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During Linux installation, you need to

configure a minimum of how many user


Filesystem that performs journaling


Shares password databases among Linux


Network Information Service (NIS)

Program started by the BIOS that loads the

Linux kernel into memory from a hard disk
partition inside the computer

boot loader

command that halts the system immediately

and powers down the computer


Allows you to choose the operating system

upon system startup

dual booting

Specify a commands' working parameters


Channel that allows a user to log in


Alter the way a command works


Traditional filesystem still used on most Linux



In Linux, what is used to accept input from the

user and pass input to the kernel for


To find all of the commands that have the word

list in their name or description, you would
type what?

man -k list

What metacharacterindicates background

command execution?


What is the shell that is used by default in



Which Linux Command displays your login



What is the most common method of installing


DVD installation

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Because you need to document so many pieces

of hardware and software information, you
should create a ______ that contains all
important installation information as well as
hardware information.

Preinstallation checklist

What are specific letters that start with a dash



What directory contains system commands and



What filesystem is compatible with the

Windows FAT filesystem?


Hard disks can contain how many major


The command that displays the calendar for the

current month is what?


what is the metacharacter for command


Which Linux command gets you out of your

current shell?


The recommended size for the /home directory

is _____ per user.

200 MB

What command will confirm the system

directory that you are currently in?


What metacharacter can also be used to refer to

the current user's home directory?

To move from the /home/joe/test/data to the

home/joe directory, what command would you


If you type enough unique letters of a directory

and press the _____ key, the BASH shell will
find the intended file or directory being
specified and fill in the appropriate


Most files on a Linux system that contain

configuration information are what kind of

text files

To view a list of files and their type, use the

____ switch to the ls command.


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The ____ symbol indicates a linked file.

The ____ command can be used to provide a

long listing for each file in a certain directory.

ls -l

Using wildcard metacharacters, how can one

indicate a number is either 1, 2, 3, or 4?


The ____ command displays the last five lines

of a text file

tail -5

Extended regular expression metacharacters

?, +, {}, |

The ____ regular expression metacharacter

matches 0 or more occurrences of the previous

What key combination, commonly used in the

vi editor command mode, displays current line

ctrl + g

The ____ can be used with LISP artificial

intelligence programming language and
supports hundreds of keyboard functions like
the vi editor.

Emacs editor

The ____ editor is functionally analogous to the

Windows Wordpad and Notepad editors.


Displays files in reverse order

tac command

Displays lines of test that match extended

regular expressions

egrep comand

Identifies a channel that passes information

from one process in memory to another, and in
some cases can be mediated by fiels on the hard

named pipe

Special file that serves as placeholders to

organize other files


Displays the first ten lines of a text file

head command

A file that represents a device on the system,

such as a hard disk or serial port

Special device file

Files that have an association with one another

Linked files

A file that contains the most recent entries at

the bottom of the file

log file

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A file that allows a process on another

computer to write to a file on the local
computer while another process reads from that

socket file

In the FHS, the ____ directory contains the

Linux kernel and files used by the boot loader


In FHS, the ____ directory is the root user's

home directory


In the FHS, the ____ directory contains most

system commands and utilities


Copying a file can be accomplished using what



What command takes a list of arguments

specifying the absolute or relative pathnames of
files to remove?


The fastest method to search for files in the

Linux Directory tree is to use what command?

locate command

You can see the contents of a certain variable in

memory by using the ____ metacharacter with
the echo command

The ____ section of a filesystem is the section

that contains information about the filesystem
in general.


To create a hard link, you must use the ____



The section of an inode that stores permissions

is called the _____ of a file.


In a file's mode, if a permission is unavailable,

a ____ character replaces its position in the

If a user has _____ permission for a file, they

can open. read, and edit the contents of a file


When using the chmod command for a specific

file, the ______ argument would add read
permissin and remove write permission for the
group persmission


When using the chmod command, the mode

rwx can be replaced by the number____.

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To set all of the special permission on a certain

file or directory, you can use the command
_____, where name is the name of the file or

chmod 7777 name

Command used to change the permissions for a

certain file or directory


Command used to view you current user name


Command used to view your group

memberships and primary group


Command used to change the group owner of a

file or directory


Command used to test network connectivity


Command used to change the ownership of a

file or directory


Command used to display BASH shell aliases


Special variable on the system used to take

away permissions on new files and directories
immediately after they are created.


Command used to quickly create an empty file.


Devices that transfer data in a characterby-character fashion are referred to



The ____ device file represents the first

primary partition on the second IDE hard disk
drive (primary slave).


The ____ device file represents the second

serial port on the system (COM2).


The ____ filesystem is used by software

programs that write to a CD-RW or DVD-RW


The _____ filesystem contains most of the

operating system files.


To format a filesystem with a specified

filesystem type, you can use the ____ option
with the mkfs command.


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To mount all filesystems in the /etc/fstab file

that are intended to mount at boot time, you can
simply type the ____ command.

mount -a

CD-ROMs typically use the _____ filesystem


Linux requires how many partitions at



Data is read off of hard disks in concentric

circles called what?


To create partitions after installation, you can

use the _____ command


The easiest method for monitoring free space

by mounted filesystems is to use the _____


Errors on a filesystem are often referred to as

filesytem ____ and are common on most


To check a filesystem for errors, you can use

the _____ command, which can check
filesystems of many different types.


You can edit the quotas for certain users by

using the _____ command


Directory that stores devices files


Indicates a particular device

minor number

File on the hard disk representing a device on a

Linux system

device file

Command used to create modify system



The first readable sector of a hard disk, where

partition definitions are stored


File that contains a list of devices that are

currently used on the filesystem and their major


Rigid quota limits that the user cannot exceed

hard limits

Points to the device driver for a device in the

Linux kernel

major number

Hard disk quotas that the user can exceed for a

certain period of time.

Soft limits

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Each SCSI device is assigned a unique ID

number known as a _____.

target id

Most Parallel SCSI controllers support up to

____ devices.


The highest priority SCSI device is given a

SCSI ID of______.

The _____ standard supports speeds of up to 80


SCSI-3 Ultra2 Wide

Raid level _____ is often referred to as disk


Raid level ____ is commonly referred to as disk

striping with parity

A Fedora 13 CD installation requires ___ CDs.


In Fedora Linux, a ____ file is a script file that

speifies the choices that you would normally
choose when you install the operating system


If a Linux installaion ends abnormally and the

screen displays a "fatal signal _____" error
message, it indicates an error known as a
segmentation fault.


Some installation fail to place a boot loader on

the hard disk properly; this is often the case
with large hard disk drives that have over ____


_____ installation log files are create by the

Fedora installation program.


to verify hardware settings, you can examine

the contents of the _____ directory.


The ____ file in the /proc directory contains a

list of memory address ranges reserved for
device use.


The ____ in the /proc directory contains

statistics on the performance of the processor.


A remote disk to which a computer connects

using iSCSI

iSCSI target

File that contains a lists of packages that were

installed as well as a list of those that were not


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A type of RAID level 0 that consists of two

hard disks that are seen as one large volume.


A unique identifier for each devie attached to

any given node in a SCSI chain

Logical Unit Number (LUN)

File that lists all of the system events that

occurred during the installation, such as the
creation of user and group accounts


A version of RAID controlled by the system


firmware RAID

A protocol that may be used to install Fedora

via the network.

Network File System (NFS)

A type of RAID level 0 in which an individual

file is divided into sections and saved
concurrently on multiple disks.

disk striping

The situation in which a program has accessed

an area of RAM that was not assigned

segmentation fault

The file descriptor stdin is represented by the


The file descriptor stderr is represented by the


You can ue the BASH shell to redirect standard

output and standard error from the terminal
screen to a file on the filesystem using the ___
shell metacharacter followed by the absolute or
relative pathname of the file


You can redirect a file to the standard input of a

command using the ____ character.


The ____ command can be used to replace

characters in a file sent via Standard Input


You can send the standard output of one

command to another command as standard
input using the ____ shell metacharacter.

The ____ command count the number of lines,

words, and characters in a file


The ____ command can be used to extract,

manipulate, and format text using patternaction statements


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Most configuration files on Linux systems are

delimited using ____ characters


To see a list of the environmental variables and

their current values on a system, you can use
the ____ command


The _____ command could be used to view the

contents of the environment variable that
represents the BASH shell prompt.

echo $PS1

To see a list of all exported environment and

user-defined variables in the shell, you can use
the ____ command


The _____ environment fiel is always executed

immediately after login for all users on the
system, and sets most environment variables,
such as HOME and PATH.


If you have _____ permission to a shell script,

you cn execute the shell script like any other
executable program on the system.

read and execute

The test statement ____ would be used to

determine if A is numerically greater than B

[ A -gt B ]

Labels representing command input and output

file descriptors

Any error messages generated by a command


Shell variables that are typically set by the

system and contain information that the system
and programs access regularly

environment variables

Files that are typically used to create custom

programs that perform administrative tasks on
Linux systems.

shell scrpits

The first line in a shell script, which specifies

the pathname to the shell that interprets the
contents of the shell script


The information that is processed by the

command during execution


Constructs that alter the flow of a program

based on whether a command in the program
completed successfully or based on a decision
that the uer makes given a question posed by
the program

a decision construct

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The normal output of a command


A filter command that takes information from

standard input and sends that information to a
file, as well as to standard output.


The Linux kernel is stored in the _____



_____ of the GRUB boot loader typically

resided on the Master boot record

Stage 1

To create an encrypted password for use in the

/boot/grub/grub.conf, you can use the ____


In the /etc/lilo.conf file, the ____ keyword

specifies the absolute pathname to the Linux


In the /etc/lilo.conf file, the ____ keyword

specifies the file that contains the physical
layout of the disk drive.


A Linux system in runlevel ___ is a system that

has no daemons active in memory and is ready
to be powered off

After the entries in /etc/inittab have been

executed, the ____ file is executed to perform
tasks that must occur after system startup.


You can use the ____ command to start, stop,

or restart any daemons listed within the
/etc/rc.d/init.d directory.


Which utility can be used to modify runtime

configuration files so that they start and stop
daemons when entering a particular runlevel?


___ is a freely available version of X Windows

used in many Linux Distributions.


The two most common dsktop environments

that are used on Linux are ____and____.

kde and gnome

The ______ window manager is used for the

GNOME desktop in Red Hat Fedora Core 2


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If your system uses the implementation

of X Windows, the mouse, keyboard, monitor,
and video adapter card information is stored in
the ____ file in text format


To configure your keyboard, you can use the

_____ command from either a GUI or terminal
environment and restart X Windows


After configuring X Windows, you can

fine-tune the vsync and hsync of the video card
using the ____ utility withing the desktop


Programs that tell X Windows how to draw teh

graphics and display the reult

X Client

A LILO version available for Intel Pentium and

Itanium computers that use Extensible
Firmware Interface (EFI).


Utility used to configure video card and


Display settings

Modifies the look and feel of X Windows

Window manager

A system process tha performs useful tasks,

such as printing, scheduling, and operating
system maintenance


Another name for runlevels


Partition to which the MBR points

active partition

Most common boot loader on modern Linux


Grand unified bootloader

Used to run multiple OSs at the same time

virtualization software

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