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French occupation of Algeria
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French Algeria
Flag of Ottoman Algiers.svg
1830 - 1962 Flag of Algeria.svg
Flag of the French occupation of Algeria
Site of the French occupation of Algeria
French Language
Christian religion
Government Unknown
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Historical events
- Incorporation July 5, 1830
- Meridian July 5, 1962
French occupation of Algeria (July 5, 1830 - Jul 5 1962), corresponding to (14
Muharram 1246 AH - 7 a November 1380) is the colonization of Algeria by France.
1 Algeria ahead of colonialism
2 French occupation of Algeria
3 France and popular revolts
4 real reasons for occupation of Algeria
5 crimes of French colonialism in Algeria
5.1 Genocide
5.2 displacement and settlement
5.3 Torture
5.4 unfair taxation
5.5 encroachment on the sanctity of mosques and houses of worship
5.6 infringement identity [2].
5.7 Assault on language rights
6 position of the Algerian people
7 chronology of events
8 See also
9 references
10 Sources and references
Algeria ahead of colonialism
Was Algeria's pre-colonial fleet strong control in the Mediterranean for three
centuries, and with the passage of time aging fleet even crash completely in the battle

Navrin in 1827 when helped Algeria Ottoman state did not keep him only five ships,
Vagtinmt France the opportunity to Execution of its colonial Algeria. Algeria was in
the nineteenth century, like other Arab countries follow the Ottoman Empire and that
was the subordination only cosmetic if its flag and capitalized and its laws, and its
fleet of maritime hitter in the Mediterranean basin and controlled and has been its
relationship with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey now) cooperative relationship nothing
to do with the colonization of the alternative seemed to weakness in the Ottoman
Empire (the sick man) and the increasing greed of European countries by the colonial
and over their territory, where are all signed under European occupation in all its
forms (and tutelage. protection. mandate. colonize directly as is the case).
French occupation of Algeria
Crystal Clear app kdict.png See also: the fan incident
France, which had intended to occupy Algeria since the era of Napoleon Bonaparte,
used the incident fan as a pretext for the occupation of Algeria. [Citation needed]
attacked the Algeria of the port of Toulon campaign has now reached 37,600 troops.
[Citation needed] to Maouselt this campaign to Sidi Faraj in the June 14, 1830,
corresponding to 23 December 1245 e. After the occupation of France imposed on the
people of Algerian law. Was the outcome of the colonial fierce attack suffered by
educational institutions, endowments and religious, the depletion of the education
budget and the closure of schools and pupils interruption for the study and the
migration of scientists. Thus, the message of France in Algeria was the blackout and
not education, enabling the French to make Algeria, easier Ankieda and more
amenable to accept the principles of Western civilization. No different policy
instruction French in Algeria through the various stages of the presence of the French
military was or civilians, because they were targets one though different labels
France and popular revolts
Crystal Clear app kdict.png detailed article: Revolutions Algeria
Oil painting shows a battle raging Fellowship, which took place on 16 May 1843
under the leadership of Emir Abdelkader.
France occupies Algeria not easily, but there were many popular revolutions in each
region stood at her progress has been hampered since entering the occupation.
It was the Algerian people, rejecting the French colonial phrase and detailed, where
faced France popular revolutions many of which revolution Ahmed Bey bin
Mohammed Al-Sharif in the east, the revolution of the Emir Abdelkader in the West,
Fatima N'Soumeur the tribes, and what was extinguished and one even arise other
until the century century. then came the Algerian liberation revolution in 1954 that
liberated from colonial Algeria.
The real reasons for the occupation of Algeria
The idea of occupying Algeria urgent since the company was founded Royal African
French Bmnaa El Kala and Annaba. Especially after it emerged British ambitions in
Algeria during the campaign Xsmot year 1816. In this context, Napoleon
commissioned the French architect Bhutan year 1808 a study on the Algerian coast
and adjust the detailed map of the site to take down the best army on Algerian soil.

Crimes of French colonialism in Algeria

Crystal Clear app kdict.png detailed article: History of the French massacres in
Crystal Clear app kdict.png detailed article: History of the French massacres in
Occupation army committed many crimes against civilians, [1] which he called
historians Balrazia (in French: Razzias):
Colonel tells Montanyak (Montagnac):
Some of the soldiers told me that their officers urge them not to leave anyone alive
among the Arabs .. Each brass who had the privilege of their leadership are afraid if
they brought alive the Arab Egildoa
. He says MP Tocovel (Tocqueville):
We are a war more barbaric than the Arabs themselves .. The French could not defeat
the Arabs Vhzmohm destruction of war and hunger
He says Montanyak:
I've wiped out Gen. Amorisier (La Moricire) presence of twenty-five in the village
of Kharja one, it's more a lack of work for humanity
.. Once we locate the tribe launched other soldiers toward him and reached the tents
woke population on the approaching soldiers, they went out Harbin women, children
and men with their flocks in other directions, this soldier kills sheep, some of the
soldiers entering the tents and out of them, carrying carpet on their shoulders, some of
them carrying chickens, set fire to everything, chasing people and animals amid the
screams and scum and bellow, it's deafening bang. (City camp on December 19, 1841)

Alrazia as the French call it is not intended to punish wrongdoers, but became a
source for the supply of the army. It was all spoiled what is sold and distributed its
price on the officers and soldiers, a quarter of the spoils of the officers and soldiers of
the half also mentions Charles Andre Julian. [1]
Says Ducro (DUCROT):
What looting in [Razia] and one mule load of 2000
. Says Capt. Lavalle (LAFAYE):
The officers Given the choice of farmers between that provide them with eating or
extermination, we we camp near the village, giving them the general deadline for food
preparation or death, we draw down our arms around the village and wait, and then
see them go for us Bwhithm fresh, and their sheep fat, and Djajathm beautiful,
Bazlem very sweet to taste . (Tlemcen July 17, 1848)

. Charles Andre Julian commented:

Spread Alrazia and becomes a way of orderly and systematic destruction, which did
not deliver him or the things people do not. The army generals Africa does not burn
the country hidden. They use it to them and they see glory, whether royal or
Republicans or Bounnapatjin
. Montanyak says:
The General Amorisier for attacking Arabs and takes them all: women, children and
livestock. Kidnapped women, maintains Bbedhen hostages and others Istbdhin horses,
and the rest is sold in the auction, like animals, while the share of beautiful women
officers. (Camp March 31, 1843)
The officer tells the reporter Tarno: [1]
The country built a great pro, I've burned everything, and destroyed everything from
the war .. ah! ! ! How many women and children fled us to snow Atlas died of cold
and hunger (17 April 1842) ... We destroy, burn, plundering, ruin homes, and burn the
trees fruitful June 5, 1841 ... I am at the head of the armies burned douars and huts
and unload Matamir of grain , and send to our centers in Milyana wheat and barley
October 5, 1842
. And tells Gen. Amorisier:
... Tomorrow descended into benign, I burned everything in my way. We have
destroyed this beautiful village .. Piles of corpses adhesive body with the other owners
Matt tracts from freezing at night .. It is the people of Bani Pro, they are the ones who
burned their villages and Sagthm Front February 28, 1843
Montanyak and says:
Women and children refugees to dense grasses surrender to us, we kill, slaughter,
screaming victims and Allakotain to their last breath mixed with the sounds of
animals that huffing and lows all this is coming from all directions, it is a particular
hell amid piles of snow (March 31, 1842) .. All of this in these processes that we've
made during the four months pathetic even in the rocks if we have time for pity, and
we were dealing with it carelessly dry raises Flicker in chilling (Camp March 31,
Maj. Gen. Hangarnier (Changarnier):
This is under the direct leadership of Pogo, who claimed the soldiers massacred a
dozen old woman with no defense Algiers (October 18, 1841)
Maj. Gen. Kanruper (Canrobert):
Performs this destruction of our soldiers enthusiastically, the effect is disastrous for
this barbaric act of vandalism and deep morality that is broadcast in the hearts of our
soldiers who are being slaughtered, raped and spoiled every one of them for him
Profile, Tennis July 18, 1845
Says Capt. Lavalle (Lafaye):
I've burned the villages of the tribe of Bani sinuses. Did not back down in front of
our soldiers killing the elderly, women and children. The most brutal acts is that
women are murdered after being raped, and it was these Arabs have nothing to defend
themselves by (December 23, 1948).

Displacement and settlement

Crystal Clear app kdict.png detailed article: French colonization in Algeria
When France occupied Algeria, followed several policies towards the native
population, and is the impoverishment and displacement and monopoly markets. As
provided all the livelihoods and well-being of the new settlers arriving from France
and the rest of Europe.
And are granted privileges to the settlers of the vast territory became bearing their
names have stayed in Boufarik first settlement in 1936 and then expanded to every
region reached colonization until the number of settlers in the 19th century to the end
of a million settlers from different European nationalities The aim of the settlement:
Strengthen the European presence in Algeria in order to eliminate the national
Strengthening the military presence
The fight against the Islamic faith and try Christianization
Encourage Jewish immigration to Algeria, Law Crmieux 1870 best proof of that.
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Unfair taxation
Crystal xedit.png this section blank or incomplete, your contribution is welcome.
Infringement on the sanctity of mosques and houses of worship
Crystal xedit.png this section blank or incomplete, your contribution is welcome.
The attack on the mosques and places of worship and the confiscation of Islamic
Endowments. Despite the capitulation of Algiers were calls for respect for religious
freedom for the people. The brutality of French colonialism was not limited to the
destruction of mosques or converted to churches. But the killing of demonstrators by
the congregation, for example, killed four thousand unarmed Muslim Mutassim in
Ketchaoua mosque before converting it into a church.
Infringement on the identity [2].
The titles of Algeria before the French colonial tripartite composition (son, father and
grandfather), and in other cases pentagonal installation, so add her profession and the
French colonial administration issued March 23, 1882 in the case of civil law or the
law of the titles, which provides for the replacement titles Algerians triglycerides and
compensated titles are not linked proportions. Previously, the issuance of this law
attempts are continuing to blur the Algerian identity, the most important features to
compel parents - a common expression for the characterization of Algerians - the
registration of newborns and marriage contracts with the interests of the French civil
status, after they meant a Shariah judge or sheikh of the group.
Its purpose is to replace the titles of Algerians triglycerides and compensated titles are
not linked proportions is dismantling the system Tribe to facilitate the acquisition of
land, and to highlight the individual as an isolated, changing the basis of the property

to the basis of individual rather than the basis of tribe, and blur the Arab and Islamic
identity by changing the names of significant religious and compensated identity
hybrid, and the establishment of the individual in the administrative transactions and
documents place the group, and finally the application of the French style, which
addresses the person's title and not his name.
And under this law, not only did the colonial authorities to change the names and titles
of the Algerians as a random but compensated for many of them the names of
indecent and obscene language and some proportion of the members of the body and
physical disabilities, and the titles of other proportion of the colors and the seasons
and the tools of agriculture and insects and clothes and animals and cooking utensils.
There was no logic in the launch titles on the people, and all there is a desire to
demoralize the Algerians, by giving the opportunity to repeat their names outrageous
length of time and over the ages. Still children and grandchildren inherit these names
since 1882 and is not Akhtarha names are not their parents, but they were forced to
carry it until today.
And examples of live titles shameful carried by the families of Algerian today and
traded in all the papers and documents the official title of "donkey", and the title of
"Bovel", and the title of "Jaen fire", and the title of "crazy", and the title of
"Boumaza", and the title of "Sweeper" and the title "Boumnijel."
The rest is history: the story of the Algerian "Haji Bukhari bin Ahmed bin Ghanem"
with four children: Mohammed Abdul Qader Ahmad and lover, he lost this person
home after his departure to Syria, and after management has changed the titles of his
children where they became "Mohammed Assal, and Abdelkader Boouchmh, Ahmad
sea, and beloved Ndah.
Assault on language rights
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17 from zero in 1355 AH = 8 May 1936: The French government issued a decree as
Arabic foreign language in Algeria, comes this law in a series of laws enacted by the
French occupation to fight the Arabic language, or even the Tamazight language, and
make the only language of the country is French. It was for this Alfoanin severe
impact on Algerian society. And transforming the language of administration and
governance to the French language.
Asafh to the reasons stated for the French occupation of Algeria is the accumulated
debt owed and that France was obliged to pay
The position of the Algerian people
Not responded to the Algerian people with French politics in all parties, without
exception, especially in areas known strain French intensive diverted national, it was
not for subsidies or assistance provided by the missionaries nor the education
provided by the French school, nor for the settlers of French, nor of migrants
Algerians who movement authorities to work in France frenchifying impact in the
Muslim Algerian people, which prompted the policy planners to accuse the French of
Algerian people that they live on the margins of history.
And fought with people policy sectarian strife to raise the slogan "Islam is our

religion, and Arabic language, Algeria, and our home," declared the world and
struggling Jalil Abdul Hamid Ben Badis, and saw the reformers of the sons of Algeria
in light of the failure of the resistance movements, that the work must be based - in
the beginning - on Islamic Education to form solid base can be built Jihad in the
future, while not neglecting the political conflict Vtm founding Algerian Muslim
Scholars Association in [1350 = 1931], led by Ibn Badis, which opened schools to
teach the emerging Muslim, attacked Ibn Badis French and oppression, and-making
on the naturalization process French promise of soluble personal Algerian Muslim,
and student teaching the Arabic language and the Islamic religion, and these efforts
resulted in the formation of a strong core of young Muslims could be relied upon in
breeding the next generation.
On the political front Algerians began resistance through political organization that
fought this field ideas multiple, some of whom believe that the end is equal
Frenchmen, including the Communists, and the Patriots fanatics, featured several
political organizations, including: Party Algeria girl, and the Association star North
Africa led Messali Hajj became known as the Algerian People's Party, and its leader,
presented to the arrest and exile many times.
1 - preparing for the outbreak of the revolution
We have been finalized to prepare for the outbreak of the revolution in social editorial
10 and October 24, 1954 in Algeria by the Committee of Six. The participants
discussed the important issues are:
- Give the name of the organization that they were going to announce it to replace the
Revolutionary Committee of the unit and the work they have agreed on the
establishment of the National Liberation Front and its military wing, represented by
the National Liberation Army. The aim of the first task for the front in contact with all
political currents, consisting of the national movement in order to urge them to join
the march of the revolution, and to recruit the masses for the decisive battle against
the French occupiers
- Determine the date of the outbreak of the revolution editorial: The selection of the
night Sunday to Monday the first in November 1954 as the date of departure of armed
action is subject to the data tactical - military, including the existence of a large
number of soldiers and officers of the army of occupation in the weekend, followed
by their preoccupation with the celebration of a Christian, and the need to enter factor
of surprise.
- Identify and map areas permanently assigned leaders, and put the finishing touches
to the map of the planned offensive on the night of November first) map of the most
important operations of the first in November 1954).
The first area - Aures: Mustapha Ben Boulaid
Region II - North Constantine: Didouch Murad
The third area - the tribes: Karim Belkacem

Region IV - Midfielders: Rabah Bitat

Region V - West Wahrani: Larbi Ben M'hidi
Specify a password for the first night of November 1954: Khaled and an obstacle
2 - outbreak
Was the beginning of the revolution in 1200 with the participation of Mujahid at the
national level in possession of 400 pieces of weapons and a few conventional bombs
only. The attacks targeting the gendarmerie stations and military barracks and arms
depots and other strategic interests, in addition to the property acquired by the colon ..
Mujahideen attacks included several areas of the country, has targeted several cities
and villages across five regions: Batna, Aris, Khenchla and the first in the region of
Biskra, Constantine and Smondo second region, and Aezzazkh Tigzirt Tower Manaal
and the third arm of the balance in the region. The fourth in the region has touched
both Algeria and Boufarik, Blida, while Mr. Ali and Zahana and Oran on a date with
the outbreak of the revolution in the region, the fifth (map division of political and
military revolution 1954-1956).
And recognition of the colonial authorities, the outcome of armed operations against
French interests across all regions of Algeria for the first night in November 1954, has
reached thirty process that left 10 killed and European customers and 23 of them were
injured and damage estimated in the hundreds of millions of French francs. The
Revolution lost in the first phase of its finest sons who were killed in the field of
honor, from the likes of Ben Abdelmalek Ramadan and assigned Belkacem and Baji
Mokhtaaro Didouch Murad and others
3 - the first statement in November 1954
'We have already armed action announcement of the birth of "National Liberation
Front", which issued its first official statement has called "a statement early
November." Was addressed this appeal to the people of Algerian evening October 31,
1954 and distributed the morning of the first of November, in which it set the
revolution principles and tools, and painted their goals of freedom and independence
and lay the foundations for rebuilding the Algerian state and the elimination of the
colonial system. And sacrificed the front in the statement political conditions that
ensure the achievement of this without bloodshed or resorting to violence; as I
explained the tragic circumstances of the Algerian people and that prompted him to
take up arms to achieve the objectives of the National Patriotic, highlighting the
political dimensions and historical and cultural for this historic decision. The first
statement in November 1954 as a constitution of the revolution and its reference first
guided by the leaders of the liberation revolution and went on his path generations.

Chronology of events
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See also
Algeria coup in 1961
Oran massacre in 1962
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^ Jump up to: a b c Histoire De L'Algerie Contemporaine. Charles Andr Julien,
Paris 1964 (French)
^ For study by Dr. Jamal Yahyaoui - Chairman of the National Center for Studies in
the national movement and the revolution first of November, Arab. Forums
Sources and references
^ Jump up to: a b c Histoire De L'Algerie Contemporaine. Charles Andr Julien,
Paris 1964 (French)
^ For study by Dr. Jamal Yahyaoui - Chairman of the National Center for Studies in
the national movement and the revolution first of November, Arab. Forums
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