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Create a colour group with

Illustrators Live Color tool
Jan 23, 2013 00:00 am
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Lee Barnes shows you how to create and edit colour groups
with the Live Color tool.
As enjoyable as it might be, choosing a colour palette
( for a new brand or design can prove time-consuming.
Help is at hand with Illustrators Live Color tool, which


streamlines the design process by enabling designers to choose

groups of colours that work well together.
In this tutorial, Ill demonstrate how you can use the Live Color
tool to create a colour group for a logo
( or brand mark. One of the many benefits of working
with this tool is that its able to suggest colours that complement or
contrast your selections based on colour harmony rules
enabling you to achieve strong colour palettes quickly and easily.

Step 01

Create a simple logo or vector graphic using shapes of different

colours. Decide on a key colour to be featured in the logo for
example, if you want to achieve an industrial feel, pick a cold grey
or blue. Select your logo and bring up the Live Color panel by
going to Edit>Edit Colours> Recolour Artwork.

Step 02

With the Live Color panel open, click on the Edit tab to bring up
the colour wheel. Here you can see the colours in your group,
highlighted with circular anchors. The largest of the anchors
indicates your key colour. Make sure your base colour is assigned
by Ctrl/right-clicking it and selecting Set as Base Colour. Note that
you can manually change the colours with the CMYK sliders at the
bottom of the panel, and limit colour selections to Pantone
swatches or web-safe colours.

Step 03

With your base colour set, click on the drop-down arrow to the
top-left of the panel. This brings up a number of colour groups
based on the harmony rules of your base colour. At this point you
can select a group of your choice (with the option to tweak it later)
or create your own group. In my example, Im using
complementary colours at the opposite side of the colour wheel.
Once you make a selection you can alter it by clicking the Add or
Remove Colour command at the bottom-right of the wheel.

Step 04

There are several ways to edit the colours within your group. You
can click and drag the key colour anchor to alter the groups hue
and saturation as one, or select anchors individually and drag to
change them. Note that the other colours will change in
accordance with your new selection unless you select the Unlink
Harmony Colours box at the bottom right of the wheel.

Step 05

Tweak the colours according to your preference, using the colour

harmonies as a guide. Once youre happy with the group, click the
New Colour Group button and hit OK to apply the colours to your
artwork. Note that the colour group appears in the Swatches panel
next to a folder icon. If you double-click the folder icon, youll find
that youre able to edit the colour group.

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Wow, So amazing tutorial. Thanks for share :)


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Thank you so much for this piece of information!

This will increase my workflow a lot!




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