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Header==SKF Oil Injection Method

Chapter==Other products - Heaters
Section==Small and medium induction heaters, TIH series
Contents==Small and medium induction heaters, TIH series3 years warranty - the s
ign of qualitySKF bearing heaters extend induction heating capabilities and incr
ease long term reliability. This complete range of new generation equipment is a
lso more powerful and safer. Principal applications include the heating of bear
ings, bushings, gears, pulleys, shrink rings, couplings, belt wheels, pistons, s
leeves etc.??High quality with a 3 year warranty??CE & TUV approvals??State of t
he art electronics??Built-in overheating protection??Optimum demagnetisation? 50%
power reduction (TIH 060/120)SKF small induction heaters TIH 025HotwordStyle=B
ookDefault; : the economical alternativeThis bearing heater gives high quality h
eating power with a mechanical timer, but without temperature control probe and
digital display. These can easily be replaced by a ThermoPen TMTP 1 or the more
sophisticated SKF digital thermometers TMDT 900 or TMDT 2.TIH 030HotwordStyle=Bo
okDefault; : compact, electronically controlledThis is the most powerful heater
in the 30 kg bearing weight category. Electronics include a timer (0-60 minutes)
, plus a fast response probe for temperature control 0 - 250C (32 - 482F). The TIH030
has a thermometer function and provides excellent automatic demagnetisation. Th
ree yokes in a handy tray are included as standard equipment.Manual TIH 025/030H
otwordStyle=BookDefault; (pdf format)SKF medium induction heaters TIH 060Hotwor
dStyle=BookDefault; : today's toughest, most adaptable bearing heaterA maximum c
apacity of 8 kVA and 50% reduction key for small or sensitive components make the
TIH 060 the most versatile heating tool for industry. It can easily heat small
and large bearings up to 60 kg. It includes a special bearing function (110C/230F) a
nd an automatic temperature hold at the preselected value, from 0 - 250C (32 - 482F)
. Three yokes sizes (20 x 20 mm, 40 ? 40 mm, 65 ? 65 mm) are included as standar
d equipment as well as swivel arm TIH 060-20. Available in voltage/frequency com
binations to suit individual requirements.TIH 120HotwordStyle=BookDefault; : for
bigger bearings and shrink fitting successThe tough job of heating large workpi
eces is made easy with the compact, powerful, low maintenance TIH 120. The upper
yoke slides smoothly through the inner ring of the bearing, keeping the workpla
ce tidy. Maximum recommended bearing weight: 250kg. Electronic features, includin
g the 0 to 60minute electronic timer, are built into the TIH 120. For continuous
production line operations, ask for the specially designed SKFTIH125 bearing heate
r.Manual TIH 060/120HotwordStyle=BookDefault; (pdf format)Selection guideThere
are no stringent guidelines to follow when choosing an SKF bearing heater. It al
l depends upon the type and dimensions of the components to be heated. Neverthel
ess, SKF offers the following helpful general selection guide.HotwordStyle=BookD
efault; Ordering details HotwordStyle=BookDefault; TIH 060/120-15 trolley mak
es the heater easy to move from job to jobHotwordStyle=BookDefault; TIH suppor
t trolley, specificationHotwordStyle=BookDefault;