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0 – The Brand Experience

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

The Brand Experience

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.1 – The Brand Experience: an overview

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

The Brand Experience: an overview

The Brand Experience is a simple way to understand how our target audiences (members, supporters and enablers) experience (or
interact with) the AIESEC brand. The interactions and touch points they have with AIESEC will shape the impression of what
AIESEC is to them, and by being conscious of this we can manage the kind of experience we would like our target audiences to
have with AIESEC.

The Brand Experience has several elements that will be discussed in more detail in this toolkit. They include:

• Our competitors (organizations offering similar products to our target audiences)

• Target audiences (our potential members, enablers and supporters)
• Physical manifestations (the first interaction point to AIESEC for our target audiences)
• Benefits (what our target audiences get out of engaging with AIESEC)
• Our Values (reflective of The AIESEC Way)
• Discriminator (what distinguishes us from our competitors)
• Essence (what we do in AIESEC, what we are about)

The next few pages of this toolkit will explain each section of the Brand Experience in more detail.

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.2 – Our Competitors

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Our Competitors
Our competitors are other organizations that offer
similar experiences to our target audiences as we do.

They may be slightly or even very similar to us, based

on what they offer. These include organizations

• Work abroad opportunities

• Volunteer abroad opportunities
• Cultural experiences
• Skills development
• Networks

Although there may be a few common competitors for AIESEC across this globe (ie) IAESTE for internships or JCI for volunteer
opportunities, your direct competitors will differ from country to country, and perhaps even from city to city. It is important that you
are aware of such similar organizations and the work they are doing so that you are able to identify how AIESEC differs from their

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.3 – Our target audiences

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Our target audiences

As seen from our Balance Scorecard, our target
audiences can be divided into three distinct groups of

• Members

• Enablers (TN takers, mentors and

learning/content partners), and

• Supporters (financial and in-kind partners, Board

of Advisors)

The kinds of characteristics we would be looking for in potential members, enablers and supporters include:

Characteristics for potential members:

• Young people – recent graduates and students

• Youth interested in world issues
• Those who enjoy challenges
• Open minded active learners
• Those with an interest in leadership development
• Passionate and determined
• Those looking for learning and development opportunities

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.3 – Our target audiences

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Characteristics for potential enablers:

• TN takers
o Companies expanding to other countries
o Companies that needs and employees with specific characteristics
o Companies with strong CSR or a willingness to start
o Issues focused; market leaders
• Learning/content partners
o Organizations working with issues relevant in society
o Global organizations (with global reach)
o Research-based organizations
o Individuals with specific skills/knowledge/experience in a particular field
• Mentors
o HR companies/specialists
o University professors
o Alumni
o Industry specialists

Characteristics for potential supporters:

• Sponsors, financial and in-kind

o Organizations working on similar issues relevant in society
o Companies/organizations that are working with youth
o Organizations with the same end benefit
• Board of advisors
o Industry specialists
o Alumni
o High profile people

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.4 – Physical manifestations

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Physical manifestations
This layer includes all the external touch points (or
interaction points) our target audiences have with
AIESEC. Thus, their first interaction point with AIESEC
will affect how they experience our brand.

This layer includes things such as our marketing

materials and visual branding guidelines (including our
logo), but also extends to much more than this.

The first interaction point that our target audiences have

with AIESEC including everything from physical
meetings to our website, conferences, even our Code of
Ethics, all shape the way our target audiences will
understand AIESEC.

Please note: the visual guidelines are currently being

refreshed. The newest version is expected to be released in
September 2007.

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.5 – Benefits

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]


Benefits are what our target audiences (or stakeholders)

get out of engaging with AIESEC. While the benefits are
the same for all target audience groups, the reasons why
they are a benefit for each target audience differs based
on the different “experiences” that these audiences have
with our brand.

These are the benefits that our target audiences experience when they interact with AIESEC.

• Societal impact

• Personal and professional development

• International experience

• Global network

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.5 – Benefits

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Although they are benefits for different reasons, the above four are benefits for all of our stakeholders, or target audiences. The
chart below explains this in more detail.

Societal impact
Benefit for members Benefit for supporters Benefit for enablers

 To have an impact on a certain  Knowledge sharing  Leadership development

issue  Feeling of supporting to make an  Feeling of contributing to having an
 Learning opportunity impact in society impact on society through others
 Providing the same experience
to others

Personal and professional development

Benefit for members Benefit for supporters Benefit for enablers

 Self development (leadership  Supporting development of  Access to top talent; having top
development, self-discovery, others talent in their organization
skill building)  Feeling of supporting to make  Feeling of supporting to make
an impact on society an impact on others

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.5 – Benefits

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Global network
Benefit for members Benefit for supporters Benefit for enablers

 Peers, alumni, businesses all  Connect to youth around the world,  Alumni, youth around the world,
over the world other organizations other organizations

International experience
Benefit for members Benefit for supporters Benefit for enablers

 Exchange opportunities, global  Interaction with members who  Diversity in workforce

learning environment, have international experience  Branding and positioning
international conferences, etc. (open minded/worldly)  Interaction with members who
 Branding and positioning have international experience
 International conference (open minded/worldly)

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.6 – Our values

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Our Values
Our values are an important part of the Brand
Experience. The organizational values defined in The
AIESEC Way were not made to be written up on a wall
and forgotten about. They dictate how we should act
according to our value system for the organization. Our
values are also what our target audiences experience
and live when they interact with AIESEC, thus they
definitely determine how others view us and experience
our brand.

Our values
Imagine a TN taker hears all about the ambitious top talented youth that • Demonstrating integrity
exist in AIESEC during his first interaction at a conference and decides to
taken on an intern for himself. Imagine that intern meets all his • Acting sustainably
expectations of being a bright, ambitious and passionate young person
• Activating leadership
that makes a big difference in the company. The impression that TN taker
will have of AIESEC will be quite good, because of the way he • Enjoying participation
experienced our brand. Now imagine the same situation but in a negative
way, this is not how we want our stakeholders to experience our brand. • Living diversity
That is why values are so important and interlinked with our brand.
• Striving for excellence

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.7 – Differentiator

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Youth driven impactful experience
Our differentiator is what makes us unique, or simply
put, what sets us apart from the competition. This layer
is very much linked with the next (the essence). While
the essence may not be unique to our competitors, our
differentiator is the unique point—how we do what we do
differently than our competitors.

Through discussions held at the Global Brand Principles

meeting held in May 2007, we came up with three
concrete things that we feel as combined set us apart:

• Youth driven – the concept that AIESEC is run by youth for youth
• Integrated experience – the AIESEC experience comprised of leadership opportunities, an international exchange and a
global learning environment
• Impact/activating positive leadership – making a positive impact on society

To express these three differentiators in one sentence we have come up with the phrase: Youth driven impactful experience. Each
part of this phrase has a strong meaning behind it.

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.7 – Differentiator

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Youth driven
This emphasizes energy, passion, emotion, and leadership or leading, essentially what AIESEC is about. It also reinforces
the fact that we are youth run.

This is about the kind of experience that our stakeholders have when they engage with AIESEC, and the positive impact it
can have on them and/or on society.

The complete yet individual experience that our stakeholders have with AIESEC from a member’s AIESEC experience to a
TN taker’s experience with an intern to a sponsor’s experience at a conference. This experience draws together all aspects
of the AIESEC experience – leadership opportunities, international exchange and a global learning environment.

What the differentiator is not

This sentence is not meant to be used explicitly to explain AIESEC. The essence behind this statement is what matters. When
you are explaining what sets AIESEC apart these are elements that should come up in your explanation, though the actual phrase
“youth driven impactful experience” is not meant to be a slogan.

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

2.8 – Essence

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

This is the essence of what we do as an organization.
This may not be different to our competitors, but it is the
centre of our actions. Our differentiator is how we do
this differently to our competitors.

Our essence is taken from the essence of the brand

promise: activating leadership.

AIESEC is about providing the platform and necessary

tools for youth to develop themselves, so that they can
have a positive impact on their environments.

Through activating leadership we also want to communicate the important role the individual plays in the experience - the self-
driven element. We do this through the concept of AIESEC as a platform of opportunities from which individuals can drive their own

The essence of activating leadership can be captured in three simple elements:

• AIESEC is the platform - individuals drive their own experience

• We help individuals to both develop and discover their potential
• Our ambition is to develop people that will have a positive impact on society

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]