsibility? "
"That, Yeah?"
"One minute the lead two minutes jusijyo. Bundamhae go through a peer, if the
risk is minimal
Because of one reason. "
Mapaneun was mumbling. I want to get back to even the mind is the chimney. But the
reason why the atmosphere
Why it was not. They were brought there not supposed to be a feeling!
'But the heavy Weed nimhanteneun owe it ......'
And then decide themselves to mapanyi the moment.
"I do I make the lead."
Weed first and voluntarily went to.
"While there is no graver health damage because the side are a little bit, then
let me."
"Oh, I'm so grateful."
Since then, the party took the lead with a Weed.
When viewed in the strict sense could be called a party. Four artificial and did
not bear a party because of Weed! They are light
I did not eat into heomchireul was not invited to the party. Only you do not want
to have lesser share spoils
Will be paid to take credit for giving.
Killer little access to town they usually do not. Guards in the town of the killer
condition is very severe attack
May be, and if you can find them with the desired use, so the town had the sense to
refrain. So
Would not sell anyway japtemdeuleun has been able and willing to share.
'This place is fun.'

Weed on the shape dungeons where the monsters a lot! Bloody monster crowd swarms
around, haunted by Death Knight
Only wandered a dangerous hunt. Trap was the first time around, many dungeons.
'Vigilant at the moment is over.'
Let's walk a little bit of blue and red stones are arranged in a place like the
board suggests. Was the navigation skills to write a trap
All. However, you can use traps navigation skills were a thief, or an adventurer.
"Come quickly, Weed, sir."
Gran boosted back.
Weed the bottom of the pit gamyeo slowly gained ground. This gets out to meet some
First stepped on the blue stone.
Does nothing happen. What a relief.
Then stepped on the red stone.
In this little thing does not happen.
If the race route, but still remained more than 50 meters.
What pitfalls did not show herself.
'The blue stone. Red stone. Blue stone. Red stone. Baleuni rotation, nothing
happened. To dismantle the trap
See way too easy. Then ......?'
We took turns in the stone, working Weed thought that it was a continuous doublestepped on the blue stone. But no one
Does that happen.
Aroused greater vigilance.
'The trick with the stone's color. It do not mean anything. Vigilant in order to
induce the carnival had made
Is. Then ......'
Weed's eyes were sharp.
'Well ......'
Look ahead but, at the ankle geolchyeojil 10,001 were white thread.
Boundaries between stone and stones in blue, red, modest and concentrate hard to
find unless you were a trap.
'Touches were a gas station.'
Weed has advanced beyond the natural yarn.
Weed was Gran who just comes back. Cin, not sticking around, there was some
distance. Hump
Weed Shirakawa also be a trap with the intention of we'll get when you fall in!
Gran safely to avoid the 10 yard
Was away.
Levi, dry them, the swami.
Mapaneun was the last order.
Had to take a person alive as long as the safest in the rear were mapaneun.
Gran also saw the thread. Silyieotjiman very dim and go, Weed was keen to move
because of
Will be able to find.
Weed did not show any chance that the traps were fortunate, because to them may be

'Well, that's a trap. Liver damage from this silence is not a coincidence?
Or ......'
Gran lightly crossed threads. However, it did not say anything for dwitsaram. What
happens if you
Jilji not know when as soon as balgeoleumman a little more.
Levi seu undoubtedly carry off the unwary movement fell over.
At that moment, the walls of left and right arrows of the rain poured opened wide.
Levi seu big surprise of the body, flying arrows!
It stops for a screeching can.
"Also, help me!"
Levi's appeal in seu, Gran and dried as that stood in its place. Finally, a number
of Levi seu right arrow
Arthur died, there had breastplates deonggeureoni one dropped.
"Too bad she's dead at this place."
Hyunggapeun the charge was dry.
Gran towards each other, grinned, and dry. Levi did not help seu opponents, they
did not believe anymore
Ass-banging four-member
They met as a murderer from the beginning.
The taking of items by killing others who formed the crowd was just for fun. All
about friendship and loyalty has never had any
You can always break up.
Wham! Wham! Kwaang!
Appearance of the channel changed.
Attend your earthly career of a large underground cavity!
Back to the thunder that comes off the road. Pathway in the white brain metastases
were randomized to raider. Great sight
Although geujieopda seomtteukhagi.
Lightning bolts.
Circle of three cranial differences would play more often because the magic.
Goes back, saw that.
"I come through here?"
Gran arms pulled out a small stone.
"We're lucky. It would rush to collect lightning. What if you could cross
Weed saw that the stones have been feeling.
?Lightning Stone: 100/100 Strength.

High iron content of a special stone.

Electricity has the power to attract, and the picture seems to be a good iron
to be.
Options: 99 percent of Electrical Resistance
In electricity, has the capacity to absorb. ?
Weed reported that when a stone, Gran, and the cold, dry laugh.
'He's going to fall for the scapegoating by.'
'If you pass this spot a place that treasures.'
The people crossing the street to a scapegoat was needed. This, no doubt you have
the stones to collect lightning death
I'll have to take it said.
"Weed Hi, do you come across. By crossing the killing, but Are not we safe?"
Gran white laughed.
Finally revealed her true colors the moment anyway!
Weed said.
"Well, I can die if you cross that's good."
"What are you going way back?"
Gran, and saw a skinny face with a stupid face.
Was thought of to get the treasure. I did not even consider returning. Means were
"It's ......"
"We're doomed."
They obtained a single stone of lightning! When you get back all death is
Gran was a sword.
"So now you would not have been good for nothing. Stop dying."
Gran shouting a little dark to attack the blame. Skills to live with was just
before the raider.
"These dirty bastards ......"
Identify what is going through a real ground mapanyi badeudeuk it. But still
believe mapaneun corner
Weed reckon that will give them. If you've seen that before Gran Weed will be
sufficient to combat.
Weed, however, was still a frightened face. I could not do anything to the state.
Geomjocha turn
Does not.

'Why, why? Weed said if enough ......'

Mapanyi strange place, the Gran's attack began. But to attack Oh Gran mapaneul the
Shall, Margaux was a surprise.
"Gran, I knew this would happen!"
Gran and dry, and soon began fighting agency.
Gran seeks, wideuna mapaneun when they want to kill you, so kill him first, dry
Was. Did not trust each other enough, and the contrast was even dry.
"Eight, Sword of Flame!"
"Cold Blade!"
Fire and Ice.
Gran finished 2nd job skills test was hwayeomgye fencing.
Assassin teukhwain was dry in the dark fairy tale. Attacks while hiding the body
and lay down.
Skills abound, fireworks and pitbanguldeulyi are scattered.
Both killers were deuldapge very aggressive. Eagle attack than defend.
Boiling Boiling skill itself, but soon caught the Gran gi. Somehow amseupe
Assassin euroseoneun optimized, w
Department can not afford to test.
"Bye-bye, baked."
"Keueuk, Dang! Little treasure go ......"
Dry, while the death of betrayal by their own hearts for the hard feelings did
Ttawi uirina friendship! Taking pleasure lies in front is useless subject. Margaux
was a cool guy.
Soon the sword Gran made a dry throat.
"Keuhahaha! Now treasure my chill."
Gran with a smile jeothyeotda Invigorating.
The death of Margaux, where a dropped shield.
"Weed Hi, Marfan 's sir. 2 minutes with out a people for me, go inside the stone
jusijyo. Instead of
I'll have a shield. Levels above 200 would he pick the old shield, once the
price include die
It's almost enough. And the eyes are better rejected. I need it Only one
remaining person
I'll kill it. "
Gran's head already done the calculation.
When you get a free treasure gets sacrificed. When you die, give out kkajitgeot
once. Very unlucky not
Come on, do not drop is bomulman. Hwakryulsang, die and get the treasure in
dungeons drop the possibility of
The low side. In addition, a tough, unfortunately, he could drop the item.

Gran has already put in the hands of the treasure, as was rejoicing. Weed of the
sword until you.
Scabbard Sword slipped on the clay was soft.
Gran's tone quickly changed. In respect Doug, and Joe turned into blackmail There
is some meomutgeorimdo.
"Whooping, are you going to be resisted? Yes. And then you die here, Marfan 's
been said that if my guide
Might be it. Of course, a lot of hurt me ipgin, but the fact that your attacks
do not know what's ridiculous about my?
Okay, three seconds and not concede. Look hurting yourself. "
3 seconds, yielding something out muhyeopji likely.
Weed did not refuse.
"Make your choice to judge. Snippet sword!"
Hwipssatyigo light sword, Gran anxiety younger eyes.
'Concessions for nothing you say? Well, let's concede that I've also anticipate
Roll your head back and forth between the Gran Weed can not imagine him wielding a
sword came up to speed
Blew up the neck.
"Joe, engraver that ......"
Until the last moment Gran face and was in disbelief.
One such attack and counter-pose that semyieotneunde, the lower the damage to life
all in one
Was enough to make disappear.
Pook mapaneun breathed a sigh. To predict this outcome, but the four-member 12 to
die, do not throw away
To Jean.
"What do we do now? Just want to go back?"
"I'm gonna find the treasure came from here. There is doubt."
"How? Goes ... we did not come out where the guy dies, they've survived the
"I'm not sure beopman to die. The risk in the beginning because people, not to
find a map
Would not choose the correct way backwards. The road goes on forever do not
bother yourself to say certain place
I do not know the meaning of the turns. "
Weed oewooja the order, white wings sprouting from his back was born. Safe to
cross the mountains in the first place bareukeu
The confidence. The secret was in the wings.

Top of the mireukan rabiah seu.

Where the inner one month of the 10 gold may get me to heaven. Join a special
group to put a feather said.
Weed attend your earthly career of avoiding falls thunder, flew across. A smaller
tube, and appears to be half-bad
Could stage.
'It got to the treasure.'
Weed took the instrument.
Half of the non ?Dwarf: 20/20 Strength. Yeonjuyong.
Vino was short and fat Dwarf.
But as a woman I loved.
More than race, can not be true love!
Dwarf for making women hate men, Vino was the despair.
So he went out to the music.
Indeed music, art, beauty contained in favor of women because you can buy.
Options: Women's NPC rise to crush 30. ?
Weed was looking at a half-absently. Eventually to the mouth breaks out into
Halmawa dry, rewiseu, Gran.
Kill or be killed intrigue and conspiracy!
And only half the treasure to get to the last one was just. Strongest weapon, not
even a good armor favor of women
Instruments for a living.
Maps in the first place was to get the instrument itself.
- Van Hawk's humiliation Lee Hyun-item transactions to manipulate the computer has access to the site. Each
gold and the articles on the site of frequent trading
To determine the price of the 12 every day, but I had a special purpose.
"Will's great."
The Royal Road was growing in popularity every day. Even if the number of
registered items in the last week 16 million
One was around, and I was cheongaena 160,005.
But last week, an auction and unsold items are given to you was that not
geotyinya. Very teomu
Nieopneun put them at high prices or unwanted items with people much, except that
almost all sold.
Items sold after the deal is completely cancel the day after which, still new then
Items that were registered.
Lee Hyun looked for a jureureu list.
"This week, we could use much of the item."
Mela is ?Sword: 105/105 Strength. 40-43 damage.
Long Sword form by the sword, made by mixing a small amount of Mithril. There
is the great strength and

Cherished by the sword, some names are produced by a blacksmith Mela item.
Limitations: The Power 200. Level 100.
Options: 50% additional damage to undead.
+25 Strength. +17 Agility. ?
?Krakow's Bracelet 42: 40/40 Strength.
42 Geeky Wizard Creative was introduced to the magic of the Enchanter series.
His hand dwelling
Items that granted magical powers, so that the greed of the continent, all of
these things pay
Restrictions: Level 150.
Options: Mana maximum rise of 30%.
Amplifying effect of the magic 20%.
+10 All stats. ?
Tom, I had some very few items, too. Weapons with special options or accessories
they desire Lee Hyun
This was born.
'How much?
Mela is black was 1,500,000 won the auction to start. But while the price
continues to surge and has surpassed 2.5 million won.
Starting a business is not at stake that can be used in a relatively low level it
was sold expensively because geomyigi
Creative unique item 42 as the start of a bracelet that exceeds 300 million won,
is currently on a 5 million won or more types of
Was seongdoeeo.
"Tteokyirogun picture."
Lee Hyun dasyeotda the ipmatman.
But from the beginning to buy things from auction sites, I did not care about. Of
course, a good item for the concept of investment
Might be focused on hunting. About 30 million won, you can use the money because
there's been said.
Spend money, but look at the endless picking up the item harder. Better items,
more items to find a good RE
In the end, even the purpose of tie is blurred.
Lee Hyun rough finish searching the auction began writing.
Rabiah service, to sell items obtained through the hunting stuff. Primarily with
the Death Knight's weapon, sell it
Possess a rather unusual japtemdeulyieotda.
Some of the things needed for quests japtemdeul dogs sold for cash because it is
not. Others
If it was sold in grocery stores or else they just may have left, Lee Hyun-day
auction to search for articles that require it
People could not forget, there's been.
The deadline for the auction week.
Games include 4 weeks time.
Death Knight of weapons came from.
Weed is the best one left to write the rest of the weapons and armor for the
beginning decided to 10,000 won.

Gyeongmaeran preferably is beneficial to many people to bid. Anyway, at least on

the competition as much as he is glued
I'll rise in rank, was a big worry that without a determined start.
Instead, the start of 3000 won by at least japtemdeuleun placed the reward. Does
not even bother to 3000 won the hassle gamsuha
Do not sell through this means. Shall have wasted so much time because.
Lee Hyun writes that more than 30 auction items were registered with the site.
"Gagyeokah, come aboard a lot."
Start the Royal Road, and then register for the first sale was dead dugeungeorinda
'What happens to rise?
I know that it is not wanted by force that, but it can not help but be excited.
Lee Hyun-trading site, which was in the top-notch triple-diamond rating. 100 dogs
a month, only a transaction fee
As well as being exempt and registered items are also posted in a prominent place.
With red color
Boxes separate process, so that in the middle of the auction items that were put
Hyeon this.
"If this much work to be buried at least you're dead."
Death Knight to be the first weapons of 20,000 won, 30,000 won and people who were
Auctions a week. Since I'm already writing up the father's good because it does
not have expectations.
Versailles's first continent iltonghan ahreupen empire!
Glory of the empire seems to be in the 300 years, was divided into dozens of
countries. In the period since the central continental
Bought by the history has been written.
Consisting of blood, death, history!
Weak principalities and powers in an era of small states to survive the war
allied. This United Kingdom of Britain
Was the establishment of an anecdote.
In the early days of the atmosphere was strained by distrust and suspicion but
completely uninterested 7 kingdom, the kingdom now, marriages and integration
between law
Established as one of the kingdom has moved. The officials of each country to go to
other countries could receive similar treatment
Was thriving economy has also.
In the geographical center of the continent, but rather inclined to the east,
avoiding a war that can develop rather large thanks to
That would have. By nearby merchants born free, too, because the city will be the
development of trade and technology
For that reason, you can choose to play for Britain and the United Kingdom the
number of users were pretty much side.
Thamrin town.
United Kingdom of Britain's best village was located on the east side.
"Rabbit Leather BUY!"
"Take him peseuteo minutes in the cave to go hunting!"

"Priest is preferred. Level 50 minutes later a priest! Items allocated shares in

the two men will be beaten."
Square was a huge crowd gathered. Dressed in colorful clothing and equipment of
the user. Um, the number of merchants have
Cheongnada. Yinimankeum to the development of commercial trade of the United
Kingdom of Britain are engaged in a number of merchants will be pretty.
"The spices hearty did you buy?"
"Buy cheap stuff, this time ascending the very money that makes sense."
Thamrin beginning with a low level in the village mostly, were merchants. Having
quite different from market to sell things
Come on, stop by often were merchants.
East of the village stand as a return slowly walking towards the front door of
these people stood out.
"Huh? What's that?"
"I had a very good ......"
Fans around the wheels had been rolling around for rough, the coach is almost
covering the canopy had a pair of cloth.
Just off the wagon because of people's attention, because of the fact that the east
is coming from.
Weed in stone carving screwing coachman, and the hard cost calculations mapanyi
Mapaneun still have ears.
Weed cross over the mountains at the time of bareukeu screaming!
I heard sing it was so much spare time to take a throw neurosis. Temporarily lower
the pressure, and their abilities
War Cry of the Warrior to enhance technology, unlike the arcane skills that use the
Lion's Roar. Army morale
Rise, the army released the confusion? It seems that a lot of useful skills that
will instead.
Battle of the bojogye seukilin yell, very much doubt that the purpose of improving
skills, instead of scary, is very rapid.
Once we get a long sound as hard as skill level is rising rapidly. Weed advanced 3level skills that come to sing
Because of that, mapaneun will never promise I will not attend, as warrior, and
also on the has repeatedly promised.
"It's a lot of people."
Thamrin for the town of Weed was the first watch.
Located in the east of the town, notwithstanding the changes, that would have a
large number of users. Royal rojaim
Gukcheoreom not change the state of the afternoon in the center of the continent as
the kingdom broke into the fact that the only realistic.
Nearly one month after arduous march over the mountains here bareukeu Britain will
arrive in the United Kingdom.
Giant Spider and Basilisk, Ogre, and various animals and led them to download
Beast! Lake of the mulgwisin
The Weed and seized the ankles, their branches and roots of cannibalism Thurs
spurred attack.
Mountains of the world was indeed a monster bareukeu them. Lycan on the slopes in
droves from the first time he compared the

Man deserved to be called. Some of the monsters of the emergency room if you could
build a group that fought for more than 10 hours turn
Waves had to be.
In these bodies, Weed said the work had all the jewels.
In fact, Intermediate Sculpture by anything since this happened a good climbing
skills are not. A piece of jewelry that state liquor
As for his work on the additional skills gained. But namutjogakeul piece does not
even two or three times than the ones relative
Skills and gave thanks to the intermediate piece had the right skills, at level 4.
But even more enjoyable job, Intermediate dexterity is finally finished on six
Sculpture through the rapidly growing throughout all areas of dexterity, you know,
affects, in some sense
Engraving was then considered an important skill.
"Weed rojaim watched it the first time you left the kingdom, is not it?"
"I toured with other countries to meet some friends had been, the best person
rojaim Kingdom
Have not stood up. Even if people in the north lot wanggukman Brent. "
"When you start a lot of people in the kingdom because a lot of benefits."
If you have information about any of the pioneers in the law.
And if a particular dungeon or magului was the concept of ownership. Gildeuna
ownership in force, the number two
Have points. First, to hunt an additional 20% of the guild they gain more
experience, and these non-guild
For more than a certain number into the dungeon does not limit it looks like. The
friction caused by the war and is also very
Many side.
Britain from the United Kingdom has conducted a full-fledged guild activities will
look. Siege of Fort ohdein
Also, is not one of them.
'This is nothing related to me much. The pride of the guild will not have time
to waste fighting or hadaga. '
Weed and mapaneun staring eyes surprised them, ignoring the user, first as a coach
driven market. Countryside is
A small shift in the exchange was grunge. The owner was an ordinary old man.
"Stuff I have to sell."
I tteja mapanyi luck, market, and asked the owner of the bansaek.
"Oh, nowadays a lot of traders come. We stand by going on a lot. I'll give you
some things that are sold?"
Mapaneun cheese and olive oil in a carriage holding juseomjuseom pulled bottles.
"This stuff is selling."
"Oh! Rojaim the goods of the kingdom is not it? Came from far away, each with
four silver and eight silver I'm going to hit."
Jilkkeun eyes closed while mapaneun hadaga conflict went all disposed. Until now,

take a carriage carrying on ohneura Politics

I'm sick of the smell of olive oil because crabs. Whenever a coach cheat
meseukgeoryeoseo rough, Royal Road
It felt good to realism rather mapanyieotda High.
"Thank you. Our village lies in a 470 gold hit a hard thing not all bad news."
Mapaneun through trading profits of about 200 gold and a little fame and skill
were able to raise them. Of one month
Only come at the end was a rewarding trip. Might as traders largest long-distance
transport of happiness and success
When I got a call will ppudeuthamil feel.
Next was the turn of the Weed.
Weed eyes were filled with envy mapaneun.
Food harvest this year has given much money, jewelry, how many benefits they will
give arms.
'Weed It also said that the jewelry for you to work directly ......'
Mapaneun gulped.
Weed brooches and bracelets to open the backpack took one.
"Would you buy this for some time?"
At that moment, the exchange slips users say they've quickly become noisy.
"They're jewels. That's the emerald and sapphire ... Perfect!"
"Where bail out are not they?"
"It's beautiful!"
In a way, this reaction was natural. Tamrinui merchants coming to market these
relatively low levels
Because, jewelry and many people were seen to lose.
Weed overview of the jewelry market pushed expressed disapproval of the owner.
"You see things in a small town like this you do not get rid! How would it look
to the city that?"
Mapando word was pretentious.
, "Jewel in the luxury category, there was a small town, rather than sell in
developed-commerce sales in big cities
Will yideukil unsure. Direct selling market in a jewelry store, but a small
fraction of the price shift
I'm going to hit better. "
"I do?"
Weed that put the jewels back in the bag.
Thamrin, anyway I think the town could not dispose of the chain would. Every town
or city is different on each because
Britain and the United Kingdom on the jewelry to see if the degree of the rough was

Mapanyi sells groceries instead of buying another to bear Thamrin trading day of
the village was over.
Two men shot antique carriage slowly toward the west has gone after their visit to
the village merchants Thamrin
Has become a big topic.
"Can not live in the village market price, how expensive are you doing?"
"If they were jewels that became much work it must be purchased at extremely
"Where you from hell are they?"
"East! That's the way ......" bareukeu Mountains
"You passed the mountains bareukeu people?"
"Rojaim is the kingdom! Rojaim jewels of the kingdom will bring. But where are
those pore ......"
A few days later, Weed and ally of the United Kingdom, one of Britain mapaneun
keuroin regaseu on the arrival of the kingdom may be
In front of St. broad plain How-monsters such as a rabbit or a fox running around,
users are eager to beat up
Hebrews were chasing.
Mapanyi is relaxed.
"It's very peaceful scene."
Weed was also agree.
Bareukeu Mountains to bloody monsters than it is not used by the look of a cute
rabbit and a fox really cute
Blue sky white clouds drift by.
The warm sun, away from the golden fields of grain seems to go yeomuleo.
The red brick was built around the landscape and blend well regaseu rojaim castle
of the kingdom and the incomparable Sarah Borg
It was not beautiful enough.
I'm looking for a peaceful scene, Sierra was also feeling like a side building.
- Art stats have increased the two.
Stat of the work of art not only make travel and see new things and would have
stood even a little bit.
Most travelers keuroin kingdom!
Here's a very beautiful and the town, brings many visitors. Is the famous resort
of lovers
Picked out a place to place.
Weed and mapaneun laid around and enjoyed the moment.
Mapaneun pure blood to wash the meantime, the suffering and if it was pay, Weed's
eyes were sharp analysis of the castle
'Well, if so much of the highly reduced models can make a group sculpture.
People are considered to be fairly
I think. He's trying to increase skills and how?

Weed of the spire, the shape and height of the wall, inside of the structure was
walking over rough draw.
Engraver's instincts.
'm Trying to do something visible jokjok piece is.
Weed and mapaneun slip front reached the gate. Horse drawn carriages and dragged
before mapanyi stepped forward.
"I'm going in. I was first."
On how to access the two parts are.
One of the main gate to get into!
Of course, chose to enter the front door of mapaneun. But armed guards in front
"Here is the passage 3. And trade licenses, please."
Mapaneun without hesitation and said the guards threw two gold. Maeulgan attending
the trade of a considerable amount of money
2 gold was worth every penny bit.
"Welcome, sanginnim."
The guards even as they settle for a matrix of noble eopdeurimyeonseo
significantly opened the front door. One great place seongyideun
Close the front door usually open only to those who put paid to give the gold was.
The momentum! Hokwaeham!
"Hey, great!"
"He did nothing of the two gold."
Each person's user spits around the word. People who hunt around the castle in the
little things as much as a Starter deulin
Mapaneun shrugged his shoulders.
"Weed Sir, please come in!"
Weed the post after a while, turned to straddle. Small gate next to the post after
the sidewalk and so on. But this
Exactly as I plugged it in front of armed guards.
"Stop! United Kingdom of Britain and you're not a member of a person. Regaseu
castle, not what brings you here?"
Guards who can tell just knowing what country was capable of national belonging.
Rojaim in the kingdom until its boss but she knows, the capital of country need to
report a simple procedure and Was
All. If things are not reported to the castle fought in the way cases are being
"Trade, and I made to sell the goods, the guards of your Excellency!"
"Oh, so according to the law of the land will have to pay a toll."
"Please pass?"
Weed gomsalmatge the goldsmith had commended the efforts of the guards laughed.

"I really like this heonanghasin regaseu guards of the guys can learn about
policing was equal to the bleachers."
"Well, Well! Bit short on something."
Guards are a simple hijuk laughed.
Soldiers are already training center with the instructor guwosamneun Weed Law was
fully acquired.
"Too tough right? But is it such a big castle to keep the self-esteem seems to
be great. You are
Or are you talking about who got to keep the castle? "
"Why, yes. But in order to trade in the city who come to pay a toll."
"How long has it toll? 7 silver as money, because I have ......"
"Enough is enough.'s Toll five silver."
Weed's face was stiff for a while. And silver from his pocket and pulled out four.
"Hut! I only saw four silver ......"
Weed and mapaneun regaseu went to the city as their own business was more.
"I bought japtemdeuleul and stopping by to let market. Maybe I'll look nothing I
can do.
I'll see you in here a day later. "
Have their own quest for traders.
They used to talk commissioned 1000000000000 months.
How to get some different stuff, or leave the carriage of goods or a specific
request is deulin
"Well ......"
Ex-Weed mapangwa the first go around downtown and found a jewelry store. Of
course, people just want to sell jewelry
It was to.
Castle, the capital of the kingdom keuroin regaseu himself, a very lively city,
was not hard to find a jewelry store
1st and 2nd floor.
The 2-storey trade jewelry store was crowded with nobility. Ahyitemyong sockets
look like they buy jewelry
Some users were even. If combining items of jewelry that I had a special feature
will emerge.
"What did you come to buy?"
Weed was greeted with the store's trading.
Lady! NPC was the elegant beauty of a jewelry store.
"It has to sell."
Weed took the jewels in the backpack.

Shine, colorful gems.

Chwiroksaekui emeralds, sapphires and pearls, dark blue.
"Wow! Jewels are."
"They've never seen that many gems, I guess."
Thamrin in the village close to the reaction of the bar and did not vary much.
Then weigh them to see the jewelry trader said.
"Oh, it could break if hit with 2900's gold! But hey, you're a famous
adventurer, and our direct
Make-up that we might not relate to the 3200 gold I'll hit. If you have the
proper geumaekil'm so. "
Capital of Gold Jewelry takes 1,700 people bought more than a flash in the 3000
gold was turned into something. Cheap as
Gemstones of the kingdom of contending on bail after buying an expensive keuroin
processed out of the kingdom was to sell the amount of available
'1, 500 gold is the profit? Transportation time and effort put into work given
to see a big gain was achieved
We're not alone. '
Hunting when the hunt for one month in revenue and experience can get! This is to
give up the truck, any
Shall take the risk of losing a profit just was not getting. If you have a bargain,
where traders
Can be. Depending on trading technology in higher prices for goods that can be sold
However, the traders were not Weed. So I took a half instead.
Ttiriring, Ding, ttingtting.
A non-favorable to the rise.
Harpy badeuna forest attracts people to the power of the play is. To inspire love
and goodwill, even when prices
Is beneficial. How much high-level bard of love received from people with free
access to restaurants and inns may
"Wow, that guy I'm playing the harp."
"Something nice."
"Nice to hear?"
Weed of the play was a fundamental shift, but not bad.
In between learning to be based on purpose, one-dimensional japkaeui area was
- Listening to music has increased liking of NPC.
Weed maethyeotda smile on my lips.
Shop for traders eyed closed his eyes. Like music to enjoy.
Achieve their intended purpose.
But the eyes tteudeoni shop trader says.
"Good gokyineyo. But the song because I'm missing without."
"One song?"

"Yes. Can you hear me sing, huh?"

Weed the bear could not refuse.
The roaring rock!
Once in reality is the life-oriented.
However, sometimes referred to as a locker, and several ignored lived.
Ignore pitch! Ignore the beat! Ignore Lyrics!
Carry a so-called was terrible.
Wideuman not only acknowledge this fact. So Goes the harp began to sing
, "They click! The day the sun rises! Back day! They click! And! Up! Garden!
"Kkyaah Aaah!"
"I'm crazy."
Skills and sing songs that really what's the difference.
Weed's singing did not let the user's horrified. For a little bit by getting a
head swimming
Dapdaphaetda seumyi. Things in something that gives a pop Combined with much
"Le a day! Your thinking or Spanish! Walk! Seen! Ha! Ever! That!"
Weed and sang, while the hard boom.
Melody is all about. Only Castle hello!
As it is called in a loud voice the song is the best.
Weed finally finished the song when they arrive there to get out of the crowd,
however, only one person shop owner
Her face was turned to Paris.
"How much do you give?"
Weed is the end of the trading store and shook his head.
"Trade can not."
"Get out! Otherwise, I'm calling the guards."
"Harp playing again ......"
The song had to give up.
Weed and stores the transaction is hard to play the harp again raised the liking.
"I will provide you with 3240 gold."
"That is enough."
I feel light on the jewels disposed Weed abandoned 3240 won gold.
- Did reap large profits trading. 150 rising reputation.

Weed's reputation once again increased.

'This gave up your two fabrics.'
Higher reputation can be higher and the difficulty of the quest, it was possible
to get things off the value. But
Reputation is in itself a source of pride has been.
- Corona, you know? Haenaetdeogun the tremendous work that guy. Cemented in the
Dodge took a heads twin ogres something.
- Batunyiraneun thief samiel been done safely has been commissioned by Archduke
Good news. Samiel Depression gave him the title of the article group.
The power of fame, respectively.
Sometimes difficult to solve or a quest to grab the monster when angry, they start
talking to the NPC.
Merchants' trade benefits is the same.
NPC by the story can be known within the Royal Road was.
- Have you ever seen bansenyiraneun test? Be careful with him. Random murder
Committing the group attends. It also took the bounty.
Sometimes it has even become famous in this way to notoriety.
Freya in the town of Weed, if desired to create the statue, then became a
celebrity in the village had been.
After working in a jewelry store, this time headed for Weed Thoreau's footsteps
Rabiah service, got a necklace of red life.
Weed skill too emotional, but nothing of the skill level is low, probably because
it was not confirmed
When I found the necklace at the beginning and this has turned a radiant white
light. The name of the necklace, but said the red life. The color
Kkaleun mapaneul did not change when we met. Since then more and blow over the
mountains bareukeu whether he has changed
Turned into a full crimson gold.
Selling out to anyone or else they are just something that was a mean game items.
Weed eventually shot, but how much money the item to find out the correct
information to the view of emotions Cattle
'A terrible thing if I'm gonna break it.'
Feeling the midst of oxen was crowded with many users.
"Here, gleaned from the examination please check hunting!"
"This ring took the property to determine ......"
Bucket was off the market.
Unidentified items that people feel like scratching a lottery ticket may be
feeling. Who knows you. Really
I even geonjyeoteulji Unique items.
Weed through the 1st floor staircase just keep walking straight up and two floors.
1st floor, a simple check of the items were available, with emotional skills Weed
tolerable Items

That were needed to confirm.

Cheungeseodo There were two significant users. Weed hesitated for a moment here
was not just to overlook. So far
The Red Necklace of life of all items, except, you know, give momentum, is not
convinced ordinary items
And will.
Place top layer of the emotions finally Weed went on the 3rd floor. Was fully
enclosed rooms. Strictly confidential
Give it away.
Weed is one of them entered the room.
Weed yeomabeopsaga chalrang yellow hair, which was stopping.
'Is the user.'
Typically, sex does not go four weeks, users will experience a variety of quests.
Of course, the ever kept Weed obesity ttaeryeotjiman scarecrow that is if you were
extremely rare side, under part-time job at the inn
Prayer books in the bookstores, or order, or even to develop their skills in a
particular production.
But the way of the wizard, select the user to do a lot of emotion in the shift was
Giving gamjeonghae magic items and improve skills, nor could have, if you're
lucky, the tip of a considerable amount of
Could be had.
'Woossi! Of all the three gold is low, then it just great!
Lindell raise the level of the wizard, 200 had just finished 2nd job. Do you
finish the wizard, a former New
Could learn the laws. Lindell jeongyeokgye specific choice of a magic shower, of
course, was lightning.
Kkothineun lightning come down from heaven with a very beautiful effect and give
big damage to many monsters
Was the magic that can be useful.
However, a whopping 540 gold price north of skill!
Even if he finished 2nd job that could not be any kind of money to the poor
wizard. When the lower level of each
Buy a magic kind of catalyst and reagents, and a little north and skill level,
whenever Rove, staff who need equipment
Should. The most colorful and brilliant career in the field, but the wizard always
live in poverty, was wearing.
Enough to fill three gold and emotions to work in a small selection of Lindell was
However, since the first guests were the worst.
The spraying of the interorbital jjipuryeojinda Lindell.
'But what is this beggar?
Weed was the thought he saw the look of.
'I forgot to ssitgona.'
Lindell is not outrageous in light of the eye comes to mind.
Kkojilkkojil time to do a shot with a cape, armor of shabby!
Reduced tolerance on the characteristic luster seemed lost equipment will be

turned like a slut. Furthermore Dress

Are in danger too weird. Mangtaegi shoulders and wearing the identity was unknown,
there is a foul odor
Fly the wind.
The smell of herbs was hard to be gleaned.
Lindell, but grin at the idea that the guest spoke. 2 gamjeongso was rude to our
Is not feasible to collect the money has been truncated in length.
"I'm sorry. Here's a rare luxury item or cow's feelings. General to identify
magic items
There is a feeling of the stars Look at Thoreau. "
Anywhere that people judge's attire is the same. If it was different to see NPC
myeongseongchi half of Weed
Lindell is a user who was eunghaetgetjiman. Weed replied that, without any arms,
pulled out a necklace and put down.
"I should gamjeonghae."
"This is the price expensive. Emotions can pay for 50 silver."
Such a money, but there is that much and come prepared to state.
"50 Silver. Here it is."
"Ohhh, so you can not. Cipher as items do not regret me."
Lindell was the talk of caution.
Feelings among the items identified in cattle as expectations of a good thing, but
things really disappointing
Lot more things. As a result, feelings turn to be invalid or would not pay money or
people having no other species
America because, you should of had to talk about. Lindell was the put the necklace.
Since then, something unusual
I felt the flow of mana.
Wizard, they can not determine the flow!
At least four of the Magic Circle than it means it's not at stake. But her
emotions still running high skill
Standing, were able to identify more of the magic.
"Item feelings!"
Lindell shine brightly as the hand touched the necklace of red life has touched.
Then the items of information revealed.
?Death Knight necklace: 100/100 Strength.
Demonstration of the dark sorcerer bareukan a homemade item peu!
This necklace contains Death Knight class in Hawk's life, the things
This class can summon a Hawk. Barcelo loyalty towards However Khan
Returning will not be easy.
Limitations: If you do not recognized as a master is attacked.
Options: Death Knight can summon.
Enchanting 'Call Death Knight'.
Enhance the effects of black magic 50%.
+20 Intellect. +10 Wisdom. ?

Lindell hwidunggeureotge tteojyeotda eyes.

"This, this unique item has not been released yet ......"
"Stop it, please return."
Weed was a necklace with a feeling of cattle.
After all the uptake of regaseu someuren way towards Liberty City Weed and Marfan
's leaving!
Weed Human Ye employed while the coach stopped tteumhal asked.
"What's going on?"
"Will once you're own."
Weed in the coachman seat jumped out. Memorize the order and pulling out a
"Call Death Knight!"
He would show up as black smoke within mungsil mungsil the Death Knight class was
Hawk. Bareukan of the catacombs
Was the boss monster.
Just like then, and everything, but had just turned a lot of clothes.
In the catacombs at a Glance bareukan items and equipment has also been a great
anti-Hawk. But now
Death Knight is the only basic equipment is wearing a sword.
The reason was simple. Weed that there are things that already gone away because
Bright light facing the Death Knight's left of the body not move, I found the
center. Undead creatures over level 200
In the sunlight because it was so big there was no response.
Death Knight's eyes flash across the mapaneul he is usually fixed to Weed.
"You, man!"
Tremendous hate!
Punggyeojyeo came to live.
Death Knight just killed himself in Weed is a smart one to remember.
"I believe we call it! I betray thee bareukan ttareulgeot you like? Whooping!
Engraver it is nothing!
I'll kill you, man! "
The thrust of Death Knight.
Weed saljjaksaljjak the purpose of the attack was a pool right.
Then, as life had become less and less than 20% since the skill was used.
"Piece sword!"
Weed the Death Knight's sword is the egg.
Death Knight yeoksohwandoego, collar turned white again. Take a look at life with
re-Thurs Monster
Hook will be changed into a crimson.
Buteoyeotda time.

As the city moves towards someuren Weed Free Necklace with every change in the red
Death Knight recalled.
"Piece sword!"
Hard to acquire skills and catch the Death Knight!
Did not matter, nor sonsoke iljeol, also set a record.
Back out to kill the man that killed to live!
Death Knight was time for crying. However, it is highly desirable for Weed. Rode
Unfolding a piece of drinking gamyeonseo look, full of vitality and mana was the
It's filling a special need to maintain 100% control is reasonable, but because
there were, over time, depending on
Recovery in the health care and full mana inefficient and waste a thing.
But I'm allowed to invoke always the Death Knight can not be better than this.
Because the experience is recalled
Even if not mastery of skills continue to improve because there was!
Beaten to death by the 10th, when, sick for the first time Death Knight has a
"Um, you are strong."
Five times more when he died, Death Knight sighed.
"Bareukan's grace is going a little forgotten."
Lazarus died again, five times a further, more drastic had to say.
"If your leadership is qualified to rule me, I guess. But I do not know yet."
Even after more then 20 times and killed him.
Weed deliberately did not need to imagine the numbers. Moving carriage ride is
full health and mana Death
Knight called the bout would be cool if fighting. Necklaces away from the simple
mountain life around
Filling treatment as an animal said.
Death Knight has finally announced his intention to surrender.
??? Death Knight!
General Death Knight is more powerful than half-Hawk Weed was recognized as a
But Weed's answer was unexpected.
"Yes. I can not believe you. Evil warlock blows a load of something else There's
a trick!"
"That, it's not ......"
Weed does not listen to the Death Knight for 300 more times and killed him.
"We will serve as the host. So now stop ......"
They also say that 500 times better then killed.
Since then, Death Knight, but nothing that appeared as soon as fervently appealed
to no avail.

The purpose of the skill proficiency of Weed blows could not have mercy.
- Return the sacred and ......Lee Hyun put the items in the Death Knight at a price of about 10 to 150,000 won
was sold.
"Well, maybe not a lot of value were climbing. No, it's great to have a ....."
Level 200 weapons.
Royal Road are in danger from the weapons and armor that gwihagi. If we catch a
lot of monsters out japtemdeulyina Silver
Sergeant, but stage is extremely gwihaetdeon.
This is same with another game grow.
High level monsters, they could use it to drop weapons, items on the cash
transaction that pokrakha
Manda said. Items that they do not come out in favor of Lee Hyun has sometimes
acts. Unicode or a rare child
Magic Items temyi she knows not, that's a fair price can be received.
Japtemdeuleun kweseuteuyong unexpectedly sold for high prices, was 30,000 to
50,000 won. Maybe a user of a monster
Riding the taste seemed to be due.
Royal Road to the appearance of the monsters is very real and concrete. Still
smells and it smells. Rotting corpses
Sniff while hunting or gonna do a couple of people.
Undead Monster!
Among them were best avoided destination. Agencies that they are rarely worth the
quest items that Doug was a big shift
Value will be received at more expensive.
"It is 2.96 million won eighteen ......"
But you can not ignore the pass and had a separate mail.
Dark invites gamers!
I read it and write the invitations are sent only to those so chosen. Lee Hyun Do
you sign up for their meeting
The contents of the recommendation, respectively.
Skeleton holding money.
The picture was painted in the background.
"It's ......"
Dark players' union.
Famous names in the rumor, but the reality was one of the obscure.
"It really was not it. And that do not involve me ......"
Lee Hyun-click on the site, said it has awarded a check. And mail sent to the
buyer. 're Trading places
We're in for haeteuni is suggesting a day after the deal.
Someuren Liberty City.
Liberty City is not a place fit for the lord, and the related duties and taxes did
not exist.
Thanks to the many merchants that the user visited the place. Weapons and a lot of
sergeants also tend machine fit the typical users.
Anywhere else in the shop to purchase price, including tax but no tax is in Liberty
Much more crowded informal.

The same city with literally a paradise for merchants.

Weed and mapaneun arrived at exactly the scheduled date here.
"Then I'll get ready for the trade."
Mapanyi to deal with goods to market first, and left.
The overwhelming number of monsters in the mountains bareukeu. 1 month collected
items in the stand so it was full. Not
Only the trade was also the excitement of a merchant. The prices of things bought
cheap places, expensive places in bulk
Pleasure to sell!
Mapaneun trade was aware of the flavor will be.
Weed is now almost safe enough to escort were treated.
From the tax payment can not cook without it!
'Well, too bad it will not. Anyway, come to the city's Freedom someuren. '
Weed is a backpacker's in the cup of Herrera was once again confirmed. Rabiah
service, the bar came to be here
The quest was to achieve the.
Request for return to the holy church Freya.
First things first, but was rather.
Go to the fountain near the center of Weed and roamed around.
Liberty City is crowded with merchants developed enormously. Open stalls to sell
stuff, and so hard to find
They had the character was jejojik.
"Whatever will repair! Damaged items will be up to the maximum tolerance."
"Satiety hoebokyong food sales."
"1000 will make silk. Electric Magic Resistance +15 old clothes can be ordered
"I own various weapons, armor, and go see the guys."
"If you want to import various properties jewelry will inchaenteuhae receiving a
Occupies a place of fountains, manufacturing and selling their goods to the
character was.
"How much?"
"Yesterday's suit came to pick orders."
"Bread 100, please."
Manufactured by the character he's not being treated like all the same. Near the
fountain in the business that they are level and seu
Recipients were recognized kildo fairly high. Anglers and miners, yakchokkun, or
other miscellaneous production line
Quietly in a corner of the profession is in business.
'This is fun, people are flocking so it ......'
Blacksmith, and Coconut Grove Enchanter guests will compete against the fierce.
Weed who was a very strange sight to manhood. Carvings on the job to compete to
sell a few eopeoteu

In the plaza east of the trees below the red two story building.
Weed and headed to the rendezvous point. More than 10 people in there, they could
sit back and wait.
"I'm one thing to sell."
Weed those at the end of the reaction. Yeoksina item trading sites were the one
who decided to buy stuff from.
Say the name and business number, one by one went to receive the item.
"We've been waiting a long time. Quest undead creatures, it was so hard to throw
...... It's not a good magazine
It's somehow manage to find them. "
"Thank you for selling. A good thing to obtain and sell a lot."
When looking at each person as they left the word.
Weed in a backpack containing a weapon of the Death Knight will not be bringing
all of types sold. Kweseuteuyong japtemdeuldo
After dawn, was all lighter backpack.
'This is the first of the Royal Road're raising revenue.'
Weed comfortable with the Freya was able to go forward with the denomination.
Freya, the goddess of the church was built of white marble, which is a symbol of
beauty and prosperity. The heart of the city is due to
Are built in, it was easy to find.
Liberty City gwantonghanneu someuren someuren River.
Arched bridge, built around a white building will be to endorse a UN of Freya.
Flow around the various holy temples and the portion of
User was trying to buy the milk.
The distance to the temple out of a priest and paladin.
Every time they raise the level to learn new skills, these credentials were coming
to church to receive.
Goes back inside the church, the little known from the entrance of the goddess
gave the same. Hameneun posts sharp
Characters are written like this.
Heongeumham, must pay at least 10 silver or more.
Weed is turned and I wanted to go out, they paid no choice.
"The grace of the goddess Freya be with you."
Bachija offerings appear priests gave a blessing to walk.
This is called the church's blessing of the Holy Spirit, defense minister and over
time produce the same effect. In addition,
When you take a break to restore health by 5% gives rise.
Church was one of the main source of income.
"Make way for taking quick!"
"Let me think dwitsaram."
Weed meomutgeorija temporarily, waiting behind a user's complaint fall. Directly
to the priests of the Order of the blessings I
Do you have to turn is to be kept.

Weed Move the seat toward the priest, instead of giving Herrera is held out of the
cup. Popping back complaint or not,
What do you want to achieve so that I could come up here.
"This has been going to return."
Herrera is the eye cup of the priests were kkeumbeokyimyeo. All of a sudden
surprised to shout aloud to the congregation
"Oh, goddess of the sacred that you're here! That's like a miracle happened! Did
not do this in Please.
Instead, it'll meet you over you tube. "
Weed in the temple priests took over. Denominations gathered to receive the
blessing of the awful hole in the user
Has a face.
What the priests who abandoned them, leaving all have to be blessed.
"What, what the hell ......"
"What the hell happened?"
Church of the internal.
Tubes instead of the room.
The paintings and statues of the gods as a symbol, a place flowing atmosphere was
solemn and lofty.
Weed is not until here that Herrera was able to dedicate the cup. He is quiet, as
the medieval knights
Down on one knee, said.
"Here, the prospect of being Herrera behalf and brought the cup."
"Oh, proud gladiator 12 so glad!"
Instead, in the face full of wrinkles as the face Herrera tube is inflated costs
of the cup.
Request is complete, the glass carriage ?Herrera
Freya Herrera is deprived of the cup and returned to church.
Bareukan past demonstrations that led peu immortal war with the army made the
whole continent, exhausted.
Freya gakkudeon prosperity and beauty churches realize the damage that war
did not recover.
But Herrera is now a Lift seongse through the glass, you can resume the war
did not end
Am sure. ?
- Reputation has risen to 400.
- Freya, the denomination is 15, has been friendly with.
- Freya 1200, has increased the church's official values. Religious denomination
values of the public through the status area
Can be found.

?Freya denominational gongjeokchi: 1490

Religious organizations to fight the evil with the same public value,
completing the quest associated
To the rise. ?
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
Weed thought a while kneeling on one knee.
One of the three holy church to return himself, the request will not be
challenging the rewards was a guess. But
But not this good.
But it was not ending. Great job instead of the tube, as was beating down on the
shoulder of the Weed.
And ordered to Paladins.
"Given the great warrior should have a reward. Paladin equipment and bring back
the swords of Agatha."
"Old, daesingwannim."
Paladins are out for a while the red armor and a sword came on 1000.
"This is to receive."
Paladins are in front of a red 1000 Weed and put down the whole thing.
Then the tube instead of directly to a ring, pulling their hands laid on top of
- Request to pay for the item has acquired.
Weed out the tears that seemed vaguely.
So you can come and have a happy moment. But a time like this must maintain poise.
'I am so lucky as to have once been the Royal Road? No. So
You're not happy already!
Weed things that bother to check the item back and decided not to procrastinate.
Not to put off till tomorrow what can say, went straight to work OK.
First, the old-fashioned patterns carved into Scabbard geombuteo.
?Agatha's Holy Sword: 130/130 Strength. 55-60 damage.
Freya's church was created by request from the Dwarven Blacksmith robanege
Jaeryeonhan five times more than steel and as a mix of Mithril, boasts
superior strength.

However, to ensure the dignity of the order, the weak material compared to
the damage.
Tubes instead of the bounty.
Restrictions: Level 130.
Options: Power +30. +20 Agility. Faith +100
200% damage to undead.
Physical recovery from injury, increase speed to 200%.
Five times a day to bless the sacred can be used.
However, once you use a margin of 2 hours should be placed. ?
Weed management and paladins do not be surprised that instead of quietly admired.
'Death Knight geomboda much more good.'
What stats are important, but high jagoro item, you can write something about the
low status when more can be yoginhal
For example, in the case of Clay Sword of money when you make it hard to sell.
However, because no qualified les
Bell, one of the unemployed, even if you can use the sword will be sold at high
prices. For Level 1 and the difference would not have Singeom
Said. Sword of Clay for a rabbit or raccoon can never be a weapon.
?Rose engraved Gloves: Strength 90/90. Defense 20.
Freya, the official glove of the Knights Templar.
Cover up your wrist is a very uncomfortable but, in fact, until the fingers
Made to move stuff.
Restrictions: Level 200.
Options: faith, +50. +20 Strength. +5 Agility.
For black magic damage reduced by 50%. ?
?Tube instead of a ring: 100/100 Strength.
A small diamond embedded in the center of the ring!
Poor design, but it is not readily available in the market.
Limitations: The Warlocks, Assassins, Rogues can not use.
Not a killer in the state.
Optional: once a day, can be used instead of the blessing of management.
+150 Reputation. +200 Faith. ?
Weed ganugi that it was hard to breathe.
'These items are the same windfall ......'
Cherish the old blood-stained gloves have been used sparingly so far. But now no
longer need the old gloves
It seems you do not.
The moment the 200-level, pre-pack will change all that remained from the helmet.
'It is rewarding to the whole.'
Weed Spread the knee occurred on the spot. And so one hand lightly on your chest

and leaned back.

"Then my mission I'll retreat of the 20,000 made your point."
Hansibappi item trading sites to see in the chain would go and find out the exact
price. First, as required by Agatha Black
Matter how hard you have to sell it later when you'll be better to seek the sword
However, instead looked up the air tubes. In presbyopia, clear tears running down
his people.
"Female warriors, you define the heart of the appeal of the infested container
and, according to Bar-Khan defeated the evil servant
Herrera was able to get a cup of being short. "
Suddenly, instead of the tube so the story was glaring. Bar-Kahn's men defeated
the church's sacred to Freya've
It is indeed jyeoon.
Weed is a delay, but still stay, look around the priests and the maeseowojyeotda
Paladins. Laura 2
Promoted to be brought to the holy of familiarity may be a little bit is going to
Weed the fly down on one knee again replied.
"So, you know? We Lost in the holy church to have one more?"
Weed was puzzled for a moment.
Herrera is the cup of the Hazara, the Royal Road through the site own has never
been to gather information. Freya T
Only three kinds of holy water, holy is the flowing cup, a symbol of prosperity and
the digging of the crown was split Singeom.
'But ......'
Weed management and reporting, instead, he painted a white hat with Rosales
noticed. One of the holy
Fargo will not wear the crown.
"Presumptuous crowd dug at the time of chaos, stealing the crown of the
trousers. Undead did not die as to live on,
Death is not afraid to die Well, obvious to those who defy the will of God. "
Instead of raging hayeoseo tube says.
We'll be fine instinctively hit Weed.
"You are absolutely right."
"You're familiar with, you! Undead to endanger the peace of the land, how much
"I am insignificant enough to strive for peace and development of the continent
had been."

You can always get along the best recipe!

Blaming with cycles, such as to criticism.
Did not find that much useful technology. Perhaps for interpersonal skills do not
disappear permanently
Be it.
"Versailles for the continent ought to go away I'm Undead and monsters. Freya,
the goddess of grace, 22
Because of the continents covered, for an era of prosperity and progress of the
undead have defeat. "
"Yeah, yeah. I agree."
Yet hopes that the town of Weed and told the story line is.
Lizardmen hoped the invasion of the town.
And he asked Freya Statue pieces were commissioned, which considers the best 4
people that God gave off
Said piece has way I can.
As a result, the re-Lizardmen beomjeop the village did not want the town gave them
the story evolved.
"Oh, I was 12 I heard the story! The engraver that you have one!"
Freya Statue carved coffin instead of the story was more impressed.
"Fortunately, he stole the crown of digging hide their identity and to determine
you are. But as many as 3
All four of his penis, but I failed dispatch. I feel better if you want to do
this. "
Locate the crown of ?Fargo
Freya church efforts to reclaim the sacred was spared. As a result, Morita
Jinhyeolui vampire clan of local people have dug for the crown of the
information was obtained.
Instead, in order to reclaim the crown tube and the denominational divisions
and 100 patients in the three priests and two genital
Were dispatched. But all else fails, and never returned.
Genital four priests present, and had changed to stone by a curse.
The crown of salvation and doechateura Fargo.
Difficulty: B
Rewards: Unknown.
Quest Limited: failure of Freya denomination varies gongjeokchi 0.
-1000 Reputation.
Forfeiture of the item awarded. ?
Quest rewards were huge shift connection. Specifically, these quests are going to
step on some sort of scenario, type
Taeraseo, you can not tell how much will you receive a huge reward.
Weed cheerfully accept the quest of trying to read the content has changed after
seeing Paris complexion.
Demo bareukan s international men.
I go to war against the kingdom and the church's army is strong enough to have
them. Among them, the vampires jinhyeolui
There is even said to be ilgidangcheon clan.
The lowest level of 270 or a whopping 1,002 more than the vampires. Tory head of
the clan also have a level of more than 400 geukgang

Monster is known as the Boss. Still nowhere near the 400 level, no one saw how
strong is a Ah
Do not know martial arts.
'Jinhyeolui vampire family and come back fighting for the crown of Fargo? Absurd
And the difficulty of pointing to the attention of Weed where they stopped.
'Simplicity is the B! 4 3 dog penis can send request failed ... This is
impossible I should not. '
Currently the highest level of difficulty at this point, the team put together to
tackle raengkeo only be resolved by the end may prove positive
Quest reward is even greater if you can not work and the law 12.
Weed and shook his head.
"I'm sorry. My lack of skills was difficult to accept that in a commission."
Were him that Obama is not a shame, rejection, except that it was the other can
But instead of a smooth tube was smiling.
"You're far too modest. It's not necessary. There for making this request to
leave that mean to you."
"No. I can not accept this request."
"Being angry with all the modesty EXCESS! Famous adventurers like you if you did
not accept our request of
Fargo's crown will not find a 00 short. "
Weed management in place that wanted to cry at the end. This remains a modest,
rather than being angry, remains a misunderstood man
Might have been pushed into an abyss of death.
'Blindly put the familiarity. Instead, because of its high reliability, head
tube're not the spirit. '
To make matters worse, instead of tubes did not give a lot of rejection.
"We are talking in front of a legend down! Church's reputation when she fell to
the ground, and a large
Goods manufactured war hero who appears before the one we will come and secure
the church's treasures.
You must be the hero, so do not "
If you catch the wrong people and that this is the legendary two liras.
Tubes instead of dropping the word, then heard the familiar ears of Weed.
- He received the quest.
Weed was a rush so I checked. Level B-class is referred to a floating window
tteokhani quest.
'Herrera people who came to the rescue of the cup, giving force is the quest?
Also not able to reject

I can not help. Give her one. Then later when you'll have a chance. '
Yaksakppareujiman was a realistic decision. Anyway, that's nice to have lived.
But I mean, instead resulted in tube plunged him into despair. Does not leave room
for escape is.
"20 years ago, the priests sent to the last four when his penis, Morita going to
teleport to the region
Make the gate gets laid. Away without having to leave the road when using a
teleport gate
At one point move is not possible. "
"That, that words ......"
Weed of the mouth that trembled.
"Is it an urgent deadline, this time tomorrow I'll be leaving. We have side a
three priests
Belongs to accompany them to help you. Casanova turned into a vampire brothers
and the children of our
It will be able to save. But of course, you play an important role. "
- A bad cold A single day.
That much of the time, was forced to prepare.
"Armor and weaponry, of a gold dollar buy less. I thought unlimited listening of
herbs, a good
I want food they buy. Please sell cheaper. "
4 items collected Weed hard.
Mapangwado full story split. Said he could understand.
"Quest teleport through the gate so far as I'll have to go hunting."
"Congratulations! But I might actually have to go with?"
"Well, I can be alone ......"
"That's too bad. Wherever I wanted to go as Weed nimgwa ......"
"Simplicity is B geupyira ......"
"... Bye."
Mapaneun then told her that specializes in the trade. Until you return to the
failed Weed said. Wear Trade Skills
Mapanyieotdeon put a bad choice as long as the filed of wisdom will not.
I spend the day, do not force it to step away from falling Weed headed for the
Freya of the church. Donate to
Let's go to church instead of the internal tube and the Paladins had their pay
"Hello. If you come to visit, but, thank God."
Weed management in place at the end of the value shivered.
What are the odds alone? Benign vascular and your mind, instead he thought was a
mistake. Iron

Deda cheolmihago dense, does not even get out of a corner.

Weed in the worst case, the quest had to give up not going back to.
However, instead of yesterday, said management will do so.
"The thing I'm very important. But I can not predict what a human life. What's
going to an urgent matter
I do not know. For example, the matter may come tomorrow, anymore. "
Weed wanted to be a nod.
Personal circumstances!
Telling me how good. Can not come to church very urgent personal circumstances
that may occur to
But instead had driven a wedge at the end of his coffin.
"You're a big ball in front of Freya sewotne. And designees shall have the
legend yinimankeum, in our denomination
I will not have to refer to the most convenient would be. "
"You say that?"
"If you come by this time tomorrow, all the paladins and priests within the
church to look for you
Not. You can come back, you do. You'll need help do not mind walking a reward
Do not worry, no comfortable seeing you again tomorrow. "
I could not hit the end of the panyini away.
Someuren Liberty City, the Liberty lost! This will be like a prison without bars.
Freya, the digging of the crown, even the church that has been stolen while on the
outside can not tell other colleagues to Weed
Can not get made. Weed management alone but instead to introduce people who have
had to deal with the commission.
"Then you go to rescue them with a paladin not to introduce people."
Instead, the key next to the coffin of the priest was a little kid. A white hat,
white robe sajeda.
"This is our church's next pope Ron Alves hubone. Albedo trouble with Ron,
"Nice to meet you, Weed, sir."
Ron Alves was the NPC, not the user.
Ron Weed and Alves headed deep into the church's. Place in the capital of the
Kingdom of the existence of some complex rune
Teleport is engraved eoga completed gate.
Weed swallow the saliva.
Tagiman teleport gate that you will be teleported to the region morata. So that
vampires jinhyeolui
I forgot about the horrible reputation as a high, powerful, famous for morata
province also has a monster.
Versailles area of the continent was not yet a complete user. Some adventurers
have found in the north of the continent that have been in
10000, monster, so much so that the user did not have access to their place. Look
right there, trembling stand on

"So I save my articles, just stop coming."
Instead of a huge mana management and priests working together was a teleport
Ron Weed and albedo from the gate surrounding the light, soon they disappeared
from the Order of Freya.
Empire, which existed 150 years ago in northern nipple collapse by Haim was a
monster. Knights Templar and the army was wiped out, ear
Families had been busy trying to run away. Haim nipple and then the territory was
the land of monsters.
This is only one of the laws governing.
Everything has a strong self.
"This is cutting morata local."
Weed was found in the caves of the mountain.
Church and resulted Freya teleport gate was connected to a deep cave.
"Ew, it's cold!"
Weed came out of the cave, upon arrival I felt a severe chill.
Depending on the continent are extremely different from the terrain and climate.
Morata the northern province belonged to the cold region.
Four seasons made snow does not melt the ice, also known as the zone called.
"This happens to be cold ......"
Weed's body has been shaky this deoldeoldeol. Pick up the body because of the wind
blowing through the collar has been shrinking.
- If you feel the cold. Physical abilities due to body rigidity is a 5%
A 25% reduction in filling rate is faster.
In order to overcome the cold thick suggest you dress or fires.
If you continue to enjoy the long, cold may be a verb.
Bloody body of the message content has been even more nervous. But I do not mean
you can not do something! First, around two
Reobomyeonseo had to do reconnaissance.
Snow-covered ridge and looked around.
Away from the city devastated.
The lost city was human.
As across Central and, 2nd floor, 3 storey houses. Residence of the nobility.
The roof of the mass of snow piled up mukjikhage and even the ceiling seems to
fall. I just have to look inside,
I do not see any value in it were of miscellaneous furniture. Cracked houses did
not pay for a long time,
Heoreumhage had changed.
'This could be the Morita Village.'
Turned to gaze out over the town of Weed.
Giant black.
Talks so that the light entering the high windows closed.

Pinnacle of a crow flying above.

Morata sex.
On the black brick is covered with white snow. This strange combination has
provoked a curious inspiration.
Along with the snow flying around the castle in the abyss morata even crows.
Usually, but that's gonna get killed ice saedeulyiramyeon ravens do not die well.
Raven turned vampire. Hump
Moving into the hands of a vampire, do not die because a crow loading.
"Hey, you'll place jinhyeolui vampires. I really will not be easy."
Weed After the reconnaissance, went into the cave again.
- The temperature rise a little.
Teleport At least a little bit warm inside the cave gate. Eyes that do not meet
the cold winds blow
Good points, respectively.
"Local is morata ......"
Warrant hunetaui morata fat uncle at the time, ruled the territory that is morata
air. High-quality leather and 1000
Out of place once known as a fairly prosperous, but I was just devastated the town.
You can not find hardly human, devastated the town!
Haim, the capital of the empire mode, red nipples who lived were in people who are
killed every single one.
'The town and the castle of the vampire jinhyeolui treatment, and those seeking
Paladins, digging to find the wanggwanman
Alright. Well, then it's over. Too easy. It's so simple heotalhal border. '
But the setback did not in fact Weed.
He was a legendary engraver of the moon. Something expected to have a great job
holding back in with those at the end of a level
The former was 68. Hitting the ground is an experience you'll regret it once, I saw
"Now, how?"
Alves gets back to the cave hideout of Weed Ron comes the question. Fortunately,
Ron Alves NPC is the absolute end of the Weed
As had been followed.
Ron Alves asked if everybody holds the counting or not, the thudding Weed sat in
"First of all, and I'm starting to. You relax and wait. Oh, we do not introduce
My name is called Weed. I'll use your age to the heavy Polite? "
Polite and natural virtues, while Weed preconstructed already asked.
The fact that Ron Alves looks like a very young boy, eh Fairy, too awkward, and
possibly even try to jondae to
Is not the point of no.
'......' Eorinaera

To further ease the work of Weed flag drop was killed.

"This is a very difficult thing to listen to my orders will be crying. Yes, I do
not know a couple of levels, but ......"
"Is 320."
Candidate for the next pope is like a huge level.
Weed has ever known, which can be higher than NPC. Even so, the priests, because
of course the battle
The ability to jump, but I'm not.
There `s no time was the level reputation. Weed completed the quest and fame were
over two thousand.
"Fairly level high hopes. But through the ranks and who, not buying. And your
reputation, anyway?"
"Let's see, 150 002's."
The Man was trying to pretend not to NPC to talk to was the old Weed.
Ron Alves next show is too soft touch for a moment forgetting the fact that the
Pope was a master candidate.
"Nope. Rest in peace."
Ron Alves is to listen as children sat in the corner. Become so well in the white
robe, like a prayer to raise
Said the pious attitude.
"All right, let's start working."
Weed is a blanket laying on the floor. Could not come up with an effective chills
because, in fact blanket of the traveler
Who is said to be an essential item.
'Winter clothes ready to realize I could not.'
Someuren rojaim Kingdom and part of Liberty City in all warmer countries need to
carry extra clothes
No. The basic trip to suit any number of places to walk farther in, We look forward
hardly never expect it to
Weed opened the backpack leaf trembling dwijeokyeotda item. How to drag a window
to get out of the inventory
But, then, that arbitrary commands by moving your hands off and find something in a
I can naturally shift than willing to open direct backpack.
Gold is one in a backpack that was filled with old weapons and armor. Collection
of free stuff in the city 4.
Weed with his fist as hard as the hyunggapeul dudeulgyeotda. Hyunggapeun did not
hit a few times here and there breaking down scar on the face preconstructed
Changed. Toughness and strength is weak, a cheap item, it soon was broken.

"I did this happen."

Weed that is extremely durable, blacksmith's hammer, pulled away looking
hyunggapeul. Skills associated with the power of the blacksmith
Items to enhance 10%!
Someuren purchases in the city is free.
Breastplate just buswotdeon. Hyunggapeul hard, durable repair was away. Knock a
few times a hammer, plate of
It is clean, repaired the broken wrist place.
Ron Weed is leaving the albedo, and hard work to repair armor crashed again and
After a message window about 10 minutes and the shine.
- An improved rating of the skill has been repaired.
- Fast and damage due to repetitive hyunggapui defense has two permanent
- Due to the frequent destruction of the item is lost.
Hyunggapeun torn to shreds and finally destroyed, abandoned in the hands of Weed.
Whatever skill you repair the broken equipment to raise, but, given the impact of
frequent anthropogenic complete if
Hebrews in some cases will turn to be bad. Crude japcheolro hyunggapyieotgie made
no regrets.
Weed out some guards broke into the leg to fix a repeated. It cracked the helmet
off and then
Through which eight hours!
Weed of the Repair skill proficiency was 10 percent raise.
The price level of 100 gold items just blowing in the air. Subukhage pile of
?Repair Skills: 9 Level 89%.?
Now 11% more fill 10,000 intermediate repair is surgery. This equipment can be put
to maximum durability.
Hard to acquire skills in the midst of repairs Weed had a cough without a hook.
Flow drag running nose, sore sick
- Was a cold.
Physical ability is reduced by 20%.
A 30% reduction in the effectiveness of the skill.
Other complications that can cause colds.
Maximum health and mana is reduced.
Use the skills at carving, sculpture because of a cold is likely to break.
Weed that has lost for words.
I wanted to feel the cold a little longer he would surely have a cold. It's been

sitting too long in one place only in

Was greater immediately come forward.
The three when jagoro seoreopdago alone could.
Hungry, cold, sick!
Barley bread heodeokgeoridaga hunger, is now back in with those that come in cold
regions. You feel the cold, open skills
Haeteuni move to dry the body said. I caught a cold as well seoreounde fell.
'I take it's unbelievable movement.'
Weed the sighs.
Life is so hard I started the game. Former did not want as a career, and owns all
the way short gamgikka
Whether it takes.
Weed is not alone, but in fact had a bit of a relief.
'Ron, too Because albedo.'
Just look where you are Ron Alves, he wore a white robe and is seated as shown.
'He did more than me chupgetji. 1 beolppunyinikka sajebok. '
Weed had a bit of satisfaction. His good stomach aches, you feel that a good sense
of land slump
Ron Alves, but that's robe in the defense against the cold and was running a
special option.
Lee Hyun fleeing capsule launched a massive house cleaning.
The corners of the open window, and then brushing the brush, cleaned the sink and
the bathroom, polished nadorok.
Today is the day of the cleanup.
"Is not your grandma's house, drank too messy."
Hyun Lee muttered, wiping the floor with a rag.
She said that in the hospital. Well, that's not a disease could be.
Youth, young, work too much strain on joints is gone.
The hospital's doctors told her not to worry a bit.
- Modern medicine is a degree of joint damage can be corrected without
Do not worry about anything.
Lee Hyun Do not spare the medical bills were paid. Expensive drugs that have filed
for joint play.
Only to the extent of joint damage, but she knew the seriousness of the disease
alone had imagined. Not receive health examinations once
Illness without body ache, had lived largely in reference to raised. Test results
showed that cancer cells spread throughout my body.
Modern man is no longer dying of cancer. Few months of surgery and hospitalization
are needed.
'To collect money, not to write where I write, I did not put together to keep

Festival of the prize money, but are making decent money through the Royal Road.
The process is just beginning, more than planned
Chukdoeeotda. Royal Road Daxing lines, and, thanks to the hunting of rabiah seu
could be called.
Lee Hyun finished cleaning the house, when my sister came home from class.
"It's, Well, today the house looks clean, though. Alone, I'll clean one?"
"Do not crap, let's go. She will have been waiting."
Lee Hyun grandmother took my sister went to the hospital.
"Grandma, did you get bored a lot!"
Lee Hyun from the capsule during the game to come out of grad school my sister was
and is the average has been. Carers
She tried to hire, rather than hope that deal with rejection is to be
Lee Hyun to clean up the room, and other trash shoveled clean. After all the
things going near her bed
I gave him a hand.
"I'm sorry, honey. You're coming to see the father keeps."
"Decency, but this is too ugly for grandma to give me a favor that?"
"Yeah, whatever, go ahead."
"Too late to learn, no matter how time passes and they do not speak. I am in
high school that you
Normally I'd love to ... Will not you now my GED? "
She was able to find what you're trying to say.
Hyun Lee quit high school, when my little sister cried. I quit school and said his
foe. And to
Money did not say anything.
To loan sharks is being harassed, humiliated and outraged at the school to receive
training'm not a normal education
How. But to be able to learn always disappointed when you said they do not teach.
Lee Hyun replied.
"Let my GED."
Sister to leave the hospital, Lee Hyun-alone and headed home. With the holidays
because my sister in the hospital room the next day
Has decided to stay.
Lee Hyun If you can relax and rest breaks will have taken side. But he had to do.
'Black said Shirakawa ... You need to learn what not?
Grades in school when I was not all bad.
'Reference and study guide in the bookstore ... No, you'd better buy in preowned bookstores. '

This was a secondhand bookstore on the way out into the city I remember it.
Fencing prior to the time to go to seal the road or attending
Painting the fence was still there.
Exciting and cries.
Lee Hyun kkeulrideut itself in something of a step, turned to painting.
"WOW, I really do not have your talent."
Hyun rivalry country's successors also complain that was on today.
"Since I dropped the sword until maybe my observatory ......"
Hyun also had to be locked in a broken heart. No matter how you look to around the
attitude to go after the sword of the spirit
Did not.
'Geomyira ... Now, more people talked about me and the sword will disappear. '
Hyun also upset looked on the sword out of the wall when the door opened into a
Already 10 years in the paint instead of the children had been taught jeongilhun
"Did what happened. I believe this breaking and sounds like a big deal."
"He's here!"
"If those guys ......"
Are you the guy who suddenly said to break it down is bound to the
incomprehensible. But at that moment, even in Hyun
People had to go to the brush head.
'The strong man! He had tried to make my disciples!
Is Lee Hyun.
This will come Hyun Lee.
Since he did not get the seal has never been a single moment did not shame.
Hyun is also where the bounced nadeut spring occurred.
"Now you come to paint?"
"Yes, yes."
"Come on, I'll see you!"
Hyun was also brought back expectations. There may be a time that the true
successor expected to be!

"But the problem is."

"He was the commander of Dalian."
"Dalian If anyone moderately fit and have the ref to give? Let's see, you did
not see what's coming 42
Changed to have gotten even more by the president and gave him just the right
sun dog this bitch. "
"Yes, I have reached the same decision. So I ordered a sun dog this and Dalian,
Lee Hyun unilateral
Was won. "
More than three years residency in painting came out of sleep. Attended a short
period of high achievement is low, even equipped with the skills that can not be
I had a tolerable relative Dalian bakhwan 12.
In Dalian, a beginner with care to avoid injury is critical, bakhwan an expertly
controlled power lines
Is known.
"Such a defeat can not believe this sun dog ......"
"Example 0.2 did not take a minute."
"Sun dog I'm sorry, but this is a boost for sounds that can be said. But what
Does it matter? "
Hyun Lee Hyun is also a master jeongilhun also know what the status was regarded.
"Sun dog that lost the next two, Lee Hyun-two others, has also applied for
"Those guys, long time to come to the state sword must've been hungry.
So this time, who ......?"
"This is changguk."
"He's a crowd something? Six years he's learned over the fence in Dalian with
sun dog tired of this
He had to tag you're careless. "
"I tried to paste a bit bitter, a look at stuff. But ......"
"Dachyeotneunya much?"
"No. This time he has won."
Hyun also confirmed that his eyes were not wrong.
'This is not tujaengsim nomegeneun can not hide. Stronger than his step on him
trying ... Get stronger

Attitude is needed in order to '

If you win this fight changguk and will have the makings.
"But the real problem is, this is changguk and Dalian also apply to others, they
"Yes. Myeongjjaeipnida already 6."
"6 in a row has been fighting the name mean?"
"I tried to rely on your own is too stubborn and had no use."
"Let's Get out of here!"
Painting instructors and practitioners gather in Dalian was watching. A person is
looking at exactly.
"It's an amazing physical strength."
"Already 9 myeongjjaeya."
"Anyway ... no matter how physical strength was time to put it strongly, even if
the 9's name and compete in a series
You do not easy. "
"Because of course, care about one another hard, breaking my heart. Our trainees
also does not obliged."
"But how could such a defeat?"
"Strength and technique, he found a compromise in the middle I guess. As to
reduce unnecessary operations, the lower body is very
Have confidence. Training in the past to train the lower body, even then he
damn naeeotna guess those results. "
"But I do not understand at. What does that make him fight like that."
When the trainees to share their stories, to help oversee jeongilhun Hyun came to
the dojo.
Look also for the Lee Hyun Hyun he nodded.
"I want to know why he seems to be fighting."
"Why is boss?"
"When the heart is sick, whatever makes her want to piece of me."
They also dare to trainees at the end of Hyun eoyieopda built the expression.
"The fight just like to stress that, sir?"
"You have the feeling that the sword was placed on the first squeeze. Wields a
sword like that, look up against opponents that
Did not it be better? "
"Well I did, but ......"

"Sometimes I want to do that is time. The flesh of our Lord Jesus teach you why.
He has changed,
Has stronger man's primordial instinct to want to know Did not. Nowadays, it's
a sword
Put it on the wall does not need to compete. At least with the instinct of an
unattended, birds of prey with tujaengsim
If you mean. He who has the traits of raptors have no choice. "
In front of a student of Lee Hyun then knelt over. Lee Hyun geomryeoke of swords
that were broken will come molahchyeo
"That, stop, stop it. Touche."
The Black Student's forehead just before Lee Hyun stopped.
Lee Hyun tour around the state!
"What's next?"
Lee Hyun-Chin's hidden there in the end had chaolra. Big tits deuksseokyigo, the
sweat soaking wet uniform.
Sweat streamed from holding a wooden sword falls instil a wood floor.
Needless to see the worn condition. But attention to fighting the fire
yigeulyigeul rises.
People like to eat your eyes!
Lone wolf is a threat to their position down as competitors, alone and silent roar
of having
Painting in the heart of more than 100 trainees tteugeowojyeotda.
"I'd like scrambling."
"Please Get Me the masters!"
Trainees at the challenge of the heated, jeongilhun shook his head.
"You guys are not ...."
"The masters!"
"1 recipients to spread the rumor was brought 10 guys want to use that? No
longer with us the honor of painting
Can not compromise. Then I'll direct. "
The direct costs jeongilhun swords. Two consecutive world silver in fencing
competition specialist says Tan.
The purpose of this training to their trainees, except jeongilhun seriously
compete with someone who had never seen a sword.
'But opponents are masters.'
'Really will raise to fight?
They looked anxiously at trainee Lee Hyun. What if he gave up a penalty because I
could not copy,.
However, were unfounded.
Lee Hyun at the end of the Hurley jeongilhun sticking a sword. Towards the set up

ready to fight more kkotkkothage jeongilhun

The blame.
After holding two swords jeongilhun just when you want to, even the debris Hyun
"Boss, boss, you know the guy that painted the pride of ahkkisi ......"
"I know. But He Is not drop on as many as nine men. And the guy in the paint, we
Are you from, it is not nothing to hurt our pride. "
"Haohna ......"
"Relative to the weary, formed by you, your honor, we'd be a shame."
Hyun also present the absolute in painting. Fencing with a teacher like way is all
of this. Hyun also so
Up and say you have until jeongilhun the back. But even with jeongjak Hyun laughed
and told binggeut.
"For such a relative or the same tired old act weakly fair to hear the
Would you not. "
"Boss you ......!"
Another painting with excitement dalaholratda eyes.
Hyun also because of the age, those who think he's weak, there's no way.
Fencing World Championship-winning consecutive tournaments four times a hero.
Rivalry and South Korea before the country with an ancient sword, a stick, if one
can not beat the people who.
Hyun also walk to the center of the painting, when, the neighborhood itself was
'......' Boss likes to see the sword of
'You're a once in a lifetime opportunity like this everyday!
Jeongjwahan trainees on the floor while the two men waited for the confrontation.
Hyun also likes to see the sword of the spirit even more
Gwangseureoun no place. Seureowotda quite annoying, but they each instructor.
'Even if you're interested as a kid, you were their boss, the situation is truth
while I'm gone?
'You're gonna make it come to ride the challenge would gwichanahjil ......'
Republic of Korea to lead the sword though because our pride, the master of their
patience with this in mind that I did not like it
The nine people who said Lee Hyun knocked down if they are all practitioners of
the. Teachers with students of the gap is big. And also
Hyun also directly to the chapter to learn fencing with the disciples can not tell
you about the gap was achieved. Disciples of
Or, the master of a reckless challenge naseotdeoramyeon Only the end of this
century will naught.
No matter how defeated Lee Hyun of the trainees had a very agitated if they did

not even master. I just stamina

Tujaengsim amazing fighting moves and even exhausting, the body is hot and have
been. Admiration for the sword itself and
Was another problem.
The other idea was jeongilhun.
Hyun also administers.
He is very geeky.
'Could you not bring that, you do not?
Jeongilhun that shook your heads. Once a week pause after his own sword still help
Hyun been contested
And awe.
Hyun also reached a state of the black higher. Far from the high ground just below
the people who are contemplating
Same. Level was even able to touch his collar jeongilhun will. Defeat the purpose
of the wheels that much give
Think that is disagreeable.
'No way would geureosigiya. Is care properly take care of him would like to
withdraw. Got lucky, Lee Hyun. '
Jeongilhun flush eyes with cold chills.
Hyun Lee was at the limits of the physical already. Pay squeeze, squeeze the
muscle strength had been in there as well. Who then
Will end soon abandoned even weaker.
Jeongilhun this reason that the problem was due to the spiral.
Opponent has already lost strength, prior to the practitioners of what would
happen if you put a paste.
They beat Lee Hyun-for trainees will do wholeheartedly. It should result in even
without knowing any! Phase
Lee Hyun-wielding black units without a care greatly hurt your body may make.
Practitioners have even called
Nine in a row as the name and fought, Lee Hyun-body is completely extreme situation
I've been on the breaking point.
The skills that worked jeongilhun overwhelming it was to give the light is
'Boss, roughly enough to subdue the guy knows what he's stunned.'
However jeongilhun thought was a thorough misjudgment.
Was heartwarming to see through the eyes Hyun Hyun Lee also said that this will
"If you like swords deuneunya? I'm still a wooden sword in his hand, even raw.
So, uh,
Will not you fight with real swords? "
- Ignorant of beginners "This is ridiculous!"
The debris jeongilhun screamed.
Hyun never seen the back of the command, but this time, not really.

"Is a relative novice. Swords do not know how to write properly, you see the
horses would take a novice and Massive!"
"Uh-huh, ilhunah! You did not ask. Andeonya not ask the parties to deal with me
You are you going to interrupt my duel! "
Hyun also painted a voice in the jjeoreongjjeoreong rings.
Hyun Soo Oh, no, no one could stop him when I could not. Even if you dry it after
a terrible revenge! Can not afford it
That would not.
They all remain silent masters, Lee Hyun asked refused to go spend a glance. If
you need to play running away
But since.
But since it is literally a fight, no matter how skilled people because smoking,
even fearless passion.
However, as Lee Hyun stood on the spot.
Hyun also plays a big hand.
"Good. Step back not mind. Man who's due, yes. Ilhunah, back to my room on the
Bring me a sword 2. You know what it's like to say? "
"Boss ......"
Was worse.
Also cut the iron sword.
Tow it whilst in Dalian jeongilhun is the point that I probably will say what the
fuck ever.
Lee Hyun still stood holding the sword.
Mental confusion was caught up in the feeling of waking was cleared.
'Why not here?
Lee Hyun came to the hospital and had to go to a secondhand bookstore. Then came
the paint.
Was not to fight. Just a little heart to solve dapdaphaejin respectively. While
sweating hun
If you expect to terminate ryeoneul refreshed.
But to paint sludge has been challenging people.
Once the sword is to see the horses.
Lee Hyun did not deny.
Vs. swords swords.
Penalty that is fair.
Therefore there was no escape.
The first opponent is a little weak.
However, I feel that the technique could be weak. Strength training should not
necessarily be strong Blow the law.
Should lead to the potential power of the muscles properly. Breathing and body
flexibility, when used properly, the center of power or
The first opponent in that respect was lacking beonjae.
The first opponent was lying next to another contender.

In many ways this time came as hard-boiled. Lee Hyun expertly costs of trying to
find loopholes geomeseo.
Fencing of defense-oriented.
But did not complete.
A moment-whether it was able to find a gap. Fully understood only when their
ability to buy puts Wed
That was a loophole. Relative movements of the sword, Lee Hyun Given the speed
difference between the fingers as a breathtaking
Of the hole to attack.
'Royal Road would have been helpful. I'm fighting over tens of thousands of
times. '
Virtual reality games.
Royal said the load master of the sword and if everyone in this world is full of
strong people will chateu. Games and County
Disappointments and body is different, and generally relies on skill and is
prepared to fight. Learn fencing in earnest as Lee Hyun
Said, evolved out of the game is not very hard to find.
I knocked down the second practitioners.
But the challenger continue to appear.
'Why not me, I want to win? Why have you wanted to beat me. '
I was angry.
In fact his eyes are like hungry wolves are provoking others without realizing it.
Wild like a wild beast!
Last himkkaji squeezing rather cornered opponent.
And since it has the contraband.
From a Massive citing Lee Hyun and shook my head.
Massive take up even though there can not be idle. Acquiring the right moment,
each of the cells gonduseoneun
I've been feeling a sense of up to 20%, then the 5 times I became nervous. Early
in the ultimate all around the body
Sensitive to accept. Tense and agitated mind.
Lee Hyun breathe the calm one.
Massive enough to have held a clear mind is like kkaeyineun.
Hyun also did the ice pan to the right. Thanks to its limits that the body could
be given a brief rest.
A very short space.
They rested muscles and blood vessels. Oxygen flushing of the heart spreads
throughout the body. The world first hand sword
Gapgiman but, from my heart I feel your body was boiling hot.
'This is like holding a massive sword.'
So much time in here and see if they could not figure out why. I just listened to
sweat it was performed following the
It's can not believe this happen.
'......' Surrender
No value. No sweat on, serious injury could get jachit holding a massive sword
fight does not need to. Apple
And admitted defeat was put down after the massive sword.

Hyun Lee Hyun was listening to the eyes and then said no.
"Scared naneunya? Jump 'em courage? That's just fine. That the wilds beasts than
themselves, they get
Stronger when we meet him at the tail down because the law. "
Lee Hyun said that to feel. And I wanted to Oh.
People in turbulent moment in the chest, and then there was a massive sword and
Dalian over time through nine, depending on the emotions that had become
unwittingly wield the sword was.
Matbuditneun sword sounds.
Metal and metal that he found that it sounds incredibly fresh.
Hyun also stepped one foot lightly buditgo sword.
"It is better to put down geomyiramyeon can not even swing. But then, if there
once wielded
You do not have to second that difficult. How about one more try? Are? "
Lee Hyun wielded the sword on the front instead of the answer. However, rather
than the original rate of 60%, simply to prevent
Is an honest attack.
Grappling iron, small vibrations at your fingertips for breakfast.
Lee Hyun clear the ears hear the sound of the sword was good, feels good in hand.
'Is a good sword.'
Had not heard any geominji, a kinship I feel fully prepared to testify. Do not
know how much this may be a sharp hamyi
If not run a sword sword sword sword anyway.
Hyun Lee Hyun is also too light to throw away his sword, to stop, slowly raised
the speed of the attack. But still
Hebrews opponents fear it could hit the tate, not much can stop any attack that was
honest. Drifting toward the front
Geomdeuleun dudeo alone in front of any margin left chest brush was passed around.
Hyun Lee Hyun also like the tyrant in the middle of the swords struck away.
Discard them all to stop making the sword bounced off! Like a wild beast filled
Flood thundered to live was to the emergency room to kill Lee Hyun.
Hyun also has a sword and stab the heart of Lee Hyun.
As Massive!
'I do not want to die.'
Hyun Lee Hyun of the third day of the dedication of the sword had struck. Yeoyuna
care about my opponents face disappeared. Eomaeo
Mahan was expected to live even in the face of struggle.
Clear wind.
Massive yimyeonseo the glittering heart sank every time the space is going.
Intense between the two attacks took place over the mouth of trainees.
"4, masters! It Would not dry?"
Trainees come to ask people not make conscious anxiety.
Jeongilhun do not think that a serious hostage situation was going on somehow.
Overwhelmed by Massive Lee Hyun hagiran very difficult without a scar. Hyun also
possible, however, that it holds one of degree.
7 wrist may geomdeungeuro, underbelly and forehead pressing geomjaruro or

temporarily impossible to control body

He is as simple as it gets a state. But even Hyun Lee Hyun without the slightest
intention of doing the 0
Gyeokhago is a.
See also the skin around the hair of the week, is enough to live, How would I have
to take.
'You have a boss, I'll have something. No way that thing had no idea ... I do
not think.
So why not do so insecure?
Things happen that you do not know fear, too quickly jeongilhun was prepared by
bringing Massive. This is a dangerous situation developed
To go out into the chain would stop.
But soon he was able to relax and watched. Swords, sword had been changed.
Push a strong opponent and he came to live Hyun Lee led his forces were required
to pay.
More vigorously, might. And quickly.
Kkaeeojinda little things you thought impossible.
Lee Hyun and his body was completely controlled. But this body revolted.
Lee Hyun was stronger than the sword.
Lee Hyun jeongilhun view that penetrate beyond the sword the ability to actively
take, like changing the living
Obvious only to the movement of stick, but practitioners also began to feel
something more.
"Everything has changed a bit."
"So what's changed?"
Hyun also hard to keep to the path of the attack came in a little dark.
Sword of the cutting line.
In order to avoid what could be done without a sword sword and stabbed at the same
time, lowers the body Hyeon. Thinking of moving
Rather, by instinct, was.
Hyun gwangpokhan of the struggle of the sword fighting that had Lee Hyun
meomutgeorimeul deleted.
Why happy? This is a dangerous time ......'
Lee Hyun-section of a smile came to my lips.
Why could not know himself, he decided to focus on a duel.
Wielding a sword. Jeulgeowotgi've got to fight someone that is 12. The fight
itself was good.
'I've been thinking too much. Only to fight as much as I do not need to think
about that ......'
Swing it so good, no matter what you can not see too seems inclined towards Hyun
Hyun Lee was also
Preconstructed forced wielding a sword is gone, your body will start to play
Lee Hyun sword after the grueling bout was divided. Riding on a terrible pain in
muscles, my legs just came stumble
Did not walk as.

"This drink. Then your body will calm down a little."

Hyun also leads to a deep and profound gwanjangsil him smell the car was on the
"A good cold."
"Yes. Mt charane made from ginseng dalyeoseo."
"The price would be expensive ......"
"There is nothing valuable discriminating among a lot of money even cared. Does
not it?"
"Yes, yes."
Lee Hyun drank the tea, brick by brick. And every single drop of water to mix!
It was looking good for an eating.
"Good drinking well. More get it."
"Thank you. Thirsty and tired of me."
Lee Hyun five keys of the cup and drank.
Yet help Hyun had the time of a natural conversation.
"Uh, there's something rather curious. You put your sword is the first time this
"They did not panic much. And a lot of fight was this man's dignity. Ignorant
only relative
If you can not just beat people who try to subdue 9. Since I'm going out to
paint, and other places did you learn the sword? "
"It does not. I learned the sword's ......"
Royal Road of the story suggests.
Hitting scarecrows, fencing and learned while hunting monsters for a story, I do.
Lee Hyun-do not believe the others easily.
Remember when he was being ever lived did not open up even more so. Hyun, but also
somehow be able to trust
Seemed to be.
Dark times, seems to reveal all of yourself does not hide. Hyun had in helping the
black, you can not trust him
He gave people who counted. 100, rather than words, Dalian, once people have time
to be more effective in the know.
"That's it. Giran let the development of the sword fighting than I thought it'd
be hard ......"
"Here is how much has been gained thanks to the fundamentals."
"But the guys I'm going to monster? Move like a real live, to catch these guys
Dropping items and money ... I guess that makes the experience? Dragons are
not? "

"Yes? Yes, yes."

"I'm tired, went the rest. Into a sword came to painting later, another group
saw hope."
Hyun Lee takes a break the seal of the body went chuseureun. Then jeongilhun was
"Sir, do not you caught him? Disciples samgo as you posted, maybe not the heart
bakkwisin'll have."
"Yes. He's like love."
"Then why did you just sent me?"
"Bapedo'll let tteumeul. So that's bound to mature taste. Themselves to find a
way to go when there
I had better give the meantime stay tuned. But the Royal rodeura ......"
Hyun is a fantasy novel when you were young was a significant trend. Go there,
explore the dimensions and the Kingdom of contemporary
Up with the story! Or the Kingdom of the talented boy meets articles. His seed is
to learn the sword, the world
Articles should not go to practice.
"Wyvern and Dragon and monseuteora ...! Yeah, that's where the dragon too?"
"Yes? Yes, yes I've heard. Still a lightness not the one who caught the moment."
Jeongilhun the tteoltteoreumhage replied. What the hell are you thinking Hyun also
did not know whether.
"Go to the Dragon Slayer is the fantasy world. Or is a hero of human triumph
over the orcs.
Emperor The emperor could be ... Uh-huh! "
Hyun also won the hearts overflowing.
Suddenly came the best place to learn the sword. Make yourself useful, but how
come the sword is actually the question
All. Got the sword, but the desire for riches and fame that did not meet.
"Monster and the fights. ... Ilhunah monster threatening the human race!"
"Yes, Master."
"It is necessary to encapsulate the Dodge?"
"Buy him!"
Usually two of the capsules ordered and installed in the three so far, but the
time it takes incredibly jeongilhun collectors ago
It can be laid on the day of angry and made the installation. Capsule protest
backed by the technician said.

But a dog is ordered, rather than the capsule 5, respectively.

"What are you doing?"
Hyun also asked for a sharp eye, jeongilhun confessed the truth.
"Teacher gasideun to follow where the duty of the disciples would not?"
"You mean the other guy also hagetdan Royal Road?"
Normal people are energetic answer.
"How do you paint?"
"Is not that a secondary master? Us where it's not a foreign country far away."
Hyun also to the laughter hotang laughed.
"It's good. But the name of the game, I am l gonna come up?"
"Teacher, we determined that jusijyo guys!"
"I will geomchiro. So ilhunyi geomdulchiro Do You."
"Yes, sir."
"And thou geomsetchi accessory. No, one is a little weird geomsetchineun? Then
let geomsamchiro."
Republic of Korea in the costs of the fencing to the five fingers of choejongbeom
nickname was geomsamchiga.
"Geomsamchirani ......"
The Inn also burst out laughing horseback sin did not suppress, but they were not
going to escape the fate.
"The following Tests, geomohchi."
"... Thank you assume the name, Master!"
"Geomohchi, hello to raise teacher!"
Jousting with sin, bowed from the waist thanks Inn, said no. However, in a cold
sweat streamed in their backbone.
'This childish name ......'
'I will not tell me where you embarrassed to go!
The Royal Road connected to the capsule into the account and the character of Hyun
has set. As I told the disciples name
Geomchirago set, start, select a country has a rojaim Kingdom.

Hyun's characters also appeared at the beginning of the Sarah Borg.

"Oh, marvelous."
We'll try to geomchineun only place left standing for a while, then stood.
"This feeling never be implemented."
Everything felt. The eyes of the world looks a complete medieval city, and the
ears of the people yelling laughing cow
Lee heard.
"People like Janet eophal level."
"Steel Axes For Sale Cheap!"
"Leave like a southern village, minutes! To trade with merchants from the
southern town of minutes to obtain."
Geomchineun beolreumgeoryeotda nose. Somewhere nice scent.
I turned my head to someone who is making the food.
"Nice house here sells. Beginner cooking skills to create seven delicious
Geomchineun gulped. I wanted to eat and how much with no money.
Then the others had access.
Geomdulchi, geomsamchi, Tests, geomohchi!
"Sir, did you connect first!"
"Oh yes, you're here."
Geomchineun joy shared with his disciples.
Always remember you drawing in your face to see you through the Royal Road that
smells like exotic.
Tests have searched his pockets, but he saw was startling.
"Oh, Master!"
"Pocket bread is 10 and a canteen.'ve Put your hand I'm also eject!"
"Oh, that's really strange. Then let's see here, what about the taste of the
Bread from his pocket, pulled out geomdulchi geomchiwa bite asked. My mouth seemed
to harden the stone was too hard.
"Twe, twe! So it's not palatable. They eat this food for a hunt?"
"I've been looking a little on the internet, the food is also very much the
terms of number. It is choehageup food,
Gourmet food that they're melting your mouth. US-Japan is known world. "
"Accessory, not a nickname, I'm calling here. Geomsamchi! You're pretty smart."

"Hehe, I am a flight."
Hot air geomsamchineun reveal it to the teacher laughed at the compliment.
Painting instructor said that the trainees are magnets from being revered. Keen on
a bit gruff, flight charge
Respectively. But I have access to the Royal Road; and with mentor and broke like
traveling with.
Light-hearted fun, it was unusually frequent smiling.
"But I'm still good to eat ssipeuni own? Hard it is, I think chewable biscuit."
"This stuff looks like wheat. Ppanginga The Barley?"
Geomdulchi geomchiwa canteen while they talked him out of the water, bread and
drink 8 gaessikui fell.
"I let a little pressure?"
"Training center would do better to go with?"
"Hyun Lee, No Weed she was four weeks did not get out of that was going."
"Yes. Our training center for the guy's too.'ll See one that!"
Normal geomchiwa 4 found that a training center. Sarah Borg Sex incredibly wide,
how many times people who wander
Finally found a training center and ask.
Scarecrow in a large area of several thousand stands.
A few users test their skills learned scarecrow was on dudeulgimyeo.
"55! Been implemented in this way you are."
"We're the painting than the aging structure. Physical measurements or
systematic training systems equipped with
I do not. "
"Geomdulchiya, facilities shall Important? Important, not the mind of man
holding a sword."
Geomdulchi geomchiwa swords, etc. began to beat the scarecrow. To start according
to a story I heard Weed
Geomdulchi, geomsamchi for a long time the feeling was returning to the old.
Geomryeok hitting fixed objects
Foster this process 10 years ago, said it and I am graduating.
"Argh! A small cries! Louder!"
"Sir! 1000021! 1000022!"
Hard to beat the scarecrow paetda geomchi.
Sometimes I feel good to look at the message!
In a sense, a crazy sword yideulman no one else, they did not break.
It was fun to fight with 12.

And later, a monster with a sword Sometime neunda exciting.

At this time the strength and ability to grow and has pledged.
'The Royal Road of the monsters will be my sword.'
Geomchiui eyes were brighter.
"By the way, the body's umjikyini really hungry."
"Bread has two remaining, Master!"
"I can. So do eat?"
Geomchi eat all the bread they took away with. I have to roll the remaining two
"This car is filling remnant's bread!"
"Oh, yeah! Geomsamchi, you look pretty Skilled."
"I think filling the falls to feel hungry. Master!"
"Tests, you are pretty."
"But, Master, and kids. We ate everything we threw the bread and filling the
future falls
What should I do? "
Passed since the end of geomohchiui static.
Atmosphere of abuse can not say anyone was naebaeteul.
Geomchiga watching disciples asked.
"Serious sataeda. What opinions people have 'em?"
"I'll tell you."
"Geomdulchi, tell me."
"Yes. Would not you hunt? Hunting and picking up items will make money.
You can eat wheat bread, but it will be more tasty. "
"Oh, that way ......"
When geomchiga wide smile, shook your heads geomsamchiga.
"No, the death penalty. We can fly out of four weeks was no sex."
Geomchi bow their heads. This does not come up with a terrible way to resolve the
Usually a lot of game experience to do the quest if you think they would. However,
these NPC's errand
I did not even imagine that. But hunting is the only solution, you're not leaving
out of the city is ahdeukhal.

Cried in a long time geomchiga carrying swords.

"We geomsada. We also ship swung geomman sing!"
"Yes, Master! We need is geomman."
"Woowaah! Too, sir, Master."
Geomdulchi, geomsamchi, Tests, struck geomohchiga applause.
Since then, five hard, dollar bill paetda beaten with a wooden sword spear
scarecrows. In the hands of even more power hungry
Training Center instructor's heartwarming and smiled.
Euroseoneun instructor training center for a long time to come to the trainees of
the column so you see they are bound to be happy.
"Hey, guys. Me would like rice or a meal?"
The instructor was trying to split comes a bag lunch. However geomchi swallow
their saliva while kkolkkak did not need to consult.
"No! Dignity and pride is not, and how NPC bilbutneundan to me?"
"Hey, I'm sure, too, Master?"
"That, yes! If we are geomman."
Geomchi ignoring the ship hard to the sound of obesity dudeulgyeotda scarecrow.
Vogue of their specialty within the Serra said.
"I look at them! Rice to eat in the obese chindae scarecrow."
"People have looked for some time had not really heard about eating."
"Even if obesity is full scarecrow and see."
Was ridiculous.
Barley bread had doubled gopatjiman see it there is nothing but force fell.
Filling the 3%! Body strength to move away from it all is hard enough were hit
adulthood obesity scarecrow
- You have died of hunger. 24 hours is not possible to login. Because they are
only beginning,
Items and levels are falling.
Deaths due to hunger in a dog to die.
4 weeks do not go out of the city is beginning to die among the extremely rare
but, proud of the strong geomchi
Such deaths would have been.
It also seeing many people were standing in front of a humiliating death.
Painting, etc. jeongilhun Hyun held a meeting to help.
"Royal rodeura ... because of our civilization, for the meantime not think that

Is not too indifferent.

Ilhunah. "
"If painting for students, what about the Royal Road? There more hours in
May be able to fight monsters, so even own motivation and inspiration said. "
"It's a nice idea, no idea is very worthy. Monsters and fighting
If the validation of their skills will not nataehaeji map. "
Hyun kill everything, that hit jeongilhun help. Teachers were also different than
"As a direct encounter with the sword looks a good opportunity to give strength
to realize you're gonna be!"
"If we show the first person, his disciples more about the sword will be easier
to attain enlightenment."
"Geomyiran stuff out of the world, but to become one of the world and the world
and will be joining me.
Sanya friend with the sword, will travel to the continent of the unknown!
Indeed a good opinion, sir, boss. "
But the only woman in that position and a secretary, and also the nephew of Hyun
was also one person. She gat hands on the waist
I said against the distance it followed up.
"Jakeunahbeoji! Done polishing the black heart of the tool, and does not
necessarily require a relative, a direct
Learning to fight the black liquor residue is only! He said it normally moves!
"Uh-huh! You want me to go for Dalian, huh? Long time want to tussle? Benefits
the t start arguing straight?"
"It ......!"
"Now, I see a concrete plan. Accommodation is with the stamp of our
practitioners are fully qualified
How many total? "
"500 people."
"The capsule 500 further orders and discounts ... are you gonna join
"Will be. No later than tomorrow, I'll write it so you can install your hands."
Jeongilhun confidently replied.
Immigration from non-disciples as receiving a lot to live one capsule two liras to
500. Hyun, but also the reputation of the dojo
China, not only has spread around the world. Funding from the World Kendo
Federation and the Sports Association of the funding and training
Peojeo getting out of the disciples had come through a tremendous amount. Entrance
fee is just one part of them.
Choejongbeom geomsamchiin smiled quietly to himself.

"Barley bread 5000's many neuleonaget."

- Jinhyeolui vampire When a Reconnect Weed, Alves might sit on the theory that the place was quiet. NPC
can level marshland
To improve the skills needed to act a certain.
'Everything's a no.'
In fact, this cave has a teleport gate is set to become the starting point as a
safe place. Monster's attacks eurobu
Teo is fully protected.
Let's try to get out of the cave, Weed, Alves theory comes along quietly got up.
Her air moves like a candidate for the next pope.
"Where are you going?"
"Scouting is. You're still waiting."
"Yes, I'll be waiting here."
Ron Alves on the back seat should be.
Weed came out of the cave alone. Alves theory can only be proud steps out of the
cave and goes towards the
As you step out of the new yard had turned into, like walking on thin ice.
'Monsters ......'
Salpinda a cave near enough.
Black giant and human villages have disappeared.
The light of day, it all seems obvious to me now, down.
Snow-capped mountain village and did not show the monster that was safe.
'This neighborhood is much better off they're monsters. They're all monsters
appear, but strong. '
Weed and down the mountain cautious. If hyeolgwangeul middle of pumping away in
the back of the wolf
'When you fight you yet.'
Tiptoe, trying, sometimes hiding behind a rock gamyeo for a long time and finally
arrived in the village.
Village shops, rundown house was turned into houses. There is no thing deuleneun
shop owner. Discarded and broken
'Sounds like we need supply is impossible.'

Morata fat has to come from when a basic preparedness. Buy food and herbs as the
starting point
Is kept. Gave them tremendous amount shall not have to worry about falling over
I wanted to look around the town of Weed rainstorm could not afford very much.
- Chill penetrate the skin.
Physical ability is reduced by 14%.
You do not have any effect on warming comes of armor.
In order to defeat the cold, but a fire smoke, fire, smoke in here, not a suicide
or that differences
Had a 12.
After a little more time to catch a cold because it was Weed carefully scouting
around only.
The vampires were a couple of passes.
Baempayieojok jinhyeolui.
After spending a long time as they pass the time passed, finally wandering alone
apart from the crowd
Was a vampire.
Wear your body clings to the black cape, his face pale.
Wearing of jewelry was hand ring.
Weed noekkarija quietly, wearing a light bursts out of the ring of tubes instead
of Ethan's body, covered me.
- With the blessing of management has instead. 20 minutes will be enhanced
physical abilities.
I checked the info window and the results were surprising. Strength, agility,
stamina, endurance, patience and the non-stat
Was trying to 150% increase. Health and mana to rise by 30% of the peak value, life
beyond the 7002, 6002 Mana
Is over.
Weed raise the level of each recipient to stat agility and strength has invested
almost. Knowledge or physical strength to raise a little
Did not know. Instead, the battle to lower the health as the patient would have
complemented the stats up.
Such as more than 7002 health is tremendous. Enough to increase the amount of
mana, use many times more than the skills
Were able to.
'That's great.'
20-minute restriction, but if this level is said to be a fantastic item.
"Bandages, cold!"
But a rise in the peak of health and mana was nothing.
Nothing comes to life with the current did not increase because it is hard to be a
bandage on the best boosting vitality.
Intermediate to advanced neombogo already a bandage over a cold skill.
The highest skill with great speed, the limitation to be a bandage and was able to
replenish vitality.
10% increased mana recovery rate effects due to a paeroteuui rings pretty
chaolratda 7.
But be prepared to equip you still do not side was a bit lacking.

And here we were eaten. '

Weed jilkkeun closed his eyes and ate the food.
Royal Bird Being the Day!
Join with family-cooked eggs.
Additional 500 health and mana gained.
Ready for battle does not stop here. Weed holding a sword, being active can give
you the skills
"Bless the holy."
Holy priests are using protection.
Then grade skills!
Weed of the body, and was the soft light.
Totally up to him, the 40 defense, I'm sorry to say here, but much more than the
yen, the writing was a skill.
At this time far away as there was already a vampire. But in what I think is, a
house hidden in Weed
Come back towards the fence was a vampire.
"Here was an unpleasant feeling ......"
Bless the sacred as those of the vampires were moved by the words seemed to come
"Piece sword!"
Weed has come to near completion preparing the vampire was a surprise.
Ran out of hiding at home, rushed out and had pushed skill.
"The enemy is human!"
Vampire Weed in a tight forearm blocked the sword. However, the characteristics of
a piece of fencing was a terrible attack
Dismiss the other's defense stripped the attack!
Much lower levels when the enemy does not. Lop-piece fence for tsunami is little
difference in tsunami
Will not. Like vampires, monsters with a strong defense, but for the damage of
almost literally went
The attack on the vitality of a vampire fall.
Include a single attack, but expect a high level was not budge. Erado is perfectly
fine as a mosquito bite.
"Man! Blood, I'm gonna suck!"
Straight forward, extending both hands deombyeodeunda vampire.
Simple and ignorant attacks on the nape of the day, but caught two holes were
ttulryeoya. Then a light offensive
Halteji to heomeul.
Weed bowed while the vampire's chest, long bemyeonseo slipped sideways. Snowcovered ground, a snake gureumyeonseo
According to Firefox, this seems to be entered correctly, the hitting.

'All right. Damage were a pretty big shift. But now it itgetda. '
Death Knight is different from every fight. In order to improve the skills and
stats of the right stuff you can not fight a
Goes to show the vitality of its own window and went off. Showing mana windows
closed. Observe eye contact
High, relative to body feels.
The enemy was more concentrated.
When the magic to the continent, he was now a lot simpler than. I did not know
much about the game. Finding a map
Enough not to know was, did not recite the names have all heard. To simply relieve
their stress, to catch a monster every time
Since the fight was good strong character.
Pleasure in something a little more challenging I found a strong enemy.
Directly to one another's suffering, rather than to listen to while you were
She had also experienced frustration of trial and error.
Death much more frequently than the others died.
Nevertheless, Weed is the best thing that could be! That's one challenge in
creating your own know-how
Liver is due.
Walked the path that does not bother others, when others jigyeowohal Weed said the
I enjoyed the battle much simpler. Click the mouse and keyboard not only matching
the ordinary man, even a fight
All. As the pressure has been on the job, but his wife does not suffer.
Have more and more, The higher skill is to lose a lot of things. Challenge, and
mastery of the skill whenever you die
And the level of being uptight and afraid of falling.
When fighting monsters, stats for the rise in miscellaneous bear thinking it
matters. Fight by itself
Was unable to enjoy.
Stronger to fight him instead, the quest to conquer the game's fun, it was really
the idea that the job of Weed
Really did not enjoy.
Has changed the ugly face of a vampire.
Since then, more quickly and strongly to assault.
Weed was working skills at the right time.
Geotahnira think of as the head, chest blow itself out in a skill like!
'If the odds are can get away with.'
Yourself around the perimeter fence of the vampires played a piece.
"Summon a bat!"
Weed and forth to avoid the throw did not like, vampire rolled his arms wide.
42 Then the formation of a black circle jerk was summoned by doedeoni vampire bat.
"Kill him!"
Summoned the vampire bat wings, and they flew in the air. Weed then suck the blood

of the head and dusted

Oh, I tried to eat.
Monsters of the aristocratic vampires!
They were able to write to the magic.
"Shield. Seuteuraengseu. The Cure."
Vampire strengthen their own abilities, has recovered from injuries to life
Heomuhal tried it enough to attack again filled life of a vampire. I have hurt
your arm suit reinstated
Has been won.
Weed of the bat knife to attack a vampire bemyeonseo.
Kisses Vampire bats suck the blood attaches itself to such different, the land had
to fight gureumyeonseo.
Whistle! A vampire, or later in the movement was overwhelming Weed.
However, it consumes a huge mana gamyeo writing skills continue to be to continue
the fight no longer.
When he did not lead directly to the mana Weed fought with a sword, a deadly
attack by a vampire did not.
It tolerable because you've been attacked for their healing magic was not enough.
Then, write the magic cure is no longer a vampire
Not been started.
'It worked! You're dropped his mana. '
Finally, the vampires are bleeding a little.
Even more pale and a pale face, a little slow motion as extreme fatigue.
However, in a message to Weed Outing.
- Blessing of the effect is gone.
Rapidly waning strength.
Holding a sword is heavy, his feet were slow.
- The effect of divine mercy on your soul is gone.
- Was a cold.
Physical ability is reduced by 20%.
A 30% reduction in the effectiveness of the skill.
Other complications that can cause colds.
Maximum health and mana is reduced.
Reduced to defense, even after the attacks of the vampire bat ball, reduced
vitality. Bleeding getting worse, with life
Weed, while sharply increasing the movement slowed.
Weed finally captured a vampire. But then the vampire's life had fallen to less
than 10%
I just tried to eat the blood sucking vampires, when Weed was a vigorous head
"Is not over yet!"

Hot air Weed has fallen vampire looking for laughs.

I almost did not remain a vampire life. Depleted Roar mana it.
Weed, however, was much more serious condition. Injuries coming out of not winning
the quiet eye bleeding
And closed.
And out.
Lee Hyun capsule to come out and rage gripped his fist.
I saw a vampire and a fight. Monsters level 270? Strong. Quite strong.
Change the sword, and a blessing to bless the sacred writing was also defeated.
Death was hunting with cheap weapons and equipment age
Teudeul was only a world of difference.
Full-fledged high-level monsters to illustrate the grandeur.
But I absolutely can not beat the monster did not like the feeling.
Lee Hyun yelled while holding a fist rage.
"Jinhyeolui vampire families!'re All dead!"
Fail and yirien, romyuna, sureuka Vogue angry that Sarah had been playing with the
parents. Let parents
Even if we can put away to leave, around maguldeuleseo hunting.
Weed was then receive a call.
"Weed said those who know you've connected to the game that let's me just to say
"What do you think? Me Having a look now."
"But I knew very nimgwa's just like Weed."
"Yes. I already're brandishing swords in the center in two weeks was great."
Fail, and the spraying sureuka smiled. Weed fought madly look monseuteoman remind
me of the strong appearance
That was.
Engraver, but also to anyone not be as strong fencing. Monster hardly believe they
would not be able to get
Excellent fencing and to dispose it by ear was surprised to see that every time.
Weed said the acquaintance was so excited.
"Not long now, it began drawing in novice, ran for the game that would not
"Weed Cause nimgwa best people."
They went to the training center when a crowd had gathered.
"What is this? In what's even fought?"
"Watch out directly. And Goodwin surprised."
Fail and colleagues went painfully forward scatter spectators, their eyes
tteojyeotda circle. Nearly 500 people
The trainees are brandishing their swords toward the Bankers.
"One, two, three!"
According to the cease-fire and yell.

At the same time the exact timing of 500 down to beat swords scarecrows. The same
behavior, both at the same rate a
Kinship was moving.
Fail better surprise them, but I was in their eyes.
'It was hard to have poisoned.'
Spleen hamyi eye sensitivity.
If you come my heart tremble tolerable level of pressure.
Brightness 500 at 1-2 but then came fear the waist down flavor.
Why people seem to know whether this gathering. '
Oh, so, naturally, in their training center doeeoteurira spectacle.
"Uh, what?"
Come wet Hung Yen was like crying to worry about already. Weed's friends think
they are mixed with those awesome bunch
"It's okay. I do not have to see a high level. So we will not eojjeojin.
I'll make it. "
Have the courage to fail-cried.
"Do you know the nimgwa Goes Here?"
And he turned his head 500 at a time.
Fail-sky side of the heart seem to fear. But soon their swords to the back looking
scarecrows Hui
"It's okay. We have to help. What's the story I'm not sure I'll help whatever
This way, please do not worry. "
Price scarecrow swords were stopped. Manner, and almost immediately ran to 500
people. Then
Maedalrimyeo to fail cried.
"My, wheat bread, please ......"
"Bob, please feed me."
Back in reality, the last access time of the day, when Weed was standing in front
of the tele-port gate.
'Skills that ... Some were dropped. '
Pause after the various rating has dropped 5-7%.
Pieces of the 7% alcohol. Cooking 6%.
Fencing and other skills, dexterity, and repair pause after they fell by 5%.
Fortunately, the heart ahpatjiman deuraphan items for nothing a couple of golddollar arms, respectively.
'Jinhyeolui vampires was not ready.'

Weed again broke open the fixed hard sergeants.

All sergeants were in a backpack at the end of stage destroying paid had wanted to
achieve the goal.
- Repair skill level 10 will be transformed into intermediate repair skills.
Depending on the level of numeracy skills will improve.
Complete repair of damaged areas became possible to undo miles up the
durability can be recovered.
Skills can be learned from the village blacksmith.
Weed said the now repaired their own equipment.
Had previously, apart from extreme durability not afford even the appearance said
that the equipment clean, like new
Are fixed.
Jwareureu cape flowing in the shiny, dented armor pyeojyeotda their flattened.
Although the black iron that had cracked, rusty
Ppumeonaenda like him to expect.
"All right.'re Just getting started."
Weed were trying to get out of the cave, Ron Alves took place in this position.
"I'll help do battle with vampires."
"Not yet. Is the preparatory steps have to wait for more."
Morata Weed alone around the province were spies. Meoljjigamchi to pass the stage
you see a monster lurking
Dongtaeman he is checking the bridge spies.
The results showed a lot of things.
First morata provinces have made a pretty catch of 10,001 Monsters.
The other side of town and go to the giant black-colored neukdaena evil, people
could see me. Their level of 170 Capsules
Several dogs running around at once, instead of doyeotjiman side. In severe cases,
more than 100 stained evil wolf
There are.
Bless the holy sword given dangerous moment seukilin use, and management's
blessing, instead of using sweeping Wolf
They lost to the grabbing Weed recovery experience, and has raised the level to
"Here's a good hunting ground."
It is usually called hunting around town or in the neighborhood of the city are
bound to be made. Spread smoothly, and also
Easy to obtain the other fellow is a point that's why.
But wander alone like Weed situation where a lot of monster hunting anywhere in
the Center.
Moving path of the terrain and monsters, levels, and analysis since Ron brought
Weed attended the albedo.

"Let me heal."
Divine power, as in the Weed Wash the wound healing.
Separately so there is no need to be a bandage.
Expect the next pope candidate Ron Alves said the level was more than a whopping
320. However, the NPC with this name
There, once again, did not live to die. In other words, Ron Alves is the story die
When he dies, the quest failed and killed the next papal candidate because of our
friendship with a lot of churches Freya
Make it is expected to fall. Think it can not be carried easily take anywhere.
But ......
"Protect the magic."
"Yes. Maliciously undermine him from the crowd let the power weakens. Divine
mercy on your soul."
"Give me my strength grow."
"Evil against evil, as sauna to reach the peak of his power to please. Bless!"
Alvaro Ron Weed is by far the best meet of the NPC, respectively. This means that
the higher level, but good character.
Why is beneficial to talk to the NPC to give the user, the quest to be sparing
them? This assumption in itself a serious
Questioned, the user downloads them Asturias Sage was a schemer!
Ron Alves, but the work to take care of everything, and did not trust him fight.
Attend to take the choegoyeot
Naive and innocent NPC.
Ron Alves dragged around the back and forth Weed morata was involved in the hunt
in the province. The original purpose of the inverted uh
Rum said.
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
Oak lost soul!
Ron Alves time to catch him in support of the womb Weed finally achieved a level
of 200.
'At last!
Level 200 in the Royal Road is a state of the control points, respectively.
The server may open 1 year and 4 months old. Level 100 is now beginning to cross
the side got off to tell you
Merchant or a series of production jobs that do not follow the common-level
system, but less than normal level of 100
Was classified as a novice.
Royal Road, but still accounted for an overwhelming number of these are a
beginner. So many around the world
This is because they are newly entering the user.
An enormous amount of each village, each seongyina novice adventurers dreamed of
was on leave.
This process is beyond the level that only about 130 receive some recognition.

Join the guild and the game starts

Attend a performance of a trip had to leave town.
Bard and Bard level 50, even before they wander about the world, but the degree
level should be within the field
In other villages and fight the monster was able to go safely.
Level if more than 150 people are known quite a name.
And if more than 200 levels of heavy water was rising to the rank of.
For 2nd job!
In the case of tests can be a knight, archer, depending on the taste can change
jobs, etc. jeogyeoksuna seokgungbyeong.
In the case of the wizard, it is possible to specialize in one type, and a priest
or a warrior, thief, merchant class, such as
You can also seudeul ex.
And is available in geomgi!
Attacks drastically widened the range of skills, skills they themselves are
transformed accordingly.
This is why it is called heavy water level was at 200.
Royal Road is a lot of people said no, called the weight of more than 10,001 of
these are not even 20% of the total.
Of course, if the level of Weed surveying include a special blue-collar tough deda
fraudulent character boasts strong finish
To be general comparisons can be difficult.
2nd job also has a special job, what would happen if you did not know of the Weed.
Weed, however, then the level is rising once dressed as a whole has changed. Head
of the Hawk anti-spell Helms
To wear, hand engraved rose wore gloves. Death Knight armor, they were dressed up
with the goods
Now, the Dark Knights of Weed outfit! However, articles were white gloves and
Apparently a combination of good outfit but he can not do, rather than the eyes of
others was more important stats.
"Alberon slowly, follow me."
Ron Weed with the albedo of giant black headed apmaeulro. Dead vampires in the
same place.
Itself was not difficult to sneak out.
Within the village, only about 300 animals roam about vampires because they were
easy to avoid the eyes of
Well it could go.
Weed oettaro away from there and waited around a vampire. And he attacks the
moment they appear
"Piece sword!"
Weed of the sword to attack a vampire, but blurred light ppumeumyeo surprisingly
easy swords its vampires forearm
Then reveal fangs toward Weed said.
"You again?"
Unfortunately, the last time that the vampire who killed Weed!
Waiting for an ambush in the same place and, you know, I met him was the same.

Weed said the attack had pushed a piece of fencing. Twist and free commerce of
dazzling sword vampire.
"That spirit never died and still guess charyeotna. Kyaahat!"
A vampire was attacked while healing her own body.
Weed led the fight long war. Kill the enemy at a time or two short of the damage
or unavoidable choice
The skill of a huge mana consumption, but his level 270!
The characteristics of the black magic and a vampire family sohwansul,
transformation, women dealing with users that can be used only fascinating and
This was the vitality of its class. Of life itself, given the level of other
similar monsters Oh nothing compared with
Will Ninh.
Jinhyeolui baempayieojok itself was a special kind enough, much stronger than
typical vampires deulbodado.
Soon, blessings and bless the sacred is gone, even mana was depleted. Decision,
because a similar situation vampire kilkilgeo
The shooting of his lungs.
"You're killing me this time! You nitwit!"
Then towards the wall, said Weed.
"Treatment, protection, magic, buffing!"
"Old, sir."
Alves was hiding in the theory of strength to fill up and Weed, have offered
various protection spells.
Now the situation has reversed.
Vampire distorted by embarrassment in front of the face, smiled Weed. Monster who
killed her once
Do not forget.
"I'll get you next time! Angaehwa!"
Vampires and downs, realized that he was casting skills.
Technology to transform appearance to escape the fog!
Objects can pass through walls and intact, can not catch a vampire was a unique
A vampire's body turned hazy with smoke. Scattered elsewhere in the act rather
than concentrated in one place!
Stirred tries to escape the smoke.
Weed was intact, but would not have failed to accept this.
"Piece sword!"
Pieces of an invisible fence that the existence of a direct hit technology.
"Keuah Aaah!"
The fog turned into a vampire by the end of a piece of fence at midnight.
Weed of courtesy, the albedo is take revenge theory was finishing.
Since that night, the mountains and the plains of Weed and hunting in the area,
moved to the village during the day.

Characteristics of the moon at night, thanks to a professional engraver at the

stats of 30% is improved. Strength and agility, the battle on the stats
In addition to alcohol-related pieces of art get better stats. For others it means
to hunt, not when you work hard
What would it be?
But that's not strong wideuman moon rising on the night were yin is stronger
monsters. Whopping
Is 1.5 times the sejyeotdeon. Of course, the probability that an item or experience
deuraphal will also rise.
The original community life, including wolves, except for a few monsters are often
attend individually. That
Reoni monsters were stronger at night to hunt.
However, the level is now rising, thanks to the help of Ron Alves quite
comfortably with a vampire can be disposed
If he, somehow the burden seureowotda night.
Can not guarantee the safety or, at most carefully Weed has to go.
"Call Death Knight!"
Death Knight Hawk class.
When summoned to fight makes him join.
Weed and then slain by the hundreds in the Death Knight is a self without
hardship, the command followed properly. This
Own increased familiarity with the ways of a two liras.
Penalty of one day fair.
I do not know.
Weed baempayieona evil stained with the anti-Hawk Sometime wolves and raised
Alves also backed the support of the theory of risk said.
"My lord, my level went up .."
Occasional half-Hawk has been known to politely news.
Weed depend on the anti-Hawk had led to a new destiny.
He had been hunting through the growth.
Weed as a petulant face, looked me in the half-Hawk.
Death Knight you enough experience that he took the fight. But if hunting alone,
20% Weed
Hawk's experience toward the breakfast, half flows. Dependent of the contract for
making a contract until the termination of
This will continue.
'Looks like a parasite.'
But that is a big help in the fight could not deny it.
Thanks to the anti-Hawk was much easier dealing with vampires. One day and, one
having a big difference in the actual combat
Constructive said.
Damage and the two times, two times as Armor semyida stronger.
Weed when the dangerous Death Knight has become much safer than we were able to
boast. Catch vampire
Reduced by half time, only about one quarter the damage was not wear.
Vampires in the town about 300 dogs around.
A total of 1000 marida jinhyeolui vampire family. The rest will be in the black
Weed around the individual who took care of a vampire.

I have exactly 49 digits.

Two columns were moving at least geudaeumbuteoneun homesite.
Jinhyeolui already died once so common vampire vampires back to level 250 was
- Fencing skill level 10 will be changed to intermediate fencing skills.
50% of the damage is increased by the sword.
Intermediate skills in fencing whenever a rise of 7%, additional damage is
Attack skills with mana mana cost is reduced to half.
+2 To all stats will be given additional points.
Engraver's sorrow!
Since the sword was not a professional skill than the skill test the effect of
slow growth were much lower. But the pieces
Intermediate skills in fencing made saroseo.
Nogada not come without tears literally the result!
And after a few days.
Went on to a more intermediate to the other skills.
- A piece of fencing skill level is intermediate piece 10 can be transformed
into the sword skills.
This will change the shape of geomgi green.
Using a piece of fencing is to complete a huge statue.
Ignore the other side of the armor!
- The great sculptures Vampires were placed at regular intervals. Is said to be fortunate.
Weed rest near a statue of two raided chwihadeon.
More Bird on the main nut.
Join family to eat eggs, fruit, said the celestial.
Weed that can handle it alone was a vampire, Death Knight and took another one.
"Traitor, Van Hawk!"
"I only follow the master's orders."
After a fierce fight, several times until the crisis is fighting for Weed were
treated with a vampire 2.
Weed said the badike sit.
"Curse away."
Ron Alves received the mission, went to stone to keep the vampires memorize the
"Divine Light, is being distorted byeonhyeondoen here, please consider turning
off the power gusokhan freedom."
The light came down from the sky and covered the stone. Black stone surface of the
ink that flows down the wash down,
Freya, of the order in which the wear pattern was found in the Paladins.
"A ship, vampires!"

Paladins are glad to see the sword of light ttinda hwidureuryeodaga Ron Alves.
"You evil spirit who does not feel that's a bit too. You did you go in church?"
"55, Paladin dealership! You are, we have to rescue them. Now, your
The act is done. "
Ron Alves and melodramatic Paladins broke out of the photoperiod.
Paladins back into the cave, as the food they ate geolsindeulrin. Come to think of
hungry and would have prayed.
Weed that put food on the first time gave a small bowl. Paladin after I eat it all
the apologetic face
Held out the bowl.
"Thank you very much."
"Hi, instead of the tube being asked lady came to rescue us all, in many ways
feeling beholden."
"Not here.'s Fresh food and a little more so."
Weed them gave the Paladins a bowl.
The shares dropped his bowl of fir. It was taken over to the paladin.
Paladins are gulped. Hunger than any other seasonings to taste inspires. But it
gave the food Weed
They had ever eaten any food all tastes.
Intermediate to intermediate cooking skills handy!
Tempted to stimulate the sense of smell and taste and is euneunhage.
"We eat it that way by Weed Is a gumge doesiji? Do not."
"The food is to give Iran Swill. Finish I want to eat the ship wouIdn't have
This young people's fresh. "
Weed did not lie at all. In fact, just by eating the highest levels was close to
filling. That
Reonde food tonight, making his own, deliberately imparted to a small bowl.
Petty and the meaning of this despicable act can not even imagine a Paladin with a
bowl of gratitude was received. Ha
A bowl to catch the moment, but fir waguwagu put in your mouth while eating.
Ron Alves was locked in meditation, Weed took a carving knife.
Offering sound sculptures.
Paladin when they saw the boat fills, Weed hands of a beautiful sculpture was
being completed.
Paladins fight evil with it's shape.
"Is a great talent. Very Beautiful."
"My hobby is."
Freya, the goddess of wealth and beauty is subjective. For this reason, the Order
of the Paladins also have familiarity with the first Weed
Was very high from the state.
Engraver! A professional beauty and art lovers.
Chef! Delicious food will soon be a symbol of abundance.
Weed did not receive the recognition of other people, but the Paladin of the Order

could be a passionate veneration.

"So everybody pray."
Weed and eat food after the hunt, the head tucked towards Freya, the goddess and
"Thank you so give plenty of food and saengyeomeul. Evil, to keep peace in the
continent hameurobuteo ......"
Ron Alves, started with the habit is formed. Priests and Paladins are in order to
increase their familiarity gidoyeot
As the soldiers went to bring the kingdom rojaim Paladin pre-stone for those just
159 people are turned to stone within the village Paladins, priests 38 people. But
the place where the Paladins turned to stone
Kabuki is keeping the vampires.
"First, we need to raise the strength of the can."
Weed is convinced that such logic Paladins hunting.
Full of many evil neukdaena morata fat. 10 001 monsters to catch overflow was
Paladins were rescued, but sometimes resisted.
"Right now we have not this time! Colleagues in view of suffering, without
asking them
This is what behavior! "
He just gave me a sword, holding the Paladins to the village tried to assault. A
bit like a priest in the article not to be afraid of evil
Was the attitude.
Jinhyeolui baempayieojok!
Unlike the Paladin is almost literally wonsuna cider.
Weed, however, prevented them desperately. Bob's nose done yubunsu be dropped, how
they're calculated
You mean to become a victim of a vampire again.

"We should be standing and they are available. Hope to defeat the remaining one,
Not. However, if we fail to, your colleagues always joke of the vampires
Becoming street will suffer. You really do you expect such a result? "

Paladin dalraeseo eoreugo them, Weed said the hunt.

It was frustrating, but the paladin side than the Weed.
He needed the money. Royal Road to Gold in cash rather than in real life to write
You can obtain good equipment to sell, the eight people who have no morata fat.
Let's deal, where items
Even if you do not want no one will bid. It's tough coming up here more, who
purchase such items, worth a
If the time to complete the quest alone is unknown.
So, the conclusion was to raise the power, as with the paladin. Yet not forget to
spread the Sculpture

"Do not include trees. Rock climbing a good piece of skill pyeolchyeoya to
Weed was trying to find a mountain of rock keumjimakhan. But the snow-covered
mountains it's not easy finding the right rocks
It is not. Moreover, even a little activity and a cold wind blowing this all came
cold or there was, even more bars
Sculpture on the left in the limit. Offering a rock is a lot of time was needed.
"Rock the crowd. You should bonginhae Sculpture like this one?"
Weed of the damage was associated with a piece of surgery, and deep.
"There should not rock. If you have any other solid objects would be
nice ......."
Weed of the eye pans across the village and the mountains ? passed.
Snow-covered world.
The earth was full of ice.
"Ice! Is a piece of ice!"
If you see a piece of ice in the drink could be the best ingredients. The deal is
simple and can be easily obtained.
I will not melt even in the cold north was indeed perfect.
Since then, they take a break when the paladin Weed slashed the ice. With a
carving of a large block of ice seukseuk
Carved sculpture is made of an inner right.
Weed with a brave paladin and fight vampires.
They are carved into the shape of the morata fat.
Weed gropingly and the memories of people who made the statue. Of course, the
model was still seoyun. Than her
Because people had never seen a pretty Weed had no other choice.
Engraving art, skill stats going up the pieces of the deep As the moment on some
things and not so different points
Have learned.
Typically, a town or a castle, a large object rather than a piece of the side
pieces of the woman was more rewarding. God
The presence of a woman who had countless masterpieces, as the most difficult thing
to cut the woman a beautiful thing
Statue made in the village wanted to smile, if you had a relaxing, woman, statue
created a strange atmosphere in the province morata
Ohyeonhan look cool.
With ice-cold exterior shape has made. Seoyun was seen as the face of Weed.
Since I could not create a clone of the original piece decided to just look.
But others felt strangely wanseonghae gamyeonseo.
'Materials FEW?
I'm not sure the ice is due to be made somewhere, I recall feeling vulnerable and
'It would not do this right would work ......'
Weed was a failure, the idea that strong.
Failure is painful pair of engraver. As a renowned reputation for putting even a

drop will be reduced.

Works because we all have a passion to create a professional engraver was an even
more difficult.
'Rather to abandon?
But even now, give some reputation had to take losses.
A moderate pogiran unforgettable.
Weed of the dedication of our resources as he saw the face of seoyun tried to
'As a strong feeling cooler ... Murderers! Yes. Distrust of others and to hate
the eyes
Let's just live. '
Remember gropes was stuttering.
Yet Goes By changing the attire at all armor pieces are made seoyun.
Full Plate Armor!
This covered the entire body metal piece was to be bold. They had body armor for
This model was as long as they are.
Awkward, but you do not worry, the seoyun armor that has become too well.
Finally, his eyes cold as a piece of Weed and tried to save the image.
'The mind does not say the window. I completed my eyes, you know it will not
come to failure. '
And naengjeongham ohyeon.
Allure brutal murderer or down.
Weed the utmost feeling alive for her eyes were a piece.
However, a piece created by itself on the eye was just lovely. The eye of the
deer, just one thing clear Naive
'Jaeryoya. Material because this happened. Wideuya stupid! Do you make ice
So, turning. '
Weed was a sigh.
The statue was completed around noon, was passed. By reflecting sunlight shone
Beauty flows from the sunny hue on the body.
Beauty in many different colors were splendid. The lights seemed to give them
The statue was to change the warmth.
?Masterpiece! Ice Beauty awards have finished!
Cold and arid land of northern.
Human heart and the earth would have hard to find a statue of beauty was
born. Fell into difficulties and troubles
As a desert oasis for travelers who visited can not be good. Where
Travelers can continue their difficult journey will give a comfort break.
Surprisingly positive
Degree completion and beauty! Beauty with a mysterious atmosphere is created
by ice artists award
Work is worthy of praise.
Artistic value: 750.
Special options: the ice looked beautiful award vitality and mana

regeneration, they have 17% during the day

40% increase resistance to cold.
Binggye a special resistance to magic.
3% probability of an attack, as is reflected.
+30 Stats attractive.
Do not be combined with other sculptures.
Until now completed a number of masterpieces: 3 ?
- Intermediate skill level sculpture has been increased to 5. Sculpture will be
even more delicate and precise.
- Intermediate skill level 7 is all thumbs. The ability to use hand tools and an
additional 5%
Increase, and will affect various sectors throughout.
- 320 reputation has risen.
- Art has increased by 45 Stat.
- Patient has a 4 rise.
- Have increased stamina 3.
- Fortune 40 has increased.
Paladin of the cold ride.
And Weed!
Nakohdoen just as bleak in the land They'd never dropped the body in the cave at
night. The width of ice and snow in the province morata
Winds will come.
Pole close to the lower temperatures and strong winds.
Heavy falls of snow and ice storm, the snow.
The number of pieces of ice towards the land naekkothineun the scene, the sky was
the moment beautiful pair. This Verbier
4 mysterious parts of the continent will be one of the finest.
Royal Road named a fantastic nature, many people come up and shaken movie ever
The snow-covered ground in northern stretches endlessly.
Of ice and snow storm that swept over them.
Where to watch it forever, but people's share!
The snow storm in the middle to the end, taste. Great cold hands and feet of ice
frozen, ice cubes
They will be digging relentlessly into the body.
Weed Even the patience to enjoy the pain like the monster that although increasing
numbers, it's really worth it man
It was not. Bodies froze quickly, then there ice on the eggs will die after being
out with extreme prejudice. Northern Land
30 times that found in a snow storm that was coming.
Weed said that it wanted to call the curse of God.
And slicing the skin with cold and flu!
Even lower temperatures at night, it's getting cold. Blow hard against the snow
outside the cave. Ice fell to the risk
Mate because, the night was no choice but to stop the hunt for a while.

Paladins suffered from the flu at best get paid.

"Ew, I knew it if you have two ......" learn sewing
Weed in the cave, trembling in the cold, many times regretted it.
Japtemdeulyi were piled up around the capital without much. Hunt and gather in the
vicinity was placed. Among them, there
Leather, too, you know, Wolf, if you have sewing skills to create a thick clothes
and wear will be able to defeat the cold.
But such skills eopeotkko for Weed, was eventually forced to fight the cold.
Smoked a bonfire.
Picked up during the day on the mountain of wood smoke to the fire all night. But
still cool at the entrance to the cave
Of air is not an earthquake so it hunhun. I just do not die, so I barely had
Even the cold, wearing the now lived in Weed.
At least that's cooking skills were helpful. Eat hot stew made in a warm and cold
Sex has been raised.
Weed and Paladins passing it pukpungyi snow cave, they again went out.
Storm was then standing in the beautiful award.
Snow sculptures and Fight Tough paid.
Scarred, but did not completely broken.
- Beauty on Ice will be playing the effect.
Thanks to the cold was able to win some more. But is becoming compromised, only
20% resistant to the cold phase
Was seunghaji.
Weed with a carving knife and walked on the ice beauty.
"You have this possible? Repair!"
Ice cutter, remove a few minor pieces of ice, put the filling inside. And where a
new ice broken
Attached pieces. And soon as lie might have been returning to its original
"You're the statue can also be repaired."
Weed is a new fact learned more. Has not been disclosed on the website, find out
what jobs are opening themselves
Information that was real.
Weed, then head of the sweeps had thought.
"... Maybe you're here, it may be possible!"
Weed was still out.
Lee Hyun who toured the site. The materials primarily to the legend of the North
Pole, or who live in cold regions of Monster
While looking for materials.
These pieces will go up the skill well.
Replicate the level of the monster piece because it was not difficult. Is not high
on the side instead of Achievement

'No. How long do I can not replicate the general monseuteona. Some things are
worth much now
Proficiency skills do not give up 2%. '
Deft piece of skill or skill level, a step that whenever, roughly 20 percent more
per additional skills were required.
Therefore, the actual skill level is really hard to grow up themselves.
Nogada not fall into the process of beginning to be some degree, but the
inspiration needed to Intermediate. Tolerable
Skills to create sculptures standing around me had not dared to rise.
Intermediate to advanced courses in an additional 50% rise since the skill is
needed more so, production skills
He was not looking at their capabilities. Series of battles over jobs,
manufacturing jobs were more difficult way to go.
'Artistic value should make a big thing. Skills give them a time to rise to
something ....'
Lee Hyun-soon of the continent and then the magic had access to relevant sites.
Fantasy is classified as the most powerful monsters of the continent is a dragon.
Lee Hyun alone, while the Magic were a couple of the continent
The dragon has never been caught.
Wide, colorful magic attacks.
Breath tremendous defense and attack.
Continental rose to the highest level of magic, but a few tricks to throw around
all day if the item never dared write
You can not get myself into a monster is a dragon.
Among them bingryong Des Kay!
150 meters beyond the animal, the flushing of ice dragon breath, respectively.
Very classic and is caught.
"The tail ... yes, got to attach the head in the future. First, the body starts
to baleseobuteo
I'll be moving up. "
Weed connected again with the ice began to gather.
Because it was after the snow storm of ice around a long time was all over the
place. Deng tolerable under the nose of a large ice
Young people's land so deep, my heart sank was about to sit down.
"Where there is no place to hide I'm gonna die invariably encounters a storm of
Freeze or die from cold, ice on the right or die! Anyway, I think I could die due
to one of two.
Towns and villages in the north was only near the big mountain. Block of ice and
snow storm, if you can afford is a mountain city
The town does not exist.
A northern town that was scary.
"In the past, the peoples who have no military forces of the northern kingdom.
If you live in this environment
Will be forced to toughen up. "
Weed of the surrounding pieces of ice began to use them. Create an outline first
place, the other ice Deng
Young people come to get piled on top of it.

Ice ice accumulated on the listed national parks.

"After a bit of time like this ......"
Weed with a paladin once, back around to hunt wolves.
Hardly had they harden up a block of ice that remained. Without the need to
separate the material, the cold ice of
Will be given to connect.
Weed control them by a Paladin made a huge mountain of ice. San filled with ice!
A collection of ice as large as the Coliseum, a few layers over the height of the
building and piled on.
Hwiyiyiing - kureureureung!
Of ice and snow storm came again.
Ring of ice that has piled up, even through ice and snow storm that was called
Let me through two snow storms, and then invaded the Weed too long and his head
large enough to barabwaya
Mountains of ice was formed.
Nogada human, and the power of nature!
Ginny is the union of the two was impossible.
"Now, my 12 start."
Weed took a carving of a Zaha stub.
Ice chisel.
Make the award when I saw the beauty in her hands, once the train had been there.
Gave a very detailed piece, anyway. Keodo is so big in size. If a piece a year
pyeolchija details
Even if investment is not enough.
Weed drastically cut the pay, sometimes the ice was subsequently added gamyeo
continue to work.
Sculpture by now have been held freely.
As decided that it was possible to piece.
Sculpture of the achievement as much as you want because it's still mid-stick, but
they said the special effects.
Weed is more sensitive parts do not fall in the mountains of ice was. On a piece
of ice to
From the top rope to connect the body to be made to stick. Like a man climbing a
Chisels, or carving a block of ice that crash into each piece of ice falls down.
Joe fell down the ice
Gakdeulyi splattered broken.
Weed spread the pieces on high alcohol level that was under the naeryeodabomyeon
"Ew ......"
Falls and dies.
The degree of fear in the mind for the engraving work can be suppressed. However,
a small hanging from a high place
Eopyigie cold is not a joke. Strong wind blowing, they opened a rope hanging from
daerongdaerong If you are not even move
Many Wu.
Weed the first goal and completed a piece of ice, the body of Mt. Mountains occupy
most of the middle trunk was big enough to
All. Dulreman ttajyeodo 100 meters far enough to cross a huge trunk.
Next thing was the turn of the tail and legs.
A small piece of the bridge was quite abnormal. However, the load of the ice

mountain be thick enough to win

Small, thick legs.
Leads straight out from the long tail, the body is stretched. Length of tail, and
come to tens of meters.
The last was the head. Resulted from the influence of body fat as well as a
significant beolryeojin giljjukhago mouth and neck.
Gwangpokhan resembling a crocodile mouth.
Gadakgadak or a long beard.
And fierce eyes full of power.
At the end of a piece of Weed alcohol, assaults around the light.
?Masterpiece! You have finished the sculpture bingryong
The man moved a little artistic passion, Albert, and sometimes to the great
achievements of people
Shocked to sikigido.
Achievements made have saved the power of nature!
Northern gyunhyeongja. Hate evil, dragon with a heart of gold.
A guardian angel to keep order in the land will disappear.
Artistic value: 2500.
Special options: bingryongsangeul the health and mana regeneration, they have
to increase 30% during the day.
70% increase resistance to cold.
Rose 40% magic resistance.
Maximum 35% increase vitality.
I rise 12 Stat.
Dragons played for the boys.
Bingryongsangyi visible degradation abilities of monsters in the
area, all the air.
Nearby bingryongsang monsters can not be accessed.
Do not be combined with other sculptures.
Until now completed a number of masterpieces: a. ?
- Intermediate skill level sculpture has been increased to six pieces of fine
wine will be even more delicate.
- Intermediate skill level of dexterity is 8. The ability to use hand tools and
a further 5% increase, and
Will affect different areas throughout.
- A reputation that has risen to 850.
- Art has increased 64 Stat.
- Patience has increased to 49.
- Have increased stamina 16.
- To the wonders of northern bingryong will include sculptures.
Send a Weed is on the ownership of a piece bingryong bingryong future if we can
give the statue to life,
Send Weed bachik he will be loyal.
In exchange, I created masterpieces of sculpture that stat will increase by 1

Ice can not imagine using them has created a monster.

Statues bingryong.
On the size of the actual diving, perfectly reproduces the look bingryongui.
Ice through the material made the sculpture is the most bingryonge choose the best
Dare to care about sculptures of tolerable structures that can not compare! Be it
good or works of art.
Of health and mana regeneration increased by 30%.
This hunting rate of 30% longer, giving effects.
Increased resistance to cold, so, the biggest obstacle in the north of the street
semyida reduced.
Maximum resistance to magic and vitality.
I rise Stat.
This, along with the combat capabilities makes your chances of survival greatly
increase. If you die once, whether the end of the albedo theory and Paladins
Weed who was a strong supporter under.
Weed with a paladin to rescue roam the plains while hunting. Death Knight Hawk
along with a half.
"But I only say this guy does not like what you call it!"
Explicit about the Death Knight Paladin revealed complaints. Bar Khan's aides, was
accepted as a colleague half-Hawk
Yigieneun so much labor will follow.
Weed when the Death Knight to stand for this week was found to be insignificant.
"The Death nayiteuyo? Is used for this purpose."
Weed wins that went as hard as the Death Knight. On the other Paladins are
pathetic enough to show, often going to be recalled
Gwotda. Shall die, the Death Knight, a necklace of red life can be recalled again
because turns purple.
"We'll sort it out."
If you are a jerk tackling monsters Paladins chojukeumeuro quickly create a
'Really strong.'
Weed was a nod.
Rojaim recruits in the kingdom when the shoot was hunting him, brandishing a sword
and sometimes dug up a trap.
Include dealing with the goblins that much meokhyeotda well.
But Paladin's hapgongeun sihal TOO, respectively. Based on divine power to attack,
the bones churiji Monster
Did. Weed also offers deadly to the undead that Petruchio, swinging the sword of
the experience gathered Agatha. 20%
And yet handed over to the Death Knight so rabiah service, as the hunting
experience could acquire.
Ron Alves because of the energy is more secure and sustainable hunting was
1 month went by and became the 220 level of Weed.
This is the paladin's level of 270 and even became a vampire jinhyeolui. And was
Without bingryong statue would have taken more time.

Paladins maybe one or two among the dead may have.

"I'll get the other fellow, too little."
Geomchi and 500 trainees of paint.
Trainees also turned out that only a similar kind. Physical training and learn the
sword was the first time trying the game. Crude
Are in danger.
"Fabulous. Bread remnant mean filling the garage."
"If you drink water to relieve the thirst do not."
"If the information came too late to take the ad window, he cried!"
That practitioners of haemaetdeon!
No different than they started with geomchi ppangdeuleul eating at the same time
hunger was wandering.
Geomchiwa, watching their faces stiffened geomdulchineun.
"How many guys do during the game, this guy could you not have one!"
"Do I need to see this miracle?"
Geomchi the trainees received kickbacks from the several gaessikui wheat bread, no
longer runs out you do not suffer from hunger
All. Trainees had to hit only the gumjurimyeonseo die, or scarecrows.
Then they came to fail.
"Please buy some bread."
Geomchi of the trainees were allowed to beg just close your eyes.
"To beg others did not sound like it is in-house. But Weed my disciples, if we
He is beholden to him, they'll come and help her? Itgetneunga be restrained? "
But to fail and have sureuka was accepted into the work an entirely different
500 of a sturdy house.
Pole backbone and hungry eyes, they rushed the bloody scared sick when I asked for
bread, is bound to four
Wheat bread, for some reason fail to come on only 50,000 went to tteutgigo.
If a dog 50,000, wheat bread, 1 3 Cooper was the price. A silver in the 33-yearold could barley bread, if a gold
You can buy as many 3300.
As the amount of money, but not so many pathologies, 500 patients experienced inhouse is surrounded by a sureukawa yirien, as
It is hard to see it again suffered myunaegeneun.
Anyway, have suffered such a trial and error, geomchiwa trainees from the training
center hit the scarecrow.
4 weeks!
Four weeks as a human being, sleep, sleep at least a scarecrow that does not
really hit jityieotda obesity.

His work is wideuna, where 505 people are together.

'Ohh, I'm sick!
Honestly, could not alone, he would never had paid.
Geomchina, geomdulchi among trainees and instructor know you're tired and wanted
to get rid of hit is Ido.
But all passed through here before you leave the training center was not declared
geomchiui. If only one who
If you do not pass, because of their 504 patients will be waiting.
'......' Such a terrible thing
Conscience of the second floor! Influence the king so I want to break this fear
can not even breathe.
Trainees hit like a scarecrow of asshole.
Completion of the training center in the first geomchiwa, geomdulchi they were
watching a two trainees. Normal geomchiwa of 4
Except they said 499 trainees.
- A rise that was agile.
Finally, the last execution of a training center who finished up.
"The training is over, boss."
"Good common."
"Have suffered."
Geomchi and practitioners are, there are plenty of numbers united in unison. Wait
until people pass a center in the last
Will be given.
Heartwarming teacher came up to his face. Then he gave the sword to one.
"Give to those who have completed basic training geomyine. It makes you write."
"I know. Thank you."
Screams the name of checking with the 59 trainees was the teacher offering the
Their nickname was set based on a single.
Order to initiate into the seal simply ignorant!
Lap geomchieseobuteo out the order is the nickname.
Heartwarming instructor smiled.
"Do you have any questions do not have? FYI, here is a basic training center in
522nd place you ......"
"I do not. The description is terminated. Let's go!"
Has already trained nearly 504 times, or read the same thing for students, came to

own. Due to the instructor's

GB gets a nail in your ear, respectively.
Geomchina geomdulchi, geomsamchi including geomohgongohchikkaji've been waiting
all their cycles just hope to finish soon
But the instructor is also a little bit different this time.
"Given this, you pass through en masse to the training center, I got to pull
over a large ball in the kingdom.
I could have built the public was starting to see one another again is an
article. "
"Yeah, whatever. I no concern. Hasioh So Good."
I went to the training center geomchi.
The game is beginning, but now they are looking up.
"I'll get a job. We'll go to the guild test."
"Sir, we are checking all would that be?"
"Cancer! Thou so?"
"Master of the names will eoulrisil well."
"We can not believe the checks are really excited. Master."
505 people are on the loose as of geomchi.
How-dressed soccer, said in unison.
"Who the hell are these people?"
"What are you doing in show business?"
"Look at that. Geomkkaji holding the same."
"Wow, are those of the training center!"
"What you know, those strange people ......"
Geomchi had already become famous for their close attention anyway, did not.
Excited that the first game, so
Amidst the joy that he and former guild went into the test.
After a while one by one they entered the geomchi guild came out smiling.
"Fox is a catch?"
"Fox 300 marira ......"
"Fox just enough to capture a former leather come together kkeutnandan mean
"Painting to be a formal student of more than two years since I was swept, it
mueoya? That was easy."
"Ha ha ha, of Fox ttawi!"

Trainees as they laughed out loud.

Geomchi they laughed even more.
"Kkeolkkeolkkeol! That's us too much to ignore."
"Teacher do not think we have to embark. We'll work it out together to solve
"No, geomohchiya. Where the hunting side of the experience level that you're
And is the first quest, I can not say you never watched that? "
"Indeed it is. I'll go on to catch the fox."
"Chuckles! Fox ttawi I was not expecting to be towards the sword deulge Off!"
"The fox is an honor to."
Geomchi practitioners and people who had heard of the conversation was ridiculous.
This came from a completely different world
Were as.
"What they think, you know that the fox how much stronger?"
"I just look into a job with a novice ......"
"You can not even japeulgeol raccoon."
Particularly low levels of these practitioners to ignore the iteottta more. Fox
had also ignored her. However, the current
Actually, how did I! Neogurina hard to catch the rabbit.
"Jeoreoda regain the spirit of the time have died."
"Pass the test of a guild's main quest in progress, I guess not. As a former
Quest for fox pelts
Float a bit hard to come together to ask me're seeing. "
"There are dead in front of St. ssatyigetguna."
But in the midst of such turmoil and sureuka beoleojija fail to see the people
come from afar were reported.
"That's pathetic."
"Fox ......"
I know about Weed and practitioners do not know about that did not fail, and she
eliminated as the next place
12 head, open your eyes are drawn to me.
The body will build up. So far, the idea was like a different user. However, it is
not the body of a trainee
LA ......
"Oh no, they will try to get sex."

"Let's go after her tour."

Geomchiwa trainees went out of the east gate.
Outside the gates yeowoona rabbits, raccoons, porcupines and the animals were
outside normal iteotdi. Hard ttwieodanimyeon
Even novice users in the hunt.
And Fox is one of them stood out in the play.
"Wow, ah!"
"Here we go again!"
Student of stampeding geomchiwa riding!
Fox fur, set up, pull the tail was lift the halkwiryeo. Unfortunately, the
geomchiyeotda relative. The Fox and the fight
Although not the first time, since it has picked up many of the world and still
feels fine and silk geomchi Results!
He avoids the attack of water flowing movement, toward the fox, an empty stomach
gently poked the sword.
- Is a fatal blow blow!
Fell turned into a gray fox.
"What, Why so easy?"
As geomchiga collapse himself. It is the same with the crowd watching jolyimyeo
"Who is the fox busted?"
"The damage may have been a fox. So blind sword like that would've died."
"Soon, the streets are impractical, as he did not die. He looked fine."
"I do not believe I presume you're mistaken."
"Nevertheless, too?"
But so was the fox.
Though of course you own rebellious, trainee is laughable as they easily avoid the
attack swung the sword.
Nearly one or two!
Former test and damage the blade or enhancements of 50% to the so-called because
they say, Oh no matter the sword.
"Oh, this is fun!"
"Yeah. But Fox's why so weak?"
Sometime they ever get back to the fox came trainees.
As well as the fox squirrel from the rabbits, raccoons were obscure. To eventually
touch the wolf.
Protruding sharp teeth exposed as a wild wolf to live.
Trainees are fully occupied while the front yard of Sarah Borg swept mopdeul fell.
Open your mouth and chin ass crowd is there to see them.

"How'd he ......!" 12
This of course is the result of Fail may provide us with only a nod, as was being.
"Well ......"
"Will I see."
"But I'm scared."
"Yirien Hi, What's that?"
"Hi, such as Weed for more than 500 people who ......"
Without going to the sufferings of the rabbit neukdaena mopdeul the age.
Trainees in their usual hwidureudeon sword, moving directly toward the monster on
that one yourself can wield dochwidoe
Tuna fish hunting. Then I look very rarely exposed to the boss was a wolf.
Aw Man!
Silver wolf is roaring.
The Empire Strikes Back wave in the wind gently moving hair silver.
Elegantly outstretched legs, sturdy thighs.
And the quote picked geomchiwa geomdulchi.
"When you catch him quite a scene where it was."
"Sir, here's a little like cattle do not eat cooked."
"Oh, okay ahyitemyirat then they give you?"
Geomchiga tackled.
Dead Sea Wolf transverse screaming in a room away!
Wild sex in front of the Serai Vogue geomchiwa practitioners staged a massacre.
Mastered the sword and rewarding!
Trainees are only looking at one of the sword for years have been devoted. This
was not what the mind is stretched tight. The Sword
Yourself a favor, was not here.
To catch a monster eating experience, level up and a little further and stronger.
Practitioners that it was strong.
The reason was simple.
'Form is me!
They do not want to be weak?
Methods behind him had to work hard.
And item. With the money.
No bread wheat gumeotdeon neukdaena them to drop Cooper rabbits are indeed
fantastic. Impossible to stop
It can not be!

"I'll kill you!"
The whole piece watching the sight of them, at first the crowd was exciting
watching it come'm proud of you got the shakes
The elevated level of 2 Paladins and Ron Alves, thanks to a combination of dealing
with vampires, 4-5 There was no crowd
Vampires keeping stone.
Yakhoedoeeoteul forces attacked only very small bites during the day.
That way, they rescued over 30 increased to a paladin, when the amount of food
they eat is not to describe themselves
Cooking skills to be able to raise their own food and cooking materials are
welcome, but the problem!
In addition to hunting for food to have to save. Dozens of people to obtain food,
the dishes are
Paladin's armor and repair, also served as a hunting guide. Tate to do a huge jump
In their hunt became insufficient. Engraver, the various hybrid technology is
deulkkaji ikhyeotgi fault.
Battle bonsinui talented side, but others take the time to be strong enough to
raise your hands were.
Sculpture and other skills as they were rising. So the excellent combat skills,
but actually the hidden benefits of Weed
Support was in the rear.
I do not have 12 other paladins of the next battle was the support we give them
the best.
'That's a relief. Only one point there is no time limit ......'
Regaining the crown of digging, stone has become the paladin asked them to rescue
himself, is particularly limited time. That
However, perhaps the others had received such a quest will not have time to hunt.
Because of food.
When dozens of people over to the Paladin mean you can not feed. The food should
look before falling to the penalty
So no choice but to fight, but must take the road, Weed, the seasoning and cooking
skills, I always carry it around with
Beginning with the right skills in the cooking medium in the woods, the mountains
were visible, all things food. Walking along opener
The grasses were the ingredients of a good soup, meat, fruit of the tree of the
beast that is to say nothing. Even the herb of
Familiar with the geography of the role played kaenaemyeonseo to spread.
Full japkae!
Whatnot place to learn skills when they do this is to exercise power.
Paladin continues to increase, while the number of people crowded cave.
Bingryongui statue was also effective in increasingly larger.
Than two people have been brought to the Paladin, Paladin elevates the abilities
of 30 people gave a number of evenly always
Or if you prefer.
Weed of the Paladins to get as many monsters were conducted.
- Leadership that has increased 3.

- Elevation has two outstanding warrants.

Paladins lead the charisma and leadership around the increase was going terrible.
Growing much faster than level 2 because of stats, there was little complaint.
Wanted to raise the stats
It's not deulin, look at their own would have been invested.
Cooking skills were also growing very fast side.
Rationing of food mountains and whatnot to put a number of things that I saved
miscellaneous hard to eat sometimes
Come up, but experiments with new dishes, and skill development was rising.
Dejected with a new recipe and cook until the bark was about to develop. Of
course, I can not kill the taste enough to eat, Weed
In spite of cooking was the worst.
'But that's performance.'
Miscellaneous materials made by mixing of the dishes. Then, in the midst of a
shocking thing happened.
Cooking skills a secret!
Weed is one of them will be solved.
In fact, he's a very very simple that can not be said to be secret, but it worked.
To increase familiarity with Freya, the goddess and prayed towards, during ......
- Stats faith has been created.
Praise and devotion towards God, and God will grant special powers in return.
The priest or paladin stats are generated chiefly caused anyone to Weed.
Faith is the divine power of magic is known to be influenced. If so, you can not
use divine magic itself Weed
Stats for no good for nothing.
"Stats window."
?Character Name: Weed tendencies: no
Level: 205 Job: The Legend of the moonlight, engraver!
Titles: None. Reputation: 3845
Vitality: 7760 Mana: 6471
Strength: 465 +118 Agility: 405 +38
Stamina: 134 +53 Wisdom: +38 136
Intellect: +48 154 fighter: 323 +38
Endurance: +38 162 endurance: 379 +38
Art: +118 714 Charisma: 133 +38
Leadership: 368 +38 luck 91 +38
Faith: a +388 Attack: 1069
Defense: 133 Magic Resistance fire: 10%
Water: 10% Earth: 20%
Black magic: 65 percent ?
Weed was not matching the stats for the disarray.
While hunting, if you see a loss of experience intentionally tried to raise the
stats. That's why the same level
Much more diverse and has many stat points.
Never be modest does not go up, it dries the blood of people with the patience and
determination to be over 300 points
You can see it was 10,000.
However, does not stop there.
Intermediate skills whatnot has been added to the climbing stats are pretty full,
and there are various types of equipment because all of
Kind of changes at once. Strength, agility, strength added to the reason I was at a

higher point.
If faith in stats just been created.
But the moon's job and engraver, intermediate fencing, yorisul, an engraving of
additional stats! Equipment of the Agatha
The holy sword, rose engraved gloves, instead of a ring with the effect of the
additional stats. LET 400 as soon as
Stat points are as close to the past.
If a tolerable level Paladins dominate the stat points, respectively. Of course,
but most of the effects of items
When stats are not present itself at all affected, but all stats have now been
created in accordance with religious stats
Weed was to be granted to other effects.
'With all respect, that looks useless stats. But this is where
Once a day or two things nowadays, but some days .... '
This faith is generated stats unexpectedly thereafter the priest or paladin, I
looked at the Weed changed. Directed
Command, followed immediately, sometimes even represented was about respect.
"Piece Chief, initially had doubts about your conduct, but believe that will
follow from now on."
"In our church to send to colleagues jusinbun!"
"The power of strong faith, who led our Lord."
Weed deulbodado Paladin stats more nopeuni faith are played like this happened.
Paladin NPC also given according to level 5 gaessikui stats make it was the same.
Their articles because it was dealing with a professional strength and quickness
your sword, and to add strength to the magic number distribution
Wisdom and knowledge to write because it was in the distribution. To raise up to
belief in such a state, so there's new Paladin
HEM stats cider at most 200-300.
Weed's nearly 400 faith let the paladin stats show respect to people.
Goes well with a little more priests, it is good to follow no one goes without
So the time passed.
If hunting with others, the paladin is Touch of Fate, but they have little time
for rest of jeongjak on cleaning up your messes
No. Repair broken equipment, and food chaenggineura, not even afford a private
hunting are extremely expensive.
Nogada was indeed awful.
So, over time, the black giants of the region was apmaeuleun Weed and Paladins.
Treatment of the last vampire and the curse of Alberich Ron solved the Paladins.
"The divine light, distorted and deformed here, please consider turning off the
power gusokhan freedom."
The Curse of the light coming down the loose stone.
"Hi, instead of pipes under the command and the one to rescue us all
From that point on the Paladin has the right word again in front of Weed.
"Take back the wave of the crown and peace, to threaten the Church is to
jinhyeolui vampire family."

"Yes, sir. Supernal will want to follow. I now command batdeupnida Sir."
Increased quite a bit thanks to the leadership and faith Paladin stats and listen
to their commands That Weed.
When the town was completely dominated by the size of the crowd was quite a bit
Paladin 159 people. Priest 38 people.
Weed and Alves nearly 199 people together to interpersonal theory was won.
Black giant seemed to have a tremendous wiapgam.
Magi shut it down eumyuhan pay sex!
Eumyuhan ominous ravens and Magi, the paladin that trembled.
"A total of 5 floor."
Weed looked up at the castle.
Down dark curtains and the windows blocked by a tree outside of a rule of thumb is
"All right. I'll challenge."
Weed of the paladins and priests to step foot in such a hurry to take naedineotda
The door is open on both sides milryeonamyeo itself.
Weed is a step back and went quietly.
"Let's all advance! Jinhyeolui take out the vampires in the name of the goddess
Freya morata fat
Is liberated! "
Weed and paladins are entered into it, the door slammed shut by itself. Like
nothing happened.
- Black giant battle "Living human beings."
"Paladin guys!"
"This town is dolsang loosen the Paladins got their curse you!"
Upon entering into the black giant is celebrating more than 50 dogs were vampires.
Hyeolgwangyi upgrade their eyes
Reonatda. Pick up a cape fluttering long fingernails, and the space inside the
castle to fly to shorten the distance with the paladin.
The body converts some of the magic has changed from using the bat. It's small
enough to not damage the animal is intact Vampire
The Bat!
"Light, to defeat the darkness, O! Holy Night!"

Ron Alves priests and holy magic, written almost simultaneously.

"It's too bright!"
Sprinkle a light split bright eyes vampires are clamoring screened beat. I also
tohamyeo vampire blood in the air
The ministry of magic not usually curse, but, eondedeuna weakens the ability of a
bunch of dark magic
That could be worn. Eondedeuna common vampires therapeutic magic and powerful
attack magic work station
Will be.
The magic of the clergy jakryeolhan gallantly to loosen their dalryeodeulmyeo
paladin sword brandished.
Scattered around the blood from the vampires.
Sutje could not fight.
Paladins and priests did not die, until now a lightness. It was the numerically
overwhelming 50 of the vampires
It was not much of a tough opponent.
Paladin of the priests, supported by the magic of a vampire attack. Paladins are a
little bit in danger
If you turn off the curse of the priests and the magic was followed by intensive
Weed also played a vampire.
"Sword Dance!"
Article 4 of the emperor rivalry free grazing!
Weed wielded a dazzling sword dance.
In fact, the underbelly of the enemy and move just like normal noryeoteul only a
monotonous, badly-made skill of
This moved.
Welcome to the attacks because it is less jamyeolhae go. Too busy to attack and
expose gaps in the wrong place, avoid
Rather, where he came closer.
- Level 2 was shortlisted.
Weed is a vampire in a long time to get back on a raised level of fighting.
In order to level-up experience had left me a 56%, 30% to him, even up to 226
'Ohh ... So good to pass up things!
Until now, Paladins have had their concessions will recall eokulhal extremely
expensive. Paladin of the Plains and the village power
For a quick move on so strong that I did not hunt, I'll not need it anymore.
Weed is also due to the hunt.
Vampire dropped dead a few items there.
?Vampire fangs: 50/50 Strength.
Penetrating the opponent's body, the teeth are able to absorb the blood.
Unusual kind of stuff
Or used as ingredients to create, or are used in alchemy.

Restrictions: Level 300.

Optional: If you create a weapon that can absorb the opponent's vitality
with! ?
?Vampire's cape: 80/80 Strength.
Wearing a cloak of darkness that is noble. They are life itself and to the


I can turn to the sky.

Restrictions: Level 250.
Options: Bats can be transformed.
Can fly, you can pay battle.
Only transformed the state's defense does not apply to the equipment.
-50 Beliefs. +25 Appealing to women. -25 All other stats. ?
Up to three gold and 25 silver.
Monsters, vampires were the richest.
Weed, collect items that roamed around. Hitch is the battle ends, the paladin was
waiting for him.
Much higher levels of paladin've caught more quickly to vampires.
"Then a layer blanks. Alberon, you lift a stone statue of the damned."
Paladins on the 1st floor of the stone were a total of 50.
Ron Alves to turn off the damned, between Weed and the Paladins lead the search
was conducted.
Some vampires have attacked the school, but near the stairs, it was not enough for
heavily armored paladin. They
Ignoring the resistance of a layer of sporadic and completed the search.
Rooms on the 1st floor of each!
There was also the presence of numerous stone. Farmers and village residents.
"Alberon, they give off a curse."
They Ron Alves released from the curse of the sacred magic myself down on the
floor. Then a bearded old man between a people
Sinhi says.
"Oh, by the savior for you?"
"We are residents of the province morata. The dark to find a bunch of prophets
before daechimgongyi
Have. Incapacitated, or suffer life would not even doubt. Endureth savior
......" Would come
"We have been waiting for this for a long time here. Morata inhabitants of the
town castle
Are all turned to stone. We are a family deulyigo brother. 9 won volunteer with

us, please
Please help me with compassion. I'll give you whatever you can. "
?Morata Curse of the province
Jinhyeolui vampires had bad taste. They are the innocent people of occupied
Made of stone decorations. The people have to spend time in pain. Do they
Difficulty: B.
Compensation: 1000 President of the rainbow.
Quest Limited: 2 Stars off the curse of divine magic reserved. ?
Weed did not worry that much.
The quest to solve the curse of the stone can have a party with a cleric in the
city, one that should be mobilized
Will. Goes to dig to find, but the albedo of the crown thanks to the quest brought
Ron was playing.
Level B?
There were signs topography. Giant black anyway to defeat the vampires who had
been commissioned, would.
"We'll take it as my duty."
- Have accepted the quest.
Weed and Paladin climbed the two floors.
Jinhyeolui nearly 150 vampires!
They were with him the other vampires deulkkaji load. About the number 100.
The vampires were altogether 250 Marina.
Now, apparently saved the number of layers of a paladin is almost a whistle.
"Make the attack."
"Wow Wow!"
"Let's fight the hordes of evil!"
Paladin blessings and protection of the magic of the priests who were attacked for
being a vampire. Seongi of the Paladins, but,
Soon began to fight a vampire, too organized.
"Dark barrier!"
"Dark Arrow!"
"Treatment of the hand!"
This is the magic cross afraid.
The treatment of black magic priest jakryeolhan where the radiant white light
shoot from the magic spread.
Weed did not interfere directly in combat. This attack killed a large thrombus in
the blind who do not know what the law

"Alberon, fight hard, do not dawdle."

"Yes, Weed, sir."
"Come on, everybody! Left a little more support! Paladins are reduced vitality
out of the back!"
Goes hard from the rear-led forces. The vampires had a line of dense vegetation
where the paladin. They
Protect the special magic of the priests put the best defensive tanks were walking
layers. The highest level yideulman
Culled over, priests were instructed to intensive care.
And the rest of the vampires will attack from outside.
Weed has a separate wire. Gonggyeokhanneu focus towards the enemy side to defend.
The advantages of such methods
Maybe the priest is the convenience of having them operate.
Intensive treatment to prevent duplication while leveraging the priests, paladins
are dying without a sound to occur after being neglected
Then, when they are in dangerous side defensive side of the attack and buy time
for a reckless assault of instructions, and when free
If you switch to attack the priests could detonate a room.
Paladins and priests in the battle to fight the Union, while very thick, own
practice and found the best method of fighting
"Let's attack!"
"Were ordered to attack from Sir!"
Easy fight, but eventually they won the Paladins.
Helped me raise the level of hunting vampires are stronger than those of Paladins.
Furthermore, with the support of the priests
Because there's been blessing, each person was about to overwhelm the jinhyeolui
Paladin of the 2nd floor of 30 names and 40 priests were able to curse. After they
rescued the villagers, the moment Weed
Had the rest of the time.
'Anyway to feed hungry I'll have to do something.'
Weed out the sotdanjireul started cooking.
If you normally expect to send to the full attention ohdeon paladins and priests,
but completely uninterested as much as I have all the worm
Back. Watch this snow will have been hurts.
Weed also shedding tears, they would have made stew.
"Do I have to eat it?"
"Oh ......"
"To overcome the power of faith."
Goes to the Paladin self-fir was a geureutssik stew. The ingredients of the food
group joins the eggs, the fruit of heaven!
Quest to solve decided to take a significant bleeding. Helps build a lot of
intelligence and good fruit, such as celestial
If you can eat before you catch a monster. Thanks to good monsters higher level of

item or silver deuraphal

Likely to rise because.
You'll save time, and now it was not the ingredients. The fruit of heaven and join
the family stew made of the eggs into pedestrians
All. In addition, one kind of a stew of ingredients that go no further, you know,
it was just garlic.
Going up to intermediate cooking skills, cooking characteristics of the food was
soaked in the blow.
Put plenty of garlic and stew-resistant form of the vampire attacks, and for good
measure, to prevent access to some extent
Countermand the effect.
"Rain, snow is too spicy."
Paladins would let the tears had spilled stew.
Have a tough battle ahead, but a bowl of stew, poorly all of the food was not.
Weed bots, the tears
Boxes with pickled garlic, garlic, salad, garlic sandwiches made in a row. Good to
hear the end of a relatively docile priests
Their tears, tears in my nose so hard at one kkaneura garlic have been busy.
Jinhyeolui giant black floor of the three were waiting for a vampire 200.
"Kkalkkalkkal! World where caring for low tuning won over mana, that the real
Please tell me the enemy. Shock! "
"O ye article, he's coming to us. Is a paper with our land
Look dominated. Fascinating! "
Kwindeulyi vampire appeared.
She spells the jeongsingye pyeolchija, Paladins What is a credit to costs in the
"Hideous! You Did not work for vampires!"
"Are you crazy!"
Next to attack the paladin, and even treat themselves to a priest, even a knife
fight to stop them.
Even the priest jeongsingye lost in the magic cure to reject the ridiculous things
happened to.
Once entered the black giant was the space does not go back.
Bingryong genitals or the priests of this statue to find the smallest, but just to
get a paid Paladins What is a credit to
Eukyeotda. It is the same priest.
"Assholes! Despicable bastards rebelled against the guys in Vampire you still
can not die."
"Cancer! This world's got to be colored with the dark!"
"Freya, Goddess, you believe that the meaning of these bring us the right way.
Ron Alves sane priest with the release of the magic unfolded jeongsingye hard.
Weed has been analyzing the situation calmly and coolly.

'First, kill the vampire kwindeuleul over the situation.'

But vampires are protected in the middle of the enemy were kwindeuleun. Weed is
going to kill them all killed before
Be put to.
"Alberon, paladins priests before they leave him for a cure."
"Old. Yes, sir."
Ron Alves turned to the purification of the magic of the priests. Only then fell
to the priests, insanity, crazy people looking for sex
Articles were healed. Some decent moves, but the other priests, vampires kwindeulyi
was constantly interrupted.
Weed is native to the reorganization of the priests and paladins no matter how
many numbers you can explicitly ask for it to fight the vampires
Train set. Jinhyeongman well with the rear support of the priests, because if you
do not fall down. But the real me
Part wield the sword towards the paladin fellow priests refused to treat signs of
fall are out of control
Foul smell of garlic to make a Paladin attacked by vampires because there have
been some inhibition, but, What is a credit to the
Paladin of the missing matter of time seems to be collapsing.
But when an emergency!
Weed gave off as hard as collect mana.
"You! Hee! Guys!'s! Ever! Snake! Wave! This! Oh! Guys! The ball! Price! Ha! LA!"
- Skills: You have used yell.
Sing in a range of skills that affect the morale of all allied to a 200% rise.
There is any confusion will be cleared.
170% extra five minutes will apply leadership.
Bareukeu go over the mountains that sing your lungs out cry daeeotdeon!
Gwangryanghan cry came out.
That moment was all the vampire kwindeului operation obsolete.
Weed's leadership is already a command to make a paladin and priest, was a
sufficient condition. If you have leadership stats
Been denied the lack of a command, and some of the paladins and priests can only be
conducted if you were not. Soils at all
If you do not own solryeok low-level commands do not listen to deulbake junior
But under the influence of the higher leadership, Paladins absolutely follow the
command of the Weed. More agile
Reaction, and has done exactly the command.
Sing as well as the radius of skill went into the body of all vampires stumble
His work on the advanced skills of your opponent's moves to suppress the transient
effects generated tatyieotda Add.
Paladin of the bitter split the body of the vampire geomnal. Neunghayeot vampire,
but instead to manipulate kwindeuleun jeongsingye
I do not excel in any better physical abilities, and the fate of the other vampires
But even sing Weed toktokhi had to pay the price written skills.

"Kyaahat! Die!"
All launched an attack towards the vampires because Weed!
Sing skills now have a single great hostility was after only vampires will focus
Weed. Land
Roll over the floor, amongst the Paladins beat away at the end of cheonsinmango
Weed could clean up the three layers.
Paladin of the remaining power, and from there, the priest was able to rescue
Paladin 300 people. Priests, 100 people!
Freya's crown denomination dig all personnel were dispatched to search for.
4th floor!
Jinhyeolui baempayieojok there waiting during the remaining 300 were dogs.
Paladins and Priests of the Union! And because of Weed's brilliant contribution to
victory was not geomeojwil.
Now, the black giant vampire jinhyeolui everything, except the one I got.
A vampire load!
Clan has the right to life and death over bonsinui level of the remaining 400 will
be known as the repository.
Fargo's crown shall be in place.
"Please. ......" Sure to tell rescue
Of all the villages on the 5th floor of a daughter, a brightness is a statue, he
Peurina name.
Rumors in the face with a pretty girl who they said has a reputation, the ornament
became a vampire deutsipeotda load.
"First, break the side quests would have been nice if one eventually japneunya
load depended on not working, you got to be."
Weed toured the paladins and priests.
Was reassuring. 300 of 100 priests, paladins and the mind of that will Gudge.
'The servant, if only my load ......'
Also occupied a difficult tolerable star will not.
Versailles in the continent after the current level of the Paladins with 300
priests gathered this much power to say that I'm not unusual
Donna actually familiar with the articles and soldiers loyal to the maximum
acceptable to the load can be increased.
However, these paladins of the Order of the Freya. Even if a greater familiarity,
such as Weed does not comply
Neunda. This quest only temporarily until you can not lead troops, but, anyway,
very reassuring.
To fight a lot, even when his character is projected. Weed hated that worthless
sacrifice or loss. Battle
Should be as efficient as possible. Only a vampire can beat them, fight the fight,
the bar does not win
All. It was important to win, even if it is without damage.
Weed takes the time to the paladin and the priest raised the level enough. Battle
of the combination of priests and paladins
Law was completed. Conditions before the battle can win puts singer in full. When
you have won
Become even more cautious.

When did the damage in your corner instead of taking turns and molahbutyineun
takes a break, time for a little bit too safe
Took a win.
This history in itself, but be careful when you operate and realize that only when
hunting alone, as many as Weed's kind of stupid if
Are brave enough to be fearless. Without giving up the quest seemed impossible to
have come this far you already can see
Of Weed and Paladins, priests went up on the 5th floor.
There is a golden noble young man who was sitting in a chair.
Download Tory vampires, too!
Fairy white skin, dark black hair.
Slim body looks just like women. Head up to the jewel-studded crown was writing.
Other attractive
Moe seomtteukhamyi feel something standing. Grotesque pale white face and black
clothes that were much better in contrast.
Weed wearing a crown on his head and looked thought.
'Maybe that's got to dig the crown.'
I feel the last goal has been reached. However, the most difficult time finishing.
Tori also enjoy a beautiful baby girl was just a statue.
"Oh, it's beautiful. Have you ever seen such a beautiful statue."
Paladins have a repository in place, has stopped watching the moment.
Virtue of that article bravely dulgyeokhaneun yigeoneul, shedding a powerful
impetus to Tori also attributable to scare ate.
The invisible army morale is very important to overweight. Morale was low, the
actual combat this fall.
"I've seen."
Momentum is a step in the tug went out for a Weed replied.
"I've seen more beautiful stone is this?"
"Where is it, that place is?"
Even now there is also a repository up and asked, as race.
"Rojaim south of the kingdom! Wanted the town."
"Palace, nor the church's chongbonyoungdo It's not. I have not heard the name of
the town.
Then there is the beautiful statue could ever trust me? "
"Believe it or not. The piece of stone that I happened. And no one even close

Beauty sangyirago ice, it was also my piece. "

Tori also meogeumeotda a smile.

"Your profession?"

"Buy a piece."
"Art! Life, not enrich. Affluence good word. Stuff to eat, to enjoy life! So
I hate Freya denomination. People think they are wrong. I swear that it is to
make pungyoran
No. Deprive other people's things! Eternal life and beauty. That's possible
because sacrifice upon you
Will. That does not sacrifice beauty can not exist in humans can not understand
why! Humans
Can not enjoy art. Indeed Arts Night will best match their aristocratic
vampires! "
Tory chair of the place is slowly revealed his true colors. Nails are getting
longer, fangs were protruding out of my mouth. Snake
Fire that started the fight was a typical morphological change.
"Blood!'d Like to see a fountain of blood taken in the wet. Indeed this is the
abundance of a vampire. The human race,
I hereby welcome to come to my castle. "
"Paladin ??? the future!"
Priests and walked quickly to protect the magic and blessings, Paladins are the
layers of the grid and made.
Tori also like such a bad mood for a sweeping look at the paladin.
And my ankle was going on from the flash might have been surfacing.
Tori stone also makes the opponent had a curse. 4 3 penis made of stone and 100 of
the priests that
Is the skill.
Call Goes Out on the albedo of the theory of the curse off quickly memorize
Meanwhile, the full-scale battles are played.
Tory is also attacked the paladin moves like lightning. Use a nail sword, once
every swing
Paladin of the blood were scattered. But priests have so far been treated as the
lure of the hand.
'Said. 're Going to win. '
Weed's eyes shone.
Level over 400 is a monster and had a lot of worry. Paladins are excellent whether
these attacks have upset molahchimyeo
All. But do not worry about little things, the paladin of the priests were not
pushed back into intensive care, my dear
Wounds can heal on their own because Meehan.
Paladins and priests are flocking to see a large scale, no matter how severe their
injuries quickly restore any discarded.
A host of enemies to attack the opponent's strength is a form I dispense this type
of wheel I was taken on.
Tori also slightly less mana and life time!
They seemed to be easier to beat paladins.
But the law is everywhere the variable!

"Blade: Tornado!"
Tori also signed a professor as a joke.
Then a huge storm roars of the Paladins. Path of the tornado that nearly a third
of their days reduced fitness.
"Treatment of the hand!"
Treatment of the priests are the hardest and bows. Radiant white light around the
burst, Tori also balhyeonhaet magic once again
"Blade: Tornado!"
Paladin's attack of the 20 people have turned to gray.
Eternal rest.
Was slain.
What did you do that without getting tired of Tori moved. His vitality and mana
was staggering. No longer the repository sword
Paladins who drove nails cut.
"Freya, Goddess!"
Once again a bunch of paladins and turn gray. Tori also know, however, have
gradually lost power and stopped where
Weed is now finally catching also wanted to Tori. But Tory is also near the
paladin one who pounce Thurs
Kan was to nail his ass, sucking the blood.
Paladin complexion of the body rapidly disappears.
Instead, Tory also has expanded around mana. Wound healing through Vampiric
health, mana, the fight to restore
Stage was much stronger than before.
"I was attacked, Behold, the savage fray boys!"
Tori is also filled with health and mana while you were fighting back.
Greater magic, cursing, life and mana when they are in reducing the risk of a
vampire will use the unique skills of the Vampire.
Paladins are trying to avoid, but could not escape the clutches. Tori is also of
great speed, moving crane Paladin
'How he kiwotneunde ......'
Weed was the sight of the eyes, shedding 10,001 a day.
, Feed, equipment and repair, pick up hunting gave a helpless being raised even
having left the Tory
To make matters worse being vampire paladin collapsed rose from their seats. But

then you already loyal Sat

Lido had been the paper.
As a paladin of vampires!
Divine force did not use the sword was the same.
Tori's forces also increased.
Paladins also became dependent yell for blood does not make sense. Delirium,
confusion is not magic, or a complete
The paper will also became Tory.
"Treatment of the hand!"
If you're fortunate that the priests were its still going strong. But once you
become a vampire who do sacred
There's laws against did not return.
If you have developed this kind of repository before collapsing, exhausted and
wiped out before they make paladins and priests occurred.
Gwangsoreul also hit the repository.
Waist down the wicked and decadent beauty felt.
Weed, but still had the means to reverse the situation.
"I want to write, but I can not help going to be such a state! Priests for their
Do you stop treatment, and attacked him. "
Since then, the situation was reversed again.
The priests of the Paladin's life away from the extreme of the repository has a
therapeutic use of the hand.
A vampire is a divine power to heal soon, he Dock!
Intensive attacks of the priests of the repository is a Shower. Paladins are lower
levels of life-threatening, were suffering
But care had to rely on self-treatment.
Tori also was willing to lose a few more of Paladin, life took a fall gradually
weakened. Continuous attacks of the priests
Will collapse.
Tori also split the low life, again found the victim. Paladin has both a visible
target that can be
Then the Tory also cast a paladin at the moment of capture was a vampire skills.
Weed was looking for a loophole. No matter how powerful, even a monster is
vulnerable parts. The repository of a vampire load
Vampire crabs use the skills at the moment was the biggest loophole.
Exposed to an unprotected body.
"Piece of fencing."
Put the sword was a clear bluish Weed.
Inspection of the geomgi or the red or black are often the index. Weed, however,
sign a piece of the blue this geomgi

All. Primarily it blurred, but a piece of light blue fence has been changed for his
work on the medium.
"Sword of the Kaiser!"
Weed dudungsil emerged with the body of the blade. Paladins with swords and Tori
came in and at one time also kkwettul
Paladins have already been a vampire!
Paladins could not turn back the heart area of the body, penetrating through the
repository was not.
- Is the fatal blow struck.
- Tori has also destroyed the ability of a vampire.
Weaknesses of vampires, the heart!
Spiking in the heart like a sword thrust into the heart.
Agatha's holy damage 2 times to give a black undead.
Tori suffered a huge blow, too!
Kaiser Sword was the last grazing.
Once all the mana you sseugoya Obama technologies. If you lack stamina to mana
sucking skills!
Collect all of the mana Weed was written as an attack of the damage is enormous.
Tori also wore a large wobbly paces damage. However, expect a really high level
monster did not die with.
"Your fucking ......"
Paladins already dead body of the plunging, Weed caught with both hands.
"Instead, I'll eat you. Keuahak!"
Tori jjeoeok it opens its mouth too. Sharp fangs shining moment that was just at
the nape bakhiryeoneun. Weed the repository
Looked too far to the front. French Open your mouth wide and gave him a breath.
"Woowaak! The rotten smell of garlic!"
"How about it, is art that you like?"
"I'll kill you!"
Tori came out of the turn and ran straight into Weed.
If it was a monster big tolerable to life once it's cut or fight alone, I would
enjoy the view. But opponents too
Mana has been exhausted can not write a piece of fencing. Relative to the stars
does not punish a half on the other hand, even the most Tory
Weed was also costly for a simple attack.
"I treated him! Paladin kill people!"
Ron Weed of the albedo has escaped from a dedicated still receive treatment.
Between the health and vitality running quickly reunda Chao
Tori instead of continuous treatment of the priest's hand slowly dying.
Expect over 400 monster level, not block them, how many killed paladin. However,
the concentration of kkeutkkeutnae repository
The attack was coming down on the ground impatient.

Tori also died in the care of a vampire as a paladin and stop motion.
Completely independent when you die, according to a vampire loads do not die, but
they were just a vampire
Because I lost the magic of the split handle Tori died.
The priests are dead, but, more than half the 178 that many paladins lost their
Weed is a supplement consumed mana loss.
Tori also did not build the final decision in his hands. Because of his vast
experience he could not be
You got more than 400 monsters level at least that'd be about 4-5 levels, so sorry
that was a 12.
Tori also spot a dead one by one dropped the crown and necklace.
Weed of the item picked up two. I felt a heavy wave of the crown.
- Freya, the church's treasures, has acquired the crown of digging.
?Fargo's crown: Strength 2000/2000.
Freya, the goddess of this sacred land one of three kinds of made.
Temple is a symbol of authority. Firm belief that those who rule over others
by the force,
Church of the army is able to move. Digging under the command of the crown
Army will devote absolute loyalty.
Limitations: clerical job series. Freya acknowledged or denomination.
Leadership 800. Faith 1200.
Options: increase the morale of the soldiers.
The soldiers do not surrender to the enemy.
+150 Power. +150 Agility. +150 Stamina.
All other stats +50.
+500 Reputation. ?
Freya was the church's holy Will.
Weed is a marvel to see, when once again sounded the message window.
- Art has increased by 20 Stat.
Fargo's crown is decorated with glittering jewels.
The delicate filigree and goodness gracious.
Skamble beautiful, glowing jewels themselves. Weed's perspective, they will be
given a larger tuiwo.
"And then that too ... I!"
?Necklace of Black Life: Strength 50/50.
Produced by an ancient black magic stuff, the unknown force is nestled.
Lord of the Undead Bar Khan and his men made for this item.
Limitations: None known.
Options: None known. ?

Weed the sighs.

Something's wrong option, but if they come out of this repository will ahyitemil
can summon.
Death Knight class such as Hawk, but if you can write repository items in a must
win fight to help!
'This group would rather put bonginhae.'
Weed of the black life, crammed in a corner of the bag collar.
Tori has also since died, the black giant was the light begins to change.
Comes from the windows leak was sealed bitjulgideulyi. The walls and floors of
dark, dim and brighten colors are pale
The atmosphere has changed. Back to the days of the past as colorful.
"The divine light, distorted and deformed here, please consider turning off the
power gusokhan freedom."
Village girl was turned into stone of the last intact landscape or returned.
Morata people came to the village have come to say thank you.
"Thank you, thank you! Now we have been able to live well."
The Curse of the completed referral morata ?fat
The people were that were stone free.
Although a hard time not lose hope for the local textile artisans morata
Will live while rebuilding. ?
- 900 reputation has risen.
- Morata 25 has been too friendly with people.
- The level has risen.
- The level has risen.
- The level has risen.
- The level has risen.
- The level has risen.
Level B grade commissioned.
One hundred and eight-level, or went up.
And the villagers one by one they put out something wrapped in cloth.
"Here it is insufficient and insignificant are our reward."
- President of the Rainbow has acquired 100 Fr.
- Exclusive leather and 200 deer have acquired.
Sewing a rainbow of fabric lighted eyes, looking to make clothes There was a grade
materials. Buckskin clothes, too
Was creating a great material.
"What all these things ... I just like the heartfelt actions have done nothing."

Weed and still neatly in a rainbow of cloth were put in a backpack. Every single
one said the dog.
Morata it in local work was completed daecheung.
Weed when the teleport to return to the gate, Paladin said.
"Instead, please tell the management Dear. Like this leave us powerless to stop
these monsters
Will not. So we decided to leave the village to keep. Here
Bar Khan's troops stayed in the dark I will check. "
So paladins and priests were to remain unchanged.
Weed and albedo theory teleport to get back to the gate, sent by the priests in
the Church were gathered in the cave.
"Savior of the 12 Hi safely have been resolved under the trust.
Instead, is that he's ready for pipe. Come on, here's the sedan. "
Ron Weed and Alves went on to the teleport gate. And they soon disappeared with a
dazzling light.
- Clunky TV appearance Lee Hyun owns the item, and item trading access to the site posted information
"This would also have to raise a decent income ......"
For more than three months and spent time in the province morata. Tate the level
of difficulty of quests that kind of time investment too high
Were forced to.
Gained two trophies vampire cape
4 results of boots and gloves.
In addition, while hunting in the field of juwotdeon various items.
Three months hunting for a number of rather little.
It's time to hunt rabiah service, was able to doksikhal items, Paladins, and items
in battle with the acquisition
This has been distributed. And while quests to join the ongoing group wrote all of
the eggs or even abandoned the fruit of heaven, as
I just wanted a good value palrigil.
Must earn at least 6 million won was the.
6,000,000 won a lot of money if the item is sold. However, as long as three months
from the time the right balance to earn the degree
'1 Each person must earn two million won per month. After six months, and we're
buying a 3 million won. '
She and her sister, and Lee Hyun.
For the life of three families of 2 million won each had to have a fixed income.
Put a little bit of savings so that the insurance
But a year after his sister will enter a university. The more than 10 million won
one year hakbiman. This is when students
That was more money to pay.
Given the situation or another sister was in college, when you need to buy ssikeun

was 3.5 million won per month.

Make friends and chat with others spend a leisurely hour to concentrate on hunting
skills of the various skills
The reason for this was to raise.
Royal Road!
Have already undergone the item trading sites are dominant.
Thereby making money for lots of users to the game. They are modest men strong.
These are capital
The formation of the guild having a castle, or a large hunting was an exclusive. In
order to compete with them to the rest of Lee Hyun
It was only effort.
'And people do not care whatsoever. I only do my part. The items are being sold
well. '
Lee Hyun for the two parts had considerable confidence.
Triple Diamond's fantastic class.
Because of that, Lee Hyeon put the items in the transaction in the most visible
sites, where it is placed until it is sold
This was the moment please call Lee Hyun.
The flip-open and sister came to visit.
"Oh, it's time to study."
Had less than a month to the GED.
Lee Hyun to pass the exam for 2 hours a day I had to have lessons with my sister.
While in the midst of studying the telephone rings.
Lee Hyun-trading site in case a call from the whole thing and I thought maybe they
got a phone call.
- Hi. CTS media.
Nangryanghan virile voice of a woman.
Lee Hyun-selling account already heard once had a bar.
'What's going on. Again, I did buy an item?
CTS Media
In the department meeting place was in full swing.
"We're losing market share increasing broadcasts. Currently broadcasts the games
Less than 7% is the share situation. "
"Not interested in broadcasting the game because too many people right? Game
advertising companies
To give the user receives a lot of games too much from the outside is contained
organized. Person
By focusing a high game stage increase the viewership and advertising revenue
from multiple companies reap a lot
Our approach can be only indicative that was too commercial. "

"That's why I'd be, but here is a fundamental need major surgery was going to
do. Other broadcast
I will neither buy doepnidaman our most popular program broadcast in the Royal
Road and related programs, is not it? "
South Korea to more than 90% of game players.
Royal Road.
Wipe out to the world based on a virtual reality game which is incredible to the
attention of Moline, who can.
Cable in the air as well as general enough to introduce in the regular news hour,
and a separate game peurogeuraemkka
Make is whether the degree.
Even recently, workers at a vacation home instead of traveling abroad to have been
praying a little bit hooked on the Royal Road 4
I was about to be palindromic.
"Even the audience that the Royal Road and related programs can not come out
well. Overall
Poor ratings. Viewers in our broadcast and will be ignored. "
"Does anyone know what the specific cause? Foreign entertainers and comedians
for a high awareness of the caster and
Mosyeotgo commentator, and even showed them the game neundeyo also. "
Each department manager was very embarrassed.
Korea's well-known entertainers.
A so-called high-class stars has hired a ransom.
The program appeared to continue their ratings are low and the situation was
difficult to understand.
"I look at bringing more well-known entertainers like?"
"Do you mean using a little more money? Now prescribe such temporary expression
of tinkering, but every time I do
Ratings were only a drop. "
"Artists also say now is that we avoid the broadcasters themselves."
They talked for a while, every manager, but did not get the answer.
CTS in the media that day, the high popularity during its broadcast of the program
were analyzed.
Artists, when they came out, was the popularity of the first broadcast. Artists
did not shine for a long time to see, especially the loop
Heave accuracy ratings given. It was not used in normal to low ratings due to the
emergence of the Artists
Standing soared.
Artists from the moment it could not be a reason to discard cards. But as fullfledged episode again
If the audience stories of the crash was developed.
Artists that are playing. It would have just fed up.
Catch the rabbit as a miserable look pathetic entertainers to build a Babe.
Quest NPC ruljocha not normal to hold the sea the earth is not it I'm so
delirious, his kingdom, to play this game
If you do not have bargained with, or the city's premier.
In addition to giving the best equipment and items saved from broadcasters all
over the hunt for a look. Special-known reputation
Use a good book at him triumphantly heard in the party.

Viewers had irritated at all.

Royal Road to the name itself has value.
Anyone can become emperor, the emperor, the ambitious goal has been a challenge.
Users to build up their dream of a risk taker there. Any different than their own
purpose as part of life is precious
Regard to the Hebrews.
Fun and adventure and challenge of life.
Have the highest rate since the completion of the Royal Road was reduced to
Artists in the virtual reality game that the shovel and the viewers were much more
fun to watch.
"Seem to come to a fundamental cure. First, a combination of the Royal Road is a
need to improve."
At the end of an executive director has the sympathy of all.
"You are absolutely right."
"That must have been sooner."
"And the next celebrities to the game plan will rip a whole."
"Temporarily reduced the ratings to be done, but I think one day."
Planning and Finance was good to see you in with open arms.
"We definitely plan to boost the broadcaster's ratings are gonna need ...
Special programs will be organized. "
"Special peurogeuraemyo?"
"So far, about a game like the one to tell, news to viewers in each city and the
May include a way to introduce limits. Is not boring like the news desk.
From now on, let's get closer to more users. "
"If a bit closer ......"
"The total of eight people selected user to proceed with their stories will
hayeoseo. As you know,
Jasineu play video capsule is expected to be saved. "
"Yes, yes."
To enjoy a virtual reality made by Unicorn capsule.
More than 10 million won would expect the price was proud of the various
amenities. One of them was a recording medium. In separate directions
Lizzie even play all video is stored on the recording medium.
"Their stories will be broadcast. Middle of the know-how or the Royal Road as
their own secret
I imagine if it introduces. The first 10,001 users prefer configuration
jaemiiteohal also their own
Do not tell? "

"The story of a real user's going to be."

Since then, the user of CTS in the media for broadcast in the selection process
has started. Primarily on the reputation of the Royal Road
Raengkeo rampant that the parent was the subject of contact.
Some courses are now claimed the top raengkeo growth, nor with any quests and
secrets in this room came from
According to the ratings if the cat was broadcasted. Of course, all those not
disclose any secret, although it partially
Without even tapping into user-driven instruments of a slippery slope.
Ho is the premiere property in muhyeopji the recruits, but the winner Donor
Section crane was rented to greed. As Royal
Secrets of the top users of de raengkeo is excited about the end.
And each one of the guild and the forces led by one chief voted. Influential
figures They were actually the kingdom or
Because of the situation in the city especially the ones moving from the planning
department has selected.
In addition, one person, Thor, the blacksmith.
This was pointed a few times in jaejangjangyineun broadcast. A portrait of the
equipment was improved defense. Poor students
Acid job representing hayeoseo is elected.
The last one left, and people.
- Yihyeonnim is this?
- Hi. It's been a long time. I yunnahuiyeyo of CTS Media Board Secretariat.
"Yes, it is a long time."
- The last thing on the account given, thank you on behalf of the company. The
account in our CTS Media
Through the magic of the continent can produce the perfume of each area to hunt
monsters look around maepdeuleul
Special programs were broadcast to see them, you saw, right?
CTS Media.
One more year of 3.09 billion won last days, but a huge money to an account he had
purchased a company picnic
A. Thanks to their debt and start a new life could be liquidated.
'Again, you ......'
Just as the chain would put an auction item to the site.
But I heard a message Tak Mac fell loosened.
'You're just a hello toll.'
Lee Hyun said the bluff.
"I've seen."
- I do not ... Did you?
"With all the stuff."
Lee Hyun remark was true.
This was not even time for full mental geuttaeman. Royal Road and the future plan

of preparing a full-fledged Relaxing

The report could hardly afford to be broadcasting the game.
- Yes, you're.
Yunnahuineun was speechless for a while. Then took a message anyway.
- Actually, this time we are planning to broadcast the program, which tries to
invite Lee Hyun-Su.
First, I want you to ask you. By Lee Hyun-Royal Road to play the Are You?
Planning for the media side, the CTS has multiple ways.
Royal Road named for celebrities to play abroad one of whom was a way. But if you
Artists do not make sense to exclude them. Create a program that can truly be
excited for artists or
Reality should not have been recruited celebrities. But pulling in the game so
well-known people have also
For names of people who might know.
Madame's face, which forces.
Top raengkeo.
If the tension acting on it is not filled with eight people. One person so much
and let the game level at the location
Unknown person, but might come up with interesting characters had hoped.
Jumble accuracy of the viewers who can attract.
Actions that can cause tremors, the main character.
Set of fictional characters that make doing this but I mean you can not, and
recruited the plan fell troubled.
Planning was wondering what to put many people.
The past behind them, they organized a program to watch the magic of the program
found associated with the continent.
Of a game to be top of the right people in place.
The mystery and shrouded in mystery, with people like legendary.
I enjoy fighting monsters, unable to resist the power which never turned a man
The magic of the continent, they all knew Weed.
If he is doing if we have the Royal Road. Early in the game by one of the best ice
cream in the other game will do
Families only, but users will have their expectations.
Planning a hit in the knee.
"These people needed!"
Then time passed by more than a year.
Neither fish can not live away from water, they are Lee Hyun am sure you guessed
that the Royal Road.
- Royal Road of you I ask now is how many levels?
Yunnahuiga ask in a tone that has been very cautious. Those who have or are close
to the level of the item
It was an excuse because the information asked.
"Is 219."

-219 Yo? Wow, that's great.

A little disappointed, but had yunnahuineun.
What if the magic of the continent, not a nobody in the place of the Most High is
the right person. After hours a year more than 219 now
The level was below expectations. It was not lifting a lower axis, the full lot of
people with degree level
But she could know.
Hyun Lee was preparing to invest only one year, in fact, played the Royal Road
that is not that long time.
After explaining the situation to yunnahuineun Lee Hyun said.
- Are we in this program was to organize a new, Hyun Lee said there will need
"So are you asking me to appear on the air?"
Lee Hyun sageunsageun yunnahuineun the question answered.
- It's not. Until now, I play video games with a story by writing to us
If you send me it's gonna be on TV. Of course, it'd give out certain rewards.
"So I write down a story to send the game like me give money to me?"
- If you send me will be only briefly. Today, what was the quest. What level
where you have raised.
And besides that, if you own an art, then please write down together, then
there was, let's not have the burden.
"How much do certain rewards?"
- I have about 500,000 won per episode. 2 times a week on the air. I have a
little small, but 20 times
Be aired after the renewal could result in ratings.
It was not a bad story. Altoran the money comes rolling as the story of Lee Hyun
has accepted the offer.
Formal agreement that immediately came home, CTS is the media's general counsel
signed. Lee Hyun meticulously Total
OK, but there is no provision against drugs.
If you do not come out of the worst TV ratings in the interruption or a change of
character appearances this fall, even if Lee Hyun
20 meeting that was able to get certain rewards.
Take a Ihyeon the seal, that night was rarely put my tteuteoya.
"What are you doing what to write!"
Contract writing made to the manuscript had to pass.
So how to start, but should be done. Teokhani blocked from the first sentence is
lit. KJV Cattle
Written by hypothesis writer's feelings seemed to be able to understand a little
'Geulyiran not difficult. What I'm not a real writer, just play using the story
Take him to the arms. That's exactly deficit. '

Since then, Lee Hyun-wrote the manuscript in an instant.

CTS in the media department of the broadcast recording minutes of the first times
a week for shooting and led to startling to see the plaintiff received.
Some plaintiffs wrote their own hard and they seem sincere. But they are not
writers Gamers
Respectively. We had this little chat with my friends and not very useful to write
the story tends to increase without limit.
Broadcasting, not a bet, and the story could not be inserted as infinitely many of
them had to be cut.
But the hell is this manuscript.
This was not even briefly ganryakhal.
1 day
Rojaim Kingdom, Sara Borg started the castle.
Go to Training Center all day, hit the scarecrow.
2 days
All day, hit the scarecrow.
3 days
All day, hit the scarecrow.
4 days
All day, hit the scarecrow.
This is a week we had.
"Now we're supposed to be playing with, what!"
PD hanyoung season has lost his temper. I is not mad greatest Groundhog.
"The explosion was too close."
"This time I'm gonna seriously."
Staff was terrified.
In this way, all those are a couple of broken cameras.
Hanyoung season, said while he spirited away.
"But you're lucky. Plaintiff's bad, but play the video. Writers gathered here,
I will try to play the video. Squeeze on air as part of it, let's go. "
Reporting directly to a video broadcast team decided to complete the manuscript.
Soon, their mother Weed play video
Niteoe was light.
And they all led to startling.
"Heroes of being 8>.
CTS program was started to broadcast in the media.
Tteolchineun currently rampant in the Royal Road was the story of users.
There are interviews with famous users, but what they know about the process,
whether through a stronger
Does not not bring it. Showing the growth process as a user program, tate, the
early part of a huge audience
Celebrities, but they play in the Royal Road of the strong! Artists interested in

being larger than was

7 from the user in the first inning with friends and guild was formed, or hard of
quest. And
Obese people die a scarecrow was hit.
After broadcasting the first time there was a frantic internet.
- Broadcasting a freak?
- Do you folks take a joke chips? To get straight.
- These things I'll be getting salary ... Tsk.
The audience was about to board pukjuhal broadcasters.
1, 2, 3.
Knowledge of the game on the Internet, each stick holds the shakes.
They are used to, but the contents of each week as the story progresses each time
a person hits scarecrow obesity.
They do a little bit curious about him hitting the scarecrow I began to have
expectations. What kind of person that
Of payment shall play. Or how to do a thing about what the future expectations.
However, a whopping 4 FU scarecrow who no longer appear in the program were not.
It's the same content,
Had disintegrated by broadcasters to stop the appearance.
END Part -3