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Strategic management is important for a company in achieving continuous growth.

First of all, The Company must set a mission as already be known for this current year, their
mission is to serve the Customer First. These mission brings three keywords that is Peace,
People and Community. There are a few strategies have been made such as Accelerating
Shopping Center Development and Aggresive Pursuit of General Merchandise Stores (GMS) .
In Accelerating Shopping Center Development, The Company channeling their resources
towards developing attractive, and integrated commercial facilities. This is made for
customers to enjoy to the fullest. Another component is Aggressive Pursuit of GMS Store
which combining supermarkets and departmental stores under one roof, operate as full-line
retailers. The products are specified to home appliances, sporting goods and cosmetics. Both
strategies have been made for completing goal set by The Company which is to be as an
international-scale retailing group.
Based on SWOT analysis which stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities and
threats, The Company is considering all these elements in creating their future planning. In
the internal analysis which contains strengths and weakness, The Company is very
emphasizing with their human resource capital. While in the same time, there are also some
weaknesses from The Company. Instead of analyzing the internal environment, an external
analysis also had been considered. It contains opportunities and threats that faced by The
Company. The most common threat, that being faced in business is uncertainty in global
economy. For the opportunities, The Company has set their long-term plan to open new stores
in strategic locations.
From the analysis that had been made, The Company formulated strategies which
showing an appropriate strategies for all levels of employees. As for the enforcement of
customer service, they provide their staffs with the right skills and culture to achieve their
benchmark against the best in the service industry. They are also strengthens their power from
human resource development by continuously improving its human capital management,
career development and leadership development. Besides that, a continuous investment is also
been made to organize trainings to all levels of staff. For instance, on 17 September 2013, Mr.
Akihito Tanaka, AEONs former managing director was officially launched AEON Business
Academy (A.B.A) that served as a comprehensive training and education centre for its staffs
in various courses.

For future development, The Company has set the mid-term plan and long-term plan.
The mid-term plan is to open new stores in strategic locations and make AEON is accessible
to more Malaysians while the long-term plan is to further open new shopping centers in the
main growth corridors in due course. In the other hand, opportunities on environmental is also
being taken by The Company not only specified to their business development. The Company
continuously focused to create conducive environment in the shopping centers. At the new
stores opened on year 2011, AEON Rawang Anggun and AEON Ipoh Station 18 collaborated
with the community and local authorities to encourage the use of recycle and reusable bags
also with planting trees activities. On the next year, The Company furthers the strategies by
organizing a camp with young members to instill them with love to nature and environment.
The Company had also put further effort to increase awareness and educate young students on
renewable energy sources. This is collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and
Ministry of Energy, Green Technology, and Water (KeTTHA) for the installation of solar
panel-powered systems in selected schools.
The Company survived from the threats during year 2012 whereby Malaysia is facing
with weak global economy. However, Malaysia continued to perform well mainly by the
strong domestic demand. For The Company, the performance was contributed by new stores,
AEON Bandar Utama and AEON Rawang Store, which opened and operated during the year
Strategies that been implemented by The Company showing improvement from the
year 2011 to 2013. AEON should remains optimistic of its prospects and believes that
consumer sentiments will continue remain positive.