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Outline possible consequences of not achieving good standards of health and safety.

Recognition of the financial and legal implications of poor health and safety performance should be
outlined, and include the following considerations:
Costs of accidents and ill-health in terms of lost production
Loss of key personnel due to accidents and or ill health or even leaving the company for safer
environments (next point)
Replacement staff costs to cater for those off work due to ill health or injury or those leaving the
business to go elsewhere for fear of their health and safety
Investigation costs relating to accidents and incidents are a lot higher than management and others
Higher insurance premiums will result if the claims history or risk rating of the company is adverse
Equipment/plant damage and replacement costs
Legal defence costs that need to be paid in order for a defence to be made by the organisation
Fines for breaches of health and safety compliance
Possible imprisonment of persons at various levels for not adhering to the required level of legislative
compliance i.e. duty of care.
Product quality could be affected, as persons who feel that they are not being suitably protected will
not have the same degree of care as those that feel their health and safety is being considered
Resource allocation if adequate resources are not allocated to health and safety then there is every
likelihood deficiencies will arise which may include non compliance with recognised legislative and best
practice standards
Public and employee relations

Outline the measures an employer might consider to minimize the

risk of violence against employees.
There are a number of measures that may be considered, these would be
dependent upon the work being undertaken and the persons vulnerability to
violence and the type of violence potential.
1. Risk Assessment is an obvious starting point to properly identify hazards and
the adequacy (or not) of existing controls Zero tolerance policy should be
developed so that avoids the work related violence
2. Pleasant environment should be provided on the work place so that worker
cannot feel stress and fatigue and not trap in violence
3. Training should be provided of worker how to deal with safe manner in every
4. Physical barriers should be provided in between worker and cashier so that avoid
the violence
5. Develop the procedure which can minimize the queues and waiting time such as
numbering system to avoid the violence
6. Panic alarm should be provided of lone worker so that it make to safe to employee
of violence

7. Security should be hired to look after of highly risky violence area such as main
entrance of organization while shift in or out

8. Role and responsibility should be cleared of everyone in the organization so that

avoid the violence
9. CCTV camera should be provide in high risky violence area so that control the
violence in time
Screen should be provided in between reception and worker to avoid the
Metal detector should be provided of security staff to check the worker where
the risk of violence so that it can avoid the violence
Management support should be provided in emergency situation so that
avoid the violence of employee
Internal policies regarding violence towards staff by colleagues, members of
the public etc should be in place and actively enforced this should include the
encouragement of reporting such situation
If there is a need to remove such items from visitors, etc prior to entry a
secure facility must be provided to hold the items until that visitor, etc leaves the
Better seating and information on delays if these are envisaged to raise
Queue management should be introduced so that it can minimise the

A computer user has complained of neck and

back pain. Outline the features associated with
work station that might have contributes
towards this condition.

Poor workstation layout such as the screen at an incorrect height or

poorly positioned causing repeated head movements
Keyboard away from the operator and separate from the monitor
over reaching it can cause back pain
incorrect height or the seat back incorrectly adjusted it can cause of
back pain
poorly positioned of document holder repetitive movement of the
neck it can cause of neck pain
Glare or reflections on the screen that force the computer user to
adopt an awkward posture it can cause of neck pain
Exposure to draughts. Poor lighting & temperature to increase the
humidity it can case the neck and back pain
Seat is not comfortable on fir ground it can cause of back pain
User in no competent it can cause of back and neck pain
Seat is not Ability to swivel due to user adopt the awkward posture it
can cause of back and neck pain


Insufficient space or poor foot rest under the desk it can cause of
back pain