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December 15, 2008 - January 15, 2009

Editor s
Badgered to death!
It seems as life in telecom sector is seized: There are
less incentives/packages for subscribers, decreased
advertisements, lower growth rate, and minimum
investment. Although emerging telecom operators Zubair Ahmed Kasuri Editor-in-Chief

like Telenor and Warid are making comparatively Fatima Batool Editor
consistent progress but the increasing rate of inflation Usman Yaqoob
is irking the establishment. Moreover, the well- Marketing Manager (Lhr)
M. Farooq Malik
established giants of the sector are no more able to Marketing Executive (Lhr)
keep themselves at the top. Mobilink, the lion of Rashid Hussain Mughal
Marketing Executive (Khi)
telecom, is starving. Orascom is injecting credit to
save its right hand but of no avail. PTCL, the giant of
landline, has terribly disappointed its customers by Zafar Khan Afridi
rapid disconnections, poor client services, pathetic Senior Graphic Designer
management and deceptive policies – people are
moving to new fixedline and wireless providers. Khawar Shahzad
Ufone was once at the second position but now it is Manager Islamabad Office
Asmat Ullah
over shadowed by Telenor. It seems as Warid and Content Coordinator
Zong, along with Telenor are going to be the key Azhar Javed
Production Manager
leaders in days to come; however nothing is sure in Taimur Shafiq
this part of the world. Web Developer
Muhammad Saeed
This aftermath is caused by earlier loops in the Chief Photographer
Mobile: 0321 - 8404389
strategies made by governing bodies to extend the
sector. The worldwide financial crisis also has Lahore Office
Ph: 042-5750732- Fax: + 92-042-5750804
negative impact on not only the telecom, but also the Islamabad Office
emerging IT sector. It is reliving to see the re- Phone: + 92-51-2890054
Fax: + 92-51-2891339
establishment of those companies which were blasted Karachi Office
with the Marriot but the financial crunch seems Phone: + 92-21-4602620

irretrievable. Registration No
Oil is getting cheaper and cheaper in the PCPB/105

international market but inflation is still rising; minor (Vol. 5 Issue:4)

Price Rs: 300
things are hard to attain, resources are limited, all jobs
are challenging to fulfil and surrounded by a lot of URL:
competition. In such deplorable condition, hiking
taxes in the third world are increasing resistance in
the utilisation of the very basic tool of
Zubair Ahmed Kasuri, publisher of FLARE
communication, i.e. mobile phones. leading telecom magazine printed it from
PTA is still unable to arrange auction of 3G which Akkaz Printers, Shama Plaza, Lahore and
was promised to held in December. There are published from 105 B, Gulberg II, Lahore.
investors but not an investment friendly environment
as nothing is stable whether its dollar’s rate or oil
price. Things will get better but when, how and after
how much loss, it cannot be forecasted. 

Letters other channels operating which consumers
you hidden incentives then please don’t go
for it. Make your own principles and stand

to the
This justifies shake-up in our regulatory
by with them because no one is going to
bodies as the PTA and Pemra, which allow
illegal tariffs and keep on licensing come for your rescue in hot waters – Sajjad
Hussain, Lahore.

dishonest businessmen and license
improper parties to destroy our roads,
gardens, put unsafe towers in parks, on
roofs with no end - M Shaikh, Islamabad. PTCL blues
A letter “Phone blues” by Khalid
A question for PTCL… Rashid Quraishi compelled me to send the
Time and again PTCL has failed to writer this consolation message that he is
provide services it advertises. A few not the only one suffering at the hands of
months back, it was DSL. I know several
PTCL. There are so many others whose
people who applied for PTCL DSL
connection, waited for about three months, phones are out of order since long in spite
Ufone not again!!! got frustrated, changed their ISPs and got of making several complaints; yet all of
I can’t get what Ufone is up to. I was new connections within hours. I live at a them have been forced to pay fixed
amazed at my balance reduction of Rs 1 distance of two kilometres from the PTCL charges of line rent and Pakistan Package
per day. I am a student and keep a good exchange on a main road. I applied for a
etc as punishment for being clients of
DSL connection only to be told that I
account of all expenditure, I made round PTCL.
couldn't get a connection because of some
the clock. Some of my friends are also
'technical problem'. Since I could not bear this brutality
using Ufone and they are also unaware of
I then applied for a Smart TV any more, I have submitted application to
the cause by which their balance is de-
connection - something advertised heavily
ducted daily. PTCL for disconnecting my phone. I sug-
by PTCL. The company employee who
The other day, I happed to meet a per- handled my request had told me that I gest Mr Quraishi to do the same. By doing
son who deals in a Ufone franchiser and I would have the connection within three so, he will at least save some money -
asked him about the hidden charges. He days. It is now over two months and there Engr S Z Hussain, Lahore.
asked me several questions regarding my is no news of the connection. Whenever I
call package and SMS (short message serv- call them I am told that there is some
ice) subscriptions and then surprisingly he 'technical problems'.
told me that those who sign up to Ufone’s I have one simple question for PTCL --
Mobile manufacturing
Web site are charged with Rs 1 per day why does it advertise products which it What is the problem?
whether they sign in or not. cannot provide to prospective customers?
So here is the story: All of us are sub- What kind of the way of doing business is With your leading IT and Telecom
scribed to Utunes and it is impossible to that? - Mohammad Irshad. magazine, I want to convey the message to
get one without getting registered online. our rulers about the mobile
We all have our accounts on Ufone Web manufacturing in Pakistan. It is worth
site and none of us is aware of this monop- Please learn a lesson from mentioning that we are importing more
oly by Ufone. They are collecting Rs 30 per
month without any notification. Many of Mobilink than US$ 1 billion of mobiles from the
different parts of the world each year.
us didn’t sign up from months but still we I have no complaints to make about any
Pakistan has become a consumer market
are charged. one. I just want to share my grief at the
for the multinational companies who are
On one hand taxes of 31 per cent are downfall of Mobilink, the largest cellular
imposed on the cellular services and on the just opening sales centers in Pakistan but
service provider company in Pakistan. Mo-
other such selfish attitude demonstrated not ready to set up mobile manufacturing
bilink is one of the pioneers in contributing
by the operators. I appeal PTA (Pakistan plants in Pakistan due to one or the other
to the wireless sector of Pakistan.
Telecommunication Authority) to kindly reasons. Our leaders and rulers are happy
At first, media highlighted that the com-
take notice of such hidden charges which with the situation and we are allowing a
are silently crucifying hundreds of thou- pany is facing massive loss but I, being a
billion US $ each year to go out of
sands of innocent mobile phone users. reader thought, that media is exaggerating.
Pakistan and amazingly we are not
Thanks a lot – Umair Ahmed, Lahore. When I read your cover story in the previ-
ashamed of calling other nations for help
ous issue and I was among one of those
in economic crisis.
readers who were initially not ready to ac-
If we have a visionary leadership like
What PTA is doing? cept the truth. How is it possible? The
China and other countries, we would have
biggest company in Pakistan is a victim of
The other day I was recharging my now at least 3 manufacturing plants in dif-
its own loops and holes? No. it’s not true.
mobile phone with a 100-rupee card when ferent parts of the country which not only
How can the lavish ads be an eye-wash?
I noticed the following appearing on my meet the demands of the people but we
What about the claim of above forty million
mobile phone: “Five per cent can export mobiles sets to other countries
administrative fee for recharging – on face subscribers? Impossible!
as well.
value”. I just put the thought at my back. But, I
Here I put my humble suggestion to
This is an undeserved levy as recharge happened to recently meet a person who
PTA, Board of Investment and Finance
is an automatic procedure and no actually belonged to the telecom sector and
Ministry to devise a plan and push com-
expenses are involved. What it means that he showed me the official report of Oras-
this mobile company has given itself a five panies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola
com (the parent of Mobilink) situated in
per cent profit on overall turnover for to set up their plant in the country with
Egypt. The report shows that Mobilink is at
nothing. highest possible incentives like Tax ex-
Similarly, the PTCL imposed a package a loss from last few months (the reason are
emption, salaries to the employees for first
on consumers some times back. What is of course not mentioned) and Orascom will
3 years and subsidy on mobile sets. This
poorly-led Pakistan Telecom Authority soon devise a plan to change its path and to
will pave the way for mobile manufactur-
doing about it? move to other emerging countries like
ing industry which will lead to saving of
It is very unfortunate that the Bangladesh where the future of investment
foreign exchange which is a value able
ownership of these companies should will be bright.
resort to these tactics when we desire the asset for a country like Pakistan.
I can’t do anything for Mobilink, the
investors from close allies as Arab Sumiullah, Lahore
most cherished telecom service provider! In
countries to invest and succeed in Pakistan
in much greater numbers than now. fact no one can cure the injured because the
Unfortunately, the blind and injury is caused by the short-sightedness Send us your letters at
unjustified levy by the PTV in electricity and short-term benefits. However, we can or at our
bills has opened way for other blind levies only advise other companies to learn from postal address.
which too must stop after all what is the other’s errors and be at your guard. If PTA Flare reserves the right to edit
justification of not giving Rs25 to say 40 (not current Chairman but the Ex) is giving letters for clarity & space. 9
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ndian and Pakistani

company - hackers
hackers are engaged infiltrated its website
in a round of tit-for- and disrupted its
tat defacing of banking products site.
government-run • Year 2002:
websites of the two Around 300 websites
countries, targeting such were hacked by
major organisations as Pakistani hackers.
India's leading Oil and • Year 2003:
Natural Gas Corporation Pakistani hackers hacked
and its Pakistani 477 Indian websites, 270
counterpart Oil and Gas of them in April only.
Regulatory Authority. This was an awesome
The cyber warfare way to enjoy their
began in mid-November summer vacation.
when an Indian group of • Year 2004: The
hackers known as HMG Navy website
or Guards of Hindustan www.nausena-
defaced the website of went off the
Pakistan's Oil and Gas servers after a hacker
Regulatory Authority posted anti-war
and deleted its data. The messages.
move created a buzz in • Year 2005: 373
cyberspace as HMG had websites including 25
earlier hacked a number government sites were
of Pakistani hacked.
communities on the • Year 2006: This
social networking year was a golden year
website Orkut. for hackers. They hacked
Apparently acting in more than 2,000 websites
retaliation, a group including website of
calling itself the Pakistan In what seems to be an intensifying cyber war between Government of Punjab
Cyber Army hacked five
Indian websites,
hackers of Pakistan and India, Pakistani hackers managed and all websites of
Government of
including those of to hack website of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Rajasthan.
ONGC, Indian Institute • Year 2007: IIT
of Remote Sensing, Corporation) of India Kanpur website was
Indian Railways and the were in touch with a private firm, which hosts the hacked. Hacker replaced
Kendriya Vidyalaya in Ratlam. CID website. IIT-Kanpur's logo by McDonald's logo and put
While the websites of ONGC and Indian This is just a warning to Indian authorities some statements like "This site has been sold to
Railways were quickly restored, the IIRS website either to launch inquiry against HMG or get ready McDonald in $ 25 million. The official website of
remained blank for a long time. In a message for more action. the Maharashtra government was hacked. It had
posted briefly on the ONGC website, PCA said the some Arabic content on home page.
hacking was carried out in retaliation for the
hacking of the OGRA website. "Back off, go read
“Back off, go read some • Year 2008: Hacker hacked an Indian
antivirus company website and used it to spread
some course books, else you will lose both, your course books, else you virus.
name and this game. We will literally smoke your Pakistani cyber criminals have a field day
doors off like other groups did before," said the will lose both, your name hacking nearly 40 to 50 Indian websites every
message from PCA.
The website of Crime Investigation Department
and this game. We will month. Prodigious 18-year-old ‘ethical hacker’
Ankit Fadia, who has given consultancy services to
(CID) of the Andhra Pradesh police was literally smoke your intelligence agencies, defence departments,
Wednesday hacked by a group of hackers that government and private organizations including
claimed to be from Pakistan. Exposing flaws in the doors off like other FBI and CBI, said he had recently submitted a ‘25-
cyber security of a key department, a group called
itself Zombie_KSA defaced the website
groups did before” page white paper’ to the government detailing the
addresses of the Pakistani hackers who call
The probable purposes of hacking are: themselves ‘hactivists’.
• To damage the reputation of the company;
• To prove their might in cyber warfare;
• To use the information for personal
benefits, i.e. email accounts and other confidential
• To distribute mal-ware; and
• To propagate the sentiments against a
particular country.
This is disturbing as Indian websites are the
most targeted sites by hackers. India is the largest
emerging IT power and websites of this country
are not secure. This is awful. The reverse coding and pasted offensive messages. experts (hackers) from many countries like China,
“You guys hacked Paki OGRA website. Don’t Russia, the US, Sweden and even Pakistan, target "Though we have enacted cyber laws, there is
hack small Paki sites,” said the message. Indian websites. Pakistani hackers hack nearly 40 not much awareness in the country about security
The hackers also tampered with the to 50 Indian websites every month. risks arising from cyber attacks nor is there any
information about 10 most wanted criminals, Lets look year wise hacking history of Indian proper training for law enforcing agencies to deal
which included some suspected terrorists. The site websites: with the crime," Fadia, who shot to fame by
could not be restored till late in the evening. The • Year 2001: Over 200 Indian websites were authoring a book ‘unofficial guide to ethical
police clarified that CID had not lost any secret hacked into and defaced. The hackers put in words hacking' at the age of 14, said.
information. “It was all open information about like bugz, death symbol, Paki-king and allah-u- E-Crime Ordinance has just hit the cyberians
crime and criminals. We have not lost any secret akbar. Pro-Pakistan Hackers infiltrated a Web site and it needs some time to store law in cyber space.
information,” said A. K. Khan, additional director of India’s External Affairs Ministry and posted But, we hope that the situation will soon
general of police (law and order). anti-India messages. Infosys Hacked - Infosys change… 
The police have ordered an inquiry as to how Technologies Ltd is one of India’s biggest software
the hackers could break into the website. They
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akistan Telecommunication Authority policies and PTA also believes that in view of the

P (PTA) will study models of various

countries in order to put in place
information security guidelines for
ever changing global ICT scenario; modalities
for securing national data from unauthorised
access and misuse would be step in the right
Workshop on
online degree's
preventing country’s national assets and direction.
information reaching into hands of unauthorised Chairman said that PTA intends to establish
persons. working coordination with ICT industry in
The PTA organised an Expert Group Forum order to discuss and scrutinise potential security
“Information Security Guidelines for the
Government of Pakistan” with the aspiration to
setup comprehensive and implementable
security guidelines that could be followed to
threats faced by information and communication
networks of the country. In this regard PTA has
formulated an expert group forum on
“Information and Communication Security” to
ensure country’s national asset and information, carry out extensive discussion and exchange igher Education Commission has
and does not reach unauthorised personnel. information with respect to information security organized a workshop on Online
Verification of Degrees to bring
transparency in the process of

PTA to guide for the attestation. The purpose of an interactive

workshop was to brief the Controllers of
Examinations and Registrars of public and

security of information
private sector universities and degree awarding
institutions of Sindh province about the online
verification of degrees. Dr Muhammad Ayub
Alvi, Dean FAST National University of
‘Information Security Guidelines’ are bifurcated to cater for Computer and Emerging Sciences conducted
the workshop at HEC's Regional Centre,
three types of information users: The government Karachi.
organizations; the telecom industry; and the end users Addressing the workshop, Muhammad
Javed Khan, Director General (Attestation and
These guidelines would not only prevent Accreditation) of HEC emphasized the need for
information loss, but would also detect and organizing such workshops and said a large
identify such incidents as and when they number of Pakistani students are desirous to
happen. The session was presided over by PTA join foreign universities while still greater
Chairman Dr Mohammed Yaseen and was number intends to immigrate in search of better
attended by security experts from various job opportunities.
cellular operators, software houses and "The receiving universities and prospective
Information Communication Technology (ICT) employers abroad always ask for authenticated
equipment manufacturers. The initial Terms of qualifications and approach HEC for the
Reference (ToR) were prepared by ICT
purpose," he said, “with the increase in number
of universities and applicants getting their
The meeting decided that degrees certified, the Commission has decided
to establish a foolproof system of verification.
PTA would call papers from This system will be easily accessible, secure
eligible and experienced and no unauthorized person or agency would
firms, both national and be able to temper with the stored data."
issues in the country. Dr Alvi informed that his university has
international to identify He apprised the audience that “Information already put up the data of all its graduates on
security threats as well as Security Guidelines” for the government of the website and is being used by various
Pakistan were bifurcated to cater for three types agencies. His presentation focused on
preventive measure that of information users namely The Government development of central database of all the
these information users can Organizations, The Telecom Industry and The degrees level-wise and year-wise issued to date
End User. Each information user guidelines
take to ensure that the data were to be based upon metrics such as
by the universities and degree awarding
institutions at HEC and the same at each
they possess is safe and international best practices, government
university and individual institution.
information security policy, ICT infrastructure
secure security guidelines, physical security guidelines "This database would be easily accessible
and departmental security plan/policy. through internet for anybody and from
Directorate of PTA and were circulated to all the Other issues highlighted in the meeting anywhere to determine the authenticity and
Information Communication Security (ICS) include assessment of ICT assets, impact of genuineness of qualifications held by an
Group members to share their valuable input distributed ICT assets environment, security individual. For the purpose all universities
and expertise on the subject matter. guidelines for physical access to assets, backup need to provide up-to-date information on the
While addressing the meeting Mohammed strategy guidelines, disaster recovery guidelines, prescribed format to be provided by the
Yaseen said that the field of information security access control guidelines, integration with ICT Commission," he said.
has grown and evolved significantly in recent infrastructure security guidelines, security The participants thanked the HEC for
years. Governments and organisations today training and capacity building of personnel, organizing this workshop and tried to get
have a critical task of securing their data and prevention and detection system guidelines, maximum possible information on the subject
information from internal and external threats. hierarchy and escalation paths, analysis of
from the resource person. Appreciating the
He said that loss of such information may lead information security policies of select countries
initiative, Mr Louis Ariano, Registrar, Aga
to problems, including but not limited to; lack of with respect to their telecom infrastructure,
analysis of applications in Pakistan and Khan University, Karachi, who has been the
productivity, competitive disadvantage and
national security concerns. Nations across the technology updates and guidelines for inclusion Registrar of six universities in Canada and USA
globe are fostering their efforts for the of future technological changes.  described the workshop as innovative that will
formulation of National Information Security make verification process easier and flawless. 
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resident Asif Ali Zardari policies of the government by

P visited United Arab

Emirates (UAE) to
convince the business
community for investment in
Pakistan. He assured them safe
investing their capital in
Pakistan, which would also help
the country in achieving an
increased socio-economic
development and prosperity. He
investment in Pakistan and offer said that Pakistan, with a
various packages to attract population of 180 million and
investment in the country. The large market, offered vast
main focus of investment were opportunities of investment in
telecom, energy, banking and energy, financial services,
many others sectors. He met housing, construction,
various high profile officials and agriculture, oil and gas, telecom
personalities of the UAE. and infrastructure development,
In this respect, heads and chief with great potential in various
executives of two major UAE untapped areas.
companies, including the Abu The President said with the
Dhabi Fund for Development and complete restoration of
the Etisalat, separately called on democracy in the country, the
President Zardari and expressed new government was
their keenness to further invest in formulating and implementing a
different fields in Pakistan. Asif number of policies which will
Ali Zardari appreciated their help restore the confidence of
interest and assured every local and foreign investors in
possible support of government in the Pakistani market. He said
setting up and expanding the government was focusing on
businesses in Pakistan. the improvement of law and
order situation in the country,
assuring the businessmen that
their capital will be fully
President Zardari said the
present government fully
believes in the policies of
The President urged the businessmen to take liberalization and deregulation
advantage of the investment-friendly policies and all the sectors of economy
are open for investment. He
of the government by investing their capital in referred to the ongoing
Pakistan, which would also help the country privatization process in the
country and said it was the PPP
in achieving increased socio-economic government which initiated the
File photo of President Asif Ali Zardari
development and prosperity process in 1988 and all the
Abu Dhabi Fund for incumbent governments
Development Director General Muhammad Zardari very productive and fruitful and said continued to follow that policy, which led to
Saif Al-Suwaidi after his meeting with Zardari that the president was appreciative of the major investments in diverse fields. The policy
told the media that the fund would soon send company’s strong presence in Pakistan and of privatization is aimed at minimizing the
its high-level delegation to Pakistan to explore assured full cooperation of the government to government’s role and encouraging the
new avenues for investment. He said that the the Etisalat in its plans to expand their private sector to come forward and play their
fund had already financed various projects in business in the country. effective role in the country’s industrial
Pakistan and was keen to further invest in Meanwhile, Zardari has invited the UAE- development.
various development projects. He said the based Pakistani businessmen to invest in their Zardari mentioned the current economic
priority of the ADFD is to contribute to the homeland and offered special incentives and a crisis in Pakistan and said the wrong and
economic development of Pakistan through
the extension of loans to finance projects that
help in reducing poverty, improve living
Zardari referred to the ongoing privatisation process in
conditions and quality of life. the country and said it was the PPP government which
The activities of Abu Dhabi Fund for initiated the process in 1988 and all the incumbent
Development focuses on providing assistance
in the form of loans or grants to finance governments continued to follow that policy which led
projects that boost development and to major investments in diverse fields. The policy of
improvement of new sectors and
infrastructure, such as electricity, water,
privatisation is aimed at minimising the government’s
transportation, telecommunications, role and encouraging the private sector to come forward
healthcare, agriculture and education. These and play their effective role in the country’s industrial
facilities provided by the Fund are intended to
lay the foundation for a sustainable development
development that ensures decent life for poor
countries and their future generations. preferential treatment. “The government will short-term policies of the previous non-
Chairman Etisalat Muhammad Hassan prefer the Pakistani entrepreneurs to come democratic regime led to this situation,
Omran told that their company already had its and invest in various joint-ventures in however the present democratic dispensation
presence in Pakistan with huge investment in Pakistan,” he said in an interaction with the was taking all out measures to put the
the telecom sector, including a 26 per cent Pakistani business community. country’s economy back on track. 
stake in the PTCL, and planned to invest more The President urged the businessmen to
in different fields. He termed his meeting with take advantage of the investment-friendly
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Richard Branson, Charlize Theron, Robert

DeNiro, Priyanka Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan,
Rani Mukherjee, Hrithik Roshan, Mallika
Sherawat were just some of the popular tinsel
town people on view.

The radiant 1,600-room

hotel’s exterior and interior
set the tone for the evening,
as hotel staff bustled about
to give final touches to make
a picture perfect party which
caught the world’s fancy
A light display illuminates the Atlantis Hotel during the official grand opening party on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

planned to perfection
If Dubai is synonymous with superlatives — be it the tallest
building or the biggest mall, the emirate out did itself for
sure this time when it illuminated its skies with fireworks,
seven times larger than what was seen at the Olympics Dubai: The world's largest fire cracks
illuminate the coasts.
lanned to perfection, the demonstration

was a definite show-stealer, that
‘shocked and awed’ the 2,000-odd
guests at one of the world’s biggest

Shaikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin

Sol Kerzner, the co-owner of the Atlantis-
The Palm, welcomed the crowd promising a
fantastic evening, not that guests expected
anything less. The dinner comprised of
Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, traditional Arabic Mezzeh, lobster salad with
arrived at the launch party, just a few minutes avocado and mango salsa, Australian lamb
before the fireworks began. chicken, saffron marinated chicken and lamb
Pyrotechnics expert, Grucci, marked the kofta, besides other delicacies.
launch of the man-made island and its flagship Guests feasted on signature dishes prepared
resort, Atlantis-The Palm, in style a little after by celebrity chefs, Santi Santamaria, Michel
midnight, when a myriad of colours and shapes Rostang, Giorgio Locatelli and Nobu
lit the entire stretch of Palm Jumeirah and the Matsuhisa.
iconic resort. A total of 113 performers were part of the
The spectacle had been set off from over 716 Dubai: Fireworks at Atlantic Hotel. entire show, accompanying Nawal, Kylie and of
firing locations around the island including 400 course Priyanka Chopra, who played the role of
balconies at the resort, using custom-made whetted personally by hotel top officials, the goddess of Atlantis. Her performance was
shells that had been shipped in from across the streamed in, several eyes scanned visitors accompanied by a high definition video
globe. The light and sound display had been curiously, hoping to catch a glimpse of illumination sequence, beamed on the
superbly coordinated, emanating from different celebrities or popular faces, taking a casual daunting, arch-shape façade of the Atlantis.
corners of the resort in varied colours. stroll in the Atlantis lobby. The sounds and lights, though arresting,
Mesmerised guests, including top notch Before the celebrities set foot at the pool failed to impress. Grucci’s fireworks were the
celebrities, watched in admiration and wonder side, where all the action was about to unfold, real stars that stole the show as they
as one of the largest display in the world an enormous ‘sea dragon’ snaked its way encompassed the resort, the Palm and the skies
unfolded in front of their eyes. through the crowd doubling up in to a living above with their brilliant, synchronised display.
The palm-shaped luxury island had been buffet that is over 21 meter long. Made of 3,000 On the other hand, Amlak Finance and
cordoned off with only one lane permitting hand-cut scales, it slithered gracefully through Tamweel, two Dubai-based property finance
guests, important officials and the Palm the crowd. Three live buffets, served by men groups with total assets of around seven billion
residents, whose security passes were and women in costumes, moved through the dollars, have begun a merger process. The
thoroughly inspected before being allowed crowd serving various delicacies. Half of the merger of the two banks under the supervision
entry. The carefully planned launch of the over 200 dinner tables were glowing with light of UAE Real Estate Bank will create the largest
island and the flagship resort had ensured that from a lantern, powered by over 2,000 batteries real estate finance institution in the country, the
inquisitive onlookers were kept at bay, making used for the evening’s event from actors, UAE finance ministry said.
it an exclusive event, to be witnessed only by singers, music icons to sporting legends, In the first half of 2008, Amlak Finance had
the lucky few, who possessed invites. Atlantis’ prestigious Red Carpet was not assets of 3.86 billion dollars and Tamweel's
Journalists were few of the first guests to be without its impressive list of celebrities. assets were worth 2.94 billion dollars, giving a
ushered into the hotel, albeit amid tight Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen,Mary Kate Olsen, combined value of 6.8 billion dollars, WAM
security. Even as the hand-picked guests, Quincy Jones, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jordon, reported. 

Courtesy: KH
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n order to tackle the menace of mobile In July 2008, PPP government
handsets theft, Pakistan terminated Chairman PTA Maj- To block mobile phone directly call PTA at
Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had Gen (Retd) Shahzada Alam Malik 0800-25625. They will get some basic info
introduced a central international mobile and appointed Dr Mohammed
equipment identity (IMEI) based system Yaseen as Chairman PTA. He is and the IMEI number of your lost mobile
across the country to block mobile phones that trying to combat illegal SIMs set. They will register IMEI of your cell
were either lost or stolen. Since its businesses and stolen handsets.
implementation in September 2006, the PTA He has proposed Ministry of
phone and request all the mobile
claims to have successfully blocked more than Information Technology to make operators to block this IMEI on their
250,000 mobile phone sets on request. the purchase, sale and receipt of networks. You can also send an email to
It is very easy method to block the stolen snatched or stolen mobile phones
SIMs but dilemma is that the 95 per cent of and SIMs a punishable offence PTA at
mobile users are not aware of this facility. To with fine and imprisonment, by
block mobile phone directly call PTA at 0800- amending the law. 2008 while blocking as many as 7.96 million
25625. They will get some basic info and the "On approval of the suggested amendments unverified connections. The Committee
expressed concern over the data provided

On approval of the suggested

amendments the accused could be
sentenced 49 years imprisonment or with
fine which may extend to Rs 10 million or
with both: Chairman PTA Islamabad: Policemen display recovered mobile phones and other items.
IMEI number of your lost mobile set. They will the accused could
register IMEI of your cell phone and will be sentenced 49 years imprisonment, or with by PTA regarding blockage of unverified SIMs
request all the mobile operators to block this fine which may extend to Rs 10 million or with and asked them to provide the data of blocked
IMEI on their networks. You can also send an both," Chairman PTA told a Sub-Committee of SIMs to the Committee. It directed the National
email to PTA at Senate Standing Committee on Interior. He said Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and
IMEI is a number, which is unique to every PTA has proposed the amendment in Section 31 PTA to finalise the charges of CNIC verification
GSM mobile phone. It is usually found printed of the Act Clause "P". Ministry of IT is finalising and report to the Committee within one week.
on or underneath the phone’s battery and the act for the amendment. The meeting was attended be Senators
warranty card. IMEI of any set can also be Dr Yaseen told the Committee that the sale Abdul Khaliq Pirzada, Col (Retd) Tahir Hussain
found by dialing the sequence *#06# into the of pre-activated mobile SIMs would be stopped Mashhadi and Secretary MoIT, Chairman PTA,
phone. The IMEI number is used by the GSM by January 31, 2009. PTA Chairman assured the JS Security Ministry of Interior, IGP Islamabad,
network to identify valid devices and therefore Committee that activation of the SIMs would be representatives of four provincial governments
can be used to stop a stolen phone from only done by the respective mobile company and high officials of PTA and Ministry of
accessing the network. For example, if a mobile after the verification of the credential of the Interior and IT.
phone is stolen, the owner can call his or her customer. He further said no franchise or PTA has provided the latest available
network provider and instruct them to “block” retailer would be authorized to activate the technical solution to discourage the mobile
the phone using its IMEI number. This renders SIMs. phone snatching hence fulfilling its
the phone useless, regardless of whether the Chairman of the Committee Talha Mehmood responsibility to the telecom consumers but
phone’s SIM is changed. asked the Authority to ensure 100 per cent sale better results can only be achieved with the
of non-activated SIMs from February collective efforts and cooperation of law
1, 2009. Meanwhile, the PTA enforcement agencies, mobile phone dealers
Chairman informed that PTA has and public.
blocked 2.92 million SIMs that were It has been modelled after similar systems in
procured by different persons on other countries such as UK. The mobile phones
single CNIC. These SIMs were in are involved in 28 per cent of robberies. The
excess of 10 connections issued mobile phone database can prevent stolen
against single ID card. He said as per mobile phones from being used on any UK
policy a person could get ten mobile network helping to make them
connections of each mobile company worthless to thieves. Reporting the number of
on single CNIC. your stolen phone to your network operator
Chairman of the Committee will now enable it to be cancelled like a stolen
showing his concern recommended credit card. This applies to both pre-pay and
PTA to allow a total 10 connections contract phones. Mobile phone theft is a
of all mobile companies on a single growing problem both in Australia and
CNIC. PTA Chairman said that the overseas. The loss of a mobile phone is not only
Authority has verified all the mobile inconvenient, but can also be costly to
connections sold up to August 31, consumers. 
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Naveed Khan:
I’m a student and applying for PTCL 30 per
cent discount through its student HEC
website, but the problem is account name
and password which is under construction in
PTCL website from ages. Is there any
alternative way to create my account and fill
the student online broad band forum? Can
anyone help me in this regard?? If I apply for
512 or 1024 MB connection, they say that
with 30 per cent discount I will have to pay
only Rs 1399 per month which will be
included in the billings, I want to ask about
taxes, are they included or excluded??

Adil: gaya howa hai

rama la
Ya kia topie d

The old policy of PTCL was a failure so
when I went to its office for disconnection of
broadband connection, I saw a line of public
who came to return the gadgets supplied by
PTCL free of cost. I think that is why the
PTCL revised the policy and have now
started 512 kbps connection for the same cost
of Rs 1200 with unlimited download. Some
PTCL has made several changes in its broadband package one who has got the connection as per new
this year in terms of price, speed, duration and other PTCL policy may advise to all readers
whether it is being followed correctly or
features. Unfortunately, the only thing they never bother to some underhand tactics are applied by
PTCL, as old habits die hard in the private
change is poor service. Below is an article composed of coy who are greedy beyond limits. The
an Internet post and comments posted by public download speed for 512 BB connection must
be near to 200kbps. Does the D/L is free for
highlighting their personal experiences 24 hours or only the browsing is free for 24
hours? This clarification is necessary for all
viewers to avoid misleading.
TCL has launched a broadband internet

P facility for its consumers with minimum

256k connection. Presently a download
of 4GB is allowed per month, and you
can use it free from 01:00 to 08:00 in the morning.
For this, proper daily user account is needed to
Web Designer Group:
Yes, you are right! Same happened with me
and one friend of mine. We both purchased
PTCL package on the same day. After a
month the bill was too high - Rs 2100 for me
I am sorry guys, the speed is path
PTCL has increased its bandwidth
have recently opted for the 512 kbp
etic even if
, though I
s, but I
and Rs 1800 for my friend for extra haven’t received the bill yet. I can
be maintained through computers to which the not
downloading where I’ve download not a comment on free D/L but just like
consumer has access by an already issued any one else
single byte. I perceive that the bill will be sho
password so that he remained up-to-date cking!
regarding his account. Practically, the account is
not updated for weeks and the consumers k:
remain in dark for months. Then suddenly the I agree
w Zayan:
update ith the writer in our country, I am
account is filled with false entries and D/L limit the dat , PTCL is a big froudia
a in the PTCL does n m last year, but in
is increased at the end of the month and the
in time
. Now accoun ot using its DSL service fro
today i ts of co discount package of
the dat s 10 of n February 2008 I avail the
consumer receive inflated bill. The bills are a has n
ot been this mo sumers nth on 512k. In June I
delivered late, only two days are given for its
means added nth bu students i.e. 840 per mo
lap in t t did not transfer my
After p s in the work he account got to know that they
rivatiza ing of t d sending me bill of Rs
This is not a joke, but a fact that the writer got a
the coy
h tion th he connection on HEC an
staff ha as deteriorate e effici the hell is this? Even I
bill of Rs 700 for excess D/L in addition to s been d becau ency of 1200 per month. What
remove s operly. The installation
Rs 1199/ normal bill. I confirmed this scam by
of volu d from e most of the transfer my package pr
nteer r service C package and I told
jotting down my timings Internet usage and then etireme on the man came to me for HE
nt. how can I proof that I
requested the staff at phone # 1236 to update the him to install it. Now
data of ten days, which was updated the very transferred my connect
next day. The timings noted by me were
different from the timings of the issued data. I Naveed: ith out assessing th
eir M. Imran:
appeal to the PTCL bureaucrats to have pity on retire staff w I submit my ap
When you failu re of good serv
ices to plication of P
the poor consumers and update the actual data e resu lt is on line but its dis TCL broad ba
requirements, th d a friend fa ce d th e same heartening as nd
in the account and avoid any kind of hanky La st m on th I an an sw er to m there is no
the public. ld appeal to y request! I am
of web de sign er’s group. I wou weeks, but th
ere is no answ
waiting for so
me fate as to take notic e of the d ec id ed er and now I’ve
concer ne d to co ntact some ot
internet-policy/ the Authorities to redress the grie
vances provider
her DSL servic
d do so m et hi ng
situation an .
the looter grou
16 of the public from
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line was still linked to my old connection. He went

back to the exchange and told me that he would fix
the problem.
The issues are obvious:
• First of all, it seems that the helpline staff is
not really helpful, probably because they have
inadequate information.
• Secondly, those who staff the broadband
section seem to have no idea about the work done
in the field, because I was told that the line had
already been readied for a PTCL connection, when
clearly that was not the case. The result is that you
have to talk to three departments -- the helpline, the
exchange and the broadband -- and neither seems
to know much about the other.
• Also, when a complaint is registered or a
query asked, there is no follow-up. Even after a
month there was no progress and each time I
would call to ask about the status I would have to
start explaining from scratch!
Eventually after about 45 days of ordering the
connection, I received two phone calls.
• The first was from a technical person who
told me that the area where I lived couldn't have a
DSL or a smart TV connection.
• The second was from a female PTCL
employee asking me why I had cancelled my order.
Quite understandably, I was sickened by this
experience and then applied for a connection with
another ISP -- which I got with in a week - Umayr
Sahlan Masud, Islamabad.

PTCL must change itself for the combined benefit of service

providers and service consumers. Recently, all Internet service In search of DSL
They should not have advertised so widely that
providers of Pakistan filed a petition against PTCL’s free Internet the DSL connection was available in so many
service which will cost heavy loss to those who paid for heavy places…. It is their duty to provide us with the
license fees and service installations facility especially when their dial-up does not
always work and its charges are also too high
PTCL has announced that the DSL facility is
akistan Telecommunication Company called the helpline number 1236 and was told that

now available in over 100 cities. I am a resident of
Limited is a state-owned my line was in 'DSL patching' at the exchange. A Islamabad and cannot avail the facility.
telecommunication provider and working few more days passed and nothing happened - the • Around three months back we placed an
from decades. The Bharat S N Limited is helpline did however give me contact numbers for order for PTCL broadband connection. We received
India’s state-owned basic telephony provider, but the exchange and for a DSL broadband office in no confirmation call and nothing happened for a
the difference between the two is very wide. BSNL Islamabad. month.
is planning to roll out the 3G services in next six I called up the exchange only to be told that • When PTCL announced its Smart TV
months where PTCL is confused in fulfilling the those who live in my area (G-10/4) cannot get DSL package, I
promised (required) mark of its DSL. We share connections. I asked, if this was only a problem placed an
common history, comparable resources (even we with PTCL or with all ISPs and was told that this order for that.
are richer when it comes to land and population) was for all ISPs. However, I have been using a DSL Still nothing
but the difference of present is significant and connection on the same line so I do not know why happened.
future will further widen the bridge. BSNL is the PTCL exchange told me that a DSL connection Then I
established; PTCL is still struggling. If PTCL would was not possible on it. called a
not change its attitude, we will be left far behind After the passage of some more days, I went to number of
our contemporaries… it’s now or never! the exchange and met the assistant manager people at
broadband PTCL after
who told me
The sorry tale of a that PTCL
which I came
to know that
had there was a
DSL connection 'patched' the
line and that
problem with
444- numbers.
Those who staff the broadband section seem to the modem After this I received a confirmation call from PTCL,
have no idea about the work done in the field. would be although the problem of 444- numbers was still
The result is that you have to talk to three installed at there.
departments -- the helpline, the exchange and the latest by My point is that they should not have
the broadband -- and neither seems to know the advertised so widely that the DSL connection was
much about the other following available in so many places. They should also do
I applied for a PTCL broadband connection on day. The something about the problem of 444- numbers as it
September 22 (order number 30809220628167) and I technician, is their duty to provide us with the facility
was told it would be up and running in four days. however, especially when their dial-up does not always work
The line feasibility had been carried since I had never came. I then visited the exchange myself and and its charges are also too high - Sarah Azhar,
already been using a DSL connection on my went to pick up the technician and the modem and Islamabad. 
telephone number. After waiting for four days, I when he came to my house he found out that the
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living of the people of AJK and NAs owing to

increased economic activity and enhanced job
He said that PTA has already deposited
around Rs 1.2 billion to AJK and NAs, earned
against the award of five cellular mobile
licences for these areas. It also collected around
$170,000 against the issuance of fixed line
licences as an initial amount. Thus the telecom
deregulation in these areas has acted as a
catalyst for the development of region's
economy, he added.
The launching of WLL service in the AJK
and NAs would provide enhanced and cheap
telecom services to the people and would fetch
huge investment in the region. He termed
completion of the spectrum of bidding as the
culmination point in the deregulation of
telecom sector of AJK and NAs.
The Chairman said that WLL was the
wireless technology, which best suited to the
environment in AJK and NAs as the service had
proved very useful in other parts of the
country. He said that the people of low income
groups in the society and rural areas would
greatly benefit from this service. He expressed
his gratitude to the telecom operators and CEOs
of telecom companies for taking keen interest in
Islamabad: The Bidding Committee starts auction of WLL. the bidding process and assured them that PTA
would extend full cooperation to them in the
successful launching of their business.
In the bidding of spectrum in 3.5 GHz for
For Muzaffarabad (TR-2), PTCL gave the highest bid of Mirpur (TR-1) one block was taken by PTCL at
Rs 4 million followed by Wateen which matched the price. the highest bid of Rs 10 million while other was
withdrawn because there was no second bidder
For Northern Areas (TR-3) Wateen offered highest bid of for the TR-1. For Muzaffarabad (TR-2), PTCL
Rs 4 million and second block went to PTCL for the same gave the highest bid of Rs 4 million followed by
Wateen which matched the price. For Northern
price. In total 26 million rupees would be collected against Areas (TR-3) Wateen offered highest bid of Rs 4
the auction price of five WLL licences in three regions million and second block went to PTCL for the
same price. In total 26 million rupees would be

akistan Telecommunication Authority when competition introduced and new collected against the auction price of 5 WLL
(PTA) conducted the bidding for the operators started their service, all segments of licences in 3 regions.
grant of frequencies of wireless local the sector witnessed rapid growth. With a Chairman PTA presided over the bidding
loop (WLL) licences for Azad Jammu teledensity figure of 2.6 per cent in the Year while Syed Nasrul Karim A Ghaznavi, Member
and Kashmir (AJK) and Northern Areas (NAs). 2005-06, the region
The issuance of WLL licences would was lagging far
augment the efforts of government to provide behind from the rest
enhanced and affordable telecom services to the of the country in
people of the area. The bidding of WLL licences terms of telecom
in three telecom regions (TR) is likely to capture services.
huge investment. Two years after
the deregulation in
the area, the
The telecom deregulation teledensity of AJK
in these areas has acted as and NAs stands at 33
a catalyst for the per cent. 3 years ago
development of region's Mobile subscriber
figure of just 5000 has
economy. It collected now jumped to 1.6
around $170,000 against million subscribers.
the issuance of fixed line He said that
increased investment
licences as an initial by the newly licensed Islamabad: Chairman PTA Dr Mohammad Yaseen speaks during the auction of WLL
amount operators have services in AJ&K and NAs.
certainly contributed (Finance) was also present. The large number of
In his opening remarks, Chairman PTA, in laying the foundations for a modern and people including representatives of telecom
Dr Mohammed Yaseen said that earlier there state of the art telecom network in the area. It sector investors, media men, telecom experts
was only one operator in AJK and NAs, but also has positive impact on the standard of and professionals also witnessed the bidding. 
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Local government must

held that the future lies in the lower class
segment and especially from rural Pakistan.
“The only barriers they have is free flow of cash
and hence the introduction of the new affordable

protect multinationals’
models of Nokia mobile phones” he added.
Keskinen believed that the total cost of
ownership would decrease gradually with major
contributions from these new cell phone ranges.

rights: Nokia
He informed that according to a recent survey,
during the life cycle of the mobile phone in the
emerging markets, the cost of the handset is only
eight per cent of the total monthly cost. He stated
that the price range of the new mobile phones
“Technology based organisations are highly automated and may range anything between Rs 4,000 to
therefore it needs good infrastructure which unfortunately is Rs10,000 but it is not confirmed as yet, keeping
in mind the exchange rate parity and the import
rather weak here” tax rates during the time of introduction into the
local market.
ountry General Manager of Nokia, consider and keep in mind that these are the Keskinen further elucidated that the needs

C Pakistan, Imran Khalid Mahmood

voiced that technology based
companies are not labour intensive and
therefore if Nokia bases its manufacturing
factory here, then it is not likely to offer
worst times for a company to come and invest in
any country in the world due to the capital and
liquidity crunch” he commented.
Marko Keskinen also repeatedly stressed on
the fact that the multinational’s main objective
and requirements of the local market are always
kept in mind and since Pakistan is one of the
focus countries, specifications such as language
support have always been given consideration.
He added though there are several
hundreds and thousands of job opportunities to was to continue bringing optimised devices to its counterfeits available in bulk in the market, the
the country. consumers at the most affordable prices original UI software of Nokia cannot be copied
Mahmood and Director of Strategy, Business regardless of where it was being manufactured, and it is the task of the local government to
Development and Industry Marketing for which clearly signified that they won’t be ensure that the rights of multinationals are
Emerging Markets, Marko Keskinen who is establishing in the local market any time soon. protected.
based in Finland and is in Pakistan for the first Mahmood further explained that investments Mahmood also added that they make a
time, shared plans for the company and what it have many faces and they contribute towards constant effort to keep track of the counterfeit
takes to be the largest market share holder in the economy by saving the cost of time of its cell phone makers and act against them as fake
Pakistan. consumers. Nokia is constantly making versions are actually a loss to the country’s
Speaking on the matter of establishing a investments in Pakistani market in forms of exchequer but it is not always an easy task.
manufacturing plant in Pakistan, Country GM, various care units. “We have a full repair factory Moving on to the subject of government taxes
Mahmood, continued to say that “it is not in Pakistan, 14 care units whereas our and duties making a dent in the local Nokia
always a good idea as even with a captive distribution mechanism is fuelling 9200 retail sales, the local market GM said since mid June
market, sometimes the cost of the end product points in Pakistan and over 2000 Nokia service 2008, the effect has been that taxes hiked from a
increases much more than the imported from centres. Furthermore, we invest directly towards near zero to Rs 750 flat. “This has obviously
some foreign country.” the man in form of constant investments into our negative impact on both the total ownership cost
“Technology based organisations are highly brand which leads to constant desire of growth and the growth” he continued. He said they
automated and therefore it needs good and change which pushes an economy forward” have spread it equally over all their cell phone
infrastructure which unfortunately is rather he further elaborated. models and restricted growth and henceforth the
weak here,” he continued. “We also need to Referring to the local market, the GM further imbalance in mobile phone prices at all ranges. 
arko mran Khalid

M Keski-
nen is
sible for developing
and executing
I Mahmood is
to drive sales
in the region
along with execu-
Nokia’s strategy for tion of multiple
emerging markets business func-
and related new tions like Nokia
business develop- Care, Marketing
ment. He also runs and retail opera-
industry marketing tions. He was
to foster a favorable previously work-
economic, regula- ing as the General
Marko Keskinen tory and technology
Imran K. Mahmood Manager for the
Director Strategy, Business Development and environment in collab- enterprise solu-
Industry Marketing, Nokia oration with other in- Country General Manager, Pakistan and tions mobile de-
dustry players. Afghanistan, Nokia vice unit (ES
Prior to his current position, Marko was Director Technology and MDU), for Nokia
Portfolio Management, APAC, overseeing Nokia’s device portfolio man- APAC based in Singapore. Initially as member of Global ES MDU Man-
agement and business development in the region, based in Singapore agement Board and later as APAC Management Team, he influenced fu-
from 2004 to 2007. From 2002 to 2004, he was based in Hong Kong and ture product roadmap & pricing strategies to capture market share,
was responsible for technology marketing and business development in attain higher margins and achieve profitability.
the China area. Marko has a Master's degree in marketing and business Imran’s career at Nokia includes the development of the APAC
administration and 15 years of international experience in the converging launch strategy for Nokia’s E-series and solutions which lead Nokia to
industries including consumer electronics, information technology and
achieve €250M in sales within three years of inception. Moreover, he
mobile communications. He held various senior positions in product mar-
keting, technology management as well as strategy and business develop- successfully entered the Japanese market with the E61, Nokia’s first 3G
ment.  email device with Softbank Vodafone. 
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Nokia bank on
affordable mobile sets
“Wider industry collaboration among vendors, service
providers and regulators enables affordable mobile
n its ongoing effort to bridge the digital

I divide, Nokia introduced a range of

affordable mobile devices specifically for
lower income people in Pakistan. In
addition to Nokia’s lowest cost handset to date,
as well as its first handset for Pakistan market
with an integrated digital music player.
Speaking at the occasion, Marko Keskinen,
Director of Strategy, Business Development and
Industry Marketing at Nokia said, “Nokia is well
aware of the needs of emerging markets and we
are executing a strategy to provide exceptional
quality products and services to our consumers.
Wider industry collaboration among vendors,
service providers and regulators enables
affordable mobile communication. In the past
five years we have been creating efficiencies to
bring the cost of mobile devices lower but due to
taxation and duties we have not been able to
bring the total cost of ownership to a level
affordable for lower income consumers.” Karachi: Nokia team at the event.
“In 2002, Nokia unveiled a
strategy to lower the cost of
owning and operating a mobile
phone and to bring the benefits of
mobile telephony to people in
emerging markets. Today, we are
expanding that vision by
introducing a number of devices
that aim to bring the power of the
Internet to these markets as well,”
says Imran Khalid Mahmood,
Country GM Pakistan, Nokia “we
believe that our entry portfolio is
for everyone who wish to get
connected via basic voice
communication while on the go.
The mobile device and the Internet
are a powerful combination in Karachi: Pakistani models wear traditional dresses during launching ceremony of new mobile phones organized by Nokia Pakistan at a
local hotel in Karachi.
connecting people with each other,
accessing information,
news, entertainment and
sharing. By introducing
products that are
affordable, relevant and
easy-to-use, we believe
Nokia can fuel the growth
of the Internet in Pakistan
through mobility.”
Nokia announced four
new mobile devices which
will come in Pakistan in
early 2009. These devices
offer a range of features,
styles and price points to
support Pakistani
consumers to connect with

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WATEEN Inter-Departmental Cricket Tournament

Promoting excellence
through sportsman spirit
ateen Telecom is the first company in strengths stems from valued employees who have The 3 main teams included Rockers 11, Ali Zafar

W Pakistan to roll-out a WiMAX network

at a countrywide scale. WiMAX is a
standards-based technology enabling
the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access
as an alternative to wired broadband like cable and
joined Wateen from all over the world to earn
customer trust and loyalty with a continuing
commitment to the deployment of innovative
products and services, reliable, high-quality service
and excellent customer care.
11 and Mikaal Hasan 11, with the Rockers 11,
which had some of Pakistan’s biggest musicians on
the field, coming in first place. The celebrity line up
included names such as Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam,
Jawad Ahmed, Ahmed Ali Butt, Junaid, Xulfi,
DSL. With globally renowned partners such as To promote good working relations, trust and along with countless other singers, actors and
Motorola, Cisco, and Intel, the stage is set to commitment among the employees of Wateen, an fashion icons.
revolutionize the way you use technology. With inter-departmental cricket tournament was held in On another occasion, Wateen sponsored ASR
Wateen's WiMAX network, you get access to the Lahore on 24th October. All the workers of Wateen Pro team, owned by Pakistani Pro racing driver,
world with ease. enjoy the match and have a get together. The Adnan Sarwar, lead the pack and raced to a
Wateen is expanding all over Pakistan in a winning trophy was awarded to the best team to convincing victory. Team ASR carrying the Wateen
rapid pace to replace the old landline telephonic encourage them for promotion and passion of colors, showed exceptional driving skills and
system with latest technology and skilled work cricket. established their position as the best racing team of
force. Wateen had already set an example for others the country.
Wateen continues to build on the heritage of its by promoting various events like celebrity cricket So, this is the spirit and enthusiasm of Wateen
parent company - The Abu Dhabi Group. With a match on April 21, 2008 which took place at LUMS which always takes the company to new heights
firm believe in leadership through people, the stadium. A large crowed came there to support and delights every day. 
company relies on technology and service-delivery their favorite stars.
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DoCoMo's deal with Tata Teleservices follows a

$350 million investment in a Bangladeshi cell-
phone carrier, as it speeds up its expansion
beyond a mature home market and adds to the NTT DoCoMo president Takamochi Yamada (right) shakes hands with Tata
record $63 billion worth of overseas acquisi- Teleservices' managing director Anil Sardana.

tions by Japanese companies this year

TT DoCoMo will pay $2.7 billion for markets, and both parties should be able to find

N a 26 per cent stake in the Indian

telecom company Tata Teleservices,
giving the top Japanese mobile
operator a foothold in the world's fastest-
growing major mobile market. DoCoMo's deal
synergies because of the current timing that 3G
services are about to be launched."
India is the world's second-biggest mobile
phone market, trailing only China. More than
10 million users signed up in September, taking
with Tata Teleservices follows a $350 million the total customer base to 315.3 million, more
investment in a Bangladeshi cellphone carrier, than the population of the United States, and
as it speeds up its expansion beyond a mature more then three times the size of Japan's market
home market and adds to the record $63 billion of 109 million subscribers.
worth of overseas acquisitions by Japanese According to forecasts by the Gartner
companies this year. But, even as DoCoMo research firm that India's mobile user base will
expands, the Indian conglomerate Tata Group, be more than double to 737 million by 2012, as
parent of unlisted Tata Teleservices and leader more than a quarter of India's 1.1 billion people
of corporate India's recent overseas expansion, currently own mobile
has put its plans for acquisitions on hold
because of the global credit crisis. DoCoMo
will also make an open joint tender offer
with Tata Sons, the holding firm of the
group, to buy as much as 20 per cent in a
listed unit of the Indian mobile operator, as
required by Indian law. DoCoMo did not rule
out the possibility of taking a majority stake in
Tata Tele services in the future.
Shinji Moriyuki, a telecommunications
analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, said
DoCoMo's recent acquisitions in Asia would be
positive, especially with the company's
knowledge of 3G network services to which
many developing countries are now moving.

DoCoMo will also make an phones, compared with a

open joint tender offer with penetration level of about 85
percent in Japan.
Tata Sons, the holding firm of DoCoMo will face tough
the group, to buy as much as competition, though, as foreign
firms like Telenor, Etisalat and
20 per cent in a listed unit of Sistema are gearing up to start
services in India, where Bharti
the Indian mobile operator, as Airtel and Reliance
required by Indian law Communications currently
dominate along with a Vodafone
"Many people have voiced concerns because unit. Tokyo: Model display outfits and mobile phones of Japanese telecom giant
of its overseas investment spree in the early Carriers in India now provide NTT DoCoMo as the company unveiled their new line up.
2000s and failures afterward, but business only 2G services. A global
fashion show in which the models display
conditions are totally different now," Moriyuki auction of radio waves for 3G and 4G wireless
outfits and mobile phones as the company
said. "This time, the acquisition value should services, which provide more advanced mobile
unveiled their new line up handsets. 
not be too large because of sluggish stock services including video, is due in January.
markets, it can count on growth in developing Later on, the NTT DoCoMo arranged a
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ntel Corporation Pakistan improving the education

I organised Intel Education

Awards in collaboration
with the Ministry of
Education to recognise the
impressive performance of
system and encouraging the
schools' administration.
Later, Shahid Ahmad
distributed awards among the
winners. Ashar Zaidi also
outstanding schools and presented shield to the
teachers across the country. Additional Secretary.
Additional Secretary, Ministry Recently, Intel Pakistan
of Education, Shahid Ahmad Corporation and Ministry of
was the chief guest. Education (MoE) announced
Fouji Foundation Model an 'ICT for Education'
School Chak Shahzad won initiative intended to support
grand prize of Rs 50,000 while the country's goal to help its
14 schools won cash awards of citizens to become more
Rs 5,000 each, for using competitive in today's
technology effectively in knowledge-based global
promoting inquiry-based economy. Put in effect by a
learning. As many as one Memorandum of
hundred teachers participated Understanding (MoU) under
in the awards from private Intel's World Ahead
and public schools of programme, 'ICT for
Islamabad and NWFP. Education' begins with Intel
"Intel Education Awards intending to donate 4,500
are held keeping in mind the computers to government
objective of keeping the schools across Pakistan over
teachers abreast with the latest the next five years in a
teaching methodologies and continued effort to enhance
techniques," said Ashar H. lives and bridge the digital
Zaidi, Country Manager, Intel divide by providing
Pakistan Corporation. "The uncompromised access to
outstanding schools and Intel has conducted 375 forums and workshops reaching technology.
teachers who demonstrate Intel Pakistan has already
innovative use of technology out to over 16,000 teachers and principals which include donated up to 750 PCs to
are given recognition so that master trainer forums, various enhancements and government schools to date
they keep going strong and and plans are underway to
inculcate cutting edge skills principal workshops with the objective of keeping the donate 1,080 computers
in our students to transform teachers abreast with the latest teaching methodologies during 2008. "We are pleased
the next generation into to work with Intel on this
Speaking on the occasion, Shahid Ahmad,
brilliant scientists," he added. initiative, particularly since it is an important step
Additional Secretary Education, said that Intel and
Intel has conducted 375 forums and workshops towards MoE long-term goal of realizing the 1:1 e-
Ministry of Education were working closely for

Additional Secretary Education Shahid Ahmad Additional Secretary Education Shahid Ahmad gives Additional Secretary Education Shahid Ahmad with
distributing the Intel Awards 2007-08 away the cheque of Rs 50,000 to Fauji Foundation principals and best teachers during Intel Awards
School during Intel Awards 2007-08. 2007-08 distribution ceremony arranged in
reaching out to over 16,000 teachers and principals collaboration with Ministry of Education.
promotion of computer education in the country.
which include master trainer forums, various Learning model where each teacher and student has
He said that the present government was
enhancements and principal workshops with the a computer as the optimal model for integrating
objective of keeping the teachers technology in the curriculum of
abreast with the latest teaching Put in effect by a Memorandum of Understanding basic education," said Jahangir
methodologies. Bashar, Secretary, Ministry of
Intel is also constantly in touch
(MoU) under Intel's World Ahead programme, 'ICT Education.
with the trained teachers to ensure for Education' begins with Intel intending to Intel Pakistan World Ahead
that the quality of the programme is donate 4,500 computers to government schools Manager Naila Kassim said, "People
maintained. The Intel Teach in the developing world face many
Programme initiative is designed to across Pakistan over the next five years in a unique challenges, including having
enable teachers to effectively use continued effort to enhance lives and bridge the limited access to technology. The
technology to enhance student programme is Intel's unique mission
learning in the digital world. The
digital divide by providing uncompromised to provide greater access to
programme has spread to over 75 access to technology opportunities for the world's
cities, towns and districts in the underserved by expanding access to
country with more than 175,000 in-service and pre- fully-featured yet affordable PCs that are tailored to
committed to improve education system in the
service teachers having been trained. meet people's real needs." 
country, adding that such initiatives were
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in terms of growth and profitability. In Pakistan the

political, security, financial and economic
conditions are tough and we will continue to
closely monitor developments in this market, as we
will to a lesser extent in Bangladesh, so as to
adequately size our future investments,”
This statement is a clear indication that Orascom
is not going to inject in Mobilink for at least few
months if not years. Orascom’s hold on investment
in Pakistan was hinted on another occasion when in
his Bloomberg interview, Naguib Sawiris admitted
his doubts about the impact of financial crunch on
telecoms – he also admitted for the first time that
Orascom may consider holding further investments
or even put up shares for sale as well. Sawiris is
known for tending to be more open than other
telecom executives and this statement might be one
of such moments.
Keeping in mind these statements, recent news
items published in national dailies reporting the
downfall of 26 per cent in Mobilink’s sale also
seems valid. By the way, in a recent development,
Orascom Telecom and Telecom Egypt have
confirmed to liquidate their landline joint venture
in Algeria, Algérie Télécom.
From evidence provided to Flare, it is learnt that
Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited has
requested Pakistan Telecommunication Limited to
transfer licenses of its affiliated companies that
includes, Dancom Online, World Online, Link
Not only sales and number of SIMs are a part of strategic Direct, Mobilink, Intouch and others.
failure of Mobilink but also its policies including highly hiked Moreover, lack of funds for network expansion
is responsible as Mobilink Infinity is not being
operational expenses, detested packages, deplorable expanded to any city other than Karachi, while its
services and deceptive marketing practices competitor, where Wateen has hit around three
dozen destinations countrywide.
eal test is going to engage cellular of up-streamed management fees and representing

Mobilink’s top managers are specifically
companies in coming days, as telecom a significant 21.4 per cent share of the group's
worried, as the colourful presentations (during
market is approaching saturation level in consolidated EBITDA in the first nine months of
golden old days) with exaggerated sale figures are
the country; it is a matter of fact that the 2008, down from 25 per cent in the first half of 2008.
now turning into a nightmare. A recent survey
bang is already there to hinder the rolling SIMs in Orascom Telecom (OTH) reported its 3rd
conducted by a local company in collaboration with
the market. Cellular companies, who had enjoyed quarter, 2008 profit of 90.5 million - down by 28 per
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is evidence
seamless addition, in millions, in their subscriber cent compared to same period last year. It must be
of the fact that Mobilink has no more than 20
base are now exploring new horizons to fasten their
million customers instead of 32 million.
sale and revenue cycles.
In this scenario as the demand of network It is worth recalling that It seems as they fearlessly registered SIMs and
counted them as customers without actual
expansion and strategic change in sale and revenue Mobilink’s mobile activation. At a time PTA is tightening its SIM
rotation has become the core requirement of
activation rules and making efforts to control the
telecom business’ success. Pakistani cellular mobile commerce solution Genie sale of illegal SIMs; Mobilink’s customers are
operators are left with no option but to capitalise all
possible channels for survival and invading
was stopped by State dropping by as high as 500,000 connections each
month. Mobilink also has lion’s share in 10.5
competitors. Bank of Pakistan on just million blocked illegal SIMs.
Mobilink, the largest cellular operator of
Pakistan, which is consistently loosing hundreds of 4th day of its launch due Mobilink lost its’ customer’s trust through
deceptive marketing, especially with its Jazz One
thousands of customers in recent months is in hot to the incompatibility and campaign which was advertised as Rs 1 per minute
waters. This loss in customers, further multiplied
call; however in actual there are added Rs 040 on
with inflation and increased taxes resulted into a insecurity of the service first minute. Massive complaints from Mobilink
huge damage to Orascom’s (Parent company of
customers lead PTA to come up with legislation
Mobilink) overall performance in terms of cash noted that ARPU for Mobilink has decreased from
and better practice manual for the marketing of
inflow. 3.8$ last year to 3.5$ this year, which showed
cellular companies.
decline in growth of
revenues when
compared to other
cellular operators of
the country,
especially the
Naguib Sawiris,
Chairman and CEO
of OTH, took no
time in pointing out
Mobilink’s role in
these financial stats
Mobilink is Orascom Telecom's second-largest by saying, “Most of our businesses, with the
May the mal-management of Mobilink’s
operator, providing substantial credit on the basis exception of Pakistan, continue to function on target
Management not repeat a Millicom story! 
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The Chairman,
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority,

Dear Reader,

Mobilink is the largest telecom service provider in Pakistan with more than 39 per cent
market share. A high market share has resulted in absolute monopoly of Mobilink which is
consistently exploiting its consumers in various ways.

Mobilink consumers have the record lowest consumer satisfaction rate and thousands of
consumer complaints have already been registered with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
(PTA) in last few months. Mobilink service levels have deteriorated as soon as they started
Almost 20 per cent of the growing their customers in Pakistan. Unfortunately, these are poor consumers who have to
suffer due to low service quality being offered by Mobilink. Almost 20 per cent of the calls made
calls made on Mobilink on Mobilink network do not get through in the first attempt and still the first minute call charges
are billed to the consumer. There are many other service flaws for which consumers are billed.
network do not get through With this petition, we demand the following:
1. PTA should instantly take over the Mobilink management from its current
in the first attempt and still owners and a rigorous inquiry should be made to reveal the extent of losses incurred by
millions of consumers across Pakistan.
the first minute call charges 2. Once the inquiry is completed, all the profit made by Mobilink in last few
years should be returned to Mobilink consumers in Pakistan along with a compensation for
are billed to the consumer. their sufferings. Mobilink has robbed millions of dollars from the nation and all that should
be returned to consumers in the form of free calls, cash or call credit.
There are many other 3. By the time this inquiry is completed, all Mobilink calls should be made free
for existing consumers. They have already paid enough for the poor service and now it is
service flaws for which the time for Mobilink to pay for their poor services and the damages they have done to
millions of consumers in Pakistan.
consumers are billed 4. We also demand PTA to share its current position on thousands of
complaints received by Mobilink customers.
Web petition is designed by Mobilink

A GSM users and created by Aslam

Ahsan (
on for
public convenience. Below is the up-dated and
edited text placed on the site for the signature of
Please add your signature to this petition and also mention your Mobilink number to
establish that you are a Mobilink customer. Please forward this email to at least 10 of your
friends to help spread the word against Mobilink. Our current target is to gather 1 million
signatures with your help. Remember that you are asking for your rights, your hard earned
money which Mobilink has taken out from your pockets.

You can also forward your complaints against Mobilink directly to Pakistan
Mobilink users, and is signed by hundreds of
Telecommunication Authority at following email address:
people. Mobilink that was once the largest
market share holder of Pakistan telecom sector is Thanks
facing customer crunch as people are not willing
to trust it any more. 

making stars by promoting voice

he LG Electronics has formally the city level and will be recorded for airing the competition.

T launched the ‘Awaaz Banaey Star –

students’ singing competition, with
focus on educational institutions
representing different cities of Pakistan.
Alumni of the competing educational
on a leading TV channel. The competition will
be promoted through print and electronic
The grand price for the winner is
Rs 5,000,000 with Rs 1,000,000 in cash and rest
of the amount shall be utilized for the
production of an album and a video. Semi-
finalists shall receive a cash prize of Rs 50,000
institutions, with good singing talent, will each along with a Mobile phone, while
also be allowed to participate in the quarter-finalists shall receive a cash prize of
competition. The announcement was made at Rs 25,000 reach along with a Mobile phone.
a media conference recently held at a local All the participating educational institutions
hotel in Karachi. will get exposure on television for
Speaking on the occasion, E. D. Choi, encouraging their students to compete in
General Manager LG Electronics, Pakistan ‘Awaaz Banaey Star’.
said: "Through this platform, we aim to Each participating educational institution
provide a golden opportunity for the talented shall be awarded scholarship amounting to
youth to prove their singing potential. The Karachi: LG officials during “Awaaz Banaey Star” Ceremony Rs 60,000, including tuition fee and books for
company shall also offer scholarships to its outstanding student for the following year.
academically distinct students from the media. ‘Awaaz Banaey Star’ shall be hosted by Latest mobile phones shall also be offered at
participating educational institutions.” Tipe and Ainee, while Hadiqa Kiyani, Nizar special prices to students and faculty of
Auditions shall be held at institutions at Lalani and Salamat Ali will be the judges of participating educational institutions. 
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areas, which are less lucrative from business point

of view.”
The subscriber base of cellular mobile has
reached 88.05 million this year with a growth of 40
per cent as compared to 82 per cent last year. All
companies together this year added more than 25
million subscribers to their networks. Telenor
added 7.4 million, Mobilink 5.7 million, Warid 4.8
million, Ufone 4 million. China Mobile (CMPak)
whose growth was negative last year but this year it
added 2.9 million customers. Cellular mobile
penetration in Pakistan reached 54.7 per cent at the
end of 2008 which is 15.3 per cent higher than the
last year.
The report says the cellular revenue during
2007-08 was Rs182,080 million, fixed line Rs88,577
million and VAS Rs7,800 million. In 2006-07,
cellular revenue was Rs133,131 million, fixed line
During the last five years, the operators had invested over $8.4 billion Rs86,580 million and VAS Rs15,901 million.
During the last five years, the operators had
in the country. During 2007-08, they invested $2.3 billion which is 12 invested over $8.4 billion in the country. During
per cent lower than the previous year. This year, Mobilink topped in 2007-08, they invested $2.3 billion which is 12 per
cent lower than the previous year. This year,
investment with $919 million, Telenor $565 million, CMPak $200 Mobilink topped in investment with $919 million,
million, Warid $480 million and Telenor $565 million, CMPak $200 million, Warid
$480 million and Ufone $232 million.
Ufone $232 million During the period under review, a total 11,088
he import of cellular mobile handsets has The amount has increased by about 11 per cent and complaints about unsolicited SMSs were received.

T registered a decline of 33 per cent this year

as compared to the last year.

According to a PTA’s 2008 report, the

government wanted to discourage import of cell
stood at Rs19.6 billion as compared to Rs19.2 billion
last year. The report says the cellular mobile sector
invested over $2.3 billion, which is 11 per cent
lower than that of the corresponding year.
They were sent to the operators concerned for
Pakistan is the first country in South Asia to
implement the Mobile Number Portability. So far
about 356,190 subscribers have availed the facility.
The report says that PTA received 103,535
phone handsets and for the purpose imposed a
duty of Rs500 per set. However, import of telecom
PTA received 103,535 complaints against fixed line operators mainly
equipment has increased by 31 per cent. The PTA complaints against fixed against PTCL. The complaints were about the
observed that competitive environment had telephone faults particularly in Karachi.
compelled all operators to import machinery and line operators mainly “Internal conflicts and strikes by lower grade
employees caused serious hurdles to overcome
equipment to expand their infrastructure. against PTCL. The such complaints by PTCL. New complaints were
This year the telecom sector contributed Rs111
billion to the national exchequer. Last year, it was complaints were about the other major areas of concern where PTA received a
Rs100 billion. number of complaints from consumers against the
“The rise is mainly attributed to general sales
telephone faults company. Non-availability of infrastructure
remained impediment for new connections by
tax (GST), which has increased from Rs36 billion in particularly in Karachi PTCL.” “Complaints about quality of service
2006-07 to Rs44 billion in 2007-08, an increase of 22
per cent,” the report says. “One of the main reasons for the decline could against CMPak and Mobilink decreased whereas
Activation tax is another area where the be that the operators have already covered the plaints against all other operators recorded an
government is collecting huge amount annually. urban areas and are not investing much in rural increase,” the report says. 

Inactive SIMs’ to discourage

fake customers
The franchises, retailers and mobile company customer service To control illegal sellers of mobile
connections, mobile operators had now
centres would sell inactive SIMs registered all franchises and retailers. Although
mobile services had benefited the people in terms
akistan Telecommunication Authority to hasten proper activation.

of mobility, ease, affordability to everyone, yet
(PTA) in collaboration with stakeholders For convenient, easy and effective verification there were anti-social activities related to it that
is planning to introduce “inactive SIMs” different options were explored and finally SMS could not be denied. The report said that criminal
in the market to ensure that mobile based verification system had been agreed upon activities and fooling/fleecing of innocent people
connections were sold to genuine customers. by PTA, mobile operators and Nadra. The through various tricks and false messages had
Under this new system the activation of the systems had been deployed with mobile augmented with the growth of mobile sector.
SIMs would take place after the verification of operators at selected outlets. Its expansion to all Unsolicited messages and obnoxious calls had
subscriber’s antecedents from Nadra. The customer service centres, franchises and added to grievances of the subscribers.
franchises, retailers and mobile company registered retailers was in process, the PTA said. To curb this menace, PTA’s 24/7
customer service centres would sell inactive Following these measures, data of mobile complaint cell had to forward more than
SIMs. subscribers’ antecedents for connections sold up 11,000 complaints to the operators
In its Annual Report 2008, Pakistan to August 31, 2008 had been verified by Nadra. A concerned of which more then 9, 000
Telecommunication Authority said that the total of 7.8 million unverified connections had unsolicited SMSs were of severe
system which would be deployed in the country been blocked. nature. The various operators
by early 2009 would not only help maintain As a policy, 10 connections on single CNIC had blocked nearly 70 sets
confidentiality of customer but also improve were allowed per mobile operator. The excess used for harassment
centralized control and responsibility that would connections on single CNIC had been regularized purpose. 
lie with operators as well as result in efficient through a media campaign. To date 2.6 million
utilization of call based online verification system ess connections had been blocked.
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t’s quite simple: IT companies disaster occurs. We’ve all read

I have Disaster Management

and Disaster Recovery plans
in place because they are IT
Strength to Survive about bombings in Madrid or
London. But you see, these
bombings had virtually no
savvy. They know what the criti- The bomb blast which took place outside the impact on their economy
cal importance of Business Marriott hotel on September 20 shook the nation. because they had plans in place.
Continuity is. They realize how People knew what to do in the
imperative a Data Center is and
It also shook the physical infrastructure of the case of an unpredicted event.
how essential it is to have a sec- Evacuee Trust Complex that housed 23 IT compa- But instances like these influ-
ondary facility in a remote loca- nies. All of the companies that used to be in the ence the morale of the people of
tion. But they’re IT savvy and any country.”
run drills so everyone working in
ETC, were functional within five days
the company knows what to do
in the event of an unforeseen incident.
The bomb blast which took place outside
the Marriott hotel on September 20 shook the
nation. It also shook the physical infrastruc-
ture of the Evacuee Trust Complex that housed
23 IT companies. It however, had no impact on
the data that was running through the opera-
tions of the companies. Companies that lost
their physical assets already had plans in place
that allowed for businesses to continue.
Nayatel’s (FTTU) Fiber-To-The-User infra-
structure running across the capital city of
Islamabad and the volunteer efforts of a lot of
individuals and non-technology sector compa-
nies, most of the companies that had mission
critical applications running were up within 48
Islamabad: Evacuee Trust Complex severely damaged by the explosion.
hours. All of the companies that used to be in
back up plan in place, we are going to have a
the ETC, were functional within five days. No Call centres, offshore companies and all IT
lot more to lose than just a computer system.
data or business was lost. Companies or web- enterprise cannot afford to be down. If per-
Management of virtual property is perhaps
sites operating on services managed by some haps this tragic incident had occurred in any
still not quite understood by the agencies
of these companies experienced zero down- city apart from Islamabad, it would have made
responsible for disaster management.
time. And they achieved all this in Pakistan. the ability for companies to simply plug into a
According to Salman Ansari, CEO of SATC
A facility in the US who went down after robust FTTU network that Nayatel already has
and a Telecom Consultant, outside the realm
Hurricane Katrina took 10 days to come back ready, a more cumbersome job. As per indus-
of the IT and Telecom sector, nobody is think-
up. LMKR, a Pakistani operation, came back try analysts, the recovery would have been
ing about disaster recovery or management.
up online in 2 days. That’s even earlier than impossible.
“The Federal Relief Commission head com-
the prescribed international best practice for All the management efforts in the post blast
plains that disaster recovery is such a long and
disaster recovery. time period took place on personal efforts.
complicated process that takes a lot of time,
Wahaj Us Siraj, the CEO of Nayatel mobilized
however even he is only talking about the
his engineers very quickly to assist the compa-
“Pakistan isn’t the only ‘search and rescue disaster recovery’. They
nies with anything they required. NUST
haven’t even started talking about DR for the
place where disaster intellectual property or data management of a
opened its campus to house some of the call
centre operations and other parts of Islamabad
occurs. We’ve all read business.”
did the same. The PSEB and PASHA got the IT
But the question to ask is why the industry
about bombings in Madrid has to wait for a government body to initiate
companies some of the support needed, but
everyone else who should have been creating
or London” the policy or why even involve them. The
that policy document, were already too late.
stakes for any formal public agency, along
But there are a lot of critical lessons to be
with the culture and environment they func-
In the aftermath of the disaster, buildings taken from the speed of the mobilization that
tion in, are very different than the on goings in
in the areas close to the Marriott called upon companies were able to react with in this
the professional industry. It would be compa-
the expertise of IT companies to better under- instance. Pakistan has all the isolated ingredi-
rable to say to allow private companies to plan
stand what they need to do in order to provide ents required to develop disaster management
core business functions of any government
more robust facilities or even procedures as plans according to international best practices.
body. The mismatch in that case, would be
basic as evacuation plans, to their tenants. A passive infrastructure is already in place
very evident. Private enterprise is very com-
Formal agencies are once again running – it just needs to be tweaked to be redundant
merce drive. On the other hand, a monopolis-
around to find people who can develop a com- and have processes in place which will enable
tic environment, such that governments are
prehensive disaster management plan or poli- it to be flexible to meet the urgent require-
categorized into, has no competition. Despite
cy without realizing one small, critical fact: ments of any business in any part of the coun-
globalization, the core function of the govern-
you cannot plan for any management try. You have various companies working on
ment or any ministry is to facilitate activity
overnight. the fibre solution. With quick facilitation by
and protect the interests of its citizens. It is
If you didn’t have a policy document in the PTA and other agencies, this process can
because of the competition that drives the pri-
place before, get started on it now. With more be hastened to perhaps empower private infra-
vate enterprise that makes the integration with
industries and corporations that make signifi- structure providers to work closer with com-
technology so critical.
cant contributions to Pakistan’s economy, if panies in the event of any unforeseen
Speaking with Nadeem Malik of InfoTech,
companies that are installing their automation instance. 
he says, “Pakistan isn’t the only place where
solutions into existing infrastructure without a (Courtesy: CIO, Pakistan.)
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We cannot live without

“ handset because we are

concerned to stay in
touch with friends,
relatives, and dear ones, and to
catch up the latest,” says a
young college students,
corporate executives,
businessmen and general public
who think they cannot operate
their life without a handset. All
of us feel incomplete without a
mobile phone today. We start
our day with a buzzing alarm
under our pillow. We head off

There is a habit that is much worse, and that

is talking on mobile phone while driving. The
use of mobile phone when driving has become
one of the incentives for serious accidents. The
analysis reported that the drivers who use
mobile phones while driving; the distraction of
their attention from traffic situation around acts
Technology has altered the way we live and how we like a murderer. The distracted drivers will pay
more attention to their talks sometimes.
communicate with the world. Despite repeated horror stories Thereby, the driving negligence causes the
about mobile phones in the media, more than half of the accident. A country like Pakistan, and a city like
Lahore with heavy traffic, people would often
Pakistani public now owns mobile be seen talking on mobile phones causing some

programme found no
to college or work and spend the whole day
association between
texting, receiving and dialling calls and often
handset use and brain
making missed calls. At night, we set the alarm
cancer. Nor did it find
and place it on our pillow side and the day
ends. evidence of brain function
being affected. But the
Technology has altered the way we live and
how we communicate with the world. impact of phone use after
more than a decade is less
Telecommunication now includes the use of
both land and cell lines for phone clear. Cancer symptoms are
rarely detectable until ten
communications, in addition to several options
to fifteen years after the
for internet access. The technology has become
cancer producing events, so
so advance that mobile phone are an accessory
it is too early to ‘say for
we carry everyday and all the time, but none of Karachi: A woman taking the picture of collapsed Northern Bypass Bridge by mobile
certain’ whether cell phone.
us stoop and think, what possible affects could
this small device has on us and the phones could lead to cancer
environment around us. or other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and severe accidents at places like Kalma Chowk,
Parkinson’s. Further research into phone use
Despite repeated horror stories about mobile Canal and Liberty, Main Boulevard. It has been
and its impact on children is certainly needed
phones in the media, more than half of the a breath of fresh air when new traffic police was
because it is possible they may have different or introduced and hats off to them we saw some
Pakistani public now owns mobile. Some 500
stronger reactions to phone signals than adults. discipline on the roads.
million people worldwide use mobile phones.
A government-funded committee headed by
The impact that mobile phones have on health On the positive side, the use of cell phones
scientist Sir Williams Stewart concluded that
is unclear. Some scientific studies have linked to report emergencies has helped police and
while there was no direct evidence of a health
use of mobiles to headaches, memory loss and emergency personnel. The cellular telephone
risk from using mobiles, more research was
cancer, while the industry claims that they are and internet association reported that drivers
needed to prove their safety.
perfectly safe. Eleven different studies have using cell phones place 139,000 emergency calls
There are other features regarding the use of each day. In addition, there was a study by the
revealed that those who have used a cell phone
mobile phones which can be good or bad, and
for ten years are twice as likely to develop New England Journal of Medicine in 1997
they are mobile phone habits. Bad mobile
tumours on a nerve connecting the ear to the which found that emergency response times
phone habits happen in different places, in
brain. According to Prof Kjell Mild, of Orebro have been reduced due to cell phone usage,
different ways. From the way people answer to
University in Sweden, it takes a minimum of which is saving lives.
where people answer can be seen as rude or
ten years, for this type of cancer to develop. Also, study showed that drivers with cell
annoying to the ones standing around at the
On the other hand, a six-year research phones are able to report road hazards, road
time. Movie theatres, restaurants, and rage, problem drivers, and have also proven to
even measures are just few places be beneficial in a driver’s personal security by
On the positive side, the use of cell where I have personally witnessed allowing drivers to call for help when they
phones to report emergencies has bad phone habits. However, the worst experience roadside mechanical problems.
aided police and emergency personnel. habit of all is not the answering and Mobile phone has advantages and
texting. People will text to each other disadvantages and the answer to it all is
The cellular telephone and Internet for hours on end, when a five minutes maintaining balance in usage. We should all use
association reported that drivers using conversation would probably a mobile phone without bothering others
communicate what needed to be said socially and we should use it to certain extent
cell phones place 139,000 emergency and free up the rest of the day for so that it does not affect our health. 
calls each day other things.
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yber age has addicted all and sundry – of online activity." repertoire, such as how to create a video or
people spent most of their office time The study found that teenagers "are customise games or their MySpace page," it said.
on Internet to read and to write. It is navigating complex social and technical worlds The study said young people are motivated
really very interesting to see the by participating online" and "learning basic to learn from their peers online with the Internet
aptitude of youngsters towards the online social and technical skills that they need to fully providing "new kinds of public spaces for youth
amusements, as the online collection of video participate in contemporary society." The study, to interact and receive feedback from one
games, cartoons, films, books, wallpapers, and which can be found online at, another."
communities is abundant. identified two categories of teen engagement "Youth can connect with people in different
Parents may disapprove of the amount of with digital media: "friendship-driven" and locations and of different ages who share their
time their teenagers spend online but they are "interest-driven." interests, making it possible to pursue interests
actually learning important that might not be popular or
social and technical skills, valued with their local peer
according to a study released. groups," the study said.
"It might surprise parents "Online spaces provide
to learn that it is not a waste of unprecedented opportunities
time for their teens to hang out for kids to expand their social
online," said Mizuko Ito, lead worlds and engage in public
author of the study by the life, whether that is connecting
private, grant making with peers over MySpace or
MacArthur Foundation. Facebook, or publishing videos
"There are myths about on YouTube," Ito said. "Kids
kids spending time online - learn on the Internet in a self-
that it is dangerous or making directed way, by looking
them lazy," said Ito, a around for information they
researcher at the University of are interested in, or connecting
California, Irvine. "But we with others who can help
found that spending time them.
online is essential for young "This is a big departure
people to pick up the social from how they are asked to
and technical skills they need learn in most schools, where
to be competent citizens in the the teacher is the expert and
digital age," she said. For the there is a fixed set of content to
study, described as the most master." The study also found
extensive ever conducted in that while many young people
the United States on teens and are gaining new literacy and
their use of digital media, technical skills, "they are also
researchers from the facing new challenges in how
University of Southern to manage their visibility and
California and the University Online spaces provide unprecedented opportunities for social relationships online."
of California, Berkeley, kids to expand their social worlds and engage in public life, "Online media, messages,
interviewed more than 800 and profiles that young people
young people and their
whether that is connecting with peers over MySpace or post can travel beyond
parents over three years. Facebook, or publishing videos on YouTube, Kids learn on expected audiences and are
They also spent more than the Internet in a self-directed way, by looking around for often difficult to eradicate after
5,000 hours observing teens on information they are interested in, or connecting with the fact," the study said.
sites such as MySpace, It is interesting to see that
Facebook and YouTube. others who can help them people especially youngsters
"America's youth is are aware of the role Internet
developing important social and technical skills Friendship-driven participation centred on
online - often in ways adults do not understand "hanging out" with existing friends online while
or value," the study found. "There is a generation interest-driven participation involved accessing
“Young people are
gap in how youth and adults view the value of online information and outside communities, the motivated to learn from
online activity. study said. "In both friendship-driven and
interest-driven their pals online with
The study found that teenagers "are online activity,
youth create and
the Internet providing
navigating complex social and navigate new new kinds of public
forms of
technical worlds by participating expression and spaces for youth to
online" and "learning basic social and rules for social
behaviour," the
interact and receive
technical skills that they need to fully study said. feedback from one
"In the process,
participate in contemporary society young people another”
acquire various
"Adults tend to be in the dark about what forms of technical and media literacy by can play in the global age. With the help and
youth is doing online, and often view online exploring new interests, tinkering, and 'messing support of parents, despite of all hazards,
activity as risky or an unproductive distraction," around' with new forms of media. Through trial youngsters can better learn the tact of moving
it said, while "youth understand the social value and error, youth add new media skills to their with the wind. 
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Grossbanken (Achtung baby) or the gnomes of

Credit Suisse/UBS even though Sandy Weill
had flopped in an earlier attempt transform
American Express via ill fated deals with
investment banking (Lehman Brothers),
mutual funds (IDS) and insurance (Fireman's
Fund) in the 1980's.
Citi had always fascinated me with its
sheer scale, brashness and Machiavellian
politics when I was a neophyte banker at
Chase Manhattan in New York, the courtly,
cosmopolitan legacy of the Rockefeller empire
that seemed more an outpost of the State
Department and certain three alphabet
agencies based in Virginia than a profit
obsessed money gusher like the bank run by
John Reed and Walter Wriston up in midtown
Manhattan. Yet I never accepted any of the
two different job offers extended by friends in
Citi's investment bank because the DNA of the
corporate culture seemed so Darwinian, like
medieval barons seething with intrigue in
their fiefdoms, a financial equivalent of the
sceptre isle's Wars of the Roses so poignantly
penned by the Bard of Aron. Premonitions of
civil wars, nights of the long knives and
management bloodlettings all made me
determined to hitch my fate to the House of
Morgan and Mama Chase - where life was so
much kinder and gentler. Citi seemed to be a
bank whose corporate mutations morphed
into periodic regulatory spats and even money
laundering scandals with Third World
I have close friends, even blood relatives,
who dedicated their lives to Citi in some of
The icon of global finance, a bank whose first branch in the darker alleys of the planet. In my salad
Dubai predated the oil boom in 1964, now crippled and days in Dubai, the Citi trading room near the
Bur Dubai souk was Starship Command to
wounded, like a prehistoric masteon felled by the me, the gladiator pits where impossibly cool
arrowheads of Stone Age hunters. How could mighty, FX traders played the money game for the
highest stakes. So it saddens me to see this
invincible, arrogant Citigroup have such a tragic fall from icon of global finance, a bank whose first
grace? branch in Dubai predated the oil boom in
1964, now crippled
omething is dangerously wrong in a CEO and serial dealmaker Sandy Weill,

and wounded, like
world where rumours and naked promoted with breathless evangelism. He a prehistoric
shorts can destroy a bank that was merged Travelers, Salomon Brothers, Smith masteon felled by
once the largest financial institution on Barney and Citibank (America's first true the arrowheads of
the planet. Yet such was the fate of Citigroup global consumer bank whose sovereign debt Stone Age hunters.
last week as doomsday scenarios swept the nemesis was financing the MBA. Mexico, How could mighty,
global markets. It shocked me that not even a Brazil, Argentina!) in the late 1990's. invincible,
494 point rally in the Dow or grapevine about arrogant Citigroup
a merger deal with Goldman lifted Citi. The have such a tragic
ghastly plunge in Citi is all too reminiscent of fall from grace?
the death dive that doomed Bear Stearns, Seventeen years
Lehman, AIG and Freddie/Fannie Mae. CEO earlier, busted
Vikram Pandit's town hall meetings, 52,000 LBO, Latin
job cuts and planned divesture meant squat. American jumbo
Citi trades grossly below tangible book value, loans and real
due to its problem asset exposures and future estate losses almost
write downs. However, while next week will sent the bank to
herald a new chapter in the Citi story, the Fed's morgue
(hopefully!), it will not be chapter 11. before Prince Al
Citigroup will not fail, in my opinion. But Waleed acted as
then I predicted survival for Lehman in this international
column, so please evaluate my crystal ball banking's mythical
gazes with a pinch of the proverbial salt. It is ironic that a spineless Clinton White white knight in
In retrospect, Citigroup's woes are a House allowed Weill to rollback the Glass 1991? Citi was too
testament to the flawed financial supermarket Steagall Act, to extol the virtues of universal big to fail but sadly it also became too big to
model that its former chairman the imperial banking as it existed with the German perform, banking's vindication of Murphy
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Law. All that could go wrong can and did go 2.15 per cent now. Citi has almost $500 billion in overseas
wrong. This is nirvana for Citi as its debt deposits and access to central bank lender of
Is Citi below $4 dramatically undervalued, refinancing strategy is comfortably long the the last resort facilities across the world,
as Prince Al Waleed insists? I must agree with money market curve. This is an ideal bank for including the UAE.
the Saudi prince who was once the bank's a GCC sovereign fund to finance in a Citi has shrunk its balance sheet by $300
largest shareholder. One, Citi's loan loss leveraged buyout, to take private and unleash billion and raised $70 billion in capital since
reserves is bigger than its current market cap. $50 billion in value. Pandit became CEO. Wall Street (and the
Two, its operating cash flows throw off untold ADIA, which invested $7 billion in world) went ballistic after Lehman Brothers
billions each quarter. Three, its bonds offer 10 December 2007 at $28 a share when the board failed in September. There is no way the
per cent distress yields and the credit default ousted Chuck Prince in favour of Vikram chancelleries of the West will allow the $2
swaps are 460 basis pints yet these reflect Pandit could well rewrite the history of Arab trillion Citi colossus to die. The failure of
seismic shocks in the current capital markets finance with such a deal. Citigroup is unthinkable if America's
zeitgeist and do not denote any imminent risk It does not fund its trillion dollar balance credibility is not to be lost forever. But then
of corporate default. For instance, Nakheel sheet in the schizo, fickle repo market. they claimed that the Titanic was unsinkable
bond yields 35 per cent and Nakheel credit Paulson's CPP has promised a potential $25 too and the 1914 Great War was the war to
default swaps are 2600 basis point offer, billion to Citi if needed, which it is note. In end all wars. Citi's crisis of confidence has
several blue-chip GCC banks trade at 700 - 800 any case, the existence TARP obviates the turned into a death spiral for the shares.
basis points on their credit insurance. So necessity for Treasury to go to Congress. Citi Market perceptions become self fulfilling
what? Four, Citi, like Bank of America and JP deposits are insured by FDIC and so soon will prophesies, so argue the reflexivity theorist
Morgan, benefits most from the Bernanke be its debt (mark my words! There is a trade George Soros and the Heisenberg principle in
Fed's success in bringing down three month idea here.) The Fed discount window is open particle physics. The Citi never sleeps and nor
LIBOR; the bank's proxy for its short funding to Citi, whose commercial paper can be held do its hapless shareholders. Believe me, as one
cost down from 4.82 per cent in October to by Bernanke in the Fed's own balance sheet. long and wrong Citi, I know. Courtesy: KT

he U.S. government bailed out
Citigroup Inc, agreeing to shoulder
most of the potential losses on $306
billion of high risk assets, in its most
sweeping rescue of a U.S. bank yet in the global
economic crisis.
The government will also inject $20 billion of
new capital, on top of $25 billion it just put into
the bank, and receive preferred shares with an 8
percent dividend. Citigroup received the latest
infusion after its shares plunged 60 percent in
the last week, amid worry it lacked enough
capital to survive. In return for the bailout, the
bank's dividend will be essentially wiped out as
it will be barred from paying out more than 1
per cent share per quarter over the next three
years without government consent.
The quarterly dividend is now 16 cents.
Citigroup will not have to replace Chief
Executive Vikram Pandit or other top
management, but the government will have the The government will also inject $20 billion of new capital, on top of $25
final say on executive pay agreements. The Bank
billion it just put into the bank, and receive preferred shares with an 8
has also agreed to try to modify troubled
percent dividend. Citigroup received the latest infusion after its shares
mortgages in the $306 billion portfolio as the
government tries to keep homeowners out of
plunged 60 percent in the last week, amid worry it lacked enough capital
foreclosure. The package may become a to survive.
template for other U.S. banks expected to face the U.S. government burden to rescue the futures were up 11.90 points at 803.90.
growing losses as the economy sinks into financial system, following bailouts of American Citigroup agreed to absorb the first $29
recession. International Group Inc, Bear Stearns Cos, billion of losses on the $306 billion portfolio,
Credit losses once concentrated in mortgages Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the injection plus 10 percent of additional losses, for a
are already bleeding into other areas such as of hundreds of billions of dollars of capital into maximum total exposure of $56.7 billion.
credit cards and commercial real estate. banks and other financial institutions. The The Treasury Department could end up
Citigroup has the farthest international reach of government has put well over $1 trillion of absorbing $5 billion of losses, the Federal
any U.S. bank, with operations in more than 100 taxpayer money at risk. The Big Three Deposit Insurance Corp $10 billion, and the
countries. The bank was widely perceived to be automakers in Detroit are seeking billions of Federal Reserve the rest. The Treasury
too big to be allowed to fail, because any additional dollars to avoid possible bankruptcy. Department will get $24 billion of preferred
collapse could cause financial havoc around the That's in addition to an economic stimulus shares, and the FDIC $3 billion. Of the combined
globe. package this year and a much larger one amount, $7 billion constitutes a fee for the
"It looks enormous in size and scope," said expected to be proposed by the new U.S. government guarantees. The government will
Tony Morriss, senior currency strategist at ANZ administration that may be worth between $500 also get warrants for $2.7 billion of common
Bank in Sydney. "Does this mean support for billion and $700 billion. stock. In a joint statement, the Fed, the Treasury
other financial institutions will be this big? Does Asian stock markets trimmed earlier losses in Department and the FDIC called the actions
this mean there will be more problems around Monday trading following the announcement. "necessary to strengthen the financial system
calculation of so-called toxic assets?" Dow Jones industrial average futures were up and protect U.S. taxpayers and the U.S.
The Citigroup bailout adds significantly to 52 points at 8,093, while Standard & Poor's 500 economy." 
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the performance of Pakistan Telecommunication

Authority (PTA), observing that the performance
of PTA is “not up to the mark.”
The meeting, which was chaired by MNA
Chaudhry Muhammad Berjees Tahir,
recommended certain measures to be adopted
by the PTA in future. The committee was of the
view that while issuing the 3G licence for mobile
sector the policy shall be brought to the Standing
Committee before its implementation.
On one side, the ground Dr Talat Iqbal Mahesser, Mrs Farhat Iqbal,
Muhammad Faiz Tamman, Anusha Rehman
situation is not suitable for Khan Advocate, Syed Muhammad Saqlain
Bukhari, Khawaja Sheeraz Mehmood, Sardar
the 3G services while on Talib Hassan Nakai, Marvi Memon, Sajid
Ahmad and Saeed Ahmad Zafar; Secretary
the other hand mobile Information Technology and Telecom, Chairman
PTA Dr Muhammad Yaseen along with the
companies want a say in senior officials of the Ministry attended the
the decision. NA Standing New operators keeping beside the old
operators shall also be considered for issuing
Committee was also these licences, the committee directed the PTA
actively monitoring the PTA authorities. The committee also stressed on the
need for steps by the PTA to transfer the
activities to stop the any required technology to the country, which
included local manufacturing of handsets and
wrong action. The committee has infrastructure sharing. The committee also
directed for establishing research and
already declared PTA performance not development centres by different companies in
Pakistan, as already established in other
up to the mark countries.
While the review work on policy making for
the IT industry is carried out, a policy directive

he launch of 3G services in Pakistan the other hand, the price of 3G cell phone will
by the Ministry given on mandating
seems impossible as this cellular service start from Rs10,000. In such case, the 3G
infrastructure sharing for the interim period
needs a heavy foreign direct investment technology may not be popular. In Pakistan,
until a new policy is finalized, observed the
(FDI) for development of existing most consumers are still struggling to
committee. The NA body asked the Chairman
infrastructure as well as setting up new ones. understand their cell phones; their prime
PTA to look into the problem of grey traffic in
The cost of using 3G technology is much concern is accessibility and connectivity, quality
telecom sector which is costing the national
higher than GSM services. Similarly, the of service secondary and affordability being the
exchequer a sum of hundred million dollars per
handsets required for 3G technology are costly penultimate deciding factor. It would be no
month. The meeting also questioned why the
than ordinary cell phones. Given the cost of surprise if the average user does not even know
pay telephones and landline connections were
spectrum and the heavy investment a 3G set-up what their cell phone technology is, whether it is
not encouraged in the rural areas as compared to
requires, the telecom operators would be global system for mobile communication (GSM)
mobile phones.
charging the end-user a high fee in return. At the or code-division multiple access (CDMA).
end of the day, if that portion of the market that
actually understands and wants to go 3G is
unable to afford it, this change may just be
The cost of using 3G technology is much higher than
cosmetic. GSM services. Similarly, the handsets required for 3G
However, cellular service companies have technology are costlier than ordinary cell phones.
different approach towards 3G technology in
Pakistan. Representatives of these companies are Given the cost of spectrum and the heavy investment a
of the view that local mobile users have not 3G set-up requires, the telecom operators would be
tapped existing value added services due to their
prices. In case of launch of 3G technology, the
charging the end-user a high fee in return
number of users is not expected to rise. With 3G
Earlier, a briefing was given by the Secretary
phone and access to its network, one can send The Indian government has decided that it
IT and Telecom and Chairman PTA about the
and receive video calls, watch live TV, access the will auction 3G spectrum and will allow foreign
functions and organisational structure of the
internet, receive emails as well as the usual voice players to participate in the bidding. The
PTA, especially the issues relating to 3G
call and messaging services found on a mobile spectrum is going to be released in the 2100 MHz
licensing, broadband proliferation, higher taxes
phone. band, which would make it compatible with rest
on telecom industry, verification of mobile
According to market sources, average cell of the world, barring a few countries such as the
subscriber's antecedents, PTCL in competitive
phone users use mobiles costing Rs 1,500 to Rs US.
environment and decision of IPCC on uniform
5,000 in small cities while in big cities like National Assembly Standing Committee on
rate for issuance of NOC not being implemented
Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad average price Information Technology and
comes in the range of Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000. On Telecommunications expressed displeasure over
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Khurram Mushtaq started his career in Pakistan as

Site Inspector. Later on he went to Dubai and
started his job as landscape designer in a
multinational company. From there he came back
and joined a multinational telecom Roll out
Manager Company as Implementation Manager.
After sometime he became Project Manager and
then Roll out Manager, and produced two major
GSM roll outs on turnkey bases. He is responsible
for business development, budgeting, roll out
management and project completion with quality,
speed and profit. After gaining enough experience,
he resigned and started his own business
Flare: Are you working abroad or your neighbours when it comes to the provision
services are concentrated in Pakistan? of solutions?
Khurram Mushtaq: Ofcourse, we are not Khurram Mushtaq: If we try to compare
only operating in Pakistan, but also trying to ourselves with China and India, they are
expand our network to different continents. bigger than us in proportion. We have
Flare: How do you describe 3G We have recently signed an agreement with observed a maturity in our systems and
Comtech? Huawei in Ivory Coast for the GSM roll out. research and development; and anyone can
Khurram Mushtaq: We describe 3G as a roll Similarly, we have signed an international see the difference.
out manager. We believe that engineering is partnership with South African company Flare: As you know that the third world
the perfection of precision; customer which is official partner and consultant of countries like India and Pakistan are
satisfaction is our prime objective. 3G is not MTN and they are also specialised in making outstanding progress in the fields
my business or profession it's my passion integrated solutions. We are going to of technology so where do you see
and we are trying to nurture it like an infant. introduce an extra ordinary product in technology in Pakistan in coming years?
We are part of a company that has splendid international market as well as in Pakistan Khurram Mushtaq: Yes, we are developing
past, promising future and marvellous which has modern solutions for power as in technology, but there is a different case
present. well as for the leased areas issue of urban with Pakistan. India has developed
Flare: As 3G Comtech is a solution cell sites. technology with both aspects of in house
provider company. In how many fields you resource and production and with the aspect
deal? of human resource and expertise. They, just
Khurram Mushtaq: Basically, we are a after the independence, joined the Russian
turnkey solution provider company block whereas as we went for American
rendering end to end services to clients Block. They imported the products with
specifically GSM/WiMAX operators and agreements that after a specific time seller
vendors. We are managing furious roll outs country will transfer the technology. Russia
from site acquisition to telecom helped them a lot in this development.
implementation. For GSM/Wimax, we Secondly, they are such a big consumer coz
categorise our work in three main heads: Site of their population that any economy of the
acquisition, CME and IT. Site acquisition world cannot ignore them. Thirdly, they
consists of site hunting, site survey reports, developed and constructed dams and
technical site survey reports, lease electricity fourth labour is cheap. So, world
agreements, rent negotiations, NOC's from has to turn to them. Even US is trying to
concerned and local authorities and prime Flare: What objectives do you have in make good ties with them. So, they
power provision on site. CME stands for Pakistan? developed the production resources as well
civil, mechanical and electrical works; it Khurram Mushtaq: We are looking forward as expertise and they are getting full
consists of site design, civil construction, to expand the nature of our business in advantage of it.
and mechanical works, tower fabrication Pakistan. Alternate sources of energy are our Pakistan unfortunately lacked in all these
(supply and erection), electrical supplies and focus. However, we are developing the things only we could develop the expertise
installations including MCCB and ACDBs. operation and maintenance infrastructure and trained engineering persons but we are
Telecom implementation consists of BTS and initially in the central region of Pakistan to unable to get benefit out of them. They are
microwave installation, commissioning and fulfil the growing demands of the market. rendering their services to the other
testing. So, 3G Comtech is a one stop shop We are also outsourcing human resource to companies and countries. We are facing
for customers. We have an attitude towards the different companies. Brain Drain. This is an unfortunate situation.
our customers that we always come up with Flare: Where do you place Pakistan in We have to develop infrastructure and
solutions not with problems. comparison to India, China and other production capacity to boost our economy. 
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ll over the world, there are not
only channels that broadcast
twenty four hours a day but also
organizations that are founded to
keep an eye on public-orientation and
progress made by channels. Such
continuous surveys not only provide
broadcasters with direct viewer feed back
but also with the changing trends of
existing as well as coming generation.
Such surveying services were not
encouraged in Pakistan a decade ago due to
the lack of channels; the only channel
belonged to the government. By the passage
of time, private sector moved to make
heavy investments in media and we saw a
lot of channels striking the TV sets with not
only quality but also variable transmission.
With the growing number of TV channels,
the need for establishing a monitory
organization urged media related
authorities to look into the issue.
The Pakistan Electronic Media
Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) was
established on March 1, 2002 through an
ordinance to induct the private sector into
the field of electronic media. The main
objectives and mandates of PEMRA are as
• Improve the standards of
information, education and entertainment;
• Enlarge the choice available to
Pakistanis in media for news, current
affairs, religious knowledge, art, culture,
science and technology, economic
development, social sector concerns, music,
sports, drama and other subjects of public
To facilitate the readers, I have provided some
and national interest; graphs of our recent surveys to show the changing
trends of viewers in Pakistan towards top channels
an audience measurement technical began in September 2007.
committee (AMTC) to invite fresh bids for The survey conducted by Medialogic on
various top channels’ viewership revealed a
number of insights into the changing trends
These 600 meters are of public in Pakistan. Medialogic set up a
installed in panel of 600 meters across Karachi, Lahore,
Rawalpindi and Islamabad in the first
approximately 500 phase. Daily results from these homes are
homes (as some homes
on the panel are
PTV scores high among top five entertainment channels Multiple-TV households)
(total individuals), from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
from where second – to
• Facilitate the devolution of
responsibility and power to the grass-roots
- second viewership
by improving the access of the people to data is recorded and
mass media at the local and community
level; and
transmitted back to the
• Ensure accountability, transparency central processing
and good governance by optimizing the free
flow of information.
facility through GSM
People-meter based television audience transfer Geo Entertainment leads top five entertainment channels
measurement (TAM) panel has been a long (C&S individuals) from 0700 pm to 10:00 pm.
awaited service in Pakistan. The project was the project and to make sure that the project
launched in 2006 when Pakistan is implemented expeditiously. The AMTC available for the first time in Pakistan.
Advertisers’ Society (PAS) and Pakistan awarded the project to Medialogic Pakistan These 600 meters are installed in
Broadcasters’ Association (PBA) constituted (Pvt.) Ltd. in January 2007 and the service approximately 500 homes (as some homes
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central processing facility through GSM

Another advantage that meters provide
is that they measure individual viewership
for all members of the household. This is
done by providing a special remote along
with the meter on which each family
member has its own button. Household
members are then trained to press their

Leading dramas of top channels (C&S individuals).

Geo News stands at first position in top five news channels
(C&S individuals) of Pakistan. device measures channels by detecting the
on the panel are Multiple-TV households) frequency that is being tuned by the
from where second – to - second viewership television. Whichever channel is being
data is recorded and transmitted back to the beamed into a home is getting reported
including in-house cable channels, foreign
channels etc.
Leading dramas of top channels (total individuals).
Medialogic has teamed up with
Telecontrol GfK, one of the biggest names in
button whenever they are watching TV. Global Research. Hardware, software and
Their individual profiles are fed into the technical expertise as well as support is
device at the time of installation. Therefore, provided by Telecontrol on a permanent
the meter detects individual viewership for basis to ensure that the panel in Pakistan is
all household members individually, at par with international standards and
thereby boosting the sample size. As a keeps benefiting from Telecontrol GfK’s
result, we shall be getting data from almost ongoing R&D. 
3,500 individuals on a daily basis through a
Leading dramas of top channels (total individuals). panel of 600 devices. The Tele-control

adds Pandey.
Most in the industry believed that
Mobile TV was going to reach the mass
market a lot earlier than has been the case.
A number of market and technology
barriers have conspired to delay the
widespread adoption of mobile TV by
consumers and growth in many regions is
still fragile.
Research from Informa Telecoms and
Media shows that the future of Mobile TV
will not be just broadcast or 3G but will be a
In the next two years, growth is anticipated to be
strongest in the pioneering markets of South
Korea and Japan before the rest of the world starts It seems that a good
to catch up around 2010-11. Despite isolated approach for mobile
success stories in places like Italy and Austria, operators will be to start with
Europe is not expected to see rapid growth in Mobile a free-to-air business model
TV until 2009 which also involves minimum
capital investment. Once user

evenues from Mobile TV services expected to take even longer as confusion
will generate USD1.5 billion in over standards prevents growth. uptake of services starts to
revenues in 2008, rising to over Eventually, concerted momentum behind grow, operators can then
USD100 billion in 2012. At present ATSC-MH is expected to boost the market
the revenues are predominantly from for mobile TV in North America. think of developing new
subscription fees but this is expected to "As the owner of the marketing and revenue models that can be
change over time as the advertising billing relationship with subscribers,
business model starts to gain prominence. operators are in the best position to offer established on top of the
Informa Telecoms and Media believes by mobile TV services", comments Shailendra free-to-air content platform
2013 nearly half of the revenues will come Pandey, Senior Analyst at Informa Telecoms
from advertising. In the next two years, and Media. "It seems that a good approach
growth is anticipated to be strongest in the for mobile operators will be to start with a mix of technologies matched to a mix of
pioneering markets of South Korea and free-to-air business model which also audience experiences. The research is
Japan before the rest of the world starts to involves minimum capital investment. Once contained in the latest strategic report,
catch up around 2010-11. Despite isolated user uptake of services starts to grow, Mobile TV: Strategies, Business Models &
success stories in places like Italy and operators can then think of developing new Technologies, 4th Edition, published by
Austria, Europe is not expected to see rapid revenue models that can be established on Informa Telecoms and Media. 
growth in Mobile TV until 2009. The USA is top of the free-to-air content platform",
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The largest vendor Ericsson has said its 2009
planning is based on expectations of a flat
market, but stresses this is not the company's
official forecast. Analysts say the reality will be
much grimmer. "Wireless infrastructure
investments could decline by 12 per cent in 2009,
due to a combination of emerging market
slowdown and financing risks at carriers
accounting for 25 per cent of global wireless
spending," Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder
Garcha said in a research note.
Analyst Carolina Milanesi said in Western
Europe, home market for Nokia and Sony
Ericsson, all vendors in total will sell 20 million
phones less in 2008 than a year ago. Handset
vendors sold 308.5 million mobile phones
globally in July-September, with demand in
emerging markets lifting sales 6 per cent from a
year earlier, Gartner said. Handset sales volumes
in emerging markets surpassed developed
markets in 2005.
Nokia's market share rose to 38.2 per cent in
the quarter from 37.8 per cent the previous year,
the research company said. South Korea's
Samsung had 17.1 per cent of the total market in
the quarter, while Sony Ericsson took the No. 3
spot with 8.1 per cent. "It’s definitely not due to
Handset makers had remained relatively unscathed by the (Sony Ericsson's) merit. Keeping third position
will be difficult," Milanesi said.
global economic crisis this year, but successive warnings Struggling Motorola saw its market share fall
from Nokia, Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp signalled a rapid to 8 per cent from 13 per cent, and Garter said
there are more troubles ahead for the US vendor.
deterioration of consumer electronics demand "I doubt that in 12 months we will be speaking
about them. There's only one way for them, and
ell phone sales are expected to fall up low-price Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE

that's downward," Milanesi said.
to 4 per cent in 2009 from this year as aggressively entered the market. But worse is to LG Electronics almost caught Motorola,
the economic slowdown hurts come. No. 2 vendor Nokia Siemens has forecast a seeing its market share rise to 7.8 per cent. Apple
consumer demands across the world, market fall next year, with analysts saying it rose to seventh spot, helped by success of its 3G
research Company Gartner said. could be sharp as new investments are likely to iPhone, and tracking closely Blackberry-maker
The world's top cell phone makers Nokia Oyj be cut first when operators around the world RIM. 
and Samsung Electronics said the market could tighten their belts.
fall next year. Handset makers had remained
relatively unscathed by the global economic
crisis this year, but successive warnings from
Nokia, Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp signalled a
Analyst Carolina Milanesi
said in Western Europe,
The management
rapid deterioration of consumer electronics home market for Nokia and staff of Flare,
Gartner said sales of mobile handsets in the
and Sony Ericsson, all leading telecom news
magazine, extend its
largest region of Asia Pacific, which includes the vendors in total will sell 20 deepest condolences to
two biggest growth markets, China and India,
rose 13.8 per cent in the third quarter to 116.7 million phones less than a the families of CEO,
million phones, but warned growth would come year ago. Handset Telecommunications
to a halt. "We expect the global economic decline Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd,
and associated drop in disposable incomes to vendors sold 308.5 million Major-General (Retd)
Maj. Gen. (R) Amir Faisal
make sales in the region almost flat during the mobile phones globally in Alavi (Shaheed) Amir Faisal Alavi and
fourth quarter of 2008," analyst Anshul Gupta company driver
said in a statement. July-September, with Tanveer Ahmed who
Gartner said the slowdown in developed demand in emerging lost their lives on
markets in the region, coupled with delayed November 19, 2008 in
replacement purchases in emerging markets, markets lifting sales 6 per attack by unknown
would hurt growth there. assailants.
Missing 20 million phones: Third-quarter
cent from a year earlier We pray for the
handset sales in Western Europe, the key market departed souls. May
for sales of more expensive and more profitable Allah dwell them in
smartphones, fell 8 per cent from a year ago to The companies have started to cut costs, Heaven and give
Tanveer Ahmed (Shaheed)
43.5 million phones. earlier this month Canada's Nortel said it would courage to bereaved
The struggling wireless telecom gear market axe 1,300 jobs, and Nokia Siemens Networks is families to bear this irreparable loss.
is facing a crash landing next year as operators cutting another 1,820 jobs as the last part of its
cut spending in the midst of recession. The major cost-cutting programme. Vendors will also Zubair Ahmed Kasuri
telecom equipment market, worth $49 billion in be scrutinising their costs this year and next, Editor-in-Chief
2007, has been struggling for years, roiled as trying to focus on the most promising & Flare Team
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of PPO is to provide domestic as well as

Network of postal services international postal and allied services to the

people at an affordable cost, on equitable basis
and at standards which meet their needs. He

to be modernised: Zehri said he is fully determined to make PPO a public

welfare oriented organisation in the country by
offering international standard services to the
people. He said entire staff of PPO will be
PPO has tailored a master plan for quick application of trained through short courses to acquaint them
modern IT technology for automation of counter activities, with modern trends of marketing laced with
computer based tools like trace and trace system, electronic quality service.
About the welfare of postal staff, the minister
money transfer and introduction of postal information said the service structure of staff will be further
system improved subject to their contribution towards
better postal services. Earlier Chairman and
ederal Minister for Postal Services Mir

Director General Pakistan Postal Services
Israrullah Zehri said that entire network Pakistan Muhammad Ahmad Mian in his
of Pakistan Postal Services would be welcome address said that PPO has
modernised at par with international tailored a master plan for quick application
standard through computerisation to provide of modern IT technology for automation of
affordable prompt service to the people at their counter activities, computer based tools
doorsteps. like trace and trace system, electronic
Talking to media during his maiden visit to money transfer and introduction of postal
PMG office, he said that PPO is a public utility information system.
organisation and not a profit earning entity and Postmaster General Punjab, Shamshad
he will make all out efforts to ensure better, Hussian Khan giving detailed presentation
quick and affordable postal services to all on the working and overall performance of
Lahore: Federal Minister for Postal Services Senator Israr Ullah region, said that 85 per cent of the total
The main objective of PPO is Zahri briefed during his visit to different sections of GPO.
number of 7397 posts offices are located in
to provide domestic as well segments of the society. He said PPO possessed rural areas which provide postal services to
vast potential which, he added, will be fully people even in far flung areas where no private
as international postal and exploited to meet the future challenges without sector is willing to deliver services. He said PPO
allied services to the people compromising on the quality of service. is the only department in the country which is
The minister said that people from all walks providing best possible postal services to people
at an affordable cost, on of life will again repose their full confidence in at affordable rates. He said this region delivered
equitable basis and at Pakistan Post Office as its postal services will be a record number of 254.394 million un-registered
standards which meet their comparatively better than all other private letters, aero-grams, postcards, printed cards,
couriers in terms of rates, safe, fast and reliable. newspapers, small packets during the last fiscal
needs Mir Israrullah Zehri said the main objective year. 

Telecom workers join hands

affiliates requested solidarity support from UNI
to convince management to respect trade union
rights of PMS since Pakistan has ratified the ILO
convention 87.

to gain the lost authority Petteri Ojanen [TU Finland], Seppo

Karppinen and Sharan Kumar KC from SASK
Finland joined the workshop and shared their
experiences with the participants. Twenty five
Workshop participants were confident that they will be able participants including three women union
to persuade most of their telecom colleagues to join trade activist joined the work shop representing five
Telecom unions in Pakistan.
unions and fight for their rights, as they have lost their Kun Wardana Abyoto, Director UNI Apro
administrative and bargaining power as a result of the Telecom, Jayasri Priyalal Director UNI Apro
modernization and restructuring of the telecom companies Finance, P&MS Activities and UNI Pakistan

rivileges and Benefits of Engineers and unionized staff in the company. The companies in Pakistan have

P Administrative Officers in Telecom

Companies in Pakistan are declining
rapidly in comparison with those
enjoyed by the unionized staff in the company,”
said by Zulfiquar Ali Sanghi Central Chairman
UNI Apro Telecom organized a workshop for
UNI Pakistan telecom sector affiliates in Lahore,
Pakistan prior to the SATUC meeting with the
objective of preparing the union leaders to
organize and recruit PMS in to unions. At the
the practice of offering artificial
promotions and keep them out
of coverage of collective
agreements. Over the years this
of Pakistan Telecommunication Employees workshop UNI guidelines for extending union
Union [PTEU] at the 3rd South Asia Telecom coverage and protection to PMS were explained
has created a disparity between
Employees Council [SATUC] Meeting” held in to the participants. the pay scales of PMS and the
Lahore, Pakistan. The SATUC leaders Workshop participants were confident that unionized staff in the company
commented that professional and managerial they will be able to persuade most of their
staff (PMS) in telecom companies are at colleagues to join trade unions and fight for their Liaison Council implemented the workshop
disadvantageous position as they are prevented rights, as they have lost their administrative and which was supported by SASK Finland.
from unionization through legal impediments. bargaining power as a result of the Workshop outcomes were positive and the
Furthermore, the companies in Pakistan have the modernization and restructuring of the telecom participants came up with a plan of action to
practice of offering artificial promotions and companies. contact the PMS at the workplace and create
keep them out of coverage of collective The Telecom union leaders were confident awareness about trade unions and their benefits
agreements. Over the years this has created a that they can win the PMS categories and help to secure decent work for PMS in Pakistan
disparity between the pay scales of PMS and the them to secure decent work at work place. UNI telecom. 







PH: +92-42-5296429,5296529,5296212
FAX: +92-42-5296329
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hen we talk about a company, its ing the track of Aziz’s corruption started to closely It is really interesting to note that previous CEO

W failure or failed policies, we always

prove our point with undeniable
documentary proof of malpractices.
Although a year has been passed since we publish
the story of internal corruption, mismanagement
monitor and record his activities. Fortunately they
foiled all plots of Mr Aziz.
You can easily imagine Ufone’s position who
welcomed an
official who
of Ufone Mubashir Naqvi joined Etisalat in
November 2007 when no one was ready to take
the position. After lying vacant for a month or so,
the management contacted Mr Aziz who was not
content in his job at that time.
and nepotism of Ufone in Octane (June, 2007); yet was dismissed It is shameful to note that Ufone Black Berry
the situation is worsening and no one is concerned from his previ- was suspended last month for not obtaining NoC
to take necessary measures against this corruption. ous designa- from PTA. According to PTA sources, Prepaid
The salary packages have been upgraded espe- tion by the Black Berry is extremely hazardous for the security
cially of the top management but company per- virtue of his of any country as there is no procedure of decrying
formance is still zero. One of the biggest issues is corruption. He the encrypted data. It is an eye opening issue for all
the sale of illegal SIMs on whole sale basis. With has also stake holders that a company of bad reputation of
growing competition, the higher management worked for over three million illegal SIMs had opened another
found it easier to increase their customer base Milicom inter- toll to threat the security of our country, which is
without documentation. According to latest figures national, a already torn of terrorism. What might be the situa-
released by the PTA, Ufone is at the top slot of ille- company tion, the safety and security of our country should
gal SIMs. Its figures have crossed the mark of three which was be our priority.
million. In fact, the President and CEO of the com- Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone closed a year
pany Mr Aziz gave directions to show the growth ago. Sources in With growing competition,
steady to save his position. This gave birth to the Milicom think that Mr Aziz was the leading figure
culture of fake and illegal SIMs with the increasing to sink the company. The CEO of Ufone is now the higher management
graph of sales. gaming with some officials who were in Mobilink. found it easier to increase
This new group is working smartly to
plunder the Ufone resources. their customer base
An official of a telecom company without documentation.
told “Flare Magazine” that the higher
According to latest
figures released by the
PTA, Ufone is at the top
for issuing slot of illegal
SIMs. Its figures have
crossed the mark of three
Market share of operators is considered an
important tool to gauge the level of competition in
any sector of the economy. Marker shares of cellu-
lar mobile operators indicate that market is moving
toward perfect competition where the share of
major operators are declining and new entrants are
able to grab more share in the market. During the
year 2007- 08, Telenor has emerged as fastest grow-
ing operator who has improved its market share
from 17 per cent in 2006-07 to above 21 per cent
slightly higher than Ufone who also has 21 per
cent market share. It is a wonder to see that
Ufone’s share is decreasing by every passing
Image of PTA circular to suspend the Ufone BlackBerry Image of Ufone BlackBerry ad month, contrary to Telenor and Warid who are
impressively emerging by the passage of time. On
How a company could grow when its manage- management was not happy with Mr Aziz so, they the other hand, the leading mobile operator,
ment is not sincere? The CEO Mr Aziz is very were very careful about his attitude and commit- Mobilink is loosing its significant marker power
sharp in making money and embezzlement. His ments. All his files and calls were traced and place rapidly and its share has declined by about 5
career is all about checked by the own- points and reached 36 per cent in 2007-08 as com-
nepotism and ers. When Mr Aziz pare to 41 per cent in 2006-07. CMPak is also grow-
groups of like came to know this, ing very fast and it has added 2.9 million sub-
minded, the least he was shocked. He scribers, which is an impressive number and one
resistant officials tried his level best to could hoped that in future, it will grab more
who could support clarify his position market share.
him in multi ways. but it was too late. In this competitive market, operators are
From Millicom Some other company bound to increase the investment to get more share
International to his officials think that of subscribers. In last 5 years, cellular mobile oper-
last company, Mr the problem lies in ators have invested over $8.4 billion in Pakistan
Aziz has the same his attitude to grab which has created large number of employment
reputation. He was more and more opportunities all across the country. During 2007-
sacked from his money. Internally, he 08, Cellular players invested over $2.3 billion,
previous jobs due to builds his own which is 12 per cent lower than the previous year.
poor performance group and then use During the year 2007-08, Mobilink invested over
plus bad reputation; it for maximum per- $919 million while Telenor invested over $565 mil-
at the end he joined sonal gains. This lion. CMPak is another operator who started
Ufone in a hurry to These are estimated figures of Illegal SIMs grouping was the expanding lately and invested over $ 200 million in
occupy the vacant main cause for his res- last few months. Warid and Ufone invested $480
post. The high officials of his previous job after see- ignation from Milicom. and $232 million respectively during the year 2007-08
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No gain without pain - Ufone’s investment is quality material was used. We are just presenting
one of the lowest in Pakistan telecom sector. The Like Zong, Ufone has tried a glimpse of that report here.
recent packages introduced by Ufone, reflects a to create a unique aura of According to the report in Phase A total 151
glimpse of Ufone’s tarnish reputation among its sites were to be roll out but total 59 sites were
subscribers. Besides hidden charges, Ufone is mak- same colour scheme and rolled out where as 23 sites are partially installed.
ing money by hiding the original charges. In case caste around its advertise- The situation in Phase B is even worse. Total tar-
they sign up on the Website, the Ufoners do not geted sites were 137 to be rolled out in Jan 07 but
even know that they are charged with Rs 1 per ment but the creative mind no site was on ground in the targeted time.
day. This is not only the case with log in users; of Faisal Qureshi has no The quality of civil work was very poor.
those who do not use their Ufone account are also Though the quality of network and coverage mat-
charged with Rs 1 per day. Those who subscribe to more flare to attract the ters but civil work is directly related with the safety
Utune are automatically promoted to the next viewers with cheap TVCs. of public. This poor standard of civil work is exam-
month subscription without any query, if they ined at many sites and common faults were
have sufficient balance in their accounts. Ufone’s Most of the ads are com- improper mortar filling, use of poor quality bricks
SMS packages are the most expensive offers put posed of baseless ideas, and masonry work etc.
forward by any telecom operator. The recently According to confidential report due to low
introduced Ufone offer of per hour chat is another irrelevant punch lines and ratio of BTS (Tower) roll out, Ufone was at number
disguise as the package is situated in an odd time four position in terms of coverage. Even the rela-
frame. Besides off-net call and calls made after the
exaggerating taunts tively new operator, Telenor has crossed Ufone.
prescribed time are extensively charged. This also for visitors and no one is living in them where the All these factors count towards the market
reflects that Uone is losing its popularity. TVC is showing some thing else. The young Imam share loss from 21.7 per cent in June 2006 to 20.7
Now, come to the advertising strategies adopt- Sahib is looking like an Egyptian. It seems as the per cent in December 2006. Though Mobilink has
ed by Ufone. Like Zong, Ufone has tried to create a actors are on a picnic tour. also lost market share, but the customer base of
unique aura of same colour scheme and caste No need to mention about the Ufone advertis- Mobilink is increasing again after some slowing
around its advertisement but the creative mind of ing campaign. From day one, the campaign is just trend. Meanwhile, the market shares of Telenor
Faisal Qureshi has no more flare to attract the joking with cheap ads. A national company who and Warid have increased tremendously.
viewers with cheap TVCs (television concepts). was once honoured to be the only Pakistani According to PTA quality of service survey,
Most of the ads seem to be equipped with baseless Company is creating farce. For some time this Ufone was at the lowest position with service
ideas, irrelevant punch lines and exaggerating approach may be successful but all these new accessibility 97 per cent and call completion ratio
taunts. One of the recent TVC is criticized by every looks of old ideas are very cheap. It is eminent that of 94.10 per cent which was lowest among the
one which was copied from the Carlton Bear big Ufone needs fresh minds and characters to revive operators. Even SMS access was 10.14 per cent
ad concept. the advertising campaign. delay as compared to other operators.
The actual ad is an award-winning advertise- Hundreds of thousands of Ufone customers Another factor which is also showing the
ment for Carlton Draught created by George show frustration over Ufone services in an exclu- Ufone lowering trend is the latest figures released
Patterson and Partners (Young and Rubicam) of sive survey conducted by Flare country wide in by the PTA. The telecom growth of Ufone is stag-
September 2008. The cus- nant for the last one year with total customers
tomers’ frustration is ris- hanging round the figures of 18,600,500 while
ing due to the substan- Telenor group has just crossed this figure.
dard voice quality, This is another prove of Ufone’s failure as the
increasing call drop ratio, other companies are heading with more pace then
connectivity issues, non the Ufone.
reliable billing system and No one knows what happens next but in Ufone
poor coverage. The sub- case, it looks clear that this national asset is being
scriber gap between destroyed with concerted conspiracies of the high-
Ufone and its competitors er management. From advertising to civil works,
is narrowing sharply. no one is looking serious to face the challenge.
Ufone has failed to exe- It is common saying that the umbrella compa-
cute its expansion plan. ny always affects the sub companies and Ufone is
On the other hand the no difference. As this company was gifted to
comparatively new opera- Etisalat with PTCL, so they all are united to dam-
tors are far ahead in terms age the company. As we have published about the
of coverage. After failing down fall of PTCL, the situation in Ufone is no dif-
on all fronts, Ufone is trying to attract people by ference. Both the companies have no future growth
Melbourne, which used viral marketing techniques cheap ways and has blatantly implied that you can plans and strategies.
before being released on television. It premiered on get a romance
Australian television on August 7, 2005, in which for 99 paisa. Sex
two armies (one dressed in maroon, the other in oriented adver-
yellow) march toward one another singing "O tising gimmicks
Fortuna" from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff but which especially
different lyrics. A heroic figure on horseback leads the females find
the charge. Viewed from the air, we can see the offensive get crit-
armies from a glass of Carlton Draught and a icized on every
human body. The glass is then lifted to the mouth, online and social
and the audience sees the beer (the rushing, ecstati- forum of
cally leaping yellow-clad men) flowing into the Pakistanis.
stomach of the figure. A confiden-
On the other hand, Ufone used the same lyrics tial report of
to establish the claim of “yeh to dunia ki sab say Ufone was
sasti call hay”. In contrast with the original ad leaked in June
where thousands of people were singing “it is a 2007 which
big ad” only few people were singing with a show- exposed the fact that company was failed in many Now it is the prime responsibility of the
off of hundreds of singers. The Siad pur village areas. The administration could not complete the Government to take serious notice to save our
near F-6 Islamabad where the TVC was filmed target of sites roll out in any of its phase which national asset, which has damaged its image badly
looks like some out of country place decorated resulted poor coverage. The development work and there are no signs of revival. 
with model houses. These model houses were built was also not up to the mark as slow work and low
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lthough the rise in the moved into second place in the

A number of mobile
subscribers in the
country has been
extremely rapid over the past
nine quarters, the data of the
second quarter of 2008, beating
Ufone, the mobile business of
Pakistan’s incumbent operator,
Pakistan Telecommunication
Company Limited (PTCL), by a
telecom sector reflects slow mere 25,000 customers. Both
growth. The mobile market operators currently sit neck-to-
added around 9.9 million new neck with 20.6 per cent shares of
customers in the first half of 2008, market. While Telenor continues
expanding by 12.6 per cent to to expand its market share,
reach 88.05 million mobile users. Ufone has a relatively stable
The Annual Report of market share in recent quarters.
Pakistan Telecommunication Meanwhile, with regard to our
Authority (PTA) 2008 reflects that 3G forecasts, the Pakistan
Telenor Pakistan emerged as the Telecommunications Authority
fastest growing telecom company (PTA) said that the process of
as Telenor added around 7.4 awarding 3G licenses will be
million subscribers in the completed before the end of 2008
incumbent year as compared to via an auction.
7.1 million in 2007. Mobilink The latest data suggests that
comes second with the addition the market for both wireline and
of 5.7 million subscribers during wireless fixed line services has
the same period. Warid Telecom now entered a period of decline.
added another 4.8 million Although the traditional
subscribers while Ufone bagged fixedline services provided by
4.0 million subscribers as PTCL’s competitors continue to
compared to 6.5 million in grow, PTCL’s own fixedline
previous year. CMPak entered customer base saw a sharp
the cellular market with decline in the first six months of
aggressive marketing and 2008. Meanwhile, the only
infrastructure roll out. Its growth wireless local loop (WLL)
was negative in the previous operators which reported an
year. However, it added 2.9
million subscribers in last few
Overall, subscribers witnessed a nominal growth of increase in customers were
World Call and TeleCard, with
months. 0.4 per cent in October as compared to 0.7 per PTCL once again reporting
The cellular mobile customer loss. Having fallen by
penetration in Pakistan reached cent in September to reach 90.5 million.Net 2.8 per cent in the first six months
54.7 per cent at the end of year subscriber addition in October has declined and of 2008, it is being predicted that
2007-08 which is 15.3 per cent the number of fixedline
higher than the previous year. By stood at 0.32 million against 0.68 million recorded customers will fall by around 4.9
the end of June 2008, the mobile during last month. The long term trend remained per cent for 2008 as a whole.
penetration in Pakistan had According to the PTA,
surpassed the 50 per cent intact with the industry average declining to 1.6 Pakistan had just over 130,000
threshold. Mobilink continues to million subscribers as of Oct-08 versus 1.7 million broadband internet subscribers at
dominate Pakistan’s mobile the end of March 2008, up from
market, ending Q208 with over in Sep-08, for a rolling 12-month period 65,000 in March 2007. Despite the
32million subscribers, said a strong growth, Pakistan’s
report. However, it is an open truth that the continue to see a slowing trend going forward. broadband penetration rate was still only 0.1 per
share of Mobilink is rapidly decreasing. The cellular subscriptions witnessed a nominal cent in March 2008. Digital Subscriber Line
Mobilink’s market share continued to fall, growth of 0.7 per cent on month to month basis (DSL) and Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) remain the
dropping to 36.4 per cent from 41.9 per cent in in September-08. The increase of 0.64 million most popular broadband technologies.
the previous year. The operator’s parent subscribers this month is 68 per cent lower on However, Pakistan’s limited fixedline
company, Orascom of Egypt, now appears to infrastructure has deterred growth of these
increase investments in an effort to prevent The latest data suggests services, and the cost of broadband has further
further loss. that the market for both
wireline and wireless fixed
line services has now
entered a period of decline.
Although the traditional
fixedline services provided
by PTCL’s competitors
continue to grow, PTCL’s
own fixedline customer
base saw a sharp decline in
the first six months of 2008
Analysts expect the operator will maintain
over 25 per cent market share. Analysts said that year to year basis, average increase for the last undermined growth while WiMAX is expected
because of an imminent saturation in the cellular year alone has been 1.8 million subscribers each to account for a growing number of broadband
market and cancellation of inactive SIMs by month. connections in the future. 
PTA, they believe that cellular growth rate shall In terms of customer numbers, Telenor
Event Flare Report Free download |

Glimpses of Award
Ceremony 2008
Award winning brands of Pakistan selected through the survey. Prime minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, who was chief guest on
the occasion, has given the awards to the winners in a ceremony held in Karachi. Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan and Chief Minis-
ter Syed Qaim Ali Shah were also present on the occasion. Due to large number of photos, we are publishing the pictures without informa-
tion of brand category, company name and awarding receiving personalities. “Flare” team congratulates all the winners for their outstanding
performance and wish them excellence in the future as well.

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(From left to right)- Dr. Ghous A. Khan Voice Chairman Brands Award Council, Governer Sindh Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan, Prime Minister
Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Tariq Sayeed, Chairman Brands Award Council, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Khalil Ahmad Ambas-
sador at large and Shaikh Rashid Alam Chief Executive, Brands Award Council of Pakistan on the occasion of Awards Ceremony.

Names of award winning brands

ACACIA, ACCA, Alum Ex, Always, Ariel, ARY Jewelers, Ashrafi Brand Atta, Atlas Batteries, Bank Alfalah, Bata, Bed & Bath, Berger, Blue Band,
Bonanza, Business Plus, C Track, CAMS, Castrol, Cheetah By Servis, City FM 89, Classic Rusk, Creative Chaos, Cybernet, D G Cement, Dadex,
Dawn Bread, Dollar East, Dreamworld, Dunkin Donuts, DYL, Dynasty, Eden Housing, Efu General, EIR, Elfy, Everyday, Falak, Fujiyama, Geo En-
tertainment, Geo News, Gerry's Travels, Gillette, Guard Autozone, Guard Filters, Habib Oil, Hanif Rajput, Head and Shoulders, Hilal, Hino Pak,
Honest, Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Inbox, Intel, Ironezee, Ittefaq, Jamal's Yellow Pages, Jang, Jeco, Junaid Jamshed, K & N, Karawan e Madinah, King
Laziza, LG, Link Dot Net, Mahi Seafood, Marriott Karachi, Master Celeste, Millat, Mughal, NAFA, National, Nestle Pure Life, Nido, Nirala, Nur-
pur Butter, Nurpur Cheese, Nurpur Flavored Milk, Pakistan Cables, Pakistan Super Fireworks, Pampers, Phoenix Armor, Philips, PIA, Piano,
Pizza Hut, Premiere Cables, PSO, QFS, Rooh Afza, Rose Petal, Scon Valves, Safeguard, Sathi, Shangrila, Shield, Shield Toothpaste, Siemens, Sitara
Labels, Snowhite, Sooper, Soya Supreme Banaspati, Standard Chartered Bank, Steelex, Student Biryani, Super Asia, Super Crisp, Tapal, Tara, TCS,
Toyo Nasic, Toyo Plastic, Toyota, Trakker Direct, United Mobiles, Vectracom, Warid, Waste Busters, Wateen, Waves, Worldcall, Yamaha, Marine
Youngs Mayonnaise, Youngs Spread, ZRG, ASG
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Sony Ericsson w550i Nokia N95

From a long time, this remains the best
handset out there for playing games on, This stands is at second spot as there is
and even better, it is getting even cheaper very little support from publishers and de-
to get your hands on one. Why is it still velopers. It means that there are not many
number one? Well, wide support from games out there to actually play on an N95.
games developers and publishers, great But there will be, particularly when the second-
sound, 3D visuals as well as its party piece: generation N-Gage gaming platform gets its offi-
you can hold the phone horizontally, rotate cial kick-off later this year. And when that
the on-screen action, and play on it as if it happens, you can fully expect this handset to
were a handheld console. take the top spot.

Nokia N73 Sony Ericsson K800i

N73 is smaller, lighter, powerful, and The K800i stands here on the merits of
a better games player than its forebears. It its screen, 3D prowess and little joystick but
also features better controls, with a thumb- in many ways it also represents a number of
stick that is infinitely preferable to the direc- peers such as twin sibling the k810i and the
tional pads that most Nokias are similar, but slightly smaller-screened duo of
encumbered with these days. w800i and w810i.

Sony Ericsson W810i

Walkman phones might be no better at
Nokia 5300
playing music than most other handsets,
but as a branding exercise it has been a
hit. This is illustrated by the W810i, an
unspectacular-looking handset that man-
In the case of the Nokia 5300, you also
ages to squeeze in a decent set of controls,
get a set of controls that are easy to live with
good 3D performance, and sound that resembles
and the assurance that comes with any
actual music and noises you might hear in the
phone running the Symbian Series 60 oper-
real world. If the screen was a little bigger and
ating system, which is one of the best sup-
the numeric keypad better defined, it would be
ported handset platforms around.
higher than its current position.

Nokia N93 Nokia 6234

For a long time, the N93 has been the most power-
ful handset, in visual terms in the market. The big
screen, dedicated 3D graphics processor, and sheer size The Nokia 6234 proudly manages the 3D stuff
meant the N93 was ideal for playing games on. And it and, for a 3G handset, it is relatively inexpen-
still is, but until we have put its successor through its sive though multimedia widgets are corre-
paces, the N93 will have to take a backseat. spondingly thin on the ground.

Sony Ericsson K700i N-Gage QD
The N-Gage QD is
still a strong per-
former, despite run-
From this dirt-cheap handset, you can play ning on a version of the Symbian
the latest 3D games, even those from perennial Series 60 operating system that means that 3D Java (J2ME) games
third-dimension stalwarts Fishlabs, and has an in- would not work on it. But it is a small price to pay for the N-Gage
credibly wide support base among all the devel- games that are unique to the handset, with Pathway To Glory, a
opers. turn-based World War 2 strategy game, being a bona fide classic
game that we love playing to this very day. 59
Synopsis Flare Report Free download |

Unsecure mobile 2008, 47.53 per cent of all theft

complaints are from the The system, which blocks and
metropolis — an aspect that unblocks handsets, was made
users in Karachi requires relevant departments
to take immediate measures to
accessible with the cooperation

Has IMEI failed? curb the menace. This is

despite the introduction of
international mobile
of the CPLC and the telecom
industry and acts on a complaint
once verification procedures
The telecom watchdog’s statistics reveal that the equipment identity system
crime has reached astounding (IMEI) by the PTA in October have been completed
2006. The system, which amongst subscribers and affectees alike.
figures — till 2008, 47.53 per cent of all theft blocks and unblocks handsets, Aside from adopting more aggressive
complaints are from the metropolis — an was made accessible with the measures such as publicising its function as well
aspect that requires relevant departments to cooperation of the CPLC and as stringent implementation of regulations,
the telecom industry and acts authorities need to realise that the realities of our
take immediate measures to curb the on a complaint once times stand drastically altered from the days
menace. The telecom authorities lay the blame verification procedures have when the IMEI came into being. Harsh economic
for the rise in street crimes, mobile thefts in- been completed. conditions have exacerbated petty crimes and
The telecom authorities lay
cluded, at the door of law made them life-threatening. Therefore, the need
the blame for the rise in street of the hour is an enhanced IMEI — more
enforcement agencies. However, there may be crimes, mobile thefts included,
qualified personnel, improved equipment and
numerous catches within its own system at the door of law enforcement most importantly, the time that it takes to block
agencies. However, there may a handset, which means reworking verification
larmingly, Karachi tops the list in

be numerous catches within its own system. procedures as it is this mechanism that can play
Pakistan as the venue for the highest
First and foremost, the IMEI was put in place a pivotal role in eradicating phone theft. Rapid
number of mobile phone thefts and
with the primary goal of eliminating the threat disabling that makes handsets immediately
snatchings in 2008. The Pakistan
of phone thefts. But it is becoming increasingly ineffective translates into fewer thefts as it
Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) annual
clear that, two years later, it has neither clamps down on the resale of stolen phone sets.
report for this year cites rampant handset thefts
managed to wield much influence over phone Perhaps, the nuisance of ‘ghost’ connections can
primarily in urban quarters. However, the
companies to follow rules while devising also be brought under IMEI’s purview to reign
telecom watchdog’s statistics reveal that the
distribution plans, nor has it inspired confidence in errant retailers and services. 
crime has reached astounding figures — till

Excess of everything is Cellular growth stalled by

bad: Computers may increased taxes
affect naives
hen it comes to personal life, people usually live an
Telecom sector contributed Rs100 billion into the
national kitty in shape of all kind of taxes during

W unbalance life – when they fight; they only fight, when they
eat; they only eat, when they play, they only play. A
the last financial year 2007-08.
he government is charging Rs31 in shape of taxes out of Rs100

majority is unable to maintain equilibrium, the very
characteristic that favours also discourage them. prepaid cards from cellular subscribers, which has resulted
For instance look into the case of computer – they are part and parcel into zero growth of this sector in the first four months (July-
of our personal and professional life. School friends are available on Oct) of the current fiscal year, Chief Marketing Officer of
different social sites, university have their Ufone, Asher Yaqub Khan said.
own blogs, computer students and diploma While briefing reporters on the launching of new call centre in
holders manage their personal Websites, Islamabad, he said that the increased taxation has virtually stalled
there are messengers to chat and to send growth of the growing cellular sector in the country. The GST has been
messages … a world is made of fibre glass. increased to
In this world everything is electronic: Cards 21 per cent,
are E-cards, mails are E-mails. All that is duty on
required is to learn the art of giving things handset
their due share, to maintain a balance as excess of everything is bad and increased to
may be worst! Rs750 and
Playing too many video games and spending hours in front of the continuation
computer is leading our children performance poorly at school, of pre-
developing sleep disorders and becoming inactive and obese. Parents activated
provide children with latest equipments but they remind failed in charge of
managing the schedule. Rs500 as well
This was stated by Dr Arshalooz Rehman, Assistant Professor and as services
Consultant Paediatrician, Aga Khan University (AKU), during an charge, have
awareness programme held at the University on the occasion of World increased Islamabad: A view of recently launched Ufone contact center at
burden sector I-9/3.
Children's Day, to discuss important health issues affecting children in
the country. manifold on cellular phone users, which would also result into
An AKU statement said while there are positive aspects of using shrinking revenue growth for the national kitty. “Our sector
computers and technology, children must also go out and play so they contributed Rs100 billion into the national kitty in shape of all kind of
can be active. Children are very sensitive and badly affected by small taxes during the last financial year 2007-08.”
troubles. It is good to keep them abreast with the changing trends of the By the first quarter of the year 2009, Ufone will be providing jobs to
world at large but it also asks for a balance so the life of an un-bloomed more than 900 young graduates at its new contact centre in Islamabad,
rose may not shatter.  a facility created with three million dollars investment. 

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From the stunning aluminium unibody to the

powerful graphics architecture, the new MacBook
makes progress a beautiful thing

nstead of assembling a notebook from you are coming from a right-click world, you use the Kensington lock slot to protect your

I many minor parts, the new MacBook was

re-invented from just one: the new, solid-
aluminium unibody enclosure. It gets full
credit for making MacBook thinner, lighter and
even more stunning. But it is not all
can right-click with two fingers or configure a
right-click area on the trackpad. The more you
use the Multi-Touch trackpad, the more you
will wonder what you ever did without it.
MacBook, battery and hard drive.
Think fast
Inside the new MacBook is a powerful Intel
Core 2 Duo processor running at speeds up to
2.4GHz. MacBook also boasts an
beauty. Because of the unibody, this increased 1066MHz frontside bus and
MacBook is more durable than ever. It next-generation 1066MHz DDR3
was designed to take on your world. So memory.
slip it into your backpack or briefcase Mobility mastered
and pull it out wherever you go — it is Wherever you go with your
impressive in any setting. MacBook, wireless capabilities go with
Even the keyboard is advanced you. With the latest 802.11n wireless
The MacBook keyboard is solid, technology built in, you’re always
responsive and comfortable. Just put connected to the wireless world out
your fingers on the crisp keys and you there, at home and at work. It is
will feel pure typing bliss. An seamless and effortless to connect to a
illuminated keyboard, a popular feature Wi-Fi network and surf the web, send
of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, now email, video chat and more. With up to
comes standard on the 2.4GHz MacBook Simply stunning 5 hours of wireless productivity battery life,
model. So when you are in low-light settings The beautifully seamless, remarkably thin consider yourself a free agent. At home, stream
such as airports or lecture halls, you can design is not the only gleaming quality of the music wirelessly from your lounge. Rent
always see what you are typing. LED-backlit display. Open your MacBook and movies wirelessly with iTunes. And print
you are instantly greeted by glorious full documents or photos from anywhere. For an
Cleverly integrated — almost screen brightness. The aluminium enclosure is instantly ideal workspace, connect your
hidden — at the top of the perfectly integrated with a glass overlay that MacBook to the new Apple LED Cinema
MacBook Pro display is an iSight stretches to the edge of the notebook, Display. MacBook also includes Bluetooth
camera. Use it with iChat, and you providing a completely unobstructed picture. capabilities, so brilliant accessories such as the
Cooler creatures; Richer worlds optional Apple Wireless Keyboard and
can be anywhere without actually The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M brings up to
being there. Video chat with a five times faster, discrete-level graphics
buddy, share a video with a performance to MacBook. That means high-
colleague, or present to a client. end, high-speed 3D game-playing power.
Use iSight with Photo Booth for fun Graphics-intensive features in iPhoto and
photo effects iMovie are smoother, clearer and faster than
ever. With powerful NVIDIA graphics, you
Where’s the button? will enjoy movies and video with richer
The amazing new trackpad doubles as a colours and finer details.
button — just press down anywhere and Take it all along
consider it clicked. No separate button means With a hard drive up to 320GB,
there is 39 per cent more room for you can load MacBook with
your fingers to move on the movies, photos and documents
silky glass surface. Now and take everything with you. You
that Multi-Touch gestures also have the option to upgrade to
The new 13-inch MacBook
have come to MacBook, all a 128GB solid-state drive, which
the function is in your has no moving parts, for enhanced wireless Mighty Mouse free your desk from
fingers. Use two fingers durability. With the ultrafast 8x cables and cords.
to scroll up and down a SuperDrive, burn everything you You, in two places at once
page. Pinch to zoom in watch, listen to or create onto DVDs Cleverly integrated — almost hidden — at
and out. Swipe with and make room for even more. the top of the MacBook display is an iSight
Ports with possibilities camera. Use it with iChat and you can be
MacBook is iPod, iPhone, digital anywhere without actually being there. Video
camera and external hard drive ready. chat with a buddy, share a photo slideshow
three You’ll find two USB 2.0 ports to connect a wide with Mum, or run through a presentation with
fingers to flip through your photo libraries. variety of peripherals. You’ll also see a Mini a colleague. Use iSight with Photo Booth for
Rotate to adjust an image with your fingertips. DisplayPort — a perfect fit for the new Apple fun photo effects. And there’s no need to waste
Using the new four-finger swipe gesture, swipe LED Cinema Display. The MagSafe power port valuable primping time installing software or
up or down to access Exposé modes and left or gives you a trip-proof connection to safeguard configuring the camera. Like everything Mac,
right to switch between open applications. If your system and valuable data. And you can iSight just works. 
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Samsung-SGH-L310 Samsung-SGH-F400
This clamshell phone comes with This Dual slider mobile phone
features like 65k colour display comes with a 256k coloured dis-
with resolution of 176 x 220 pix- play with a resolution of 240 x 320
els, Tri band, GPRS, EMS, SMS pixels, 3 megapixel camera with
and handsfree speaker. It also video recorder. It comes with fea-
has features like a Secondary tures like bluetooth with A2DP,
Display, Inbuilt memory of 20MB, USB connector, EDGE, GPRS
2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and FM Radio. It also has an
USB connector, GPRS and inbuilt memory of 24 MB which
EDGE. The mobile phone comes can be upgraded using a microSD
with a Music Player which sup- card. The music player in the
ports MP3, AAC and AAC+ audio mobile phone supports MP3, AAC,
formats, Games, Email Client and eACC+ and WMA audio formats.
an Inbuilt Dictaphone.

Samsung-SGH-L320 Samsung-SGH-G810
This clamshell phone comes with It comes with a 256k coloured
features like 65k colour display display with a resolution of 240 x
with resolution of 176 x 220 pix- 320 pixels, 5 megapixel auto
els, Tri band, GPRS, EMS, SMS focus camera with flash and
and handsfree speaker. It also video recorder. The camera
has features like a Secondary comes with a 3x optical zoom,
Display, Inbuilt memory of 20MB, Face Detection and a Xenon
2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Flash. It comes with features like
USB connector, GPRS and Wi-fi, bluetooth with A2DP, USB
EDGE. The mobile phone comes connector, EDGE, GPRS and FM
with a Music Player which sup- Radio. The music player in the
ports MP3, AAC and AAC+ audio mobile phone supports MP3,
formats, Games, Email Client and AAC, AAC+, eACC+ and WMA
an Inbuilt Dictaphone. audio formats. The mobile phone
works on a Li Ion battery and
comes in Titan Grey colour. GPS,
Geo-tagging, 3.5mm Audio out
and TV Out are the unique fea-
tures of this mobile phone.

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Nokia-6260 Slide Nokia-7100 Supernova

This slider mobile phone comes This slider mobile phone comes
with a Lithium Ion battery which with a Lithium Ion battery which
provides talk time of 480 min- provides talk time of 480 minutes
utes and a standby time of 400 and a standby time of 454 hours
hours and has a 16m TFT and has a 65k QVGA coloured dis-
coloured display with a resolu- play with a resolution of 320 x 240
tion of 320 x 480 pixels. The pixels. The phone has an inbuilt
phone has an inbuilt memory of memory of 4 MB and connectivity
200 MB and connectivity options options like Bluetooth, USB connec-
like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP, tor, EDGE, GPRS and WAP. It also
USB connector, EDGE, GPRS has a music player which supports
and WAP. It also has a music MP3, Midi, AAC, WAV and AMR
player which supports MP3, audio formats, FM Radio and inbuilt
WMA, AAC, eAAC+ audio for- games. The phone is JAVA enabled
mats, FM Radio and inbuilt and comes in Jelly Red, Black and
games. The phone has Flight Fresh Blue colours.
mode and has unique features
like Built-in GPS receiver and
Document viewer.

Nokia-5130 Nokia-2330 Classic

XpressMusic This 90 grams mobile phone works
on a Lithium Ion battery which pro-
This 88 grams phone has a
vides talk time of 288 minutes and
Lithium Ion battery which provides
a standby time of 540 hours. It has
talk time of 360 minutes and
a 65k TFT coloured display with a
standby time of 288 hours. It has
resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and
added features like 256k QVGA
an inbuilt memory of 32 MB. The
coloured display with a resolution
phone comes with a VGA camera
of 320 x 240 pixels and an inbuilt
with 4x digital zoom and video
memory of 30 MB which is
recording feature. The phone has
upgradeable upto 2 GB using a
connectivity options like bluetooth,
microSD card. The phone comes
EDGE and GPRS and has a music
with a 2 MP camera with 4x digital
player which supports AAC audio
zoom, video recorder and has
format. It also comes with inbuilt
connectivity options like Bluetooth,
games, FM radio and comes with
USB connector, GPRS and WAP.
JAVA MIDP 2.0. The mobile phone
The phone also has a music play-
supports polyphonic and MP3-
er which supports MP3, AAC,
grade ringtone formats and comes
eAAC, eAAC+, MP3, Midi, WMA,
in Black and Deep Red colours.
WAMR and MXMF audio formats,
fm radio and inbuilt games.

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LG KF900 Prada
The latest phone from LG, the
Sony Ericsson
KF900, may be able to steal K630i
marketshare from the iPhone. It
has been revealed that the This 97 grams mobile phone
phone sports a capacitive dis- has a Lithium Polymer bat-
play allowing it to achieve multi- tery, which allows you a talk
touch input. This comes after time of 540 minutes and
news of the Blackberry Storm stand by time of 300 hours.
having similar functionality. The It has added features like tri
specifications, however, show it band, 262k TFT colour dis-
having a smaller 3.0 inch play with a resolution of 176
screen with a 240x400 resolu- x 220 pixels. It comes with a
tion showing the phone is possi- music player, 2MB inbuilt
bly catering for those who prefer memory, inbuilt dictaphone,
a smaller sized fashion acces- push email client and USB
sory. In typical LG fashion, this connector. It comes with an
smartphone also includes an inbuilt 2MP camera, 2.5x
elegant design but with the digital zoom with video
drawback of low battery life. recorder. The mobile phone
Where it improves upon the comes in Quick Black and
iPhone is mainly with the five Havana Gold colour.
megapixel camera and the spa-
cious slide-out full qwerty key-

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson-J132 T270i
This bar phone comes with a 65k With Lithium-Ion battery type,
CSTN display with a resolution of it allows you talk time of 420
128 x 128, inbuilt memory of 4 minutes and standby time of
MB. It also comes with fm radio, 300 hours. It has features like
inbuilt games, calendar and 65k TFT colour display with
scheduler. The mobile has a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels,
handsfree speaker and alarm Quad Band, GPRS, bluetooth
clock. The phone supports poly- and USB connector. The
phonic ringtone formats and mobile has added features like
comes in Night Black and Heaven FM Radio, Games, Handsfree
Blue colours. Speaker and is JAVA enabled.
The mobile phone comes in
Copper on Silver and Silver on
Black colour.

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Rs Rs
4,900 3,999

Samsung B220 Guru Trend T303 Smarty Plus

Dimension 105 x 44.5 x 14 mm
Weight 78.5 g
Battery Talk Time Up to 7.4 hrs,  1.3 Mega Pixels Camera
Standby up to 250 h  FM Radio
Memory 4 MB Built-in (200 SMS + 500  1.8 inch wide TFT color screen
Phonebook Entries)  Wrong Call Restriction
Connectivity GPRS class 10, USB  Secret Message Inbox
Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1,77 inches  Polyphonic Ring Tones
Display Colour 65K CSTN  Multiple Languages
 Time Synchronization
 Slim & Smart

Rs Rs
4,600 4,300

Motorola W220 Nokia 1650

Dimension 95 x 46 x 16.7 mm, 74 cc Dimension 104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm, 69cc
Weight 93 g Weight 80 g
Battery Talk time Up to 8 h, Battery Talk time Up to 8 h,
Stand-by Up to 290 h Stand-by Up to 420 h
Memory 500 KB user memory (600 Memory 8 MB user memory (No
Phonebook entries, 250 short Memory Card)
messages) Connectivity Headset connector
Connectivity GPRS (32 - 40 kbp) (stanard 2.5 mm)
Display Size 128 x 128 pixels, 28 x 28 mm Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 35 x 28 mm
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors

Rs Rs
4,600 4,450

Sony Ericsson T250i LG-C2500

Dimension 100 x 45 x 13 mm
Weight 82 g Dimension 101 x 46 x 18 mm
Battery Talk time Up to 7 h, Connectivity USB, GPRS Class 10
Stand-by Up to 300 h (48 kbps)
Memory 2 MB internal memory (20 Weight 80 g
received, dialed and missed calls) Battery Talk time up to 3 h,
Connectivity Infrared, GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), Stand-by Up to 250 h
HSCSD Memory 60 MB shared memory
Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.7 inches Display Size 128 x 128 pixels, 1.5 inches
Display Colour TFT, 65K colors Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Rs. 32,500 Rs. 24,000

Samsung F480 Nokia 6500 Slide

Dimension Dimension
98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm
Weight Weight
100.6 g 125 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 3 h, Stand-by Up to Talk time Up to 6 h, Stand-by Up
250 h to 310 h
Memory Memory
232 MB Built-in + microSD Memory 20 MB user free internal memory
Card (supports up to 8GB) + Extendable (microSD
Connectivity TransFlash)
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, Connectivity
GPRS Class 12 (32 - 48 kbps), Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
EDGE, 3G (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps) GPRS
Display Size Display Size
240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
Display Colour Display Colour
TFT touchscreen, 256K colors TFT, 16M colors

Rs. 14,500 Rs. 21,500

Sony Ericsson Samsung S7330

G502 Soul
103 x 46 x 13.5 mm
104.8 x 49.4 x 13.9 mm
83.5 g
110 g Battery Talk time Up to
7 h, Stand-by Up to 350 h
Talk time Up to 10 h, Stand-by
Up to 340 h
35 MB shared + microSD Card
32 MB Built-in + Memory Stick
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP,
Micro (M2)
USB, GPRS Class 10 (48
kbps), EDGE Class 10 (236.8
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP,
kbps), 3G (HSDPA 3.6 Mbps)
USB, GPRS Class 10 (48
Display Size
kbps), EDGE Class 10 (236.8
240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
kbps), 3G (HSDPA 3.6 Mbps)
(Advance Magical Touch
Display Size
Navigation panel)
240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches
Display Colour
Display Colour
TFT, 16M colors
TFT, 256K colors

Above prices are subject to change as per market
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Rs. 18,000 Rs. 22,300

BlackBerry 8700g Motorola RAZR2 V8

Dimension Dimension
110 x 69.5 x 19.5 mm 103 x 53 x 11.9 mm
Weight Weight
134 g 117 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 4 h, Stand-by Talk time Up to 7 h 50 min, Stand-
Up to 450 h by Up to 330 h
OS Memory
BlackBerry OS 420 MB OR 2 GB internal user
Memory memory
64 MB flash memory + 16 MB Connectivity
SRAM Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
Processor GPRS
Intel PXA901 312 MHz Display Size
processor 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches (2nd
Connectivity external 2 inches display
Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, EDGE Display Colour
Display Size TFT, 256K colors (2nd external
320 x 240 pixels 256K colors)

Rs. 25,000 Rs. 36,000

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Nokia 8600 LUNA

Dimension Dimension
107 x 50 x 14 mm 107 x 45 x 15.9 mm, 70 cc
Weight Weight
91 g 143 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 4 h, Stand-by Up to Talk time Up to 3 h 40 min, Stand-
360 h by Up to 240 h
OS Memory
BlackBerry OS 128 MB internal user memory (No
Memory Memory Card Slot)
64 MB flash memory + Extendable Connectivity
microSD (TransFlash) Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
Connectivity GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps),
Bluetooth v2.0, USB, GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE Class 10 (236.8
HSCSD, EDGE, WLAN (Wi-Fi kbps)
802.11b/g) Display Size
Display Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches
240 x 260 pixels Display Colour
FT, 16M colors


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Rs. 14,800 Rs. 36,300

Samsung M3510 Nokia N93i

Beat b
Dimension 108 x 58 x 25 mm, 115 cc
109 x 46 x 9.9 mm Weight
Weight 163 g
68 g Battery
Battery Talk time: up to 3.5hrs, Stand-by
lk time Up to 5 h, Stand-by time: up to 11 days
Up to 250 h Memory
Memory 50 MB internal dynamic memory +
60 MB Built-in + microSD Expandable: (1 GB miniSD card
Memory Card (1GB included) included)
Connectivity Connectivity
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, Bluetooth 2.0, Infrared, USB,
Display Size Display Size
240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches 240 x 320 pixels, 36 x 48 mm
Display Colour Display Colour
TFT, 16M colors TFT, 16M colors

Rs. 23,000 Rs. 21,000

Sony Ericsson T700 Motorola RIZR Z8

109 x 50 x 15 mm, 77 cc
104 x 48 x 10 mm
112 g
78 g
Talk time Up to 5 h, Stand-by Up
Talk time Up to 9 h 30 min,
to 380 h
Stand-by Up to 370 h
Symbian OS v9.2, UIQ 3.1
25 MB shared + Memory Stick
Micro M2 (512 MB card included)
77 MB internal memory +
Extendable microSD (TransFlash)
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps),
TI 2420 multimedia, 300 Mhz
Display Size
240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
Display Colour
TFT, 256K colors Display Size
240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
Display Colour
TFT, 16M colors

Above prices are subject to change as per market
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Rs. 55,000 Rs. 34,000

Samsung i900 Omnia Nokia N79

Dimension Dimension
112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm 110 x 49 x 15 mm, 74 cc
Weight Weight
122 g 97 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 5 h 50 min, Stand- Talk time Up to 5 h 30 min,
by Up to 500 h Stand-by Up to 372 h
Memory Memory
8 GB/16 GB Built-in + microSD (up 83 MB Built-in + microSD Card (up
to 8GB), 128 MB RAM, 256 MB to 8GB, hotswap)
ROM Connectivity
Processor Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
624MHz Marvell PXA312 GPRS
Connectivity Display Size
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches
GPRS (Accelerometer sensor for auto-
Display Size rotate + Touch-sensitive Navi
240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 inches wheel)
Display Colour Display Colour
TFT touchscreen, 256K colors (65K TFT, 16M colors

Rs. 13,500 Rs. 29,000

Nokia 7310 Supernova Samsung U900 Soul

Dimension Dimension
106.5 x 45.4 x 12 mm, 58 cc 105 x 49.5 x 12.9 mm
Weight Weight
83 g 112 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 4 h, Stand-by Talk time Up to 4 h, Stand-by Up
Up to 300 h OS Series 40 to 280 h
Memory Memory
32 MB internal + microSD card (sup- 128 MB shared memory +
ports up to 4GB) microSD Memory Card
Connectivity (TransFlash)
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS Connectivity
Class 32 (88 kbps), EDGE (296 kbits), Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
Display Size GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE
240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches Class 10 (236.8 kbps), 3G
Display Colour (HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps)
TFT, 16M colors Display Size
240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
(Navigation panel)
Display Colour
TFT, 16M colors

Above prices are subject to change as per market
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Nokia N85
N85 is the latest Nseries signing and a bulletproof spec sheet sets it right in the thick
of all-in-one action. Full-house connectivity and multimedia prowess topped with a mas-
sive OLED screen to die for, Nokia N85 gives the lineup a great edge and comes out as
the definitive brand-loyal upgrade. No, it will never rule the Nseries but sure what it takes
to make them tick. With the echo of the not so glorious N96 entry still lingering, we are
about to see what Nokia N85 can do for the Nseries morale.

Dimension 103 x 50 x 16 mm, 76 cc

Weight 128 g
Battery Talk time Up to 6 h 50 min, Stand-by Up to 363 h
OS Symbian OS 9.3, S60 rel. 3.2
Memory 85 MB internal + microSD Card (up to 8GB)
Processor ARM 11 369 MHz
Connectivity Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS Class 32(107 / 64.2 kbps),
HSCSD (43.2 kbps), EDGE Class 32 (296 kbps; DTM Class 11 177
kbps), 3G(HSDPA 3.6 Mbps), WLAN (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g,UPnP technology)
Display Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.6 inches (Accelerometer sen sor for auto-rotate +
Touch-sensitive Navi wheel)
Display Colour OLED, 16M colors
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS reader
Colors Copper
Entertainment Stereo FM radio with RDS, Stereo speakers, FM transmitter,
MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA player, TV out, 3.5 mm audio output jack,
Camera 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, video(VGA 30fps),
flash; secondary VGA videocall camera

Sony Ericsson C902

Full steam into the megapixel chase, Sony Ericsson C902 is trying to show off its
best before the 8 megapixel monsters start stealing the show. The Cyber-shot pedigree,
touch-controlled camera and metal outfit are true predator stuff and now that we have a
retail unit in our hands it's time to revisit our pre-release preview of the device and see
if there are any chinks in its armor that may turn predator to prey.

Dimension 108 x 49 x 10.5 mm

Weight 107 g
Battery Talk time Up to 9 h, Stand-by Up to 400 h
Memory 160 MB internal memory + Memory Stick Micro (M2)
Connectivity Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps),
EDGE Class 10 (236.8 kbps), 3G (HSDPA 3.6 Mbps)
Display Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches
Display Colour TFT, 256K colors
Browser WAP 2.0/HTML (NetFront), RSS reader
Colors Swift Black, Luscious Red
Entertainment 8 illuminated camera touch keys, FM radio with RDS,
MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, TrackID music recognition, Picture
Camera 5 MP, 2592?1944 pixels, autofocus, image stabiliser, video
(QVGA@30fps), flash; secondary videocall camera

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Samsung M3510 Beat b

Samsung has launched its newest music phone, Samsung Beat (model:
M3510) as the starters of the company’s music phone line “The BEAT Edition.”
M3510 is equipped with digital natural sound engine, also known as DNSe,
which is inherited from Samsung’s own audio technology, provides more natural
sound effects, perfectly overcoming the limitations of sound from earphones and
small speakers in portable devices. It reproduces a genuine 3D sound and deep
bass resonance.
Samsung Beat offers a variety of music dedicated features. ‘Auto EQ’ function
automatically turns the equalizer into the best setting according to the genre and
type of the music users listen to. Also, by using Shazam’s ‘Find Music’ service,
users can find any song they want to listen to even at an unexpected moment. By
recording and sending a tune to Shazam server, users can easily track down and
even purchase the song through participating operators’ music stores.
Samsung Beat comes with ‘Motion Play’ feature, which enables users to con-
trol their music with just few simple motions. For instance, users can play or pause
the music simply by tapping their phone. By flipping the phone, the music is muted
and automatically set at the etiquette mode. Moreover, by simple shaking the
phone, users can play the next song or previous song.
Besides the Motion Play feature, Samsung BEAT also features physical music
control keys on the outside. Users can immediately play, stop, pause, fast forward
or rewind music using these control keys even when working on other tasks such
as sending text message and playing mobile game.

Trend T-786i Dual Sim GSM

Trend mobiles were the first in introducing the dual SIM mech-
anism that allowed a person to hold two different SIMs in one
mobile phone. It has now come up with the simplest and yet the
most loaded of the mobile phones. It is called the, Trend Perfect
Dual Sim, T-786i is available in Bar shape with keypad and touch
screen facility.
The features of T786i are startling, Its basic edge is that a user
can retain different network operators, SIMs in one cell phone and
can receive calls in both. It is a complete multimedia cell phone
with 2 mega pixel camera, which has an audio and
video recorders and players as well. The USB
data cable allows the user a unique facility of
‘Plug N Play’.
Attach the cable with your computer and
view what you have recorded. There is no
need of any software or driver installation
unlike other cell phones. Trend T-786i
having Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS
and MMS. Trend mobiles offers and
unmatched Deluxe Package along with
the set which includes a free-of-cost
Bluetooth Device, 256 MB memory card, hands free, USB
port, Desktop charger, 2 extra batteries and In-Car charger
and a Trendy pouch to carry your cell phone in style.
The Trend T-786i is a fashion conscious handset, which has a
good and attractive size of LCD and gives solid and quality feel
when in use. Mobile phone holds another edge to other cell
phones in the market. It has the style, it has the attractive look
and it has all that you require in cell phone to begin with.

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Rs Rs
58,400 57,500

Apple-iPhone 3G (16GB) Samsung i8510 INNOV8

This 133 grams phone has a Lithium Ion This 140 grams slider phone has a
battery, which provides talk time of 600 Lithium Ion battery, which allows you
minutes and standby time of 300 hours. It talk time of 510 minutes and standby
has added features like Quad band, 16m time of 310 hours. It has a 16m TFT
coloured touchscreen display with resolu- colour display with resolution of 240 x
tion of 320 x 480 pixels and a music play- 320 pixels. It comes with an inbuilt
er supporting MP3, AAC, Audible, Apple memory of 16 GB which can be
Lossless, AIFF and WAV music formats. It upgraded upto 16 GB using a microSD
also comes with an inbuilt memory of card, 8 MP camera with flash, video
16GB, 3G compatibility, 2 megapixel cam- recording feature and other added fea-
era, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB connector and tures like secondary videocall camera,
EDGE. Multi-Touch Display, OS X image stabilizer, geo-tagging, auto-
Operating System and GPS are the panorama shot, face, smile and blink
unique features of this mobile phone and detection. TOptical Mouse, Inbuilt GPS,
comes in Black and White colour. Business card scanner,
DivX/H.263/H.264/WMV/MP4 player,
3.5 mm audio jack, TV out are added
features of the phone.

Rs Rs
70,500 54,500

Nokia 8800 Arte Apple-iPhone 3G

This 150 grams phone has a Lithium- This 133 grams phone has a Lithium
Ion battery type, which allows you talk Ion battery, which provides talk time
time of 180 minutes and stand by time of 600 minutes and standby time of
of 300 hours. It comes with features like 300 hours. It has added features like
16m colour OLED display with resolu- Quad band, 16m coloured touch-
tion of 240 x 320 pixels, mp3 capability. screen display with resolution of 320
It also has added features like Quad- x 480 pixels and a music player sup-
band, 3.15MP camera with video porting MP3, AAC, Audible, Apple
recording, Autofocus feature, 1GB Lossless, AIFF and WAV music for-
inbuilt memory, EDGE, Bluetooth and mats. It also comes with an inbuilt
USB connector. This mobile phone memory of 8GB, 3G compatibility, 2
comes in Silver colour and it also has megapixel camera, Wi-fi, Bluetooth,
an Accelerometer. USB connector and EDGE. Multi-
Touch Display, OS X Operating
System and GPS are the unique
features of this mobile phone and
comes in Black colour.

Rs Rs
30,700 73,000

LG KU990 Viewty HTC Touch Pro

The Touch Pro is quite similar to the
This 112 grams phone has a lithium-ion bat- Touch Diamond save for a few things.
tery type, which allows you talk time of 355 It sports a Qualcomm MSM7201A
minutes and standby time of 454 hours. It processor running at 528MHz. It has
has added features like triband, 262k colour 512MB ROM (the Diamond has 4GB),
TFT Touchscreen display with resolution of 288MB RAM (the Diamond has
240 x 400 pixels, 100MB inbuilt memory, 192MB), and has a microSD/HC
microSD card slot with an Extendable expansion slot for added memory
Memory support of 2GB, Bluetooth, infrared, (which the Diamond doesn't have).
USB connector, EDGE, GPRS and music The screen is 2.8" with VGA 480x640
player. It has a 5MP camera with 16x digital resolution. It's a quadband GSM
zoom, flash, video recording and features (850/900/1800/1900) phone with dual-
like Auto Focus, Manual Focus, Face band UMTS (1900/2100) with HSDPA.
Tracking and Secondary VGA Camera. This It also has assisted GPS, WiFi b & g,
Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, USB 2.0, and
mobile phone is HSDPA and 3G compatible
FM radio. TPowering all of this is a
and comes in Black colour.
1350mAh battery, compared to the
Touch Diamond with a smaller
900mAh battery.
Above prices are subject to change as per market
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DELL XPS 1530 (2.0 Ghz) HP Pavillion DV2855

Rs Rs
98,396 97,729

The XPS 1530 is a truly portable notebook. How did we get so thin? The DV2855 features the powerful Intel Core Duo and 64-bit Core 2
Our optional LED display uses 32 tiny, white LEDs for a super bright, Duo processors. With two execution cores on a single chip, it can run
super skinny screen. Projected weight starting at just under 4 multiple multimedia applications in parallel without slowing the sys-
pounds (1.8 kg) and featuring next-gen technologies like optional tem. You can configure the DV2855 with two cores in a single proces-
embedded mobile broadband, slot load optical drive, HDMI connec- sor for enhanced games, digital music, digital photography, and video
tion, Biometric Fingerprint Security, the XPS 1530 is the last word in editing; you'll get significantly improved performance when running
leading edge high tech. multiple applications-for instance, you can watch a high-definition
movie and work on demanding graphics projects at the same time,
without slowing the system.

ACER - Aspire 6920G-834G32Bn IBM ThinkPad T400

Rs Rs
147,460 163,530

Acer's latest creation has an individual and incredibly unique design. The new 14-inch T400 ThinkPad is the latest Lenovo notebook based
The new Aspire 6920 is breaking away from the classic mobile design off of the Intel Montivena platform. This computer offers all new fea-
by expressing all the performance, power and control with a whole tures such as hybrid graphics, LED backlit displays, and power saving
new reference, the Gemstone Blue design. Open up a whole new refinements that let the notebook get extraordinary battery life. With
world of possibilities with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor tech- all these changes taking place, Lenovo has also managed to keep the
nology in combination with the NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS: Mobile notebook looking as boring as ever, just how ThinkPad owners like it.
power has never been so desirable.

Sony Vaio VGN-SR190NAB MACBOOK 2.4GHz MB404 Black

Rs Rs
120,859 169,104

The powerful, portable and durable VAIO® SR notebook features a Apple's MacBook is the perfect confluence of affordability, innovation,
magnesium alloy casing, new Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technolo- and powerful computing. This latest iteration of the MacBook line
gy, long battery life and a 13.3”6 LED backlit widescreen display with (model MB404LL/A) gets a boost of speed from Intel's latest 45-
XBRITE-ECO™ LCD technology. Customize your SR notebook with nanometer Penryn series processors, which also helps to reduce
completely different on-screen “personalities” for home, work and play power requirements and save on battery life. You'll enjoy quick and
using the ingenious new “Switch” mode. nimble multitasking thanks to the 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, and
this MacBook also features an extra-large 250 GB hard drive and 2
GB of installed RAM (which can be upgraded to 4 GB).

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Thirty-two per cent connect with friends through social network sites from their work
computer and 20 per cent update their social network profiles with photos and videos while at
t probably would not shock most bosses, but shopping on the Web (57 per cent), the survey network profiles with photos and videos while

I three out of the four of their employees are

using their work computers for email,
shopping, surfing and other personal
business, according to a recent survey.
Seventy-four per cent of office workers use
found. Fifty-seven per cent use their work
computer to listen to music or look at pictures
and video while 44 per cent use it for instant
at work. Eight per cent use their work computer
to update their personal blog or comment on
other blogs. But if employees are using their
work computers for personal activities they are
also using their home computers for work,
their work computer for personal tasks, the
It found that 90 per cent of according to the study.
survey of nearly 530 information technology (IT) employees have own a PC and It found that 90 per cent of employees have
managers and end users at companies in North 85 per cent use it for work own a PC and 85 per cent use it for work
America, Britain and Europe found. reasons. These include email (85 per cent),
Fifteen per cent do not use their work
reasons. These include email loading documents brought home on a disc or
computers for personal purposes while 11 per (85 per cent), loading flash drive (79 per cent), or downloading
cent of the respondents preferred not to answer documents brought home on a documents from the corporate network (73 per
the question. The survey was conducted by cent).
NewDiligence, an independent market research
disc or flash drive (79%), or The survey also found that visits to social
firm, for Belmont, California-based FaceTime downloading documents from network sites while at work were not strictly
Communications, a provider of Internet security the corporate network (73%) personal. Fifty-one per cent of end users access
solutions. social network or media sites such as Facebook,
The most frequent personal use of a work PC messaging (IM) chat with friends and family. MySpace, LinkedIn or YouTube at least once a
was to send email to friends and family, Thirty-two per cent connect with friends day and 79 per cent do so for business reasons -
followed by looking at Web sites (84 per cent), through social network sites from their work professional networking, research or learning
banking and personal finance (68 per cent) and computer and 20 per cent update their social about colleagues. 

ew research suggests that a little bit information about topics such as the health

N of Googling goes a long way towards

keeping your mind fit. This small
study does not confirm that using an
Internet search engine like Google is healthy for
the brain. But some middle-aged and older
benefits of chocolate, the locations of nature
walks and car-shopping tips. The scanner
measured their brain activity as they searched.
The Internet search-experienced subjects also
showed more brain activity when they searched
subjects who spent time searching for on the Internet than when they simply read text.
information on the Internet did show signs of But the subjects who were not acquainted with
more brain activity than those who simply Internet searching picked up the skills and
engaged in reading. boosted their brain activity after searching an
"Just a simple, everyday computer task seems hour a day for five days.
to be activating neutral circuits," said study It is possible that Internet searching could be
author Dr Gary W. Small, director of the good for the brain, he said. "There's a lot of
University of California, Los Angeles, Centre on interest in brain fitness and exercising our brains
Aging. "It's possible that this is something to protect them from future decline. One
that strengthens our brains as we do it.” possibility is that a simple task like
Small and his colleagues launched the
study to see how brain activity differs in
people who are accustomed to use
Surf to stimulate searching on the Internet activates our
brains and may be protecting them in some
way." Still, "we want to not overdo it with
computers and those who are new to them.
In the larger picture, Small said, he wants
to understand how the brains of younger
your senses the computer," he said. "It's great that we're
working out the frontal lobe of the brain,
but it's good to take a break and have
people might be wired differently from
those of older people because of long-term
Brain activity was much higher in the conversations with people, work on the
part of the brain involved with face-to-face
exposure to computers. The researchers subjects who had previous experience human contact skills."
decided to look at middle-aged and older with Internet searches. Much of the activity Paul Sanberg, director of the University
people, because more of them are not of South Florida College of Medicine's
familiar with computers. "occurred in the frontal lobe, which is Centre of Excellence for Aging and Brain
In the study, the researchers recruited involved in complex reasoning and Repair, said it's indeed possible that
24 people aged 55 to 76. Half had extensive Internet searches could enhance the brain.
experience with computer searches, while
decision-making" "There's evidence that the more brain is
the other half did not. The researchers put the a scanner is small, they could see a computer active, the more brain makes connections," he
subjects in an MRI machine and tried to replicate screen through goggles and use a keypad to said. "That keeps it functioning better and
the experience of Googling. While the subjects move a cursor. provides neuroprotection. 
did not have keyboards because the space inside Researchers told the subjects to search for
No Line Rent
Competitive Rates
Crystal Clear Voice
Free VAS
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compromise and, thus, lead

to an increased supply on
underground economy
servers," said the report.
The price card thieves can
expect for the numbers they
offer for sale also varied by
the country of origin. US card
numbers were the cheapest
because they were so
ubiquitous – 74 per cent of all
cards offered for sale were
with get-rich-
from the US. By contrast
numbers from cards issued in
Europe and the Middle East
commanded a premium
quick SMS
because they were relatively
The year-long look at the
underground economy
confirmed to Symantec how
serious and organised cyber
thieves have become. Via the
covert chat channels and
invitation-only discussion
forums, hi-tech thieves form
According to a research Hi-tech thieves who loose alliances, contact those The messages, sent from
specialise in card fraud have a credit line in who specialise in one international numbers,
excess of $5bn research suggests. All technique or find individuals announce lottery wins and
criminals are happy to work together to steal who can extract cash from
particular credit cards or return calls made to these
money from credit cards and bank accounts. financial institutions. numbers could result in huge
This is because card numbers stolen in one Russian and Eastern
phone bills
country can only be "cashed out" in their European gangs seem to be
among the most well-
home nation - necessitating contact across fter the infamous Nigerian email lottery
ecurity firm Symantec calculated the
organised and have the
ability to mass-produce credit
and debit cards. By contrast A scams, some residents of the UAE say
they have received similar 'get-rich-

quick' messages on their cell phones. The
figure to quantify the scale of fraud it thieves in the US are much more loosely aligned. messages, sent from international numbers,
found during a year-long look at the net's But all criminals were happy to work together to announce lottery wins and return calls made to
underground economy. steal money from credit cards and bank these numbers could result in huge phone bills, say
• Credit card numbers were the most accounts. This was because card numbers stolen the residents.
"I recently got an SMS from an unfamiliar
popular item on sale and made up 31 per cent of in one country can only be "cashed out" in their
international number which said I had won a
all the goods on offer. home nation - necessitating contact across
Mercedes Benz in a German lottery. The message
• Coming in second were bank details borders. was sent from German Motors International and
which made up 20 per cent of the items being seemed quite genuine," says Mohammed Ali, a
offered on criminal chat channels. Many of the methods Dubai resident.
• The $5.3 billion figure was reached by "All I was required to do was call back on the
multiplying the average amount of fraud favoured by cyber contact number that was listed in the SMS. But
perpetrated on a stolen card, $350, by the many when I called, there was a man speaking a different
millions Symantec observed being offered for
criminals, such as language which I could not understand and, after a
while, we both gave up trying to make each other
sale. phishing schemes, understand," he added.
Similarly, the report said, if hi-tech thieves
plundered all the bank accounts offered for sale database attacks and Ali says he was shocked to see the bill for the
three minute call, "I was charged Dh18, more than
they could net up to $1.7bn. magnetic strip skimmers, the usual charges for the call duration."
Symantec said it was likely that many of the Fahdi Aziz, a Dubai-based university student,
cards offered for sale were invalid or cancelled are designed to steal describes a similar incident. "Last month, I was sent
and bank accounts closed but it added: "These a 'lottery win' message from an unknown
figures are indicative of the value of the
credit card information. international sender, which sounded quite
underground economy and the potential worth The existence of a ready lucrative. I do not normally believe in such notices
of the market." because I am aware of the scam mails. But this was
Credit card numbers have proved so popular market for any stolen data the first time I received an SMS announcing a win,"
said Aziz.
among hi-tech thieves because they are easy to and the growing use of "I called back the number in a European country
obtain and use for fraudulent purposes. Many of and reached a dead end with a female at the other
the methods favoured by cyber criminals, such credit cards also helped end since I could not understand the language," he
as phishing schemes, database attacks and
magnetic strip skimmers, are designed to steal
maintain their popularity said, adding that the call cost him Dh8 per minute.
An Etisalat spokesperson and technical expert
credit card information. The existence of a ready said, "These messages have nothing to do with
market for any stolen data and the growing use "Symantec research indicates that there is a Etisalat and the phone numbers are probably
of credit cards also helped maintain their certain amount of collaboration and organisation randomly selected. I would advise people not to
popularity, it said. occurring on these forums, especially at the respond to such messages since they may be
"High frequency use and the range of administrative level. Moreover, considerable misleading. We already have examples of people
evidence exists that organised crime is involved being fleeced by such baseless mail and SMS
available methods for capturing credit card data
would generate more opportunities for theft and in many cases." 
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owadays, products and solutions

N related to loan processing systems

have become a common need for
many companies and financial
institutions. Systems Limited, Pakistan’s first
and largest software house, has successfully
developed a comprehensive loan processing
system that effectively makes the overall loan
processing system smooth and user friendly. The
loan processing system (LPS) has been
developed using world class technology by
highly experienced professionals, having
extensive expertise and proven track record in
mortgage or lending industry. The LPS is
customizable to a large extent and is based on a
configurable rules based workflow engine,
which in practical terms, means that the system
is completely equipped with the properties that a
lender can expect to have without having to
worry about regulations and compliances. The
important aspects of Systems Limited’s Loan
Processing System are:
• Loan origination
Loan Origination is the entry point for all
types of loans (syndicate, standalone). Loan
Processes are maintained by workflows, overall change in a
application is entered into the system with other process does not have any effect on the business rules that are
supplemental information. Loan is passed to already defined within a process
different departments for approvals. Risk
assessment is done for this credit and only after • Asset management system transaction. System is configured to present
its approval the loan passes on for underwriting. The Asset Management module is used for exception cases to queue (task list);
After this process, loan origination is finalized payment rescheduling and bill generation with ➘ Automatic QC tasks reduce time and
and disbursement is made. manual charges like fee and adjustments. This manual efforts, it enables automatic follow up
• Automated loan servicing module also maintains general ledger tasks, alerts and reminders, which reduce
This module provides the entry point for loan accounting. manual tracking and communication; queues are
servicing; where payment schedule are revised, Some of the significant features of Systems configured to display cases that exceed
payments are collected and posted into the Limited’s Loan Processing System are: timeframe or allowable time based upon
system for payment processing. Payment ➘ The LPS is a completely Web-based configurations and/or workflow rule;
processing sub-module within this module solution, hence could be accessed from ➘ System maintains audit trail of key
provides functionality for applying penalties on anywhere by providing security credentials; activities performed during the processing,
non-payment loans, make adjustments in ➘ Event Driven workflows help in which establishes control in the overall process;
payments collected like pre-payment, automation which means that as various and
insufficient payment etc. activities occur during the processing, the next ➘ System provides functionality to
• Litigation Processing task or activity is queued; seamlessly add extensions to the product for
The Litigation Processing module manages ➘ Task manager creates tasks for future banking needs.
losses in case of non-payment of loans. It first appropriate departments and their users and In the coming times, with its dynamic and
tries to minimize the loss after which litigations tasks are assigned based upon priorities set by nationally as well as internationally acclaimed
are carried out for the recovery of losses. This management and/or work rules; services and products, Systems Limited
module also provides the functionality to file ➘ Task Manager and workflow provide promises a lot more to offer to the financial
and collect claims against insurance companies exception based processing (where applicable) sector of Pakistan. 
and guarantors. instead of reviewing or auditing every

Cellular fraud on its march

Those who make such calls have different demands, some of
them ask for loading credit in the given mobile number(s) and
some inquire about bank details
Salmat Ali Baig lodged a complaint with the number of another company. The caller
Aabpara police that two persons informed him introduced himself and said he was calling
through calls made from different cell phones from Karachi to inform that he had won Rs 1
that he had won Rs 0.5 million. The callers million from a scheme launched by the
asked him to load credit in the accounts of the company. The caller told him to talk to a
mobile numbers. He loaded Rs 24,800 in the supervisor and mentioned his name and in this
accounts on different occasions. regard gave a number claiming that it was the
eware of surprise calls that drive you in

B jubilation by informing about winning of

million(s) of rupees as they are made by
criminal-minded people to defraud
simple people.
The motive behind asking for bank details is
Similarly, Waseem Khalid, a resident of
Rawalpindi, received a call from a mobile
number. The caller said he was calling from
Nazimabad, Karachi. He then told him that he
had won Rs 10 million from a scheme launched
by the company.
company’s head office number. Interestingly,
the accused used the name of the company’s
senior official to defraud people.
The mobile service providers, when
contacted on their help lines, said they received
five to six complaints daily and take action
yet to be ascertained. However, mobile service The caller gave him a number and asked according to the company’s policy if they found
providers say it is only to satisfy the callers that him to dial it for further procedure to get the anybody guilty during internal verification.
the money would be transferred in their prize money. The caller also asked about Mr One of the companies claimed to have
accounts. Khalid’s bank account number and details on cancelled the balance from the numbers from
On the other hand, police suspect that there the pretext that the money would be where the credit had been sought while the
is a possibility that robbers and kidnappers are transferred in the bank. other two blocked the numbers. However, none
behind some of the calls to judge the people’s Likewise, Raja Asghar, a resident of of them transferred the money to the victims
financial status to target them. Islamabad, received a call from a mobile from the numbers of the accused. 
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world due to imposition of activation tax, 21

Industry asks govt to per cent GST, import duty of Rs 500 and
handset duty of Rs 250. It was requested
that actual retailers and distributors of
mobile sets in the country be also

rationalise 3G spectrum embedded into this tax regime and the

import duty be subsequently withdrawn
by the government.
It was urged that the government may like to formulate policy Nisar
In response, representative from Federal
framework to handle this process smoothly and in Board of Revenue informed the participants that
Masoor Chief
there are some conceptual problems regarding
consultation with the telecom industry, so as to safeguard Customer
the understanding of the taxation system. He
their business interests in Pakistan Officer,
said that Pakistan’s telecom industry earlier has
Federal Board
always enjoyed a tax exemption regime which
epresentatives of the telecom industry

of Revenue, Mushtaq Ahmad Member Telecom,
includes exemptions on custom duty, sales tax,
discussed with government their Minister of Information and Technology, Arif
federal excise duty, import of plant and
concerns regarding the auction of 3G Inam, Director General Commercial Affairs,
machinery etc. He referred to activation tax and
Spectrum by Pakistan PTA, Aslam Wahab, Director General Licensing,
said that it is like sales tax which is to be paid at
Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the PTA and Arif Agha Director Economic Affairs,
import and supply stages. As far as import duty
current taxation policy for the telecom sector. PTA.
is concerned the industry was heavily exempted
The government has assured the telecom The Telecom Industry was represented by
up to the time of current year’s budget. Again,
industry of its full cooperation in launching of Aamir Ibrahim, VP Mobilink, Maj. Gen. (R)
the rate of import duty, irrespective of the total
the new technology, says a press statement. They Hamid Hassan Butt, GM Coordination Ufone,
value, was kept at flat rate of Rs 500. This was
apprised the public sector participants that Moqeem Ul Haque GM Strategy Ufone, Irfan
done by the government in order to attain
Pakistan’s telecom industry has matured enough Wahab Khan, Executive Vice President Telenor,
national objectives, which were to cut down
to move to the technology of 3G Spectrum, Qazi Muhammad Idris, Director Public and
which is a part of its natural evolution and Govt. Affairs, Telenor, Ahmad Faisal Sr.
The Secretary Investment assured the private
growth process. Manager Regulatory Affairs Zong and Syed
sector to take up their genuine issues and
It was urged that the government may like to Ahmed Suhail Pirzada Consultant Zong.
concerns with the Ministry of Finance and
formulate policy framework to handle this The Secretary Investment, Ashraf Hayat
Federal Board of Revenue and if the Industry
process smoothly and in consultation with the responded while saying that the government has
may like to approach them directly, they will be
telecom industry, so as to safeguard their to strike a balance between securing the interest
backed by the Ministry of Investment. The
business interests in Pakistan. It was further of consumers and ensure survival of players.
private sector appreciated efforts of the Ministry
requested to rationalize the process of auctioning While referring to the taxation policy of the
of Investment for providing a platform to have a
of the spectrum for this new technology into government, it was informed by the private
productive dialogue with the government to
Pakistan. sector that total cost of mobile ownership in
present their concerns and issues directly to the
From the public side, participants included Pakistan has become one of the highest in the
policy makers. 

Experience our aesthetic. Intimate celebrations, the

annual gala, Mega conventions, we photograph all of
these, let our vision compliment yours. Each event
photography package includes:

Wedding Packages
Photo Shoot
Outdoor and indoor
Photo Shoots
Outdoor and Indoor

4 C Model Town Lahore Pakistan.

Contact @ Office +92 42 583 3088
Mobile +92 321 840 4389
+92 300 840 4989

Creativezone 81
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The new processor speeds video editing,

Intel launches immersive games and other popular Internet and
computer activities by up to 40 per cent without
fastest desktop increasing power consumption

ntel Pakistan Corporation introduced its
processor holds a
new world record
of 117 for the
like Intel's solid state drives,
the Core i7 processor has
redefined the computer of

I most advanced desktop processor ever, the

Intel(r) CoreTM i7 processor. “The Core i7
processor is the first member of a new
family of Nehalem processor designs and is the
most sophisticated ever built, with new
benchmark test that
measures the
performance of a
processor, he added.
tomorrow." The new
equipment, he said, more than
doubles the memory
bandwidth of previous Intel
"Extreme" platforms, speeding
technologies that boost performance on demand Zaidi elaborated this the transfer of computer bits
and maximise data throughput,” said Ashar H. as the first time ever for Karachi: Ashar H. Zaidi, Country Manager Intel and bites in and out of the
Pakistan Corporation displays the Intel Core i7 at a
Zaidi, Country Manager, Intel Corporation any single processor to launching ceremony. Core i7 is the fastest processor processor with Intel(r)
on the planet.
Pakistan. exceed a score of 100 Quickpath Technology.
He said the new processor speeds video points. "Intel has delivered the fastest desktop Designed with Intel's Hyper-Threading
editing, immersive games and other popular processor on Earth to the most demanding users, Technology, the processor also allows multiple
Internet and computer activities by up to 40 per the ones who are using their PCs for video, computing threads to run simultaneously,
cent without increasing power consumption. gaming and music." effectively enabling it to do two things at once.
Broadly heralded by the computing industry "When you couple what is Intel's biggest leap As a result, the Core i7 quad-core processor
as a technical marvel, the Intel(r) CoreTM i7 in chip design with other incredible innovations delivers 8-threaded performance. 

64GB DataTraveler 150 takes

DataTraveler 150 product features and transportable storage to the next

Kingston boosts specifications:

 Capacities: 64GB, 32GB
 Dimensions: 3.06" x 0.9" x 0.47"
level with big capacity in a small
package,” Nathan Su, Flash
Memory Product Manager,

DataTraveler (77.9mm x 22mm x 12.05mm) APAC Region, Kingston. “As file

 Operating Temperature: 32º F to
sizes increase with digital media
content such as music and
140º F (0º C to 60º C)
photos, the need for USB Flash
 Storage Temperature: -4º F to 185º

150 to 64GB
drives with high capacities will
F (-20º C to 85º C) continue to rise. The DT150
 Simple: Just plug into a USB port certainly addresses those needs
 Convenient: Pocket-sized for easy today.”
sinchu, Taiwan: Kingston Technology transport and transportability Kingston’s DataTraveler 150 is

H Company, Inc., the independent

world leader in memory products,
share complete
collections of
 Guaranteed: Five-year warranty
 Compatible Operating Systems:
announced that it is shipping its high- music, videos, Windows Vista (Windows
capacity 64GB DataTraveler 150 (DT150) USB
Flash drive. DT150 offers the largest capacity in
photos and
documents in
ReadyBoost™ not supported),
Windows XP (SP1, SP2), Windows
fully compatible with Windows
Vista, XP and Windows 2000 as
well as Mac OS X 10.3 (and
above) and Linux 2.6 (and above).
The DT150 carries a fully
Kingston’s entire line of DataTraveler USB one convenient 2000 (SP4), Mac OS X v.10.3.x and guaranteed five-year warranty
drives and allows users the room and flexibility device. and free tech support. 
higher, Linux v.2.6.x and higher
to backup important hard drive contents, and “The new

PEMRA license 10 more channels to stream

For the promotion of education, two more educational institutions have been granted
non-commercial FM Radio Licenses in addition to previously granted 15 FM licenses for
educational purpose. Furthermore, 145 new cable TV licenses for all over the country
have been approved by the Authority
akistan Electronic Media Regular educational institutions (Hazara University, immediate and effective action on public

P Authority (PEMRA) has granted 10

new satellite television channels which
also includes the country’s first
satellite TV channel for health related services.
Besides, another TV channel for kids has been
Mansehra and Ziauddin University, Karachi)
have been granted non-commercial FM Radio
Licenses in addition to previously granted 15
FM licenses for educational purpose.
Furthermore, 145 new cable TV licenses for all
grievances. The meeting concluded on the
positive note to take all possible steps for
further growth of electronic media in the
In July, the bidding to award 46 FM radio
granted landing rights. This decision was over the country have been approved by the licenses in various cities and districts the
finalised in the 51st meeting of PEMRA. Authority. process was transparent. The highest bid
Chairman, PEMRA, Mushtaq Malik, For provision of better services to public amount of Rs 370.6 million was offered by M/s
presided over the meeting while other the Authority stressed the phase-wise Printek (Pvt) Limited and M/s Athena
members including the Chairman FBR, digitalization of broadcast and distribution Entertainment for one license each at Karachi
Chairman PTA and Secretary Information services in the country. The Authority also followed by Rs 333.8 million for one license
were present on the occasion. emphasized the need of further strengthening each at Lahore by M/s Northern Media Pvt
For promotion of education, two more of the Council of Complaints for taking Limited and M/s Athena. 
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Beggar... Are you sure? It’s really very cheap!

Rawalpindi: A disabled Afghan beggar (Foreground-R) looks on as a

Pakistani beggar (L) talks on a mobile phone in a market.

Can’t walk without talk!

Rawalpindi: Telecom operator's branding on two-stroke engine rickshaw reflects lack of social
responsibility as it uses an inexpensive platform but at serious cost to the
environment and public health.

Gold Medals for engineers

Islamabad: At the Gold Medals awards ceremony for engineering students from across the country or-
ganized by Siemens Pakistan, the recipient students photographed with the chief guest Dr Asim Hus-
sain Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources, guest of honour Asad Ashraf
Multan: A student busy with her cell phone during Meena Bazaar. Malik Provincial Ombudsman, Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui Managing Director Siemens Pakistan, Gerhard
Wilcke CFO and other top officials of Siemens.

World Performing Art Festival

Old is gold

Lahore: November 16 - An illuminated view of colourful lights installed over Al-Hamra

Cultural Complex to mark the World Performing Arts Festival 2008 which was held
from 13th to 23rd November supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, assisted by Peshawar: People take keen interest in a vehicle of model 1920 moving on road.
Government of Punjab and Lahore Arts Council organized by Rafi Peer Theatre Work-

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Islamabad: Advisor to PM on Interior Rehman Malik and CEO, Abu Dhabi Group, Bashir A. Tahir seeing off Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al-Nahyan
Education Minister of UAE at Chaklala Airbase.

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Defence Ch. Ahmad Mukhtar along with Ambassador of UAE
Jamshoro: Participants capturing the moments through their cameras during
H.E. Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi cutting the cake to mark the 37th National Day of UAE.
Convocation-2007 of University of Sindh.

Looking dangerous! Law is for every one...

Karachi: A girl displays weapons at Ideas 2008 in Expo Center. Peshawar: A traffic policeman carries a vehicle of police on a lifter from no park-
ing on Sher Shah Sori Road.
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General Manager of IDEAS by Gul Ahmed, Mr. Salman Latif Rawn receiving “Brand
of the Year Award 2008” from the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani.

Rahimyar Khan: Adviser to the PM on Interior, A. Rehman Malik and Minister for Islamabad: PTCL SEVP Business Zone, Naveed Syed distributes keys of bikes among
Education, UAE, Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan arrive for a meeting field staff during a ceremony.
at Rahim Yar Khan.

Lahore: Mr Ibrahim Qureshi President PCA Presenting a Souvenir to Muhammad Ali

Mian President LCCI Lahore, on his outstanding support to IT Industry. Other PCA
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abu Dhabi Group, Bashir Ahmed Tahir viewing the members Mr Arif Naeem, Mr Asif Shahzad, Mr Rizwan Yousaf and Mr Muhammad Ali
painting exhibition. Mussa were also accompanying.

Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan Telecommu-

nication Authority (PTA), Dr. Mohammad
Yaseen giving certificate to the participants
of 3G workshop organized at PTA

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Lahore: Ms Asma Khan, GM IR gives away the keys of the car to the lucky Lahore: Group photo of Warid family with the lucky draw winners.
draw winner.

Lahore: Mr Ahmed Kamal, Acting Head of Marketing, Warid with the lucky Lahore: Cars distributed by Warid waiting for their winners.
car winner.

Another call centre

Lahore: Manager Golden Palm at his stall in a property exhibition arranged by Rufi Islamabad: Staff of Ufone working at recently inaugurated Ufone Contact Centre at
Group in a local hotel. I-9/3 Industrial Area.

Islamabad: Nov24 – General Manager Network Operation Center, Nadia Rehman briefs the Islamabad: Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Babar Awan administering oath
media men regarding Nock, Executive Vice President PTCL, Nassarullah is also seen sitting. to the newly-elected members of Telecom Foundation Employees Union at Telecom
Foundation Complex.
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World’s most expensive The return of 3D animation

Singapore: Children stand in front of the billboard of a 3D animation movie outside a cinema. 3D films,
which previously caused headaches and nausea, are making a spectacular comeback and are likely to be-
come the future of cinema, thanks to digital technology, Hollywood studio moguls said.

Vienna: Japanese hostess holds the world's most expansive handbag

(designed by Japanese Ginza Tanaka), made out of platinum and set
with 2,182 diamonds totalling in 208 carats, worth two millions dollars at
the famous Austrian exhibition Luxury Saloon.

Conference of jewels

Riding beauty
Manila: A Filipino model pretends to ride a modified motorcycle at the opening of the four-day Manila
Auto Salon sponsored by Chinese and Japanese auto and motorcycle parts makers.

Bangalore: A model presents a diamond collection during a jewellery Rabit fashion

conference. A private jewellery company organised the conference to an-
nounce the launch of its new diamond collection. Yokohama: An owner shows his rabbit in a Thai style dress during a rabbit fashion contest at the
Rabbit Festa. Some 8,000 rabbit lovers visited the annual two-day event.

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Its new; its better!

The president of the "Marches Blanches" or White Marches, Christine Bussat, reacts on the
phone after watching on TV the results of a nation wide vote on paedophile crimes in
Switzerland. An initiative by a group of parents aimed at extending indefinitely the statute of
limitations for paedophile crimes was approved by majority of population and cantons despite
opposition of the Swiss government and most political parties saying that the scrapping of the
time limit is disproportional and would be difficult to implement.

Tokyo: Japanese actress Reika Hashimoto displays NEC's new stylish mobile
phone "N-02A", equipped with a 3.2-inch wide VGA display,
5.2 mega-pixel camera and 5.1-ch sound system on its slim body.

Jadeite jewels

London:The Nissan PIVO2 concept car is displayed at the Science Museum in London as part of
the "Japan Car: Designs for the crowded globe" exhibition. The exhibition shows how Japanese
car design reflects the 'soil and the spirit of Japan', shown through concept cars and special home
market models.

Taipei: Wang Chien-ming, starting pitcher of the US Yankees, displays an Acer notebook during Hong Kong: A Christie's model displays jadeite jewels, including jadeite dou-
the computer fair at the World Trade Center in Taiwan. ble hoop and pink ear pendants, with an estimated value of $1-1.5 million.
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Investment concern

Looking for job...

Mumbai: Managing Director of Siemens India, Armin Bruck gestures during a Press conference as Patrick
de Royer, Executive Director of Siemens India looks on. The company said its net profit for the three-
months to September 30, fell 27 per cent at $45 million.

Drama with Robot

Miami: Leonor Ponce, who has been looking for work for nine
months, checks in a computer database for jobs at the
employment help center.

Osaka: A humanoid robot Momoko and actress Minako Inoue take part in a drama for the world's first
robot and human experimental theatre, written and directed by Japanese playwright Oriza Hirata, at
Japan's Osaka University in Osaka.

Showing the dream to become a millionaire

Unmatching elegance
Dubai: Rani Mukerji poses exclusively for the world’s most
expensive property exhibition.

Tokyo: Campaign girls display lottery tickets and a giant mock ticket for the $3.12 million year-end jumbo

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The “1-2-3 Free” offer allows

Free fourth month you to enjoy fourth months free
of line rent if you pay Warid the

for Waridans line rent of first three month in

arid offers 100 per cent wavier on line rent of first three month in advance. line rent. To enjoy this offer, you must have a

W line rent of post paid customers

on paying line rent of first three
months in advance. The offer
named “1-2-3 Free” allows you to enjoy fourth
months free of line rent if you pay Warid the
The offer is valid for all individual and
corporate, new and existing Warid post paid
customers only. Warid has updated its post
paid packages like the 150 line rent package
does not exist any more. It is upgraded to 250
package from the new list of packages. Just visit
nearest Warid business centre, fill in consent
form, pay line rent of first three months and
wait for the fourth month to enjoy your free line

Ufone Ghanta Package

ith Ghanta Package, Ufone

Daily Subscription Charges are Rs 4.84 / day
customers can make on-net calls of
one hour at Rs 7.25 between 11:00
am to 5:00 pm. Customers be
charged with daily subscription fee of Rs 4.84.
Due to increased tariff and daily subscription
fee, customers may hesitate to use Ufone’s
Ghanta Package – but still, for those who get  All Prices are inclusive of taxes
engaged in long calls will capitalize it. All users  No late night discount is available on this
have to simply dial 444 to activate the package. package
 FnF are available on this package.
Tariff details  Voice bucket is not included in this package.
 On-net SMS Rs 0.61 / SMS
Off-net SMS Rs 1.21 / SMS

Zong covers Zong has several major cities of the

Northern Areas in its network including
Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu, Besham and

Karakoram Highway Sust and now it will have more adjacent

surrounding areas too
ong has expanded its network northern belt and in AJK and we are fulfilling said, "Keeping our tradition of unparalleled

coverage alongside Karakoram
Highway (KKH) and in leading cities
of Northern Areas situated alongside

The latest expansion includes launching of

every commitment that we had made. The
company has been focusing on aggressively
expanding its network coverage amid growing
demand from people living across the vast and
diverse geography of Pakistan."
achievements, this is once again our new
accomplishment and we shall continue to be
making waves in Pakistan."
Zong is part of China Mobile which is the
world's largest cellular company having 370
services in Daggar Zong has several major cities of the million customers, managing more than 200,000
(Bunair District), Chilas, Dassu, Bunji, Northern Areas in its network including Gilgit, cell sites and handling over 6 billion calls every
Sikandrabad on KKH and Astore. Zafar Hunza, Skardu, Besham and Sust and now it day. 
Usmani, Chief Operating Officer Zong told on will have more adjacent surrounding areas too.
this occasion, "We will be covering areas in the Director Marketing Zong, Salman Wassay

Telenor enriches customer

experience with Nokia-Siemens
elenor Pakistan selected Nokia-Siemens assurance software will provide diagnostic monitoring and analysis software is to ensure

T Networks service assurance software to

improve customer experience for its
over 18 million subscribers. The
customer traffic monitoring and analysis
software provides a detailed, real-time view to
services like information on service usage by
data subscribers, time and area of service usage,
problem identification and troubleshooting. This
information will then be utilized to determine
areas of improvement to ensure flawless
identification and removal of even the smallest
constrictions," said Peter Dindial, Chief
Technical Officer, Telenor Pakistan.
Nokia Siemens Networks creates OSS/BSS
multi-vendor software solutions for charging,
user activity and service usage throughout the services to the customers. service management and network management
network enabling the service provider to react to "We, at Telenor Pakistan, are always focused to improve service providers' business
problems immediately. It can also give valuable on providing unblemished services to our performance. The company is one of the leading
insight into users' behaviour. customers. Our technical division has worked players in the OSS market with more than 600
Telenor Pakistan has the fastest growing and day and night towards removing the slightest network management customers and more than
the largest EDGE/GPRS enabled network in the bottlenecks and our intention behind deploying 360 service management installations. 
country. The Nokia-Siemens Networks service Nokia Siemens Networks' real time traffic
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Ghauri assigns the IT assessment Warid's excellent GSM

Lahore: While
emphasizing the need of
employment estimation
study for the IT industry.
group on software
development and
and EDGE network
an urgent study to Talib Baluch, Managing exports. Those who Lahore: Warid Telecom centres. Warid subscribers
estimate the size of the Director Pakistan attended the meeting (Pvt) Ltd. is providing voice in Pakistan are served by 25
software industry and its Software Exports Board, included Talib Baluch, and data communications fully-equipped business
service through its GSM and centres and eight mobile
export competitiveness in agreed with the Managing Director
EDGE network with service units. The
Pakistan, Salim Ghauri, Chairman ICT proposal Pakistan Software excellent voice clarity and distribution channel
Chairman Federal Task and assured him of Exports Board, Sajjad connectivity in over 414 includes fully equipped 283
Force on Information & PSEB's full support in Kirmani, EVP and cities / 7,600 destinations all franchises, 78 Cat-A
Communication this respect. Meanwhile, Director, NetSol over in Pakistan with franchises and over 100,000
Technologies (ICT) Chairman ICT has also Technologies, Aezaz exceptional coverage on registered retail outlets.
assigned the task to a urged PASHA to share a Hussain, Chairman, major motorways and Warid made history by
recognized local IT 30 page guidelines Systems Ltd, Dr Sarmad highways. Warid's EDGE starting its network with 28
University with further document, properly Hussain, Head of services are available in cities in May 2005. At that
request to PSEB to make vetted by the PSEB, for Department, FAST, Mr major cities like Karachi, time it was the biggest
funding available in this the study proposes. Imran Zia, Chairman, Lahore, Islamabad, launch by a cellular phone
Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. operator in this region. The
respect. The Chairman ICT PASHA, and Mr
This network capability wonderful response Warid
The leading IT Task Force was presiding Muhammad Umar Zafar, has been attained by received after commercial
University would over the very first Vice President, NetSol erecting a network of over launch forced further
undertake a revenue and meeting of the working Technologies.  4,100 state of the art Base strengthening of existing
Trans-receiver Stations and network. 
Alcatel- Telenor honours 'World 42 high-tech switching

Lucent Day for Prevention of Child Abuse' Motorola

mobile sets collaboration with IHDF, rejoiced a day
Islamabad: In The street children Food and
refreshments stretches its
popular in Telenor Pakistan arranged
a two day recreation
long picnic at
Hawks Bay, a
were provided at
the beach side. range
Pakistan activity for one hundred renowned picnic
street children of Karachi at spot in Karachi.
Various games Karachi: Motorola
including football has introduced two new
Pakistan: Alcatel-Lucent the World Day for Employee and Frisbee and
Prevention of Child Abuse. volunteers on recreational music-optimised devices
is the first truly global that provide a range of
communications solutions The two day activity was behalf of Telenor activities were
arranged under Telenor Pakistan's arranged for the styles at attractive prices
provider, with the most
Pakistan's flagship Corporate Social children. The aim for mobile music fans.
complete end-to-end initiative Meri Helpline Responsibility Team was to reassure the street
portfolio of solutions and The line-up includes the
functioning since August accompanied the children children of the continued
services in the industry. MOTOROKR EM30, a
2008. The two day activity to share these moments support from Telenor
Alcatel-Lucent has started on November 19. with them. Pakistan.  candy-bar
launched handsets in phone that
Pakistan. It is an
innovative mobile phone
IBM issues Ufone, HBL to offer free uses
design house built with the
mission to provide a wide corporate phone ModeShift
collection of stylish and
innovative design product responsibili introduced
Karachi: Ufone has
free handsets for
and the
with the most enjoyable the first time in the Pakistan
user experience for ty report in collaboration with HBL,
EM325, a
slider with
customers all over the Ufone offers an array of
world. FM radio
Karachi: IBM issued its handsets and multiple
Alcatel mobile phones sharing
2007-2008 Corporate packages to choose.
are designed with a style capabilities.
Responsibility Report, Ufone customers can
statement. The idea is not relationship between the One moment ROKR
detailing the company's now get a free handset
just featuring a few stylish two top names in the EM30 is a mobile phone.
performance results and while choosing from a list of
products but a whole financial and telecom sector The next, it transforms
strategies in the areas of 20 plus models of handsets
choice of mobile phones in will go a long way." into your favourite
governance, supply chain, from the top four mobile
line with the world of Mr Abid Sattar, Head of
environmental brands. Ufone customers music player. The
style. Alcatel mobile Retail and Consumer
performance, employment only need to be HBL Credit Motorola EM325 offers a
phones collection offers Banking, HBL, added, "This
policies and practices, client Card users and apply for a genuine music player
something for everybody, is the first time in Pakistan's
solutions and community Ufone post paid package experience, including
complementing their consumer market that such
engagements. they desire and get a immediate access to a
tastes, attitudes and a unique and innovative
The report also outlines handset free.
lifestyles. solution is being offered to stored music library and
how to identify the most Speaking about this
Alcatel-Lucent is one of the consumers. HBL Credit built-in FM radio, in a
pressing social and exclusive offer from Ufone
the major infrastructure Card and Ufone Postpay sleek, quality handset.
environmental threats in and HBL, Mr Asher Yaqub
vendors in offer a hassle-free payment The phone has a
communities, worldwide Khan, CMO Ufone said,
telecommunication procedure, a range of dedicated music key so
including improving energy "Our collaboration with one
industry. It supplies a popular handsets and consumers can simply
consumption while also of the largest banks of
comprehensive WiMAX multiple packages for the access stored music and
reducing emissions. The Pakistan, HBL, is sure to
Revesolution including consumer to choose from,
report is available online at excite our mutual customers familiar music controls
both fixed and nomadic making it affordable for who have always been a to play, pause, forward
terminal devices from people to own a stylish
/responsibility.  strategic part of our and rewind songs. 
various CPE partners.  handset." 
businesses. We are sure this 93
“ Mobile WiMAX is the most important mobile broadband solution of
today, backed by a very strong ecosystem and bringing needed services
to millions worldwide”
Georges Karam, CEO, Sequans

Operator Strategies and Service Delivery

for Mobile Broadband
2nd - 4th December 2008 • The Marriott Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

The ONLY Top Level Global Conference Focusing on Mobile WiMAX -

Combining Strategic, Operational and Technical Sessions and Featuring:
• 20+ Operator/Service Provider deployment case studies
• 35+ expert speakers all looking at the Mobile WiMAX opportunity in developed and developing markets
• Direct access to Operators, Carriers and Service Providers planning portable and Mobile WiMAX services
• Numerous networking opportunities with key industry influencers and decision-makers
• Tailored conference programme to ensure you leave with a Mobile WiMAX strategy and best route to a fast ROI
• Unbeatable team pass offers for more than 5 delegates attending from the same organisation!

2008 Speakers Include:

David Perlmutter, Emil Nikolov,
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Mobility Group, President & CEO,
Intel Corporation (USA) Nexcom Telecommunications (Bulgaria)

Dr. Ali Afrashteh, Dr Hyacinth Nwana,

VP WiMAX Development, Managing Director Mobile Media Solutions,
Sprint Nextel Corporation (USA) Arqiva (UK)

Jeffrey M. Thompson, Phillip Redman,

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Vice President, Network Services and Infrastructure, Mobile and Wireless,
Towerstream (USA) Gartner, Inc. (USA)

Michael Lai, Naeem Y. Zamindar,

CEO, Vice President & Head of Broadband Business Division,
Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Mobilink (Pakistan)

Clement Hsiao, Dr. Khaled E. Ismail,

Head of WiMAX, GSM Services Director,
Fitel (Taiwan) Orascom Telecom (Egypt)

Nour Atout, Eduardo Duran Nardecchia,

Chief Executive Officer, Africa, Director Innovation,
VTEL Holdings (Dubai) Entel (Chile)

Sponsors: Supported By:

To Register:
Call: +44 (0) 20 8247 4000 Online: Email:
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Alcatel-Lucent’s new services to Huawei, PTCL signs

reduce energy consumption DWDM contract
Pakistan: Alcatel-Lucent solar, and fuel cells. contingency plans when Islamabad: Huawei PTCL transfer to IP time
announced a new "Sustainable Power" implementing network Technologies Co Ltd. with unlimited bandwidth
professional services suite practice is a multi-vendor power solutions. announced that it has providing capability.
called "Sustainable Power". solution designed for Alcatel-Lucent will now signed a strategic contract Executive Director,
This new global solution mobile and wireline service offer the following with PTCL. Huawei Li Zhiqiang
offering supports growing providers, independent services: A new energy According to the expressed his views,
customer demand for eco- telecommunications assessment service to agreement, Huawei will “Huawei greatly values its
friendly, sustainable providers, government analyze existing network build a complete strategic cooperation with
network energy solutions agencies, corporations, power infrastructure and nationwide
and for the reduction of municipalities and upgrade current systems to LH DWDM
their current energy campuses. It ranges from meet environmental network for
consumption and costs. detailed power and battery requirements; an expanded PTCL by
Through this suite, Alcatel- assessment, grounding multi-vendor power replacing
Lucent offers new survey, power design product and services existing
professional network order, equipment portfolio with alternative outdated 10G
services to help customers engineering, material energy systems including DWDM. It is
analyse their network's sourcing services, wind, solar and fuel cells; the first time
power consumption equipment installation to an expanded equipment in Pakistan to
requirements, identify equipment and battery removal service with new introduce the
areas where improvements removal and disposition. recycling capabilities to cutting-edge PTCL. We truly hope that
can be made to existing The solution also supports dispose of assets in a eco- 40G/wavelength Huawei DWDM solution
infrastructure as well as planning and design friendly way that complies (readiness) and ASON will help PTCL to maintain
make recommendations on services which mitigate the with Federal and local technology in its and improve its leadership
alternative energy risk of a network outage as regulations.  nationwide DWDM position in the telecom
solutions such as wind, well as business backbone network to help market of Pakistan." 

Pakistan's IT industry can ZONG Eco-friendly material

survive global financial introduces by Samsung
crisis USB Karachi: Samsung market, Samsung received
Lahore: The Chairman group on software Electronics marks the 20th numerous design awards
Federal Task Force on development and exports, GPRS/EDG anniversary of the brand such as IFA, IDEA, Red Dot
Information and
he assured the participants
to take up with the
E modem ‘Sync Master’ monitor
brand. “By releasing a series
and Gmark” said Mr Steve
Han, Country Manager
Technologies (ICT) Salim government the tax holiday Karachi: Zong has of innovative design Samsung Pakistan.
Ghauri has said the demand for the IT industry launched a simple, smart products such as dual hinge Beside the newly
Pakistan's IT industry is which is going to expire in and elegant USB monitor for the first time in released crystal red color
mature enough to survive, 2011. GPRS/EDGE modem that is the industry in 2002, button- monitor, Samsung
and even benefits from the While emphasising the capable of catering to all less monitor (172P) in 2003, Electronics plans to unveil
current global financial need of an urgent study to consumers needs including triple hinge monitor (970P) touch of color (ToC)
crisis. estimate the size of the mobile professionals, laptop in 2005, artistic designed monitors and large-sized
"Pakistan was now software industry and its computer users and monitor (971P) and world- TV/computer dual use
poised to do what India export competitiveness in frequent travellers due to its first ball-hinge monitor monitors throughout the
achieved in the aftermath of Pakistan, he assigned a task efficiency and affordability (932B) in 2006 in the global year. 
the 2002 IT industry crisis. to recognised local IT elements.
India's IT based service
business was set to suffer in
university for undertaking a
revenue and employment
Zong, Internet USB card
will facilitate fast Internet
Telecard denies PTA’s
the global financial crisis,
and Pakistan could benefit
estimation study for the IT
browsing, instant access
and the uninterrupted
from this situation," he said, Meanwhile, Chairman ability both to upload and Islamabad: The PTA had opportunity to express his
adding: "It should, however, ICT has also urged the download data. Combining issued Show Cause Notice disappointment at this
try to capitalise on the Pakistan Software Houses cutting edge technologies to Telecard Telecom unwarranted development.
opportunities to capture the Association (Pasha) to share with sleek design, Zong's Limited for allegedly This is particularly true in
business that India was set a 30-page guidelines customers can look forward violating view of the Company’s
to lose," he added. document, properly vetted to enjoying high-speed telecommunication meticulous conformance to
While presiding over a by the PSEB, for the study wireless access, both at regulatory laws of Pakistan. sound ethical practices. This
meeting of the working proposes.  home and on the go. Telecard Limited (TCL) includes a vigilant Code of
The plug-and-play confirmed that it has Conduct, which Telecard
Ideas by 20 per cent off which is an
addition to its existing
featured devices are
compatible with Windows
received the notice from
PTA and stated the
follows in its business
product range along with
Gul the wedding extravaganza
which includes Bridal bed
2000 (SP4 or above),
Windows XP (5P2 or
company believes that PTA
issued the notice without
He added that not only
has the Company always
undergoing the appropriate refrained from any un-
Ahmed sets, bath accessories, Fancy
towels, apparels, wedding
above), Windows Vista and
Mac, whether run on a PC, processes to comply with
the requirements of form
transparent practices, it has
in fact assisted PTA with
laptop or handheld device.
accessories and much more. and substance in such substantial financial
SMS software is also
Ideas by Gul Ahmed At present Gul Ahmed has matters. resources, enabling the
18 Retail outlets nation wide installed, allowing texts to
proudly launched its be sent directly from the Aamir Niazi, the Vice authority to prevent and
complete home furniture which will expand to 25 Chairman of the monitor the menace of illicit
outlets by March 2009.  computer. 
line with introductory offer Corporation, took the international telephony. 
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Mobilink Infinity to OTA joins Nokia Siemens for customer

extend benefit
Lahore: Mobilink, that of subscribers. 'When Karachi: Orascom Nokia Siemens Networks the operator to be
has announced the choosing a partner for Telecom Algeria (OTA), will enable OTA to develop proactive in its approach to
commercial launch of Karachi commercial launch,
the country's leading a single database for customer support and care.
Mobilink Infinity, a wireless time-to-market and product
broadband and telephony readiness were key mobile operator has subscriber information, The solution is also
service for residential and decision-making criteria,' announced that Nokia unifying data that is expected to generate
enterprise consumers based the President and CEO of Siemens Networks will be currently fragmented and significant capital and
on the mobile WiMAX Mobilink Zouhair A Khaliq the provider of its home giving the operator operating expenditure
standard, estimates the said, adding that the location register (HLR) genuine customer insight. savings for OTA.
service will attract 50,000 company saw Alcatel- solution. Nokia Siemens OTA will consequently With the deployment
subscribers by the end of Lucent as one of the most Networks will modernize be able to move towards already finished and the
the year. advanced WiMAX players. the installed base of 17 smart, subscriber-centric migration underway, the
Mobilink Infinity went The maturity of their million subscribers as well operations, which will new capacity will go live
live in Karachi, Pakistan's technology and the quality as provide additional reduce time-to-market for by 2009 while the
financial capital and major of their support has been
capacity of 3 million. service deployment, migration of the current
business centre. In its very excellent throughout the
first week, the service project.  The Subscriber Data supporting multiple installed base is foreseen
attracted several thousands Management Solution from applications and allowing for the year end. 

Unleashing internet world First Data comes to rescue

Internet is a remarkable
place for huge income
to-Consumer (B2C) -
Retailing transactions with
economic crisis
generation. We never try to individual shoppers like Karachi: The global measures which have been
open our minds to unleash etc; Consumer- technology leader in postponed for too long but
the true potential of this to-Consumer (C2C) - information commerce, which are necessary to
great electronic earning tool. Consumer sells directly to 'First Data', has entered ensure their
To a common man it is a consumers, examples - Pakistan to avail competitiveness at the
place for entertainment, fun, individuals selling in Ali Salman Rana
opportunities in the regional and global levels.
passing leisure time, classified ads, auction sites current economic crisis First Data models offer
browsing information or allowing individuals to put tariffs of utility bills, when banks need to both reduced costs and
simply emailing and up items for auction like expenditures for studies improve their operational drive revenues for
chatting, but in reality it is etc; Consumer-to- and sky rocketed prices of activities. customers, characteristics
not that simple it is actually Business (C2B) - Individuals consumer goods, in this Brian Quarrie, which are both highly
a fully fledged high tech who sell products or alarming situation its time Managing Director of 'First sought after by
income generation tool, one services to organizations, to open your minds and Data', Middle East and organisations currently
can start ones own business like "" working start thinking of smart ways Pakistan says that major when one considers the
on internet with no initial as a publisher for online of earning other then changes in economic economic climate, Brian
investment. advertising company traditional office jobs. situations give rise to said.
Some of the "Google". All you need to start an opportunities, especially With operations in 37
classifications of internet Millions of people online business is to have where increased efficiency countries, 'First Data'
business models are: worldwide are already internet connection, a little is required. serves more than 5.4
Business-to-Business (B2B) - working on these models knowledge of websites and Some studies on the million merchant locations
Electronic market that sound new to us. At a burning desire to secure current crisis suggest that and more than 2,000 card
transactions that take place present almost 85 per cent your and your loved ones the current situation will issuers and their customers
between organizations, like Pakistanis are striving to future.  bring an opportunity to across the world, he etc; Business- fight against ever increasing banks to implement added.

'Future of IT with confidence and zeal,

as this rapidly growing
PTA asks PRS providers to Vfone’s
Pakistan's IT sector of Pakistan offers
great opportunities for
pay Rs 1.5m dues unlimited
Karachi: Pakistan mentioned in their licenses,
professionals qualified professionals. He
further added with Visionet
Authority (PTA) asked all
nor interconnected and
neither was it mentioned in
is bright' Systems (its subsidiary in
USA) and their major office
premium rate service (PRS)
providers to pay their dues
Part III of the regulation
Islamabad: PTCL Vfone
Unlimited offers twenty
Karachi: Shaheed Zulfiqar in Pakistan, Systems amounting to Rs 1.5 million President Association of four hours and seven days a
Ali Bhutto Institute of Limited is gaining new over the last three years as Call Centre Operator week free unlimited calls
Science and Technology heights of success and per its regulations, industry Abdull Butt expressed his anywhere, anytime. Vfone
organised its first Software recognition for its services, sources said. concern over this step of Unlimited, according to
Exhibition and since its inception in 1977. The PRS providers were PTA that PRS operators PTCL spokesman is an
Competition. Ashraf In the end, Ashraf Kapadia supposed to pay Rs 0.5 were never asked to apply exciting new package from
million every year under as per mentioned in the PTCL Vfone that offers
Kapadia, Managing distributed souvenirs and
the Number Allocation and gazette notification unlimited free calls to all
Director of Systems Limited prizes among the winners Administration Regulations, regarding allocation of Vfone and PTCL landlines,
was the chief guest of the of the "Poster and Software 2005, reveals a PTA number policy. He added be it local or nation-wide all
prize distribution and Competition". These statement sent to the call that the regulator had not day long and that's not all
closing ceremony. The winners were from various centre operators and call informed and taken consent customers can also enjoy
audience belonged to institutions, like, Szabist, handling service providers of the industry to impose free SMS within the
various institutes of higher Iqra University and PECHS under the allocated 100 charges, which is not part of country.
learning in IT. College for women.  number block. the PRS providers' licenses, This service caste you a
Kapadia, encouraged the The call centre operators although, it should have daily line rent of just Rs 20
youth to take up careers in told that the blocking of 100 followed normal procedure including all taxes.
numbers was not of public hearing. 
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Burkhalter feed the hungry with Museum launches unique

virtual chess multimedia project
Bob Burkhalter of round-robin California: First lady
Sunnyvale wants to host tournament and Maria Shriver unveiled an
the biggest virtual chess broken down into interactive Web site that
game in the world and first, second and allows computer users to
donate half the prize third prizes; 75 click through multimedia
money to hungry children cents will go to presentations of
in Silicon Valley. If the 62- Second Harvest California's rich history
year-old Web programmer Food Bank of Santa Bob Burkhalter sits next to a black knight, a giant and cultural heritage. global advertising agency
can pull it off, judges from Clara and San chess piece at the outdoor chess game board at network, which relied
Santana Row. "We are more than hot
Guinness World Records Mateo counties. tubs and Hollywood, and heavily on Adobe Flash
"Checkmate'' at their
are standing by, ready to Playing chess to help the museum is effectively software to animate the
coffeehouse laptops. Of
put the feat in the history ease hunger is high on telling that story through content provided by the
course, he's open about
books. Burkhalter's priority list. the diversity of people," museum.
wanting to turn a profit
It costs two dollars to And he dreams that Shriver said. She and her The site allows users to
too, after several years of
play. Burkhalter said 75 thousands of chess players husband, Gov. Arnold share their own content, by
being mostly unemployed
cents of each entry fee will would sign up to play and Schwarzenegger, both have uploading pictures and
and raising two children on
go to the prize pool of the jubilantly shout close ties to the non-profit other multimedia
his wife's salary. 
museum. components of themselves
Psychother- Raja drags Iran blocks The site, part of
or their family members, to
tell the world about their
apy sessions PM into over five g, lets users click through a
series of animated pages to
own personal
achievements. The site's
by Japanese alleged million learn about people and target audience is broad —
from school children to
places that often have
Mobiles scam Websites national significance. The adults, to teachers to
tourists planning a visit
Tehran: Iran has site was built by Euro
Tokyo: A Japanese from around the globe. 
Mumbai: The Indian blocked access to more RSCG San Francisco, a
professor launched what
telecom Minister A. Raja than five million Internet
he said was the world's
first web-based
lashed out at those who sites, whose content is NASA tests 'deep space
tried to bring charges of
psychotherapy sessions misappropriation against
mostly perceived as
immoral and anti-social, a Internet'
available via mobile him. In a judiciary official was Washington: The US Tolerant Networking, or
phone, as the country TV quoted as saying. "The space agency NASA said DTN, to transmit dozens of
grapples with a growing interview, enemies seek to assault that it successfully space images to and from a
problem of depression. Raja our religious identity by conducted a first test of a NASA spacecraft some 20
The interactive service rejected exploiting the Internet," deep space communications million miles from Earth.
charges of Abdolsamad Khoram network modelled on the NASA said the software
offers cognitive therapy
selling Abadi, an advisor to Iran's Internet. Adrian Hooke, protocol, which must be
sessions that identify a NASA's manager of space- able to withstand delays,
person's level of licences prosecutor general, was
networking architecture, disruptions and
depression by asking and quoted by Kargozaran technology and standards, disconnections in space,
spectrum at unimaginably said in a statement. was designed in partnership
low prices. As a result, the The US space agency with Vint Cerf, a vice
national exchequer had to said Jet Propulsion president at Internet search
incur huge losses. Laboratory engineers used giant Google. 
He mentioned a software called Disruption-
mysterious lobby that he
'broke' and said that he is
now targeted just because
Yang to quit Yahoo; search
questions about his or her
he broke the cartel. He also
countered the charges newspaper as saying.
on for new CEO
California: Yahoo Inc
sleeping and eating habits, saying that there are In recent years, Internet said Jerry Yang will step
weight change, and number of private service providers have down as chief executive as
emotional well-being. companies were part of this been told to block access soon as the board finds a
Using their mobile cartel. Raja did not name to political, human rights replacement, sending
any politician but a cartel is and women's sites and shares up 4 per cent on
phones - which are also
normally sponsored by blogs expressing dissent or hopes that the departure
widely substituted in
politicians. deemed to be would clear the way for a
Japan as wallets, train
It may take a completely pornographic and anti- deal with Microsoft.
tickets, books, and new turn as he said that Islamic. The ban has also Yang - who will return
television - people can Prime Minister was in the targeted such popular to his former role as Chief amid regulatory concerns,
easily access the service. loop behind all the decisions social networking sites as Yahoo, focusing on strategy and Yang faced a growing
The service explains taken in the spectrum issue. Facebook and YouTube, as and technology - tried to chorus of criticism from
symptoms of depression If Raja from DMK party is well as news sites. Iran's carve an independent investors and analysts as
but warns that it is not a found guilty who happens reformist press was hit by strategy for Yahoo and was Yahoo's shares nosedived.
substitute for treatment to be an ally of Congress, a massive crackdown in blamed when Microsoft In an e-mail sent to
and encourages users to serious questions would be 2000, and many journalists Corp walked away from its employees, a copy of which
consult a doctor if he or raised against the entire turned to blogging after offer to buy Yahoo earlier was obtained by Reuters,
she is evaluated as having ruling UPA (United their publications were this year. Rival Google Inc Yang said his decision to
more than a mild Progressive Alliance) shut down.  abandoned a search step down was taken jointly
coalition.  advertising partnership
depression.  with Yahoo's board.  97
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project is expected to
Telenor sees break-even Alcatel- generation (3G) networks,
has clinched contracts commence operation by the

for India biz Lucent inks worth US$230 milliom with

China Telecom for CDMA
end 2008. Olivia Qiu,
president of Alcatel
Macau: Telenor expects
a soon-to-be-launched
added that the firm's 62 per
deals with equipment and services.
Pursuant to the
Shanghai Bell said the
agreement builds on the
Indian business to turn in
an operating profit three
Bangladesh's top mobile
China agreement, Alcatel-Lucent's
Chinese flagship company
longstanding collaboration
with China Telecom and
years after it starts up, as
the Norwegian firm
operator, was still on track
to float shares in the first
Telecom Alcatel Shanghai Bell will
provide its end-to-end
will further consolidate
Alcatel-Lucent's leading
muscles deeper into the quarter of 2009. Alcatel-Lucent, a global CDAM wireless networking position in the CDMA
region with growth This month, leader in the development solutions for China Telecom market in China. 
slowing elsewhere. Grameenphone said it had and deployment of third- in 56 cities in China. The
The firm still intends to more than halved a
push a controversial rights planned share sale to $125
issue to bankroll a $1.1 million because of a sharp California warned on global warming
billion deal for a 60 per downturn in global California: Global The report said damage
cent stake in India's markets. Although the warming will have a broad could reach many billions of
Unitech Wireless but was chief executive expressed and devastating impact on dollars per year. In real
considering other options, optimism over the Indian California's economy over estate alone, up to $2.5
Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Group operation, which is the next century, according trillion of the state's $4
CEO, told. expected to be launched in to a report released. trillion worth of homes and
Media reports have said 2009, J.P. Morgan has Roads and bridges, the other buildings are at risk
the company is considering warned the company's water supply, agriculture, from rising sea levels,
alternatives such as a expansion into India would public health and even wildfires and other extreme
dividend cut or a sale of come at a high cost.  winter skiing all will be Berkeley agricultural and weather events occurring as
assets. The chief executive affected by global climate resource economics the world gets warmer, it
change, said the report by professors David Roland- said. 
Microsoft to Film University of California- Holst and Fredrich Kahrl.

offer free industry Thuraya to Snapshots thrill scientists

security sues iiNet Market
Two scientific teams,
which include Bay Area
scope, and the photo of it he
viewed in May wowed him.
In a surprise move, Australia: In an astronomers, pushed the "It was a profound and
Microsoft has announced it
will offer a free anti-virus
Australian first, a coalition Mobile boundaries of space study
with their first-ever
of film heavyweights has
and security solution from
the second half of next year.
sued a major internet
service provider for
Satellite photographs of planets in
distant solar systems.
One team, led by
It will stop selling OneCare,
its all-in-one security and
allegedly "ignoring" acts of
copyright infringement by
Handhelds scientists from the
PC management service, University of California,
from the end of June 2009.
its customers. The action
against iiNet was filed in
in Egypt Berkeley, used an advanced

The new software, code- camera mounted on the overwhelming experience to

the Federal Court by Abu Dhabi: Thuraya Hubble Space Telescope to lay eyes on a planet never
named Morro, will be a
Village Roadshow, has signed an agreement take the first photos using seen before." The second
no-frills programme suited
Universal Pictures, Warner with i2, one of the largest visible light of a planet team used a ground-based
to smaller and less powerful
Bros Entertainment, telecom marketing firms in outside our solar system, or telescope and an advanced
computers. The software
Paramount Pictures, Sony the Middle East to market an "exoplanet." optics system to snap an
will be free to download
Pictures Entertainment, its mobile satellite UC Berkeley astronomer infrared image of what the
and will support Windows
handhelds in the Egyptian Paul Kalas, lead author, for scientists believe is the first
XP, Vista and Windows 7. 20th Century Fox, Disney
market. years had suspected that a multi-planet solar system
The move comes as sales Enterprises and the Seven
The firm based in Saudi star, 25 lights years away, detected outside our own,
of the OneCare subscription Network, the Australian Arabia and has distribution called Fomalhaut had a this one 140 light years
service are flagging - licensee of some of the branches in several Arab, planet circling it. He zeroed away and revealing three
reportedly because the anti- infringed works. They are African and Asian markets, in on it with the Hubble planet. 
virus marketplace is already seeking unspecified will sell and market
flooded with big-name of Julius Caesar, stand in
players such as Symantec
The companies claim
Thuraya's phones.
The partnership, which
Google the centre of the
and McAfee. Colosseum or swoop over
In a statement, Microsoft
iiNet failed to take
reasonable steps to prevent
was signed between
Thuraya's Egyptian
taking you the Basilica. Researchers
said that Morro would be behind the project say it
designed specifically to be a
small-footprint programme
peer-to-peer (P2P) piracy as
its customers illegally
national SP Alkan Telecom
and i2, is expected to
to Rome adds to five centuries of
downloaded and made stimulate an increasing Google has added a new
that uses fewer system Also involved was Past
copies of movies. marketing and sales twist to its popular 3D
resources. This, it said, Perfect Productions, which
activity of Thuraya's MSS map tool, Google Earth,
would be ideal for users The Australian reconstructs archaeological
handhelds among key offering millions of users
with low-bandwidth Federation Against and historical sites through
sectors in the country such the chance to visit a virtual
connections or computers Copyright Theft (AFACT) virtual reality. Joel Myers,
as regional travellers, oil ancient Rome. Google has
without much processing said it had to resort to legal the firm's chief executive,
and gas, NGOs, tourism reconstructed the
power. That will be of action as iiNet allegedly said: "Cultural heritage,
and transport. sprawling city - inhabited
particular interest to ignored repeated notices although based in the past,
Thuraya has the world's by more than one million
consumers buying lives in the present, as it
over several months to "smallest" (SO-2510) and people as old as AD320.
comparatively low-powered forms our identity. 
curb the practice.  "smartest" (SG-2520) Users can zoom around
"netbook" computers. 
satellite telephones.  the map to visit the Forum
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Irish, the heaviest users Vodafone struggling to meet Storm

of mobile phones demand
London: Residents in Communications Market London: Vodafone, the enough Storms to as many
the Republic of Ireland report by the British world's largest mobile customers who want it," he
spent the most time on phone group by revenue, is said. The first touch-screen
their mobile phones and struggling to meet demand Blackberry smartphone
sent the most text messages for the new Blackberry went on sale in Britain goes on sale in the United
per head in the world in Storm phone, its chief earlier this month and States on November 21.
2007, according to a report executive said. Vodafone, its exclusive UK Colao also suggested the
which examines changes in Vittorio Colao told a sales partner, had already company was looking at
the communications small group of journalists said thousands of devices with the Android
industry. after a speech at an Ofcom customers pre-ordered the operating system from
Known for their 'gift of regulator Ofcom said event that the phone was device. Google Inc but was not
the gab' or talent for mobile phones were selling very well. "We The Blackberry Storm, ready to announce
speaking, the Irish lead the becoming more crucial to might end up having a Research in Motion's anything yet. 
way in the use of mobile people, especially in problem with giving answer to Apple's iPhone,
phones, spending around emerging markets where
179 minutes per month on growth is very strong. Nokia luxury arm eyes expansion
average on their mobiles. Some 216 million new London: Vertu, the stand-alone stores world- the next new technology,
The Irish love of the mobile subscriptions were prestige arm of handset wide by the end of next were starting to change.
'craic' or general banter has registered in Brazil, Russia, maker Nokia, is planning a year, up from about 30 Vertu, founded in 1998,
also spread to texting with India and China in 2007, rapid expansion despite now. sells gem-encrusted, hand-
mobile phone users in with China alone adding the economic downturn, Speaking at the opening built mobile phones
Ireland sending an average more new connections at
believing the mobile phone of the group's first stand- ranging in price from 3,500
of 154 text messages a 88 million than the total
could become the next hit alone store in the UK, euros to over 100,000 euros
month, nearly double the number of subscriptions in
item on the luxury goods Nuovo said attitudes from over 500 retail outlets
figure in Britain of 81. Britain. 
market. Frank Nuovo, towards mobile phones, - including jewelers and
The International
creative director, designer which have traditionally department stores - around
innovative NVIDIA and co-founder, told that had short product lives as the world. 
NVIDIA graphics processing units Vertu planned to have 50 users seek to upgrade to
(GPUs) are capable of
brings handling calculations Canadians government agency. Not all
online buyers participated
tickets, clothing, jewellery
and accessories. Statistics
typically relegated to

super expensive supercomputing shopping equally, however.

The top 25 per cent of
Canada noted that for many
Canadians, the Internet has
"clusters" - a technology
breakthrough the company online more online consumers who become a supplement to

computers says could soon bring

lightning speeds to the next
Ottawa: The number of
spent an average of 5,000
dollars during 2007 were
traditional retail shopping
more than a substitute. 
Canadians who used the responsible for 46 per cent
generation of computers
Internet to purchase goods of orders and 78 per cent of
San Francisco: United aimed at the consumer
and services in 2007, the total dollar value.
States technology firm market.
climbed 61 per cent from Canadians shopped
NVIDIA rolled out high- NVIDIA's Tesla Personal
2005 to 12.8 billion primarily for travel, books
performance "personal Supercomputers deliver
Canadian dollars, Statistics and magazines, concert
supercomputers" that let approximately 250 times the
Canada said.
desktop workstations processing power of current
The increase reflected a
handle mind-boggling tasks
once far beyond their
computer workstations for
similar prices, according to
larger volume of orders, Google adds text messaging
from 49.4 million in 2005 to
Computers built with
the California-based
69.9 million in 2007, said the service to Gmail
Google has reintroduced To start texting, let your
Video game sales still strong its text messaging service
for Gmail after a failed
mouse hover over a contact
in Gmail Chat. You then
Despite weakening sales game hardware totaled brought down the running launch in late October. Once click on "Video & More" and
in most sectors of the $494.7 million, up just 5 per average. again, Gmail users will be select SMS. Alternatively
economy, the video game cent from the same month Nintendo's Wii posted able to send text messages you can switch to SMS from
industry posted robust another strong month, to their friends' cell phones an open chat window via
numbers in October, tallying 803,000 sales. That right from their email the "Options" menu. To text
continuing its strong year. was more than twice the window using the SMS a friend who isn't in your
Overall, U.S. retail sales number of Xbox 360s sold in protocol. For the moment, Gmail Chat contact list just
for the month tallied $1.31 the month, despite Google says you can only start typing their phone
billion, up 18 percent from Microsoft's price cut on the send texts to U.S.-based cell number into the Chat search
October 2007, according to a console in September. Still, phone numbers, but you box and select "Send SMS".
report from market research the top selling game for the can send them from After you've selected
firm NPD Group. The month was an Xbox 360 anywhere in the world. To SMS, a pop-up window
uptick was largely driven last year. And sales of game title, ''Fable II,'' which try out the new feature, appears where you can
by sales of software, which accessories fell 8 percent to debuted in October. It sold click the Google Labs link in enter your contact's phone
reached $696.8 million, up $120.2 million. Meanwhile, 790,000 copies. Much-hyped your Gmail window. Then, number (or name if you
35 per cent from the same total sales for October were European library site find the feature called "Text already saved their phone
month a year ago. below the year-to-date pace crashes hours after launch; Messaging (SMS) in Chat;" number), which is then
But the report was not for the industry, marking overwhelming demand click the "Enable" radio saved for next time. 
all good news for the the fourth consecutive blamed.  button, then "Save Changes"
industry. Sales of video month that sales growth has and you're ready to go!
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Supercomputers use Intel processors Queen Rania

Now more supercom- pabilities of more than half Systems using Intel(R) ants. gets YouTube
puters are using Intel Cor- the systems on the list. Xeon(R) quad-core proces- More "mainstream" in-
poration processors than The 32nd edition of the sors dominate the list, hold- dustries, such as financial award
ever, according to the latest TOP500 list shows that 379 ing 288 spots. Using services and health care, Amman: Jordan's
TOP500 list. The high per- of the world's top 500 sys- reinvented high-k metal are also using Intel-based Queen Rania will accept an
formance computing (HPC) tems, including the third- gate transistors, Intel's systems to achieve faster, award from Internet video-
community is especially en- fastest system in the world, year-old quad-core 45nm more accurate results, to sharing website YouTube
thusiastic about quad-core now have Intel inside. Ac- Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor speed the pace of innova- for her efforts to help
Intel(R) Xeon(R) proces- cording to the list, Intel is 5400 series is used in 222 tion and improve competi- prevent Muslims and
sors, which are driving the powering 49 systems in the systems, including 32 pow- tive advantage.  Arabs from being
research and analytical ca- top 100. ered by low voltage vari- stereotyped, her office said.
official told. "It is a pleasure to accept
DoCoMo carrier NTT DoCoMo Inc
aims to launch next year a A Google phone, or a SingTel’s
cell phone developed with mobile device powered by
eyes Internet search giant Google's open-source Asian
Google, an Android
'Google official said, a software, mobile
move that could could the first YouTube
phone' counter Apple's compete with users exceed Visionary Award in this
iconic iPhone. the iPhone spirit," the queen was
launch "As we are allied with 3G, which has been sold
216m quoted as saying in a
Google, we are considering through third-largest carrier statement.
a commercial mobile device Softbank Mobile in Japan Singapore: Singapore In April, Rania, the wife
Tokyo: Japan's top
together," a DoCoMo since July.  Telecommunications of King Abdullah II,
(SingTel) said its mobile launched her own Internet
Suicide in front of webcam Samsung No. customer base in Asia channel on YouTube in a
bid to encourage young
Miami: A South Florida it is unclear how he got the 1 around the surged 37 per cent on the
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date, the channel has
online webcam audience 12 encouraged Biggs, others Samsung becomes the generated nearly three
hours after he started SingTel's six regional
first company to sell more associates that expanded million video views and
blogging about his plan to than five million LCD TVs received more than 43,000
commit suicide, an their mobile users by
in a quarter and in the between 15 and 59 per cent messages from users
investigator said. process secures 20.2 per cent around the world," the
Abraham Biggs, 19, year-on-year.
world market share. Strong queen's office said.
died from a toxic TV sales revenue in key The statement quoted
combination of opiates and Middle East and African YouTube co-founder Chad
benzodiazepine, a drug markets secures Samsung Hurley as saying that
used to treat insomnia and number one position in the Rania "sets the standard for
depression, said Wendy tried to talk him out of it, region with 30.59 per cent breaking down stereotypes
Crane, an investigator with and a few were debating market share. and her YouTube videos
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medical examiner's office. was lethal, Crane said. It is Search, the leading industry inspirational." 
At least one of the drugs unclear how many people researcher, Samsung Compared with a
was prescribed to him and were watching.  recorded sales of 8.94 quarter ago, the overall Grameen-
million units of TV with
IDC expects 2009, down from its earlier
forecast of 5.9 per cent
revenue of USD 6.47 billion
growth was a strong 9.6 per
cent, it said. SingTel's
phone chops
growth. In the U.S.,
in the Q3 2008, giving it a Indian mobile arm Bharti IPO to $125m
2009 tech spending is now expected
market share of 16.7 per
cent and 22.5 per cent
signed up a record 8.1 Dhaka: Bangladesh's top
to grow just 0.9 per cent, million new users during mobile operator
spending well below IDC's August
respectively. This
performance consolidated
the three months to
September, boosting its total
Grameenphone, majority-
forecast of a 4.2 per cent owned by Norway's Telenor,
Samsungs number one
growth to growth. position in the world
base to 77.48 million.
Telkomsel of Indonesia
said it more than halved a
planned share sale to $125
There already have market, who consequently
slow been clear signs that tech recorded the most units sold
attracted 8.06 million new
users to 60.5 million, AIS of
million because of the sharp
downturn in global markets.
spending is weakening. for the last nine quarters Thailand signed up 810,000 Grameenphone said it aimed
Last week, Cisco Systems, and has lead in revenue for new subscribers, while to rise to $50 million from a
New York: Worldwide the last 11 quarters.
the first of the major Globe Telecom of the pre-IPO share placement, and
technology spending will Samsung also became another $75 million from the
technology companies to Philippines saw a quarterly
slow significantly in 2009 the first company to capture initial public offer itself. The
report earnings that rise of 1.01 million net
because of the financial 5.39 million units sold and users, SingTel said. company had originally
included October, warned 20.2 per cent of the market
turmoil that has rattled Warid of Pakistan added planned to raise $300 million
that orders for its share for LCD televisions in what would have been the
global markets since 668,000 new users during
computer networking gear which Samsung has now country's biggest IPO.
September, research firm the September quarter
fell abruptly during the maintained no. Samsung Grameenphone had 20.82
IDC said. while Pacific Bangladesh
month. The tech bellwether achieved more than 14.36 Telecom also saw an
million mobile subscribers,
IDC now expects
expects sales to fall in the million sales of LCD TV to around 46 per cent of the
worldwide information increase in subscribers, to
current quarter.  date and is confident of national total, ahead of
technology spending to 1.75 million from 1.70
reaching the milestone of 20 Egyptian Orascom Telecom's
grow by 2.6 per cent in million the previous Banglalink and Telekom
million sets for the year.  quarter. 
100 Malaysia's Aktel.