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Plan, Deploy, and Maintain

Ericsson Radio Dot Systems

The JDSU portfolio serves the entire system lifecycle

Radio dot systems use a small, innovative antenna element to enable

high-performance mobile broadband in medium to large indoor
locations. The extensive JDSU portfolio of mobile and fiber test solutions
supports Ericsson teams across the full Radio Dot System life cycle
from pre-planning through deployment and maintenance.
The Radio Dot System Life Cycle
JDSU solutions enable smarter planning, quicker construction and commissioning, top
performance, and efficient maintenance.

Certifier40G verifies if
existing cabling will
correctly carry dot traffic
without errors!

The discovery phase is key for Ericsson to identify revenue-generating dot opportunities. Before
any installation, JDSU can help Ericsson validate the existing environment to fully understand
the required equipment for a successful deployment. This ensures that a team deploying dots,
possibly a contractor, has an accurate bill of materials ahead of deployment time.


JDSU location intelligence solutions evaluate user density and behavior to let Ericsson
profitably identify hot spots that will benefit from dots
The Ericsson-approved JDSU Certifier40G lets technicians validate existing cable quality
using limits customized for Radio Dot Systems
Ultra-portable RANAdvisor TrueSite helps the discovery team assess existing
macrocoverage in terms of signal, spectrum, and power to optimize dot placement

RANAdvisor TrueSite

Product Brief

Plan, Deploy, and Maintain Ericsson Radio Dot Systems

Certifying that physical media meets required performance specifications requires extensive
testing. Fiber inspection certifies the quality of fiber connectors; insertion-loss testing
verifies that power budgets are within tolerance; an optical time domain reflectometer
(OTDR) characterizes existing-fiber build quality; 75 ohm and 50 ohm coax runs must have
acceptable return loss (RL/VSWR) and insertion loss (IL); and, twisted-pair cabling must
not only meet industry cabling standards, it must also meet Ericssons custom cabling
requirements for Radio Dot Systems.

SmartClass Fiber with

P5000i microscope


Inspect and certify fiber connectors and perform pass/fail analysis with the JDSU P5000i
digital probe microscope connected to an Android device, SmartClass Fiber (SCF)
instruments, or the Certifier40G
Measure optical insertion loss with SCF instruments or the Certifier40G


Perform OTDR testing to qualify fiber links for length, loss, and reflectance and check for
impairments with the T-BERD/MTS-2000
Certify twisted-pair copper cable installations to ensure that they meet Ericssons custom
cabling requirements using the Certifier40G with customized Ericsson limits

JDSU solutions help you certify and commission deployments quickly, within budget, and
with top network performance.

CellAdvisor CAA with

P5000i microscope


To bring dots into service, test:

RF and fiber with the CellAdvisor cable and antenna analyzer (for example, DTF, VSWR)
Services with the RANAdvisor TrueSite mapped to position and RAN metrics

Backhaul and fronthaul links with T-BERD/MTS-5800 Ethernet, CPRI, and SyncE/PTP

StrataSync manages assets, configurations,

and test data via the cloud:

Optimization, Operation, and Maintenance

Once a Radio Dot System is operational, RF characteristics must be optimized to ensure
maximum service quality. RANAdvisor TrueSite measures macro ingress and missing or faulty
antennas, and also lets technicians walk-test mobile apps. CellAdvisor analyzes RF performance
across a wide spectrum and performs simple optical power measurements for fiber connector
certification together with unique RFoCPRI technology. The T-BERD/MTS-2000 provides
advanced detection and location of fiber faults or breaks.

Improves first-dispatch success rates

Simplifies instrument management
Unlocks the power of test data
Optimizes performance

JDSU is with you every step of the way as you rollout

Ericsson Radio Dot Systems.
For more information, contact:
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James Curnel, key account manager for Ericsson North America, tel: +1 913 706 2112

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