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Applying Local Clustering Method to Improve the Running Speed of Ant Colony Optimization

Author :HuWei
School :Sichuan Normal University
TYPE :Masters thesis
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Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is the algorithm that inspiredby the foraging behavior of ant colonies
and has be applied to solve many opti-mization problem, especially Traveling Salesman Problem
(TSP). ACO attractsthe interest of many researchers since 1991. Its running time is proportional tothe
squared number of cities, and the number of cities slows down running speedheavily. And improving
its running speed is one of study focuses. To improveits running speed, the method is used in this
paper that classifying all citiesinto di?erent classes and letting ACO act on these classes with smaller
sizes.The quality of classification impacts the quality of ACO solution heavily. Toguarantee the high
quality of solution, an clustering algorithm named speciallocal clustering is presented inthis paper,
which generates compact classes. Thesimulation shows that the method presented in this paper can
improve ACOrunning speed by 200 factors at least.Chapter 1 contains the introduction of the mode
and the program of ACO.and it is the base of research in the follow.Chapter 2 contains the
introduction of K-Means Clustering and Local Clus-tering. Clustering is the classification of objects
into di?erent classes (or groups),so that the data in each subset (ideally) share some common trait. LC
is theimprovement of K-Means Clustering, and its essential idea is that, delete all points in the class
which distortion sequence converge firstly from training set.It can cut down the running time of ACO
by clustering.Chapter 3 focuses on the improvement of LC. Special LC algorithm (SLC)is presented
under the condition of spherical distribution, and SLC-Mixture ispresented under the condition of
mixture distribution by improvement of LC.Chapter 4 applies clustering algorithm presented above to
improve ACO,and improve the quality of solution and running speed. ACO-SLC is presentedby
applying SLC to ACO under the condition of spherical distribution. TheACO-SLC with little-window
strategy and cross-edges removing called ACO-SLC-LWCR is presented, in which the method of
cross-edges removing proposedin this paper is used to improve the quality of solution and littlewindow strategyis applied to improve running speed. The low quality of solution will appearpossibly
when ACO-SLC is applied to process mixture distribution. To processmixture distribution, the method
named ACO-SLC-Mixture is proposed in thischapter.Chapter 5 is the simulation of the algorithms
presented above. It showsthat ACO-SLC, ACO-SLC-LWCR and ACO-SLC-Mixture are faster than
ACOby factors of 415~-10736, 390~-10192 and 257-9419 respectively. The quality ofthe solutions of
ACO-SLC is bad. ACO-SLC-LWCR and ACO-SLC-Mixtureare the improvement of ACO-SLC, and
the quality of the solutions of them isbetter than that of ACO-SLC. The error of the solutions of ACOSLC-Mixtureis less than ACO in most cases, and is bigger than ACO by 2% at most.