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Before cave man stringed sounds sinnued from the crests of their mind/mantle,
crickets gave muse to ears be-havened by the lords incarnated in their


Before before….

Before beats were re-synthesized by that which started sound and ears with
weariness listened,

Before lips broke to form unbounded bodies- stories lost and told- memories re-
born and streets word painted, -

Before eye pupils diluted waiting for that which was never seen,- guitars were
soothingly soothed- fingers held the chords that were to make nations cry, then the
base drums convoyed, Twitters twittered, pulses erupted,

A beings starts to breath- words unknown were heard, Ears were ashamed- Eyes
were amazed- Souls were astounded-

Then… she cried,-he cried,- it cried,- they cried… mixers made symphonies of old
scripted words, books whose scares were only seen in souls whom wrote them…

Thus today we speak of before music,

Before orchestras mortified word-string syntaxes that lured poor souls poured from
the sun’s rays… sons of mother faith blinded they followed- ears plugged with
random sound, like zombies seeking for that which is live flash they followed- mind
trapped,- mind trained go dira fela… they followed…--- speaking of…


Before they spoke without thought

before they talked without speaking, prospects forgetting how to live… spaceships
of mind concepts swimming, minds folded, souls emancipated,- plaster painted with
blue inked blood streams, stirring- paving destinations unbounded, unfounded,
unintended, un-comprehended, un -ethologically musical…

Before our melodies preached war…

Pele pele we lived in peace, breathed loving poetic rhythmic beats within our

Hence thus today Rap, House, Jazz, Kwaito, Mbaxchanga co-existence within
this existence…..
Thus please

Tease my hips to move to the sounds that breathed life to the struggles we faced,
render my mind and infest it with words that moved mountains,- music that made
our mother weep for the change they saw manifest in songs,- music that pushed our
fathers so not to die forlorn,- for in the speakers the saw the light of a life that
would be well lived … make music- be it classical- be it poetry- jazzy house
raw-deep-intrinsic, complementary, contemporary- be it whatever hip-hop-…
hip-rap… hip-slam… be it deep, smooth, plain be it beats…

make music… that will forever make our sons and daughters cry again, hip-hop of
change- hip-hop of hope - poetry of faith- rap of education, peace, love
and forever we will be free … make politics slumber with the injustices they
came with- music is not political- its natural- it’s not mute but loud- music
is screaming at the tops of our voices creating a chaotic impulse of a
constructive destruction the world has never seen- heard or felt.

Music is awakening from a long slumber of unconsciousness,- breathing fresh air,

then the mind unfolds, your nerves twitch, your soul twangs- your spirit is elevated
to deeper sheds you never thought you’d be in,- music is heaven born and lived,

Music is MosDef scripting brown sugar lyrics, It’s Common making poetry
lyrical- Kanye-West breathing Jesus walks, 9th Wonder & Pete Rock in the

It’s Erica Badu, Lauryn Hill, bra Hugh, Rex Rabane, Mpharanyane,
Zomajobe, the Alchemist, Hymphatic Tabz, Leela James, Anthony
Hamilton, Black-Koffie, Mango Grove, Ayo, Asa, Carlos Velera, Pavarotti.
It’s Saul Wiiliams- killing she clad clad poem he inscribed…

Music is mosaic harmonies en-synced in one… Music is… music is….. JOY!

Dreams defear
Music is not dead, she’s still dangling amidst tree leafs… The utopian skies of
Africa had planted seeds of drumbeats in the souls of its sons…, music is hell real
and deafened concepts.- un earthcally, sounds and bathed in streams of