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Howto fill Form 15G ?

** Form 15G is divided in two parts.

Part 1 is for declaration given for you.


Part 2 is for declaration receiver for bank, post office etc.

You are required to use part 1.

Filling of PART 1 of form 15G point wise:1. Name:
Write name as per pan card.
2. PAN: Write your PAN number.
3. Assessment year: For current year, it is assessment year 2016-17. Dont
make mistake in writing it. It is next to the current financial year.
4. Flat / Door / Block no: Current Address details.
5. Name of premises: Current Address details.
6. Status:
Individual / HUF / AOP as applicability to you.
7. Assessed in which ward circle: Details about your income tax ward you were
assessed last time.
8. Road: Current address details.
9. Area: Current address details.
10.AO code: Write as provided in point 7.
11.Town: Current address.
Current state.
13.PIN: Pin code number.
14.Last assessed year in which assessed: Last year generally if you were
assessed in last year.
16.Telephone No:
17.Present ward circle: Same if no change after issue of pan card. (as per point
18.Residential status: Resident.
19.Name of business / occupation: Your business or job details.
20.Present AO code: As per point 7 if no change in ward / circle of income tax.
21.Jurisdictional chief commissioner of income tax (if not assessed of income tax
earlier): leave it blank.
22.Estimated total income: You are required to enter estimated total income of
current year. Do sum of the total income from following sources and tick the
relevant boxes. The amount should be from following sources: interest on
securities, Interest on sum other than securities (interest on FD etc.) , Interest
on mutual fund units., withdrawals of NSC. Dividend on shares.
23.Estimated total income of the current year should be entered. The income
mentioned in column 22 should be included in it.

24.In this column, you are required to give details of investment you have made.
For different form of investment different schedules are given.
Schedule 1:
Details of shares
Enter No. of shares, class of shares (equity or preference share ), distinctive
number of shares (find it in share certificate ), Date of purchase of shares.
Schedule 2:
Details of securities
Description of security, name of security, purchase date, date of security,
amount of security.
Schedule 3:
Details of sums given by declarant on interest declaration to be given for nondeduction of interest on fixed deposit.
In this column, you are required to enter details of FD no., date of FD, amount of
fixed deposit, interest rate, period of fixed deposit.
Schedule 4:
Mutual fund units details
Write details of units, amount of units, no. of units, face value of units and class
of units.
Schedule 5:
Details of withdrawn from National Saving Certificate (NSC)
Write details of NSC held in post office, amount of NSC and withdrawn amount.
After filling details, sign the declaration.

Part 2 of form 15G / H :

Dont fill any thing in part 2. The person whom you are furnishing declaration
(BANK, POST OFFICE etc ) will fill this part. Leave it blank.