Explain how you would estimate the focal length of a convex lens in your school laboratory . [4 marks]


Diagram shows a cross-sectional of a wing of a moving aeroplane. The wing of the aeroplane experiences a lift force. Explain why the lift force acts on the wing of the aeroplane. [3 marks] 3. Using kinetic theory of gasses, explain how the pressure increase when the temperature increase. [4 marks] Explain why a piece of paper burns when placed under a convex lens aimed towards hot sun rays. [4 marks] Explain why someone who is sweating feels cool when he is under a rotating fan. [4 marks]

4. 5.


Explain why a balloon filled with helium gas rises up in the air. [4 marks]


Diagram shows the toothpaste flows out of it’s tube while squeezing at the bottom end

Explain how the toothpaste flows out and name a physics principle related to it.

[4 marks] 8. State how a liquid – glass thermometer can be used o measure the body temperature of a sick person. Explain heat transfer that takes place at each stage of measurement. [4 marks] Diagram (a) shows two identical spherical plasticine balls before being released from the same height. Diagram (b) shows the state of the plasticine balls when they hit the wood and the sponge. It was observed that the plasticine stopped more quickly when it hit the wood.


Explain the changes in energy that occur from the moment the plasticine ball is released untill reaches the position in Diagram (b) [4 marks] 10. Diagram shows the brake system of a car.

Exlplain how the system operates when the car needs to slow down. [4 marks] 11.

While driving a car on a hot day, you may see a mirage on the road. Explain how mirage occurred. [ 4 marks ]



Diagram shows a copper block and a bowl shape copper sheet of same mass.

Explain why the copper block sink in water but the bowl shape copper sheet floats on water. [4 marks] 19. Explain how the forces between the molecules caused the elasticity when the spring is compressed and stretched. [5 marks ] Using the principle of conservation of momentum, explain the working principle of the rocket. [4 marks] 22. We cannot use a cooling system of a refrigerator to cool the hot room. Explain why? [4 marks] 23. Diagram shows a ray of light directed perpendicularly at a side of the semi circular glass block. The ray passes through the glass block to a point O before leaving the glass block. The angle of incidence in the glass block is 30° .


Explain how total internal reflection occurs in diagram above? [4 marks] 24. Explain why strong double-glazed glass is used as walls of the observation tower in an airport. [4 marks] 26. According to the principle of thermal equilibrium and the working principle of a thermometer, explain how a doctor can check his patient temperature during medical treatment.


[4 marks]



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