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Year 9 Music 1

Key Learning Area : MUSIC

Topic: Introduction to Theatre Music
Lesson Outcomes :
5.7 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through the
analysis, comparison, and critical discussion of music from different stylistic,
social, cultural and historical contexts
demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through aural
discrimination, memorisation and notation in the music selected for study
5.9 demonstrates an understanding of musical literacy through the
appropriate application of notation, terminology, and the interpretation and
analysis of scores used in the music selected for study

Musicals worksheet
Homework worksheet
Tone colour worksheet?
Access to internet
CD player or media player for listening samples.
Whiteboard marker and whiteboard.
Learning experiences:
1. Introduction to new topic- classroom rules and

Date: 12/5/15
Class/Period: Year
9, P3
addressed: 2.1
3.3 3.4


Time (lesson
1. 10 minutes

2. Mind map of knowledge students already have of

Theatre Music on the board - including names of
shows, terminology, expectations etc.

2. 10 minutes

3. Musicals worksheet- including listening samples

and evaluation of concepts within the songs.
Explanation of tone colour
4. Introduction of assessment for the topic- group

3. 25 minutes

5. Assign homework: find one new musical they

arent familiar with, listen to a song from it and
write a one paragraph review of that song
incorporating at least one concept of music.
Assessment ideas:
Homework of review of song from a new musical
Give assessment for the topic- group
performance and musical arrangement

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

4. 10 minutes
5. 5 minutes

Key teaching points:

Music theatre
is a style that
a variety of
Songs tell
stories through
lyrics and
s of voices/use
of instuments

Introduction of Theatre Music: the class began with a mind map on the board detailing existing
knowledge the students had about Theatre Music. Because it is a topic that I thought most people
would not be instantly interested in, I wanted to show the students that they probably knew more
than they thought on the subject. Some students were more forthcoming with ideas for the mind map

but each student contributed at least once. We discussed the role of music in theatre and its ability to
tell a story through the musical concepts (building tension, romance etc.). The musical theatre
worksheet introduced listening tasks to the class and engagement with the concepts of music. I did a
quick re-cap of the musical concepts to make sure the information was fresh and their terminology
was focused on the concept (with particular reference to tone colour). When using this lesson again, I
would draw the mind-map exercise out a bit longer so that we could collate even more shared
knowledge to build the confidence of each student.
3.3 Use teaching strategies
*mind map collaboration with the whole class on the board
*listening activity with a worksheet
*individuals answer questions and then collaborate as a class to elaborate on those answers
*class discussion
3.4 Select and use resources

I incorporated a number of resources into the lesson to keep the students engaged in the new topic.
*Musical Theatre worksheet (self-devised)
*Theatre system
*MP3 track of Sit Down Youre Rocking The Boat and One Song Glory.
*White board and homework print-out