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St. Rita of Cascia

A Catholic Faith Community Since 1908

July 5, 2015

SUNDAYS: Sat. 5:30 pm (Vigil), 7:30 am, 10 am & 12 N
WEEKDAYS: Mon., Tues., Fri, and Sat. 8 am
(Wed. & Thurs. 8 am Communion Service)
HOLY DAYS: (eve of) 5:30 pm; (day of) 8 am & 6:30 pm

(Confession) Saturdays 4 - 5 pm or by appointment
Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Saturday 7:50 am
First Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm, Rectory Oratory

Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V.F.Pastor

Deacon Manuel Valencia Deacon John Hull
318 North Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre
Mailing Address: 50 East Alegria Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Phone: 626/355-1292 FAX: 626/355-2290


Parish Ministries and Organizations

How to Contact Us
Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V. F.Pastor
626.355.1292 x. 228
Dcn. Manuel & Chela Valencia 355.1292
Dcn. John 355.1292
Weekend Presider:
10 am MassFr. Chris Thiel, OFM Capuchin
Parish Office/Mailing Address
50 East Alegria Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:15 am to 6pm; Sat. 9 am to 1 pm.
Office Email:
Director of Administration
Mary Lou Butler: 355.1292

Pastoral Council
Parish Office: 355.1292

Finance Council Chair

Bill Sullivan: 355.3707

St. Rita SchoolOffice: 626.355.6114

Principal: Joanne Harabedian

Director of Liturgy & Music

Paul Puccinelli:

Liturgy & Worship

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers: David & Jill Muhs
Altar Servers, Youth: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302
Altar Servers, Adult: Bill Cosso 355.5656
Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302
Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Group: Susan Day 355-3835
Sacristans: Sat. Vigil: Gary Fidone/Stephen Bollman
Sunday Masses: 7:30-Bill Cosso/David Banis;
10:00-David Muhs/Paula Garavaglia, Terri Eliassen;
12N-Bernie Grace
Weekdays: John Bigley
Porter: (Evening Church Lockup) Sheila Palazzolo
Environment: Denise Villalovos/Gil Lazo 355.1292

Ministries & Organizations

Bereavement Ministry: 355.1292
Christian Family: Ana Ptasinski 355.3146
Greeters & Ushers: Erny Henry 626.289.3504 626.327.9480
Mens Club: Ed Driscoll
New Members/Welcome: Contact the Parish Office
St. Rita Guild: Joan Crow 355.3621
Senior Ministry: Marilyn McKernan
Shawl Ministry: Mary Taillac 355.3179 Marilyn Delgatto 355.8717

Director of Religious Education

Other Contacts

Cristina Cullen: 355.1292

Director of Youth Ministry/Confirmation

Theresa Bui Costanzo: 626.590.8828

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

Team: Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia; and
Susan Blakeslee:

Archivist: Marilyn McKernan

Bulletin Submissions: or drop off at Office
Public Relations:
Registration Information: 355.1292
Webmaster: Ralph Seymour:

Let Saint Rita Be There For You . . .

Communion for Sick and Homebound Parishioners

St. Rita Eucharistic Ministers provide Communion home visits. Contact the Parish Office 355.1292 or Jill Muhs 355.9810

Anointing of the Sick

Please notify us (355.1292) for the Anointing of the Sick, the sacrament intended for the seriously ill or dying and Our Lords special presence
and companionship in serious time of need. Anointing may take place in the home, at the hospital or elsewhere and as often as once a month.
If someone should die without anointing, remember that the desire to receive is sufficient.

If You Should Experience the Loss of a Loved One Please call us at 355.1292

If you feel you will be in need, or your loved one has passed, we will assist in making arrangements with your chosen funeral director; refer you
to our Bereavement Ministry and Music Ministry; and offer you helpful guidelines that will aid in the selection of readings for a Mass or
Memorial Service. We know this can be a tough time and we want you to know that your parish is there for you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND we
only have one resident priest; sometimes arrangements for another priest may be needed.

For Information about the Sacraments

BaptismPlease contact the Parish Office for further information on the Baptism process and requirements.
Reconciliation and First EucharistPreparation for children who have attained the age of reason (usually during 2nd grade) is
arranged either through the Office of Religious Education or St. Rita Elementary School.

MatrimonyContact the Parish Office upon engagement; at least six months is needed for preparation of this joyous sacrament!
ConfirmationA two-year program for freshman/sophomore age teens. Apply through the Office of Youth Ministry.





Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

While I am away on my annual vacation, weekly Reflections will be presented for your consideration.

Msgr. Richard

Gods Invitation: Be a Prophet!

This weekend our nation celebrates
239 years since the founding fathers
declared their independence from
England. They wrote: We hold
these truths to be self-evident, that
all men are created equal, that they
are endowed by their Creator with
certain unalienable right, that among
these are life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness. That to secure these
rights, governments are instituted
among men, deriving their just
powers from the consent of the
We can think of these words as
being prophetic. We often think of
prophetic in terms of either
speaking against the establishment
or being able to see in the future.
The first sense of the prophet is an
anti viewthe modern prophet is
anti-government and anti-church.
The second sense of prophet is a
visionary view. We certainly see both
views in todays Scripture readings.
We hear these senses in our patriotic
speak: our founding fathers spoke of
a better tomorrow for our nation.

While these senses of prophecy are

true, the foundation from which the
prophet is able to speak is his
relationship with Godthe prophet
is always pro-God, pro-covenant,
and pro-faithfulness. The prophet is
one who speaks in Gods name and
with Gods authority. None of us is
equipped to be a prophet because of
what we have done but by who we
areone incorporated into the
Body of Christ through baptism. At
our baptism, each one of us was
charged to go into the world,
carrying the flame of faith, to bring
the light of Christ to those living in
A prophet sometimes is set apart,
but most often, the prophet lives in
the midst of the community. This is
the sense in which Pope Francis
spoke about the leaders of the
church smelling like the sheep.
Whether set apart or living as a
member of the community, the
prophet always lives within the
tradition of the law of God since a
prophet is also recognized as

speaking in Gods name and in his

Most important, the prophet relies
upon the power of Christ. Since the
prophet is not without honor, except
in his native place and among his
own kin and in his own house, he
must rely not upon his own
resources but on the power that
comes from Christ. Answering the
call to be a prophet is to place our
trust in God.

God is inviting each one of us to

heed his call and do something.

The Eucharist invites us to listen to

Gods Word and to come to know
the truth more deeply. How is God
calling us to speak in his name and
in his authority? To whom are we
sent? Are we going to let our preconceptions, our fears, our
mistrusts, our prejudices get in the
way or are we going to trust the God
who promises that power is made
perfect in weakness?
Matthew Luft, OSB
Father Luft is a monk of Saint Johns Abbey in
Collegeville, Minnesota and an adjunct instructor at
the School of Theology at Saint Johns University.


8:00 AM
5:30 PM

Diane Rosencrantz RIP

Alejandrina Flores RIP


7:30 AM William Cosso RIP

10:00 AM For All Parishioners
12 NOON Dennis Reiser RIP


8:00 AM Sharon Herman RIP


8:00 AM Linda Jackson RIP

8:00 AM

Communion Service

8:00 AM

Communion Service

8:00 AM

Noreen Kozak RIP

8:00 AM
5:30 PM

Tom Johnson RIP

Laurence Johnson RIP



7:30 AM Ailey Gardner-Ybarra RIP

10:00 AM Jack Heany RIP
12 NOON For All Parishioners

MondaySt. Maria Goretti
ThursdaySt. Augustine Zhao Rong
and Companions
SaturdaySt. Benedict

First ReadingThey shall know that a
prophet has been among them


Bill Kozak, Steve Soto, Celia Merritt,
Garvin Stanislawski, Gary Inocente, Ethan
Sandoval, Adam Throop, Janet WatsonContreras, Barbara Jean Wood, Arthur
Little, Ernest Kopka, Vera Delgatto, JF
Mahoney, Kelly Solomon, Linda Theriault,
Heather Hagan, Mike Wolf, Jean Wood,
Jos Colayco, Mario de la Torre, Barbara
Vanni, Anna Schube, Aubrey Randolph,
Joseph Malvin, Randy Graff, Toni
Navarro, Susan Watson, Juanito &
Marilou Pe, Margaret Duran, Guia
Canizales, Anne Frealy, Eva Shammon,
Margie Schubert, Mary Zuckerburg, Emily
Young, JoAnn Douglass, Evelyn Tres,
Barbara Hester, Gerald Drean, Charlotte
Bollman Fuchs, Raymond Payne, Peter
Delgatto, Jr., Montserrat Marti, Jordan
Alabart, Brooke Manning, Arthur
Contreras, Jr., Robert Quinonez, Jean
Mansour, Jacob Bigley, Maria Carmen
Marti, Clare Marquardt, Kathleen Ramsey,
Tonyja Blakeslee, Addie Marshall, Jackie
Bagnuolo, Mary Ellen Isoard, Rose Mary
Taquino, Paul Viger, Hal Finney, Eva
Bernejo, Edith Olah, Fred Mycroft, Joseph

Robert Ashworth
Brother of parishioner
Richard Ashworth

(Ezekiel 2:2-5).

PsalmOur eyes are fixed on the

Lord, pleading for his mercy (Psalm 123).
Second ReadingI am content with
weaknesses and hardships for the sake
of Christ (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).
GospelWhere did this man get all
this? Is he not the carpenter, the son of
Mary? (Mark 6:1-6a).

Names are added to the Sick List in

the order in which they are submitted.
Want to add or remove a name from
our Sick List? Please call the Office
or send an email to

Vacation Plans?
Check the website
for the location of a nearby Church
and their Sunday Mass schedule.

Welcome back,
Father Roberto!
Hard to believe that its already that
time of year when Fr. Roberto Ike
comes from Missouri to take care of
our parish and parishioners while Msgr.
Richard takes a well-deserved break.

Have a nice vacation,

Msgr. Richard!
Saints of the Week

St. Augustine Zhao Rong

and Companions
Christianity arrived in China by way of
Syria in the 600s. Depending on
China's relations with the outside
world, Christianity over the centuries
was free to grow or was forced to
operate secretly.
The 120 martyrs in this group died
between 1648 and 1930. Most of them
(87) were born in China and were
children, parents, catechists or laborers,
ranging from nine years of age to 72.
This group includes four Chinese
diocesan priests.
The 33 foreign-born martyrs were
mostly priests or women religious,
especially from the Order of Preachers,
the Paris Foreign Mission Society, the
Friars Minor, Jesuits, Salesians and
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.
Augustine Zhao Rong was a Chinese
soldier who accompanied Bishop John
Gabriel Taurin Dufresse (Paris Foreign
Mission Society) to his martyrdom in
Beijing. Augustine was baptized and
not long after was ordained as a
diocesan priest. He was martyred in
Beatified in groups at various times,
these 120 martyrs were canonized in
Rome on October 1, 2000.


Youth Ministry

City of Saints

Knit for Kids & Knitting Class

Youth Nite
Wed., July 8, 7-8:30 pm, OMalley

High School Youth Conference

August 7-9 at UCLA

If you would like to learn to knit,

refresh your skills, or just enjoy
meeting with other knitters while you
work on simple sweaters for World
Vision, please come to the Parish
Office Meeting Room any Wednesday
from 1-3 pm.

And throughout the summer on the 2nd and 4th

Wednesday of each month.

EDGE Middle School Registration

The Registration Packet for 2015-16
school year is available in the Parish
Office. To receive registration forms by
email, please contact Theresa Costanzo
at the email address below.

The St. Rita Youth Ministry will take

a group to this weekend Conference
The fee of $195/person includes
food, housing, and the Conference.
Financial assistance may be available
for partial or full payment.

Confirmation Program
For more information:
All high school youth who would like
Theresa Costanzo
to receive the Sacrament of
Confirmation are required to complete
a two-year preparation program in their
St. Rita School
home parish. Registration packets for
new candidates are available in the
An easy way to help
Parish Office. Questions or info? Please
raise funds!
contact Theresa.
Dont forget that you may continue
Theresa Costanzo
to purchase Scrip and gift cards at the
School Office throughout the
summer (call 355-6114 for the
summer hours). Just purchase your
Religious Education
Scrip or cards to help the School.
Registration for Classes
Cards are available for most
All children in grades 1-5 are welcome
supermarkets; Target, Smart and
to join our Program at St. Rita.
Final, and similar stores; fast food,
Registration materials are available in
the Parish Office or via email. The fee including Starbucks, Subway, Carls
Jr., El Pollo Loco, Bean Town, etc.
for the class is $65/per child after
And when you want to have dinner
July 1. Be sure to include a copy of
out, help the School by purchasing a
your childs baptismal certificate.
gift card for Olive Gardens, Islands,
Classes begin on September 14 and
Outback Steakhouse, and other
meet every Monday from 4-5:15 pm.
restaurants. Cards make wonderful
For more information:
gifts tooa simple and easy way to
get more bang for your buck!
Cristina Cullen

School Office 355-6114

Young Adult Ministry

A new Ministry for adults between 18
and 35, single or married. Please
contact me for information about
meeting information and upcoming
Priya Tharayil

Bulletin Submissions
Articles for the Bulletin are due 10 days
before the desired publication date. Bring
your info to the Parish Office or send to
Rosemary Hagerott 355-1292 x226

Ann Wolf 355-7445

Did You Know? Children

have more opportunities to

be out of your immediate
sight during the summer.
Its important to remind
your child that if another
child or adultincluding people they
know and trusttry to touch them
inappropriately they should: Say NO
and GET AWAY from any person or
situation that makes them feel scared,
uncomfortable or confused. Tell them
to trust their feelings and be sure to
tell a trusted adult. And its never too
late to tell a trusted adult what
jvienna@la-archdiocese. org

Backpacks & School Supplies

for St. Francis Center
Begins July 18-19
Ends August 1-2
Once again we ask for
your help in providing
back-to-school basic
supplies for inner city
children who have no
family resources to help
them begin their school year prepared.
A list of needed supplies will be
provided as a flyer insert in next
weekends Bulletin.
We can also use helpers after each
week-end Mass to take the donations
to a secure location. And then again
when we assemble all the items for
delivery to St. Francis. Watch for
more details about how to help us.


This Week at St. Rita

Capital Campaign
Q: What is a Reconciliation Room and why do we need
one at St. Rita?

Saturday, July 4th

Hospitality after the Sunday Masses
will resume next weekend.
This Sunday, July 5Baptisms
In the Church 1:30 pm Deacon Manuel

Save the Date

Sunday, July 12Blood Drive

8:30 - 2:45 OMalley Hall
See flyer in the Vestibule for more information
and to sign-up in advance.
Walk-ins are always welcome too!
Weekend of July 18 & 19Annual Backpack Drive
begins for St. Francis Center
See page 5 for information and watch for a
special flyer insert in next weekends Bulletin.

A: A Reconciliation Room, by definition, is a physical

setting that provides the penitent with all the options of the
Rite of Penance. It should be of appropriate size and
provide a table for the scriptures, a kneeler and a screen as
well as a chair for face-to-face Confession. Attention should
be given to proper lighting, ventilation, acoustics, and liturgical
symbols. It should not be used for any purpose other than the
celebration of the Sacrament of Penance. Of course, a
Reconciliation Room also offers the option of making your
confession without the priest seeing you. There is always a
screen and a kneeler available for your use.
One of the main reasons that we need a Reconciliation
Room at St. Rita is to offer the opportunity for people in
wheelchairs or with other disabilities the option of receiving
the Sacrament in a designated space. Currently, if someone
in a wheelchair wants to receive the Sacrament of Penance,
the priest has to sit in a pew or a chair in the body of the
church, offering no privacy for the penitent.
Another reason to have a Reconciliation Room is to
provide penitents with a more welcoming atmosphere to
receive this Sacrament that reconciles us with God. A
Reconciliation Room should be a place encouraging people
to be sincere and humble in their confession and to entrust
themselves more confidently to God who understands and
loves them and is delighted that they are returning to Him.

July 10-12Marriage Encounter Weekend. At the Santa
Teresita Villa in Duarte. Give yourself the gift of a special
weekend to make your good marriage even better.

Info: 818/527-MEMC

July 26-August 2Catholic Surf Camp in Honolulu.

Open to all ages. A combination of surfing lessons, spiritual
activities, and tourism. The cost of $1,100 covers food,
lodging, and much more. For more information please call
parishioner Joe Freymann.
Media Coordinator NeededRight to Life League of
Southern California. Possess video production skills? Have a
knack for writing or design? Come work for Americas first
pro-life organization.

Application/info: 626/398-6100


Maintenance & Repairs Report
The following families joined our Faith Community
in April, May, and June

David, Christina and Caitlin Cobb

Elgyn, Feliz and Isabella Cortes
Miguel, Ivy, Natalia, and Marcus Flores
Rita Flynn and Ralph Frerichs
Michael and Teri Peinado
Hector Sanjuan, Flor Torres, and Julian Sanjuan
David, Eileen, Laura, and Matthew Schmidt
Elsa Villasenor-Day and John Paul Day
Are you Registered at St. Rita?

Registering in a
parish is a declaration of your desire to be part of a
Catholic community. Being a registered parishioner is a
requirement for infant baptism, school registration,
weddings, or when asked to be a baptismal or
confirmation sponsor. Please take a blue registration
form from the Vestibuleor register online at

June 2015

[ $ 78.00 ]

Its getting hot again and

that means our Edison bills
increase significantly during
the summer months. The
bill for the Church for the
month of May was
$1,532and it will be
much more for June and
the balance of the summer,
based on our bills from
previous years.
Please contribute to our Maintenance & Repairs
Collection. You may use the blue envelope in your
packetor any envelope or a checkand write For
Maintenance Only. Or you may pay onlinechoose

Thank you!