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2010 pc gaming earnings for biggest Vegas Strip online casinos - National Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what the largest and fanciest casino sites on the Las Vegas Strip earn in
yearly gaming/ services revenue? The University of Nevada Las Vegas Center for Video gaming
Study has assembled a profits record for 23 of the most significant and "largest" gambling
establishments on the Strip for in 2014 (2010). Large as utilized here is specified as a casino that
earned video gaming incomes of over $72 million (per online casino). All the reported data is
excerpted from the 2010 Nevada Video gaming Abstract published by the Nevada Video gaming
Control Board. Individual casino name or brand name information is not readily available from this
The complying with listings depict profits by division for the "Huge 23" Strip gambling
Pc gaming: All 23 gambling establishments collectively earned $4.68 billion in pc gaming income
last year. The "ordinary" online casino (overall for all casinos separated by 23) earned $203.5 million
from video gaming, with a daily average of $557.7 thousand. Pc gaming incomes stood for 38.7 % of
overall consolidated earnings.
Rooms: The Large 23 earned $2.85 billion from space costs. The ordinary casino earned $123.9
million in room earnings in 2010. The everyday average area revenue was $339.6 thousand. Area
earnings stood for 23.5 % of overall profits.
Food: En masse, the big Strip online casinos earned $1.86 billion from food solutions. The ordinary
gambling enterprise earned $81.06 million in food revenues, with a daily standard of $222.1
thousand. Food income constituted 15.4 % of overall revenues.
Beverage: All 23 gambling enterprises made $790.3 million from refreshment services, with the
average casino site generating $34.3 million each every year as well as an everyday earnings of
$94.1 thousand per casino. Refreshment earnings produced 6.5 % of complete incomes.

Various other: Other earnings consist of both operating and non-operating revenue sources, such as
sundries, etc. All 23 gambling establishments created $1.9 billion in revenue within this
Total profits: The Huge 23 collectively earned overall earnings of $12.1 billion in 2010. The average
annual revenue per casino site was $526.3 million with daily incomes of $1.4 million.

The following shows a breakdown of

certain video gaming incomes at the
Large 23 Strip gambling enterprises.
Table games: These online casinos
gained $2.1 billion from table video
games in 2010; the average casino site
gained $92 million each year and
$252.1 thousand daily from table video
games. Pc gaming table earnings
represented 45.2 % of overall pc
gaming earnings.

Ports: Slot revenues from all 23 gambling establishments totaled $2.36 billion in 2010; the average
online casino produced $102.9 million annually and $282 thousand daily from slot earnings. Slots
earnings was 50.6 % of overall video gaming earnings.
Online poker: Overall casino poker revenue was $100.1 million. The average casino site in this group
produced $4.3 million annually and $11.9 thousand daily in casino poker profits. Poker income was
Free Casino No Deposit 2.1 % of overall gaming income.
Race as well as sports books: These gained a consolidated $98.5 million for the huge casino sites on
the Strip. The ordinary gambling enterprise generated $4.2 million each year and $11.7 thousand
daily from the race as well as sporting activities books. These figures stand for 2.1 % of overall
gaming income.
The Strip resorts (the Big 23 plus all other Strip gambling enterprises) created among only two
reporting locations in the whole state of Nevada that posted overall video gaming profits gains in
2010 vs 2009. Strip video gaming income increased 4.1 % in 2010 vs 2009, and Clark County (which

actually consists of the Strip) reported a meager 0.8 % gain for the very same time contrast. Strip
hotels have regularly accounted for about 50 % of statewide casino incomes for several years.
Both major Strip hotel empires (MGM Resorts International and also Caesars Entertainment) have
repetitively reported company - vast losses regardless of the above figures for a minimum of the
previous 3 years. These 2 groups have been burdened massive leveraged debt tons as a result of
building remodel/ acquisitions and lowered consumer investing due to the economic downturn.
Recently there have actually been slight indications that financial expectations could be undertaking
careful enhancement in Gambleville ... we'll see.
Cheers ...
Charles Higgins
Pc gaming incomes represented 38.7 % of complete consolidated earnings.
Area earnings represented 23.5 % of complete revenues.
Food income constituted 15.4 % of total incomes.
Various other: Various other incomes include both operating as well as non-operating income
sources, such as sundries, etc. Poker income was 2.1 % of overall pc gaming revenue.