Meego OS
Real Time Transport Protocol
Palm Vein technology
3D password
Pill camera
Sense eye
3D Internet
War Driving
DPASS-Password Authentication
Tacting Sensing in Robot Hand
Virtual Surgery
Brain finger
Multimedia Conferencing
Digital recognition using ANN
Pen Style personal Networking gadget package
Green Cloud
Modular computing
Femtocell Technology
Symbian OS
Google Big Table
Windows Phone 7
Google Driverless Car
Mobile Wallet
Magnetic resonance imaging
Eye Gaze Communication S/m
Exascale Super computers

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Building OS provides brain for smarter cities Microsoft light space E-David Keil C Bee-Hive Eye OS Point and Paste technology Data Gathering using Localization Shape based object recognition in images OWASP-top 10 vulnerabilities Platonics Li-fi Technology Intel Turbo boost technology Zforce touch screen Statina Rolltop laptop SALT (Speech Application Language Tags) Energy efficient resource management in cloud data centres An empirical analysis of bug report A new time series mining approach IOS-7 Project Loon Cloud forensics Place Shifting O Pass Sailfish OS Parallela Computerized paper valuation using neural network Automated thermal face recognition Rasberry Pi Helio Display Dremel Audio Spotlighting .

Issues and challenges Google Project Tango MIT finger device Tongue Driven System for real time computers Robust Digital Water marking using visual cryptography Gate Sensor Interface Computer Independent USB-USB data transfer Sampling Online social networks Game Theory for network security JGROOVY programming language Flash Aware RAID Techniques E-Ball Technology Analysing Massive machine maintanence in cloud Goalline Technology Cloudberry: cloud phone platform for mobile devices Hybrid Breaking MAEMO SMS based notice board Rain Technology .Just Speak:APP for Smartphone Haswell Silencing Hardware Backdoors Screenless display Mobile video chat.

F# Programming language LIQUID 3G ATM A novel retinal vessel segmentation Flash Transfer ITwin Technology .