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Wilolud Journals


Guide to Authors

General Introduction
Wilolud Journals publishes original research, theoretical or experimental, that is of
scientific importance in areas of academic endeavors. Contributions are welcome from
specialists in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian, and written in clear, correct,
and concise language. Translation of the abstract in English is compulsory. This is the
sole responsibility of the authors. Papers accepted become the copy right of this journal.

Journals available on Wilolud Journals

Continental Journal of Social Sciences
Continental Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science
Continental Journal of Nursing Science
Continental Journal of Earth Sciences
Continental Journal of Agricultural Science
Continental Journal of Agricultural Economics
Continental Journal of Agronomy
Continental Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Continental Journal of Information Technology
Continental Journal of Medical Research
Continental Journal of Tropical Medicine
Continental Journal of Environmental Sciences
Continental Journal of Engineering Sciences
Continental Journal of Applied Sciences
Continental Journal of Animal and Veterinary Research
Continental Journal of Biological Sciences
Continental Journal of Food Science and Technology
Continental Journal of Biomedical Sciences
Continental Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology Research
Continental Journal of Microbiology
Continental Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Continental Journal of Arts and Humanities
Continental Journal of Law Research
Continental Journal of Education Research

Manuscript Preparation
Manuscripts must be type written with double spacing and should be divided into the
following sections:

The first page must have
- Title of the paper
- Names of the authors
- Relevant addresses (Address of correspondence, fax no, phone no, email address)

The second page must have

- Abstract
- Introduction
- Materials and methods
- Results and discussion
- References
- Acknowledgement

All references in the text must be indicated by surname(s) and year in brackets.
References at the end of the work must be indicated as in the following example:

Names (year of publication): Title, publisher, volume (no) and page.

The manuscript should not exceed 15 type written pages (MS Word processing).Tables,
figures and pictures should be clear, numbered according to their mention in the text and
given adequate titles. Nomenclature, symbols, units must follow the international rules
and recommendations

For the purpose of reviewing, articles should be submitted as hard copies (2) plus a
floppy disc or email attachment or using online submission process to:

The Managing Editor

Wilolud Online Journals
P.O. Box 214
Akure, Ondo State

Phone: +2348034458674, 034215410


Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. One corrected proof, together with the
original edited manuscript should be returned within three days of receipt either by
surface mail or email as attachment.

Offprints and Page Charge

To help defray publication costs a charge must be paid for five (5) offprint of each
article. Additional offprints can be ordered.

PDF version
There is the pdf version of the articles and the whole volume of journals. After
subscription these would be sent to the subscriber. The pdf version of the author’
article is free.

Frequency of Publication
Two times a year. Evaluation of manuscript is fast.

Register As Editor
Are you interested in joining us as an editor? If yes, kindly send your detailed CV to any
of our addresses. Minimum qualification is PhD in all fields,