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College- Friends,

Christian Union

Voluntary WorkCatch 22,

Lydia Eva Court

LocationsChurch, Home

Aspects of
Language I
have enjoyedLanguage and

Other Subjects
Studied- Law,
Drama and
Theatre studies
and Psychology

Looking into social groups and

seeing if these have an impact on
the type of language that is used
e.g. the difference between how
Christians speak and how a group
of girls speak. This would
address both social changes,
language changes and the
differences in social groups and
Looking into the development of
Childrens speech to see if it
differs through the ages.
Looking into speech in relation to
health problems e.g. If dementia
has an effect on a persons use of
For Dementia, I could also look
into whether the way patients are
addressed has changed by
collecting leaflet ranging over a
period of time and analysing the
language that has been used.

To see if locations impact

language e.g. if you talk more
elevated and polysyllabic in
church when compared to how
you talk at home with friends and
family- if location makes a
Take different positions of power
and see if this impacts the type
of language that they use e.g.
from a teacher to the Prime
Minister. Could also look through
the types of power people hold
and see if this makes an impact
e.g. from positional to knowledge
and ideas power.
Could see if different areas
change language- take
recordings from a court room,
counselling session and play
rehearsal and see if the way they
speak is different in its language

Allow me to look into

more than one
Language topicGender, Social Power
Difficult to collect as
would need to gather
loads of different
conversation with
Would be very
interesting to see if
different illnesses can
cause different
changes to a persons
speech as well as how
they have been
For ethical issues
this would be hard as a
dementia person may
not understand what
they are consenting to
and could cause them
This would allow me
to see the differences
an environment has as
well as age
Limits the amount I
can analyse
I already have the
knowledge on
Language and Power
for me to analyse
I may be bias when
looking for the
language analysis as I
know what I am looking
Interesting as it
would look into a
different range of
people, positions and
For ethical issues,

use due to the social groups and

levels of power involved.

Family- Mum,
Dad, Sister

Look into whether different family

members of different ages and
genders speak differently- could
be due to the time they were
brought up in or what sex they

Interests- Social
Work- Children

Could analyse some childrens

speech of different ages and
genders by recording them, to
see who has developed the best
and what could be the possible
causes of this. Could then go
onto to get them to read a book
or write down a sentence and
analyse this data as well. I would
aim for children of the ages of 23 and 1 boy and 1 girl at least
depending on parental consent.
Possibly record children of
different ages and genders when
they are reading and see if there
reading age differs e.g. how the
understand the language they
are reading.
Report on how elevated a
persons language is based on
whether they can sing or not and
to see if singing impacts there
language use.

Hobbies- Church
Band, Babysitting

Skills- Singing

Media HabitsFacebook

Report on how different ages and

genders use social media and
whether they use the correct
language and grammar.

this may not be

possible as some
places may be for
Easy to collect the
data because I would
record the people I live
Not that wide of
range of time I could
This would relate to
the career I want to
proceed down as well
as be easy to collect
the data due to jobs
and friends.
Would need to get
parental consent as
well as make sure that
the children dont know
what I am doing as this
might ruin the results.
This is the same as
above- easy to collect
and very interesting.
Still would need
parental consent for
ethical reasons.
This would be
intriguing to see if
there is a difference
Would need to find a
lot of participants who
can sing!
This would be easy
as I have Facebook so
could just screen shot
the posts
I would have to
message everyone who
I was using a post of
which could take a lot
of time.

Most Interesting
Not Very Interesting